Ranking of Vocalists

Vocal ranking of male and female idol vocalists

PLEASE READ BEFORE QUESTIONING/LOOKING AT THE CHART. Please do not repost chart without copying the background information. Don’t take the chart out of context.

Following is the ranking of idols and young vocalists that we’ve analyzed so far here at KpopVocalAnalysis. This list only includes idols who’ve debuted in 2014 or earlier. Idols who have debuted after 2014 were not analyzed due to the lack of material and the possibility of improvements happening shortly after the debut of an idol. Thus no debuts after 2014 shall be included in this chart. If a vocalist of any group that debuted in 2014 or prior is not present in this chart, that would be because their final rating would be at most average or due to lack of material for an analysis.

In 2013, we from KpopVocalAnalysis gathered together as fans, as vocal enthusiasts, and some of us as vocal instructors and vocalists ourselves to bring education and knowledge and to satisfy the curiosity of a community within a fandom. The following rankings we shall post have one thing that most others don’t have, hard work. Unlike what fans like to call the “opinion of experts,” mostly done by PD’s, Composers, and Music Critics, we have not only taken the time to listen to each single vocalist in these rankings individually, one by one, but we also have provided more than a simple sentence to describe how they use their voices/instruments. We have compiled a ranking system through our very own upbringing and learning process in order to properly categorize and find similarities between vocalists, technically.

Most other rankings take into consideration tone, emotion, and the individual taste of the listener. They normally don’t take the time to search through every vocalist there is and truly evaluate whether or not they’re truly good technical vocalists. Most of the time, these rankings aren’t even put together by vocalists or vocal instructors. So long story short: we have taken the time and consideration to give each individual vocalist a fair chance and listen through many videos and performances in order to fully understand how they utilize their voices. Our only aim was ever to teach and help each fan be aware of the truth behind the vocalists’ singing abilities. After working through more than 120 vocalists over the period of two years, we have gathered enough information to correctly categorize and rank them against one another. This list is not meant to be offensive. The criteria is not only attached to the rankings, but also to the main part of this blog. Each vocalist in the chart has been fairly analyzed before and if there are any questions as to why a vocalist is ranked as they are, the explanation is well within each vocalist’s individual analysis.

So after being able to finalize this big project and finally come up with a ranking chart and more than 100 analyses in the blog, we have reached our goal. To educate, to have a reliable source fans can rely on to find each and every vocalist they’ve ever been curious about and read about them all. Of course this is not the end of what we’ve started, many more vocalists will still be analyzed within the Korean music industry. So without any further ado, enjoy the rankings.

If there’s a question as to why a vocalist is ranked where they are, each individual vocalist in this chart has an analysis. So before calling anyone biased or before resorting to name calling, take the time to read these analyses carefully. If even after reading the analyses, there are questions and oppositions, don’t hesitate to maturely explain why you disagree with this chart. Keep in mind this chart is about VOCAL TECHNIQUE and vocal technique ONLY.

The rankings will be regularly updated as vocalists improve or regress.





Last updated : December 25th, 2016

No change to be done as of: May 28th, 2017

Overtime, an Idol’s vocal technique may either improve or deteriorate, therefore this list shall be constantly updated when new material surfaces and significant changes are consistently seen in the vocalist’s technique. Also, when more detailed analyses are given on idols, an idol may no longer be on the list or my find himself/herself in a higher or lower position.

This ranking is not to be taken out of context or to be used in any sort of way for petty arguments between fandoms nor to create fanwars. It’s a ranking created in order to give a visual interpretation and summarize the overall idea of the blog with each vocalist’s rating compared to one another. It is not created to offend anyone and is to be taken as seriously as one might wish to and should not interfere with anyone’s choice as a fan or affect how you see your favorite singer.

Even so, we are very open towards opinions and suggestions. If you find that an idol is not in the correct position, or that somebody else deserves a spot and we didn’t list them, do let us know. Link us to the idol’s performance and we will analyze it. If your reasoning is proven we will alter the ranking. As with what we’ve mentioned before, this list will be updated regularly.

