Future Analyses

Vocalists Whom Will NOT Be Analyzed

Due to many fans not reading our rules carefully, we will provide a list of popularly requested vocalists that will not be analyzed because analyzing them would break our rules. Please read our rules before making a request.

2NE1’s CL

4Minute’s Hyuna

Big Bang’s Seungri

BTS’ Jin & Jimin

EXO’s Chanyeol, Xiumin, Suho & Lay

f(x)’s Amber

Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung & Yuri


Miss A’s Suzy

Secret’s Hyosung

Sera (Former Nine Muses)

SHINee’s Key

Super Junior’s Heechul, Lee Teuk, Kangin, Siwon

T-Ara’s Jiyeon



For analyses of members of idol groups, we only analyze vocalists. We do not analyze rappers, even if they may sing at times if their main instrument is rapping, we will not analyze them as it is not fair to them. If a rapper happens to have significant vocal skill (Average to Above Average vocalist or higher) then they shall be considered for an analysis.

We only analyze half of the vocalists in a group, and only the strongest half. If a group has 8 members but 4 are rappers, then we’ll only analyze half of the vocalists in that group. So in this case only 2/4 vocalists will be analyzed. If the vocalists in a group happen to be more vocally skilled and balanced, then more vocalists will be analyzed within a group, such as the case with SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls and Mamamoo. (Average to Above Average at least.)

We only analyze vocalists with sufficient material for an analysis. Therefore groups that debuted more recently, such as in 2015 and 2016, will not be analyzed due to the lack of material. We prioritize vocalists who have longer careers with more material for an analysis.

Please check the list before making requests and make sure the vocalist is NOT on the list before adding your request. List is in alphabetical order, not in order of when they’ll be written.

Disbanded groups or members who left their groups and are now not active anymore in the mainstream will NOT be analyzed. Even if they may be active, they’d need to be significantly vocally skilled to be considered for an analysis. If they’re active outside of Korea/K-pop, they’re not K-Contemporary artists anymore, therefore will NOT be analyzed.

Updating Analyses



EXO’s D.O.



Kim SoHyang

New Analyses



Red Velvet’s Seulgi


4Men’s Shin Yongjae


Jung Dongha

Ock Joo Hyun

Park Hyoshin



Gfriend’s Yuju


Kim Dahyun


Guckkasten’s Ha Hyunwoo


Baek Ah Yeon

Baek Ji Young

Bernard Park

Cross Gene’s Seyong

Gavy NJ’s Gunji


Huh Gak

Hwang Chiyeol

In Sooni

Jung In

Jung Joon Young


Kim Bumsoo

Kim Dongryul

Kim Tae Woo

Kim Jong Gook

Kim Yeon Woo

Lee Eunmi

Lee Sora

Lee Sunhee

Lee Young Hyun

Lim Jae Bum

Lim Jung Hee (J.Lim)


MC The Max’s Lee Soo


Norazo’s Lee Hyuk

The One

Park Kiyoung

Roy Kim


Seo In Young

Seo In Gook


Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung

So Chan Whee

Seo Moon Tak

Sung Shi Kyung

TOPP DOGG’s Sangdo & Gohn

Ulala Session’s Myunghoon

Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyuna and Kwon Soonil

Vibe’s Yoon Minsoo



2018 ~ Indefinitely



A.Kor’s Jiyoung

April’s Chaewon & Jinsol

Astro’s MJ &/or Sanha

Awesome Baby’s Yechan

Berry Good’s Taeha

Blackpink’s Rosé


Buzz’s Kyunghoon

CLC’s Seunghee & Sorn or Seungyeon

Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung & Dawon

Crayon Pop’s Choa

Day6’s Sungjin


Eric Nam

Fiestar’s Linzy


Gugudan’s Sejeong & others

Ha Dong Kyun

Han Dong Geun

Huh Gak

iKON’s Junhoe & Jinhwan or Yunhyeong



Kim Dongryul

Kim Feel

Kim Gunmo

Kim Juna

Kim Kyungho

KNK’s Inseong & Youjin

LEDAPPLE’s Hanbyul

Lee Juk

Lee Jung

Lee Michelle

Lee Seung Chul

Lee Seunggi

Legend’s Listen

Lim Chang Jung

Lim Kim

Lovelyz’s Jin or Sujeong

Madtown’s Lee Geon &/Or H.O.

