Future Analyses (No Longer Taking Requests)

Vocalists Whom Will NOT Be Analyzed

Due to many fans not reading our rules carefully, we will provide a list of popularly requested vocalists that will not be analyzed because analyzing them would break our rules. Please read our rules before making a request.

2NE1’s CL

4Minute’s Hyuna

Big Bang’s Seungri

BtoB’s Hyunsik

BTS’ Jin & Jimin

EXO’s Chanyeol, Xiumin, Suho & Lay

f(x)’s Amber

Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung & Yuri

Infinite’s L


Miss A’s Suzy

Secret’s Hyosung

Sera (Former Nine Muses)

SHINee’s Key

Super Junior’s Heechul, Lee Teuk, Kangin, Siwon

T-Ara’s Jiyeon



For analyses of members of idol groups, we only analyze vocalists. We do not analyze rappers, even if they may sing at times if their main instrument is rapping, we will not analyze them as it is not fair to them. If a rapper happens to have significant vocal skill (Average to Above Average vocalist or higher) then they shall be considered for an analysis.

We only analyze half of the vocalists in a group, and only the strongest half. If a group has 8 members but 4 are rappers, then we’ll only analyze half of the vocalists in that group. So in this case only 2/4 vocalists will be analyzed. If the vocalists in a group happen to be more vocally skilled and balanced, then more vocalists will be analyzed within a group, such as the case with SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls and Mamamoo. (Average to Above Average at least.)

We only analyze vocalists with sufficient material for an analysis. Therefore groups that debuted more recently, such as in 2016 and 2017, will not be analyzed due to the lack of material. We prioritize vocalists who have longer careers with more material for an analysis.

*******WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS ******* because the list of vocalist to be analyzed has reached a fairly lengthy size, we will be no longer accepting requests until the list decreases in size.

Disbanded groups or members who left their groups and are now not active anymore in the mainstream will NOT be analyzed. Even if they may be active, they’d need to be significantly vocally skilled to be considered for an analysis. If they’re active outside of Korea/K-pop, they’re not K-Contemporary artists anymore, therefore will NOT be analyzed.

With trendy TV shows like Idol School and Produce 101, we must inform you we will NOT analyze temporary groups as there will not be enough material within their one year together to write a full analysis for their main/lead vocalists. These vocalists shall be analyzed once they re-debut under a solo stage name or under another group in the future, following the guidelines provided above regarding material, positions and relevancy within their groups.

Updating Analyses



Kim SoHyang

New Analyses



Gfriend’s Yuju


April’s Chaewon

CLC’s Seunghee

Cross Gene’s Seyoung

Day6’s Sungjin

Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon and/or Yoohyeon

iKON’s Junhoe

Fiestar’s Linzy

Laboum’s Soyeon

Monsta X’s Kihyun

Oh My Girl’s Seunghee

Seventeen’s DK, Seungkwan

Sonamoo’s Minjae & High.D

TOPP DOGG’s Sangdo

TWICE’s Jihyo

UP10TION’s Hwanhee and/or Sunyul




Kim Dahyun


4Men’s Shin Yongjae

Cross Gene’s Seyoung

Guckkasten’s Ha Hyunwoo


Hwang Chiyeol

Kim Bumsoo

Kim Dongryul

Kim Tae Woo

Lee Younghyun

The One

Park Kiyoung

SG WANNABE’s Kim Jinho

Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung

Seo Moon Tak

TOPP DOGG’s Sangdo

Ulala Session’s Myunghoon


2019 ~ Indefinitely



A.Kor’s Jiyoung

April’s Jinsol

Astro’s MJ &/or Sanha

Baek Ahyeon

Bernard Park

Berry Good’s Taeha

Blackpink’s Rosé


Buzz’s Kyunghoon

CLC’s Sorn or Seungyeon

Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung & Dawon

Crayon Pop’s Choa


Eric Nam

Fiestar’s Linzy


Gavy NJ’s Gunji

Gugudan’s Sejeong & Haebin

Ha Dong Kyun


Han Dong Geun

Huh Gak

In Sooni




Kim Feel

Kim Jongkook

Kim Gunmo

Kim Juna

Kim Kyungho

KNK’s Inseong & Youjin

Lee Eunmi

Lee Juk

Lee Jung

Lee Michelle

Lee Seung Chul

Lee Seunggi

Lee Sora

Legend’s Listen

Lim Chang Jung

Lim Jaebum

Lim Junghee (J.Lim)

Lim Kim

Lovelyz’s Jin or Sujeong


Madtown’s Lee Geon &/Or H.O.

