Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #13: Singing is a skill, NOT just a talent!

Quick Post here guys. This is my new video webseries called “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths”, where I’ll be posting vocal tips for you guys as often as possible. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share it with others. Let me know if you have any questions and please give suggestions for future videos! I’ll try to make this a Tuesday night weekly thing!


17 thoughts on “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #13: Singing is a skill, NOT just a talent!

  1. Neat new intro 😀 I love that you’re doing these videos. I’m sure others have told you this, but you always come across as so warm, caring and genuine, and very, very well spoken and informative. I do look forward to these 🙂 Hope you rest well and feel better soon.

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    1. Awwww stop ㅠㅜ I don’t know, actually someone did tell me I come off as arrogant before so I’ve been trying to not come off as “I know more than you” and come off as “I wanna help you”? I suppose? lol Thank you so much ㅠㅜ I need to post a new analysis though. lol

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  2. This video is one of the reasons why I wish we had multiple like buttons so I could like it 67878795 times xDD thanks so much for this man, I really needed it. I’m always low on self-esteem when it comes to singing and listening to amazing singers like Sohyang, Ailee and Park Hyo Shin makes me ashamed to even open my mouth 😦 And whoever told you that you come across as arrogant needs to go back and check a dictionary. You’re like legit one of the most kind and sweetest guys ever (even though I don’t personally know you lol).

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  3. Yesss Ahmin! Honestly love this video lmao. I don’t know if you remember (you probably don’t since you get so many comments) but I posted once about my mix not going above G4/A4 even though I’m a girl and most definitely not a contralto lol. But even though I straight up suck at singing, I’ve improved so much. I first started reading this blog in 2014ish but it was mostly out of curiosity about technique. While I still sound pretty bad at singing, I’ve improved a lot on my pitch and these days my mix feels a little better than before. Also, I agree so much with the points in your video! I’m an artist and so many people always dismiss it as something I was born with. Personally I’ve always found that strange because it’s not like I was born knowing how to hold a paintbrush and the same thing goes for any skill. Keep up the hard work! ^.^

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  4. Hi Ahmin! I just wanna say with all your advice I improved my singing by a LOT! And I got in my university’s performance acapella group! Thank you so much for the feedbacks I got! Will continue to post once in while~~

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  5. Have you seen this video before Ahmin?
    What do you think about the exercises that she learned?
    In particular the “Nei Nei”exercise…Isn’t that one good for eliminating nasality?


  6. Ahmin…For some reason when I post questions on the About&Criteria page they don’t show in the recent comments, so they haven’t been answered. Would you please check for me and see if they’re still there? I don’t know if they will show up. That’s why I left a comment here.
    Also how is/was your Thanksgiving, if I may ask? 🙂


  7. Ahmin, I left a comment on your recent blog post(What I’ve been up to). I don’t know if it showed up though. I’m still having issues with my comments not showing up. By the way I’m looking forward to hearing you on more singing shows, especially in your native Portuguese if possible. I wanna see you on TV more often!

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    1. Awwww let’s see if I can do that more often lol but I don’t know why, I’ll look for it in the spam folder!


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