Vocal Tips For K-pop Fans #8: How to Support

Quick Post here guys. This is my new video webseries called “Vocal Tips For K-Pop Fans”, where I’ll be posting vocal tips for you guys as often as possible. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share it with others. Let me know if you have any questions and please give suggestions for future videos!



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209 thoughts on “Vocal Tips For K-pop Fans #8: How to Support

  1. Hey, I have a question. I have, in theory, learned to support. I hear a difference when I sing without support, so I assumed I had developed it. But I am a bit confused, because whenever I sing I feel my Adam’s apple moving up and down. I thought it was natural, since forcing it to stay in the same position sounded quite unnatural and hurt a bit, but after watching some clips of some good singers singing, I noticed that did not happen. Am I using my larynx to push out my voice?


    1. The larynx may move a bit when it engages into functioning position versus not speaking nor singing position. But it shouldn’t move drastically up nor down unless it’s really the extremities of your voice. I’d have to hear you to be sure.


      1. Ok, I think this answers it quite well. I thought that the larynx should stay exactly like if you weren’t singing, so I was worried that I couldn’t be able to even support a third. Thanks!

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  2. Hi ahmin, do you know why when sutain an Ee or oo vowels in the higher notes. There is a sound like cracking at the end of the note. Its coming Right after trying to end the sustaining notes. Do you know whats the problem and how to fix that?


  3. So sorry i accidentally sent….haha..anyway…i know i told you that ill get back to you after practicing for a few months.. especially the 2 note exercise…but something just cant get off of my head…you told me for both of my cover that i have problem with diction and that it cuts off my support…so i want to show you a cover of Malay song(my language…its very similar to Indonesian)…if i still have that problem than i know that its me ….and..please forgive me for the sharps and flats …i sang it like really randomly ..haha…if appreciate it if you would take a listen…

    Don’t worry..im very passionately doing the 2 note exercise…


    1. Where did you get all the echo? Where are you singing? You sound pretty when singing in Malay because you sound more comfortable. I still hear jaw and tongue tension, which could have to do with the language. The diction is definitely clearer and the echo helps you project, it’s pretty though. Your voice is nice and this has a lot of nice points.


      1. Great…thanks a lot…haha..its kind of a long story why i sang in the stairway…anyway…do i have any support at all…i want to know that to know what it feels like to support..that is if i do have it..


  4. Hello ahmin… I’m sorry it takes so long for me to reply your comments.. i just wanna say thank you so much for helping me to improve in singing, your advice really helps me so much..
    I think for now my approach in singing really change so it sounds more comfortable to me than before… I did your exercise to brighten my voice and less pushing, and yeah that’s really helps me.. i do cover for Im jae bum – confession, here the links http://www.everysing.com/es/CrqvDgAAAdc . In the beginning i tried to immitate im jae bum but then suddenly i realize that was not right lol. I think i sounds comfortable in Eb3 – F4 or maybe higher, the G#4 still sounds a bit pushed and closed but i don’t know for sure. I think that the support is there but maybe not strong for now? would you mind to check it? Also what should i do next to improve in singing?
    Thank you so much ahmin


    1. 0:25 ~ 0:30 I know that you said that in the beginning you were singing more like Im Jaebum and then you realized that wasn’t right, but I’d just like to point out that you’re pushing a bit too much air through the vocal cords throughout the verse. Which is not only costing you your precision and projection, but also your pitch. (The three P’s of singing, if you will.) I think the biggest problems that I’m hearing 1:28 you have an accent still and it affects you when you sing in Korean cause then you’re unable to keep the vowels as opened as they should be. But I am very impressed with you. The verse to me is the biggest problem in the song, where you’re not singing with precision, you’re more or less pitchy and you’re not projecting.

      But the chorus, you’ve shown A HUGE improvement in terms of managing tension. Your placement is much more opened, the throat isn’t as blocked by your tongue. There’s little to no tongue tension throughout. There is pushing and a bit too much breathiness, but you’ve fixed your diction a lot in your belting range. Your Eb4’s and F4’s have a very nice chest placement, but they’re not too pushed. I would work on more connection and precision with pitch. But you’re doing a really good job, keep exercising the vocal cords and don’t neglect the lower parts of songs just because they’re lower.

      Also what G#4? I didn’t hear a G#4, at least I didn’t notice one.


      1. Aahh i see.. so i’m not having tongue tension again but i’m still pushing and use so much breathiness in my singing, then i will fix it, thank you so much.
        I mean the chorus part have many G4, not G#4, so how about my G4? Also do you have any idea how to avoid pushing so much in singing? I think the problem is when i didn’t inhale completely i still go to finish the notes so i try to hit the notes without so much air in my belly? I could be wrong, so i need your explanation for this, or do you have any exercise to avoid pushing? Sorry i ask you a lot haha. Thank you so much ahmin


      2. Yes the exercise on support is supposed to stop you from pushing. You need to mark the song and lyrics and take breaths more regularly so you don’t run out of air.


  5. Hello! Thank you for the Kim Yeonwoo analysis, I enjoyed it ❤
    If you have time, could you tell me what I could improve on in my singing clips? I struggle a lot with Bflat4s and I can't mix B4 at all because of cracking TT_TT
    Are my F3's unsupported and still too dark?

