FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

KpopVocalAnalysis FAQ

For some reason we never thought of adding this because we thought everything was pretty self explanatory but with recent suggestions we realized it isn’t so here it is!

Where can I post my question?

If your question is about a vocalist we analyzed, post it on their analysis. If it’s about a member of a group who won’t be analyzed, post it on the analysis of the member of the group that we did analyze. The point is that most fans can more easily find the comments and satisfy their curiosity without looking through every single comment page.

Can I ask questions about non-Kpop singers?

We like and listen to non Kpop vocalists but we are busy. We have a lot on our hands and watching videos about vocalists we will never write an analysis for is very time consuming. So we do not answer questions about non Kpop vocalists if they’re video questions. If they’re questions regarding a vocalist we know of, we can answer only to the extent of our knowledge of them.

Can I ask questions about any Korean vocalist? What about Survival TV shows?

Please keep in mind youtube cover artists aren’t vocalists we will analyze in the future if they don’t officially debut. Also if you post a Survival TV Show, please make the question specific. Ask about a specific member and if not, please provide names for the vocalists as breaking down a single performance full of people is time consuming, especially when we don’t know who’s who.

Why isn’t X  or Y vocalist analyzed?

If you check our future analyses list, there’s a list of vocalists we will not analyze and a set of rules. Read that to understand our standards.

I don’t understand vocal technique, what does any of this mean?

This is a place of learning. We not only have a front page with terminology but also YouTube videos with explanations on technique you can watch. You’re also welcome to ask if you’re unsure.

What is the ranking for this vocalist? Who’s better than X or Y vocalist?

It does not matter who’s better than who. It should not affect your love and support for your favorite artist, only help you be more aware of their current level of skill. We do not rank nor rate vocalists without a full analysis. At this point labels will only be added to vocalists who have been analyzed.

What are your credentials? Who are you to judge my fave?

The intent of this blog is to raise awareness of healthy vocal technique and the current level of development of each vocalist analyzed. We don’t mean to judge nor belittle vocalists. Pandayeu has taken vocal lessons for years. Ahmin has taken vocal lessons for years in Bel Canto and Speech Level Singing, while earning also a higher diploma in vocal performance from ACM in Guildford, UK, and an Associate of Arts Degree from M.I. in Los Angeles, CA. Papers however don’t mean much if the instructor doesn’t have experience in hearing and targeting issues in singing. Credentials can be found within the actual content of the analyses as well. Currently working to finish his bachelor degree, he is also a vocal instructor with experience teaching students from ages 5 to 65+. Videos of him singing are available on YouTube as well as pictures of him teaching on Twitter.

You guys are biased.

If your username is the name of a specific idol group or member and all you do is listen to a few selective songs from other groups and if you never gave each of the vocalists of other groups and soloists a fair chance by listening to their solo live performances with no dancing, like we do, I’d be careful before pointing fingers at people. We listen to vocalists fairly with over 30 performances live of different songs with no choreography, so I’m not sure that’s how I’d define “biased.”

Do you guys even use live performances for analyses?

We prefer to use live performances with no dancing to give every vocalist a fair chance. Dancing while singing will only mess up their breathing and listening to studio tracks is very dangerous and unreliable. Our analyses revolve around live performances unless we can’t find an example for what we want specifically live.

Do you offer lessons? Can I ask questions by posting audios of me singing?

We do answer questions related to your own singing however there’s only so much we can do via text. Ahmin offers lessons via Skype for those interested. Contact him with the e-mail available on his YouTube channel under about, business inquiries.

Where can I contact you guys individually?

Our social media, such as facebook, Youtube and Twitter, links are available on “The Team” page.

Where can I post a video of a vocalist you didn’t analyze yet?

The future analyses list would be the place where it would make most sense at this point.

If you feel there’s another question we should add here, let us know!