Red Velvet’s Vocal Analysis: Seulgi

Vocal Range

C#3 ~ D6 (3 octaves and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

G3/G#3~ A4/Bb4

Voice Type



  • Ease in the lower register
  • Able to maintain tonality below G3
  • Able to support her voice up to A4/Bb4
  • Decent pitch
  • Stable legato singing
  • Good Ear

Points for Improvement

  • Inconsistencies within supported range
  • Nasal tonality
  • Unstable vibrato
  • Pushes and strains above A4/Bb4
  • Lack of projection in mixed register
  • Sometimes isn’t completely relaxed when singing
  • Tongue Tension


  • Lower register: Seulgi’s lower register is probably her most developed register. Seulgi is able to carry support, tonality and projection down to G3/G#3. Below G3 Seulgi is still able to maintain tonality even though she is essentially singing without any true support.
  • Mixed register:  Seulgi can generally support her mixed register up to A4/Bb4 above that her voice tenses and she begins to push the sound. Seulgi’s placement in her mixed register is very nasal because she does not sing with a lifted soft palate.
  • Upper register: Her upper register is fairly unexplored compared to the rest of her voice. However, from what she has shown she uses more of a falsetto than a true head voice and really beings to push and strain her head voice around E5/F5.


There are few examples of Seulgi really exploring the flexibility of her voice, however from what she has done it is safe to conclude that she requires more development in that area. When Seulgi attempts runs, they are often above her skill level and therefore result in sloppy execution. The sloppy execution is mainly a resultant of the inaccurate pitch separation as well as inaccurate pitches being sung. For example her run in”Dumb Dumb” requires her to move through a series of notes fairly quickly, but she often just slides through them without good note separation or accurate pitches. She also has issues with rhythm when executing runs which also leads to a sloppy execution for example her run in “Little Little.

Overall analysis

Seulgi, along with group member Irene, was the first member of Red Velvet to be introduced to the masses through SMRookies_SR14G in 2014. She instantly caught the attention of many fans because of her exceptional dancing skills as well as her cute and youthful appearance. Because her dancing skill was highlighted over her vocal skill, many fans believed she would be just a dancer of Red Velvet. Nonetheless, Seulgi shares the vocalist position with fellow member Wendy.

Seulgi’s tone in her chest voice is very well developed with a solid and clear tonality present. However because she sings with a lowered soft palate, the tone is often restricted to just resonating in her nose instead of having proper placement in the mask. In addition to that she also sings with improper tongue position in her chest voice as well. Seulgi’s tongue is almost never in a flat neutral position which causes her to become closed and not project well; this also is present in her mixed register.

When Red Velvet sings pieces requiring  harmony, Seulgi often sings the lower portion of the arrangement. This is quite fitting because she has an extensive lower register spanning down to D3 as well as solid development being able to support G3/G#3, not to mention ease.  In Red Velvet performance “Stickwitu,” Seulgi showcases just how easily she is able to sing her lower extremes of her lower register. In this performance Seulgi phrases many notes towards the lower extreme of her range, even D3, without sounding uncomfortable and without any true support. Also in the group’s performance of “Wish Tree” she sings many F#3s with ease even if they are airy for stylistic purposes. Additionally, Seulgi shows off her skills in her lower register with other performances such as: “Goodbye” and “I Have Nothing” supporting G3 and G#3 respectively. Seulgi’s  lower register is definitely her most developed and the one she sounds most comfortable.

Similar to her chest voice, Seulgi sings with nasality and improper tongue position in her mixed voice. Because of this, her voice can’t properly resonate in the mask nor can it project properly because of the tongue position. On top of that she also sings with a fairly high larynx outside of her supported range. She has the most support around the A4/Bb4 range, even though she is capable of singing up to G5 as she demonstrated in cover of “Tears.”  The higher Seulgi sings in her mixed register the more obvious her problems become. For example her D5 in “I Have Nothing” is a combination of all of the aforementioned issues; her lowered soft palate is preventing the sound from resonating correctly in the mask, her incorrect tongue position is closing the space in the back of her throat, and her lack of support is causing her to push, and therefore forcing the larynx up. Seulgi has even shown to have these problems in the lower portion of her mixed range as well, for example the B4 she sings in her short cove of “I.” Although her larynx is not lifting, the tongue tension (caused by the position) really constricts the sound and prevents from projecting fully and causes tension.  Seulgi also has an unsteady vibrato in her mix register due to an mismanagement of the airflow as shown in “Turning Pages of Memories” and “If I Were a Boy.

