Ranking of Vocalists

Vocal ranking of male and female idol vocalists

PLEASE READ BEFORE QUESTIONING/LOOKING AT THE CHART. Please do not repost chart without copying the background information. Don’t take the chart out of context.

Following is the ranking of idols and young vocalists that we’ve analyzed so far here at KpopVocalAnalysis. This list only includes idols who’ve debuted in 2014 or earlier. Idols who have debuted after 2014 were not analyzed due to the lack of material and the possibility of improvements happening shortly after the debut of an idol. Thus no debuts after 2014 shall be included in this chart. If a vocalist of any group that debuted in 2014 or prior is not present in this chart, that would be because their final rating would be at most average or due to lack of material for an analysis.

In 2013, we from KpopVocalAnalysis gathered together as fans, as vocal enthusiasts, and some of us as vocal instructors and vocalists ourselves to bring education and knowledge and to satisfy the curiosity of a community within a fandom. The following rankings we shall post have one thing that most others don’t have, hard work. Unlike what fans like to call the “opinion of experts,” mostly done by PD’s, Composers, and Music Critics, we have not only taken the time to listen to each single vocalist in these rankings individually, one by one, but we also have provided more than a simple sentence to describe how they use their voices/instruments. We have compiled a ranking system through our very own upbringing and learning process in order to properly categorize and find similarities between vocalists, technically.

Most other rankings take into consideration tone, emotion, and the individual taste of the listener. They normally don’t take the time to search through every vocalist there is and truly evaluate whether or not they’re truly good technical vocalists. Most of the time, these rankings aren’t even put together by vocalists or vocal instructors. So long story short: we have taken the time and consideration to give each individual vocalist a fair chance and listen through many videos and performances in order to fully understand how they utilize their voices. Our only aim was ever to teach and help each fan be aware of the truth behind the vocalists’ singing abilities. After working through more than 120 vocalists over the period of two years, we have gathered enough information to correctly categorize and rank them against one another. This list is not meant to be offensive. The criteria is not only attached to the rankings, but also to the main part of this blog. Each vocalist in the chart has been fairly analyzed before and if there are any questions as to why a vocalist is ranked as they are, the explanation is well within each vocalist’s individual analysis.

So after being able to finalize this big project and finally come up with a ranking chart and more than 100 analyses in the blog, we have reached our goal. To educate, to have a reliable source fans can rely on to find each and every vocalist they’ve ever been curious about and read about them all. Of course this is not the end of what we’ve started, many more vocalists will still be analyzed within the Korean music industry. So without any further ado, enjoy the rankings.

If there’s a question as to why a vocalist is ranked where they are, each individual vocalist in this chart has an analysis. So before calling anyone biased or before resorting to name calling, take the time to read these analyses carefully. If even after reading the analyses, there are questions and oppositions, don’t hesitate to maturely explain why you disagree with this chart. Keep in mind this chart is about VOCAL TECHNIQUE and vocal technique ONLY.

The rankings will be regularly updated as vocalists improve or regress.





Last updated : December 25th, 2016

No change to be done as of: May 28th, 2017

Overtime, an Idol’s vocal technique may either improve or deteriorate, therefore this list shall be constantly updated when new material surfaces and significant changes are consistently seen in the vocalist’s technique. Also, when more detailed analyses are given on idols, an idol may no longer be on the list or my find himself/herself in a higher or lower position.

This ranking is not to be taken out of context or to be used in any sort of way for petty arguments between fandoms nor to create fanwars. It’s a ranking created in order to give a visual interpretation and summarize the overall idea of the blog with each vocalist’s rating compared to one another. It is not created to offend anyone and is to be taken as seriously as one might wish to and should not interfere with anyone’s choice as a fan or affect how you see your favorite singer.

Even so, we are very open towards opinions and suggestions. If you find that an idol is not in the correct position, or that somebody else deserves a spot and we didn’t list them, do let us know. Link us to the idol’s performance and we will analyze it. If your reasoning is proven we will alter the ranking. As with what we’ve mentioned before, this list will be updated regularly.