Matilda’s Haena

Melody Day’s YeIn and Chahee

Mr.Mr.’s Tey


NCT’s Stronger Vocalists

Nell’s Kim Jongwan

Norazo’s Lee Hyuk

Nine Muses’ Keumjo

Hyuko’s Oh Hyuk

Oh My Girl’s Hyojung

Paran’s Ace

Parc Jaejung

Park Boram

Phantom’s Sanchez

Pentagon’s Jinho & Hui

Playback’s Woolim

Pristin’s Sungyeon


Royal Pirates’ Moonchul

Rumble Fish’s Choi Jini


Seo Ingook

SF9’s Inseong

So Chan Whee

Stellar’s Hyoeun

Sung Shi Kyung

Sunny Days’ Sunkyung

Sunnyhill’s Jubi

Tahiti’s Jerry


TWICE’s Nayeon and/or Jungyeon

UP10TION’s Hwanhee and/or Sunyul

Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyuna and Kwon Soonil

Vibe’s Yoon Minsoo

Vromance’s stronger vocalists


Yoo Seungwoo

Yoon Do Hyun


If any of you would like your idol to be analyzed, drop your request in the comment box. If you attach videos/recordings of their (preferably) latest live performances, it will be helpful. But then again, it will not guarantee that your idol will be analyzed since it will depend on our contributors. We can’t even guarantee when we will release the analysis of the above mentioned future projects. One other reason is that analyzing vocal when there isn’t enough material to judge them will be challenging and more or less inaccurate. This will explain why judging rookie idols is an issue.




10,321 thoughts on “Future Analyses (No Longer Taking Requests)

  1. Omg you’ve moved up Linzy to 2017! I don’t know if you’ll actually get to her in 2 months but I’m excited to see you haven’t forgotten her ❤

    Anyway I imagine you're sick of seeing me so often lately LOL but actually I was wondering if I could get your take on Sejeong's performance of 사랑은 창밖에 빗물 같아요 on IS. I'm sure you've been asked about it before (although I haven't seen the comments personally) but I was hoping to be a bit more specific, so I hope you don't mind.

    My questions are mainly about her runs, dynamics, and musicality!

    Does Sejeong demonstrate good control over dynamics? When she sings "사랑은" she drops in volume right before the 은 and brings her volume up rather quickly to what I subjectively feel like is well executed and a good effect. Some timestamps for this include 1:18, 2:29, 3:20, and 3:27. She does this on "창밖에" as well but to a less dramatic extent, and I don't want to overload you with timestamps. I don't know how to describe this with technical jargon, so sorry if it's a hard-to-understand question.

    Sejeong, in my opinion, seems to have a relatively agile voice as she can hop across several notes both quickly and accurately. Would you agree with this? Some notable runs in this performance are 1:44, 2:44 (Descending from an E5?!), 3:10, and the entire phrase from 3:29 until 3:34. Out of those, 1:44 seems the least well-executed. I'm not sure if these are runs or not, like whether the notes are too spread out, but if they're runs, how were these as well?: 0:17, 0:31, 0:44, 1:29… (these repeat throughout the rest of the song).

    Do you think Sejeong demonstrated a good sense of musicality in this performance? Throughout the song, she opts to use different ways of projecting her voice during the chorus to use a softer and quieter voice, a stronger and fuller/louder voice, and a voice that sounds saturated with sadness to make each verse/chorus sound different and unique. She seems to have a good ear/sense to change a song and personalize it/make it interesting to listen to. I could be overhyping her musicality+dynamics a bit, but she definitely is very different than say Song Jieun in this regard, who you've said has a voice that sounds pretty much the same no matter what she's singing (lacking dynamics/musicianship).

    How was the E5(?) at 2:45? I'm sure she doesn't support it, but was it falsetto? It doesn't sound as airy as I would expect.

    2:55 was a mixed, very strained D5, right? At 3:10 she hit a shorter, yet less strained D5 into falsetto, correct?

    Sorry for such a long question as always TT


    1. I did not forget her at all! Oh indeed this is longer than I thought! She has a natural understanding and sensibility for dynamics, but her approach to it is a bit shallow. She uses a slightly closed throat shape and breathiness to bring the dynamics out, instead of managing the stretch of her vocal cords versus the airflow when singing. 1:19 That time stamp, the change in volume is very minimal. It’s not too challenging, she went from like a 3.5 to a 4. Not from a 2 to a 7. 2:29 Same here, I hear more of a slide than a dynamic change. I understand what you mean, it’a s slide and a slight very small crescendo at the same time, which isn’t easy but it’s not that hard. She has decent breath support, which is enough to execute that.

      1:44 A4 G#4 F#4 E4, it was more a trill and honestly I wouldn’t say this was well executed. I can barely hear the G#4 and F#4 clearly, I know they happened but they were not hit as precisely and as separately as a well executed trill would be like. 2:44 E5 D5 C#5 A4, again the same kind of muscle memory on a different starting note. A 4 note descending trill, the same pattern of execution as well. The notes are there, but the separation isn’t clear enough. 3:10 This is different, but still trills. She’s not doing any actual runs, she kind of does trills. Quick sudden hits on notes or quick descending lines.

