Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #7: “Stable” singing means NOTHING!

Quick Post here guys. This is my new video webseries called “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths”, where I’ll be posting vocal tips for you guys as often as possible. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share it with others. Let me know if you have any questions and please give suggestions for future videos! I’ll try to make this a Tuesday night weekly thing!

13 thoughts on “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #7: “Stable” singing means NOTHING!

  1. PREACH, Ahmin!!!!! I am so sick of people throwing around the word “stable” and “good technique” when they’re trying to argue that their fave is good.
    Suggestions for the next video:
    Just because someone hits a high note does not mean it’s good
    Just because someone sounds nice does not mean they have good technique
    (I was looking at the comments section of the Sofa cover you linked in Jungkook’s analysis, and I saw so many people going on about how much talent he had for an 18 y/o, and how much he could “control” his voice, when I found a comment​ praising his “good” technique. Someone said that he didn’t have good technique and was immediately attacked. As an ARMY I felt really ashamed and embarassed. People need to know the extent of their idols abilities so fanwars and crap like this doesn’t happen.)

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  2. For me “stable” is the most meaningless word. When i was watching BP Rose and TWICE Jihyo performance when they are not dancing, i think that Jihyo’s vocal ability is much better than Rose’s. But people on youtube keep saying things like “well Rose is singing more stable than Jihyo”, “BP’s choreo is really hard but Rose still manage to sing stable”, “TWICE’s choreo is easy af but Jihyo can’t sing”. I feel very upset when i saw that type of comments and people seems to be just care about their MR Removed videos although those kind of videos seems to be useless. And for me Wendy’s vocal ability is better than Rose’s, but some people keep saying “Rose had unique voice therefore her singing is better than Wendy” i mean wtf we are talking about their vocal abilities not their voices lol. But anyway i love your videos very much lol keep doing it please, sorry for my bad English

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  3. I was literally just thinking about this two days ago and wondering why no one’s covered it. I feel like stable is the most overused word – which is sad, because I’ve seen it used to praise some really bad vocal performances. It would be different if it was used in a somewhat specific way, where it was evident that the person was referring to a specific part of the voice but lacked the proper terminology. But it’s always “stable vocal” or “stable voice” and I want to ask “what’s stable about it?” By stable, do you mean stability as in breath control, vibrato, support??? Because the majority of performances I see this under have none of those things.

    Anyway, I’m glad someone finally decided to tackle this. I appreciate whenever these videos are released, because at least people have something to reference and learn from – myself included. For future topics, these might be interesting to cover:

    1. Loud does not necessarily mean resonant
    2. Better technique doesn’t happen overnight – especially if you don’t improve your habits
    3. “Emotional” singing does not mean you have good technique
    4. Head voice and falsetto are not the same
    5. Males can also produce head voice
    6. A good lower range and/or underdeveloped middle range does not automatically make you a contralto or bass
    7. Technical proficiency does not make your singing robotic or
    8. Being a good vocalist does not make you qualified to teach singing
    9. Focusing on one genre of music does not excuse you from developing the rest of your voice
    10. Not all types of vibrato are healthy

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    1. Actually I’m about to make a head voice vs falsetto video for the vocal tips series, which will include 4 and 5. I also already have a vibrato video. 6 is going to be addressed a bit differently but will be addressed. 7 is great and 1 too! 8 is interesting too!

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  4. For this series can you do one about identifying live vs pre-recorded vocals? It’s hard to tell since they have gotten more subtle about this in the past few years
    (For example I thought a few of the produce 101 people were lip-synching in the group performances but then there were people in the same group who clearly missed the note so they were not lip syncing)


      1. I understand. It’s just that it seems like a lot of videos posted in the comments are ones that you say they’re lip-synched so it is useless to analyze so I think we could learn a lot about that.


      2. Oh that doesn’t happen that often, it’s only sometimes. I guess there’s no vocal way for me to explain it, the way I can tell is if they’re moving a lot and you can’t even hear them breathing. Like if it sounds like the mp3 of the song is playing in the background, it’s probably lip synched. Usually performances at school events or small showcases are lip synched because the venue isn’t very good for live singing, if there’s no band.


  5. To me stable means they are not out of breath or shaky while dancing, which is judging stamina.
    While physical stamina may be useless to the standards of this blog, I believe it is a separate but important skill for an idol to have
    For example, I don’t think anyone expects good vocals out of Hyuna. But I think it is completely reasonable to expect her to sing/rap/dance the complete song without tiring, being out of breath, or look like she is going to collapse at the end.
    There were definitely performances where she looked exhausted, sometimes during “Buble Pop” but specifically around the “Is it poppin” time. (She looked much better during Troublemaker “Now”).
    I don’t necessarily blame the idols for that though, more their management. Times like that I wonder about whether she was getting enough rest, nutritious food, and good training regime (muscle building instead of just more and more cardio)


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