Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #15: “Loud” singing is NOT “powerful” singing

Quick Post here guys. This is my new video webseries called “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths”, where I’ll be posting vocal tips for you guys as often as possible. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share it with others. Let me know if you have any questions and please give suggestions for future videos! I’ll try to make this a Thursday or Friday night weekly thing!


32 thoughts on “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #15: “Loud” singing is NOT “powerful” singing

    1. Oh corrected. It should be Thursday or Friday. As you know dear, I’m not the one responsible for Yuju’s analysis so I don’t know the answer to this question.


  1. Nice! Love this series (also I know you’ve seen this in the comments a lot lol but you really do have a soothing voice lol). If you need an idea for the next video, I think it would be cool to address both improvements and regressions in vocal technique. You’ve already kind of discussed it in a few vids but with the recent regressions like Daehyun and Taemin (who’s interesting cuz he made a huge jump forward from debut before regressing a bit) it would be cool to hear about how you can for sure improve your technique by working hard but also how it’s easy to let bad habits slip in.

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  2. Good job ahmin! Irrelevant but white is a really nice color on you, and that shirt is channeling my mood 100% of the time lmao.

    As a suggestion for a possible new tips video, I’m wondering if you could maybe break down some technical terms+aspects of singing that you mention sometimes like the soft palate, glottal muscles + tension, and raising/lowering the larynx, and also how to address common issues with each of these things. I try reading other stuff online but text can be confusing or it uses a lot of jargon that is hard for non-trained laypeople like myself to understand!

    Keep up the good work as always :]

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  3. i’ve learned so much from watching your videos, and i just want to say that i genuinely appreciate your work. i’m still a terrible singer haha, but even though i can’t actually sing well, i know a lot more about it from a theoretical standpoint. thank you so much.

    unrelated to me and this video, i’m curious about your thoughts on howon’s (hoya) singing in this ( video? it’s from his upcoming musical if i’m not mistaken, and i think he sounds a lot less nasal than he usually does (or am i completely wrong and it’s just as ‘bad’ as it usually is lol?). has his technique improved since whenever last you heard him sing? i’m sorry if you don’t answer comments unrelated to the blogpost, if so i will keep it in mind.


    1. Hi dear, I’m so thankful to hear your thoughts and all I hope for is that you enjoy singing! I really avoid using words like “bad” for vocalists unless I mean “bad for their health.” It’s hard to talk about improvement when it comes to Hoya because I never wrote a full analysis for him and his parts in Infinite songs are generally pretty limiting in terms of range and technique. When Hoya sings, he sounds like Yunho of TVXQ! which may mean he’s a baritone with similar vocal habits as him, just a bit less weight.

      1:13 ~ 1:16 1:48 ~ 1:54 I still hear quite a bit of nasality in these parts. I hear a more relaxed tone and a lot more of an attempt to use proper breath support. He’s doing better in a range that’s more comfortable and smooth for him to sing in, but I wouldn’t say I hear a well established developed support system for him yet. He still has a lot of issues with using his throat a lot more than he’d need to when singing but that’s one of the hardest things to learn if you’re not being taught to sing with proper support specifically and you’ve been used to not doing it for a long time. 2:54 Eb4, I already hear a lot of throat there. 3:04 here too. 3:06 F#4 and around this more intense part of the song, he’s pushing from his chest voice and throat a lot and not focusing on proper breathing but if he’s a baritone, F#4 and Eb4 are challenging notes to sing well. 2:42 even around C#4, I hear more throat than proper stretch of his vocal cords. It’s understandable for a less trained baritone.


  4. Hi Ahmin! I’ve been recently talking to Baekhyun stans about how Chen is a better vocalist than him. Their argument back was that Chen only has technique, whereas Baekhyun has tone, emotion, and showmanship. My issue with that is that these three things are subjective, since I may think that Chen also has tone, emotion, and showmanship. Plus, showmanship doesn’t really have anything to do with being a vocalist. I was wondering if you could do a video addressing technique vs. timbre/emotion, and why one is fact and one is opinion. I’m just tired of hearing stuff like “Chen doesn’t put emotion into his singing” or “he doesn’t have a nice tone” when all of it is just their opinion and doesn’t make Baekhyun the better vocalist. I personally love Chen’s tone and emotion. Anyway, even if you don’t make the video, how would you suggest that I address this issue? I’m thinking of making a video of my own, so I would appreciate feedback. Thank you so much!


    1. Oh yes actually that was meant to be my next video but I got busy. About emotion..I’m still debating the title. If it should be “Good technique does NOT make your singing robotic/emotionless” or “Emotion in singing is subjective!” or “Good technique can still be emotional!” I’m not sure yet. I’m leaning towards the first one for now? haha

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      1. Oh, thank you so much! I think this is an important video to be made, because so many people have this misconception that emotion is objective and you either have it or you don’t.


  5. Hello. So, this video of BoA teaching this girl how to sing high notes was on YouTube and there were people debating over whether it was or was not a correct way of singing. Thank you!


    1. There’s actually a comment of mine on this video. The thing is BoA when she belts she is not nasal, and she is telling the girl to sing louder than her to help her project more. BoA is really shouty but the girl has a better grasp of support without needing to push, so even though BoA’s demonstration may not be the best, the idea she’s trying to convey comes across well and because the girl has a good grasp of support, she executes the idea BoA is trying to give her better than BoA herself in a way. So BoA may not be able to do what she wants the girl to do, but she can teach her how to do it.


  6. Hi Ahmin! I have trouble with breath control on top of other issues, can you give me some tips to practice that? Especially I find in my mixed to lower registers oddly…

    Thank you!


      1. I recorded a bit of Perfect to show you….I feel there pitch issues when I attempt to do even a simple run, and a bit of volume control, as well as not breathing at the right timing 😦


      2. I am hearing a few issues. A lot of them connected to diction and throat shaping. This song is definitely too low for your voice type in this key. You’re not really keeping the rib cage expanded, I hear quite a few H’s happening where they shouldn’t. 1:10 here for an example, bay-be-hee I. There was no H originally in that word. Also I hear issues with you overly pronouncing R’s, they don’t need to be this emphasized on. Your jaw isn’t dropping enough so you go into your nose for placement, 2:04 Lo-huh-ove. See? Your vowels aren’t round enough, you need to work on your vowels opening up and your stretch being stronger while letting the soft palate take over, instead of breathiness.


      3. Thank you!

        Can you explain what do you mean by “stretch”? How should I practice opening up my vowels?
        Also, is support a problem for me in this register?


      4. Well dropping the jaw, lifting the soft palate and doing the exercises on vocal tips #8 will help but it won’t be enough to work on every vowel if you aren’t sure how to open them up. And stretch as in the stretch of your vocal cords from one note to the other. Yes support seems to be a problem for you in that range.

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      5. I’ve tried to improve my diction (I hear it as well when I sing) but I feel it’s beginning to be habitual T.T Thank you still though!

        Also do I show some support or am I not supporting?

        PS: I’ll try to practice and sing this in a higher key…hopefully with improvement.

        PPS: Thank you thank you thank you!


    1. What he’s saying about warming up with head voice before mixing when you haven’t sung at all yet, I agree with. How he’s doing it, not so much.


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