      0:17 0:31 0:44 1:29 What about these stamps? Are you saying they’re runs? No, I don’t hear runs, I hear slide jumps in the melody and a quick slide, but no runs. She’s bending the notes, but that’s not agility.

      2:45 Someone told me this was head voice before, I hear a head voice but it lacks support and connection. It’s well placed cause it’s an Ooh vowel, but there’s too much air and not enough development.

      I do think Sejeong, like most professional singers, is naturally gifted at hearing dynamics and musicality, to at least a basic enough sense to deliver a song like this with enough believability to get the message of the song across. It’s not very advanced what she does, but it’s enough and it is musically pleasing and it works. Jieun’s issues to me are technical, I don’t think she lacks musicality, I think she tries but her muscles are limited in development so there’s not much she can do.

      2:55 Yes strained D5. 3:10 This D5 had better placement and since it was shorter, less time for the tension to be as intense.

      No no, I actually enjoyed answering your question cause I like to see how you’re learning and really show interest!


      1. Ahh firstly I’m sorry for the late response and secondly thank you for such an informative response to mine! I’m relieved it wasn’t too much trouble to handle despite its length :]

        I don’t know what it is about Sejeong specifically, I feel like potentially in comparison to a lot of other average main vocals I just feel she seems to experiment more/be more expressive/be somewhat smarter about how she uses her voice. Honestly, it’s probably like my bias? LOL but that makes me especially glad you are so willing to answer fan questions, especially in such detail. Your professional insight really kinda blows away any mist of bias that obscures how my ears here different people sing. Sorry that sounds kinda poetic but I didn’t know how to explain it otherwise LOL.

        I guess I have kind of a hard time differentiating between runs, trills, and slides! Maybe the ones Sejeong performs in this are less dramatic than what I think of when I think of the three, so I couldn’t recognize them as such.

        Would you say (despite Sejeong not doing amazingly at any of them) proficiency in executing trills is comparable to proficiency in executing runs? Or are they essentially same since nobody would probably be amazing at trills yet not runs?

        Also, although I didn’t know at the time of posting, Jieun performed the same song on KoMS as Sejeong did here, and Jieun definitely sounded much more constrained even though she performed in a lighter, more Jieun-esque style. I love Jieun, so don’t worry I’m not trying to bash her or anything haha. Hopefully Sejeong can work on keeping her throat open, addressing breathiness, and expanding her range so she can become even better! …Jieun too!

        Thanks again Ahmin, if I had the money for private lessons I bet you’d be a wonderful coach to learn from! :]


      2. Trills are like a beginner’s runs, so they’re like the stepping stones to being able to sing complex runs well. Also thank you so much for your compliments and respect, I really appreciate it. Well Jieun is technically at the bottom of the average vocalist ranking. Awww thank you so much you’re so sweet!


  2. I know nothing about technique but I just came across this performance. I am just curious, do you think this person has undergone professional vocal training? And I know you dont rate people without analysis, but do you think he has relatively average/good technique?


    1. You want me to guess based on the performance? My guess is really about as good as yours, untrained ppl can sound trained and we don’t know the answer.


  3. @ 11:33 what does Yuri’s head voice/falsetto sounds like that? Also does any of the sub-vocalists In snsd (Sooyoung, Yuri, YoonA, and Hyoyeon) have any supported mixed, low, or head voice notes?


      1. Hey Ahmin !

        i have a question not about Kpop, but i’m curious about this
        do you know why indians womens sound usually very high when they sing?


  4. I noticed that April’s Chaewon & Jinsol are planned to be reviewed separately, with Chaewon in 2017 and Jinsol in 2019~Indefinitely. Is this a mistake because I know this site usually likes to review group members fairly close to each other?


      1. I’m not 100% sure if you follow April closely (or at all) but just so you have some extra material for Chaewon, she occasionally uploads some cover songs on her new instagram, which is @chaeni_0824 ! Jinsol’s instagram is @truesol_0824 but as far as I can tell, she doesn’t upload much related to her singing, lol.


  5. what vocal exercises would you recommend to people learning to sing? also where can we send you recordings of us singing for tips or should we just comment links here? thank you so much for your hard work and time helping us kpop fans!!!


    1. You can send it here or email me. You can find my email on my YouTube channel under business inquiries. And for exercises, have you seen the vocal tips for Kpop fans series?


  6. This was brought up a few months ago, but I don’t think it ever got resolved.

    Jiho sings at 3:03 and it sounds like she’s making efforts at support. Is that true?

    YooA sings at 3:23 and sounds more supported and less throaty than her last IS2 perfomance to me.

    Seunghee seems to use head voice at 4:49, but I can’t tell if it seems supported.

    Hyojin sounds mostly the same as always to me.