We would also like to remind you that the ranking is completely objective and is solely based on VOCAL TECHNIQUE. Emotions, stage presence, entertainment factor, tone will all be ignored as they are purely subjective. If you feel that your bias is an emotional singer, someone else may not. Things that are subjective cannot be used as valid reasons for an idol’s rank.

Please refer to our judging criteria here if you are unsure how we determine an idols rank. If someone is placed above another Idol, it usually means that they are a more consistent vocalist, have better and more developed placements and registers, and is more resonant than the people below them.


These rankings include idols and young solo artists only. This means vocalists like Sohyang, Park Hyo Shin, Naul, etc are not considered idols, therefore, they are not ranked.


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  1. WOOW… Thanks, you guys so much for all your hard work. This is like a big gift for us k-pop fan. I don’t get why people still complain about the charts. I think they look fine and easy to understand. Thank you again, and Happy new Year.

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    1. I am not sure I want to answer that question by looking at you username, I don’t trust that you’d use that information in a mature way. If you’re hoping for her to be a weak vocalist, she’s not.

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      1. My bias is Sandeul so I’m really happy he’s up in the ranks beating other good vocalists. Quick question, what does Jay Park have over Henry? They kind of seem pretty equal.


  2. I’m sorry if this is not the place for my question but I am struggling to find the highest note sung by a male kpop vocalist so is it okay if you tell me and link me to the video? Sorry and thanks ♡ . Have been following this site for years and finally made an acccount. Thanks for the hard work ~


    1. Yuju had a few moments that highlighted her vocals but she never lived up to afterwards. But I still do look forward to her. Seungkwan of Seventeen as well even though it’s a boy group member. I also quite like OMG’s Seunghee. Those are the only three who regularly produce resonance.


    1. We only analyze half of the vocalists within a group and only the half with the best technique. So only V and Jungkook were analyzed. Thats explained in our future analyses list.

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    1. Seulgi is on here because she will have an analysis written when I have time and feel like it. I didn’t finish her analysis before the chart came up and it would be silly to delay the chart/ re-do it because of one person. Also because she’s average and neither how nor low..it’s not that big of deal, it would be different if she was a proficient because then an analysis would be more important.


  3. Hi, I’m really thankful for all your work 🙂 I’m actually a singer wannabe and I think all the information here really helps me a lot in trying to recognize my own flaws (even If I’m not really good even at finding it yet, lol).

    ZE:A’s contract is almost over, but… can I ask you to do an analysis in ZE:A members Hyungsik, Dongjun and Kevin? They are the “vocal line” of the group. I’ll put some videos here to help, If you can. ^^


    https://youtu.be/68azYivKcV0?t=81 (2016)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRQwJ0f-Ml4&list=PLKU9S6kMlQFn3ztaR8lK2ILNBi7F4ZWaC (2016)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1MIxLU7F1k (2015)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxK9AJzTDGk (2015)

    https://youtu.be/JjGBi-82RiE?list=PLKU9S6kMlQFn3ztaR8lK2ILNBi7F4ZWaC (2015)

    https://youtu.be/QM1dHXUZELg?list=PLKU9S6kMlQFn3ztaR8lK2ILNBi7F4ZWaC (2015) [LOL]

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_2QFpeaVA8 (2014)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC4rjJNPWKE (2014)

    https://youtu.be/bZ7C3Ne0bzM?t=160 & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLGZGjEmvkw *really old ones*


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DLzyy0TjSE (2016)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFT9yOYBT4Y (2016)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Q-coJb528 (2015)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSWLFTH4ehE (2015)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aW896FLwfQ (2014)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh_fWKSklk0 (2013)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ylggRcyQDM (really old)


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-os9lKIPro (2016)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWHnyJN-New (2016)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2N8pMnVEEc (2016)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmDezrW8FDg (2016)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3Q4bGNWu-8 (2015)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSpcg5dEavo (2013)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cjHNQD3zEc *old*

    Videos with all three of them:


    1. To be honest considering what I’ve seen of ZE:A, I wasn’t planning to do an analysis of their vocalists because they’d all be rated as weak vocalists…so I mean I’d have to pick and choose one of them to analyze, because I wasn’t really planning on analyzing all 3 of them considering all 3 would have the same exact rating. Now since they’re not often requested, I didn’t really think of analyzing them yet…but….with the chart done and me focusing on soloists now, I really didn’t wanna go back to doing idols just yet but since you said their contract is going to expire soon…I’ll have to think about this and see what I can do within the time frame we have. Sorry about that.


