Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #6: V’s high notes in Stigma are NOT his highest!

Quick Post here guys. This is my new video webseries called “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths”, where I’ll be posting vocal tips for you guys as often as possible. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share it with others. Let me know if you have any questions and please give suggestions for future videos! I’ll try to make this a Tuesday night weekly thing!

34 thoughts on “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #6: V’s high notes in Stigma are NOT his highest!

  1. GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG *fangirling so hard rn* (yeah you can probs tell from my username, I really love Taehyung, and eyy I never knew you had a soft spot for him too lol πŸ˜‰ ) but, ahem *regains composure* thank you soooo much for debunking this myth. It’s sad how people who call themselves his fans underestimate him so bad. Tbh he’s actually “underrated” as a vocalist (in BTS mainly), people think Jungkook and Jimin are better than him coz they’re the “main vocals” and he’s ‘only’ the lead vocal. Hopefully some fans will be enlightened by this :((

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      1. v has the 2nd widest range in industry
        Jungkook and jimin are overrated , maybe as they are tenors ?
        But 647392849191 singers better than them
        And V is so underrated
        He isn’t even singing in his range and got us killed


      2. @wind1287 dude, did you even read my comment properly? lol I know he isn’t the best vocally, I said “mainly in BTS”. He is underrated amongst the vocalists in BTS since people think Jimin and Jungkook are better than him coz they’re ‘main vocals’ -__-


    1. Ahmin had explained here how wide range not a big deal at all

      A singer with who can support 1 octave range is better than a singer who can sing 6 octave but 0 support.
      V is the example


      1. But he has the most support
        He wouldn’t be the best vocalist if he wasn’t
        U r only being salty here
        And baritones are rare too
        Baritones are loved in general due to uniqueness and rareness so he is so so underrated
        And he is stable and supports in his range

        Make him sing in his range and actually train him as he deserves (as a baritone) and stop making him growl to clearly point out how strong he is

        But making him off his range and growling and then saying (he giant stable live?!)
        Honey make tenors growl and they will hurt their cords and would lose their voices lmfao

        U r so salty going against only V while bts is known not the best vocally


      2. Actually baritone is the most common male voice type, it’s just tenors are more popular as singers because they sing higher. So we see more of them than in everyday life.

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      3. But yet he is the best vocalist so he has the best support and the wide range as a bonus !
        He is really underrated
        His vocal training is really bad too and the parts he gets hurt his vocals and are mostly outside his range
        Rap Mon said it (his parts are the hardest ) and the fact that they know it and do nothing making me angry

        They focus so much on jimin and Jk (overrated) and that is exactly why he is so underrated


      4. I mean in kpop
        Baritones are rare in kpop , right ?
        I read it from another site
        Kpop has loads of tenors but baritones are rare in kpop ?!!


      5. They’re not rare, it’s just rarer to find a baritone who’s a main or lead vocalist. But lots of sub-vocalists and rappers are baritones. B.A.P. is a 6 membered group where 4 members are baritones and 2 are tenors. BTS has 3 tenors and 4 baritones.


      6. U know Cleopatra of masked king ?
        Is he a baritone ?
        I love the baritone voice so Much
        But I don’t get to hear it often maybe as they are mostly rappers ?!!

        Maybe as I didn’t hear much of that voice I thought it was rare !!
        But I sometimes feel some tenors sound alike , like they aren’t distinctive and doesn’t attract me at all except for kungsoo (D.O) which attracts me more than Chen although I am well aware of chen’s abilities
        It is a personal preference then , I do like that voice a lot but I don’t get to hear it often
        I just don’t feel a high note of a tenor makes him more appealing
        Like solji and hani
        Solji is like a queen I know but I prefer hani’s jazz voice
        I also prefer DK ‘s voice over seungkwan
        And top and chanyeol voices too although ( are they baritones?!)

        Thank u for correcting my thoughts
        Do hear Cleopatra in masked king ! I don’t know his real name but he is dope


      7. Really ? WOW
        I am shocked his voice is so good
        Thanks for your info
        U already know him lol

        But I really love V’s voice in spine breaker , if I rule the world , oh happy day ,
        It is so unique (to me ) and attractive and refreshing
        I hope he sings in that tone more often !!

        And then his voice in lost too just so different

        Thanks for reading my thoughts !! I appreciate it

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  2. shouldn’t it be #6? i can see how people prefer hitting high notes in a struggle face and as pathetic as possible sound to be a great high notes. i think stigma sounds more effort than the C#6 because he hit C#6 in a playful situation (?)


  3. Thank you for this video! πŸ˜€ It’s good that someone cleared this up. πŸ™‚
    I only recently started to get interested in technical side of singing, so I (like most ppl) was also thinking that V in this song was singing like the highest notes ever. lol πŸ˜‰ Actually for me until recently the only thing that mattered while listening to a song was if it sounded nice and pretty. -.-‘ I wasn’t paying attention to techniques of singing and concept of octaves, singing voices and all this stuff was completely bizarre to me. I seriously didn’t know what all these terminologies meant, but now I know that my thinking was rather petty and inconsiderate. Good thing that I got interested in this ground and did some research, so that now I at least know some basic things.
    Anyway, going back to the topic, I figure that this way of thinking is caused by simple unawareness of a subject, namely about singing/knowing vocal ranges etc. It’s understandable, because not everyone is interested in knowing/learning about all these things to understand actual abilities of particular singers. I myself thought about this song as a masterpiece and it’s not like after learning a few things now I think that it’s not as good as it was before, but now I can appreciate more contribution, that artists put into their job.
    Lastly, sorry for this lengthy comment (practically about nothing πŸ˜‰ and any mistakes in it (English is not my first language), also thank you for all your hard work and effort put into running this site. πŸ˜€

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  4. This is the first time I get to know that people would not believe something that’s presented in front of them as a fact… I mean, just check out the note with a keyboard, done. These ‘debunking myths’ are very nice and interesting to watch, thank you very much!
    (How about a ‘Debunking myth #_: JYP’s half air half voice “technique” is not a proper technique’ haha)
    Wow and you’re making it a weekly thing, pretty sure that’s gonna be a lot of effort! Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward! Happy summer!

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  5. Hi, BTS’s V and RM released a new song yesterday and I was curious, what was the lowest note that V sang in there? Video:

    Have a nice day!


    1. We usually don’t answer studio related questions because it’s not fair for the purpose of a vocal analysis. I don’t hear anything different in this for either of them, sorry.


      1. It’s ok.^^ I couldn’t find another video because they didn’t sang this song live. Thank you for your reply. Here I find other materials for you.^^

        God, I love this boy haha

        I believe you wached V and Dr IrΔ±s part??? I want to ask you 0:42 that kid hit what note? (my eng not that good but^^)


  6. Heyyy , A bts fanboy here πŸ‘‹ , Ahmin-shi , I was wondering , since you know about vocals , could tell me how to differentiate whether someone is hitting a high note in raw voice or hitting a high note in mixed voice , I get confused to exactly how does mixed voice sounds like


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