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    1. 1:19 a bit too airy around the Eb3. Above that he was fairly relaxed and supported for the verse. 1:33 This Eb3 was better. 1:44 F4 Gb4 he could be more opened, but he is supporting. He just needs to keep his throat more relaxed. 2:00 Ab4 was flat and too pushed, he has a little bit too much tension up there. 2:53 same melody, the song is being repeated. The same issues are true with lack of openness 3:09 not flat but tighter and more tense. 3:27 Ab4 again tense, but 3:28 could be more opened, but the audio quality isn’t very good. 3:51 pretty tight. This song is very uneventful vocally, and dynamically. Melodically it stays within the Eb3 ~ Ab4 range and it doesn’t change in volume much throughout so there’s not much to say.


      1. Can u give a voice analysis about jungkook,his techniques in singing.I was so amazed when he performed live and he sing paper hearts with a little vibrations,how can he do that


      2. If you look on this page, you’ll see that this is a list of vocalists we have already analyzed. Jungkook is already on this list, he’s already been analyzed.


  1. Hello, I was wondering how you have the patience to answer seemingly endless comments and questions from people? Especially ones that are sometimes just not good questions? Haha thanks for all the work you do anyway, you have a really good ear for this stuff, and I find reading the analyses very interesting and informative 🙂


    1. What do you mean not good questions? lol Thank you for your compliment and honestly I think it’s just part of my personality. I despise misunderstandings and misconceptions, so if I see a question, I want to answer it if it’s within my power. Also I feel like it’s really not nice to ignore people, anybody really, so I try to at least acknowledge their questions.

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      1. Hi! I’m so sorry to comment here (your reply to another comment) but I don’t how WordPress works. I just want to suggest, maybe you could do an analysis of Kihyun from Monsta X. He’s the main vocal and for the lead vocal maybe you could choose Shownu or Wonho. Thank you, have a nice day/night!


  2. Hello! I checked the comments and didn’t see anyone asking about this so:

    What do you think about Rosé’s performance?


    1. This has been asked about.
      “Someone asked me about this one video and I answered specific questions about Jihyo and Rosé. I did a whole breakdown comparing them both actually to an extent and again the difference is too clear. Rosé is pure nasal throaty style, Jihyo is a lot cleaner and healthier. I disagree that Rosé sounds better in anyway. If she is more appealing to some, that’s taste, not a factual statement. So here’s what I said in case you’re curious:

      The original 7:00 video was deleted so the time stamps wont match.

      “1:18 she is speaking in the beginning, then she starts singing like two notes repeatedly 1:36 C#4 and D#4, 1:44 F#4 to F4. 2:16 F#4 again 2:21 G#4’s. I wouldn’t necessarily say that when she gets to the G#4 that she starts straining, but the range for this song is VERY narrow and not challenging for a Soprano at all. So for her to have any sort of tension on a note as low as G#4, it’s quite underwhelming for a soprano. So when you ask…is her voice shaky and breathy like that, are you asking basically if the way she sounds isn’t related to her singing technique but instead it’s just the natural tone of her voice? If that’s what you mean, then yeah it’s a technique. Nobody’s voice is naturally shaky nor breathy. Shakiness comes from the lack of control of the vocal cords, breathiness comes from the lack of contact of the vocal cords. If the vocal cords don’t come together enough, then air passes through them and then you become airy in quality. If the vocal cords aren’t fully coming together, they can’t stretch properly against proper airflow from one’s breath support. So because of that, the lack of resistance from the vocal cords against the flow of air will then make the vocalist become shaky.

      Most of Blackpink’s songs tend to be kind of speech like, so they make her sound like she’s not really singing yet. 2:53 You asked about Jihyo, so by contrast Jihyo has better support and she approaches her singing with better legato. Legato meaning the connection of the notes when she sings, she chops up her singing a lot less than Jihyo. 3:04 The thing with Jihyo is her mixed voice tends to be very chesty, so she sounds a bit pushed the higher she goes. So by contrast, Rose sounds closed and Jihyo can sound yelly. So That note at 3:04 is an A4 and the placement of the sound is good in her cavities, but she is pushing a bit too much air. Her connection is not bad though. 3:11 a bit tense on the quick phrased C5. But she supports with a lot more consistency of air. 3:24 Rose goes flat in this part, she tends to sing with less stretch of her vocal cords.

      She tries less, both she and the vocalist of 10CM are very similar. They sing with a very whiny quality in singing and tend to compress their vocal cords and throats to achieve a grittier sound. 3:44 Bb4 for Jihyo here, a higher note than anything Rose has sung so far and she sounds fairly relaxed with much better connection. 3:53 A4’s for Rose, here she is trying a bit harder to sing without relying solely on the style she chooses to sing with. This does cause her a bit of strain cause she is pushing a bit too much and tightening her throat a bit. Again this isn’t a challenging range at all for a soprano, this should be relatively fine.

      6:45 she sings with half vocal cracks when she sings but even on Bb4’s she isn’t exactly straining, 7:03 I hear throatiness and strain on her C5’s for sure but below that she is still kind of half cracking her voice for style. 7:16 C5 7:19 Bb4’s, sustained, I hear actual strain here as well. She isn’t relying on proper breath support to her voice, she is using the pressure from her swallowing muscles to try and become louder, which is hurtful to the vocal cords. 7:34 same thing here.