      1. Nayeon and Jihyo? They’re not even. Nayeon does not support nearly as well as Jihyo. She’s airy, disconnected and pitchy.


  4. Can someone explain to me how Tiffany ranked higher than IU. Tiffany’s technique is often very unstable. She lacks consistency in her vocals and because of this she damages them often. So I really don’t understand how she places higher than half the people below her.


    1. I don’t mean to be rude, but have you read both analyses for Tiffany and IU? And half the people below Tiffany for that matter? Because the answer to your question is there and words like “unstable” are vague and don’t tell me anything specific enough that I can explain to you. So I would need you to explain to me in detail what you think Tiffany can’t do that IU can and what exactly makes her being above IU weird to you, after reading their analyses naturally.


      1. *shock as hell* WHAT??! are you guys planning to make a ranking chart for non idols? as if THOSE non idols? sohyang, dongha, lena, hyosin, bada, joohyun, lee moonsae, kind of veteran vocalists?? oh come on, it feels like you gave me another years of motivation to stay alive! and im not complain about that, in fact im *insert words of overly excited*!!!

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      2. Yes, there is a chart involving veteran/non-idols in the works, however that will not be released for a very long time. So don’t expect it any time soon.

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      3. yeah, considering your future analysis lists i wont expect the chart come out soon. at least i can expect some analysis of veterans and non idols in the near future, like a year or two

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  5. Awesome! So glad this came out. So I just have two questions:

    1. Does this make Jungkook the strongest vocalist in the weak category?

    2. So even though Seulgi was not analysed yet, she would be around average?

    Im sorry if the answers seem obvious, I just like to be sure. I apologize if I sound rude.

    Anyways, this blog is literally so amazing and love the hard work you guys put into it! 🙂

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    1. Hi there!
      1. Well yes indeed it does.
      2. We have listened to Seulgi enough to know where she’d be we just haven’t had the time to analyze her.


  6. Not expect like non main vocal in list..like taemin,henry,jaypark and othets on above..some of them has slow or mid vocal..dont think suit in this rank..if im wrong, i think many sub vocal can be in this list bcoz similar vocal ability..do think u have to categorize like high vocal..slow vocal..woow..and im not expect leo bottom..wat kind video u see😕😕..u mus watch his musical thou..hmm how others can beat him..like even some of them u can see they have one pattern note..musical actor in bottom..woow..speechless…its my view..peace..


    1. They’re lead vocalists, Henry and Taemin. Jay Park is a soloist. Many sub-vocalists could indeed be on the list but they would all fall under weak or at most weak to average to analyzing them all wouldn’t make sense. I’m not sure what you mean by high vocal or slow vocal, perhaps you should give the analyses a try and read them if you wish to have more information. Leo’s analysis is here too and we have watched more than just one performance of his, we watched multiple, including his musical theater performances. I suggest you go read his analysis if you have any questions. Musical actors at the bottom? That’s not true at all. Junsu and Kyuhyun are rated quite high, as are Yoseob and other idols who have done musicals in the past. Being a musical actor has NOTHING to do with the ranking. Please read the analyses.


  7. I wonder if you watch Hani’s king of masked perf, i kind of shock that she actually went up to round 3 and beat many great vocalist because Hani not EXID main or lead vocalist so i dont expect much in her and actually has better result than hyerin. What do you think about her skill?


    1. As far as I’m aware she’s supposed to be a lead vocalist. Yes I’ve seen the performances. If you want a breakdown please go to Solji’s analysis and you’ll find it there in the comment section since I can’t look it up right now. She’s not a technically skilled vocalist, advancing on any of these shows or winning is irrelevant to vocal skill.


