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*Vocalists who have left their groups will be included within their groups’ lists if they were analyzed when they were still members of their groups.

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Lee Hyun (Former member of 8Eight)



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      1. would you mind giving an update on the rewrite? I read the other EXO posts here and found them very insightful, as well as the old post on D.O.


      2. There’s nothing for me to update you on, I’m sorry. It’s not my analysis, I don’t really know the status of it right now but it should be posted this month.


  1. Hi! I know that this is really random and probably out of place (and if you don’t have the time, I don’t mind if you don’t address it), but how would you rate the 1D members’ singing?

    These are a few examples:

    Nothing specific, just a few comments or observations that you may have made. And I know that with only a few performances that it’ll be hard to tell, but thank you so much!


    1. I’m sorry but we only answer video questions regarding artists/vocalists we are going to analyze in the future and we’re not analyzing non-Kpop artists. I apologize.


  2. hello pls make one for blackpink! all of them have good vocals!

    btw thank you for your analyses! im going to do an edit out of these 😍


    1. Technically this isn’t a vocalist we’ll analyze, but it is sort of K-pop so I’ll give a brief answer. That last note was an F#4, which for him as what it seems like to be a baritone voice, is pretty high. It wasn’t well executed, I hear tightness and tension in his throat though. Which is okay, cause F#4 is hard. I think up to maybe E4 or F4 he wasn’t doing bad, he is not a bad vocalist but he’s not going viral for his singing alone so…this show usually has people going viral for the wrong reasons, like the many Naul imitators who can sort of sound like him while singing as high as him but with subpar technique and strain most of what they sing.


      1. yea because it was in a kpop show i had a bit of hope you might answer me and you did haha thank you! by the way im curious, have you decided which vocalist from your future analysis list you will analyze next? im looking forward to got7’s youngjae, do you happen to know if he is a baritone or a tenor?


      2. Oh I’m going to keep analyzing the other 2014 debuts. So GOT7’s Youngjae and JB, but first Suhyun. Also Youngjae is most certainly a tenor.


    1. This is really your sister? I mean she doesn’t sound bad, she has an accent and that gets a bit in the way but not too much. She has a head voice, pretty good pitch. Her voice sounds too young, so she the upper head voice notes sound pushed and a bit shrill. Sometimes her voice is just too light because it’s so young, it lacks fulness or maturity but that’s not her fault. Oh she didn’t do the run at the end, mhmm this is not bad. Her head voice just needs to be developed more in terms of maturity, placement and tone quality, but not bad at all.


      1. Yes she could be and she already sounds like she has a lot of potential uncovered and a lot more to be uncovered.


    1. I don’t know who Brendon Urie is by name although he sounds familiar. Josh Groban should be much more than average but I honestly don’t know.


  3. iKON’s Junhoe please! He’s one of the most powerful and stable vocals i’ve ever heard. Personally, best voice in the whole Korea’s music industry! Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous! He’s far too perfect❤️


    1. He’s already included in our future analyses list, so please refer to that page when making requests. ^ ^ He debuted in 2015, so he won’t be analyzed anytime soon. Also if I may, I hope you don’t resent us if his analysis isn’t favorable due to technical reasons. From what I’ve heard of him, his technique isn’t very good so I just don’t wish for you to be upset if when the analysis comes out, the result isn’t as high as you’d expect. >_< We will most certainly analyze him objectively and give a very good explanation as to how he uses his voice, in technique.


  4. Will there be an analysis of SE7EN? 🙂 really would like to know about it. How he is doing as a singer with singing technics nd so on 🙂


    1. Please check our future analyses page when making requests, his name is already there. Since he hasn’t been active in the industry in a while, he won’t be analyzed soon unfortunately.


    1. Stable is one of my pet peeve words. lol Mhmm I don’t hear a change in their technique, the chorus is really high for them. You should’ve posted this question on 100%’s analyses, as it’d be more relevant there for fans who seek to know more about their current singing.


  5. Was there any k-pop group that really stood out to you (vocally) when you heard them for the first time? Like MAMAMOO or a group like that?


  6. I can’t see the future analyses for some reason, I don’t know why…
    Can you please analyse DK from Seventeen?
    Thank you for always being objective, I love reading your analyses!!


      1. Ahmin. Wendy’s analysis is done. I guess taeyeon’s aporoach in singing is better than wendy but based on wendy’s analysis she has a better low and head voice than taeyeon. Who do you think is better between the two proficient singer?