    Is that all sort of right?


    1. It’s a head voice but there’s too much air coming through. 3:03 you could say so but I wouldn’t say it’s supported. 3:23 more embodied but not necessarily supported yet.


  7. Hi there!

    I was just curious. I was looking back on old kara videos and I was wondering if jiyoung or nicole were about the same level as gyuri? they all sound pretty similar, minus hara obviously but thats a givin.


    1. I honestly would argue that Nicole couldn’t possibly be the same because she’s always tense when she sings, her larynx mostly sounds high and she’s got a lot of glottal tension.


      1. yeah now that you mention that its very noticeable tbh. I guess a lot of their songs just cater to that type of sound so it kinda tricks you into thinking its good singing lol. still love their songs though!

        Liked by 1 person

  8. hi Ahmin !

    i have some question

    why Hwanhee’s voice sound more powerful than Sunyoul’s voice ? is it because of technique vocal or/and hwanhee’s natural ability ?
    do you prefer hwanhee’s voice or Sunyoul voice ?
    what is you opinion of up10tion and their music ?
    and what’s your favorite song of up10tion ?


    1. Well there are two reasons. 1. Sunyoul doesn’t support as high as Hwanhee. 2. Hwanhee’s mix is much thicker and chestier, making him louder. I don’t listen to their songs, I don’t really know them. I prefer Hwanhee’s singing overall but voice wise, I guess since it’s like a mix of Lee Hongki and Baekhyun, I like him more.


  9. i prefer also hwanhee’s voice because he his is one of my 3 favorite members of the group, i love his powerful voice, tha’s right his voice at the debut sound similar as baekhyun’s voice but now for me it’s just hwanhee’s voice.
    but i’m curious to know if hwanhee and baekhyun have same ability ?
    you should interest of them sad they are not a famous group but they deserve it
    are you able the say what a type of voice a personne have even if the personne rap for exemple ?
    there two rappers of up10tion but they dont sound for me as a baritone the one are more deeper and the other is a higher

    and are Kai Sehun and Tao a baritone ?


    1. i see your video about baritone, now i think that rappers that i talk are maybe a baritone
      if i send i sens you a link of one song of up10tion, can you tell me what the differents type of voice that you notice even three of them rap ?


      1. there are 3 rapper in up10tion
        one can sing and i’m pretty sure that is a baritone
        the second i think also
        but third sound like a bass his voice sound so deep but i’m not sure
        a found a smalls parts where the 2nd and 3rd seem sing
        my opinion is the 7 vocal of up10tion are tenor bit i’m not sure


    2. You’ll find out once he’s analyzed. I can kind of get an idea of their voice type even if they’re rappers, yes. Kai and Sehun are baritones yes, but Tao is a tenor.


    1. We just don’t have any plans to analyze them yet. We don’t always analyze more than just the main vocalist of a group if we feel the rest won’t receive favorable ratings.


  10. in this video one rapper sing
    i send the part of the 2 other rapper even they rap
    and i send 2 video where they seem sing
    i dont notice Sunyoul and

    i give you my thoughs, tell me if i was wrong ^^

    0:11 Bass but not sure
    0:25 Tenor
    0:37 Tenor
    0:49 Baritone
    1:30 Baritone but not sure
    1:36 Tenor
    2:02 not sur if Baritone of Tenor
    2:12 Tenor

    seem singing with Sunyoul at 1:02 ~1:06

    this video is on up10tion’s debut
    i heart recently that he train his voice since 1 year but he is shy to show it and he train to sing “sing for you” of exo, one member sayed that he isn’t bad


    1. 0:11 Baritone
      0:25 Might also be a baritone
      0:37 Not sure
      0:49 Baritone
      1:30 Baritone but not sure either
      1:36 Tenor yes
      2:02 Might be a tenor
      2:12 Tenor I think

      It’s hard to tell within such a narrow limited range and considering none of them support.

      1:02 sounds like a baritone to me. Is the last video the same guy? He sounds like a low baritone pushing his larynx down.


      1. the guy at 0:25 sing also at 3:13
        officially except Hwanhee and sunyoul all other vocal are noticed as vocal, but Guys at 0:25 and 1:36 are considered as leads vocals

        sadly there are seme covers of Hwanhee and Sunyoul but for the others i don’t found except Up10tion ‘s songs

        no the guy of the last video began to rap 2:00


  11. Hello, I often read your blog, and I was wondering if you knew what Jinho of pentagon is “doing” at 3.00-3.07 in this video, like what note is it, or something like a whistle (?), sorry I’m learning haha thank you for your time !


    1. No, that’s not a whistle. Please look up on YouTube whistle notes by Mariah to get familiar with the quality. That’s just a tense right head voice, E5, Eb5 and G#5.


  12. Oh, I just realized I should have commented this under Gunwoo’s analysis, I’m sorry! I’ll just copy-paste it there so don’t mind this comment!


