Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #3: MR removed videos are USELESS!

Quick Post here guys. This is my new video webseries called “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths”, where I’ll be posting vocal tips for you guys as often as possible. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share it with others. Let me know if you have any questions and please give suggestions for future videos!


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22 thoughts on “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #3: MR removed videos are USELESS!

  1. is this your brand new post? i see no comment yet on both haha
    this is definitely useful. i saw some people out there arguing whether their idols are the best based on mr removed. it even a heavily dance song saying wow their voice so stable hahaha those people should watch this

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  2. It reminds of this guy talking about MR remove ,but from music production point of view.

    He basically said Mr remove can’t be used to determine whether the singer lip syncing or not.
    I get your point ,
    No matter how good a singer is , they won’t be as good as they suppose to if they also danced at the same time. And if they still sounds perfectly stable, that’s probably lipsync or pre-recorded vocal.
    Some of the idol did sing & dance at the same time especially at concert , but they also using playback to assist them. they didn’t sing every phrase by their own mouth.

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  3. Thank you for the informative video… I swear more k-pop fans need to see stuff like this. Nearly all groups, regardless of if the performance is pre-recorded or not, use some type of backtrack, too. The whole point is to hide when idols get wobbly/breathless after dancing so much, which is inevitable, regardless of how “stable” they are. Still, fans just love arguing over who’s better live don’t they? Also, can lip syn actually be good for artists sometimes? I’ve heard it’s good for artists to not sing while sick or fatigued and lipsync instead

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      1. So true. Singers must protect their voices if they are going to be able to continue having a long musical career. There is nothing wrong with using pre-recorded music, etc. Because if not, due to improper use and wear and tear, the voice will break down.


    1. A very wrong assumption among kpop fans is
      Lipsync = can’t sing.
      It doesn’t have any relation with their vocal technique level . Many idol got dragged Because they got caught and some people use it as the “proof” that they can’t sing


      1. So true. Lipsync does not mean a performer can’t sing. Because if you notice, when the music does stop, the performer is still able to sing without it and sounds good!


  4. It’s not my first time watching your videos and I just find it so cute when you’re like: it bothers me when… haha, don’t take it wrong, it just looks like you’re so into the idea of spreading the knowledge I am positively surprised. More people should pay attention to this kind of information.

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      1. I am jealous, cause I wish I was this persisent in teaching my kids with languages tho haha. I am not planning to go back to singing, but I still watch those videos to keep my ears in check, so I wait for another update :3

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  5. Hey, question: why you refer to it as “the Weekend shows”, is there a reason you exclude the Tuesday to Thursday shows?

    Ill take the liberty to give some constructive feedback, feel free to ignore it of course: I found your video at times difficult to follow not because of what you were saying but more the structure in which it was said. Like it felt for me you circled back to points you had already made or you laid out your argument but didnt explicitedly address any conclussions you are making from it. Maybe like it lacked an argumentative structure? IDK, this video felt unscripted for me!


    1. What are the Tuesday to Thursday shows? lol I was thinking exclusively Inkigayo, Music Core, Mnet! and Music Bank because that’s what I grew up but there are Tuesday and Wednesday ones too? It was unscripted, I don’t generally script my videos, I make my mind about what I’m gonna say, I think about it, I brainstorm a little then I go ahead and do it. I understand how you feel and I’ll make sure to make my points more conclusive and organize my thoughts better, thank you for that!


      1. SBS The Show & MBC Show Champion, they have been ongoing for a couple of years now, like 2012 or so? But I heard that quality is about the same as M!Countdown or worse.
        yea or take several cuts of your video in which you just record one argument maybe? Its pretty easy to then paste these behind one another to form a coherent whole!

        Regardless, thanks once more for your effort!


  6. Not really kpop related, but i’m wondering if there is any possibility for someone who just doesn’t sound good to develop into a somewhat decent vocalist? i don’t know anything about singing technique at all so i suspect that plays quite a big role but even so, is there any hope or would it be futile to even try? And by decent i just mean good enough to sing in front on people you know and whatnot, not making a career out of it. thanks for all the hard work with your posts btw!!


      1. thank you for your reply! i know you obviously can’t help that much without actually hearing me sing, but is there anything most people without professional training do wrong, that would be worth trying to learn? i know how to breathe properly, but that’s pretty much the only thing i know i’m doing right haha. i imagine you get a lot of comments like this so if you don’t want to reply i understand!!


      2. They usually push and try to be too loud or are scared of being loud so they whisper. The most important thing is to nit be breathy but not shout. To use a clean and healthy approach with adequate volume.


  7. Hi there, thanks for the informative video! I’ve used to watch MR removed videos for a while back in 2013 but then ditched them because my ears were hurting too much and they always sound distorted.

    Btw, could you slightly review these videos and give a slight analysis of the singer’s vocal ability? (it’s not kpop but I do appreciate it if you could review it, thanks a million!)


    1. Im afraid it’s against our rules to access videos about professional vocalists whom will never be analyzed. That means we don’t answer non Kpop video questions.


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