Matilda’s Haena

Melody Day’s YeIn and Chahee

Monsta X’s Kihyun

Mr.Mr.’s Tey

NCT’s Stronger Vocalists

Nell’s Kim Jongwan

Nine Muses’ Hyuna or Hyemi or Kyungri or Keumjo (Or all as one)

Oh Hyuk’s Hyuko

Oh My Girls’ Hyojung & Seunghee

Parc Jaejung

Park Boram

Phantom’s Sanchez

Pentagon’s Jinho & Hui

Playback’s Woolim


Royal Pirates’ Moonchul

Rumble Fish’s Choi Jini


Seventeen’s DK, Seungkwan

SF9’s Inseong

So Chan Whee

Sonamoo’s Minjae & High.D

Stellar’s Hyoeun

Sung Shi Kyung

Sunny Days’ Sunkyung

Sunnyhill’s Jubi

Tahiti’s Jerry


TWICE’s Jihyo & Nayeon or Jungyeon

UP10TION’s Hwanhee & Sunyul

Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyuna and Kwon Soonil

Vromance’s stronger vocalists

Yoo Seungwoo

Yoon Do Hyun

Zhang LiYin


If any of you would like your idol to be analyzed, drop your request in the comment box. If you attach videos/recordings of their (preferably) latest live performances, it will be helpful. But then again, it will not guarantee that your idol will be analyzed since it will depend on our contributors. We can’t even guarantee when we will release the analysis of the above mentioned future projects. One other reason is that analyzing vocal when there isn’t enough material to judge them will be challenging and more or less inaccurate. This will explain why judging rookie idols is an issue.



7,096 thoughts on “Future Analyses

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say I’ll be looking forward to the future analysis of Fiestar’s Linzy, even though it’s like in 2018 lol. Fiestar has always been a group I like. I wanted to ask a few questions, so far from what you’ve heard of Fiestar, is Linzy a better vocalist than Hyemi or are they evenly matched?

    And also I wanted to ask, how long does it take for you to analyze a vocalist? I can’t help but wonder why even though it’s against the rules, why don’t you type outa rough analysis or something for people that have requested popular vocalists etc BTS Jimin or Jin. I feel like you must have watched a lot of videos of them and have a rough opinion, even without looking for material to analyze😮


    1. Actually I’ll copy paste a thing I answered a long time where someone posted a bunch of videos of Fiestar and I was really not knowledgable of them so I listened to them all to be sure. I can tell you right now, Hyemi is not equally matched with Linzy and Yezi is a better vocalist than Hyemi actually, from what I remember.

      “Hyemi is the first one to sing right? 1:22 whoever that is lowered her larynx on the G#3. 1:33 Linzy’s G#3’s weren’t bad. 1:37 kind of nasal Bb4, not that bad. 1:43 is this Hyemi? She is really in her throat throughout this chorus, a lot of Bb4’s, C5’s and D5’s hit and she is pulling way too much chest, pushing her voice out a lot and she’s closing her throat completely throughout. 1:55 Linzy sounds kind of tight on C5, her D5 is sung with a high larynx but on Bb4 she sounds fine. All the girls so far had support to an extent, then Cao Lu started singing and all I heard was air and shallowness in breathing. 2:54 that Bb4 was really nasal and tight for Linzy. Hyemi really has issues with the chorus. 3:29 again air, no support.

      0:28 is that Jei singing in the middle? Yezi the rapper girl, she sometimes has a better approach to her breathing than Hyemi actually. Jei sounded really nasal and thin, but not that airy or weak in support. 0:59 lots of C#5’s for Linzy and a run at the end of that line, runs are not her forte, C#5’s aren’t either. She sounds too thin in her mix, she and Hyemi really contrast each other in how they approach their mixed voices. 1:31 weak breathing, pitchy. Jei isn’t singing much, but I can tell she’s like Junghwa from EXID in her vocal approach, shallow and weak support. 2:19 Okay so yeah Cao Lu, there’s absolutely no support there. 2:31 throaty C5 for Linzy, but she doesn’t sound too bad below that range. 2:50 yeah Jei is weak in her approach, I like Linzy’s line musically. I like this song haha

      0:50 yes so Yezi can approach her singing with some support, but she doesn’t support very low. 1:08 Jei is definitely weak, no support at all. 1:16 Hyemi has issues with Bb4’s for sure, not a good sign. 1:27 C5’s, not as bad as I’d expect, a bit throaty but with a light mix so she’s not trying too hard to make her voice project with tension. 1:45 she places her voice in her nose a lot, Hyemi. I can see from the line distribution and difficulty of the lines, Hyemi is supposed to be the lead vocalist, Linzy the main vocalist, Cao Lu and Jei are sub vocalists, Yezi is a (lead?) vocalist and rapper. 3:23 definitely tense that C5, pushed. Linzy ain’t got her C5’s down.