  13. do you think that a virtual piano keyboard can help me te reconize notes ?

    octave is the number in the note right for exemple C4 the octave is 4 right ?

    and in exo wolf era at happy camp Kris, Chan and Baekhyun singed the refrain of baby don’t cry, Kris asked if he can it one octave lower than chen and Baekhyun is that mean that for example if chen and baehyun sing a line with C5 kris sing the same line with C4 ?


      1. is exist a baritone who have a natural potential and vocal skill more developed than a tenor ?

        i the case of bts if Jimin and Jungkook use a proper vocal technique does they became the strongest vocalists of bts ?

        and is it possible to be stylistic with proper technique ?


      2. What do you mean? You mean a baritone with better technique than a tenor or a baritone who can sing higher than a tenor with better technique? Cause if you mean the second one, Hyunmin and Hwanhee ousting many tenors up to G#4. Yes if they had better technique they’d be the strongest vocalists in BTS. Yes of course it is possible to be stylistic with proper technique. Showing that style is a conscious choice and not a bad limited habit shows true skill.


      3. i mean both
        you said me that there are some people who naturaly support their voice, is it exist for any type of voice ?

        in the case of TVXQ’s Changmin for example in “rise at one” at the highest parts of the song who he probably strained it , if he support this parts does the effect could be different for the listener ?
        do have listen a song where he support his voice ?

        you said that alto is not a type of voice, but what if a girl have a natural low voice ?

        i see that Baekhyun and Hongki are two of your favorite voices in kpop, is it one reason that make you like Up10tion Hwanhee’s voice ?


      4. Yes, any type of voice. I mean we have plenty of baritones on this blog rated higher than tenors, so being a baritone or tenor has nothing to do with your level of vocal skill. Yes, it could be different to the listener indeed, but you may not know why. Have I heard a song where Changmin properly supports his voice? Not that I can remember. Did you watch the video about altos? I said if a girl has a naturally low voice she’s most likely a mezzo-soprano and if she sounds quite manly, then she’s most likely a contralto. Alto is just a part for choir. That might be why I like Hwanhee’s voice yes. lol


      1. It might be the song choice. I’ve heard him singing where he doesn’t sound quite as pushy, usually when he’s singing lower. He seems to push more recently though. Could he just be tired? Wanna One’s schedules are pretty hectic.


      2. That’s fair. I like his voice, but it sadly doesn’t seem like he supports much if at all. At least he’s not super pitchy.


  14. Hi Ahmin! So, I finally recorded my warmups. I can’t say I’m happy with since it’s during the warmups that I seem to be the worse but I guess this will do.


    At times, I would turn out breathy or just straight up shaky, but I think that’s just me trying to find the right balance between the lightness. And my messed up airflow but I think I did okay in the end.

    If you don’t mind, I might other recordings too. I just feel much comfortable to sing songs cause at least …well, I just feel better.

    https://vocaroo.com/i/s0cdOkdG1Hdp – Drunken Truth
    https://vocaroo.com/i/s1JJu3Au3bXU – Behind These Hazel Eyes


    1. Dear, a warm up is not supposed to be the time for you to shine and sing well, it’s supposed to be a training process where we fix your bad habits and try to target them and then carry it over to singing actual songs. My problem is that you’re singing ya, YA, ya, it shouldn’t be a bunch of Ya’s. Just one starting Ya and then focusing on the vocal cords. Then I also need you to open up into more of an Ah vowel, right now this is more of an Uh and it’s not shaping the throat to be as opened as possible. You need to relax more and loosen up on the throat to let the vocal cords stretch more efficiently. So try again, an exercise should last more than 30 seconds so I hope when you do it by yourself, that you do it more. Also you tended to be flat on the second note of every single exercise, so you need to be mindful of these things. But I’m glad and this is good! It helps us feel our sound better and improve. If you can’t do the exercise comfortably, then singing a song would be the same thing.

      I understand you feel better, but you must understand that if you’re doing wrong things in the exercises, they’ll happen in songs too. You sound nice cause you have a very pretty voice and I do really like it, but I can’t say I hear anything new in terms of your vocal habits. Your accent in English is more noticeable than I remembered, it kind of gets in the way of your diction for certain parts, again vowels. They need to be more opened, you need to loosen up on the frontal throat tension and then overall weight. Also less pushing so that you fix your pitch.


      1. I understand ^^. My accent is inconsistent really. When I speak English normally, there’s no accent really. Well, I sound more like a native speaker than anything. But when I’m in a situation where I’m AWARE of speaking English… Like, in the occasion where I want to sound like a native speaker, I don’t lol.

        What’s the difference between the Uh and Ah vowel though? Can you give me an example of them used in words? Like, does Uh sound like AWEsome and Ah sounds like… um, fAr?
        And I feel like I really couldn’t keep steady in my exercises. I guess I’d say I’m like shaky and can’t keep the same lightness while sustaining the notes.


