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Role: Admin

Favourite Group(s)/Soloist(s): SHINee, Chocolat, TVXQ!, SNSD, Wonder Girls, Ailee, BoA, Amerie, Lena Park, Wheesung, Destiny’s Child, LeToya, Mariah Carey, Tamia

Bias: Donghae, Tiffany, Melanie, Onew, Daesung, Sunye, Krystal, Sandeul, Jimin (BTS), Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Shownu

Favorite voices in K-pop: Junsu, Donghae, Tiffany, Onew, Sunye, Daesung, Suhyun, Changsub, G.NA, Jieun, Baekhyun, D.O., Bernard Park, Lee Hongki

About: Signature sugarcoater. I won’t lie but I won’t be brutally harsh/rude. Graduated vocal student at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and currently vocal coach in LA. 24 years old. I’ve been taking vocal lessons since I was 15 and I’ve also gone to college in England for a year of Music Business and another of vocals. Fan of K-pop since late 2007.

Fun Fact: Lyric Baritone, Vocal Range C#2-C6, Supported Range F2/F#2-F#4/G4 (C5 with head voice)

Links: YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin


Role: Admin

Favourite Group(s)/Soloist(s): SNSD, Red Velvet, SoHyang, WSJN, TWICE, NCT, Jessica, f(x), IU, Dal Shabet, Seventeen

Bias: Taeyeon, Jessica, Yoona.Seungkwan,DK,Jeonghan

About:  So I am K, and I am limiting my name to just one letter because I don’t need you guys looking me up on Facebook maybe later. I am currently attending university with a major in Chinese language and a minor in Korean. I took voice lessons for 3 years both privately and through my school. I have done musical as well as solo performances and have participated in choirs. I have been a K-pop fan since 2010.

Fun Fact:  Tenor, Vocal Range: Eb2-Eb6

Links: n/a

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kpopvocalanalysis/casualfan (Inactive)

Role: Founder/Admin

Favourite Group(s)/Soloist(s): Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, Justin Timberlake, James Morrisson and Destiny’s Child.

Bias: Kyuhyun

About: A casual fan of K-Pop, she decided to set up this blog up so it could be a place where all of the K-Pop analysis done so far, by the people on the Idol’s Vocals thread on OneHallyu forums, could be nicely organized.

Links: allkpop profile


Role: Admin

Favourite Group(s)/Soloist(s): SHINee, f(x), Ailee (Slayee), Hyorin, Sistar, Davichi, BoA, Kyuhyun, EXO, Son Seungyeon, Sohyang, Lena Park, Lee Young Hyun

Bias: Ailee, Chanyeol, Xiumin, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Luna, Taeyeon, Chen, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, Minho, Junsu (the good one)

About: Taken vocal lessons for years since early age and currently teaching a variety of students with the help of her mentor.

Fun Fact: Light Lyric Soprano

Links: YouTube, twitter


349 thoughts on “Analysts (The Team)

      1. Hi you’re smart. I just wondered if you could tell me who the best vocalist is in blackpink. Arguments have urrupted about jisoo being the best vocalist but I don’t think she is technically. The vocalists in blackpink are Chaeyoung(Rosè), Jisoo and Jennie , Lisa is a rapper


      2. If you check the future analyses list, the vocalist with the best technique is the one who will be analyzed from each group.


  1. I saw your tweet, and I wanted to leave a comment of support. I understand 100% why the rankings and stuff might change. I said it before, I read in between the lines, and I cannot agree with you more. I want your career to fly more.

    There is one thing I want to share with you. The names of the rankings, at least for me, were always an excellent frame of reference for the skills of vocalists. A tenor or baritone supporting x note was this type of vocalist. It helped me compare them to myself as well. Thanks to that, it motivated me to improve quickly on whatever I was lacking. I would ask myself “What category am I? Who is in my category? Who is my competition?”. Even as of now, Kyu is mine. I’m taking him so then I can challenge Dongha, and then Naul. More than anything, I think it validated me as a vocalist knowing with whom I was sharing the categories.

    Also, you personally, by ranking people in the in-between categories, helped me recognize the vocalist’s different skills and how that can compensate and push them into higher categories. I will forever be grateful for the AA2P (particularly) and the G2G categories. It really helped me to contextualize how impressive certain skills were in their respective cases. Just think about all the times any of us asked “What’s holding Baekhyun from being Proficient?”