  7. Thank you so much for your hard work, I read the future analyses list and I’m looking forward to Topp Dogg and Twice members vocal analyse. I hope that, in a future, you can analyse SF9 members, obviously not now since they just debuted. They have 5 vocalists, but I would suggest Kim Inseong and Yoo Taeyang.


  8. I don’t need a response or anything, I just wanted you all to know that I love you all and this page. Talk about dedication! These long, in-depth, and detailed analysis. AND you respond to comments ASAP. Awesomeness. This page really helps me with my evaluations and to clarify what I’m hearing. So, thank you and I look forward to all the new and/or updated reviews!

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  9. Hello! I hope you are all warm and cozy for the winter that’s waiting around the corner! ^_^ This might seem like a silly question but what’s the differences between Light lyric/Lyric/Full lyric/etc? Also, if this is not too much ^^;;, how do you determine someone’s voice type? Is it the range they are most comfortably singing in, or are there other factors you have to consider?


    1. Well hi there! It’s not as cold in here as where you are but thank you for lovely wishes. We will be as warm as possible. Well it’s hard to say, lyric is a subtype of the voice, lyric, spinto, dramatic and such are all subtypes, except lyric is divided into light and full for sopranos and for tenors as well, as far as I’m informed. So mezzos, basses, baritones and contraltos are just lyrics. As for light and full lyric, it has to do with the size of their instrument as well as the thickness of the vocal cords, how mature they sound and how loud they naturally are. It usually has to do with tone quality and volume. If you think about it, there could be alternative full and light lyrics for other voice types, like me for an example or Sungjae or Youngjae, we are all more like a light lyric baritone tone quality than say someone like Hwanhee, Hwang Chiyeol, Kim Jinho or John Park, who are heavier in tone and although still lyric voices, would be like the full lyric baritone if there was such a thing. So it doesn’t exist for baritones, but it’s that kind of a difference, it’s the weight of the voice.

      For voice types, you go for their passaggi. The easiest way to tell is when you hear a person mix or when they start to sing “high” within their own voice. So for an example many untrained sopranos sound like they’re struggling technically to sing around the A4 ~ C5 range many times, but if you listen to the quality of their voices, they don’t seem to be near a belting range JUST yet when they sing around G4 ~ Bb4, so they may sound strained but they can keep straining even as high as G5 at times. Now when you hear a mezzo, they’ll sound like they’re belting much lower, so if you hear SPICA’s Boa, EXID’s Hani or even Ali, their G4 ~ Bb4 range is a lot more belting like because that’s higher of a range in their voices than it is for a soprano, even untrained ones. Also listening to their lower ranges and seeing where their voice naturally lies. Now for mezzos and sopranos is harder cause their voices aren’t too far apart, but for baritones and tenors is easier. A tenor won’t sound like they’re belting until F#4/G4, even if their mix starts earlier than that. Whereas a baritone belts around D4/Eb4, I mean even lower it’s also their mix but you can hear the quality of their voices being quite a bit far apart. A baritone singing a G4 will sound much more like they’re at the top of their range than a tenor singing G4, because G4 is a lot closer to their mid belting range. So it’s to do with passaggi, where their voices transition naturally from chest to mix and from mix to head voice. It’s not do with where they’re comfortable, because comfortability often can be an illusion caused by lack of technique.


      1. Ah, Scandinavia is freezing around this time of the year ^^;; but still, hot chocolate is never a bad thing 🙂

        I see, so is it a correct assumption that depending on your subtype it might affect the agility of your voice? Or am I mixing it up with something else :v?

        If a singer trains their voice properly and expands their vocal range, will the passaggi change as well? I feel like they would change, not dramatically maybe, but a few semitones kinda? If so, wouldn’t it be more difficult to determine someone’s voice type?

        Thanks for your answers! They have helped with my curiosity tremendously ^^! Stay healthy! 😀


      2. Yes, to an extent lighter voices are better at runs whereas heavier voices have an easier time with sustaining notes. But that’s all technicalities and everything can be worked on and in the end, it doesn’t REALLY matter in pop music. The passaggi don’t change, the place where the mix voice starts is always the same, the only thing that changes is how easily you can sing through the passaggi. What you’re thinking is when the head voice NEEDS to happen or something like that, yeah that will change but the note of transition in the muscle coordination. So no, the voice type is still determinable regardless. ^ ^ You stay healthy too!


  10. Hello, may I ask if you could analyse Jinyoung’s performance in this video? In my opinion he sounded good, but I wanted to know if his technique was good. I wanted to find his voice analysis but I realised that it wasn’t up, so I commented this here (I’m sorry!)


