Future Analyses (No Longer Taking Requests)

Vocalists Whom Will NOT Be Analyzed

Due to many fans not reading our rules carefully, we will provide a list of popularly requested vocalists that will not be analyzed because analyzing them would break our rules. Please read our rules before making a request.

2NE1’s CL

4Minute’s Hyuna

Big Bang’s Seungri

BtoB’s Hyunsik

BTS’ Jin & Jimin

EXO’s Chanyeol, Xiumin, Suho & Lay

f(x)’s Amber

Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung & Yuri

Infinite’s L


Miss A’s Suzy

Secret’s Hyosung

Sera (Former Nine Muses)

SHINee’s Key

Super Junior’s Heechul, Lee Teuk, Kangin, Siwon

T-Ara’s Jiyeon



For analyses of members of idol groups, we only analyze vocalists. We do not analyze rappers, even if they may sing at times if their main instrument is rapping, we will not analyze them as it is not fair to them. If a rapper happens to have significant vocal skill then they shall be considered for an analysis.

We only analyze up to half of the vocalists in a group, and only the strongest half. If a group has 8 members but 4 are rappers, then we’ll only analyze up to half of the vocalists in that group. So in this case only up to 2/4 vocalists will be analyzed. If the vocalists in a group happen to be more vocally skilled and balanced, then more vocalists will be analyzed within a group, such as the case with SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls and Mamamoo.

We only analyze vocalists with sufficient material for an analysis. Therefore groups that debuted more recently, such as in 2016 and 2017, will not be analyzed due to the lack of material. We prioritize vocalists who have longer careers with more material for an analysis.

*******WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS ******* because the list of vocalist to be analyzed has reached a fairly lengthy size, we will be no longer accepting requests until the list decreases in size.

Disbanded groups or members who left their groups and are now not active anymore in the mainstream will NOT be analyzed. Even if they may be active, they’d need to be significantly vocally skilled to be considered for an analysis. If they’re active outside of Korea/K-pop, they’re not K-Contemporary artists anymore, therefore will NOT be analyzed.

With trendy TV shows like Idol School and Produce 101, we must inform you we will NOT analyze temporary groups as there will not be enough material within their one year together to write a full analysis for their main/lead vocalists. These vocalists shall be analyzed once they re-debut under a solo stage name or under another group in the future, following the guidelines provided above regarding material, positions and relevancy within their groups.

Updating Analyses



Kim SoHyang

New Analyses

2018 (Priority Analyses)


(2015 debuts)

Gfriend’s Yuju


(2012 debuts)

Melody Day’s YeoEun

Tahiti’s Jerry

(2013 debuts)

TOPP DOGG’s Sangdo

(2014 debuts)

Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon and/or Yoohyeon

Laboum’s Soyeon

Sonamoo’s Minjae & High.D

(2015 debuts)

April’s Chaewon

CLC’s Seunghee

Day6’s Sungjin

iKON’s Junhoe

Monsta X’s Kihyun

Oh My Girl’s Seunghee

Seventeen’s DK, Seungkwan

TWICE’s Jihyo

UP10TION’s Hwanhee and/or Sunyul




Kim Dahyun


4Men’s Shin Yongjae

Guckkasten’s Ha Hyunwoo


Hwang Chiyeol

Kim Bumsoo

Kim Dongryul

Kim Tae Woo

Lee Younghyun

The One

Park Kiyoung

SG WANNABE’s Kim Jinho

Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung

Seo Moon Tak

TOPP DOGG’s Sangdo

Ulala Session’s Myunghoon


2019 ~ Indefinitely



A.Kor’s Jiyoung

April’s Jinsol

Astro’s MJ &/or Sanha

Baek Ahyeon

Bernard Park

Berry Good’s Taeha

Blackpink’s Rosé


Buzz’s Kyunghoon

CLC’s Sorn or Seungyeon

Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung & Dawon

Crayon Pop’s Choa


Eric Nam


Gavy NJ’s Gunji

Gugudan’s Sejeong & Haebin

Ha Dong Kyun


Han Dong Geun

Huh Gak

In Sooni




Kim Feel

Kim Jongkook

Kim Gunmo

Kim Juna

Kim Kyungho

KNK’s Inseong & Youjin

Lee Eunmi

Lee Juk

Lee Jung

Lee Michelle

Lee Seung Chul

Lee Seunggi

Lee Sora

Legend’s Listen

Lim Chang Jung

Lim Jaebum

Lim Junghee (J.Lim)

Lim Kim

Lovelyz’s Jin or Sujeong


Madtown’s Lee Geon &/Or H.O.

