Future Analyses (No Longer Taking Requests)

Vocalists Whom Will NOT Be Analyzed

Due to many fans not reading our rules carefully, we will provide a list of popularly requested vocalists that will not be analyzed because analyzing them would break our rules. Please read our rules before making a request.

2NE1’s CL

4Minute’s Hyuna

Big Bang’s Seungri

BtoB’s Hyunsik

BTS’ Jin & Jimin

EXO’s Chanyeol, Xiumin, Suho & Lay

f(x)’s Amber

Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung & Yuri

Infinite’s L


Miss A’s Suzy

Secret’s Hyosung

Sera (Former Nine Muses)

SHINee’s Key

Super Junior’s Heechul, Lee Teuk, Kangin, Siwon

T-Ara’s Jiyeon



For analyses of members of idol groups, we only analyze vocalists. We do not analyze rappers, even if they may sing at times if their main instrument is rapping, we will not analyze them as it is not fair to them. If a rapper happens to have significant vocal skill (Average to Above Average vocalist or higher) then they shall be considered for an analysis.

We only analyze half of the vocalists in a group, and only the strongest half. If a group has 8 members but 4 are rappers, then we’ll only analyze half of the vocalists in that group. So in this case only 2/4 vocalists will be analyzed. If the vocalists in a group happen to be more vocally skilled and balanced, then more vocalists will be analyzed within a group, such as the case with SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls and Mamamoo. (Average to Above Average at least.)

We only analyze vocalists with sufficient material for an analysis. Therefore groups that debuted more recently, such as in 2015 and 2016, will not be analyzed due to the lack of material. We prioritize vocalists who have longer careers with more material for an analysis.

*******WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS ******* because the list of vocalist to be analyzed has reached a fairly lengthy size, we will be no longer accepting requests until the list decreases in size.

Disbanded groups or members who left their groups and are now not active anymore in the mainstream will NOT be analyzed. Even if they may be active, they’d need to be significantly vocally skilled to be considered for an analysis. If they’re active outside of Korea/K-pop, they’re not K-Contemporary artists anymore, therefore will NOT be analyzed.

Updating Analyses



Kim SoHyang

New Analyses



Gfriend’s Yuju


Kim Dahyun


4Men’s Shin Yongjae

April’s Chaewon

Baek Ah Yeon

Bernard Park

CLC’s Seunghee

Cross Gene’s Seyoung

Day6’s Sungjin

Gavy NJ’s Gunji

Guckkasten’s Ha Hyunwoo


Huh Gak

Hwang Chiyeol

iKON’s Junhoe & Jinhwan or Yunhyeong

In Sooni

Jung In

Jung Joon Young

Kim Bumsoo

Kim Dongryul

Kim Tae Woo

Kim Jong Gook

Kim Yeon Woo

Lee Eunmi

Lee Sora

Lee Younghyun

Lim Jae Bum

Lim Jung Hee (J.Lim)


Monsta X’s Kihyun


Norazo’s Lee Hyuk

Oh My Girl’s Seunghee

The One

Park Kiyoung


Seo In Young

Seo In Gook

Seventeen’s DK, Seungkwan


Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung

So Chan Whee

Seo Moon Tak

Sonamoo’s Minjae & High.D

Sung Shi Kyung

TOPP DOGG’s Sangdo

TWICE’s Jihyo

Ulala Session’s Myunghoon

UP10TION’s Hwanhee and/or Sunyul

Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyuna and Kwon Soonil

Vibe’s Yoon Minsoo



2018 ~ Indefinitely



A.Kor’s Jiyoung

April’s Jinsol

Astro’s MJ &/or Sanha

Berry Good’s Taeha

Blackpink’s Rosé


Buzz’s Kyunghoon

CLC’s Sorn or Seungyeon

Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung & Dawon

Crayon Pop’s Choa


Eric Nam

Fiestar’s Linzy


Gugudan’s Sejeong & others

Ha Dong Kyun


Han Dong Geun

Huh Gak



Kim Dongryul

Kim Feel

Kim Gunmo

Kim Juna

Kim Kyungho

KNK’s Inseong & Youjin

Lee Juk

Lee Jung

Lee Michelle

Lee Seung Chul

Lee Seunggi

Legend’s Listen

Lim Chang Jung

Lim Kim

Lovelyz’s Jin or Sujeong

Madtown’s Lee Geon &/Or H.O.

Matilda’s Haena

Melody Day’s YeIn and Chahee

Mr.Mr.’s Tey

NCT’s Stronger Vocalists

Nell’s Kim Jongwan

Nine Muses’ Keumjo

Oh Hyuk’s Hyuko

Oh My Girl’s Hyojung

Paran’s Ace

Parc Jaejung

Park Boram

Phantom’s Sanchez

Pentagon’s Jinho & Hui

Playback’s Woolim

Pristin’s Sungyeon


Royal Pirates’ Moonchul

Rumble Fish’s Choi Jini


SF9’s Inseong

So Chan Whee

Stellar’s Hyoeun

Sung Shi Kyung

Sunny Days’ Sunkyung

Sunnyhill’s Jubi

Tahiti’s Jerry


TWICE’s Nayeon and/or Jungyeon

UP10TION’s Hwanhee and/or Sunyul

Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyuna and Kwon Soonil

Vromance’s stronger vocalists

Yoo Seungwoo

Yoon Do Hyun


If any of you would like your idol to be analyzed, drop your request in the comment box. If you attach videos/recordings of their (preferably) latest live performances, it will be helpful. But then again, it will not guarantee that your idol will be analyzed since it will depend on our contributors. We can’t even guarantee when we will release the analysis of the above mentioned future projects. One other reason is that analyzing vocal when there isn’t enough material to judge them will be challenging and more or less inaccurate. This will explain why judging rookie idols is an issue.