We would also like to remind you that the ranking is completely objective and is solely based on VOCAL TECHNIQUE. Emotions, stage presence, entertainment factor, tone will all be ignored as they are purely subjective. If you feel that your bias is an emotional singer, someone else may not. Things that are subjective cannot be used as valid reasons for an idol’s rank.

Please refer to our judging criteria here if you are unsure how we determine an idols rank. If someone is placed above another Idol, it usually means that they are a more consistent vocalist, have better and more developed placements and registers, and is more resonant than the people below them.


These rankings include idols and young solo artists only. This means vocalists like Sohyang, Park Hyo Shin, Naul, etc are not considered idols, therefore, they are not ranked.


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  1. Hello, in the ranking Kang SeungYoon is 2 places above Daesung,..

    1. Why is KSY better than Daesung? (KSY looks very poor next to Daesung)

    2. Is KSY currently the best male voice in YG?


    1. Well this is explained if you read both of their analyses. The thing is Seungyoon is a baritone and Daesung is a tenor, so if they both sing together within the same exact range, Daesung will sing slightly better the same notes that Seungyoon sings because his voice is higher. So if they’re both singing a line that goes up to F#4, Daesung will do better because he is a tenor and Seungyoon has a lower voice. But comparatively speaking, as a baritone Seungyoon does better than Daesung within a baritone’s natural range. So if a baritone D4 is the same as a tenor F#4, for instance, then Seungyoon being able to handle Eb4 and produce resonance more consistently than Daesung means he is able to use his voice with better technique than Daesung, in their own voice types. If Ugly had been performed in a key that’s better for Seungyoon’s voice, he would’ve done better. That key matched Daesung’s tenor voice more. I suppose he might be the best male vocalists, not voice, in YG for now.


    1. Why should Seulgi be any higher? This ranking is based off of her current singing ability. She’s made no improvement in technique.


      1. I just asked different question about her in another post, Tiffany is really better than seulgi? You didn’t post seulgi’s analyze here ( I thought you rank based on analyzes?) It’s not about technique, she had more solo stages so she showed her vocal more. but I think you should analyze seulgi vocal first then ranke her!😊 Thanks for answering


      2. Seulgi is the only vocalist on this chart we have not analyzed. Pandayeu was the one who was supposed to analyze her before the chart came out, and we all listened to her enough to know where she’d be without putting her analysis yet. We know her level of vocal skill already, we just didn’t put it into words on an analysis. So we have already listened, we just didn’t write it down. Tiffany’s thing is she has a clean vibrato, she has better airflow, she and Seulgi actually strain in the same range. Above Bb4, Seulgi just does it without as much constriction, but then Tiffany is able to use a connected head voice more often and has a better developed lower range. All in all with all of Tiffany’s faults, she has overall more going in her favor. Seulgi on the other hand only has so much she can do technically that’s healthy and correct. I think one of the things that bothers me the most about her singing is how wobbly her vibrato is and how it kind of seems to be out of control.


      3. I’m not professional or anything but difference between them is so obvious , seulgi can hit high notes better than Tiffany, It’s so obvious like most of the time Tiffany voice cracks in higher notes, seulgi is known for being stable while dancing ( she is main dancer) her voice never cracks (look at their rookie stage) I love both of them but when you listen to them seulgi is much better in higher notes, Listen to her king of masked singer perf, tiffany never can sing like that ( I asked about it in another post) I think joy and tiffany are same level ( not sure I don’t see lots of difference between them)
        If tiffany sing without any dance moves and seulgi sing same song with dance moves seulgi will win ( she sang twinkle song betther than tiffany )

        Tiffany couldn’t sing in her perf with wendy 2 years ago, how on earth she is betther than seulgi😳

        Sorry I’m just shocked you’re professional and know better. But without being baised when I listen to them seulgi is more stable and poweful than Tiffany, It’s not just my opinion. Thanks for answering.