Matilda’s Haena

Mr.Mr.’s Tey


NCT’s Stronger Vocalists

Nell’s Kim Jongwan

Norazo’s Lee Hyuk

Nine Muses’ Keumjo

Hyuko’s Oh Hyuk

Oh My Girl’s Hyojung

Paran’s Ace

Parc Jaejung

Park Boram

Phantom’s Sanchez

Pentagon’s Jinho & Hui

Playback’s Woolim

Pristin’s Sungyeon


Royal Pirates’ Moonchul

Rumble Fish’s Choi Jini


Seo Ingook

SF9’s Inseong

So Chan Whee

Stellar’s Hyoeun

Sung Shi Kyung

Sunny Days’ Sunkyung

Sunnyhill’s Jubi


TWICE’s Nayeon and/or Jungyeon

UP10TION’s Hwanhee and/or Sunyul

Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyuna and Kwon Soonil

Vibe’s Yoon Minsoo

Vromance’s stronger vocalists


Yoo Seungwoo

Yoon Do Hyun


If any of you would like your idol to be analyzed, drop your request in the comment box. If you attach videos/recordings of their (preferably) latest live performances, it will be helpful. But then again, it will not guarantee that your idol will be analyzed since it will depend on our contributors. We can’t even guarantee when we will release the analysis of the above mentioned future projects. One other reason is that analyzing vocal when there isn’t enough material to judge them will be challenging and more or less inaccurate. This will explain why judging rookie idols is an issue.



11,523 thoughts on “Future Analyses (No Longer Taking Requests)

  1. Hi. I was looking for an analysis and I could not find it, then I found this and read that you only analyze half of the vocal members of each group and you choose the strongest and I understand it, but is there a special reason for that? It could be that you do not have the time or something and it’s understandable, but I just want to know why you do it that way. Anyway, thanks for the other analyzes.


  2. my main question is:
    does she support in her lower register? because i feel like she does, considering the fact that her voice is slightly fuller.
    was 0:50 – 0:52 tight?
    what note was 1:15 – 1:19? did she support it?
    1:27 – 1:29 was it falsetto?
    2:09 – 2:11 is it strained or squeezed? and what note was that?
    does she support generally?


  3. Hi, I’ve been following your analyses for some time already and I’ve noticed that this list never got updated from “NCT’s Stronger Vocalists” to “NCT’s member, member” so I’d like to ask you, without requesting for an in-depth analysis, ofc, because I know that those take a lot of time and that you’re not taking requests anymore, if you could give us an idea of which members you find to have the best vocal technique? In 127 at least, where you only have heachan, taeil, doyoung and jaehyun as main vocalists. I’d like to know which ones would you rank as the best two, or would be interested in maybe doing an analysis in the distant future.
    here’s no longer, with haechan, doyoung and taeil

    and timeless with doyoung, jaehyun and taeil

    also, if you wouldn’t mind telling me: do you think any of them has problems projecting their voice?
    thank you! 🙂


    1. See out of those it seems like only Taeil, Doyoung and Jaehyun would be analyzed. The reason is they said they’d have many… many members and that sounds crazy. lol that’s why we didn’t add them.


  4. Hi! I know she is a very weak vocalist but I was wondering if Gfriend’s Sowon could be an (underdeveloped) mezzosoprano. I don’t know, her voice doesn’t sound too low but it’s kinda “dark”.


    1. That’s mostly cause she doesn’t place her sound forward, so it lacks brightness. But it has no weight, her voice. She’s light and placed high, sounds like a soprano to me.