9,107 thoughts on “Future Analyses (No Longer Taking Requests)

  1. Hi Ahmin! Thanks for replying on my day6 post(: How do you think Jung Seung Hwan sang for this recent performance?

    (His singing starts from 2:07)
    Does he have proper breath support? (I think he’s trying since he put his hand at his diaphragm area haha) and compared to Lee Hi he seems to be much louder and more resonant (if that’s the right word to use), is it because of proper vocal techniques? Is he using his real head voice or falsetto to hit those high notes (which to me sounds a bit pitchy) at eg. 3:02? What did he do differently so that his voice didn’t crack at 4:13 but cracked at 3:27? Thanks so much! Really appreciate it(:


    1. I’ve heard good placement and proper support from Jung Seunghwan, but he tends to get inconsistent around G4/G#4. 3:02 falsetto and he was flat. 4:13 wasn’t flat. Uh 3:27 is him mixing high, he was trying to switch to falsetto. He cracked cause the note wasn’t completely comfortable for him to hit, it seemed.


    1. I think that only Dawon supports. 1:13 nice melodic changes from Dawon. EXY is not a full lyric soprano, she’s just a very chesty underdeveloped vocalist who places her sound in her chest and throat, so she sounds dark. This song is very uneventful and within a very narrow range, there’s not much to say. Did Bona even sing by herself? My thoughts on them haven’t changed, not from this performance.

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  2. hello!! i was wondering what you think of pristin’s main vocalists sungyeon and yehana?
    i’ve attached some of their videos below:


    her performances on girl spirit:


    thank you in advance!!

    (p.s. i’m sorry i haven’t figured out how to link yt videos properly yet)


    1. Hi dear! Although I appreciate the comment and the interest, don’t you think posting 7 videos all at once is a bit much? I’ll copy-paste from previous answers on some.

      “0:51 I hear a bit of tightness and pushing on her C5’s. 1:05 she isn’t placing her voice badly, it’s just this almost crack like air pressure against her vocal cords. Her lower range isn’t too clear either but it’s not too low. 1:43 high larynx on the C5. She tends to sing with a high larynx a lot. 1:51 her vibrato is a bit wobbly as well. 2:00 she gets whiny when she starts to use more power cause of her very bright placement but high larynx. 2:10 wobbly vibrato again. 2:15 high larynx strained E5. Her mix is very bright, so her strain is like Ariana Grande’s. It’s masked away and it becomes less obvious, especially cause her voice is still young and healthy so she can strain less obviously. Her throat isn’t very opened throughout, so she lacks roundness. She sounds really edgy throughout. She does have a very nice tone. 3:19 just strained high larynx quality, her throat closed more on the E5.”

      As for the rest, the thing is none the members of Pristin have shown support above B4. Sungyeon is the one with the most consistent sense of support, but even she becomes really shouty in most of their performances. Yehana is really tight when she sings even slightly high, like in Stand Up For Love her throat is closed on those higher notes. She has very shallow support and sings almost entirely in her throat, which you can hear in Chandelier. Let’s just wait for their analyses for me to have good, thorough and finalized answers. ^ ^


    1. Support only happens from Bb3 in the verse, she is also fairly nasal throughout the verse. 1:32 really closed vowel, she didn’t even drop her jaw. 1:41 tight Eb5’s. 1:53 connected head voice, lacks development. 3:00 again VERY closed vowel on the C5’s, really tight. 3:16 tight Eb5’s again. 3:59 better vowel, not supported though. 4:08 high larynx up to E5. 4:15 strained E5’s, but better mixing. 4:21 pitchy runs at the end. Why don’t we just wait for her analysis to come out? This isn’t as good as I remembered it was made out to be.


    2. Wow, it seems that she had many mistakes. Hmm… yes, we must wait for her analysis, this is her pre-debut, Yuju of 2014 and Yuju of 2015-2017 are quite different.
      I hope all thing will be fine.


    1. I’d rather not talk about her technique when she is still so young. I hear support, but it’s nothing impressive. There’s no high support, or very low support, there’s no resonance, lots of falsetto. She is just a young girl who has developed sense of support within a comfortable part of her range. Let’s let her debut and mature.


      1. Thankyou ahmin. Im so happy that at a young age she has developed sense of support that most of the vocalist in kpop hasnt developed. Im looking forward for her till she reached aillee’s or shannon’s skills.


    1. What exactly do you want to know about this video? Like asking for an analysis, do you have anything specific in mind? If I explain what she’s doing, will you be able to understand everything? I just need more specific questions. She did fine, she was supporting throughout. The range was like B3 ~ C#5, which is perfectly within her supported range. 1:47 closed vowel, aye. 1:49 and 1:59 both of those were flat. 1:58 C#5, supported. I’ve seen this before actually and I love this song.


      1. What do you want to mean with 1:49 and 1:59 flat? Sorry, i don’t understand, is she flat compared to original song?

        Thanks in advance!


      2. As in the note was wrong. She was supposed to hit a specific note, which I think was B4 and she was like in between Bb4 and B4. So she was flat.

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  3. Can I ask you about Lee Seok Hoon of SG Wannabe, if he’s capable of teaching the trainees in PD101 season 2, which he push the limits of trainees by hitting them a lot highnotes that doesn’t have any support or even pitch, and some trainees have some compliments from him even though they’re straining. Also I want to know if he can support his voice.


    1. I am not watching it, I can’t answer the question by guessing. I am not familiar with the other members of SG Wannabe to talk about their technique yet.


  4. Hi Ahmin,
    I saw that you were going to analyse Boo Seungkwan and Seokmin of SEVENTEEN and honestly,I’m excited for your analysis.I’m not sure if you are aware but here’s a cover of Park HyoShin’s Beautiful Tomorrow.I was wondering if he did well?
    Hid voice doesn’t sound strained as you mentioned when he performed the 4 high notes in Pretty U.But then again,I’m not the professional one here haha and could you tell me where his vocal range lies?Is it wide? I hope I’m not annoying sorry.


