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The Science of Singing (Video)

Hello guys,

So while we are preparing for a new analysis, I was linked a video by a former student about the science of singing. Now while this isn’t exactly all news to me, it serves to put a lot of things into perspective both in terms of biologically how the body works when you sing, but also a lot of visuals to help you understand what proper singing technique and breathing technique really mean and why breathing for singing is so important, as well as not having tension and many things we discuss about in this blog.

Without further ado, here’s the video and I hope all of your hungry curious minds can be satisfied from the knowledge of this video.


By: Ahmin


The Voice

What is “singing”?

Singing is a physical manifestation of our increased emotional expression, state and personality, through the production of musical sounds, a larger and sustained form of speech. The act of singing consists of three components:

  • Body: skilful use of the body parts in order to sing properly, also known as vocal techniques
  • Mind: consciousness, habit, concentration/focus, musical creativity and intelligence, muscle memory(e.g vocal direction, sense of pitch)
  • Emotions (or soul): motivation, desire, interest, joy and passion in the act of singing, emotional release or total confidence, as well as the portrayal or delivery of a certain character’s emotional state.

All three components work together to produce a “perfect” vocal performance (“perfect” because emotions are entirely subjective, and a performance can be perceived to be moving by one person but bland as a Korean ballad by another (once again K-ballads are also entirely subjective).

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