Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #8: JYP’s half air half sound technique is BS!

Quick Post here guys. This is my new video webseries called “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths”, where I’ll be posting vocal tips for you guys as often as possible. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share it with others. Let me know if you have any questions and please give suggestions for future videos! I’ll try to make this a Tuesday night weekly thing!


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17 thoughts on “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #8: JYP’s half air half sound technique is BS!

  1. Hi Ahmin! First of all thank you (again) for making this video because I’m always internally mad when seeing JYP bringing people to use this choice and phrasing it as a ‘technique’, especially when there’re so many people trying their best to acquire a free-of-air solid sound. (And when he criticised a KPOPSTAR candidates that ‘runs should not be accurate’, I’m like pfff)

    Speaking of changing voice colour at will, who in kpop do you think has showcased most versatility (among those you’ve already analysed)? I’m not talking about versatility since it’s more about potential, so i’m asking about the different vocal colours that had been demonstrated. That would mean they can sing solidly/ breathily/ with intentional tension/ sing-talk/ vocal fry/ change head:chest ratio of their mixed/ healthy growl, etc. Scott from PTX is one in my opinion since he demonstrates this ability so frequently not only in studio but also in many lives, many times – but! He’s not a kpop vocalist. After digging in analyses on this blog, it seems that Sandeul, Kyuhyun, Shannon and Ailee demonstrate this pretty well but they don’t always do it. What do you think?

    Perhaps it’s the limitation of being idol vocalists that they need to stick with a certain genre?


    1. A lot of the more highly skilled vocalists like Son Seungyeon, Ailee, Sandeul, Kyuhyun and such have shown this ability. I don’t necessarily keep track of that, so I can’t really answer well sorry. I think it’s the repertoire that’s limiting for sure.

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      1. Thank you for your reply! I feel like I’ve asked a not-so-meaningful question, sorry for that 😛 Looking forward to your and pandayeu’s upcoming work!


  2. Hey Ahmin! Since I’m a huge fan of multiple JYP artists I’m curious of which JYP singers that only sing airy like Suzy. I can tell JB does from his analysis and from just being a GOT7 fan. Also because I think he only started learning how to sing when he entered JYP. So, i’m curious who else may have this problem because of JYP’s influence.


      1. Does that mean all of day6 sings airily?
        Thanks for the informative video. watching these and reading the analyses has really made me open my ears (even though I go to an arts school I don’t know anything about what the singers do other than that they seem to always have a tendency to sing behind the beat all the time when we play with them. Kind of irrelevant but do you know why? Perhaps it’s just a thing because they’re opera singers?)


      2. From what I’ve heard, most of the time they all do sing breathy although YoungK is the least breathy one I believe. Singers don’t count, usually we’re guilty of not keeping the beat because we don’t count. Instrument players tend to tap to the beat and count, but we just follow what we know but then if we don’t have a very good sense of rhythm, that may not go too well. lol


  3. Hi my dear friends I want to thank for all the amazing job you are doing and how much time you sacrifice to answer all the people even the haters which really amazing I just finished reading most comments and I saw people complaining about the search if they want to find a comment or live you answered about well I found a way 😀 for example when I want to find the comments you answered about jihyo I go to Google then I type kpopvocalanalysis jihyo and I click the search button then it shows all the pages where name jihyo got mentioned I just click on the pages go to the comments and found jihyo😀 I hope this may help people.thank you so much again. .please when you have time can you take a look on my horrible covers my voice still unpleasant but I am working on my pitch in low parts I chose those songs because they seem low can you please give me your opinion ofc if you have time and your ears won’t hurt you how was my pitch in rockabye especially the low parts and in the resonance I became singer do I sound airy in the low parts and the high note does it have any support thank you so much just for reading my comments I know I have bad tone voice and 0 technique but I can’t know what’s the problem exactly so 😊 I am light lyric soprano right ?


    1. Hi dear! I really would rather you not singing in Korean cause that gets in the way of your diction and you tend to get nasal in Korean. Your pitch was fine for Reason I Became A Singer, but the chorus is too high. You are singing more similar to Solji’s key when she sings it, 1:16 except for when the second half came in you went a bit lower but still not quite to the right key. For the high notes, you’re still fairly heady and that has to do with the lack of development of your chest. Rockabye is actually kind of high, but you pitch was far better in there! Your tone sounds nice in the 4Men cover actually, it just overall lacks support for now and again, you can’t just develop these things on your own. Your tone is NOT bad.


      1. Oh thank you so much I know it’s hard to develop those things alone but there’s nothing I can do I need to fight thank you again now I will spend at least 3 month to try to work on developing my chest voice and try to learn at least to support one note


  4. #super late comment kkkk correct me if I’m wrong lol you ever say to me : “…if you don’t develop the chest muscles, your voice will always sound quite light and AIRY,…” so my airiness is not because my vocal cords aren’t fully connected but it’s because my chest muscles aren’t developed yet or the ‘not connected’ vocal cords are related to my ‘not developed’ chest muscle?


  5. hello, ahmin! i would like to know if there is any JYP artists that didnt follow or barely follow the “half-air half sound” technique?


    1. Oh sure there are! For an example, Jimin of 15& as well as Sunye and YeEun or Changmin and Jokwon when they’re trying to sing with actual power instead of just air pressure.


  6. Hi Ahmin! When singing I was told that I shouldn’t feel vibrations at my throat area (when I place my hand on my throat) or I’ll be singing from my throat… is this true? When I sing in my mixed register I try to push my voice to more head to avoid this kind of throat vibrations but I’m not sure if this is the correct way because I find myself singing too breathy and weak this way… When singing with less breath brushing pass the vocal cords does this mean that the throat area will have vibrations? I’m confused between how to tell the difference between singing from the throat (bad technique) and less airy singing. I’ll really really appreciate your help on this!!


    1. No that’s not true because there’s absolutely no way NOT to feel vibrations in your throat because your voice box/larynx is IN your throat, it’s in your neck and the vocal cords vibrate there so the neck WILL vibrate even if you’re singing with proper technique. You shouldn’t feel pressure or tension in your throat but the vibrations will always be there because that’s where the sound is coming from.


      1. Wow I see! That’s what I’ve been wondering for really long too thanks so much^^ Also how do I tell whether or not I’m singing from my throat? Is there any way to check or what to listen out for eg. when I record myself sing?


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