Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #4: “They have a wide range!”

Quick Post here guys. This is my new video webseries called “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths”, where I’ll be posting vocal tips for you guys as often as possible. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share it with others. Let me know if you have any questions and please give suggestions for future videos!



16 thoughts on “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #4: “They have a wide range!”

  1. Hi dear this is amazing video like always thank it’s bothering me that a lot think Jessica is a better vocalist because she sing higher also I have few questions please answer if you have time it’s not necessary
    1- I hate to say that but in dreamcatcher I think siyeon it’s not the best vocalist it’s seems yohyeon is better am I right ?sorry if it stupid
    2-i know I always ask this question 😢 but it’s really annoys me all the singers with horrible or bad or excellent technique share the same thing they have beautiful voices no matter how skill they are even some average singers like ken seems amazing because of his voice tone or luna her voice don’t seem that great while she’s really skilled (it’s my own opinion) I don’t know how to explain it right but the voice tone is like 70% how you would sound to the audience..I have very very very bad voice tone I don’t even know how my real voice i sound I know I have 0 technique but at least I should sound pleasant one time I have no good voice tone or techniques do I still have chance to 😢😢😢 sound pleasant one day I really like singing but I am so bad in it I feel even I improved my techniques I will still sound bad can you help me please please please 😢😢😢😢 please I am sorry if I sound stupid like always but I am so lost


    1. 1. I thought the same actually but I won’t be sure until they’re analyzed.
      2. I repeat what I always say. Your tone hasn’t come out yet. Your true voice isn’t developed, so your tone isn’t “beautiful” because your real tone is still locked inside you and developing your technique would help you greatly if you took lessons.

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      1. I know this is so annoying but how I can let my true voice tone to came up what I need to do 2 please can you please tell me what I should start with should I work on my support or pitch or placement I can’t focus on them all at the same time so what process I should follow 😀 thank you so much for helping me it’s mean a lot I hope you can offer private online lessons


      2. Honestly I don’t think you can do it by yourself. You need help, you need to take vocal lessons. There’s a lot that needs to happen, support and pitch coming first but by yourself it will take so long to figure it out, it won’t be fast with an instructor but it will be faster. I do offer private online lessons.


  2. Can I ask you where do you offer the lessons can you send me the link of the website thank you so much ..believe I can learn faster than anyone all I need is the steps and the methods so I need to work on my pitch first then support then what placement. ..thank you again


      1. Oh I don’t have Skype thats really bad thank you so much for your amazing help and helpful advices you helped me more than you can imagine thank you wouldn’t be can enough can you please tell in order what thing I sold work on first thing I should work on and focus on last question when I sing I always feel pain in my throat and tired is thus because I sing with a lot of tension


  3. Thank you so much I will try to create one as a soon as possible I hope I won’t sound so annoying but please can you give a quick listen to my cover I have problems with the rythm and lyrics I am not familiar with the song enough please I want to tell me if my pitch was fine I spend sometime working on my pitch so please just ignore my nasality and nose singing the song was extremely low for me how I did in the low did I sung it flat like usual thank and sorry this will be my last request for today 😀


    1. 0:34 “Never knew” was a bit sharp. But the verse was SO much better in terms of pitch and rhythm. 0:53 same melody, you’re going sharp “you can see.” 1:00 ~ 1:05 you were sharp, but afterwards you went lower and matched the right melody. 1:33 going too high again. Sharp means too high. 1:49 “straight”, open your throat more, drop your jaw and be clearer with the enunciation. 2:52 “I” “head” all of those Eb5’s, the transitions into falsetto, you’re going too sharp but that’s it! Your pitch is infinitely better here! There only very few moments where you’re singing too high! Great job! Barely any breathiness too!!


      1. Oh my god finally I improved even just little what other problems I still have to fix what I still need to start support and improve my voice tone ..thank you so much you helped more than anyone in this world I don’t know how to thank 😀😀😀😀

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  4. Thank you for this video. It has always bothered me that in kpop so many people was high=good, even though the strain is clear. Also, the lack of lower voices is so sad for me… (Well, it’s personal. My support range is C#3 – F#5, half of it is “useless” for kpop). I hope more people would see your videos and start to appreciate technique and quality.


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