    Honestly, as I wrote this, I realized I rambled. The blog’s longtime fans will know the old names of the rankings, and, as long as we still have the criteria, I, and, the other followers who are quite detail oriented, will be able to place the vocalists even if the names change. Plus, guessing the rankings will be super fun. So please change anything as you see fit. I can’t wait to see you where you deserve to be, a truly skilled and high-profile instructor, who will be looking after the vocalists of the present and future.


    1. Thank you so much. You’re always amazing to us, and to me especially. You pay attention to what I say, you post positive messages and I absolutely am always motivated because of people like you, especially you! The new system will be in place soon actually and you’ll see that it’s still technical enough where we won’t lose our essence, but there won’t be any issues with comparisons between people, nothing that would hurt people’s feelings anymore. You’ll find that these new labels will be just as useful to your vocal improvement! Thank you so much again for everything, you’re one of the reasons I never stop. Truthfully.

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  2. Oi! Tem algum grupo/artista de Kpop que você acompanha/curte atualmente ou você parou de acompanhar/curtir os grupos dessa nova geração? Eu queria muito que você fizesse mais vídeos de você cantando! Entendo que você está numa situação complicada, afinal, você é um ser humano cheio de responsabilidades como qualquer outro, mas você também pretende parar com os vídeos explicativos? Eu também gostaria muito de ouvir você falando em outros idiomas, seria muito legal!


    1. Eu escuto TWICE, GFriend, BTS, Red Velvet, Mamamoo.. são todos dessa geração? Haha esses são os que eu escuto as musicas realmente fora análise. Oh! Não não eu só não tive tempo de fazer vídeo recentemente mas vou fazer alguns logo! Eu ainda tenho planos de fazer vídeos e de eu cantando, eu faço na minha próxima milestone. O meu próximo vídeo vai ser de idiomas! Ainda bem que alguém quer ver haha


  3. Hi, Minnie. Wuv you!!!!

    I’m late to the party. I won’t bring anything up (although lowkey I somewhat am), but just wanted to say we love you and support you. Also, to give you peace of mind, I am one of those 24 follower requests you got recently because I forgot my password and had to make two accounts. So two of the accounts following you as of now are me, but of the recent 24, 1 is me. Usually I lurk on your twitter to read vocal comments, see funny pictures, and look for things I can tease you with. Speaking of the latter, I see a love for a certain golden maknae has been brewing in the works, just putting that out there.

    I gather tons of info to tease you with. You know why? One of these days I’m going to meet you in real life by accident. I am going say hi to you, present myself as a fan of the blog, probably buy you ice cream, and then tease you in a way that would reveal my secret identity. Then you will know my face. We’ll hug, and promise to talk next time. I know that this post was supposed to be about you, but I got carried away with my Master Plan.

    P.S. I’ll sing for you too if you want, just be mindful of my extremely broken Korean. I only get the first word and the last word of every line. Everything in between is just a loop of other words in korean or complete gibberish.

    P.S.S. We’ll talk about Vocal Technique, Digimon, and all of our fanboy crushes as well, too. Geez, I know you’re curious, but let me handle the small details.

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    1. Awwww honey! I’m glad to know one is you! Actually I didn’t accept some privates cause I wanted to be safe. lol I’ll just let this die down and accept requests later and then unprivate later. I just will let people get bored because I’ll be too busy living my life you know? lol Is that golden maknae Jungkook? Because contrary to common belief, I quite like Jungkook and find him quite attractive. I honestly would LOVE to meet you and to know who you are. You could look like an ogre, green and tall and I’d find you the kindest looking ogre there is out there, because your words will reflect what’s inside your heart and that’s what I’ll see no matter who you are. I honestly would be very happy if that did happen. I’ll wait for that.

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  4. This might be a bit random but I asked whether this guy agrees with your analysis on exo and bts vocalists. He said no. What do you think about his opinion? [link removed]


    1. Please and I ask this respectfully, don’t ask us about him. He is not respectful, and I’d rather not have anything to do with him. I don’t care whether or not he agrees with us. I have expressed that he can think differently, to just ignore each other and move on, and I have asked him not to make videos about us, but he’s unable to do any of that. So we’re going to do that. We’re going to not talk about him, so don’t ask about him please. Because I don’t even know how to respond to your question. What I think about his opinion? The whole blog, the analyses, that’s what I think about his opinion.


      1. I am sorry. I didn’t know that you even had some kind of an encounter with him before. I was just genuinely curious why your opinions were so different.


      2. It’s alright! You didn’t know. Our opinions are different because if I say it respectfully, he has a different singing background and so his ideas are different, although he’s trying to pass them off as if they’re the only way. If I say it less respectfully, I think he has a lot of issues with misunderstandings with concepts and doesn’t quite understand that. For example, his understanding of tenors and baritones is quite misinformed.