      So the thing with Rose is that she isn’t a technical vocalist at all. She opts for no technique and simply uses style to sing. This is fine but limiting. This is what many perceive to be uniqueness, but in a way it isn’t that unique because as you suggested, this is a popular style for indie singers. So all she’s doing is singing like an indie singer which isn’t unique to her voice, but instead unique to that style. The uniqueness comes from combining that style with a genre within K-pop that’s not exactly indie. The problem for her is that choosing to sing in this style, she never really exercises her vocal cords to develop them properly. To stretch them and connect them like they need to be and getting in the bad habit of stylistic tension causes her to actually be tense and strain her voice very early on in range. Style is fine as long as it’s on purpose, but so far I’ve yet to hear her singing outside of that narrow range she sings in or outside of that kind of style. Actually it would be more unique if she used her real voice to sing instead of leaning towards an indie technique but that would just show fans her real voice but it may not be how she chooses to sound and what she wants to sound like. So the choice is hers, most of the time she sings in a narrow range so there’s little reason for her to hurt her instrument. However if she were to sing songs that are wider in range, more dynamically challenging and need her to have better technique, I worry that she wouldn’t perform as well in them. I hope I was able to address your questions and let me know if you still have any other ones. ^ ^”


      1. Oh, thank you much for your very detailed answer. That explains a lot to me. My cousin always insists that Rose has an unique voice and she sings better than Jihyo while I think the opposite. I always feel Rose’s voice kinda unnatural and weird but i’m an amateur, I only judge by my feelings.

        I don’t know if i’m correct but ever vocals from YG (that I know) seems apply the same style of singing, ex: Park Bom, Lee Hi, Rose… I read here and there in Black Pink fans’ comment that it’s not healthy to the voice, is it true?

        Simply curious, I wonder why you don’t analyze Wooyoung’s voice of 2PM. Out of all vocals in 2PM, he seems stand out the most to me.


      2. Most of the YG vocalists sing with unhealthy technique, but Lee Hi has sufficiently developed support to overcome such issues and Rose rarely sings in a range that’s damaging for her. People overexaggerate her issues a bit, because the music she sings is not challenging vocally most of the time. The answer to your question would be found in the future analyses list. 1. We only analyze half of the vocalists in a group, at most. 2. We only analyze the half with the better technique. Thus only Junho and Jun.K were analyzed since Taecyeon and Chansung are arguably rappers. Wooyoung’s voice may stand out to you, but he’s not developed basic breath support in his singing.

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    2. Forgot to add this one:

      Thank you in advance! I appreciate all the effort you put in answering all these comments with such patience. 🙂


      1. This has also been asked about.
        “Rosé started off singing with a nasal placement, barely opening her mouth which caused her sound to project from her nose. 0:03 that note was flat. She is singing around F#4 and G4. She sounds fine but she is not opening up her mouth enough, so she sounds very nasal. 0:17 she likes to let her vocal cords come apart and crack a bit for air to come through stylistically. Jisoo’s harmonies are nice. 0:33 and 0:38 she is singing A4’s, where I hear a bit of the grabbing of her throat muscles around her larynx. She is pushing very slightly. 0:43 Jisoo is flat, tone wise and pitch wise. She is barely supporting at all, she is mostly flat and her throat isn’t very opened so her sound isn’t projecting very clearly. Rosé is a lot brighter in placement due to her nasality, but Jisoo’s tone production is very shallow. Her English diction makes her sound nasal too. This song isn’t very challenging at all but it was nice, the harmonies were the best part. Aside from that, it was a fairly comfortable range and it doesn’t really show anything special for Rosé, especially not around A4 since that note is a bit low for her to show any sort of tension.”


  3. So I went through the comments and couldn’t find anything about it (Or I maybe just didn’t see it? Could be an option too haha), so I guess I’m just gonna ask – hope it’s not too much of a bother. What do you think of Dean technique-wise?


    1. He’s not a technical vocalist. He sings with a squeezed throat, within a generally narrow and low range for a tenor. He favors style over technique.


  4. Hi, thank you so much for all your work. I really enjoy your blog 🙂
    I’m a fan of both Kpop and Jpop. I understand that you only do Kpop analysis here; however, I am just wondering if you could do a brief analysis/ranking for the girl who sings the most in this Jpop video (her name is Keiko). I would really appreciate it and thank you in advanced. If not, it is totally fine as well.



    1. I’m sorry but that’s against our rules to answer a video question about a vocalist we wont analyze. I’ll say that I listened and I hear a pushed down larynx, lots of throatiness and no support.


    1. Our ratings aren’t by numbers, they’re by categories explained in detail. The words used are more important than the numbers. The numbers are only present so that the tagging system is more organized. 2:37 her sound fell back into her throat on the C#5, so it isn’t likely she’d be even Above Average with that kind of thing happening in that range for her as a Soprano. She may at most be Above Average though, perhaps. I could be wrong. Unfortunately you’re probably not aware of this, but due to us getting too many questions about vocalists from many different countries over the years, we stopped answering those questions because watching all these videos is time consuming and we don’t have time to spend on vocalists we will never analyzed. Tina Ray is not a K-pop vocalist, therefore we won’t analyze, so we can’t spend the time to watch her videos.


  5. i’m falling in love with lee sun hee vocal
    can you analysis this video ??
    and i’m curious, about her rate. are she will be proficient or above ??

    ps: i’m sorry for my bad english(i’m not native speaker)


    1. Your English is completely fine honey, don’t apologize! Unfortunately I refuse to rate a vocalist without a full analysis. So why don’t you wait for her actual analysis to find out what her rating is? I promise it will be one of my next 4 analyses, so as soon as I find time, I’ll get started on it. The first video btw remained within a relatively comfortable range for her and only went up to C#5, which is where she pushes but still has support so she didn’t really have many issues with that performance, except for some instances of a laryngeal vibrato or her whispered low notes.


  6. I’m just curious about how long an average vocalist’s career can last? Because for bands like Mayday that have been around for 20 years, their vocalist seems to be struggling a lot to sing in live performances now, and I have no idea how he managed to sound decent in their recent studio tracks as well (compared to his live singing). I guess their technique decides how much longer they have to sing? Is it possible to recover/improve? Or is there a point of no return for vocalists? It just kind of makes me sad when I can’t hear singers sing like they used to.