    1. I’ve answered a question about this exact link already so I’ll copy-paste:

      “Actually Jinyoung was a considered analysis at one point in the past for me but he was barely ever requested, actually basically never. Because of that and because neither him nor CNU seem to have very good technique at all, I just kind of dropped them as analyses since nobody really requested them. Jinyoung seems to have a better airflow and stretch of his vocal cords, it’s less shallow than CNU’s but 1:24 2:43 his F4’s can sound really pushed, like he is using too much air pressure even this low and not supporting his voice properly at all. He is whiny when he gets that high as well, which again for a tenor is not high enough to present him with such a challenge. 3:27 F#4 or G4 and the run was messy, also parts like 3:34 3:42 where he lets go of support almost completely, 3:38 G4 pushed strained, he sounds really whiny. He sounds a lot more likely to be a weak or a weak to average vocalist. If he were to have been an average vocalist, I would’ve analyzed him already but because I felt he was going to end up lower than that, I just didn’t go through with the analysis. Sorry about that. Maybe someday in the future.”


    1. The lower part, the F3’s and that range, you sound like you’re pushing your larynx far too low and you need to relax more. You don’t need as much pressure in your throat to get the lower notes to project. The higher parts sounds a bit too airy, and a bit too nasal, 0:55 there’s far too much air coming through here. Your pitch is very good and your voice is quite pretty, but there’s just too much airiness and so you run out of air really quickly throughout. You need to work on fixing that, the amount of air you use needs to be re-evaluated.


      1. Is the rating all you care about? There’s more to the analyses than the rating. We don’t know vocalists’ final rating until their analyses are out. We can’t guess with a 100% certainty.


  11. I’m curious, since I know that Christina Aguilera and Ariana Grande are both overrated in terms of vocal technique, but are there any other western pop singers that are also often viewed as much better than they actually are?


    1. She sounds like she is too young. She is singing in English so she has an accent where her tongue is doing too much, she has tension like at 1:44 and 1:49 ~ 1:52, too much tongue. 1:59 same thing here and a couple of times throughout the performance. 2:11 throaty C5’s with too much tongue tension. 2:20 flat, not supported at all. She is too young so let’s hope with time and training she’ll have improved and removed some of these bad habits.


      1. I am a vocal instructor, not a psychic. I can’t see the the future dear, I wish I could. She could be anything from Jungah to Sohyang, that depends on her, not me.


    1. He is a stylistic singer who limits himself in range and style to suit his songs that are generally airy, within a relatively low range for a tenor in the mix, but not that low in the chest and he uses a lot of falsetto, has that distinct simple R&B style, without the belts but with some soft runs, and the jaw tension.


  12. Hi Ahmin, just wondering if you have heard of Lee Nu. If you youtube him, there are tonnes of material of him there. I always thought that he was pretty good live, so hopefully you can do an analysis on him 🙂


      1. From what i know, he is a vocal instructor in korea. On his youtube channel, he does a multitude of covers on korean pop songs. Recently he did a cover on Lost Stars with Ben and had a few singles released. I am not too sure exactly as well because i dont speak much korean and he doesnt seem to be well marketed.

        One of his singles:

        His youtube channel:
        리누 (LEENU)

        Thank you!


      2. He has a really nice voice, he has good placement but he lacks live material and isn’t a requested vocalist, it isn’t likely for us to analyze him, at least not for now. He wouldn’t be a priority. 1:05 strained Bb4’s, which doesn’t initially motivate me to analyze him.


      3. Oh i found a live video!

        But anyway thanks for the time in looking through the first one 🙂 i couldnt find a reply button below yr last comment so i had to reply here.

        I also wanna ask if there are instances where pop singers can possibly use a column voice (i.e. from diaphragm to chest to head) that classical vocalists do? I saw yr videos and it seems that only chest, head and mixed voice are used. I am learning classical singing and i want to negotiate the techniques there with pop singing.



      4. Classical vocalists sing with a healthy lowered position of the larynx, which creates a much larger column of sound and volume output. Which is how they sing without microphones but still project. I’m sorry but maybe I’m misunderstanding your question though what do you mean diaphragm? You mean it like diaphragm voice?


  13. Hello! I’m quite sure someone has shown you this video before, since it’s kind of popular, but I really don’t know where/how I would find that post. I was wondering what do you think about this performance/cover? I think Nayeon sings it better than Suzy did and the range is suitable for Chanyeol since he’s a baritone.