    1. You’re not annoying but this video has been posted before so I’ll copy-paste my answer:
      “0:30 ~ 1:11 the lowest note he sang was Eb3 which is fairly high actually. He didn’t really sing in a low range at all. I’ve heard him singing lower before, I believe the lowest I’ve heard Seungkwan sing is G2 or so, so this is nothing actually compared to how much lower he’s sung already. 1:12 there was a quick Bb2 there, but it was kind of whispered and airy. Down to Eb3 he did just fine, he didn’t show any drop of support that didn’t seem to be partially stylistic. Eb3 does seem like the lowest he can support. Up to 2:00 in the chorus all he sang was up to G4, he seems a bit tired because there’s a slight rough crackly quality in his voice, but when it comes to support Eb3 ~ G4 is a known range for him of support. He sounds fine throughout up to the end of the second chorus at 3:04. The run right after that was a bit pitchy. 3:00 he was a bit too rough but the G4’s before that Eb4 were really nice, then 3:11 he hit G#4, and despite the closed vowel he did carry good support up there. The runs right after were more precise than the last one but he lacks the control. 3:41 He went from G4 to G#4, to Bb4 and then up to C5 in that portion where he closed his throat and showed more tension in his throat. From Eb3 ~ G#4 he did pretty well though. 4:32 he pushed his larynx down a bit there for that Eb3, so perhaps Eb3/E3 is where his support might end. I don’t hear anything new in this cover that I haven’t heard before, it’s the same Seungkwan which is good that he’s remaining consistent with opened well placed G4’s and supported G#4’s but no improvement thus far.”
      If his vocal range is wide or not, it’s not important. A wide vocal range = potential, not skill. I made a video about that. lol


  5. Hey ahmin, umm I don’t know if this is a mistake or something, but why are Up10tion, Seventeen, and Monsta x’s vocalists on the 2017 list?


  6. A Suggestion for the site:
    It seems like you end up copy/paste short analysis of videos that you already did (of people who do not yet have a full analysis) when people ask in the comments. Would it. E possible to post them in their own special section with a hashtag? That way if someone wanted to look up someone from Seventeen, we could just look at that specific section. Maybe then there would not be so much repetitive videos since it is hard to search just within the comments


    1. What exactly do you mean a tag? Or a hashtag? I don’t think you can look up comments at all. Usually you use the command + f function on the keyboard and look up their name, cause people often type it when asking about a specific vocalist.


      1. Like the tags you put on the analysis page (sopranos, sm entertainment, red velvet). If you could somehow post your a video with a tag on the site (ex. The videos of seventeen with a tag) then we could just search the tags.
        I don’t mean to post videos and ask how is someone’s technique is if you already did that before (like if you analyzed a king of mask singer video in the past) but since it is hard to search the comments for older videos, I might post it since I didn’t know you already responded to it in the past. And that way you wouldn’t have to copy and paste your answer from before


  7. Hi, sorry to bother you, especially if this question has already been answered. But, I see a lot of people saying Rosé of Blackpink and Jimin of BTS sound very similar. Is that because they used similar technique, they have s similar timbre and tone, or a bit of both? Again, so sorry if you’ve already answered this. I looked back but couldn’t find it.


    1. I’ve never answered this because I’ve never been asked this. Isn’t it easier to ask the people who say that why they think they sound similar? Because for me to answer this, I’d have to understand why people think so because I’d have to so as well and I don’t. I don’t think they sound similar, so I have absolutely no idea why anybody would think so. I mean she is a girl and he’s a guy, that already makes me very confused.


      1. I don’t know, it seems like a common idea among their fans that they sound similar. Maybe it’s their pronunciation. I remember the panel on King of Masked Singer said something about how the way she pronounced things reminded them of BTS’ vocals. Anyway, thanks for your time. Sorry for bothering you with this silly question.


      2. No, it’s okay. I’ve never really heard it but I’d highly encourage you to ask the people who think so and then let me know what they say. I never really noticed a similarity myself.


    1. Someone has already mentioned this performance before, I went to look it up:

      “This song isn’t Brazilian, it has nothing to do with Carnival, I don’t get why they had those dancers in the back.. Oh it’s Rose! I was strangely impressed with her English, it was very native sounding. He is very throaty throughout, I wouldn’t say he is singing better than she is. If anything, she is doing better because the range is narrow and kind of low for her, so she is not really straining. She only went up to A4, so although there was nasality and a bit of tension, she didn’t strain. He was straining, so in this particular song she did better than he did.” Idk why I was impressed by her English like she isn’t a native speaker of it. lol
      For the video you sent the notes at 0:22 were B4’s and 1:22 were C#5’s. Those were very thinned out, but the B4’s were a lot more opened, despite being pushed from the throat to an extent.


  8. Hi admins..
    I’m curious with the basic technique of singing which is using diaphragm to get proper breath support. If I inhale than direct the air to my diaphragm (i know they’re going there since my shoulders are relaxed and my stomach rising(?), does it mean the sounds I produce afterwards are supported ?. It doesn’t have to be very high, only in my speaking voice (C3-F3). Can you still using your throat after breathing through diaphgram ? I know it could happen on higher notes, but what about in m speaking voice. I honestly haven’t yet grasping the idea of breath support . I read that your muscle coordination must work at some degree and it also has to be slight or tension-free, with tonality. But honestly idk how to achieve all of those and it is really frustrating since I really want to be atleast an average singer so i can perform on my graduation party next year lol .
    Maybe any YT channel for recommendation ? Thank you so much, and sorry if the question was bit confusing because of my poor English. >_<


    1. Inhaling correctly doesn’t guarantee that you’re exhaling the air pressure correctly against the vocal cords. Your English is fine. Have you seen the vocal tips for Kpop fans series we post here on the blog? It’s YouTube videos.


    1. They did fine mostly, except for notes that were above G4. Like the note at 3:23, that was a Bb4 mixed up to an Eb5. He can’t support Bb4, I don’t know why he would think that he should mix higher and add an Eb5. Musically speaking, the notes worked, but technically speaking it was just strain to a more strained note. They support below G4, not above it.