Seulgi’s head voice is rarely explored whether it be in solo performances or in Red Velvet’s studio tracks. She has only truly ever showcased her head voice during Red Velvet’s High Note Battle on their Kiss The Radio appearance; there she demonstrates her ability to vocalize at least up to a D6. Seulgi normally sings in more of a falsetto voice rather than a true head voices, therefore it is safe to assume that she does not know how to bring her vocal folds together to create a true head voice. This is evident in her performances of “I Have Nothing” and Red Velvet’s group performance of “Would U.


N/A due to a lack of solo performances.

Label (Type of Vocalist)

M Vocalists: Mid-Range Vocalists

ML Vocalists: Mid-Low Range Vocalists

Vocal Range Video(s)

Video by: Viet Tien

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Pandayeu


105 thoughts on “Red Velvet’s Vocal Analysis: Seulgi

  1. Yay, Seulgi is out! Thank you, Pandayeu ^^

    I have one question, if you don’t mind me asking. When you say she doesn’s know how to produce a true head voice and that it only happens occasionally, that means she can’t support it at all? Because once someone posted a link to her performance of “I have nothing” on a comment and I asked about the note on “… if I don’t have YOU” and, if I’m not wrong, I remember Ahmin said it was a head voice Bb4 (I’m not sure) and that it had some support..


  2. I listened to her i have nothing performance and I really didn’t think it was head voice; I guess it could be, but it’s not very strong. Point being if Seulgi uses head voice it’s fairly inconsistent and the connection isn’t very strong. I hope this answers yours question.


    1. Yes, it does, thank you very much ^^ So, is it right to say that, if it turn out to actually be a head voice, the support is very shallow?


    1. Does she? Yes, but it’s not very strong. The support muscles aren’t developed enough to have a very strong and supported voice, but she does support.


  3. There is already a vocal range video for Seulgi on youtube 😀

    Also, It’d be great if you could link the videos that you used with time stamp 😀 It’s easier to follow 😉
    Thanks for the analysis 😀


    1. Is there? Because I did look and I did not see it. So could you link it that would be great

      Oh I thought I did, Oh well. I think it is kind of obvious where I am talking about, but if it really is an issue I will add them.


  4. Her supported range says “G3/G#3 ” but the lower register section says “Seulgi is able to carry support, tonality and projection down to G#3/A3″… Is the latter more accurate? Because I didn’t think she could support G3, I thought she supported down to only A3 consistently.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, it’s a typo. I wrote that part of the analysis first and just didn’t change it when I found out “oh hey she has G3 too lol.” If you look more into the analysis you see me mention G3/G#3 all throughout. But I will change that for clarity. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.


  5. I supposed Seulgi is on the better side of the Average ranking, considering she can supports her lower range better than many AA vocalists. But isn’t the support related to tension, how can she still support with much tongue tension?


    1. There are different kinds of tensions and they all can be the result of different things. Tongue tension has nothing to do with support meaning the breathing aspect of it. Your and your tongue aren’t connected, and therefore act independently from each other. Tongue tension has to do with your tongue muscles not being relaxed not the diaphragm muscles or any other muscle for that matter. To put it in perspective, you can be unsupported but have no tongue tension or jaw tensions. Thay


  6. Yay, my baby Seulgi!! Thank you very much for the analysis!! I have been i silent reader for a while now and finally worked up the courage to comment something, he he .I was kinda surprised by her lower register and hope she works more on it! Sorry if my english is bad it’s not my first language


  7. Thank you for this analysis
    Can I ask sth? Some people say joy and seulgi vocal range haven’t much difference, it’s not true right? ? I think seulgi is lead for some reasons, she have better range right?


    1. I am not sure what you mean by vocal range. Vocal range means the lowest to the highest note you can hit, it has nothing to do with vocal skill. So if people think their ranges are similar, it’s fairly true. They’re both sopranos with very similar ranges. Skill wise, that’s a different topic and the difference is clear but it’s not huge.

      Here’s a video about range for you!


  8. I’m impressed I thought her support stops I G#3 ,, I have a question if someone let’s say supports C5 as an example. How many C#5 does he need to support to be in level C5/C#5. Because some idols doesn’t show support on C#5 all the time , if most the time they are supported in C#5 I believe


    1. Well there really isnt a number that we can go off of per se. We just have to feel like they are consistent enough with it. Taeyeon isnt always 100% with her D5s but she hae enough good ones for us to put it in her supported range.