    1. I have never given much thought to that.. so I’m not sure honestly. I have never done a case study but it’d be something interesting to think of. It’s possible to improve but you might not ever go back to the original quality of your voice.


    1. They’re a duo, unless they both would be rated as average to above average at least, only one of them can be analyzed according to our rules. Also we are not taking requests right now. Please read our future analyses list before making requests.


    1. Well logically Sandeul is the vocalist with the best technique out of those 4, so he had the best technique by default. The range wasn’t too challenging for Onew or him, Ken and Taeil were the ones singing in a range where they’re unable to support. This video has been reviewed before, please check Sandeuls analysis before asking.

      “0:14 wtf was that sound that came out? lol Actually nobody asked about this, considering it’s a completely new performance. Let me take a listen.

      I believe the range for the verse is C#3 ~ C#4, which is fairly easy for all of them. They kind of whispered the C#3’s, but they sound comfortable and supported. 1:12 F#4’s with lightness and support, Taeil is a bit nasal but overall they sound all comfortable and supported. Ken does have a bit too much compression in his vocal cords, but he also sounds supported. 1:28 throat tension on the A4 for Onew, but the G#4 and below range was fine, well placed. He could have rounder placement but the overall support was good. The A4’s were much better for Sandeul, although he could have been a bit less pushy. 2:03 tightness in his throat, but not too bad. It’s just the nasality. 2:11 a bit closed for Ken too, but when both he and Taeil were singing lighter they were using less pushing and tension which helped them in the end. 2:18 strained pushed G#4 for Ken though. 2:20 oh of course he could go for a C#5, much more tense than the G#4. 2:23 more closed in placement and throat shaping, but not too tense for Taeil. 2:39 A4 to B4 for Sandeul, very well placed and resonant but too much chestiness. 2:40 ~ 2:54 Ken’s throat is very closed throughout, the tightest of the the 4. 3:00 good transitions into his head voice, even though the vibrato was a bit wobbly and he fell flat at 3:09. Overall they all did as expected, no decline and no improvement.”

      As for The Road, it was as he does usually, so pretty good. Do you have any specific questions about it?


    1. We didn’t forget to analyze iKON. We have rules and we follow them. Please check our future analyses list. We don’t analyze voices, we analyze how they use their voices within vocal technique. iKON debuted in 2015, we aren’t analyzing any vocalists who debuted that late yet due to lack of material so please be patient.


      1. Also I wanna know slightly about Junhoe although I know you’ll analyze him in the future. many ikonic love Junhoe’s husky voice, while a lot of people say he’s using his throat. Is he supported?


      2. I see…and as the rules, you’ll analyze half of vocalists from a group, what ikon member is the most possible for you to analyze beside Junhoe? (I can’t see any other of them except for Junhoe)


  7. Just a ‘for fun’ question, but if you could sing with any Kpop singer who would you choose? Also, if you could create a collaboration between any Kpop singers (regardless of their rating) who would you want to collaborate? For example, I think a duet between Kyuhyun & Soyhang would be pretty neat!


    1. I would love to hear Ailee and Sandeul singing together, and I would love to sing with Shannon and Sandeul. lol Oh and John Park, D.O., Dia, Ailee, Taeyeon, Luna, Lina…yknow why not be greedy? lol


  8. Good day! I was hoping if you could do a little review of this performance by Kihyun of Monsta X. I am not sure if you already saw this performance, but if you did I am sorry to disturb you.


    Thank you in advance and keep up the amazing work. You deserve to be rewarded for all these analyses.


    1. This song is really repetitive. Vocally it’s not much that’s happening, it’s pretty much F3 ~ F4 ~ A4, with like one G4 at 3:05 or something. Pushed, even the F4’s throughout sounded kind of tight and shiny. 3:00 ish I also noticed a laryngeal vibrato. He sounds kind of not opened in general, his larynx doesn’t seem to be in a more neutral position and he doesn’t seem relaxed. I’m not sure it’s a live performance cause these international ones are often pre recorded, but even though it’s an easy song in general, apart from pitch and some support, he doesn’t show particularly strong approaches to his singing with placement or support.


      1. I am not going to give ratings to vocalists before they’re analyzed, I’m sorry. Also your English is fine, you have nothing to apologize for. Since DK and Seungkwan questions are pretty common, I’m going to copy-paste my usual answers and add on 3 of the videos you asked about onto it:

        “The gap between DK and Seungkwan is pretty noticeable. They both have support, they both have clean clear support in their voices, which already sets them apart from every other vocalist in Seventeen. None of the other ones can support almost at all, only DK and Seungkwan have that managed and learned. The difference between them is that DK sings within a narrower range and doesn’t usually mix very high. He stays within a pretty narrow range and tends not to strain too much because the higher notes are given to Seungkwan but in the following examples I’ll show you, you’ll hear the difference. The difference is DK seems to have a slightly better lower range than DK, with a bit more support but his support is indeed limited only up to F#4, above that he becomes tight, shouty and strained. Whereas Seungkwan maintains a lot more support and a better more opened approach up to F#4 and even above, up to G#4. Now that is also enhanced by the fact that DK is unable to produce resonance whereas Seungkwan produces it quite consistently. So the gap between them is pretty clear, Seungkwan has better technique than DK without a doubt. Now whomever you like more, that’s up to you and entirely up to you. People have some sort of problem with objectively saying someone is better than someone else and confusing that with liking someone more than someone else. If the other people you know like DK more, that’s fine. That’s a preference, not an objective acknowledgment of vocal skill and I hope you all know this.