      1. Based on her lines I thought Hani was a sub vocalist. Hyerin would get first part of the chorus, Solji the second part and adlibs, then the other three would get lines/rap lines after them. Hyerin was the second-most highlighted one (at least for up and down & ah yeah)


      2. That’s more recent, in the beginning Hani was more highlighted. There was even a vocal sub unit of EXID called Dasoni and it was only Hani and Solji.


  8. So, people are always really hyped about Jaejoong’s voice but its clear that people like Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are better than him. Why do you think his voice is so popular?


    1. Because technique is different from preference. People like a vocalist, DBSK was a much more famous group and they were an acapella unit, so people usually consider acapella groups to be better than individual vocalists. Then added to their fame, people also mistake fame for skill. Ryeowook’s fans and Kyuhyun’s fans feel the same way about them as Jaejoong’s fans feel about Jaejoong, it’s just at one point DBSK had more fans than anybody else.


  9. @ahmin3 @pandayeu @frostprincess21

    im curious about the photo placement, was there any relation between male & female chart ? ex : u guys placing Uji in the top of proficent vocalist & almost reaching the “good line”, and placing jonghyun in the middle of proficent (based on the pic). so is it mean Uji better than Jonghyun ??


    U guys placing Taeyeon in somewhere about ¾ part of proficent and placing LeeHyun in somewhere below ¾ part, i mean we can see Taeyeon is closer than Leehyun to “good line” so is it mean Taeyeon is better than him?

    omg.. my english really bad btw, sorry lol, i hope u understand 😂 thanks in advance.


    1. No, there was no relation between the male and female chart. They are not necessarily parallel, they should be viewed as two individual charts. U.ji could be seen as better than Jonghyun but this isn’t going to work for everyone. No, you can’t say that about Lee Hyun vs Taeyeon because as you see, there are more males in the proficient area than females, so the relation to the line is relative. So again, don’t try to compare them that much.


  10. I always forget to ask this lol. What makes Minkyung better than Solji and Dana again? Is it the consistency of support, considering Minkyung almost never strain when she’s singing within her supported range and has some good moment above C#5 (like the resonant E5 from a performance in IS2?)? Range-wise, Solji (G3-C#5) and Dana (F3-C5) has a bigger one.


    1. Her tone production is a lot more consistent, relaxed, opened and full than both of them. Her mixing is much better and she’s got a better head voice than both.


      1. Her supported range can be somewhat limited, her head voice isn’t quite that developed and neither is her lower range. Although she matches the consistency of a good vocalist, she was a case where I was thinking proficient to good would have fit too so she ends up as borderline. No, not always a factor..at least not a conscious factor.


  11. First of all thank you for the effort you put into making this, this is amazing! I was wondering if the gaps in the chart have meaning or if they are there because of convenience? Like that you consider a significant difference between Hyorin and Raina (and between Solar & BoHyung), but not between BoHyung and Narsha?

    Also in height – is this just positioning of the pictures or does this have meaning too? As Seohyun and Jessica’s pictures are alligned, but the rest of the pictures have differing distance between them (just so we know how to read the graph better)


    1. Horizontal gaps are there for convenience, vertical gaps are there because there’s a gap between the vocalists. So Solar and Bohyung have a space in between them but that doesn’t mean anything, what matters is the distance of how high they’re placed. So height matters, horizontal gap does not. Seohyun and Jessica are even which is why there’s no difference in height.


      1. Alright, thanks for this!

        Also looking at the ranking of ‘vocal groups’ as a whole, would you rank them 15& – Davichi – Mamamoo – Taetiseo – Brown Eyed Girls in that order?


      2. Honestly I am not 100% sure, I suppose you could say so in this order yes. Although I probably would place Davichi above 15&.


  12. i thought that there was a vocal analysis for suzy, but she wasn’t on the list and i didn’t see her when i went to look for one. was there never one, or was it deleted?
    also, if you think you have enough material to make a loose guess, where would you put joy, relative to others, on this list? unless you’re worried that that might cause drama, where would you put her level wise?


    1. There was never a vocal analysis for Suzy. There is a header because I had planned to analyze her since I thought she was the strongest vocalist in Miss A, but then ultimately I ended up analyzing Min after listening to them better. So the header is on my computer, but that’s about it. lol Joy is a weak to average vocalist at most, that’s all I know.