  9. Hey because Seulgi sings Sumi Jo’s song I would like to ask about the POP singing part of technique of the renowned soprano.

    I know she is a classically trained vocalist and shouldn’t be compared with pop singers, but well she sings a lot of folk or pop songs without the bel canto techniques right? So I would want to know is she as consistent in her pop singing performance as that in her operatic works.

    P.S.: I listen to a lot of both bel canto and kpop songs and to me and many opera fans she isn’t at the top of the belcantists in history, but she is already quite good within currently active opera singers I would say.

    Please tell me what you think about her as a pop/ballad singer. Thanks


    1. She does this thing that I’ve heard that many vocalists who are classically trained do, they don’t sing contemporary ..they sing “popera.” Both contemporary singing and opera are quite different for the development of the voice, so you have to re-learn to sing to be able to change from one to the other. Of course, support remains no matter what, unless you’re like Lim Hyungjoo who thinks he’s classical but all he does is sing with a pushed down larynx and a tense tongue. Jo Sumi has support, but I can’t hold her against our standards for mixed and chest voice. I can hold her against our standards for her head voice, where I hear strain above B5.


    1. Hello, I’m not Ahmin. But I came here to tell you he has made a fully detailed video on this topic. I think it’s called ”how to produce a head voice”. Find kitsunemale in youtube and look for a cutiepie with messy hair on the thumbnail.


  10. Thank you, for doing a Vocal analysis on Seulgi, even though she still has a lot to polish up on in terms of her vocals, I do like her voice a lot.


  11. I was wondering about Yerin’s singing. Is she a better vocalist than SinB because I personally think she sings better, but SiNB sounds a lot more stable during live performances? My guess though is that they’re both really similar and they both have a lot of similar issues with their singing. Another question though is are they far from Eunha’s vocal technique?


    1. I’m not going to compare two sub vocalists who have yet to develop a sense of proper breath support in their voices in their singing in the first place. Eunha is not that far from them, no.


      1. Since the subject got brought up, how much support does CLC’s Seungyeon have? I know that she will eventually be analyzed, but can you give me a brief overview? Also does she have any significant problems regarding technique?


      2. Do you mean CLC’s Seunghee? I don’t believe Seungyeon will be analyzed and right now, the only vocalist of CLC I have plans to analyze is Seunghee. I don’t believe anybody else in CLC has established proper support yet..even Seunghee herself isn’t the strongest vocalist when it comes to basic breath support.


  12. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this, but why did you change everyones voice type from light lyric soprano, full lyric tenor, etc. to just soprano, tenor, baritone, etc?


    1. Because voice types are something we can be sure of, but specific sub-fachs become a little trickier and less specific. I am not so sure we can identify voice types that specifically in pop music if they’re not taught to sing in a classical way and honestly, it’s only guess work when it gets that specific. Plus, it’s not necessary for the analyses anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. when Red Velvet first started out (before I really knew their voices) I always picked Seulgi’s voice out easily because to me she sounds like she isn’t singing with her mouth open far enough…I’m glad to know that there are words like ‘nasality’ and ‘not projecting’ to explain what I’m hearing…so I don’t sound like an idiot lol…


    1. It’s not the first time someone asks so here’s a copy-paste:

      “She sounds light, a bit thin. Her support isn’t strong, she lacks power and her mixing is a bit too unbalanced and heady. Her lower range 0:26 B3 or so is really light and heady too. She lacks a chest voice it seems. Her volume is kind of the same throughout, even when she wants to add more power her voice is too light for that. Her support isn’t strong either.”


  14. A post shared by Red Velvet Official Instagram (@redvelvet.smtown) on Sep 30, 2017 at 6:13am PDT


    i hope this works but… hello! this was posted on red velvet’s instagram so i’m really sorry there’s no time stamps >< i wanted to ask if seulgi was supporting in this video! it seems that she's using her chest voice (?) and its in her comfortable range so support sounds there but i'm not sure? also is she nasal and is her vibrato unstable here?


    1. She is supporting, yes. Seulgi doesn’t have an issue supporting when singing within G#3 ~ Bb4, she just gets inconsistent outside of that or strains altogether. She was straining in the chorus and lowering her larynx for the lowest notes in the verse. The highest notes were C#5’s, the lowest were F3’s.


