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Role: Admin

Favourite Group(s)/Soloist(s): SHINee, Chocolat, TVXQ!, SNSD, Wonder Girls, Ailee, BoA, Amerie, Lena Park, Wheesung, Destiny’s Child, LeToya, Mariah Carey, Tamia

Bias: Donghae, Tiffany, Melanie, Onew, Daesung, Sunye, Krystal, Sandeul, Jimin (BTS), Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Shownu

Favorite voices in K-pop: Junsu, Donghae, Tiffany, Onew, Sunye, Daesung, Suhyun, Changsub, G.NA, Jieun, Baekhyun, D.O., Bernard Park

About: Signature sugarcoater. I won’t lie but I won’t be brutally harsh/rude. Graduated vocal student at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and currently vocal coach in LA. 24 years old. I’ve been taking vocal lessons since I was 15 and I’ve also gone to college in England for a year of Music Business and another of vocals. Fan of K-pop since late 2007.

Fun Fact: Lyric Baritone, Vocal Range C#2-C6, Supported Range F2/F#2-F#4/G4 (C5 with head voice)

Links: YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr


Role: Admin

Favourite Group(s)/Soloist(s): SHINee, f(x), Ailee (Slayee), Hyorin, Sistar, Davichi, BoA, Kyuhyun, EXO, Son Seungyeon, Sohyang, Lena Park, Lee Young Hyun

Bias: Ailee, Chanyeol, Xiumin, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Luna, Taeyeon, Chen, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, Minho, Junsu (the good one)

About: Taken vocal lessons for years since early age and currently teaching a variety of students with the help of her mentor.

Fun Fact: Light Lyric Soprano

Links: YouTube, twitter

pandayeu aka Jiyul and VT Evil Queen

Role: Admin

Favourite Group(s)/Soloist(s): SNSD, Dal Shabet, SoHyang, 15&, Red Velvet, GFriend, Davichi

Bias: Jessica Jung, Yoona, TaeYeon, KyuHyun, SoHyang, YeRin, JiMin, All of Red Velvet, Kang MinKyung, Krystal Jung

About:  N/A

Fun Fact: Light Lyric Soprano, Vocal Range C3-G6

Links: Do not contact me

Former Contributors

kpopvocalanalysis/casualfan (Inactive)

Role: Founder/Admin

Favourite Group(s)/Soloist(s): Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, Justin Timberlake, James Morrisson and Destiny’s Child.

Bias: Kyuhyun

About: A casual fan of K-Pop, she decided to set up this blog up so it could be a place where all of the K-Pop analysis done so far, by the people on the Idol’s Vocals thread on OneHallyu forums, could be nicely organized.

Links: allkpop profile

176 thoughts on “Analysts (The Team)

  1. Hi, I didn’t know where I should post this question but..

    If you were to compare both Beyoncé and/or Michael Jackson to a kpop vocalist that you’ve analyzed, who would it be? Are they worse than kpop vocalists, equal to some, or better than all?


  2. Hi🙂 i came from seeing a video from your youtube channel. I’ve always had a burning question that was never answered, how much does your natural vocal chords actually contribute to your singing ability? Is it that your natural vocal chords predetermine how well and how big of a range you can sing, or can you train to have a larger range, reach higher notes and be more stable?

    Im 16 years old and really want to try singing, but i know that i suck right now hahaha. do you think its possible to become a great vocalist as long as you train enough, or is this something inherent?


    1. Your vocal cords are much like any other muscle in your body. You’re born in a way with the potential to grow and improve but there’s going to be a limit of how much of your range can be developed. That is not to say your current range is your maximum range at all. Your vocal cords determine your voice type which then determines parts of your range where your voice is most comfortable and sounds the best in. Of course you can train, nobody is a great vocalist without training, even if on their own. Most people need instructors, some few learn by themselves and do it right. If you train yourself the right way, you’ll sing well. Some people naturally do it so they develop their vocal cords correctly, some others need help on how to properly strengthen their vocal cords.


    2. Hi. I’m a also a beginner. I started attending vocal class this month. Guess what? My teacher is praising me for being a fast learner. After two session, my pitch improved significantly, and so my supported range. Before we started, I can barely project my voice and my comfortable range is F3-B3. My only strong point is my falsetto since I can access it with ease and my tone is decent enough (meaning, well projected, no nasality and sounds compact. She actually told me to master it because while tenors can access it, only few has good and she believes I am among those who have potential).

      We are currently in our third session. So far, my range expands to F3-E4 and I can finally mixed high notes, although strain is still present but my placement is already good. We are studying “Hello” by Adele and I’m opted to sing it with full voice but in lower key (F#4, from Bb4, I think).

      The point here is if you really want to learn, then start now. Nothing is impossible, as long as you can speak and you are not tone deaf (I mean the literal one, not those who cannot hit the right note)


    3. By the way, I’m aiming to be a competent vocalist within three years. I’m also thinking of studying Korean language since I have heard that SM entertainment had admitted some young Filipino singers to be their trainee. >_<


      1. where did you get that info/rumor that SM are getting Filipino trainees? I bet they won’t cause SM are marketing in CHina that’s why its hard for them to accept Filipino trainee becuase of that tension . .


  3. Ahmin did you know that Ameriie has finally released a new EP? It’s called Drive and makes me glad shes back on the scene.