    (P.S. I wrote a chapter of a Vmin fic in case you're interested 😛 https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1285726/standing-at-the-edge-apocalypse-jimin-bts-parkjimin-apocalyptic-apocalypseau-bangtanboys-bangtan-taehyung-btsjimin-vbts-bulletproofboys-bangtansonyeondan-vmin)


    1. How do you normally practice your singing? I hear a bit of tongue tension and lack of openness in the Bb4’s, you also kind of push your larynx down around F3. I think that’s the biggest issue for me, lack of strong support, your Bb4’s just sound like you’re trying too hard to mix when it’s not high for you at all. You should try slides while keeping a dropping jaw on an opened vowel.


      1. Yes I definitely feel the lack of openness D:
        I usually try to do the “bah bah bah” thing but I’m still tense.
        Maybe I lack mixing muscles because for a long time I used to speak pretty low for a soprano…?
        I’ll try the slides, thank you!


  6. @Matheus

    How are you Matheus .. i hope u still remember me, lol

    i have recorded the song “Sebuah Rasa” yesterday, this is Indonesian song because u said to me to sing in language i fluent, right? This is one of the emotional song from phenomenal singer. This song showcase my range in E2 ~ F4 .

    How do u think ? my support, breath, low/mid/high note, everything. Am i improving?
    You dont need to reply me quicky, because i know how bussy u re, slow respon is ok 🙂
    Thank you Matheus ! GBU !


    1. Hi dear. So sorry for making you wait so long for me to respond, I’ve been really busy these days and I can’t really take the time to listen to full audios or videos without time stamps as often.

      Now I am very very glad that you chose to sing in Indonesian, I highly encourage singing in your native tongue. Now I don’t know if this is a particular thing to Indonesian, but I hear your jaw still be quite a bit tight throughout. I honestly think this song may be a bit too low for you, it is a girl song sung down the octave, right? 0:31 0:35 you’re too breathy throughout the first half of the song, I’m just giving a few time stamps where there’s more air than tone and your pitch kind of disappears. 0:54 1:10 ~ 1:18, I would say that for these parts, throughout the chorus and such, you could drop your jaw more and allow the sound to come out from your mouth instead of being so trapped in your nose. Throughout it sounds like you’re going quite heavy towards your nose and so the sound isn’t opened or very projected. 1:48 don’t do runs if you don’t know where they’re going in terms of pitch.

      Have you been doing vocal exercises? Because I am not interested in hearing those than songs to check how you’re practicing? Because I can’t say I hear much of a difference in how you’re singing and if you are doing vocal exercises, I would have to hear them to know that you’re doing them correctly. This is indeed a beautiful song and I again am very glad you sang in your native tongue, but I wouldn’t recommend singing such a big song for a woman’s voice down the octave, because you’re trying to be heavy and belt in a range that’s not designed for your voice. I’d say this song is not really a great song to practice. I’d recommend choosing something simpler in a narrower range, and something in a baritone range. Not something for a soprano voice down the octave. MOST of all, I’d rather hear you doing vocal exercises, not this. Then you can move on to apply what you do in vocal exercises in songs.

      Thank you for being patient and I really think that you did much better singing in your native tongue, you’re more comfortable and more into it and that I am really happy about.


      1. Oh please u dont need to say sorry Matheus it’s ok.

        emmmhhh… i see, i see, jaw again..

        You want to listen when i do exercise? oh please.. hahahaha dont.

        Yes you right, i choose girls song because they generally sing in F#3/G3 ~ D5/Eb5 range so i can sing in 1 octave lower F#2/G2 ~ D4/Eb4 because this range is comfortable for me. But this song (Sebuah Rasa) has extensive range, this is my mistake sorry.
        I have tried to choose man song but most of indonesian singers are tenor with do phrase in D4 ~ G4 range even higher. Maybe i just not found the right song. I’m sorry this incident happened again.

        So wht should i do / my concern right now is : drop my jaw more & sing in comfort range. Well..

        i have a question, actually it’s old question.. You said i should lighten my voice the higher i go, Can i sing without lighten my voice? because i think lighten voice is not my style. How about singing with balanced mixed but not lighten voice ? what do you think about my mixed voice ? is that balanced or chesty?


      2. I am 100% serious. I would MUCH rather hear you singing vocal exercises than hear you singing songs because if you’re doing exercises the wrong way, you’re not going to show any improvement in your singing. You don’t have to choose a man song, I’m okay with you choosing a female song but you have to change the key so that it matches your voice. You’re NOT a soprano down the octave. So change the key, I’ve made a video about this too yknow. Yes you can sing without lightening up your voice, just not yet. First you have to learn to support properly without using your throat and you don’t know how to do that yet, especially in your upper range. So when it comes to high notes, you shout and you’re too heavy. First you learn to sing lightly and relaxed up there without tension and with support, then you can learn to bring chestiness and weight up there in order to balance out the mix and have a fuller quality. But you have to take your time and be patient, if you don’t learn to do the light one first, you’ll just keep shouting in your upper range and that’s what you want, is it?


    1. I think there are a few issues. The biggest one being pitch. You can’t just guess the notes, you need to play along the piano or listen to a scale. Because you were never really singing the right intervals, and so the overall sense of a key center was never there. Also there’s quite a bit of tongue tension, the ba sound should be more out and forward but you’re keeping it a bit inward, using a bit too much air and being a bit too loud. Why don’t you try it without the Ba? Why don’t you try the two note exercise instead?


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