      2. It’s a very obvious difference. I tried to record on vocaroo, but I couldn’t cause it was just…lagging and not recording anything. Yes Uh is more like Up or Luck, whereas Ah is Father, Far, etc. Well if you’re having issues with exercises, they’ll be there for singing songs too.


  15. Good evening Ahmin! [Hopefully] short question this time :]

    How did DIA’s Jooeun (and to a lesser extent, Eunice) do in this vid?:

    The first 45 sec are just Eunice and Jooeun singing.
    Jooeun timestamps: 1:49 ~ 2:02, 3:14 ~ 3:26, 3:58 ~ 4:05 (she is the adlibs), the Db5(?) at 4:10
    Eunice timestamp: 3:58 ~ 4:16 (all I’m really curious about)

    Now, I know Jooeun has had issues with tightening her throat very quickly as she ascends, but this performance she sounds slightly less tense. I know her demonstrated range in this song is lower, so I’m sure that has something to do with it, but do you think her sense of support in this range has become a bit more developed? I’m wondering if it’s support, or perhaps she is using a slightly more chestier voice, or my imagination. I think I hear some tension still on “언제든지” @ :026, “향한” & “특급” during the chorus. How were her adlibs? I think they sounded nice and blended well, yet I wonder about her placement. For the Db5(?) at 4:10, like with Sejeong I’m sure it’s strained, but i wonder if it is well placed, despite some serious vocal cord development.

    For Eunice, I love her but less interested in her vocal ability so this will be short. Is it incorrect to say Eunice has very shallow support and lacks proper vocal cord connection + breath support as she is very breathy/airy when singing. I don’t know if I can call her voice nasally, but I sense some nasality in her singing? Perhaps it’s just so airy.

    Thank you!!!


    1. Hi there dear. Well let’s see what this is about. 0:27 A4’s around there, she sounds more or less relaxed. Eunice on the other hand is indeed all shallow connection and support, too much air and nasality. I don’t hear tension around 0:26 like you said, but she is clutching a bit, slightly on her vocal cords. I don’t keep up with DIA nor Jooeun enough to be able to tell you if there’s any definite development of her support nor improvement with certainty. 1:49 She lost her support, she lost the stamina so she started sounding shallow, more nasal and unsupported. The 향한 is A4 and the 특급 is B4, the B4 is definitely on the tighter high larynx side of the spectrum. 3:14 She is letting her placement fall inward and she’s just not shaping her throat well, her soft palate isn’t lifted, her throat is narrow. 3:59 almost falsetto on the Db5/C#5 indeed yes, very light and not too tense. 4:12 Much better approach than anything Eunice did but unfortunately still fairly pushed. It is more opened than let’s say the way she was phrasing before, she was attempting to shape her throat to belt better but still.


      1. Sorry for the late response Ahmin!! I always appreciate the speed and detail with which you respond to comments so sorry to get back to you so late. I realized after hitting the “send” it was actually a long question too LOL I guess short for me, but comparatively long.

        Thanks for your input in the vid with Jooeun and Eunice. Glad I had the right impression of Eunice, she majored in dance actually and I feel like MBK was like “you sorta have the timbre of a main vocal” despite lacking the technique of one.

        For Jooeun, seems like she is a bit inconsistent or lacking stamina within the performance. For me, I think it’s sort of a good sign as you’ve mentioned some stuff like trying to shape her throat properly or using a light approach on the Db5 despite not supporting it. Hopefully, and I’m theorycrafting as a fan more than anything, it means she’s learning and working on her technique and will get more consistent on the proficiency side of her technique! I love Yebin but I’m sort of glad she’s temporarily out of DIA as I feel like it’s letting Jooeun be a bit more exploratory and demonstrative with her voice. Anyway I’m just babbling. LOL thanks again Ahmin! :]

        Liked by 1 person

  16. I know this is weird but why dreamcatcher members are in the list of 2017 they debuted in late 2015 as minx and re debuted in 2017 isn’t this breaking the rules they still rookie do you have any idea about buzz kyunghoon I am big fan of him same as 4men shin yongjae I know he wouldn’t rate higher than average but shin Yongjae sound amazing at least to me please what do you think about Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and Amy Lee from evanescence and Avril Lavigne any ideas please they are my favorite vocalists last question did you ever think about analysing non K-pop vocalist like adding a special category in the websites for non K-pop vocalist analysing one in 6 month will be great special vocalist like Tori Kelly or Mariah Carey sorry if it too much


    1. They’re a 2015 debut technically but it’s not guaranteed they’ll be analyzed. I’ll just check if they have enough material first. Your punctuation really needs to happen more because this is like just one long sentence. You need to relax and organize your thoughts. Kyunghoon sings in his throat from what I remember, Shin Yongjae is pretty good, so is Kelly. Carrie isn’t bad but she’s too chesty, I don’t know Amy Lee enough. Avril Lavigne improved but she’s just gotten better with support, not great in the fifth octave, not round nor open enough for resonance either. Yes I did think about it but I don’t have time.