      4. The difference is quite obvious? I’m sorry I’m not trying to diss you or anything but your logic just doesn’t quite make sense. You’re trying to justify Seulgi singing better than Tiffany by comparing them both singing in a range where neither of them can support. How does that make any sense? The reason why Tiffany cracks when she sings higher more often than Seulgi is not because Seulgi has better technique. Actually because Tiffany sings with a heavier and chestier mix, she doesn’t mix very properly and thus has issues with brightening up her sound the higher she sings. So as a result, pulling more chest voice into her mix makes it easier for her vocal cords to crack from the excessive pressure and weight. Seulgi on the other hand mixes with a more balanced approach so she can mix without cracking because her mix isn’t as heavy, so it isn’t as harsh on her vocal cords.

        But the matter of the fact is..neither of them support above Bb4. Both of them strain above that note. It doesn’t matter who strains “better” or slightly less, they both strain. So trying to compare them based on notes they both strain makes no sense. The only way to compare vocalists is to establish the basics. Intonation/pitch, breath control, the consistent stream of air that creates just the right amount of pressure against their vocal cords, their support, the development of their registers. THAT’s what’s important. It doesn’t matter which of them strains slightly more or less, what matters is who has better support within their comfortable ranges.

        You are sending me these videos like I haven’t seen them or like I don’t know what Seulgi sounds like. I do, trust me, I do. Did you read Tiffany’s analysis? Did you understand her analysis? Did you listen to all the clips within her analysis? It’s not like we watch one single performance and write a full vocal analysis based off of one performance. We watch numerous performances for each artist. I’ve seen Tiffany at her worst and at her best. Sure Tiffany has bad history of not having good condition and at times she can barely mix and uses falsetto, but that’s because her mix is unbalanced which makes her fatigued more often. You’re using one single not so good performance of Tiffany and you’re not really explaining what you think is wrong. You’re just expecting me to get it and I do, but do you?

        King of Mask Singer performance
        0:18 B4’s, one with a slightly wobbly vibrato. Inconsistent stream of air when she sings. She is pushing too hard, she is straining all the same. These notes aren’t very high. Sure, she is loud. She is loud because she is pushing and straining her voice. Shortly after the B4’s, she hits a very shouty C#5. 0:28 her vowel shape isn’t very opened, her throat is closed despite the note not being very high. 0:38 closed throat, tight and whiny. D5. Not well hit at all. 0:46 B4, again closed throat, pushed and strained. Not a high note at all for a soprano.

        0:28 Clown, tight. Whiny quality. 0:37 high larynx. Her mix is bright though so it masks away the strain better than Tiffany’s, but the strain is still there. She places her sound in her nose, she tightens her throat all the time. 0:47 that very wobbly vibrato.

        Let me counter this with a few of Tiffany’s performances that show a similar level of skill.

        0:16 ~ 0:20 supported around G#4, slightly nasal but nothing that Seulgi is doing very differently. Tiffany’s stream of air is more consistent though so she doesn’t sound as wobbly with her vibrato therefore she’s more “stable?” but either way her diction is also slightly more opened. 0:28 strained C5’s, but not too different from Seulgi. 0:52 Her throat closes slightly more than Seulgi because her mix is pulled from her chest, but she doesn’t sound much different in this. She is straining just like Seulgi, on a note that’s a semitone higher than B4 but it’s not a very different quality. She supports throughout, her pitch is clean, her stream of air more consistent.

        1:06 A4’s, not to mention she did just fine throughout up until that point with support and pitch. Her transitions into her head voice also much more consistent. She keeps her support clean up to A4/Bb4, just like Seulgi. Both of them strain above Bb4, that’s my point. She is singing mostly within her supported range in this. Sure outside her supported she doesn’t sound as bright as Seulgi, but comparing who strains less leads nowhere. 2:05 ~ 2:10 a lot of D5’s, which were actually relatively similar to Seulgi’s D5 in KoMS, 2:36 aye vowel D5 very similar to Seulgi. She is less whiny than Seulgi on the first D5’s, but the second one was fairly similar. 2:58 well done transition into a head voice, not falsetto. 3:06 then she squeezed a tight high larynx C6 in head voice, which is way outside her supported range, but it’s a head voice nonetheless.