    1. I actually had not seen it. Her pitch is a lot better, she’s a lot less airy and a lot better controlled. He is too throaty, but indeed it fits a baritone’s voice a LOT better.


      1. Thanks for your reply! I have a few questions. What exactly does “throaty” mean and how is it recognizable? Also, when it comes to weak vocalists, how come their skill can still be so different?
        I know that Nayeon is probably not going to be rated very high from your previous comments and I’ve seen Jungkook (weak) on King of Mask Singer. They can be airy, not have much of a supported range, strain and all, but when they perform they still seem to “pull it off” to an untrained ear, while Suzy who’d, without a doubt, also be considered weak is clearly pitchy all over the place?


      2. Throaty …I have a terrible way to put it, but it sounds rough, pushed, forced. Very hoarse, like someone is really sick and is trying hard to speak with a lot of forcefulness…or if they’re heavy smokers, they have sort of a “throaty” quality. Now I’m not accusing anyone of being sick nor being smokers, but the quality of sound is similar to that. Throaty usually means hoarse, pushed and forceful. Weak vocalists can still be closer to supporting than others, be more relaxed than others, having better pitch. Everything is relative. Yes Suzy is without a doubt a weak vocalist, Nayeon is more likely to be weak to average though.


  14. Hi ahmin! Can i ask you to do vocal analysis for BTOB’s Im Hyunsik? I think his vocal’s technique is better than Changsub or sungjae for now. Thank you so much


    1. Hi there. Although I appreciate your comment, I ask that you please read our future analyses list before making requests like this, as the answer to this question could be found in that page. Unfortunately, Hyunsik has very damaging technique and sings almost entirely from his throat. We only analyze half of the vocalists of a group and only the half with the best technique. If Hyunsik had better technique than Sungjae and Changsub, he would have been analyzed already. He wasn’t analyzed because unfortunately he sings almost always entirely from his throat, with a lot of tension. He would most likely be rated as a weak vocalist, which is why he was not and will not be analyzed as analyzing him would be against our rules.


      1. Ah i’m sorry i didn’t read the future analysis before, my bad😅. Oohh so in the case of hyunsik, he just sang through his throat and show less support? And strain so much? I still don’t understand so much about vocal hahah.
        And ahmin, may i ask you to analyze my voice? I’m so curios about my voice, i feel like i’m straining so much when i sing a song, especially when the song goes high hahah. I don’t know if i’m nasal or not, and idk if i support my voice well.Here the links:
        But if you can’t do it, it’s okay. You can leave my comment. Thank you so much for analyze many idols vocal, it helps me so much. And ahmin, keep working hard.. i support you!


      2. Yes that is precisely what I said. I can hear a bit of an accent when you sing and although most of what I’m hearing is not your accent, I do think the accent plays a role in your straining. This is pretty high and you sound like you could be a tenor, but it is pretty shouty for you in that range. He is constantly mixing G#4’s, which is definitely high if you’re untrained. I hear a bit too much air in your tone, I also hear your jaw being tight, the sound is coming from the lower portion of your jaw where you seem to be tight, some tongue tension as well. So I hear you pushing air a LOT, through the vocal cords and to get the higher notes. You can actually have a very nice voice, I really like it! Oh in the lower portion of your range, I could hear the tongue tension more clearly, you need to open up more.


      3. Wooaahh that was so quick you answered me. Actually my range goes from F2 – A5, it can be higher actually, i can go until c6(my falsetto). So am i a baritone or tenor? I don’t know how to differentiate a baritone or tenor, i’m still learning about it hahah. And what type of my voice? Am i a light lyric or full lyric? But i think my voice is bright, so maybe i’m a light lyric tenor?
        And from your analysis, did i sing with full of tension? And shout/yelling a lot? And did i sing through the throat or i sang in correct way? I’m still confuse about what you said, my bad haha😅. And you said something about pushing a lot of air to make higher notes. What does that mean? If i push so much air, it will damage my voice?
        And from your analysis too, what should i do forward to be better on singing? I’m sorry if i’m bother you so much with a lot of questions hahah. And thank you so much ahmin for answering me and analyze my voice, so i know my weakness and one day i will try to improve on singing, because i love singing so much hahah.
        Cheer up🙆


      4. I am not entirely sure if you’re a baritone or a tenor. Calm down you’re getting a little ahead of yourself, don’t get excited. Your voice type isn’t that important, as in light lyric, full lyric or anything like that. You’re too untrained, you should worry about basic technique and developing your voice properly, not about whether you’re a leggiero tenor or something like that. Like what I said, there was a lot of air pressure being pushed and you sang with a high larynx quite often on those G#4’s, yes. I’m not sure what part of what I said was confusing or in what part I said you were singing in the correct way. Yes pushing air damages the voice, it means you’re shouting basically. You’re not using your vocal cords to sing, you’re just using the air pressure hitting the vocal cords to force your voice to sing, instead of allowing it to sing naturally. It’s hard to tell you, I’d suggest singing with a softer approach in a slightly lower range and exercises that focus on your vocal cords being developed without the added air pressure. Have you seen any of your vocal tips for K-pop fans series?