  13. I’m sorry if this has been asked before in this site, I couldn’t find it 😮
    What does Taeyeon has over Wendy except consistency on resonance ?
    Wendy has better lows, headvoice and more developed chest voice right ?


    1. it has been answered in the previous page comment section. taeyeon has openness that wendy doesnt. in her mix and head voice, taeyeon more open. and of course her resonance is bigger than wendy


      1. My bad, I didn’t see it. Come to think about it, Taeyeon has much forward approach hence brighter sound and more open throat to achieve resonance. I hope both Taeyeon and Wendy will improve more.
        Thank you !


  14. I want to ask more , but its not kpop sibger. I hope it is okay^^
    Is demi lovato above average ? I read that she supports G#3/A3 – C5/C#5 -A5 (hv) so that will make her atleast AA right ?
    But I’ve heard many times that Ariana is slightly better, and she is Average ?


    1. I am honestly not familiar enough to tell you if that supported range for Demi lovato is accurate or consistent, because I’ve heard her strain B4’s sometimes. Ariana Grande is more likely to be average to above average.


      1. Can you do an analysis of CNBLUE’S Jonghyun? I’ve read your reply to a comment under Jung Yonghwa’s analysis, it said that you think Jonghyun’s main instrument wasn’t his singing but his guitar. You said that it would be unfair for him, but now he has made a solo debut in Japan, so can you make an analysis of him now?

        links of him singing:


      2. Please check our future analyses list when making requests. Unfortunately having a solo debut doesn’t mean they would be analyzed. Amber, Jiyeon, CL, Hyuna and such have had solo debuts but that doesn’t mean we will analyze them. Please read our rules. I apologize.


  15. Hi, Ahmin. I was wondering about random stuff since I’m slowly looking over the chart at different moments. Btw really beautiful pictures for the vocalists…(saw you complaining about it lol). No, but seriously good job from you and the team on that chart. It was perfect. I imagine you did a lot of reevaluating of some vocalists because a little things are different from what you said before. Right now, I only confused two people. I thought Hyukjin was the lowest of the AA rating because Daehyun had a better lower range and more relaxed falsetto. I also saw jonghyun rated above so many people in rankings you did before the chart. He was always either better or tied with john park and better than gunwoo, eunkwang and others whenever people asked. Why did that change? I have nothing against it, but I’m curious. Seriously, this site got so good that it needed a chart to bring it all together. What started with 10 or 12 analyses became all of this. Not too mention all the people you indirectly and directly coached with these analyses. I learned a lot from them. I’m proud of all of you.

    P.S. you should one day make a poll with your followers that are singers and ask what analysis helped them the most to learn, either for fixing bad habits or making better ones.


    1. Daehyun is very inconsistent in his mix, he can really throaty and gritty even on notes he could usually support. His resonance is also fairly small, when he does produce it. It’s not very opened and relaxed, which does take away from his overall placement. Oh yeah back then I thought so but after listening to Jonghyun along the years, he is not the best at producing resonance either. G4/G#4, sure. But A4, he’s mostly supported that high but his voice isn’t round and full there anymore, whereas all the other Proficient males produce generally very full and large resonance up that high. Jonghyun lacks openness and his support can be inconsistent there. So I realized compared to them, he doesn’t have that much going on for his mix. I’ve heard better resonance in the head voice from Eunkwang and Gunwoo as well, and definitely better agility from Gunwoo. Awwww thank you so much for your kind words dear, you are one of our most dedicated readers to be honest. Oh I never thought of that!


  16. I also agree with what pandeyeu said about Wendy. Her support in extension is better than Taeyeon. Her analysis was eye opening because you can support well and sing without resonance. True, but Taeyeon resonates. A voice without resonance lacks depth and more volume output. As if it was missing something. Also even if they were singing the same note, even if Wendy’s support is better, Taeyeon will project over her effortlessly with resonance. So resonance is definitely a big thing, not the most important, but definitely in the top 3.

