Monthly Archives: May 2020

[Ahmin] What I’ve been up to

Hi guys. I know that this blog isn’t getting as much traffic as it used because we haven’t been actively posting on it anymore. Don’t worry if you’re wondering where we went or if this is the end of us. It isn’t. Haha But it has been a while and I feel I owe you all some words, some explanations.

First I’d like to say thank you for your love and support throughout these years. It’s gotten me through a lot of rough days and made me keep moving forward. Now that’s not to say that having this blog and other stuff related to it like our Facebook page and Youtube channel isn’t great. Now I do wanna apologize and make some things official.

  1. We aren’t done, we will be back.
  2. I have not been answering video questions or audio questions because it used to take a whole half of my day to reply to everything constantly. And I’d have to be on my phone throughout the day to make sure everything was responded to as well.

So now that I’m in Korea, I’m less active on other social media and just trying to remain active on my own life. Finishing my studies, furthering my education and my experience as a vocal instructor, singer and as a person.

Once the right time comes, I shall be back to this blog. That time just isn’t now yet.

If you were wondering what I’ve been doing besides the University I’ve been attending (Sejong University btw), I’ve also been recently on two TV shows. One of them is called I’m a Trot Singer (The Trot version of I’m A Singer) in which I sang as part of the background. I’ll link the video and I come out after the 4:00 mark.

I was also recently on a TV show called TopGoal Rhapsody in which I performed a song. The show’s concept is where foreigners come out, show their talent and sing a song released between 1980 and 2010 in both Korean and translated into their own mother tongue. The translation should be done by the contestant themselves with no professional help. The song I sang was “가질 수 없는 너” or The One I Can’t Have and even though English is my most comfortable language, I had to sing the second verse in my original first language which is Portuguese.

I shall keep working hard to achieve my final goal in the end and I can’t promise I’ll come back here like it was before, but I won’t abandon this blog because it helped me a lot throughout some rough years. I also am thankful to you all.

(To people who may NOT know this: Yes, I am both a singer and a vocal instructor, just FYI. lol)