      3. Is P** S**** the channel you’re talking about? Because I’ve just watched a new video from that channel attacking directly at this blog.


      4. Like I said, I don’t wish to know. He can do whatever he wants, it doesn’t concern me nor you.


  5. Hey Ahmin, I’ve been a supporter of you since last year and I really appreciate your dedication to educating the general public about vocal techniques 😀 keep up the good work!!

    I don’t know whether it is appropriate to ask you a few personal questions but I’ll just ask anyways (I apologise in advance) cause I’m interested in the side of you veiling behind the mask of professionalism:
    -What draws you to kpop and what makes it so different?
    -Which part of your vocals are you most confident at/consider as your strengths and which part are you not so confident at/consider as your weaknesses? (e.g. low/mixed/upper register, agility)
    -Do you still feel nervous when performing in front of a crowd when singing?
    -Which kind of voices do you find the most appealing personally?
    -What makes your biases your biases? (I know there may be a lot of reasons, just name a few and I’ll satisfy)

    Anyway I know it must be quite intrusive for a stranger to ask you such personal questions, so please don’t reply me if you feel annoyed thank youu


  6. Hi!! You guys have analyzed [and educated us hehe] a lot of kpop singers already, but do you have a consensus on who is/are the most versatile kpop singer/s are? 🙂

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  7. Hey Ahmin,
    It says that you have began your singing thing since you were 15. what was your Range and support range back then? (or a bit later after you knew how to do things well).

    As a young baritone I feel like my range is way too limited… Just wanted to know like how many semitones can I go lower with age? and how high can I support my mix?

    Thanks buddy for everything 🙂


    1. I actually couldn’t even mix above D4 properly and so if that’s my range without counting support, you can guess the rest wasn’t good. Lol


  8. Hi, what can you say about Haechan’s NCT 127 and NCT Dream vocal? Upon hearing his You’ll be in my heart cover around 2015, I noticed that his voice got some unique colors and texture he somehow remind me of Phil Collins or maybe it’s just me. His voice is very unique and to think that he’ll be just turning 18. I also saw a fancam where he hit a G#5 note for his EXO Playboy cover. Then he hit some G5 notes on his Trigger the Fever NCT Dream song.
    I’m not sure why NCT 127 rarely use his voice for backing and layering or even used it for hitting some high notes. But the song where he would do some backing, his voice added some color and uniqueness to it.
    I saw someone said Haechan lack some techniques in vocal because he’s still young, that Im not sure cause Im not an expert in vocal analysis.
    However, he’s notes in NCT Dream Go sounds pretty stable for me.


  9. Hi Ahmin and K!
    You guys have been super busy and I’m so happy that you guys are taking time slow and steady with your lives, especially you, Ahmin! I was shocked when heard you moved to Korea and honestly, congratulations on that! It’s like a huge step towards your dreams!

    Now, I understand if you’re busy but perhaps, if you have a bit of spare time, I’d love it if you listened to my singing again. It’s been a while haha. Well, I think I improved, I sure do hope so! It’s hard to describe really, how different it feels from months ago. I mean, it’s not that huge but now it starts making sense when you say that C#4 and all that shouldn’t be taking THAT much effort for a baritone. Cuz it really does not lol. I feel like I’m okay till D4 and there’s an obvious change of feels from starting Eb4. Not very comfortable to sustain but phrasing it is okay. But really, I’d rather you be the judge of it, if you have time^^

    Thank you and even if you can’t answer, then at least I got my message across^^.


  10. Helllloooooo

    I have a weird question LOL
    does the “morning voice” count part of the vocal range?

    I can get to C#2 on good mornings while after using my voice I can only get to Eb2 (Baritone alert)


    1. Notes that you can only hit at certain times of the day aren’t notes I’d personally count as part of your range.


  11. hey guys! I’ve been watching produce 48 and I’m no vocal expert but I feel like there’s been some strong vocalist appear on the show. And I have some questions…
    This is na go eun, I’ve been wondering if she has a stable chest/mixed voice bc it seems pretty good from 0:26-0:35 in this clip

    I think her mixed voice also sounds stable in this clip from 0:48-1:02

    I would also like to ask about Park haeyoon when she did this high note at 1:00-1:07 in this clip

    and this one at 2:16-2:22 in this clip because I thought it was resonant (I’m probably wrong)

    Sorry to bother you again but lastly I’d like to talk about chowon she said that she had been going to vocal school studying (that didn’t make any sense lol) and she’s been taking vocal lessons so I’m just wondering of what you think of her vocals and more specifically her tonality because it sounds good in this clip at 0:38-0:57, 1:30-1:41 and 2:37-2:50

    during the show, she mentioned that this isn’t her normal style of singing so I’m assuming that this is at 0:15-0:20 in this video

    I know that was only a couple of seconds but would you say her technique was different than in the first clip and most importantly, would you say that it was better?
    I want to say sorry for commenting this long essay considering the fact that you guys are probably really busy. I also wanted to say that I appreciate you guy’s hard work that you’ve put in this website and I look forward to read more of your future analysis and I know that it easy to do what you guys are doing, thank you!
    P.S SNSD stans? An intellectual!