    1. It’s a very squeezed, pushed but connected F#5. The sound quality isn’t good so the strain may not be as obvious, but it’s a high larynx based note with a lot of pushing.


  5. I don’t intend to rush you, but is there a rough estimation as to when Yuju’s analysis will come out? Really excited to see your thoughts, and how she stands compared to other amazing vocalists.

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    1. Hello I’m really sorry but I gotta give you the same answer I give everyone else. It’s Pandayeu’s analysis so I have no date on it.


  6. In what world Taehyung is the 2nd better singer of BTS… boy has no breath control whatsoever. I would say Jin is catching up to Jungkook as the best vocalist and Jimin has sadly been singing worse than he did at debut 😦


    1. Hello dear. I don’t mean this as a snarky comment but you asked in what world. Well in the world you read the whole analysis and understand it instead of just the bullet points is where he is one of two better vocalists in BTS. Actually why is this comment not posted on his analysis? Did you actually read it? I promise that if you do, the answer is there. You make it seem like his lack of breath control makes him not as good, but none of them have very well developed breath support at all. It’s really not a huge difference at all, so please read carefully.

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      1. Yes I read it and as a person who has been to various BTS concerts (2015, 2017 and 2018) I can assure you Taehyung mostly sings with support, he and Jimin lip-synch a big part of their performances even when they’re not dancing (The Truth Untold being the biggest example of this). Yes, Taehyung has a very deep and unique voice, but over the year the “airy” quality of it has been overpowering any “good vocals” you could expect from a singer who has been perfecting himself since 2013.

        (And I read your article and still think calling Taehyung the 2nd best voice is not actually true, despite all of the love and respect i have for him as an artist and as a person).


      2. Well then I guess I have to address some big misunderstandings. You mentioned a lot of things that are irrelevant to the analysis. First of all nobody said he has the second best voice in the group. Actually we don’t talk about voices in this blog at all. This is a blog about vocal technique. It’s how they use their voices. His voice being deep or unique as you called it is also irrelevant. That has nothing to do with technique. Also you being to BTS concerts or him lip synching is also irrelevant to the analysis. Actually nowhere in the analysis does it say he has the second best anything at all? And you’re posting this comment on a page that’s not his analysis while mentioning absolutely nothing that the analysis says either. I ask that you please go there and read the analysis and mention things relevant to its content. None of the vocalists of BTS have well developed breath support in any part of their range and that’s explored within the analyses as well. I’m sorry but I’m a bit confused by your comment or what you’re referring to since nothing that you’re saying has to do with things we have said here. ._.

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    2. I just ran into this comment accidently while checking to see who’s going to be analyzed soon (I’m actually pretty excited for new analyses, but I’ll respect Ahmin’s and Pandeyu’s time though), and as a BTS fan myself, I can reply in elaboration (though it won’t let me post under your second comment which I intended to do and why did you post your comment under a Future Analyses site when there’s a V vocal analysis site you can post your comment under?).

      Saying that someone has the “best voice” is subjective/an opinion and depends on personal taste (maybe you don’t like breathy voices but someone else does, or maybe you like metallic voices but someone else doesn’t, etc.). Vocal technique is factual and objective and has a set criteria (like right way of doing things, etc.). Like Ahmin said, the vocal analyses don’t evaluate “quality of voice”, it evaluates vocal technique of a vocalist with set criteria such as quality and range of support, development of vocal registers, connection of voice, placement, etc. (more than “breath control”). In BTS’s case, the reason why Taehyung and Jungkook are analyzed is because these two are the strongest vocalists (in terms of technique) since these two are the only vocalists of BTS with evident support albeit not great (their support is still shallow due to their airiness (yes, you’re correct with saying Taehyung is “airy”, but Jungkook is considerably airy as well) iirc) and still the case today (I’ll disagree with Jin improving: I’m not saying that he’s bad (I think he has a nice voice subjectively and he’s pretty “stable” (stamina) I guess), but he’s still not properly supporting any where in his range (he does have a very small range where he’s more relaxed but it’s not technically supporting)-he’s still shallow singing last time I heard (he’s pretty quite throaty from what I can hear last time) and I don’t think anyone in BTS regressed). The gap is small among the vocalists-they’re ALL weak in a degree. The ONLY difference between Taehyung and the rest of the vocalists and by the bare minimum from Jungkook is that Taehyung has a better grasp of support, but that’s just it.

