Future Analyses (No Longer Taking Requests)

Vocalists Whom Will NOT Be Analyzed

Due to many fans not reading our rules carefully, we will provide a list of popularly requested vocalists that will not be analyzed because analyzing them would break our rules. Please read our rules before making a request.

2NE1’s CL

4Minute’s Hyuna

Big Bang’s Seungri

BtoB’s Hyunsik

BTS’ Jin & Jimin

EXO’s Chanyeol, Xiumin, Suho & Lay

f(x)’s Amber

Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung & Yuri

Infinite’s L


Miss A’s Suzy

Secret’s Hyosung

Sera (Former Nine Muses)

SHINee’s Key

Super Junior’s Heechul, Lee Teuk, Kangin, Siwon

T-Ara’s Jiyeon



For analyses of members of idol groups, we only analyze vocalists. We do not analyze rappers, even if they may sing at times if their main instrument is rapping, we will not analyze them as it is not fair to them. If a rapper happens to have significant vocal skill (Average to Above Average vocalist or higher) then they shall be considered for an analysis.

We only analyze half of the vocalists in a group, and only the strongest half. If a group has 8 members but 4 are rappers, then we’ll only analyze half of the vocalists in that group. So in this case only 2/4 vocalists will be analyzed. If the vocalists in a group happen to be more vocally skilled and balanced, then more vocalists will be analyzed within a group, such as the case with SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls and Mamamoo. (Average to Above Average at least.)

We only analyze vocalists with sufficient material for an analysis. Therefore groups that debuted more recently, such as in 2015 and 2016, will not be analyzed due to the lack of material. We prioritize vocalists who have longer careers with more material for an analysis.

*******WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS ******* because the list of vocalist to be analyzed has reached a fairly lengthy size, we will be no longer accepting requests until the list decreases in size.

Disbanded groups or members who left their groups and are now not active anymore in the mainstream will NOT be analyzed. Even if they may be active, they’d need to be significantly vocally skilled to be considered for an analysis. If they’re active outside of Korea/K-pop, they’re not K-Contemporary artists anymore, therefore will NOT be analyzed.

Updating Analyses



Kim SoHyang

New Analyses



Gfriend’s Yuju


Kim Dahyun

Red Velvet’s Seulgi


4Men’s Shin Yongjae

Baek Ah Yeon

Baek Ji Young

Bernard Park

Cross Gene’s Seyoung

Gavy NJ’s Gunji

Guckkasten’s Ha Hyunwoo


Huh Gak

Hwang Chiyeol

In Sooni

Jung In

Jung Joon Young

Kim Bumsoo

Kim Dongryul

Kim Tae Woo

Kim Jong Gook

Kim Yeon Woo

Lee Eunmi

Lee Sora

Lee Sunhee

Lee Younghyun

Lim Jae Bum

Lim Jung Hee (J.Lim)


MC The Max’s Lee Soo


Norazo’s Lee Hyuk

The One

Park Kiyoung


Seo In Young

Seo In Gook


Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung

So Chan Whee

Seo Moon Tak

Sung Shi Kyung

TOPP DOGG’s Sangdo

Ulala Session’s Myunghoon

Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyuna and Kwon Soonil

Vibe’s Yoon Minsoo



2018 ~ Indefinitely



A.Kor’s Jiyoung

April’s Chaewon & Jinsol

Astro’s MJ &/or Sanha

Awesome Baby’s Yechan

Berry Good’s Taeha

Blackpink’s Rosé


Buzz’s Kyunghoon

CLC’s Seunghee & Sorn or Seungyeon

Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung & Dawon

Crayon Pop’s Choa

Day6’s Sungjin


Eric Nam

Fiestar’s Linzy


Gugudan’s Sejeong & others

Ha Dong Kyun

Han Dong Geun

Huh Gak

iKON’s Junhoe & Jinhwan or Yunhyeong



Kim Dongryul

Kim Feel

Kim Gunmo

Kim Juna

Kim Kyungho

KNK’s Inseong & Youjin

LEDAPPLE’s Hanbyul

Lee Juk

Lee Jung

Lee Michelle

Lee Seung Chul

Lee Seunggi

Legend’s Listen

Lim Chang Jung

Lim Kim

Lovelyz’s Jin or Sujeong

Madtown’s Lee Geon &/Or H.O.