        I remember Ryeowook mentioned something about DK singing a part of the song correctly in pitch that Ryeowook couldn’t get right in studio. 0:40 that was a loud breath into the microphone lol It startled me a bit. 0:51 quick Bb2, not good but just noting. The rest is above F3, he sounds comfortable aside from some nasality. I hear some more airiness than before but it’s just for the sake of the song. 1:23 quick G4, tight. 1:27 that F4 was tighter than it needed to be. 1:30 his mouth is not opened enough, his jaw is locked and he’s not allowing it to drop to open up his singing more. His falsetto transitions aren’t bad, but there’s a noticeable drop in tone quality. His G4’s all sound tight throughout the choruses, which again isn’t news to me. 1:50 I hear more support here on those F4’s, 1:53 shouted but better jaw position. His pitch is more or less correct throughout. 2:41 2:43 2:44 he tries WAY too hard for those G4’s, they shouldn’t be as hard as he makes them sound like they are for him. He needs to relax and open up, those are just G4’s for him, that’s not supposed to be that difficult. This song has too many G4’s for him, that’s not song I’d like to hear from him. I’d rather hear Seungkwan singing this cause he could handle the G4’s. 3:45 That was really strained, he just shouted that Bb4. He knew though, that it wasn’t comfortable for him. The rest of the song he sounds tired like this song was a lot of work and he’s pushing his way through the rest of it.

        Seungkwan is singing in quite a comfortable range for him, 0:52 slight tightness around those G#4’s because of the vowel he was singing, but he sounds relaxed and supported throughout his part. Woozi sounds a bit too thin, a bit too airy. Even though he’s singing softly, he is using his throat a lot more than fully relying on his vocal cords in order to sing. I am not sure who’s singing the most in the chorus, but they’re singing up to G#4, I’m going to guess Seungkwan is the one handling it because it sounds like him. 1:49 DK sounds just fine as well for now, he sounds relaxed, this is a comfortable key where he can support comfortable. 2:11 and he used falsetto instead of mixing the G#4’s, which kept him from straining his voice in this range. Junghwan and Joshua also have the same issues as Woozi, with using their throats too much even within a reasonably low range due to lack of support. 3:08 his voice is kind of stuck in his throat and nose, which make him unable to project and maintain the pitch. 3:26 tension in this range, DK sounds tight up there above G4 but it’s not too bad. He likes to use his falsetto. 3:53 tightness on the Ee vowel, but that’s usual for most vocalists. 4:09 closed throat C5, very tight, high larynx. I mean reasonably speaking, within the lower part of the song, DK and Seungkwan did relatively well, Seungkwan can handle singing up to G#4. The rest of the members still lack true support, but that’s been established before.

        SeungKwan controls his voice really well when singing softly, that was pretty relaxed and stable, the beginning. 1:05 slightly tight in that part. That is a very comfortable one octave range, F#3 ~ F#4 for the most part, 2:19 A4 with some tension, he cracked shortly after so he might not have been well warmed up prior to this. He has very stable support throughout. 2:40 ish around that after, he has good placement. 2:50 good placement, but a bit pushed out. In the second clip he is singing airy and soft on purpose, but he is complete in control of his voice, he has very good pitch overall. His transitions into falsetto are nice too.

        Fifth time I’m asked about this.. lol
        I’ve seen this video before, it was shown to me. Both of them have very nice and forward tones, very nicely supported, some strain and tension happens in the higher parts but they can switch well enough into their falsettos. Their lower ranges are a bit overly quiet below E3 but they can carry some tone, they are at least average vocalists though so they’re definitely stronger than Kahi, Jungah or Lizzy.

        Say Yes: 0:14 that’s where the E3 was supposed to be in the line but he didn’t really sing it, otherwise aside from it being a whisper for probably stylistic reasons, he sounds nice, relaxed, supported. 0:17 Eb3 was supposed to come. 0:22 C3, all of those were just whispers of air. It’s very likely that that’s how he wants to sing this song, for stylistic reasons. 0:27 DK did it too. 0:32 a bit closed in that line but it was probably because of the Aye vowel, many people have issues with that. 0:47 The G4’s sound supported but he sounds tired compared to the other performance. 0:52 ~ 0:59 nasal unsupported falsetto for DK. 1:03 Pushed high larynx D5 falsetto for Seungkwan. 1:07 these sounded better, just for those lines. 1:17 throaty falsetto for Seungkwan. 1:26 Seungkwan’s falsetto is less airy than DK’s, but there’s more grittiness. 1:29 slightly shaky with the pitch, the run wasn’t that bad though. 1:51 lowkey the pre-chorus is my favorite part of this song. lol 1:58 still supporting those fatigued G4’s. 2:02 that transition needs to be smoothed out. 2:12 that G4 quick but supported, Seungkwan supports his G4’s quite well even when tired. 3:03 more air than tone for DK, the run was pitchy. 3:06 here he has more tone but that was just a pushed high larynx chest dominant strained mix up to that Bb4 A4 G4. The rest is just the usual falsetto, airiness is all I hear which is arguably stylistic cause it fits the overall mood of the song but it doesn’t excuse the pitchy runs. 3:48 is one of them.