      Now breath control. Saying that Taehyung “doesn’t” have breath control is insufficient to your justification of his relative vocal abilities to the rest of the members. There is more to evaluate his vocal abilities than just “breath control” (like I said before, support, development of registers, connection, placement, etc.). There are more proficient vocalists (compared with BTS) who don’t have that great breath control either: Ariana Grande (who most of the general public regard as a “good vocalist”), Ally Brooke Hernandez (STRONGEST vocalist of 5H (most fitting in comparison to Taehyung in group comparisons though Ally is technically better hands down and she’s a soprano (I would say Taehyung is comparable in terms of relative vocal ability to Camila Cabello))), Dinah Jane Hansen (SECOND STRONGEST vocalist of 5H (she would be comparable to Jungkook in group comparisons though again, Dinah is way stronger as a vocalist-Jungkook is comparable in terms of vocal ability to Lauren Jauregui (after the start of her regression) at this point)), etc. Now, V’s vocal analysis NEVER said he had “good breath control”; all they said is that he has the “strongest breath support amongst all members of BTS”. Breath control and breath support are two different things/concepts (I think). [Btw Ahmin, what’s the difference between breath control and breath support?]

      Also, I think you missed a key statement somewhere in Taehyung’s vocal analysis when it comes to comparing him with the rest of BTS’s vocalists. Taehyung is a baritone (lyric baritone) which explains the “unique and deep” voice (slightly heavier weight than the rest of the vocal line and also lower passaggio (his passaggio lies Bb3/B3 and E4 while the others are D4/Eb4 and G4/Ab4) and tessitura (lower range where he can be comfortable in without tiring out [Btw Ahmin I read somewhere that the lyric baritone tessitura is B2/C3-E4, is that true lol, because I believe that’s where Taehyung’s tessitura lies at in his range])) he has while the rest are tenors, so you can’t directly compare him to the rest of the vocal line and that Taehyung having to sing in the same range as the tenors in the same songs puts him in a clear disadvantage (“However things can get tricky when comparing a tenor to a baritone, as being a baritone and having to sing in the same exact range as a tenor puts V at a clear disadvantage. Truthfully BTS’ music isn’t written for a high tenor range but it is still a challenging range for a baritone to be singing in”) and considering that BTS’s songs are now written in a higher range, he’s more in a disadvantage right now [Btw Ahmin, is Jin is a lyric tenor like Jungkook and Jimin or is he a lower tenor type because of him tending to close his throat pretty quite low like around C4/C#4 and even Bb3/B3?]. For him to actually showcase his more true vocal abilities, he has to pursue singing solo opportunities that would be more fitting of his voice (“If V were to look into more solo singing opportunities, understanding his own voice type and embracing the true tone of his voice could help him develop his voice better as a baritone if he could sing in a range that’s natural to his voice.”). Therefore, singing BTS’s own songs (which is written is a pretty high range for males right now) as a vocalist of a lower vocal fach with a lower tessitura and passaggi clearly puts Taehyung in an unfair disadvantage compared with Jungkook, Jin, and Jimin since he has to sing the same parts as these three (ok BTS may decide among themselves who gets to sing/rap which but it’s the voice/vocal color that’s their main criteria not necessarily vocal ability or how comfortable they are at that certain part as iirc Jin and Jimin complained that the notes in Fake Love were too high for them but were told to sing them anyways because it’s sounds “prettier”). Also, they’re right now singing in a higher range than what they’re comfortable with as I remember from the RM ft. Vmin Vlive that Jimin indicated that they’re singing at a higher range and that all the vocalists are struggling among that range (oh dear).

      This is longer than I expected, but hope I elaborated well enough (I don’t think I did) and if there’s anything unclear, then I’ll let Ahmin explain it further (as he’s the expert in this stuff). Sorry if it’s all mushed up (my habits of using too many parentheses and elaborating too much), but hope you get my point!