Matilda’s Haena

Melody Day’s YeIn and Chahee

Monsta X’s Kihyun

Mr.Mr.’s Tey

NCT’s Stronger Vocalists

Nell’s Kim Jongwan

Nine Muses’ Keumjo

Oh Hyuk’s Hyuko

Oh My Girls’ Hyojung & Seunghee

Paran’s Ace

Parc Jaejung

Park Boram

Phantom’s Sanchez

Pentagon’s Jinho & Hui

Playback’s Woolim


Royal Pirates’ Moonchul

Rumble Fish’s Choi Jini


Seventeen’s DK, Seungkwan

SF9’s Inseong

So Chan Whee

Sonamoo’s Minjae & High.D

Stellar’s Hyoeun

Sung Shi Kyung

Sunny Days’ Sunkyung

Sunnyhill’s Jubi

Tahiti’s Jerry


TWICE’s Jihyo & Nayeon or Jungyeon

UP10TION’s Hwanhee & Sunyul

Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyuna and Kwon Soonil

Vromance’s stronger vocalists

Yoo Seungwoo

Yoon Do Hyun


If any of you would like your idol to be analyzed, drop your request in the comment box. If you attach videos/recordings of their (preferably) latest live performances, it will be helpful. But then again, it will not guarantee that your idol will be analyzed since it will depend on our contributors. We can’t even guarantee when we will release the analysis of the above mentioned future projects. One other reason is that analyzing vocal when there isn’t enough material to judge them will be challenging and more or less inaccurate. This will explain why judging rookie idols is an issue.




8,542 thoughts on “Future Analyses (No Longer Taking Requests)

  1. Hi ! So I’ve been listening to NCT lately and I was wondering what you guys think of their vocal line (Taeil, Doyoung and Jaehyun). I was kinda surprised because none of them sounded as good as I was expecting (since they are from SM) though I think all 3 can support (?). Who do you think is the best (it sounds like Taeil to me but I’m not a vocal expert) and is Jaehyun a baritone ?


      1. Not the first time people ask about this:

        “11:02 flat. 11:05 airy A3 into almost no sound F#3. It happens again later on, she kind of lowers her larynx even on the A3, she can’t project well in her lower range. 11:28 A4 was nice, 11:32 A3 ~ F#3 more tone than whoever sang earlier but lowered larynx, so strained. 11:35 somewhat alright transition into falsetto. 11:38 B4 and 11:40 C#5, high larynx and tight throat but the phrased A4’s are fine. 11:44 sloppy run. 11:50 sounds better now, but the B4 and C#5 still seem strained. 12:01 and 12:04 those don’t seem too bad, I hear support and much better placement, but it could be better still. 12:14 falsetto, 12:16 sloppy run, not too bad. 12:24 throat C#5’s, 12:27 nice harmony!! 12:41 very sloppy run, whoever is singing is pretty pitchy in this pre-chorus. 12:50 I hear support on the B4, the C#5 is closed but she does have much better than the rest on B4. 12:28 there is some throatiness but she is pushing through it with more openness in placement than I’d expect. The bridge is full of falsetto from 13:33 ~ 13:44 but the pitch isn’t bad, if Hyojung is the one singing next in her falsetto, she is really pitchy. if up until 14:14 is YooA, she’s really tight and nasal on those notes. Seunghee has really nice openness, but her support needs work and her consistency. All of their runs need work, all of their falsetto need work and all of their lower ranges need A LOT of work.”
        Seunghee has a lot of potential indeed, she produces resonance and I really enjoyed her King Of Mask Singer performance.


    1. People have asked about these videos before. Yes Jaehyun supports and I believe his lowest note was A2.

      “Oh I’ve seen the last video before. 0:20 and all the others A2’s “decide”, “eyes”, “world” during the verse were basically air with some tone for him. This is Jaehyun, he sounds like he’s most likely a baritone. Herin singing again, she’s got her A4’s down it seems, but she gets brighter, lighter, headier and loses support as she gets higher. 1:11 that E4 for him could’ve been better, but it wasn’t bad. 1:28 high larynx on the C5’s, but not that bad of an approach, she’s not trying to push them out. 1:47 he supports his C4’s, he could’ve done better with placement but this is lip synched so I can’t judge him too hard on the placement since it may have been altered with the studio gimmicks. 0:47 he supported D4, he supports at least up to D4. He’s not a bad baritone at all. I found a video of them singing Beauty And The Beast, Doyoung and Koeun. Doyoung is a tenor. Doyoung gets tight around G4, he could work on his openness and support. Koeun needs to work on placement, she’s too nasal but she supports as well. Herin, Doyoung, Koeun and Jaehyun seem average for now, all of them. The rest maybe weak, for the girls. I don’t know for the boys, never heard them sing.”