      Pandayeu’s take on it:
      “Not going to lie, I have been feening for them to sing live. So right off the bat I noticed that Taeil is singing with a lot more connection and closure than DoYoung. I don’t really get why DoYoung is being so airy; he’s not really singing terribly low. For some reason he’s not really supporting his voice very well. @2″20 when he goes for the G or something his voice pops forward a little bit and then it goes back to fuzzy, but @2:32 he actually was supporting his voice and sang a pretty nice F#4 I think…I am terrible at notes.. Taeil sings something similar and his voice is just projecting a lot more like it’s more forward and supported. Oh so @3:23 that is sloppy that Bb4 then jump to Eb5..yknow congratulations to him for doing that jump without cracking..but yeah just not supported at all. Doyoung is killing me with this lack of projection..hmmm I wonder if this is actually how he sings..

      So sorry if this was messy, but here is a clearer version.
      So, DoYoung throughout the performance really was lacking projection his voice was fairly airy and just didn’t have a lot of foundation, know as supported. His F#4 was nice that had some projection and support, not sure anything much above that because they were quick. Uhh yeah. Also he moves his jaw a lot when he sings.

      TaeIl projected pretty well throughout he keep his sound forward and focused also he supported it for the most part. Umm I can
      t recall any high notes he did except for the Bb4 and that was nasty, but you knew that. Umm yeah, I am looking forward to hearing more from them.”


  9. So right now do you think it’s Taeil>Jaehyun>Doyoung in term of technique ? In Nct , Taeil is consider the best singer by the members and by Sm like Chen in Exo. But Taeil is a very shy person , he doesn’t talk a lot and members said that he is the most nervous member in the group.He reminds of D.O , you can see that he is very awkward when there is a camera around. In this video ,I am not sure but it seems like he cracked because of stress .


    1. I don’t think anything. I don’t know them well enough, the gap between them is not large enough for me to be sure of anything.


  10. Hi, Ahmin! I noticed that you moved Monsta X’s Kihyun from getting an analysis this year. Wow.

    I have some question and trying to learn something, verification also. HAHAHA

    1. 0:16 – 0: 20, he’s mixing but he uses his throat and uses his nose for placement?

    2. He’s Shownu from Monsta X, around 0:21 – 0:25, he has support right? What notes are those? I’m not sure about his placement, but I think he did better than Wonho. About 0:29 – 0:30, https://youtu.be/ttuXT43Lw4M?t=29s do you think it has support, what note is it?

    3. Do you have plans to analyze Shownu, perhaps around 2018?

    4. How about this guy? https://youtu.be/ttuXT43Lw4M?t=31s, I noticed that he has this airiness in his tone, whether singing or speaking. How to deal with that scenario to improve his technique, since I have a friend who has same issue with him.

    I’m sorry for asking too much. Thank you.


    1. You provided no link for question no.1, should I assume it’s the same as the video for question no.2?

      1. Yeah partially.
      2. Yes, I find Shownu very attractive so I’m very aware of who he is. lol The thing is, this is a lip synched performance. Usually these performances for special covers are lip synched, especially on weekend shows. I can’t say I hear support or at least a strong sense of support for Shownu. Kihyun has always struck me as the only one who supports, at all. So I never really stopped to think about who may support a little more than whom in Monsta X, because I feel like none of them do.
      3. I have no such plans at all.
      4. Him? I don’t know him, but I don’t hear support. I have a vocal tip video that targets breathiness in singing.


  11. Hey Ahmin~
    You said that you analyze 2/4 of a group’s vocalists, but WJSN has 6 (Yeonjung, Dawon, Soobin, Seola, Dayoung, and Mei Qi now I think). So are you only going to analyze Yeonjung and Dawon? (They’re like Average at best)

    (Seola is the one with the darker hair)
    0:22 What note is that? (Sounds like A3 but idk) And I think it’s supported???
    1:20 Falsetto and I think someone went off pitch
    1:43 She sounds a bit yell-y?
    2:16 What note was that falsetto? And was that run sloppy?
    3:26 What note was Seola hitting? (It seems strained to me

    Overall it was nice. Seola seems to be doing something weird but I can’t explain it in words, is she not raising her soft palate or something? And I think I hear weak support from her? And do you know why Dawon sounds like she’s yelling sometimes? I think Dawon is supporting, I guess.
    Thank you~


    1. Dawon could be a bit better than average. Uhm I don’t know what makes you think it’s 2/4…like..wait…you mean half right? But you put 6 names, 1/2 of 6 would be 3…not 2. THEORETICALLY. You only mentioned two names cause they’re the only ones on the list, right? Of course we don’t always follow that rule if the vocalists in a group are more skilled, we analyze more of them, if they’re less skilled and not often requested, we analyze less of them. See we can be a bit different with the rule, especially when a group has SO many members. For an example, we only analyzed 3 members of EXO because they’re 9 but 3 rappers, 3/6 is half and even if the vocal skill level of those 3 is high, anybody else that we’d analyze would be rated much lower. Super Junior on the other hand has too many members, so we analyzed one more despite the low vocal skill. For WJSN, I haven’t thought deeply about it. I’ve only considered analyzing Yeonjung and Dawon because they’re the main vocalists and the only ones who support, so I didn’t even consider the math rule for them. That kind of applies to other groups like T-Ara, Boyfriend or MYNAME.

      I’ve seen this before, so I’ll copy-paste and answer the specific time stamps. 0:22 G3, not supported at all. 1:20 Yes someone was off. 1:43 No I wouldn’t say it’s yelly, it’s louder but it’s not tense. Those are just A4’s and B4’s, which Dawon can support, much better than Yeonjung as well. 2:16 the run wasn’t sloppy, but it wasn’t smooth. The pitch was mostly fine. The first note was almost head voice, then she used falsetto. 3:26 there is some tension, but it’s not bad. Oh wait, Seola? I think SeolA is hitting falsetto E5’s, and Dawon was singing C5’s and a phrased D5. Dawon wasn’t really yelling in this song specifically, she didn’t go high enough to yell. She generally strains above C5, not really below that. Yeonjung has a lot shoutier of an approach to singing in her mix. Honestly I’ve scratched SeolA a long time ago for not supporting almost at all.