      To Ahmin: thank you very much for everything you do and helping us understand more about singing in general. Also, what is the passaggi for sopranos and mezzo sopranos, because I’m pretty confused on whether I’m a low soprano or a mezzo even though I don’t have that great of a voice (according to my AP Music Theory teacher years ago, my normal voice is A3 in pitch (so pretty low for a female) and I’m more comfortable in my lower and low-mixed range than my upper range tbh) but I hope to give you a sample of me singing one day (it’s not going to be good I guarantee, but maybe it will clear up misconceptions about my voice lol)! Can’t wait for future analyses to be posted (I would like to request one for Momoland’s stronger vocalists (which I believe are Jane, Taeha, and Ahin) though they probably don’t have that much good material to be analyzed over lol)! 😀

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      1. Actually A3 is kind of average for sopranos. I’ve heard mezzos speak around E3. I’m not 100% sure about the passaggi myself honestly. Thank you by the way for your comment, I really appreciate it

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  7. sorry if this has been answered already (i didn’t want to sift through all 11k comments) but what are your thoughts on chuu’s heart attack?


      1. If you go to her analysis, this is mentioned there. This kinda question that pertains to a vocalist we’ve already analyzed should be generally posted in their analysis.


  8. Hi, I was just wondering have you stopped doing analysis completely or are you just posting them somewhere else? Because I can’t find anything from here but you are still posting comments.


  9. what do you think of her technique? does she support properly? or is she too breathy? and what do you think are the highlights in her performance? thank you in advance!


  10. Good day Ahmin! I just want to ask NCT’s vocal line here, especiallyJaehyun. His work at 11:52 – 12:17 especially at 12:12 – 12:17, I’m thinking its an G#4 or A4 (I may be wrong tho), the sound he produce is so big that it covinced me to thinking it may be supported, maybe. G#4 or A4 is pretty high for a baritone so he’s straining, maybe. How is his performance here in terms of the position of larynx and support? Hoping for our reply 🙂 oh and also at 6:59 where Taeil is performing specifically at 7:03 – 7:06 , I think its a C5? Did he improved there? Is the strain less compared to the earlier performances of this song? I want to know the position of his larynx and others. Waiting for your reply Ahmin 🙂


    1. Hello! Not admin but I think I can help. At 11:52, Jaehyun’s lines peak at Eb4 and F4, they don’t sound too relaxed. 12:12 is a G#4 but unfortunately it is strained. I might be wrong but I hear shallowness and throatiness too. A big sound doesn’t always mean support, like how you can just scream and make a big sound but that’s not good vocal technique. 7:03 is a C#5 for Taeil, it’s too high for him to support (any of the C#5s from Timeless lives) but I think his approach is a little better though I’m not sure its a big difference. I definitely think Taeil has improved in the G4-A4 range since debut, like the quick G#4 at 6:49.


  11. Hi. Id like to ask if renjun and chenle atleast improved from their recent performances? I believe renjun sounded more relaxed than before, im not sure with chenle.
    Renjun is at 0:29 chenle is ta 1:10 then renjun again at 1:20 and 3:13 is the high note supported? It sounded really good to me. Thanks so much 😍😘


  12. Hello! How is this line from Taeil at 2:40? The G4 seems mixed (and relaxed), but the A4-Bb4-C5-D5 after seem a lot lighter. Are they mixed? Thank you!


      1. What is the difference if it is inhaled or exhaled? and is that considered a whistle? or he is just phrasing?


      2. Well phrasing can be done in a whistle or not. Inhaled wouldn’t be like actually using the vocal cords but exhaling would.


  13. how is jk kim donguk’s overall performance here? how high and how low did he support? lots of f2s, a2s and bb2s at the start, G4s and G#4s towards the end. how was the G4 at 5.05 and G#4 at 5.15?


  14. Hello! I would like to know if Xiumin can now support his middle register in this performance:

    He starts singing at 0:49 and again at 3:44

    Is there a slight vibratto to his voice now? Especially during the last note of the song? Is it natural or forced?