      “0:11 F#3 0:20 quick F#4, so the range so far is F#3 ~ F#4, which is comfortable for Taeil. He’s supporting throughout, he sounds a bit airy but in control of his voice and the support is adequate. 0:25 aye vowel, the vibrato is a bit unsteady and the aye vowels brings a bit of tension to his throat. 0:40 he went up to G4 there, there’s a bit of tension, very subtle. He sounds alright, he has a very light approach to his singing, he doesn’t push a lot of chest so he doesn’t really sound throaty or anything. There’s just slight tightness. 0:45 There he has throat tension, he’s pushing with too much pressure and his larynx sounds high. 1:03 another A4, same issue as before. 1:18 he just sounds tight as he gets up to A4. Aye vowel still seems to be a bit tense for him as well. 1:36 that G4 was nice actually. 1:45 compressed throat on the A4. Overall his pitch was nice, he has a very nice, light voice. It helps him.”


      1. Thank you 🙂

        I actually didn’t used that video of jaehyun since it wasn’t a live performance.

        I was affraid it was asked before, it must be frustrating to answer the same questions again and again so i wanted to ask how do you exactly know where was the previous questions and your answer.

        I don’t know if i’m just stupid but i find hard to check if there is already the same question somewhere in the blog, for example since these guys haven’t been analyzed there is not an specific comment section for them, so people might ask about them in the comment section of another vocalist (even when you already said they shouldn’t and do it here intead). Also since there are a lot of comments they do not show in just one page so trying to find them is kind of annoying. And adding that a lot of the videos that come with the question have been deleted it gets almost imposible.

        Again if tehre is a simple way and i’m just stupid i apologize for this and could you explain to me?

        And if there is not, and you have to do all that i said to find them just to answer us i apologize for putting you through that.

        (english is not my first language, sorry is something doesn’t make sense)


      2. Well isn’t it the same audio as the video I used? Regardless of it being lip synched. Well unfortunately there’s no search option for you to search through comments, that’s something I’m just able to do with the admin page. You’re not stupid at all dear. I’m going to google if there’s some sort of add in for comment searches for the readers. It’s not something that’s difficult on my computer, it’s just a bit more complicated on my phone. Your English is fine. ^ ^


    1. She’s not exactly the most anticipated vocalist in terms of technique, she’s not impressive in anyway so unless she’s promoted a lot as a solo, has lots of material and is requested enough, I don’t have plans to analyze her yet.


      1. I know that you no longer take request, but would you consider analysing Kang Sung Hoon and Eun Jiwon of Sechskies in the future now that they have comeback to kpop scene ?


    1. Only one or two other people ever asked about her before, so I’m not sure. We can analyze her eventually when we do have enough material and she’s requested enough.


    1. I’m sorry dear but not only are the videos blocked, we don’t answer video questions regarding vocalists we will never analyze.


    1. From what I remember he sings with a lot of throatiness, very typical from older idol vocalists. But I’m not sure, I’m not too familiar with him.


  2. Hello! I’ve really enjoyed reading through all your vocal analyses. Some vocalists I definitely thought were much better than they are, and I think I was hearing their tone and pitch rather than the actual technique. Thank you for all your hard work!!!!!!
    I do have a couple of questions on vocal technique. I’m not sure if you’ve covered any of this (and if you have feel free to just tell me) but I’m interested in a few things. One is breath support. My breath support has always been terrible and I’m a high school student in a college choir right now. We’re singing a lot of requiems which often are very slow and have long phrases. I’m struggling to get through some of them, and I’ve trained for only two or three years in an actual choir whereas a lot of my classmates have private lessons or other music lessons through the school, and I really want my choir director to stop picking on me (it makes me nervous and I cried through one class last week after he singled me out for the millionth time so the situation is dire haha). Are there some good exercises you’d recommend to improve? I’m also curious if you could recommend any exercises to strengthen the mixed register and how to smoothly transition through each register.
    Lastly I was wondering if you know how to/teach how to belt. I’ve heard that it can be damaging if not done properly. I do like to sing non-choral music on my own and I’ve always wanted to know how to belt. Is there a good method to learn?
    Thank you, and I understand this is a lot (sorry!!! I’m just very interested in learning more about technique). You guys are really opening my eyes through these analyses and I even enjoy reading the comment section. I hope you know your effort doesn’t go unnoticed 🙂


    1. Hi there! It’s alright, most people really only think of range and pitch as all it takes to sing well, so that kind of limits the whole view of singing as a whole. See, unfortunately choir doesn’t really help with developing an individual’s vocal ability. He’s singling you out, but is he giving you any advice at all for doing so? Have you seen any of our vocal tips for K-pop fans videos? Those would greatly help you.
      Belting is a very vague term. Some people think of belting as a damaging thing, but to belt is to sing with a chest dominant mix. It’s not bad to do so if you know how to do it right, you just can’t rely solely on that because a lot of people tend to push when singing with a lot of chestiness in their mix. Again our vocal tips for K-pop fans series could help you with all of this, because we instruct that. How to mix, how to properly belt, how to connect the vocal cords, how to develop proper breath support.