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  17. Hiii guys I wanted to ask you about boys24 Do
    You know them ? There they are really talented boys Going to debut soon. So this is two of there vocal performances different members each video except inpyo he was in both. Can you tell me your opinion about there performances overall and point who did the best each . Thanks for you effort guys keep it up 💕

    This is stay blackpink : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QENTHJ43lmI

    And never let go 2AM : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5VqFyumumeQ


    1. I’ve seen the 2AM cover performance. I actually watched a good amount of the first episode and none of the guys on this TV seemed to have good technique at all. I’ll copy paste my observations for it from before.

      “Your words are too general and too specific are random times. I guess it might have to do with the time stamps not matching exactly where I’m hearing problems and words being too general like “airy” for 0:18 mhmm right it is airy at 0:16, but what else is there to talk about? Yes lacking on projection and small, but what about support? Support is basic, focus on that first. Are they supporting or not? That should be your first hint for everything. 0:45? I’d say even at 0:40. 1:02 strain well yes there’s tension but it’s no different than the rest of the line he sang, so explain the quality of how he was singing. Yes nasal for both but they’re not the same, 0:45 Inpyo and 1:02 Sunghwan, they have different issues. Both are nasal yes, but Inpyo is a lot tighter and pushes much more, Sunghwan sounds flat and more closed in his nose, his voice doesn’t project as much and he’s less loud, much headier, a lot more shallow. 0:36 I heard some throatiness, but I wouldn’t call it a high larynx.

      1:25 He’s not that airy throughout, be specific about where he loses projection specifically to what note in his range. 1:40 yes 1:47 more so than high larynx, he is using his throat a lot more than the first two guys, he’s nasal as well but projects less through his nose, he has less legato going on and he is pushing much harder from his throat than Sunghwan and with a lot less brightness than Inpyo, which may be because he might have a lower voice. 2:01 there’s no pushing, he sounds thin and weak, he can’t push actually. 2:05 just closed, small..he sounds like Youngsaeng of SS501. 2:19 Don’t forget to mention his vibrato, it’s very wobbly. His support is very shaky so he isn’t connecting through the line well at all.

      2:41 this is the loudest Sunghwan sang in this whole performance. lol Now he’s throaty, yes. 2:52 very closed diction on the Aye vowel. Overall in general. 2:57 this is too high for Hwayoung.

      So mhmm I mean you got the gist of it but tbh I’d be a lot briefer if I had analyzed this. I mean you see there were a lot of details to mention about issues with their technique, which I just mentioned, but I’d address such things on individual analyses in case I did analyze them all individually. However from the get go, at least for 4/5 of these guys I’d have started with “lack of support” and that’d have knocked down all the issues with tension because quite honestly at least 4 of them are weak vocalists. None of them support well, especially not Sunghwan, Doha and Yoentae. I can see how Inpyo may be confusing though, to an extent. At least in the lower parts, but from the get go you can hear little to no support in almost every line the other 3 sang and Inpyo throughout the choruses.”

      In short, none of these guys have good technique, at all.


  18. Thanksss a lot . Oh and also do you sometimes like a singer voice even tho they’re not good like I prefer taeyeon voice much better than ailee or sohyang but obviously she’s not better and d.o over Chen too . I also really love yoona and Kia voices u know, do you have favorite voices in kpop despite technics and support.


  19. What does octave level means or do octave level means anything? I mean Wendy’s octave level is 4 and Ailee is 3 but Ailee ranked higher than Wendy ranked. So I’m just curious :>


    1. We’ve never heard nor spoken of the term octave level. It doesn’t mean anything as far as I know. I believe you’re confusing that term with vocal range. Wendy’s showcased vocal range is 4 octaves, whereas Ailee’s is about 3 octaves and 5 notes. The extension of one’s vocal range is the same as their potential vocally, not their vocal ability. Having a wide vocal range doesn’t mean you are a skilled vocalist because being able to hit a lot of notes with questionable technique means nothing for your vocal ability. Wendy has showcased a wider range than any other female in K-pop, as far as we know, but that doesn’t make her the most skilled because that’s not the same as being skilled. So there’s no such thing as octave level, only vocal range. Vocal range = potential, all the notes a vocalist can hit regardless of their technique. Supported range = ability, the notes they can hit with proper technique.