      “Seola is very nasal in the first song, very much in her throat and a bit too airy. Dawon’s support is much better, much better tone production. Much fuller and opened placement, much more connected to her diaphragmatic breathing than Seola. Seola is just air throughout. Dawon’s falsetto is underdeveloped, but her harmonies aren’t bad. Seola sounds like her voice is very much in her throat. 3:10 so much better placement by contrast, she is like noticeably using better technique. 3:40 that run was sloppy, the overall approach was weak and with a lowered larynx, it was just A3 ~ E3 all pushed and airy. She anticipated the E3 before it came and already lowered her larynx on A3 which is not low enough for that.”

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      1. If you are going to analyze a third member, none of the other lead vocalists support, Dayoung and Soobin do that cute thing with their voices that Eunha does and Mei Qi isn’t that good so I guess Seola would be the best choice.

        Dawon is better than Yeonjung????? Yes!! I’m not surprised, I watched a compilation of Yeonjung’s high notes from IOI and it was 10 minutes of her yelling and the judges on Produce 101 looked so impressed when she strained that D5 from ITNW… And now Starship is giving her like 30~40% of the lines in WJSN’s songs which are so high (Secret specifically); she actually lost her voice/got laryngitis or something of that sort (she sounded like she ate a bunch of quarters), but that was probably because Starship made WJSN promote for like forever. I don’t know, I’m just rambling, lol what am I even saying, thx for replying I guess.

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  12. hello! i was wondering, would you consider adding kim jaehwan and ha sungwoon from wanna one to your list of future analyses? i completely understand that it would not be for another few years, at the very least not until they disband at the end of 2018, but i am definitely curious about their techniques. both have many videos out there already, both prior to and from produce 101 (jaehwan has been on multiple korean talent shows and has busking videos; sungwoon debuted in 2016 with HOTSHOT), and on the show, both were often praised for their singing (ofc whether it’s good technique is another story). thank you so much!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGjZmKqSBug also, not that you have to analyze anything now, as i am perfectly fine waiting, but this is their from their vocal position evaluation from the show. jaehwan is at 1:04, 1:28 (adlibs and high note); sungwoon is at 1:18, 1:38, and the both of them share a lot of lines during the bridge (around 1:38 on). i was mostly wondering about whether this is strained or supported, because even after watching many of your videos i still can’t tell unless there is a direct comparison or someone points it out (rip rip rip). thank you so much for your hard work!


    1. rip rip rip please ignore the first half about the request i misunderstood the difference between a full analysis and the quick questions in the comments thank you anyways (;_;)

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    2. We won’t analyze them unless they debut in other groups or as soloists. We also didn’t and won’t analyze any IOI members as IOI members. I am familiar enough with them to know that neither of them seem to be above average or higher, so yeah sorry about that. But if they debut again, sure why not! Their high notes above G4 are all generally strained.


      1. thank you so much for your quick reply! i understand about not analyzing now, so thank you anyways. it’s interesting to know about the their skills regardless; it’s really fascinating to me to see the divide between style and actual technique.

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  13. Hi AhMin!
    I was wondering how Han Dong Geun did in this performance.

    The choruses have quite a few G#4s throughout. Also, is he a full lyric tenor, or just a light lyric with a little darker tone? Thanks!


    1. He gets pretty throaty in general, which many people would call “husky.” He supports well and places his voice well up to like F#4/G4/G#4, but it gets tricky round and above that. Actually what I was unsure about for him was whether he’s a tenor or baritone but I think he’s a tenor. We will find out for sure when I analyze him.


      1. He seemed to be less throaty before singing his song here back in 2014.
        Could you please analyze from 2:25 onward? Thanks!


      2. I feel like Changmin has sung this, because this sounds so familiar to me. He sounds really supported and well placed throughout this range. Even the A4’s aren’t bad actually, but the G4’s are generally good. Tbh I wanna say he’s a tenor.


  14. idk if i should post this on soyeon’s analysis or here but can you check if hyomin in this vid(https://youtu.be/N3GbW7_XFSQ, 0:16 and 0:55) has worsenedher approach like diction prob, more shallowness and tongue tension because i think her voice gave me an impression of those??? :))))

    (sorry for a vid with dancing but her voice really sounded diff in contrast to her past vids, even with that dancing)


    1. I’m not really hearing any problems with the tongue, at least not anything that’s new. Diction, it might be for the sake of the song and the shallowness it’s just what it was always like, no?


    1. She seems to support, even though it’s not strong. Her pitch is good, her vibrato a bit wobbly, she’s pretty heady. That’s what I can say with this song.


  15. Hi, i just saw that you edited the list for 2017 analysis and i was excited to see that you moved my favourite vocalist out of the 2018 list into 2017. I was wondering if you have set a deadline on when the different analysis will be up? thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yuju from GFriend and Dongwoon from Highlight singing Beauty and the Beast

        Hi Ahmin, can you check my thoughts and analyse them as well?
        I am more confortable with analyse Yuju’s singing..

        0:57 – 1:08 Some low notes, i don’t know if has something below A3, i am so bad with notes, how i can improve that?
        1:06 supported
        1:11-1:12 great change, i forget how i can call that
        1:18-1:20 runs, but i don’t think it is clear
        1:38-1:44 great harmony, but i think i am hearing a little bit more Yuju because her support is better
        1:46-1:48 resonant
        1:52-1:55 resonant
        2:05 supported
        2:20 resonant
        2:28/2:31 ?
        2:42-2:44 runs, i think here is more clearer

        I tried to get the best fancam sound, take care with the screams in the short beggining, thanks in advance and sorry for my possible mistakes!


  16. Is the average idol any better than a random person who “sings well” without training? Is idol vocal training mostly useless?


    1. It’s hard to say but a random person who sings well could be rated anywhere from weak to great. Some people who have a natural gift for learning to sing without training properly may develop technique that would make them average or even above average vocalists, but many times the random person who appears on Show Me Your Voice would be rated weak, weak with a large potential range. So there’s no right answer to your question.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Such a same 😦

    0:10-0:20 Some low notes, i don’t know if has something below A3, i am so bad with notes, how i can improve that?
    0:19 supported
    0:26 great change, i forget how i can call that
    0:31 runs, but i don’t think it is clear
    0:53 great harmony, but i think i am hearing a little bit more Yuju because her support is better
    0:59 resonant
    1:05 resonant
    1:17 ?
    1:18 supported
    1:33 resonant
    1:41 ?
    1:44 ?
    1:55 runs, i think here is more clearer

    If it is removed again before you watch, i think is better wait for broadcast performance


  18. Hey ahmin i really appreciate everything you do on this site and on your youtube channel as i think it’s one of the most useful resources for k-kpop fans out ther, so thank you. Also i see you take out of your time to respond to everyone here and their enquiries which is incredible and shows the level of commitment you have to your audience.