      1. I am sorry for the punctuation it actually make it sound but this sentence is much like I talk and act hhh.. I really talk fast in real life without stopping thank you always for taking to answer all my question I hope you have good and stay well

        Liked by 1 person

    1. But this isn’t really…a live performance, it sounds like young girls, with decent approach for pitch but there’s obviously some studio production going on here and they’re not very opened but this isn’t what we usually watch for analyses.


  17. Hi! so sorry if this has already been asked… but who is better vocally, sooyoung or yuri from snsd? also what would they be categorised as? my guess is a low average haha this has been a 10 year long debate topic


    1. Unfortunately this is a blog where we focus on main/lead vocalists, not sub-vocalists. So I don’t know the answer to whom is better and I shall not rate a vocalist without an analysis.


  18. Judging from this clip can Kim Jae Hwan, the main vocalist from Wanna One be considered an above average singer or higher? Thank you so much!


  19. Hello! i know this guy isn’t on your to-be-analysed list esp since they just recently got popular but i was wondering kim minseok of melomance was straining. I’m not sure if it’s just that I don’t really like his tone(?) that it is a bit offputting to me, or if it’s because he is (also) straining.

    here: he’s covering naul’s meory of the wind. first chorus is at :05, and second chorus is at 1:43

    Here he is singing park hyoshin’s breath:

    chorus starts at 1:30 for reference.

    I understand if you don’t do it because of your rules ^^ Thought I would try since it’s short parts, and these are covers from two of your top-rated, and my fave, vocalists


    1. Oh if it’s a K-pop related vocal question, its okay to ask! He kind of narrows his sound towards his nose and kind of tightens his tongue when he sings, he gets whinier and more squeezed the higher he sings. Everybody, absolutely everybody even Naul, strains in Memory of the Wind. He was also flat quite a few times. So it’s not as much his tone as it is how he actually sings. Most of it in Breath is the tongue, nasality and a really wobbly vibrato. To me he has a nice voice, but he is blocking it and not supporting properly, he is just pushing with a light and bright enough mix that it gets the job with less strain.


  20. I’m really sorry if this is a bad question to ask and if it is just ignore it !! But I was just wondering if you happen to know of any Western rock singers who sing with decent technique? Obviously there probably won’t be any Jung Donghas but im just curious


    1. Western males or females? Cause I know one female, but I can’t remember her name right now and it’s really annoying me. lol Seo Moontak I remember has good technique for Korean female ones. lol I’m not very familiar with rock vocalists though, I’m so sorry.


    1. High.D can’t support in the fifth octave so any high note she sings can be safely assumed to be strained. That’s F5 to G5, which no idol can support consistently.


  21. Good morning,

    Sejeong recently went on Fantastic Duo to sing with Ailee. She also performed a little bit of “I will go to you like to first snow” by Ailee. Would you mind giving me some of your opinions on her support and her dynamics? She started singing around 1:06. Thank you so much!



    1. Hi Jasumin. The range is F#3 ~ B4 without the higher falsetto notes. Somewhat is somewhat present on A3 and up to B4 it’s mostly very well done, except as she gets louder she constricts her throat muscles around B4 without needing to. Otherwise she did well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much for your quick response 🙂 I thought she did quite well as well (so I guessed she was singing within her supported range). Just want to confirm it with your expert opinions!
        Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing new analysis from you and the others.

        Liked by 1 person

  22. Olá novamente,
    1. Eu curto muito o seu blog. Graças a ele, eu aprendi um pouco mais sobre canto e música. Os meus conceitos sobre um bom cantor realmente mudaram e hoje consigo perceber a técnica geral de um arista (não como alguém profissional como vocês, mas as percepções mudaram). A finalidade do blog em passar essa ideia realmente valeu a pena e admiro muito o incrível trabalho de vocês! Bom, estive percebendo que você separou três listas dos artistas que irão analisar esse ano (um seu e outro de Pandayeu) e também as análises futuras. Eu percebi que você escreveu duas vezes o nome Sangdo do TOPP DOGG (tanto para 2017 quanto para 2018!).
    2. Sobre os gráficos de vocalistas, quando eu aumento o zoom das vocalistas femininas o gráfico fica bem aumentado e em ótima qualidade! Mas o mesmo não acontece quando aumento o zoom dos vocalistas masculinos 😦 (Imagem aqui: https://i.imgur.com/H54w2IU.jpg).
    3. Você tem dois bias do SHINee (Jonghyun e Onew) e também é fã do grupo, mas tem o Jimin de bias e não é fã de BTS? Eu achei que você fosse fã de BTS! De qualquer forma, é interessante saber um pouco sobre os grupos e vozes preferidas de vocês. 🙂
    4. Infelizmente Tiffany e Seohyun deixaram o Girls’ Generation. Assim que elas produzirem um material solo, vocês irão removê-las do SNSD e deixá-las como solistas assim como Jessica?