    2. Maybe you mean vocal range. But range doesn’t mean anything , people have a wrong idea about this. Most people thought higher note = better singer. Which is totally wrong. If higher note means better singer than a bat is the best singer in the world


  20. Hiii , did you watch I can see your voice, I didn’t 😁😅 but I saw this video https://youtu.be/CiRzcvBp6aQ they are way too talented I’m no expert but sure all of them are at least above the average for now. Can you do short analysis for them or tell me your opinion who did the best out of all. I’m starting to learn vocalists and what makes them better than others . Thank you so much you guys are the best ❤❤❤


    1. I don’t generally like to watch I Can See Your Voice, because there are too many tenors trying to sing like Naul without any sort of idea of how to use their voices. Singing high is not singing well. They are all tenors who can sing high, but they have no idea of proper technique. The first one wasn’t bad. The second guy is a lot more likely to be weak than anything else. Honestly most of them are more likely to be weak, with their lack of support, they just push with air pressure and tension. I don’t personally understand the appeal of watching tenors trying to sing like they’re sopranos because the tenor voice wasn’t made to be a soprano, so watching all these guys straining in the fifth octave is hardly impressive. The #2 guy is also just straining even in his lower range, he is barely using proper support. #5 and #3 aren’t as strained below A4, but honestly I don’t know. Above Average is way too high, Changmin of TVXQ! is just like them. He can mix very high but with very questionable technique, which is why is nowhere near Above Average. #1 is also more likely to be weak than anything else, I hear tension even on F#4. They all have a LOT of potential, so much range to be explored but no true technique. They are all abusing their instruments a lot. This is exactly why I don’t watch this TV show.


    1. It’s about being able to support the voice, not sing as high as possible. Powerful is not the same thing as loud. Being loud isn’t being powerful, it’s being pushed often. Powerful singing is singing while being relaxed, being supported, being opened, having good support, etc., which ends up being loud without the vocalist using too much effort. But being loud and pushing with air pressure and tension isn’t good singing, it’s straining.


  21. Waah I’m so impressed by your work! good job really.
    to see Kyuhyun on the top of this list makes me so happy. I remember that Kyuhyun was reason why I fall in love with Super junior and Kpop. I fall in love with him because of his voice.
    I always thought he has the best vocal techniques, now i have a way to support my ideas.

    BTW where would be “Heechul from Super junior”?
    I think Heechul has developed, right?


    1. As in Heechul hwas improved his technique? From what I’ve ever heard of Heechul, he doesn’t sing with the least of proper technique at all. He is a very rough around the edges vocalist. He seems to use his throat only, doesn’t support properly at all and to say he’s improved.. I would have had to kept up with his particularly over the years and unfortunately I’ve not kept up a close eye on him so if he’s made minimal improvement, I haven’t noticed but I have not heard any form of major improvement from him. He’s definitely a weak vocalist unfortunately.


      1. Oh .. I know he is a weak vocalist.. just thought that after his least songs he had developed a bit since his sound looked somehow different, maybe he is just using another tone.

        anyhow thank you ^^

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you’re mistaking fame for vocal ability. I suggest you first read his vocal analysis before making any assumptions about the accuracy of the chart. If it becomes difficult to understand the terms used within the analysis, read our criteria so that the analyses make more sense and so would the ratings. I shall link you Taeyang’s vocal analysis. If any other vocalist on the chart seems questionable to you, we’ve analyzed each one of them all individually so you can read their analyses as well.



  22. Hey admins! I’ve a few questions for you!

    1. So after looking at the chart & reading the analysises, is it safe to say that the ranking for the trio vocal line of SM bg would be Suju(KRY) > EXO(CBD) > Shinee(JOT) based on overall technique combined?
    2. Who’s the fourth & fifth best vocalist in EXO after CBD based on your observation?
    3. I know NCT don’t have the criterias to be included in your blog yet & I’m not asking for analysis but is there any particular member who you think has a promising talent & skill after watching their performances?
    4. Lastly it’s for ahmin3, I recall you’ve said in one of youtube video that Tae & Sica actually has the same voice, or rather the quality of it. The only differences would be Tae’s is chestier while Sica’s is higher in pitch. Is this true? & can you explain more?