      5. Yesss ahmin i watched it a few months ago… But i still don’t get the points, maybe bcs i wasn’t serious, my bad😅. So from your explanation i was singing with full or airiness? And sing with high larynx? I will try to remove the airiness from my singing.. but what should i do to sing without get the high larynx? You said in the videos(how to sing in high notes) that you should lift up the soft palate and place it in your nasal cavity? So the high larynx is the result when you can’t lift the soft palate? Am i wrong? I will learn more about vocal then hahah..
        So ahmin, i made an experiment to my voice…. I sang in a way that i’m sure i know it and if there is something wrong with this.. i will leave this singing way. In some parts, i’m gone off the pitch, maybe almost the entire of the song hahah… Here is the links
        Please comment in my singing, i want to know about it. and what should i do next? I’m sorry if i’m bothering you so much.. you such an awesome people who help a weird stranger like me😂.
        Thank you so much


      6. No you can have a lifted soft palate and still have a high larynx. To get rid of a high larynx, first singing without pushing it will help.
        In this you sound pretty, but you have a very strong accent which is coming off in your R’s and it makes your vowels closed and I think it’s what mostly causes the tongue tension I keep hearing throughout. You also sound a bit nasal, which again I think it can all be tied down to the accent that’s coming off that’s pretty strong. The runs are pretty much slides, so there’s no precision. This song is better and more relaxed for you though, which is good. You sound more like a tenor honestly. Well you need to remove tongue tension, you should also look up videos by Felicia Ricci since she has addressed things I didn’t yet.


    1. She sings with a high larynx and a lot of airiness. She sings like she has a child’s voice. So no, not exactly proper technique. It’s pure style, it’s very interesting that she would sound so child-like when singing. I wonder how much of this is on purpose. Her breathing is off, she’s choppy and running out of air, she is not a good technical vocalist at all. She does consider herself a composer so that would make sense. Or at least so it says in the title of the video.


  15. Hi there! Could you give me a brief analysis on Yeonjung (IOI/WJSN) and her approximate rating if possible?

    Also, between her, her fellow IOI main vocalist (Sejeong) and her fellow WJSN main vocalist (Dawon), who is the strongest (and weakest) from the three?

    Thanks a lot!


    1. They’re all light lyric sopranos. Yeonjung, Sejeong and Dawon, I’ve only ever heard them all supporting as high as B4, possibly C5. None of them have shown support above C5. Dawon and Sejeong are more relaxed and more opened than Yeonjung, while Yeonjung can sing the highest. Yeonjung’s technique is the faultiest of the 3. She sings with a very tight throat and often nasal placement and the higher she goes, the tighter and more squeezed her throat gets. She pushes A LOT. Although Dawon and Sejeong also get really strained above C5, below that they’re a lot more opened and are more capable of producing resonance and being a lot more relaxed. None of them have stellar head voices nor lower ranges, they all have just mildly developed mixed voices with support up to B4/C5. This usually would get them to fall under the average to above average category, Yeonjung may or may not be just average.


      1. Thanks for the info! So Dawon = Sejeong >> Yeonjung?

        People were praising Yeonjung for “stellar vocal skills” from P101, but I only thought of her as average. Idk why people keep on thinking “high notes = good vocal technique!!!1!11” while it’s not that at all…


      2. Not necessarily, I am not sure who’s better between Sejeong and Dawon. Well she can sing high and people don’t know the difference.


  16. Hi, recently discover this page and I love it!! I have read the analysis of many of the male singers and just a few reach the average note , so i ask myself there is no better singers in kpop????


  17. Hello there! First of all thank you so much for all the analyses! If possible, could you give the approximate rating of the VROMANCE members and the rating in their group.


    1. Honestly it’s impossible to answer this question simply because all they do is harmonize and belt like they’re sopranos. So we can’t rate them cause individually we don’t really know what to make out of them yet.