  15. Ela alguma vez já suportou um B4 ou C5 ? E com a técnica dela atual ela pode melhorar naturalmente ou ela teria que mudar o jeito de cantar ou mudar alguns hábitos ? (Muito obrigado pela analise, saiu perto do meu aniversário e foi como um presente)


    1. Todo mundo tem que mudar hábitos para melhorar em canto logicamente mas eu não acredito que ela tenha C5’s com apoio se não foi mencionado na analise. Awwww que bom te dar um presente.


  16. hi, I was wondering,what do you think of up10tion’s membrers vocal skills? I saw a comment were you did a short analizis of black pink’s members vocal skills, so I was wondering if you could do the same with up10tions vocalist. (is ok if you can’t/don’t want to, since they have 5 vocalist and that’s pretty much)


    1. What I can tell you briefly is that the only one who seems to support although with inconsistencies with throatiness is Hwanhee. The rest seem not to support almost at all, with the exception of Sunyoul although he does sing really tight and thin with a high larynx a lot, and I hear tension from him even as low as F4.


    1. This is not a lip synching analysis blog, it’s a vocal analysis blog. So we may not have the most accurate answer for this question but personally, I watch their lips and the synch of their breaths with the sound that’s coming from the audio, as well as the intensity of the movements and the changes in the voice because no matter how much stamina you have, abrupt movements with a microphone will pick up those kind of noises.


  17. Question about Yeri… not to be mean, offend anyone, or bash Yeri but I’ve personally always found her vocal tone to be quite unpleasant. Is this just how her voice is or does it have something to do with the way she sings? Like in the Wish Tree performance, at 1:11 the ~hamke igiiiiiil~ part, to me she sounds really nasal and her voice has some kind of piercing/screeching quality to it..

    It’s kinda weird but I’ve always imagined I’d like her voice more if she had the vocal technique of Taeyeon for instance. Taeyeon isn’t usually nasal and is open and resonant. So basically, is Yeri’s vocal habits and technique causing her to sound so strange to me?

    This also brings the question that although every person has a distinctive and different vocal timbre, can vocal technique and habits effect how a person’s vocal timbre sounds? If everyone sang open and resonant than we would hear everyone’s true voices but I feel like alot of people are hindered from that by their incorrect vocal habits…

    ~Rant Over~ lol


    1. It’s most likely how she sings. She doesn’t place her sound almost at all, there’s barely connection between her vocal cords, her throat is never shaped to allow notes to be 100% in pitch, she’s nasal, flat and often breathy. She’s just a very untrained vocalists and all of these are fixable technical flaws, that’s all. Yes vocal timbre can be affected by vocal habits, good or bad vocal technique.


      1. Is it the same case as Irene? I also have a hard time listening to Yeri, and I know for sure that Irene isn’t a well trained vocalist either, however for me the sound is quite different, to me irene sounds similar to yoona, who is one of the weak vocalists i love to hear the most.


  18. Hello!So red velvet released their first repackage album a few days ago and this song ‘all right’ is really so good!May I ask what notes did Wendy hit at 0:06-0:09 and 3:02-3:10?Were they supported and probably resonant?Sorry I’m new:(Thank you!



  19. Can i ask about Irene as i saw your analysis about wendy too and your replying to others who asked about Joy and Yeri’s vocals although my bias vocalist in Red Velvet is Wendy but I’m kinda curious about Irene because i thought she is only a rapper and can’t thing but i find her voice is Questionable it’s I don’t know how to explain it but when she sang time to love it was giving another vibes from irene we know so I want to know can she sing properly and if yes what category can she be in ?

    The second question will you analyze SHINee’s Jong Hyun Poet|Artist soon ?


    1. I’m confused about your second question. And your first. I’m sorry, I can’t give you a category for many reasons. I don’t understand the purpose if you don’t even mean a rating, but Irene doesn’t support. Neither do Yeri nor Joy properly. The thing is Irene lacks support but a studio song without any time stamps and anything more specific than “another vibe” is not enough for me to be sure how to address your question. I would like to, but I don’t know exactly what you’re hearing. 0:28 ~ 0:38, that’s all she sang in this song. That’s not enough for me to say much other than she is not connecting her breath, there’s a lot of air coming through vocal cords, she is not opening the back of her throat and she’s nasal, she doesn’t support but this is what I can say based on 10 seconds of singing from studio which is not my preferred way to respond. As for your second question, what do you mean by soon? Did we say we would do it? I hope not, because I am so sorry, but we don’t analyze albums to begin with but even if we did, I don’t see why…we should in this specific case.


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