Hanna’s and Ahmin’s Disney Cover Night

Hi everybody! This is just a post to show our newest performances, by me and one dear friend of mine. We made it so that we only sang Disney songs, so I hope you guys enjoy this night of musical theater!

Featuring also our great friend and fellow youtuber, Sandra Bae.



About ahmin3

kitsunemale from YouTube, AhMin33 from Twitter and Ahmin from OneHallyu! https://www.youtube.com/user/KitsuneMale

25 thoughts on “Hanna’s and Ahmin’s Disney Cover Night

      1. I know you don’t usually like to rate yourself, but going by your own analyses, you support a “Good” range, right?


      2. Forgive me for this but: He’ll probably not confirm/deny this either, but in the Moana OST he mostly supports the brushed F4’s, however, I personally felt that his G4 in the Hercules OST one was a bit off, so just based off those two performances alone, and purely on his upper mixed register ignoring all other aspects he’d be at least Competent.

        However in the Notre Dame OST he is pretty smoothly (imo) connecting his lower and upper register but according to the Competent ranking: ‘Connection between the registers is not present’, I’m not really confident in judging lower registers either, so like overall I wouldn’t know how to adjust rankings to account for uneven strengths/shortfalls which don’t nicely fit the criteria lol.


      3. It’s funny to be analyzed. lol Actually I was quite tired on Monday so the G4’s didn’t come out right but then last night I could do them in the car and I was so mad. lol You missed the one F#4 from Go The Distance in the bridge actually. Also there were a lot of F4’s in Go The Distance throughout, and head voice transitions in the beginning cause Michael Bolton is at 75 in the first verse but I wanted it to be like a 35. lol Why are you using the term competent instead of proficient? God guys, we changed them! lol Also mhmm think of any vocalist, if they fall into more than one category, then you either keep moving up or you put them in between, right? That’s the logic of the criteria. lol


  1. Oh my god those were beautiful I am in love with your voice😍 especially how far I’ll go please go to some talented show you will slay I can’t get your voice of my head those cover were beautiful the last note of how far I’ll go and the song almost there they slayed I am glade because I knew all those songs wowwwww your voice sounds like ryeowook to me for some reason so soft ..I remember you said your rank will be good according to the criteria I guess it’s good to great now


      1. Hhhh😂..alright I won’t mention that again..do you know any vocal exercise that can improve your tone if your voice tone it’s somehow unpleasant or bad


    1. This song is a bit low for where your pitch is precise, you need to sing lower than you’re thinking in the verse. You’re also quite nasal and you are not clear with your diction, you need to really enunciate and drop your jaw. Your pre-chorus was a lot better and precise, the nasality was still there. Your second verse is a lot better with pitch, your timing can be quite off, especially during the chorus. The second half of the first chorus was better with pitch, but you tend to sing too high and much higher than the melody. You still need to work a lot more on your pitch and precision, and also the timing. Can you tell that you’re not singing the melody at the right time or that you’re behind the instrumental?


      1. Oh wow at some point I knew that I was singing higher than the song should be the nasal it came from the nose placement right I guess I place my voice in my nose instead of the mask can you please the best to place in the mask I use the ng but I end up singing in my nose


      2. 0:21 that was late, timing wise. But the pitch is much better now. You’re a little behind the timing. In the beginning of the chorus you were singing too high but then you fixed it with “no one knows, how far it goes.” 1:18 again late. 1:30 late. This is much better though with time.



    really loved the covers of ‘god help the outcasts’ and ‘how far i’ll go’! also really loved both movies lmfao (tbh i like most disney movies, i think i’ve watched all the ones you’ve listed here ahah), especially the hunchback of notre-dame and ‘god help the outcasts’ always makes me tear up a little bit ><.

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  3. OMG you’re so gooddd mannnn!!!!!!! A pity I didn’t know many of the songs, but I think your version will now be imprinted in my head so idk if I’ll like the original versions as much as yours ahaha. Ahmin fighting! 🙂

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