    I hope you I don’t ask too many questions & don’t mind to answer them! 🙂


    1. Hi there dear.
      1. Yes actually.
      2. Honestly no idea, because the gap is huge between Baekhyun and the rest. There isn’t a huge difference between Chanyeol and Xiumin.
      3. Three of them seem average thus far, or a bit better. Jaehyun, Doyoung and Taeil all have potential.
      4. Wait I said that? I might have meant that they’re both light lyric sopranos but because Jessica is less opened and lighter in her mix, and a bit nasal, she sounds less full than Taeyeon would.


      1. Thank you for answering my questions! & sorry for responding so late.

        Oh yeah about point 4, I checked your comment again on your youtube video & you’re right. You said they have the same voice type but the difference is only on technical point.
        But the thing I & many SONEs noticed is eventho they have very different tone, in many moments they sound oddly similar & only the two of them fit enough to sing each other lines. I mean other members of SNSD are also light lyric soprano but they rarely sounds the same like those two. Sunny for example has a pretty similar timbre with Sica but yet she sounds so different with her. I mean how’s that possible? I’m sure you’ve noticed this too.

        & can I ask another questions? Sorry if this annoys you but curiosity really getting on my mind.

        1. After I read the analysises, especially on register section, I know that Chen is the best at lower while Baek is the best at upper but it’s never stated who’s the best on middle/mixed register. Is it D.O?

        2. On your answer of point 2, is it safe to say then that the rest of EXO’s members besides the main vocals fall on “weak” category?

        3. Did Xiumin really reach the highest note among EXO in weekly idol? Cuz some say that his note is actually the same with Baek but some say it’s higher & I’m confused cuz idk this stuff😅

        4. I know there’s supposed another rank above great which is “excellent” but since there’s no kpop idols who fall into that category, can you please give me examples of American singers who did?(both females & males)


      2. Yes okay good because that’s what I remember saying, because I wouldn’t they have the same voice quality. No I agree though, I do think they have similar tones as well as having the same voice type. It’s just a matter of the quality of sound, it’s like your face, everyone has their own unique face but even people who aren’t related may at times look really alike.

        1. Mixed voice, at this point it is safe to say D.O. has the best mix of the three.
        2. Yes, it is. At most weak to average but not likely.
        3. It’s the same, they both hit C#6. Baekhyun just couldn’t go higher.
        4. We have that in our about and our criteria page at the bottom. Allegedly Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Natalie Weiss, Aretha Franklin, etc, would fall under excellent. All in their respective vocal primes, that is.


      3. Ok I understand now with your faces example. That would explain why many SONEs are so fond of Taengsic’s unique vocal connection
        Wow so proud knowing that EXO’s main vocals literally balancing each other & reading the analysises, it’s not just on register but also different aspects of their vocal ability
        Oh I never read that section before, gotta check it out
        & once again thank you so much ahmin3 for spending your time to answer my questions!😊

        Liked by 1 person

  23. I see that you’ve done an analysis for SoHyang and Lena Park. Have you analyzed Lee Young Hyun as well? It’s just that I kind of knew them from Diva Project.


  24. Hi there! I have a question, hope you don’t mind. If Luhan was still a Kpop idol, would you consider him a weak to average vocalist? I’ve heard a lot of people say he’s a bad vocalist. Maybe he is, I don’t know, I’m not an expert on this kind of stuff but, if you think he’s a bad/weak vocalist, do you think there’s room for improvement? Thank you!


    1. I think Luhan would ultimately be rated as a weak vocalist. He sings with throatiness and pushing as low as E4 in his mix. He doesn’t have a developed sense of support. He does have a nice tone but it’s just produced with tension and shallow support. Of course he can improve but that depends on him.


  25. Out of curiosity what would you think about NCT Taeil ? Since recently he got fourth for vocals on the idols vote for the best of the best lunar new year event and it made me kind of curious on his vocal skill, though he debuted less than a year ago so there may not be a lot of things on him…..


    1. If you go into our vocal ranges category, you’ll see that Kyuhyun is the only male vocalist we’ve analyzed so far who has showcased a 4 octave range.


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