      1. he’s one of the rappers in stray kids! could you clarify what you meant by “he doesn’t sound like one”? does that mean he sounds more like a vocalist or he just doesn’t seem cut out for rapping?


      2. Not that he doesn’t seem cut out for rapping since there’s no way I could tell that. It’s just he sings like someone who sings, rappers have this tendency to sound like they’re half speaking when they sing but he’s more full of legato and is more connected.


      3. It’s pretty much a known rule among Stays that every member of Stray Kids can rap and sing to an extent. Support, however, is another question entirely. I know you’ve said that Woojin, their main vocalist, probably has the best sense of support, even though he seems fairly inconsistent still.

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  15. Hi! I’m sure you have listened CLC before, I have a question, would you say Elkie is technically the best vocal in the group? You have analyzed Seunghee before and iirc you said she can’t support (sings with a low-larynx), Sorn has become super airy and I think Elkie can at least shallow support, right? Not saying she’s outstandingly better, just a little bit.


    1. I haven’t given Seunghee a full analysis só anything I’ve said about her was not conclusive yet. I think Seunghee might support more consistently than I initially thought.


  16. I know you refuse to analyze rookie groups but I couldn’t really find a professional analysis of Chuu’s vocal from Loona (she’s definitely one of main vocalists) so may I ask you for help. LOONA has debuted for almost a year so here are as many the non-edited live performances (in timeline order) I can provide to you. I’ll be pleased even if you just give a brief analysis.

    – white christmas – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwUvX1BOY_k
    – paper heart – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFrH4dnRO9c
    – a song by Jawsoul – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwQgixBPUZE

    Aug 2018
    Debut song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTbo9oPZETg
    her part 1:52 and high note 2:38

    Nov 2018
    – short singing compilation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEcVaOmKsfY
    – short Vienna + Lyn Back in time – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDAuYYOsICk
    – short Paper Heart – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-ye66Zw6ac
    – short Twightlight – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drC7X_i7wpI
    – some parts Like a star – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID6rXkMI3Wk
    0:00 – 0:34 // 1:07 – 1:31 // 2:47 – 3:05 // 3:30 – 4:05
    – full cover The end Kwon Jin-Ah – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzZ8k5vboio
    – full cover Dear Santa – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICm7Ij8SgpA

    Dec 2018
    – full cover The Snowman – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR33Jn6SdB0


  17. Hello! So I just found out your site and was quite excited to read about your Jimin analysis but it turns you won’t be doing that one. I read some of the comments and someone said Jimin’s singing has become worse, personally I thought he got better, finally found his style at least, took advantage of his vocal color and someone (their collab producer) said he’s good at voice directing or whatever that means, but I’m no expert so, do you think he really got worse or better? There’s still the usual struggle with some songs especially TTU of course but he does pretty well with others. I watch YT videos for feedback from supposed vocal trainers but they’re too afraid of the backlash from fans that they really only give praises and no criticisms when we know BTS’ vocal line aren’t the best of singers, so can you please give me little feed back about his singing? What’s actually the problem? And what’s the thing Jimin does at the end of his singing? Like a choked up hiccup or something? I think if he gets rid of those, his singing would be better. Thank you so much. 🙏🏽


  18. Hi Ahmin, nice to see that this site is still active~
    I see that OMG Seunghee is on that list. Does that mean she might be analyzed soon?
    She has some nice performances recently. I wonder what’s your take on these

    this one for headvoice perhaps

    Thank yeu!!

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  19. you probably don’t have time for this but I’m really curious about txt’s(bighit’s new boy group) vocal abilities. they start singing from 00:37. do any of them have any sense of support at all?


  20. can you talk about this video? yuju sing heaven with ailee
    yuju use mix voice and ailee use head voice. ailee is covered yuju voice easily.
    can you talk about what is the problem of yuju?

    0:23 is it supported?


  21. Hi. Can any of you take some minutes to hear this girl sing?
    She is Kim Chaewon of IZ*ONE, a lead vocalist.

    1:55, 2:50, 6:05, 10:54, 12:45 she is the red haired with black sweats.