      Thank you for your encouraging words. ^ ^ Actually your questions aren’t too much but the problem is that they’re sort of vague, since you’re not showing me your singing. I don’t want to be creepy, but I am listening to your youtube videos. The problem that I’m hearing is …well I was expecting you to be really airy, but since you’re in choir I don’t know how high you sing in choir. You psychologically think your voice is lower than it is, you place your voice much lower than you need. Don’t use too many H sounds when singing runs. When you add H’s, the vocal cords disconnect so you become airier. You seem afraid of mixing, so all you do is use a chest voice and a head voice, but you don’t allow your voice to really soar. You don’t place the sound in mouth, you jump up to head placement and then head voice. You are more than likely a soprano, but you sing like you think your voice is lower than that. Try watching the tips videos to see if it helps you, I’d suggest #1, #2 and #8. ^ ^


      1. ahhh thank you. I didn’t send anything even though I’ve seen others do so because I’m a bit shy and was to be honest a little nervous about what you might say if you actually heard me but I guess you found a way lol. My teachers have usually pinned me as a mezzo soprano or just a soprano but I’ve been singing as a soprano for a while. I’ll check out the videos and work on what you told me.
        Just curious about the wording–does that mean that I wasn’t too airy? I suspect I still have a problem with too much air escaping, which I wondered if it might be one reason I lose breath so quickly.
        Probably one reason I sing lower is because I never feel like I have a strong mix so maybe I’m shying away from that a bit. I definitely want to fix it but I’m afraid when I mix that I get nasal and too much of my sound comes through my nose, which is something one teacher warned me about a year or so ago.
        Thank you for the help 🙂


      2. I found a way lol actually you’re not too airy at all most of the time. You just don’t take deep enough breaths into your diaphragm. It’s better to be nasal in your mix than to be too scared to mix at all. At least you’re exercising the muscles.


  3. Hi! First of all, I really appreciate your hard work. Now, I’m really curious on Red Velvet’s Irene, I know she’s not a good vocalist, but I will like to know how did she make it in this vids.

    (It’s a cover of Tears by So Chan Whee, and I know Seulgi overshadows her voice and that Irene sometimes shouts the lines, but how did she did overall?)

    (I think she really had a good performance with clear vocals, but I want your opinion^^)

    (The same as above^^)

    Also, is Irene a soprano? Because of her voice color I kinda think she’s a contralto (also she seems to have a limited register), which would be interesting since there aren’t many of them. Again, thankyou for your time :]


    1. Hi! See, the thing is Irene is a sub-vocalist for a reason. If you’re familiar with us, I’ve stated multiple times that 99% of sub-vocalists have absolutely no sense of proper breath support, so they’d be rated as weak vocalists. Irene is no exception to this rule. She has no supported range, her voice isn’t well developed at all. She sings without using a proper even amount of air pressure against her vocal cords, she sings with a shallow approach, her vocal cords don’t fully connect so she sounds fairly airy. She also places her sound only in her nose and her throat, 0:54 B4’s in Jingle Bell time, the throat is very closed and those notes aren’t high. In Tears, she is being overpowered by Seulgi..I can’t really hear her clearly. So I have nothing to say besides that they’re both straining throughout.

      There is a very common misconception that someone who can’t hit high notes must have a low voice. Most women in the world are sopranos, but when your voice is untrained or underdeveloped, your range will be limited. Irene’s voice isn’t thick, it’s not low, it’s not heavy, it’s actually really girly, really bright, really light. Her range is limited because her vocal cords aren’t developed, a contralto literally sounds like a very heavy female voice. There is no weight to Irene’s voice. I’ll link a video of a contralto who sounds so thick, she sounds androgynous enough to sound like a man. Irene is not a contralto, she’s a soprano without technique. We don’t know of a contralto in Korea, the lowest voices we know of are usually lower mezzos.

      A real contralto.


  4. I enjoyed reading your analyses and learned a lot 🙂

    Thank you for including my favorite artists in your to do list (Park Ki Young, Wheesung, Kim Tae Woo, Gummy and Yoon Do Hyun). Though I am surprised that Naul and Yoon Gun are not included in it. I guess not many people request for them.


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