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BTS V’s Voice type

Hello everyone,

Happy new Lunar year! I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday for those of you who celebrate and if not, I hope you’re healthy and well in general.

I’ve been away for a while for many reasons. I’m still active responding to comments, but I haven’t really felt motivated to write a new analysis in a long time. Some of it has to do with the lack of reward I felt I had received over the years compared to the effort I was making. Some of it has to do with a general lost of interest in idols or fandom culture (though as I live in Korea, I’m still very much interested in K-pop and in music.)

I’ve been busy with my own musical activities and I’d like to apologize for the long absence. I know some of you really counted on me posting new analyses. On the other hand, I know many of you also rooted for me to fail and to stop posting analyses because to you, your idol being the best is more important than accepting their flaws and wishing for their improvement (for their health as well). To each their own, I’ve got better things to do than argue with random unknown people online.

Now the real point I want to make with this post is to talk about BTS’ V and his voice type. It was brought to my attention by user @100000loveand on twitter that he thought V was a tenor, as opposed to a baritone. Interestingly enough, I didn’t feel it was a far fetched argument. I just had never personally considered it myself. I’m not one to have an issue admitting to being wrong, I just need time to adjust and to be convinced first.

In the past I have mislabelled Hwanhee of Fly to the Sky as a baritone but then with some experience in voice types (I’m contemporarily trained as opposed to what some may spread around) so my voice typing experience is still growing and I like to learn everyday. I stand by the fact that I was wrong, Hwanhee is definitely a dramatic tenor. And I have thoughts on Hyunmin of DGNA and Lee Hi as well being mislabelled.

I personally have a student who at one point I had mislabelled as a baritone. Actually two of them. After then singing with him and another friend, who’s a dramatic tenor, I realized that his voice was higher than both of us and was just an untrained tenor. Same thing for my other student who turned out to be a dramatic tenor and was what gave me the confidence to realize Hwanhee is also a dramatic tenor.

As for V. I pondered and truthfully, I have stated my observations on his lack of vocal technique development already in his vocal analysis, which I’ll link here just in case. But the thing is…For an untrained baritone to be able to mix as high as he does, as naturally as he does and as consistently as he does…It is actually quite puzzling. The point was brought up to me and after pondering for a while, I’ve come to agree with said user who told me he’s a tenor. As an vocalist with majorly stylistic choices and underdeveloped vocal technique, the way he sings wouldn’t match an untrained baritone. If I compare him to any other untrained baritone I know, even students of mine, or even myself with training, singing all the way up to G#4 that often is just difficult to understand. Even if he does sing relatively breathy and light, which only adds to the fact that his tessitura is a little bit above that of a lyric baritone. I don’t think that V is by any means a lyric tenor. He’s a low type of tenor for sure, which is unfortunate on the baritone pride I try to spread. But I also want to spread pride for every voice type out there. Be proud of who you are, especially when you’re a unique non-lyric voice. As for V, if he ever chooses to sing without as much stylistic choices without the base support and vocal cord coordination behind in the future, his voice type could become more obvious. I don’t know for sure what he is, if he’s a dramatic or a spinto tenor but after this recent clip of him singing with our more well known spinto tenor, Park Hyoshin was released, I believe it’s fairly obvious how similar in weight both vocalists are.

Park hyoshin is another example of a vocalist who in the past was often mislabelled as a baritone. After his huge vocal improvement starting in 2007, he’s shown us all what a real trained tenor can do. Perhaps someday V could do the same, if he chooses to. If not, that’s fine as well. Whatever he’s happy with, as long as he takes care of his voice, I hope we should support.

As for my closing statement. I don’t know when I’ll come to write more analyses. Maybe someday I’ll feel motivated again and happy to do so. For now, I’m enjoying my life with my friends, teaching singing, performing, living in Korea and being happy how I am. Since it was something I did for free, if one day I feel happy doing it again, I’ll return. Until then, I hope you’re all healthy, happy and have a wonderful day.