        4:16 Tiffany hits supported G3’s. Softly, but she can support G3’s which is something Seulgi has never done. There’s a lot more to singing than high notes. Low notes are important to, as well as head voice. 5:05 C5’s followed by sustained Bb4 5:09 with a more natural vibrato, more consistent airflow although she is pushing with too much chestiness.

        Now Tiffany is not an example of a skilled vocalist by any means. She has many issues but also she is not as bad as you think. I think you’re judging her too harshly without taking a listen to her. You should probably do more research on each vocalist, which is what try to do when analyzing them. It’s only fair to them if we listen to as many performances as possible. You should listen to Tiffany singing more, more videos of her singing. Not her singing and dancing but singing in pitch while dancing requires stamina, not good vocal technique. You need to be more fair when you judge her so harshly without researching further. One not so great performance is not enough when there are more than enough examples of Tiffany showing exactly what I know she can do that Seulgi cannot. Which is why I suggest reading her analysis carefully.

        What does stable mean? What does powerful mean? Do you mean loud for powerful? For stable do you mean singing in pitch? Do you mean singing without being shaky? Do you mean singing well while dancing? Stable is an overused term by K-pop fans that really means nothing. It’s a very random and vague word and it holds no true meaning. What do YOU mean when you say it? It’s not a good explanation to defend any point, I need to understand exactly what you mean. This whole concept of “high notes” and “stable” singing in K-pop is just a huge thing that needs to go.

        Do you get the points I’m trying to bring across? I’m not trying to make you feel bad or anything and I appreciate your confusion and why you seem to struggle to compare them but you’re just not going about the right way.

        Here are two videos I made that I think you might find informative about high notes and singing while dancing:

        Since I know my last comment wasn’t as detailed, I hope giving more examples and going more in depth can kind of create a clearer picture for you.

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      5. I didn’t want to judge tiffany harshly, I know her since 2009 and I listened to her songs and She is like my second bais, but we are not professional in this things so when we listen we judge baised on the way they sing ,the emotions and the stability( for example their voice doesn’t crack in the middle of dancing) this is how non professional people judge when they listen to their singing , In redvelvet songs when they sing live seulgi voice always is in point, she sing her parts so well as if she isn’t even dancing, without any struggle, but Tiffany most of the time have hard time to sing her parts( I just noticed It’s become harder for her these past few years, some fans say she had plastic surgery or sth and her parts become more challenging after jessica left) And I read all of the snsd members analyze. When people listen to seulgi voice they always say she can be main vocalist in other group, like I didn’t even noticed seulgi wasn’t best in her king of masked singer until you mentioned it , I really didn’t noticed seulgi mistakes (why are they not obvious?) but Tiffany mistakes is easily noticeable like she always have struggle to sing higher notes ( Like her part in Mr,Mr) seulgi didn’t have any problem singing her parts in one of these nights, maybe Tiffany parts are more challenging like you said. So I always thought seulgi vocal is best among lead ( not main) vocalist in this generation of kpop and I thought her vocal range is near seohyun range( don’t judge me :D) and it’s not just me lot of people think like that. I didn’t realize she is not as good as others people think, if you ask fans they will choose seulgi as one of the best sm vocalist (in top ten) But seems like she is not. I love tiffany and I saw like all of snsd stages but she can’t sing her parts so well, in my opinion they should give some parts to seohyun. I’m sorry if I offended you.


      6. So by stability, you mean not cracking? I honestly don’t know what “stable” singing means because people use it so commonly and so vaguely that there are multiple meanings that it could have. So in your case, you meant not cracking. When you say “we” who is we? You mean general fans? I see you’ve read the analyses, but when you read them did you also listen to the examples and try to understand exactly the points that we’re trying to bring across?

        With the examples that I showed you of Tiffany, even when I said she was straining, it was better than her usual strain that you can recognize more easily, right? The examples that I showed of I Just Wanna Dance where she sang D5’s and such, or the C5’s of The Way, could you hear the strain in those? Cause if not, then it just means your ear isn’t trained to hear strain that’s not harshly obvious such as shouting or cracking. Of course fans judge based off of a non-professional opinion and that’s perfectly fine! It’s okay that you can’t hear it. I’m not a medical student, I’m not an engineer. They’re professionals who can do things I can’t, so even if they show me something that to them is obvious, for me it won’t be. That’s the same here, for you it may not be obvious but to me it is because it’s what I have to do. Since I have to instruct vocalists, I have to be able to hear these things. It’s not all about high notes. Again also judging based off of live stages where there’s dancing and singing is another part of the issue that people don’t seem to understand. It’s not fair to them.