        지친하루: 0:31 whispered D3’s, the lowest note Seungkwan hit so far. Otherwise he just sounds generally soft intentionally but the support is all there. 0:36 airy soft Bb2, kind of sounds like this is definitely too low for him, same as the C3’s. They’re both tenors so this next part is definitely too low for DK, 0:56 there was a quick F2 there and the rest was a lot of whispered G2’s and his tone only really starts to appear around Bb2. 0:59 D3 that’s where the support starts to happen, finally. I feel like I heard Sungjae singing this before. 1:23 whispered F2, this is way too low, even most averagely trained baritones would have issues singing this well. *Looks it up* Yup Changsub and Sungjae sang this before too and Sungjae did fair better in that section since he is a baritone. His E3’s and D3’s are really nice though, very forward and well placed in his chest. This is just too low..he cute though. lol 1:38 nice harmonies, well blent. 1:47 nice connection of placement and support up to that E4, not very challenging but it’s already nice. 2:17 slightly more opened than DK but both did nice. 2:30 here’s the strain, A4, too high for Seungkwan to support well but that’s no news to me. I’d not give DK notes above F#4 or Seungkwan above G#4. 2:50 nice blending and harmonies. 3:02 here’s the tightness and strain on G4’s for DK. 3:12 nice Eb4. 3:35 that unison A4, very tight for both of them. 3:43 breaking up into harmony, this one was less clean than their other ones but not bad. I think DK might have the better lower range of the two.

        Beautiful Tomorrow: 0:30 ~ 1:11 the lowest note he sang was Eb3 which is fairly high actually. He didn’t really sing in a low range at all. I’ve heard him singing lower before, I believe the lowest I’ve heard Seungkwan sing is G2 or so, so this is nothing actually compared to how much lower he’s sung already. 1:12 there was a quick Bb2 there, but it was kind of whispered and airy. Down to Eb3 he did just fine, he didn’t show any drop of support that didn’t seem to be partially stylistic. Eb3 does seem like the lowest he can support. Up to 2:00 in the chorus all he sang was up to G4, he seems a bit tired because there’s a slight rough crackly quality in his voice, but when it comes to support Eb3 ~ G4 is a known range for him of support. He sounds fine throughout up to the end of the second chorus at 3:04. The run right after that was a bit pitchy. 3:00 he was a bit too rough but the G4’s before that Eb4 were really nice, then 3:11 he hit G#4, and despite the closed vowel he did carry good support up there. The runs right after were more precise than the last one but he lacks the control. 3:41 He went from G4 to G#4, to Bb4 and then up to C5 in that portion where he closed his throat and showed more tension in his throat. From Eb3 ~ G#4 he did pretty well though. 4:32 he pushed his larynx down a bit there for that Eb3, so perhaps Eb3/E3 is where his support might end. I don’t hear anything new in this cover that I haven’t heard before, it’s the same Seungkwan which is good that he’s remaining consistent with opened well placed G4’s and supported G#4’s but no improvement thus far.

        I shall not reveal any ratings before they’re analyzed. Please check our future analyses list as well, since I believe Seventeen debuted in 2015, which means they could be analyzed in 2017.”

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    1. 0:40 0:43 a couple of flat notes. I am hearing a “pretty” singing approach. Lots of breathiness, lots of soft whispering. She’s not really connecting her vocal cords. 1:35 too much jaw movement. She sounds relaxed relatively, but she’s not the vocalist with the most technically correct approach in dream catcher from what I’ve heard.


  9. I’m really curious to know your opinion about Lea Michele’s vocal technique. I know this isn’t related to kpop but I really wanted to ask you 😛


  10. Hi,

    Again, thank you for all the amazing work that you guys have done! I really enjoy reading through your blog.
    Would you guys mind taking a look at this video and see who seems to have support and who does not if possible? And what are the notes at 2:03? I really appreciate it.

    I hope you have a great day!


    1. Since this video doesn’t include their lyrics with their names on them, could you let me know the names before I answer? ^ ^ Also thank you for your support!


      1. Wow, thank you for your quick response!
        From left to right of the thumbnail photo: Yoon Heeseok (two color shirt), Seo Sung Hyuk (red shirt), Jeong Dong Soo (dark red shirt with chocker), and Lee Keon Hee (black and white shirt with black scarf). Hope this helps! Thank you so much!


      2. Okay so Heeseok, Sunghyuk, Dongsoo and Keonhee. Actually I just noticed their names are at the top whenever the camera focuses on them, my bad. lol You didn’t have to send your comment in twice, I just left it unapproved cause it was late last night and I couldn’t respond until now, so I didn’t want to forget to respond.

        Heesuk whispered a lot of his lower notes, 0:39 he forgot his lyrics, F4 is too low for him to be in his falsetto. Sunghyuk doesn’t really seem to have a very good sense of support either. Dongsoo doesn’t either. Honestly none of them seem to support very well, they are all fairly breathy and shallow. I am surprised they’re singing this BoA song, cause I absolutely love it. lol Gunhee was also fairly shallow and breathy in the verse, but then they started to use more tone towards the chorus, 1:29 but nonetheless I just hear shallowness for all of them. This is kind of why I don’t like answering questions about PD101 because they are not guaranteed to debut and most of them don’t have the basics of technique at all, so to constantly answer questions about many guys without proper technique who will not debut, it’s a bit tiring. 2:02 Bb4 A4 for Heesuk, Gunhee hit F4, neither of them show any form of support. They’re both in their throats, use too much air pressure and airiness to guide their vocal cords. I wouldn’t say any of them knows how to support correctly nor place their voices outside of their noses or throat, so unfortunately none of them seem to grasp the basics of vocal technique just yet and that’s not their fault if all their instructors focus on is how high they can sing regardless of how it’s done.


  11. Sorry, I didn’t notice that my comment was actually still there waiting for approval until I posted the second one (My dorm’s internet is quite shaking last night). I also didn’t know that you don’t like answering the Pd101 question. Sorry about that as well. Thank you so much for your reply! I like this song of BoA as well (actually listen to the japanese version way before I know she has a korean version lol!)
    Have a great weekend and thank you for all your hard work!