      Linzy’s falsetto and upper mix are kind of too light and airy, as she sings above C5 with either register. Mirror is a cool song though, I kinda like it. Hyemi is also quite airy in her approach. 3:15 Cao Lu sounds better here too, usually she sounded like the worst in terms of technique but here her approach was better than Jei’s. Pitiful 0:25 oh that is flat, that is not working. That requires more vocal flexibility in her vocal cords than what she has. 0:49 yeah definitely not Bb4 for Hyemi, she sounds tight there. Linzy’s Bb4’s in the chorus sound fine, she supports that high at least. Oh hey I like this song too! 3 of their songs, I never knew it was their song this one haha Now I’m going to download all 3 of them that I liked. lol 2:35 no support at all for Jei, she just sounds airy, flat, disconnected. 2:44 even less for Cao Lu. 2:54 oh hey A5 for Linzy in falsetto, good for range purposes.

      Stellar and Fiestar should be analyzed but we couldn’t analyze them because of the lack of material for all the members, but maybe Linzy does have enough material. From what I’m hearing, Linzy is an average vocalist, much like Stellar’s Hyoeun. Hyemi and Yezi are both weak to average, Yezi may be average but she doesn’t get enough vocal highlights to be sure. Jei and Cao Lu are both weak, no support, just airiness throughout. If I had to rank them, Linzy > Yezi>/Hyemi > Jei > Cao Lu for sure, in terms of support because that’s all these girls have against one another, since Linzy is not that far ahead of them.”

      Well it depends. If I have enough time, if I have literally nothing to do the whole day, including nothing that’s school related, teaching related or my social life, then I can finish an analysis within a day. I just need to sit through a few hours of videos, since 30 videos do take a good amount of time, and then type out the analysis and add the links. Adding the links takes time. However sadly that’s not the case, because I’m not often unbusy and as such, I have to spread out analyses.

      I will try to phrase this as nicely as I can and forgive me if anything I say comes off as rude. I do have a rough opinion but if we analyze one of them, then we have to analyze them all and it’s just not fair. It’s not fair to analyze MORE weak vocalists, because honestly all the vocalists in that list are likely to be rated as either weak or weak to average. The reasons we don’t type out rough analyses is because I don’t do rough analyses, I do proper analyses. So with that in mind, I’d have to give them a proper analysis but that’s not fair. There are too many other vocalists out there who are a lot more skilled than the ones in that list who have yet to be analyzed and who deserve a lot more recognition. There are many groups from which we haven’t analyzed a single member and they deserve priority over sub-vocalists with weak vocal technique. If I’m going to make an exception and analyze a weak sub-vocalist from X group, then what keeps me from analyzing every single weak sub-vocalist of every single group? Honestly writing an analysis for a weak vocalist is no fun and if I write an analysis for Key, or Jin, or Suho, or Jiyeon, or Amber, vocalists who have little to no basis in vocal technique, then people will assume it’s okay for me to analyze just anybody like EXID’s Junghwa, Twice’s Tzuyu, SNSD’s Hyoyeon and I’m sorry, I would rather analyze vocalists who at least have a decent basis of technique and who are actual main/lead vocalists with enough material for an analysis.

      Now you could wonder why we still analyze weak vocalists at all. The weak vocalist rating exists because some vocalists don’t have the basics of technique and would fall under this category. This means solo artists, lead and main vocalists only. We will analyze groups’ main vocalists and lead vocalists and at times they might fall under the weak rating. To be frank, if we were to actually start analyzing every single sub-vocalist out there, I would rather there be a whole new rating altogether. A rating lower than weak, because although of these sub-vocalists could kind of fall under weak, some have absolutely no sense of pitch, of breathing, of projection and would need a whole new rating dedicated to them because the patterns of technique are different.