    I have a few questions for you:

    1. How/Where did you learn to sing, and the correct music theory for it?

    2. At what age did you start learning to sing/musical theory? What age would be considered “too late” to start and eventually reach an acceptable standard?

    3. I know you only analyze more than 2 vocalists in a group if the other members in it are at least above average. Having said that, i want to know if you are going to eventually analyze Mmamamoo’s Moonbyul as many have said that she is somewhat on par with her fellow members, or if she isn’t elegible due to mainly being a rapper.

    4. Another youtube channel that does more “theory based” content like you, classical musicians react, recently released a cover of Ailee’s Ice Flower

    I’d like to know (this is a really small sample so obviously just take from it what you can) how the vocalist in question compares to other K-Pop idols in terms of her technique, skill & ability and overall style. Also, if you were to put her in the ranking scale which rank would she be at?

    Thank you for taking time to read this, english is not my first language (sorry if it’s too noticeable) so please tell me if anything i asked was hard to understand.


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for the love, support and kind words!

      1. I have taken private lessons for singing since I was 14, but I also went to college in England as well as here where I live now in LA to learn more.

      2. Around 14 as well, in high school I learned music theory too. I don’t think it’s ever too late honestly, all it takes is discipline.

      3. Moonbyul is not on par with the other vocalists of Mamamoo, that’s highly exaggerated. Her being a rapper is part of it but there’s also not a single group we have analyzed that we have analyzed every single member of.

      4. It’s not fair to judge her using our standards. Our rating system is based on contemporary singing, she’s classical. She doesn’t sing in a contemporary way. She barely uses a mix voice and seems to not use a chest voice, her singing a contemporary ballad is really outside of her comfort zone and isn’t suited for how she’s developed her voice in terms of technique. She’s not a bad vocalist, she definitely has proper breath support. Our standards just aren’t made for classical vocalists.

      Your English is just fine! Don’t be silly! ^ ^


    1. What I can say is that you ask questions often enough that you could be a LITTLE bit more specific with your question. ;3
      0:03 too breathy, whoever that is. Flat.
      0:13 Roa? She is too breathy, slightly flat, not supporting almost at all.
      0:27 Too much air, again almost no support for Eunwoo.
      0:40 Pinky also, no real support.
      0:48 Xiyeon no support.
      0:54 Sungyeon is the first one to actually support and connect her vocal cords. The highest note is B4, 1:04 except for slightly tight C5’s.
      1:06 Yehana, just throat, no support.
      1:38 No support for Nayoung.
      1:47 No support for Rena.
      2:02 Some tension for Sungyeon on the C5, I’d say the larynx is high.
      2:19 The mic level isn’t good for Yuha nor Xiyeon..or they really just struggle with projection.

      This song doesn’t go very high for Sungyeon, I’d actually really like to hear a solo version of it since it has too many lines for too many members, she doesn’t get to sing much outside of like an E4 ~ C5 range or so, which is really narrow as a range but I like it that she’s not going too high. This only helped me be more sure that nobody in Pristin supports but Sungyeon.


      1. I posted this video to see if anybody besides Sungyeon in Pristin can support, but then, this enlightened me. It’s sad to see that none of them could support besides Sungyeon.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Lol, I just thought of this, but you guys could technically analyze Exp Edition since they are kpop. (Exp Edition is an American kpop boy group, just in case you didn’t know 😁)


    1. Mhmm if they have material, sufficient skill, requests, and don’t disband, when we do start taking on new requests, maybe.


  20. How about this for WJSN?

    First one to sing is Dayoung, followed by Bona, Xuan Yi, SeolA, Yeoreum, Cheng Xiao, Yeunjung, Dawon, SeolA again, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao again, Dayoung again, Soobin, Luda, Soobin, Yeunjung, Dawon, Soobin and Seola for the harmonies.


    1. Already answered before:
      “Rosé started off singing with a nasal placement, barely opening her mouth which caused her sound to project from her nose. 0:03 that note was flat. She is singing around F#4 and G4. She sounds fine but she is not opening up her mouth enough, so she sounds very nasal. 0:17 she likes to let her vocal cords come apart and crack a bit for air to come through stylistically. Jisoo’s harmonies are nice. 0:33 and 0:38 she is singing A4’s, where I hear a bit of the grabbing of her throat muscles around her larynx. She is pushing very slightly. 0:43 Jisoo is flat, tone wise and pitch wise. She is barely supporting at all, she is mostly flat and her throat isn’t very opened so her sound isn’t projecting very clearly. Rosé is a lot brighter in placement due to her nasality, but Jisoo’s tone production is very shallow. Her English diction makes her sound nasal too. This song isn’t very challenging at all but it was nice, the harmonies were the best part. Aside from that, it was a fairly comfortable range and it doesn’t really show anything special for Rosé, especially not around A4 since that note is a bit low for her to show any sort of tension.”

      And for Jisoo that is neither mix nor head voice. It’s just falsetto, a lot of falsetto with no support at all. It’s pretty, that’s true. Falsetto tends to sound “pretty.”


  21. Hi, sorry to bother you, but could you tell me how did Blackpink do here, particualarly Rosé and Jennie? It sounds about the same as they usually are to me, but I’m not very good at analyzing vocals.