  12. Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you getting more active on this blog. I guess your lives are pretty busy?:) I was wondering if you’ve made a decision about the blog and its future? I mean, are you going to post more analyses? I think I’ve seen one of ahmin’s comments that he’s not sure, but I may be mistaken.
    Hope you’re staying healthy and happy! 🙂


    1. I am not 100% for the long term future but for short term, I’ve been missing writing analyses and I’d like to finish at least some that I promised myself I would. Not sure if I’d go as far as to analyze many of the newer vocalists that debuted in 2017/2018, but anyone before that that I had promised myself I would, I’m still considering.


      1. I’m glad! Is Korea treating you well? I’ve seen some photos on instagram, but I usually don’t follow people, don’t want to scare them haha:)


      2. Oh haha you’re welcome to follow, I wouldn’t be scared off or anything! I think it’s been good, but I don’t know..I think there are too many changes in my life haha Thanks for asking, are you doing good?


  13. Yeah, I’m good, slowly getting used to studying in a new city, still thinking what to write my MA about. Aaaand waiting for my anime to come back with next season :/ I guess I’ll be 30 years old by the time they finish it…

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      1. I bet it doesn’t sound right when a 30-year old woman gets excited and giggly about a bunch of high schoolers ._.


      2. Oh honey! I see no shame in that whatsoever! It’s not something I’d say is unhealthy as long as you’re being a respectful and loving human being in the process!


  14. Hey admins…

    There have been -1 analysis added to this blog for one whole year (considering deleting Sohayng’s analysis)
    Are you OKay guys?

    please keep going… a lot of people are learning from this blog TT

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  15. Hi ahmin, i’m a new follower and i just want you to know that your site and all the analysis helps me as a k pop fan who’s taking vocal lessons and seeing from the analyses, areas in my voice that i need to improve upon. I’ve seen your YouTube channel also and i just want to see you thrive and flourish with this site and your future endeavors. i hope this didn’t take up too much time in your day. Also haven’t been able to access the Sohyang analysis.

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    1. Thank you baby for this very positive and supportive message. Yes unfortunately that analysis has been deleted and won’t be rewritten.


      1. Hi, is there a reason why her analysis won’t be rewritten or why it was taken down in the first place? I mean you’ve guys had it up before right.

        I’ve grown to really like her singing and there isn’t another place where the analysis is as detailed and comprehensive as the blog here.


      2. It was incomplete and wasn’t well written enough. Pandayeu is in charge of Sohyang and has shared the sentiment of not wanting to want to bring this sort of attention to her, and I must agree. I must respect that decision.


      3. ? What type of attention do you mean. She’s already a celebrity but no where near the fame level of some of the kpop idols you guys cover here.


      4. Sohyang isn’t an attitude-y diva. The culture of divas who shade each other and try to outsing each other isn’t really her, and we feel like we exposed her to a world who is too petty about her vocal skill. We don’t want part in that anymore.


    2. Ah I see. I can see where you’re coming from. I just thought removing the rating system was supposed to do that already. I was just hoping for a more detailed analysis of her strengths/weaknesses (and not in comparison to other singers) since a lot of what I’m seeing for her tends to be mostly vague praise. But i’ll respect the decision you guys make. Appreciate the effort you guys put into the blog in general.


      1. I know and that’s true but since it’s Pandayeu’s analysis, I decided to respect that decision. Thank you by the way.


  16. Just gotta say, I love how y’all actually spoke the truth here whether good or bad. So many “vocal coaches” nowadays that do reviews on youtube just say positive things no matter what just to farm viewers and not upset the stans. Props for keeping it professional and real!

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  17. I’m probably way out of line here but I really like your site and I wonder if you’d ever consider selling it?

    I work for and I’m almost certain our buyers would be interested in this, you’d likely do quite well.

    Please feel free to let me know if you’d like to discuss and I’ll send you through some info. If not, no problem and all the best.



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