        So no dear, you didn’t offend me at all and forgive me if I did, it wasn’t my intention. It’s just singing is deeper than not cracking or singing high notes loudly. Like you said, you couldn’t hear the strain in Seulgi’s singing, but it’s there. It may not be as obvious, but it’s there. Tiffany’s isn’t always obvious either, as you heard in the videos that I linked, right? Please do tell me if those are as obvious to you as the ones from Mr. Mr., just in case.

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  2. My question would be… where would you place the k-pop vocalists that you’ve placed on the ranking? Like, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, etc. (the exact terminology is escaping me)? For the years that I’ve liked kpop, I’ve always wondered, but I don’t exactly have that type of background. If a graphic chart would be too much, a list would be cool.

    Another question would be: how can us non-vocally trained tell if a vocalist is in any one of those “categories”?


    1. Well have you checked any of the analyses we have on the blog? We have their full vocal technique broken down, their vocal ranges and their voice types as well! ^ ^ Since your question is very general about more 120 vocalists, I think it’d be easier for you to check the analyses. Well again there’s also a criteria on the first page of the blog which explains the ratings and the terminology in the analyses too!


  3. Hmm them Rosé would be considered less than average because her vocal technique isn’t good? I love everything about her voice and I prefer it over most of the people on the list i.e. Wendy. I guess I am more of a raw vocal person 🙂 do you plan on ranking her in one year or so?


    1. Preference is different than acknowledgement of skill. If you like someone more than someone else and it is purely based on their voice, that means you’re probably numb to their vocal issues and the vocal strengths of other vocalists, therefore you judge them solely on your taste which is fine. Having a taste is fine. But you must know the difference between liking someone and knowing someone can sing well. I love Tiffany’s voice a lot, but I know she is just an average vocalist for many reasons which are thoroughly discussed in her analysis. I prefer her voice to a lot of people rated above her, but I can’t just ignore the vocal issues that I hear. So although I prefer her voice over most people on the ranking, it doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge that other people know how to sing better than her, with healthier technique, better control, a healthier approach, etc. Rosé will be analyzed eventually, I don’t know when. We might analyze 2015 debuts this year but not 2016.


  4. I feel like slapping anyone who kept saying that super junior can’t sing. Like fuckers do you even have ears?! XD Okay sorry! Aaaaaa still so proud of our magnae to stand on top of everyone like that. Like there is such a huge gap between the top three to the rest of them XD

    I have a question tho, is there some kind of age limit to improve your voice? Like when you hit 40 your vocal ability will also go down hill?


    1. I wouldn’t say there is an age limit, but there is a limit to how much your voice can heal if you’re older and it’s been abused to any extent.


  5. Why are four Girls Generations members on this list? I thought it was only for lead and main singers. But, I do feel like some of the average singers should rank even across the board because most of them lack the similar qualities. Not a stan, music degree holder, or anything like that, just great at comprehension, analysis, and attention to detail.


    1. The rule is half of the vocalists within a group. Since Girls’ Generation has no rappers, all members are considered vocalists. It is just that generally when we analyze half of the vocalists of a group, that usually means the lead and main vocalists. Take for an example Wonder Girls, their 5 member team consisted of Sohee, Sunmi, Yoobin, Sunye and YeEun. We analyzed 2/4 vocalists, Sunye and YeEun, excluding Yoobin who’s a rapper. It just happens to be that they are also the main and lead vocalists of the group. The same is true for Girls’ Generation. Taeyeon is a main vocalist, Sunny, Seohyun and Tiffany are leads although their roles have become unclear after Jessica’s departure. Nonetheless 4/8 is still half. So because they lack similar qualities they should be even? I’m not sure I follow.