      But I’m sorry, the reason is time. I just do not have the time. If I plan to get through all the people on my list, I can’t start spending time analyzing every single sub-vocalist there is because of high requests of curious fans, when the result is literally going to be the same for all of them. I would much rather spend my time finally analyzing solo artists who have extensive careers and legacies and who actually also may fall anywhere from the weak rating all the way up to the great rating. So maybe in a distant future when I have enough time and nobody who is more skilled on my list, but for now I’d rather focus on people like Park Hyoshin, Ock Joohyun, Lee Soo, Kim BumSoo, Lim Jaebum, Jung Dongha, Lee Sunhee, Lee Younghyun, etc. I hope this makes sense.


  2. Can i request vocal analysis of the other vocalist of shinhwa member (kim dong wan and lee min woo)? I’m curious about what vocal professional thinks. Thank you very much


  3. Hey~
    So, I’m not sure if my doing the mix thing right, but I do notice that I’m not pushing too much weight on my notes anymore. And my transitions to falsetto does become easier but I’m still not sure if I’m doing it right or not so…take a listen please lol.


    If I’m still pushing my voice too much then maybe I should sing songs that are originally softer…


    1. You’re still using too much air throughout. From the beginning of you starting the song, you’re aspirating too much, you’re literally breathing out air at the end of every note. When you sing H you tend to cry into them as well, so try to focus on using less pressure. You’re trying too hard, the chorus was off key at first, you were singing in between C# and D, then you calmed down and sang C#’s but those are C#s, we don’t need to try so hard to hit those notes and you definitely don’t. You should definitely sing more softly.


      1. Okay, thank you^^.
        When I did this cover, my singing was definitely heavier than how I usually sang softly but I always wonder if I’m actually pushing it. I’ll definitely try to sing softer, I do think I got the hang of it…well, a bit at least.


  4. Ohoho Sung Si Kyung and Kim Yeon Woo as possible analyses in 2017? I’m excited. *^*

    Alrighty, have you ever heard Kim Wan Sun? She debuted in the 80s. Curious if you have any thoughts on her already of might be open to analyzing her.🙂


      1. I see! She performed Look Only At Me with KNK’s Inseong!
        https://youtu.be/468_tZq2YYs ^^

        Ah, I know you’be said that KNK has rather weak vocalists. I’m curious is Inseong did any better here than you might usually hear or if it’s just the same old?


  5. Ahmin, below is a YT playlist of Newer vids you may find useful for your PHS analysis :-

    I think you have the other links below already:–

    Some deleted 2016 IAAD concert fancams still on Dailymotion (for now)



    The Dreamer

    I Am Your Friend

    BTW, are you still interested in WHY he changed his singing approach so drastically? I can give you some information from major fansites (based on interviews etc) that may answer that question if you are.


      1. OK, I’ll look it up and drop what I find here later. For info from non-Korean or non-Eng translated site (for eg from Baidu-PHS, 1 of the 3 largest PHS fan-site), I’ll summarize. Otherwise, I’ll attach links if possible.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Hello again!

    Firstly, thank you guys for all the analyses you’ve posted recently, I really appreciate it ^^

    I know you guys already have a long list of singers to analyse but I was wondering whether you would ever consider analysing Seomoon Tak? I think she’s a mezzo with a good mix? If she is already on the list and I missed it, I apologise for my rubbish searching skills lol.


  7. Hello, i wanted to ask you guys about this performance of oh my girl on immortal song
    I konw is not a song with a lot to analyse but the end with seunghee high notes seems interesting. at 4:53

    And one more thing, Ahmin, you said yoaa was just a waek vocalist, and i agree, but her voice seems diffrent here, i don’t know what change, she is using more volume weight ? at 3:10


    1. Interesting is one to put it. lol I am going to replace your link with a Youtube link because it’s more comfortable that way. 3:10 YooA is using a LOT more chest voice than I’m used to hearing from her, I wouldn’t call it supported since it was pretty pushed 3:21, her chestiness reminds me of when Lizzy of Orange Caramel adds more volume to her singing on IS2. Lots of strained Eb5’s for Seunghee around 4:53, a couple of F5’s. Her mix isn’t too heavy which is a good thing but all I hear is air and a high larynx.


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