Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #11: Alto is NOT a voice type!

Quick Post here guys. This is my new video webseries called “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths”, where I’ll be posting vocal tips for you guys as often as possible. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share it with others. Let me know if you have any questions and please give suggestions for future videos! I’ll try to make this a Tuesday night weekly thing!


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11 thoughts on “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #11: Alto is NOT a voice type!

  1. Thank you so much. I can’t handle the stupid that comes out of people’s mouths when I politely and tactfully try to correct them. A girl said she was an Alto in a school choir. I told her it’s a choir part and not her voice type. After the same explanation you gave, she said ”All I know is I was an Alto in choir.” Another dude said ”I’m a bass, I was a bass in choir.” And I said, you’re actually a baritone, and I explained the three types. And then he said he’s a bass.

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    1. well, what else can it be if she’s a woman? Her name is Galina Baranova btw. The song is called ”The song of desire” i think.


  2. This video was very surprising for me. I, just like the girl mentioned before in comments, sing alto part in my choir and I don’t really believe that I’m a soprano who’s just afraid of high notes.
    Some time ago my friend, who’s a professional musician, mentioned to me as a fun fact, that in some countries alto isn’t even recognised as a voice type. I recalled this conversation while watching your video. I understand that in the US you don’t have alto as a voice type, but I’m quite sure that it’s classified as a voice type in Europe or at least in Poland, where I live.

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    1. I think you’re confusing alto with contralto and I’m sure the person you’re talking about was talking about contralto and shortening it as alto, that’s what 95% of people everywhere do. The problem is calling sopranos and mezzo by alto.


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