  12. Hey, I am back with some more questions. Sorry if it’s a lot and thanks in advance for answering!
    1. During WIN (the survival show) Nam Taehyun was training by lying down and having someone step on his diaphragm while he was singing. Do you think it’s a good vocal practice or would it just cause issues with straining his voice?
    2. With Jung Daehyun from B.A.P, he mentioned that he used to drink a lot of alcohol during their hiatus and that really negatively affected his singing. Does alcohol affect a person’s vocal chords? And can you hear any strain due to alcohol still present in his voice now that he’s stopped drinking? I’ve seen your video explaining why people’s voices crack but I was just wondering if it could have been a factor as to why his voice has been cracking more often lately.
    3. Vixx’s Ken has been performing in musicals lately, do you think it’s helped hone his vocal skills like it did for Sandeul and Yoseob? Especially with musicality.
    4. Do you think the 7 year curse for girl groups has anything to do with them straining their vocals to sing high notes? Or anything to do with the trend in K-pop where girl group vocals are usually very high pitched?
    5. Can singers recover from years of straining their voice? If they can, are there lasting effects that can’t just heal with rest?
    6. When you’re analyzing a singer’s vocal technique, do you go through all the notes one by one while listening to their lives (radio lives, not stage lives) looking for strain? If not, how do you do it?


    1. 1. If you have a book to remind you to breathe into your diaphragm and to keep it expanded, it’s good. This whole weight on the abs thing is really counter-effective. It will cause him to push and be really pressuring to the body.
      2. Yes, alcohol dries up the vocal cords so if you don’t hydrate, don’t warm up properly and you strain through drunk-singing then it can damage the vocal cords. The strain he has has always been there, so it’s nothing new to me. It could be a factor yes cause he might be more fatigued and damaged.
      3. Tbh musicals helping vocalists improve their singing is kind of a myth too. It didn’t help Key, or Leo, now did it? It’s not 100% guaranteed or even there is no correlation with singing musicals and improving your singing. Taking lessons improves singing, not being in a musical.
      4. 7 year curse? You mean they disband after 7 years? I don’t think that’s related to singing at all.
      5. They can, but I know of some people who have recovered from vocal abuse but never fully to the same state they were in before abuse. Like some notes just never came back.
      6. I listen to them singing in general and whenever I start to hear tension, or issues with breathing, I pinpoint where the note is to find out where they start to strain. It’s more than just supported range though.


  13. So if someone (like for example Mariah Carey) was a great or excellent vocalist in their prime and now clearly has declined, was it because they strained during their youth? Even though they had a wide supported range they spent too much time yelling in the unsupported range? Or as they aged they stopped doing vocal exercises or warming up and therefore did more vocal damage? Whitney Houston damaged her voice (and general health) due to drugs/bad lifestyle but how would a formerly great/excellent vocalist decline when there wasn’t such an obvious issue? Like it’s obvious to see why someone like Christina Augilera would decline since she strained so much but why would a much more skilled vocalist decline?
    (Maybe Mariah Carey had substance abuse issues in the past and that explains it; I don’t know the details of her personal life)


      1. Hi Ahmin, in celebration of FT Island’s 10 year anniversary, do you think you’d consider doing a follow-up of Lee Hongki? He’s recently being treated for throat cysts, and even with an untrained here, it sounds like it is affecting his abilities, particularly at the bridge of their new title track. ~3:39-4:10


      2. Follow up? What do you mean by follow up? Re-analyzing him? We update analyses if there’s anything new to note, but we don’t re-analyze a vocalist unless an analysis is really improperly written. 2:44 There’s pushing but I hear support still carried up to A4. Those higher notes 3:50 onward are Bb4’s and C5’s, which he’s never supported and he is actually handling them better than I’d expect him to.


  14. What do you think about Shinhwa ? I really want to know your opinions about Hyesung, Dongwan and Minwoo. Since 1998, they had so many amazing Shinhwa’s songs and also their solo songs. Hope you will make an analysis about them ^^


    1. As you see in our future analyses list, Hyesung’s name is already there. What I think about them is unfortunately not generally positive, which is why I’ve been pushing the analysis back. They’re a well respected group but they come from the 90’s where the vocal training system wasn’t established and they just picked guys with pretty voices who had enough range, but not necessarily any basis of technique and that happens to be true for H.O.T., G.O.D., Shinhwa, etc. Except Kim Taewoo worked on his technique throughout the years, but I’m not sure I can say the same for Hyesung nor Kangta. You’ll find once they’re analyzed though. ^ ^ I hope you look forward to that.


  15. Hey could you do an analysis of Yoon Mi Rae, I like the sound of her voice bur don’t know jack about technique and the like, thankd


  16. I know you’re probably sick of all the Produce 101 related questions, but I was just wondering if Youngmin is a tenor or baritone. Reference:
    Singing (it’s less than a minute long so I don’t know if you’ll be able to tell):
    Rap (just in case, but I don’t know if it’ll be useful):
    If you can’t tell or are too busy, then I’m sorry for bothering you. 😦 If you can, thank you!


    1. I’m not sure tbh, but he seems more like an untrained tenor to me. It’s hard to tell cause he’s never really dipping into his chest voice and he’s kind of heady in his mix above F4, but he doesn’t seem to be mixing much in the rest of the fourth octave. I’m really not sure.


    1. I hear support and nasality, she just lacks maturity in her singing throughout. The key doesn’t sit well in her voice, it’s not high enough.


  17. I’ve always had this question in mind but never asked it. Do the vocalists know all these technique points or they just sing ? I mean, they obviously took singing classes to get to that level (I’m talking about the skilled one) but do they know like the names and exactly what they’re doing ?

    Also, do bad technique makes you not like a singer ? Because I guess there are many things like voice “colour” and stuff that aree different from a singer to another. I’m really curious about that and what’s more important in singing from your point of view.