    1. 0:14 lots of lowering her larynx in his lower range, she is pushing even around A3. 0:18 Bb4’s for Jennie are a lot less throaty than for Jisoo though. 0:27 same for Jisoo, no support for her at all. Jennie’s legato isn’t very smooth, she sounds very half-spoken when she sings. 0:41 Up to G#4, Rosé generally isn’t tense but 0:51 but around C5’s and Bb4’s she clearly tightens her throat and loses the connection in her breathing. 0:59 there’s a lot of tension and again almost no legato, she is half speaking the high notes, around C5 and Db5. I kinda like this song! 2:05 even though there is tension for Rosé, she is a lot smoother with her legato and she is a lot less tense around Bb4 and C5, even if proper support isn’t present. Yeah I don’t think we are going to analyze Jennie. It’s the usual, there’s no change in technique.


      1. Thank you so much. BTW I looked around and most people who say Jimin and Rosé sound similar, say it’s their tone and they both have “chipmunk voices”.


  22. Hi
    Can you give an analysis on how yuju did on this song?
    Here’s the link!

    Thank you!!! I’m a fan of your analysis!


    1. The range of this song for her was like Bb3 to Bb4, she did great throughout. Support, placement and pitch were good throughout except for that quick run at the end. Thank you btw!


  23. Hi ! I was wondering if you guys know who Bumzu is ? He’s more of an RnB singer but he has mostly retired behind the scenes lately. I was curious about his vocal technique since he served as Seventeen’s vocal teacher (and seems to work particularly closely with Seungkwan and DK).and he is now their coproducer with Woozi, which means he probably has a lot of influence on their singing.
    I had a hard time finding recent vocally interesting lives, so I have 2 short clips from his Superstar K days (where he sings a lot of A4s) and a more recent live. Could you tell me what you think if you have time ?

    Most interesting part starts around 0:58 I think (especially 1:00, 1:10 and 1:26)

    from 0:50 to 0:57 and from 1:09 to 1:32 (the rest of the song is basically the same)


    1. 0:50 he narrows his upper vowels quite a bit. 1:03 he has a head voice, it’s not bad at all. He knows how to mix lightly well, but he is too aspirated sometimes, he reminds me of a mix of Kim Gunmo and Naul, in his singing style. 1:26 this is all that Kim Gunmo, very edgy, very twangy, a bit too nasal. I feel like I’ve heard of him before..Oh yes I have. Someone asked bout him before, he is like a much example of R&B singing than Zion.T, Dean, I found him by looking up Bumjoo that’s how I heard of him last time. 0:53 the last video, he was flat. 1:09 ~ 1:32 F4 and even G4 have support, it just lacks openness for him. Above F#4 he tends to get too whiny. But he sounds a lot less like Kim Gunmo here. It’s weird that he’d teach Seungkwan to me, he sounds nothing like him technically nor DK.
      This is what I watched before btw:


      1. Thank you for the answer ! It’s interesting that his technique doesn’t bleed onto Seungkwan’s and DK’s because there’s no mistake that he was their vocal trainer. He said that he worked with Seungkwan a lot on how to “keep his tone without hurting his throat” for exemple.
        Here is the video where you can see them recording and he talks about it.

        Recording starts at 13:50 but he talks about DK at 14:08 and about Seungkwan at 15:27 (but the way he guides them during the recording is interesting too and there’s a quick high note battle between Dk’s and Seungkwan’s recording lol)

        And another interview where he talks about teaching them and how he was cautious about not letting his singing style affect theirs too much (+ Seungkwan doing vocal directing and producing).


      2. That’s very interesting, I like him. He is very caring and concerned about their health, that’s what’s important to me.


    1. Her support is really not strong, too much air escapes through her vocal cords. She reminds me a bit of Joy, but without a wobbly vibrato. She’s pretty breathy, when singing softly, very heady, doesn’t engage very strong support, and places her sound quite a bit in her nose. 2:39 kind of relaxed, but not fully supported around B4.


  24. Hello! I was looking through your future analyses list and saw that you had put Astro’s MJ and/or Sanha, and I was wondering about that:
    I’ve never noticed Sanha’s voice being particularly spectacular, and honestly thought that Moonbin was higher up than him in terms of vocals, after MJ. Is Sanha actually a stronger vocalist than I had thought? As well as is there a large gap/large enough gap between him and MJ and him and Moonbin for you to choose him specifically?
    Thank you! I’m sorry if my question was difficult to understand, just basically what separates Sanha/is he that much stronger than I first thought?


    1. I can’t answer these questions without analyzing them. My only guess is based on their positions on their official profiles.


  25. Not sure if you’ve heard of him, but Hwiseung from Produce 101 S2 recently became a new member of N. Flying. He was regarded as one of the better vocalists on the show, but as we all know, PD101 never really had any super strong vocalists in the first place 😦 He did an acoustic cover of Pick Me (S2 version) and I wanted to hear your thoughts. For me, 0:52 is where he kinda starts pushing his upper notes, but his singing before that didn’t sound too tense.


    1. 0:09 the run had potential, but he really got a bit of ahead of himself. He supports, that much is there. 0:52 he did push the F#4 and he was sharp because of the air pressure. 1:02 more centered in pitch, not very opened in the throat. 1:12 G#4 there’s strain and tightening up in his throat, but up to F#4 there’s enough support. I wouldn’t say he supports above F#4, at all. 1:29 Bb4. It’s interesting, but some people when they strain they turn red because of the tension in their throats. From 1:28 ~ 2:00 he was singing above where he can support his voice so he started turning red and he was really really bright red throughout then afterwards, his face went back to the original color. He supports though for sure.


  26. Hi! Heize’s recent comeback makes me really curious about her vocal technique. I thought she’s a rapper because of Unpretty Rapstar but it seems she’s doing more singer than rapping in her songs. Judging from this two performances

    Do you think she supports? She sounded pretty relaxed and has some support there although it might be shallow. And unlike a lot of rapper who sings (I really am not sure should I categorise her as rapper, or singer, or singer-rapper) with a chesty mix, her mix sounds a bit more heady to me. What do you think?


    1. I’ve heard her singing before actually. She is really nasal and shallow when she sings, in the KCON Japan video she is singing straight through her nose and yeah she is pretty relaxed cause she is only up to F#4. I hear no true support at all, she reminds me of how Jennie of Blackpink sings. It’s very half-spoken, it’s barely legato and connected. It’s mostly kind of disconnected phrasing and shallow support throughout.