    There are any support? And placement? Connected head voice? She tends to mix light / “heady” even in middle notes, this is healthy?


  22. Hi Ahmin! I’m not sure if this more like a medical question but I’m curious about something. Do you think IZ*ONE’s Yena’s husky voice/vocals might be a consequence of having lymphoma cancer as a child? When this fact about her life was revealed I couldn’t help but to wonder if the disease had anything to do with it since she also has a scar under her neck, what you think?

    (Her singing begins at 0:45)


  23. Hello! I wanted to drop another video of DK and Seungkwan singing a song that they sung back in 2016 as well so I thought might be helpful for their analyses 🙂 Have a good day!



  24. Hello, Ahmin. Thank you for your hard-working on this website. I learn a lot from it.
    I wonder whether you are interested in Jannabi, which becomes popular in Korea this year.
    I think the vocalist Chung Jung Hoon has a distinctive voice.
    He has great falsetto, doesn’t he?

    I want to know more about his vocal. Could you give me some feedback ?
    Thank you><


    1. Actually my friends listen to them a lot here but I have never listened to them, only my friend’s covers. I appreciate your comment but I’m afraid I haven’t answered generically asked vidro question in a long time. Sorry.


  25. I tell my friend that she’s off-pitch, but he says that doesn’t matter because she has good “technique”. What is he talking about?


  26. Hello Ahmin, what do you think about the vocal of Ten of NCT? I saw this video where he sing a cover.

    He sound really good for me but I wanted your opinion, does it have support?

    And for this video ? There are 2 guys who sing,Ten is the guy who is left


  27. I have impression that Music Work’s Kim Kookheon have a wide supported range and use alot of vocal techniques. But u can see it cleaner and better than me.
    I just have fill and specific questions about Kookheon. By this video:

    1: Is his pitch clean?
    2: Does he really use alot of vocal techniques?
    3: Is his vocal technique clean?
    4: Does he sounds healthfull?


  28. @Pandayeu Thanks for uptaking Yuju’s vocal analysis, I really appreciate your efforts. I was wondering if there are any potential checkpoints that you can inform us on, such as the predicted date of release or the current % work in progress

    I have been a long time fan of Yuju, and I get upset when people consistently discredit her abilities and put her below the likes of other fellow Gen 3 main vocals, so I’m really banking on your objective vocal analysis to show them that Yuju is indeed as capable as them

    If you need help compiling Yuju vocal videos for your reference, or anything that I can help to hasten the process, please inform me, I’m sure I can get fellow Buddies to help so you can finish and get the analysis up

    @Ahmin In the case that Pandayeu doesn’t read all of this, do you currently have any plans to start up a Patreon or anything, that might let fans help you to hasten the process of making these analysis? Because I understand these analysis are really thorough and hence time consuming, you guys might not have much time to complete them


  29. Can I know who is stronger in seventeen
    DK or seungkwan
    Not for any wrong purpose
    Iam just curious
    They both are amazing
    Are they at the level of exo Chen in the previous ranking !?
    I think they can reach very high
    Thanks in advance ^^


    1. ahmin answered this a few years back that seungkwan is significantly stronger in terms of technique. not sure if this has changed, but i doubt so.


  30. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHFNzWGnWZI (She’s the one in the green dress)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtXOaERaii4 (:45,2:30,3:21)
    Hi:) What do you think of Gugudan Nayoung’s technique? Also I’ve heard some people think she is a contralto because she can sing kind of deep but I thought she was a Soprano. I haven’t heard many contraltos because it seems like a really rare voice type. However I do wonder if is she singing lower than what is normally comfortable for Sopranos?


  31. Hello! I know that in your rules you mentioned that you won’t be taking more requests or analyzing any rappers unless they have exceptional vocal techniques, but I just wanted to ask if you would be able to give a really short review or just your thoughts on these videos of Han from Stray Kids singing. I think that he is a very great singer regardless of his rap position, though I don’t know much about vocal technique and wanted to know your opinion! I understand if you’re too busy or unable to do this, but I thought it was worth a try. Thank you anyways!


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