How I learned 5 Languages with subtitles

This video might be very odd and not related at all to what we do but if any of you guys ever wondered or need help learning languages, here’s a video about it! haha


4 thoughts on “How I learned 5 Languages with subtitles

  1. Thank you! I love this video so much. I am always fascinated with languages and seriously, I am envious of people who can speak more than 2 languages. But I found that languages need practice. In my younger years I was crazy about Canto dramas/films and I watched a lot of them to the point that I can understand the dialogues without reading the subtitles. However, I stop watching them when I entered university and I started to forget most of the words since I have nobody to practice with (not many Chinese speaking Cantonese in my university). Similarly, in uni, we have to learn Arabic, although I wasn’t that good in Arabic but at least I can engage in simple conversation. After graduating, over the years I forgot most of the words already. My question is, any tips on how to make sure I will not forget the language? I am now learning Korean and Japanese and I’m worried they will end up like my Cantonese and Arabic. Lol.


    1. Well! Hi there! My only tips are to keep the languages alive. Listen to songs that keep your vocabulary alive, watch some TV shows here and there or have at least one friend who’s a native speaker whom you can converse with. For me, I do have the ability not to forget a lot of the language. I only forget vocabulary, but important grammar points stay more or less alive when I speak. So it’s important to even talk to yourself sometimes, talk about your day to yourself in each language just to keep it fresh in your mind. I’d recommend these things and of course, making time for some fun TV shows too!


      1. Thank you very much for your tips! I watched a lot of Korean shows and listen to Korean songs nowadays so it kinda help. I guess you’re right, the only way to do this is to keep the language alive.


  2. That’s what I do with English. I still think that I’m not good enough because my pronounce is abysmal lol
    But, yeah,it’s always good to practice reading, listening to music and watching films/TV shows. I mean I just studied 2 years in an English course and nowadays can read and play games and understand everything, just practicing in my own.
    But ahmin, that’s really impressive. 5 languages, wow

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