    1. Rosé is the one who connects her voice the most, but she places her voice in her nose a lot and her support isn’t strong at all. 0:34 Jennie has a nice voice, but I hear absolutely no support. She half-speaks when she sings and she’s not fully relaxed and she really cuts off her lines a bit too much. Jisoo is a LOT shallower than Jennie though, she places her sound a lot more in her nose and throat so she barely projects, she’s a lot less relaxed. 2:32 Bb4, I hear too much tension when Rosé starts to sing in this range, 2:43 here too. The vowel Aye gets in the way too.


  27. I just saw a comment where you said that you analyze 1/2 of vocalists, including sub-vocalists. There are technically 12 vocalists in WJSN (Dawon, Yeonjung, Seola, Dayoung, Soobin, Mei Qi, Cheng Xiao, Xuan Yi, Eunseo, Yeoreum, Bona, and Luda), but only Dawon and Yeonjung support. Are you going to do what you did for Super Junior or…?


    1. See it’s not 100% the rule because there are cases in which if there aren’t enough requests and if the skill of the vocalist isn’t high enough, we don’t see the point in analyzing anybody but their best vocalists. Take for instance T-Ara or MYNAME, only one vocalist was analyzed even though technically there should have been more. Due to the low vocal skill average for the rest and the lack of requests, we decided to move to other vocalists. Same thing applies for WJSN, although I would say they have more than 1 official rapper.

      Liked by 1 person

  28. Not Any Chance of analysing Day6’s Jae in the future, mate? I am curious about how his vocal technique is. And I only saw Sungjin’s name in the list….
    Though he plays the lead guitar, He is still considered as one of the vocalist, isn’t he?


      1. I see, Is there any chance of you comparing Sungjin with any other members of Day6 who sings in your overall analysis in brief? I really like them a lot especially Jae….

        Thanks for answering… Anyway, a nice blog you have here!


    1. Actually that’s already included in her vocal range video I think, or at least I know I’ve seen this. haha Thank you though!


  29. Hi Ahmin!
    So there’s this R&B / Ballad singer called Yang Dail
    Could you comment on his performance (radio edit) & a cover done by Seventeen’s Dokyeom?
    Yang Dail:


    Thanks in advance!


    1. 1:03 He is using too much air to direct his runs. 1:07 Aye vowel, there’s tension since he isn’t dropping his jaw enough. 1:13 still not as opened as he could be, but support is present up to F#4. He is a bit nasal throughout though. The song is really pretty actually. 1:34 his runs lack precision. 1:42 Ooh vowel shows also tension, he could drop his jaw more. 2:15 too much breathiness, too much air pressure, too much throatiness. He lets out too much air when singing, more than he needs to at least. 2:43 2:48 tense shoulders, high larynx. He strains above F#4, since those notes are like B4 and G4. Skill wise, there’s not a big difference between him and DK actually.
      Some people already asked about this so I’ll copy-paste:
      “The beginning up until 0:18, he was singing within the Eb3 to B3 range, where he is able to remain supported while keeping tone and his vocal cords connected, although the Eb3’s at 0:18 I do hear a bit too much aspiration and breathiness. It sounds like it’s the bottom of his supported range. 0:25 Eb4’s, phrased, supported, relaxed but he is not dropping his jaw enough nor opening up as much as he could. 0:45 too much air in his runs, not enough precision of pitch. 0:49 F#4, phrased, it has support too. 1:00 again too much air when he does runs. 1:01 F#4’s, he keeps singing and phrasing F#4’s which he can support. Of course this isn’t like a live audio, it’s a studio recorded track that he’s lip synching to. 1:20 he is barely dropping his jaw, and his runs still throughout keep coming off really just like sliding. 1:33 that was a pretty transition into an unsupported head voice B4. This song has too many runs for him. 2:05 just guessing the notes for these runs. 2:12 Eb5 falsetto, too much air again. Woohooooo instead of a pure head voice, he uses H’s to guide his vocal cords by opening them up. 2:35 slightly nasal unsupported head voice. This is a pretty song. He is singing from Eb3 ~ F#4 throughout, which is all within his supported range. There’s no resonance, he lacks openness, he barely drops his jaw, there’s a very bright quality throughout. He lacks fulness because his placement is just very narrow throughout. There was a really quick phrased A4 at 2:53 and a G4 at 3:10, where he lets his larynx raise and loses the support. 3:15 E5, pushed unsupported head voice. 3:23 too much. 3:27 F5, well placed but not supported. 3:31 his backing vocals, he’s going up to G#4, where again his larynx raises. 3:47 high larynx G#4. 3:50 C#5 tight, high larynx, but mixed. 4:07 Bb4 mixed, high larynx. He is less chesty in this than I remember him being before but still I don’t hear a change in his technique. He is singing the same way that I heard him singing before.”


    1. It is said he was not trained well? By whom? What I’m hearing is a very shallow approach in the first video, he narrows his vowels a lot, doesn’t let his jaw drop enough and so he places his sound in his nose too often. He pushes a bit too much air and doesn’t connect his vowel cords enough, 1:05 that’s just completely in his nose for this part. 1:11 he was too sharp on this and landed on a note that was off key. 1:23 shouty G#4 and F#4, but he has a pretty voice. 1:42 He is VERY shouty when he goes higher, he just pushes it out. 1:49 his runs are really pitchy and he is using too much air there too.
      In the 2016 video of him singing Flower, he sounds similar. He is relatively light, he is not too throaty or chesty in his mid and lower ranges but he gets really shallow throughout. He barely engages his support mechanism, he lets the vocal cords barely touch and he lets too much air through, he places his sound in his throat and nose and then when he goes higher he gets shouty really quickly. People haven’t really asked about Jaehyo, so I never really heard him singing by himself, solos that is. I’ve heard him in Block B songs, but that’s about it. I could tell he was shallow from those songs, but this made it very clear to me that he lacks support. I don’t really hear any improvements, he is singing more or less the same way he used to.


  30. What do you think about gdragon. I know his main role is a rapper but he sings very frequently. Like in last dance or his new song untitled.


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