    1. Oi!
      1. Ah fico muito honrado e feliz de ouvir! Eu escrevi o nome dele duas vezes porque eu achei que talvez não daria para analisar ele então eu coloquei para mais tarde em todo caso.
      2. Que estranho. Eu vou tentar checar isso mais tarde! Obrigado por falar!
      3. Bom eu não gosto da palavra bias. A razão é que eu cresci com SHINee pelos últimos 10 anos mas BTS é meio recente e eu meio que me distanciei de fandoms. Eu gosto de BTS, mas eu não ouço músicas deles o suficiente para me chamar de fan de verdade eu diria.
      4. Na verdade tá tudo meio confuso se elas simplesmente deixaram a SM ou também deixaram o grupo e como isso me pareceu meio sem explicação. Mas quando estiver resolvido oficialmente, sim.


  23. Hi , I saw someone asked about Jaehwan before but I think their vid isnt showing his vocal clearly because the editors may cut some parts so I want to show you some vids where his singing is shown more clearly . Here it is: https://youtu.be/wziTrz8kfPE

    I know that you already made a short analyzation about his vocal skill and range but I think these two vids could show you a better view of it. So if you have free time to watch those and have any different opinions about his vocal skill please kindly share it with me because I’m really curious about his vocal range and skill. But if you are busy then its okay, thanks for taking time reading my comment. Have a nice day ^^


    1. Hi! This isn’t as much of a question as it is you asking me to re-evaluate Jaehwan with different videos. The thing is he hasn’t even been analyzed yet, whatever I’ve said of him is still just a comment. In reality, as long as his analysis hasn’t been written out, it’s not an issue. And as you know, we go over our research when we do get to their analyses. Now I’m not sure what video you’re talking bout but I assume it’s the one with the vocal range of the boys in PD101, which is not where I’ve gotten my impression of Jaehwan’s vocals. I’ve heard covers like skyfall and such.

      Now these two videos you’re showing are nice but I don’t hear anything I don’t already know. Jaehwan is chesty and to a fault where he limits the openness of his throat by pulling his chest voice too high and tightening up his throat muscles. He’s opened in placement below F4 and produces resonance but tightens up around F#4/G4, which we can hear in the second song during the chorus. He tends to use some support with mostly pushing and throat tightness above G4, as heard with the G#4’s in the first video after 2:00 and the A4’s on both videos. He tends to just push and not place his sound with as much freedom because of how low he keeps his resonators and how he doesn’t open up as he goes higher. So unfortunately, no. There’s nothing in this that I’d say is different. You’re welcome to show me and highlight parts you believe are different from other videos, highlighting the parts in other videos too in case I’ve missed something.


    1. I really hate the quality of the audio and mics from ArirangTV’s live performances cause the mics can’t handle a lot of volume without distorting the sound. lol I don’t think you’re using the word underrated correctly. I’d think underrated means they’re really good but people don’t consider them really good. I think I’d call them rookies and unknown, because..that’s what they are but not really underrated because it’s not like they’ve been around for years and are hidden gems. Idk, just my interpretation of the word.

      Also you’ve commented on this blog enough times to know that you should let me know who’s who in the video and who I should focus on for main and lead vocalists. I can see their names but it’d just help me if you gave me people to focus on instead of dropping the video and telling me to just figure it out myself. 0:08 Jongwoon pushes a bit much, 0:18 Yei? 예이 No support at all. Two rappers, pink shirt and 지키. Taeyoung, orange hair, seems to be a main or lead. He sounds like U-Kiss’ Soohyun. 0:52 he completely shouted that Bb4 to C5, completely closed his throat and just pushed it out. 0:58 Jongwoon seems like a lead? Yongseok seems like a sub. His support is relatively shallow. 1:56 Again Yongseok just shouted, they’re so in their throats they crack cause it’s just..throat. There’s no attempt to support up there. The thing is the song is around Eb4 and lower, and then there are the random shouty Bb4’s and C5’s. Yongseok is the oldest according to a profile I found online, he is listed as the only lead apparently. Mhmm.

      4:03 That transition was not placed well for Jongwoon so his voice disappeared in projection. 4:44 high larynx, closed throaty G#4’s. Very shallow approach to mix that high. 4:53 F4 to G4, that part of his voice is all throat and very little projection or placement. Yongseok does seem to have more of a main vocalist role here. 5:43 G4 also just throaty for Taeyoung. I’m not hearing like proper established support from any of them.


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