Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #11: Alto is NOT a voice type!

Quick Post here guys. This is my new video webseries called “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths”, where I’ll be posting vocal tips for you guys as often as possible. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share it with others. Let me know if you have any questions and please give suggestions for future videos! I’ll try to make this a Tuesday night weekly thing!

23 thoughts on “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #11: Alto is NOT a voice type!

  1. Thank you so much. I can’t handle the stupid that comes out of people’s mouths when I politely and tactfully try to correct them. A girl said she was an Alto in a school choir. I told her it’s a choir part and not her voice type. After the same explanation you gave, she said ”All I know is I was an Alto in choir.” Another dude said ”I’m a bass, I was a bass in choir.” And I said, you’re actually a baritone, and I explained the three types. And then he said he’s a bass.

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    1. well, what else can it be if she’s a woman? Her name is Galina Baranova btw. The song is called ”The song of desire” i think.


  2. This video was very surprising for me. I, just like the girl mentioned before in comments, sing alto part in my choir and I don’t really believe that I’m a soprano who’s just afraid of high notes.
    Some time ago my friend, who’s a professional musician, mentioned to me as a fun fact, that in some countries alto isn’t even recognised as a voice type. I recalled this conversation while watching your video. I understand that in the US you don’t have alto as a voice type, but I’m quite sure that it’s classified as a voice type in Europe or at least in Poland, where I live.

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    1. I think you’re confusing alto with contralto and I’m sure the person you’re talking about was talking about contralto and shortening it as alto, that’s what 95% of people everywhere do. The problem is calling sopranos and mezzo by alto.


  3. All of this being said: how do you feel about male sopranos, like a male that is not just capable of it, but they sound like a woman when they talk and they truly naturally developed with comfort in the soprano range just like a female. I know they are REALLY rare, but I have a friend like this named Tyler. He is being trained at my college as a male soprano. This is a video of him doing a duet last year:
    P.s. According to literally all of my music professors, the most common female voice type is a mezzo. Why do you say it’s soprano? Just curious as to your reasoning.

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    1. I would have to hear what he sounds like singing in a register that’s not his head voice. So this alone doesn’t show me a soprano. Also what I’ve learned from my own instructors is that sopranos are the most common. Not only that, from experience I’ve met a lot less mezzo sopranos than sopranos in my life.


  4. I know Jisoo is not a mezzo but I’ve noticed her voice seems to have a relatively darker color than Rosé,Lisa and even Jennie. I could be wrong but it doesn’t sound as “bright”. Do you hear this too Ahmin?
    *Also on a side note is Yuqi from (g)idle a mezzo? Or is she just a husky soprano? Like Tiffany?


    1. I have been asked about someone from G-Idle before and I heard no mezzo, now it it were Yuqi or not I don’t recall. I’m not 100% sure Jisoo is not a mezzo actually.


      1. It would be cool if she was.
        Also how is everything going for you? What’s it like living in South Korea?


      2. It’s great for the most part, there are very few things I don’t like about living here. Thank you for asking.


  5. No problem (^_^) Just hoping you’re in good health. You too Pandayeu and frostprincess21 if you’re there.
    Ahmin, I really hope you get to work with some big name singers/performers soon. I believe you would really make a positive change in the quality of their singing. It would be amazing if one of the big 3 hired you to train their idols. I would be happy with any company though. I’m rooting for you!

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