    From what I’ve seen, a lot of vocal coaches are not that good and don’t have that much knowledge in vocal technique. So a lot of singers seem to don’t know how singing and technique works. Are there like graduates to teach singing ?

    Oh and sorry if I made some faults, I’m quite unsure about my English~


    1. I’m pretty sure some know some aspects of it, many might know the very basics of it all but a good majority simply just sing. Bad technique doesn’t necessarily affect ones subjective taste in who they want to listen to. To me, technique is very important but to like a singer they just have to have good songs. There are degrees to teach singing but the qualifications vary. Your English is fine btw!


  18. Hi, I was really curious of Haseul’s vocal technique (the vocalist performing). Haseul is a member of Loona (Haseul is most likely the main vocalist of the group), a 12 member girl group set to debut in early 2018.

    One Year of training under Block Berry Creative Ent.- (Studio Ver.) / (Live Ver.),


    1. That’s a lot of videos sent at once, we usually don’t answer studio questions but for the other two videos:

      Let Me In:
      “Haseul from LOONA, the group that’s yet to debut? Mostly I hear a bit of nasality, a lot of airiness, a flat note right here at 0:43. She is mostly relaxed, singing with a lot of air and falsetto. I don’t hear proper support at any point when she sings higher cause all she’s doing is singing in an airy falsetto. B3 ~ D5 range throughout I believe. 1:30 unsupported B4, possibly mixed but airy.”

      The Starry Night:
      “Haseul is more connected and makes more effort to stay that way than Hyunjin but she’s mostly shallow.”


  19. Hi~~~ what do you think about his vocal? He is sechskies member kang sung hoon. I hope you can analyse his vocal soon. Thanks^^


  20. Hi, is it possible for u to analyze Hwang Chiyeul, he is my favourite solo singer at the moment, plus a vocal trainer during his 9 years of being unknown. I really want to know his vocal range and whether he can support most of his performances. How long does it take for a review? No rush here 🙂


  21. Hello just wanted to ask if you could tell me about Eungsung from TheEastLight technique and any other info about him. Here are I hope some okay videos of his singing
    1) this ones recent so I picked it but there’s a lot of echo, hope that’s okay
    I’ve noticed he gets out of breath sometimes.

    2) here’s a clearer one if there’s too much echo in the first:

    3) just added this one because I think he uses a lower tone and maybe it can tell more about his technique or something (warning he throw the thing he’s holding)


    1. Hi there! I can’t say I’ve ever heard of him. He has that kind of light, nasal, bright, mixy, slightly breathy and high larynx-y style. Very common amongst some lighter R&B vocalists, especially ones who like Mariah Carey. Kwon Soonil of Urban Zakapa has a very similar style, as well as G.Soul. His runs aren’t too bad, they lack flow but the pitch isn’t bad. 0:53 high larynx closed throat A4’s, he tenses up his throat a lot more than he needs to. The second video is better because the echo is really masking a lot of his issues. In One Call Away I can hear his lack of breathing better, his slightly wobbly vibrato. He sounds sort of feminine, because of how he places his sound and how lightly he sings. 0:54 he is already closing his throat around F4 in One Call Away. He has a very nice voice, generally pretty good rhythm and pitch but he favors this kind of style and that’s how he sings. Slightly too bright, slightly too closed. Don’t is better than the rest because he sounds a lot less tight and I hear a lot more consistent support throughout. Eb3’s he is already pushing his larynx down. I looked them up and I am so glad cause they look like toddlers. LOL They were all born between 2000 and 2003 and that makes a lot of sense by how they look. lol


  22. Hi! so I’ve got a few questions (more like a lot lol) about some stuff so i hope u can answer them! but before I start spouting a whole lot of questions, I’d just like to rlly thank u for this blog. It’s really helped me to understand vocal technique better!
    1. As I’ve learnt from this blog to get a good vocal technique its not about talent but hard work and practice. So from this information how do u explain this (i’m sorry if i don’t make sense); I’ve noticed some idols who have had much shorter training periods or a shorter time in the industry than others but they actually own much better vocal technique. Like with exo i know that chen and baekhyun trained for 4 or something months, but they r still the best vocalists in exo (along with kyungsoo), however suho trained for 7 yrs. And like Taeyeon has been in the industry for 10yrs, but wendy nearly matches her technique with taeyeon’s, when shes been in the industry for only 3yrs. Is this just becuz they train harder, or is it because of something else??
    2. Does singing live (with dancing) badly (as in not stable) mean u r a bad vocalist?? becuz I believe it doesn’t but as u probably know many people in the kpop fandom believe it to be so. (this question was for twice since everyone was bashing them saying they couldn’t sing when, what i heard form jihyo was pretty decent)
    3. does jungyeon from twice support?
    4. Do u think playing a musical instrument helps in anyway to enhance ur vocal technique
    5. how big is Baekhyun from exo’s resonance? (sorry if this isn’t the correct language)
    6. Is it true that rose from blackpink becomes rlly nasal to produce her unique sound?
    7. What do u believe is the blackpink vocal ranking? (if u cant rank them without an analysis then that’s ok)
    8. What male and female group do u think has the best overall vocal line? (not including all the members, but just the vocal line)
    9. And a last fun question, who is ur bias group and who is ur ultimate bias?
    Ok that’s all (i know it was a lot) sorry if this was too much^^ In my family im known to be the one who always asks questions lol. Thank you again for your hard work!