      1. is it possible to do a little analyse for janghyun performance then? It’s from duet song festival a few months ago. He won and he hit really high notes but I’m curious about the technique


      2. Nobody had shown a performance of any of them solo thus far, I had no idea any of them had one. 0:07 slide to a strained C5 0:09 He is just using air on his falsetto, he pushes with air throughout most of his notes. The H sound he is using is him pushing air into his vocal cords. The guy he is singing with sings like older vocalists, very shallow support, nasal and throaty placement. 0:14 strained mixed Eb5. 1:23 G4, enough support, not enough dropping of the jaw. Janghyun supports for sure, 2:05 G4’s are totally fine for him so that is a relief, since I wasn’t sure about that. 3:51 strained C#5. What I meant before about them belting like sopranos is that I hear them constantly trying to belt like they can handle the fifth octave as if any tenor could handle the fifth octave with consistent support in K-pop. So because of that, it becomes quite difficult to determine where they support cause they constantly sing in a range where their throats are tight and their larynxes high, thus they strain. 3:58 ~ 4:04 a bunch of strained D5’s, 4:04 pushed falsetto G5. 4:08 sloppy run down from the strained D5. 4:06 A4’s don’t sound so relaxed either. Again we are not really impressed by most of the male vocalists in K-pop because a lot of them believe singing high = singing well, so they try to rival sopranos when mixing and try to belt in the fifth octave constantly. This happens with many vocalists like Changmin or Leo, where they’re constantly belting above their supported ranges. Clearly Janghyun can support up to G4, but the range in between G4 and Bb4 remains a mystery and that’s a lot more important of a range for us than the strain above Bb4, because most tenors in pop music have issues up there. It’s not realistic to expect a tenor to support above C5 consistently, so there’s no use in listening to them belt that high if it’s all strained. So again for me the problem with Vromance still is that we don’t know if they can produce resonance or how high they can support consistently because they stay trying to rival Mamamoo in terms of the range where they belt.


    1. Hi. Your question isn’t very specific. What about him? Are you asking if he will be analyzed? Are you asking why he wasn’t analyzed? Are you asking about his technique? I really don’t know what you want me to say.


      1. No, she would not. I don’t believe she would be rated even as high as above average. From what I know of her, she tends to sing a lot like Christina Aguilera. A lot of chesty pushing, a lot of tongue tension, a lot of strain. I don’t believe she supports in the fifth octave nor that she produces resonance.


  18. I don’t know if you know who Lee Sun Hee is but what do you think about her vocal technique and where would she rank? Sorry if this question has already been asked before.. 😛


    1. 1:40 lowered larynx on the G#3’s throughout. Her lower range isn’t very good, 1:52 her sound vanishes completely. 2:02 C5’s sound a bit too tight, I hear throat tension. 2:10 C5’s again too much tension, 2:13 flat transition to falsetto. 2:15 C#5’s too, too much tension. I believe I’ve heard her singing with support as high as Bb4 or B4, so she seems like she could be an average vocalist but with the tightness in the fifth octave and no resonance at all, she could hardly be anything else. 2:47 that was just a slide, she didn’t really attempt to separate the notes, 2:55 her runs can be really pitchy.


    1. This seems to be becoming one of the most commonly asked questions on this blog. I’m going to copy-paste from another comment and edit it so that it answers your question better.

      Nayeon has issues when it comes to low chest and throat placement. She places her voice very low in her chest or too high in her falsetto. She doesn’t really use a proper blend of placements so her mixed voice is very disconnected and very chest-placed. She’s also pitchy and flat above A4/Bb4. She’s also quite airy. Jungyeon is an inconsistent vocalist with support and legato. She can support but her support isn’t always there. She can be quite shouty too.

      Jihyo is the one vocalist out of all these girls who can support her voice consistently. Her mid range is clean, supported, free and opened. She stays within a fairly reasonably range. She does not strain within the Bb3 ~ Bb4/B4. Keep in mind all these girls are sopranos, so by comparison Jihyo has the best approach within the fourth octave. Jihyo is nothing more than an average vocalist though. She strains above B4, because she’s too chesty and shouty.

      In general though Jihyo is the only soprano out of the three of them who supports consistently and places her voice the best within her supported range. She’s the only safe average vocalist of the bunch. As for Nayeon, she seems to be safely weak to average. Jungyeon could be weak to average or average. This all could change if more material is presented where they use better technique but based on their acoustic performances, their solo singing, etc., it seems to be that way for now.


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