  6. Just out of curiousity, which boygroup and girlgroup would you consider has the most all rounded vocalists (like, most of the member have a decent vocal technique)?

    Thankss~ 🙂


  7. Just curious, when you listen to songs, do you always pay attention to their technique? Or is it that you just notice it while listening? Also, do you still listen to songs where you’re bothered by the singers’ vocal technique?
    Can you tell from the studio versons of songs (or when the voices have been edited with effects, autotune, etc.) if a singer has good vocal technique? Are there any elements of a good vocal technique that you can analyze from the studio version?
    Sorry I kind of had a lot of questions, I’m just really curious about it.


    1. I listen to songs despite their vocal technique if it’s studio, sometimes if it’s live and it’s too much, I can’t do it. But that’s only for songs that I keep on my phone or something. Do I always pay attention? If they do something notable, like hitting a note really well or really NOT well, I notice even if I’m not trying to. Studio songs you can tell vocal technique in general, just not consistency. Whatever you do live you probably would do in studio, you just get more chances to do it right in studio.


  8. Hi! I love the blog and the analysis, so I want to know if you have another blog for western artists bc I wanted analysis on jade thirlwall an Perrie from little mix 😅 https://youtu.be/j_qy2yJYw1o I want to now what would you clarify jade? She’s one of my favorite singer bc her technique seems so effortless


  9. Does Yerin have better agility than Ailee? From what I’ve heard, Yerin’s runs do seem accurate and I don’t feel as if she’s just sliding through the notes without control.


      1. Wow. Her musicianship is also really good. The JYP technique really messes up her other registers though. Thank you hehe


  10. May i ask you who is better between wendy, seulgi, yuju, and jihyo because i really curious . I know for wendy and seulgi , i also already read wendy analysis i just want make her analysis as a standard and where will you put jihyo and yuju ?
    May be i sound rude because you have not created their analysis yet.
    I’m sorry for my bad english.


      1. No, I’m sorry. I would rather not predict ratings, because then I’d be spreading information that’s not 100% true nor correct. You’ll find out if she’s better than Taeyeon or not when she’s analyzed, but you should be careful when listening to people who don’t truly know what they’re talking about.


  11. I’m surprised seeing K.Will in the middle of the list. Is this list biased over good looking idols? Because i would never see K.Will under Kyuhyun in a battle of both high and low notes and technique.


    1. Biased? We analyzed more than 120 vocalists individually, biased is not a word that could be associated with us. Perhaps instead of questioning the list based on the looks of the artists, you should read the analyses first. It’s like you’re saying that a good looking person can’t be better at singing than a less good looking person, as if looks had anything to do with vocal skill. This list is based on vocal technique ONLY. So again, read the analyses first please. Since you probably haven’t, I’ll just link you both K.Will’s and Kyuhyun’s analyses.

      The answer is in the analyses, we don’t write these analyses for nothing. We write them because it’s the only way we can make sense out of their vocal technique. If you read the post, you’d know that we have analyses and if you ever doubt someone’s rating, you can always read their analyses to find out exactly why. ^ ^


    2. Being ugly or handsome has nothing to do with their vocal technique. Just because someone is ugly doesn’t mean they are Automatically better. That’s nonsense


  12. In the future vocal analysis you it said twice’s jihyo and nayeon or jeongyun i was wondering why you can’t do all three because chaeyoung, dahyun and momo are the rap line and that leaves 6 members and the the main/lead vocalist are three of them and the rest are sub vocalist. Also it follows your rule 3/6 half thanks for reading


    1. Why is this comment not on the Future Analyses list? lol The reason is just cause it’s a lot of people to analyze and we’re not sure how much material will be available for them all honestly.


    1. Hi there dear. Unfortunately the reason they’re not on this is because they were never analyzed. They were never requested much and from what I’ve heard of them, Dongjun, Kevin and Hyungsik, none of their vocalists have established a sense of support yet that’s consistent. I hear usually shallow throaty singing, little to no support and very narrow supported ranges which greatly limits them all. They mostly strain even in relatively low ranges for tenors and are unable to produce proper resonance, let alone support at all.