  4. I don’t know anything about vocal. But reading this blog is so much fun and gave a lot of new knowledge. Thank you for making it! Will be glad to read a lot more in the future. And also, I hope you guys would consider to analyze the vocal as a group. I mean, their harmonization and such.. perhaps..? Anyway, thank you!


    1. That’s analyzable but a lot less about technique and a lot more about music theory and chord structure so it wouldn’t be relevant to what we do. Harmonization isn’t as easily rated or as broad.


  5. Hi! I wasn’t really sure where to put this comment so I’ll just leave it here, I would have put it under “About & Our Criteria” as it’s the home page but there doesn’t seem to be comments there anymore? Anyway, it’s a critique on the new website (congrats btw) and page formatting, which I for the most part like, except two things; Having to scroll past the long list of archives on every page to get to the actual content gets quite annoying, and also the text on the About/home page is excessively large. Like I saw it and was just like..woah that’s kinda overwhelming. Again, it seems to necessitate more scrolling. I understand you’ve just recently moved sites so if you’re still working things out sorry for the complaints haha.

    Random side note, I just saw that one of your bias’s is BTS Jimin which was a surprise to me given his general lack of technique and you never mentioning anything about him really at least that I’ve seen. And sorry for the super long comment lol ^_^


    1. ok I just saw your comment about wanting to fix the archive thing so never mind that… also just realized it would’ve made a lot more sense to post this under the post about moving sites lol sorry

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      1. I just find Jimin really cute lol ugh I really want to change the theme without the archive part I’ll figure out how to fix it later tonight, hopefully.

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  6. Hey Ahmin, kinda random and probably not important but since changing to the new site, your picture has been pasted over Pandayeu’s and Frostprincess’s in comment sections.

    I was reading the comments under Minkyung’s and when I didn’t look at the name it looked as though you were saying you wrote her analysis! Lol I was thinking, “Why is Ahmin taking credit for this analysis?!” but I looked at the name and realized it was just your pic on Pandayeu’s comment. Just thought I’d mention it.


      1. Seems to only be ones from before the site switched because I just saw a new comment from Pandayeu with the correct picture.


  7. I wonder, what are all your favorite songs in K-pop (not accounting for vocal technique)? For me, my top five are:

    1. Colors- DAY6
    2. Climax – NU’EST
    3. Airplane – f(x)
    4. Be the Light – Block B
    5. See the Light – GOT7


    1. Someone asked me about that recently lol So I said some songs include Taeyeons If, SNSDs Lion Heart, T-Aras Roly Poly, BoA if you were here, DBSK Love in the ice or love bye love, Big Bang Lies, Wonder Girls Tell, KISS because I’m a girl, 2NE1 Ugly, ChoColat One More Day, Lena Park In Dreams, Love What Is It by Yangpa, Nan by Ock Joohyun. Lol

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  8. How to train/practice to get a larger range or is it possible to make a larger range? I’ve found like at first someone only got 3 octaves but after few times it becomes 3 octaves and something. Or is it because didn’t explore much? But i hope it can be by training or practicing lol


    1. Well range is about development, a larger range usually comes from developing muscles that usually you don’t use. Having a large range has to do with muscle development and not necessarily with proper technique, as one can have a 4 octave range but only be able to support 1 octave of that.


      1. That’s already three octaves but yeah sure when I first started I think I peaked at F5 then eventually A5/Bb5 and in the past year I’ve been hitting C6 more consistently.


  9. i used to think that ahmin is a men, frostprincess or haruko is a women, pandayeu is a women, and casualfan is a men. apparently i got two wrong. pandayeu is a men? because ahmin ever said pandayeu as he (not she). the recent one, is the person behind pandayeu change from female to male? and i saw above, casualfan described as she. and i was like ‘what? I thought he was a male’ hahaha
    just a random thought of me


    1. We met in the vocals thread, Pandayeu and I and her account was originally owned by a girl but recently this girl has stepped down from the Vocals Thread on OneHallyu and a friend of mine who is a male took over her responsibilities on the blog and the vocals thread. So currently Pandayeu is a male, yes. Casualfan has always been a female. lol


      1. im glad that someone else take the account. at least you still have other admins. i cant imagine you handle this website with haruko alone. and with those future lists, you will need years to complete all before you loose interest haha

        oh, she always a female? that casualfan name somehow has a masculine scent (or is it just me?)


  10. Hi, Ahmin! My question doesn’t really have to with vocal analyses, but I just wanted to ask what you thought of BTS’ latest comeback. The members each have a solo track for the Wings album, so I was wondering if you heard anything new vocals-wise from the any of the four vocalists’ tracks. I really enjoy you guys’ analyses btw🙂 I feel like I’ve learned a lot from them!


    1. Awww I’m so glad to hear you’re learning! Well actually I’ve heard some of it and I have not heard any changes in their technique so far, I’m afraid.


  11. Just curious, admins what style of singing do all of you do? Personally, I am currently singing with an opera company, so it’s always refreshing to see opinions from contemporary singers!


    1. We have all learned classical singing with Arias to an extent but Haruko and I mostly stick to pop. Haruko likes R&B, I do quite enjoy ballads and musicals. Pandayeu sings more uptempo pop.


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