    1. 1. Hard work is not the same thing as years of practice. 7 years of improper practice won’t help you improve as much as 4 months of correct practice.
      2. No, I’ve made a video about this already on my YouTube channel.
      3. Yes.
      4. Not really.
      5. I can’t really measure someone’s resonance.
      6. That’s partially true and also something addressed in my YouTube videos.
      7. I’m sorry but I can’t answer.
      8. Well logically The Grace or Davichi and SuJu KRY.
      9. I’m not sure I like to use the word bias so loosely. I don’t have an ultimate bias, I like many people for different reasons. I have a special spot for SHINee and SNSD because I’ve followed them for almost 10 years.

      Were my answers enough? Do check the debunking vocal myths series!


      1. Wow that was really fast! ur answers were perfect! I didn’t know u had a YouTube series! lol I should have checked first, definitely checking it out! Thank you again.


  23. Hi Ahmin, first of all I wanted to thank you for your great patience in replying to every single comment, I really appreciate what you do for all of us. 🙂
    Since this is a song you also recently covered, I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on Pentagon’s Jinho’s cover of Wild Flower by Park Hyoshin:


    1. I watched this before actually!
      “I do hear tongue tension actually, throughout. But I wouldn’t say he was trying to emulate Park Hyoshin at all. It’s just his usual issue. I think this song is too high and a climax on C5, I don’t expect a single male idol to handle that well in the original key.”


  24. Hi~
    I really like your blog and appreciate your work
    Could you please make a little review of Up10tion’s Hwanhee? Just this performance


    1. 0:29 Around E3 support is nicely present and he is connecting well. 0:33 C3 I hear a drop of support. 0:45 He seems nervous, his vibrato is kind of wobbly. 0:56 F4’s are supported. 0:59 ~ 1:01 A4’s and G4’s, pushed and I’d say he’s straining around there, though the reverb from KoMS hides it. 1:21 he pushes a lot when he goes up higher. 1:31 not badly placed G#4’s, but it’s just really pushy and a bit too throaty. 1:42 really shouty, really pushed C5. He supports well up to F4, I can’t say for F#4 in this cause he only sang G4’s and F4’s and not in between. This was actually one of his best vocal performances, that I’ve heard so far.


  25. Hi there, thanks again for all these amazing analyses that helped me understanding a lot of things.

    Recently, I’ve been trying to recognize a supported note and a non supported one. But I still lack a lot.

    In this video, does the girl on the right supports ? Especially at 1:31 ? If I’m right this is a D5, but it sound a bit pushed. She hits a short E5 right after but I don’t think it is supported, just strained et pushed.

    Thank you in advance !


    1. Yoohyeon has some sense of support developed, but it can be inconsistent and she can at times be shallow. Those two notes are definitely quite strained indeed.


    1. I’ve seen it before:
      “This version of TT makes it feel and sound more like a song you can actually sing and focus on singing. It’s a lower key too, it’s smoother, it’s in a comfortable range and only goes up to B4 so she wasn’t struggling to sing outside a range where she can support. It’s a nice performance, it will be nice to use it for her analysis.”


  26. Hello! I know this is out of nowhere, but I am thinking of joining a singing contest if I get possessed and I really want to know what key did Joy sang the “Naneun nabi” of YB. Here’s the clip just in case and she sings at 0:41. Thank you so much! I just need the key, and if you know a good software where I can change the key of the original instrumental, I would be eternally grateful (Audacity is not doing me any good for the (past hour 😥 ).


    1. Hi there! I hope you do try out for this contest and good luck to you! So the peak note in the chorus is D5, in the original key the peak note is G#4 and the key is B Major. So that would make this key the key of F Major. What do you mean Audacity is not doing you any good?


      1. Thank you so much for that! As for my conflict with Audacity, I have been trying to change the key using that change pitch option and I can’t really get the key I want (I can’t really understand most of the things I’ve been trying, I was just playing everything by the ear). I really hope I can join the contest and not chicken out at the last moment 😥 Thanks once again! ^^


  27. Hi, can i ask something?
    What do think about this performance?

    Sorry maybe this isn’t related to kpop idol or professional singer and sorry for my bad english


    1. Since it’s not exactly about a vocalist we’d analyze, I’ll just copy-paste a short answer: “Mhmm I swear I’ve seen this video before. Yes he’s a darker tenor, he pushes too much in the upper notes like around Bb4 and such, below that he’s not bad.”


  28. Hi, is that high larynx at the 3:50 mark? I have a hard time understanding what the use of high and low larynx sound like. Also, does she sound like a mezzo or a soprano?

    And if you feel like it can you give me an example and time stamp of someone either lowering their larynx while singing or hitting a very low note properly?
    Thanks in advance!


    1. Yes it is. Have you seen the vocal tips on how to eliminate airiness and sing lower notes? I have examples there. Oh Jungin is definitely a soprano.


  29. If they were a real idol girl group would it make them a strongest vocally idol girl group in history ? lol i was watching old videos and suddenly realized this thing :”D


  30. I heard people arguing that Miley Cyrus is a lyric soprano with an outstanding lower register. To be honest I don’t agree with that same thing with Lana del rey which I don’t know much about her but Again I feel like no what you think about that ?


    1. Miley Cyrus has a lower placed voice. I think Rihanna is a soprano who places her sound low, but Miley, much like Sara Bareilles, Beyoncé, P!nk, Jojo, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and Adele, is a mezzo.


    1. I personally don’t hear a big difference, if anything she seems slightly out of breath so she’s pushing a bit harder than usual and I hear more tongue tension than usual but that’s it.


  31. Hello, I’m not sure if you do analysis for bands, but if you do can you give a brief analysis on Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun-woo.
    Here are some videos:

    Thank you.


  32. Hello! I think you answered a question regarding LOONA a while back, in which the commenter said that Haseul was most likely the main vocalist. There’s still a lot of debate as to who the main vocalist will be, but I think it’s more likely to be Heejin: (I think the strange rasp? twang? was more for effect than her actual vocal style).

    Liked by 1 person

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