  13. I think I saw you mention a Western vocal analysis website, The Vocal Point, in an earlier comment. Would you say it’s a fairly reliable site? (Cause there are some sites where the analyzer doesn’t seem to know what they’re talking about/faulty information)


    1. Please avoid asking vague questions without even explaining why or who the singer is to you.
      “Chungha has some support, but she tends to be REALLY heady. I am hearing almost no chest voice when she sings, it’s mostly a really heady. 0:33 Many C5’s, they’re not supported but since she’s so heady it doesn’t sound that strained. 0:45 I wouldn’t say this B4 is supported either, I hear nasality and shallow support throughout, breathiness. She reminds me of T-Ara’s Eunjung. 1:04 really closed throat, really tight and strained but heady so it’s not shouty with a really obvious quality. 3:10 It almost sounds like a head voice, but it’s not supported. It may be a head voice, but it’s not developed nor supported.”


    1. It’s explained in the analysis that since he’s a tenor, he has an easier time with high notes so they’d probably pick him to sing.


  14. Well, this is not about hitting high notes right ? I think it would be best if you rank them according to their Genres. Only I know, being flexible really wins.
    Can you tell them apart if they’re on voice training for years or pure talent since birth ? Does it noticeable or Does that matter to be a singer? Thank you 😊


    1. It’s not just about hitting high notes. It’s about vocal technique which can’t be fully excused by one’s genre. Talent is only 1%, so it takes work more so than pure talent, always.


  15. Hi, first of all thank you for this amazing ranking, Im a little shook with a few ones like Taeyang and Hyorin , i thought she was one of the best of the best but I was little bit wrong, I saw all your analysis and ive love it, I have a question tho for understand a little bit more, I know this is only kpop but I really dont know how to explain it.. Ailee is first and a lot of ppl say that she and ariana grande have kind of the same vibe (I dont agree but anyway) the thing that I want to know is if Ailee can be compare to Ariana ?? I say Ariana cuz she is like THE fam and fav of everybody in the western side now and probably one of the only ones in the actual american industry that can sing. Is Aileeuch better than Ariana?? if she is… the with who we can compare her.. to Carey?


    1. Hyorin used to have better technique and at one point, she was the best female idol girl group main vocalist out there. (That’s a long title to uphold lol) Ariana is actually nowhere near Ailee when it comes to vocal technique. Ariana Grande has a lot of potential in vocal range, but lacks a lot when it comes down to the technique behind how she sings. She sings with a high larynx a lot, if she were to be rated by our standards with her inconsistency in resonance, lack of support above B4 and such, she’d most likely be rated close to Seohyun, YeEun, etc. People tend to think that singing high means singing well, but that’s not quite right.


    2. Ariana isn’t even better than seohyun haha. Top pop Western act is actually overrated . Unless their name is Beyonce , Many kpop singer are still better than them


  16. How is Tiffany that much higher than Seulgi when you’ve considered Tiffany a weak vocalist based of your analysis and Seulgi an average vocalist?


  17. Random question, but out of all these male idol vocalists that have been analysed and ranked, which one/s do you think has been showing the most improvement lately, and throughout 2016?


  18. Just out of curiosity, I think I remember you guys saying where Hyorin would be placed before she regressed. Would you have an idea about where Yesung would be placed before his regression? (He’s the only other vocalist I can think of at the moment who did regress)


  19. A new video of Jihyo and Nayeon performing “Greedy” by Ariana live that might come in handy when analyzing them😀. I just wanted to ask, was Nayeon’s run at 2:45 out of place? Is Jihyo using a headier mix at 3:11? Other than that, how was their support in this performance?


    1. 2:45 yes it’s pitchy. Jihyo mixed around 3:11 but then used head voice near the end of the phrase for the E5. I don’t think this is live.


      1. Oh ok thanks for your reply. It most likely isn’t because in live the voice is somewhat more ‘live’ idk lol.


  20. Does this rank also imply that singer in higher rank can DEFINITELY sing a singer in lower rank song better ? Example , Ailee can definitely sing park bom song better than bom herself. Is that implied in these rank as well ?


    1. Well yes and no. They can technically sing the song better but that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll like it better.


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