EXO’s Vocal Analysis: D.O. [Rewritten]


Vocal Range

F2 ~ F#5 (3 octaves and 1 semitone)

*Might be able to go higher

Supported Range

D3 ~ A4/Bb4

Voice Type

Light Lyric Tenor


  • Able to support his lower register down to D3
  • Able to maintain a stable larynx when singing lower than D3
  • Second most consistent mix in EXO
  • Second strongest vocalist in EXO
  • Has been able to support multiple Bb4s throughout his career
  • Able to belt above A4/Bb4 with good placement
  • One of the most agile idol vocalists
  • Able to mix up to F#5
  • Can switch into falsetto without too much trouble
  • First member of EXO to support A4 and the only to support Bb4
  • Able to sing with a relaxed falsetto up to C#5/D5
  • Mixed Voice has seen improvement over the years


  • Notes below D3 are often unsupported
  • Notes above A4 tend to be strained more often than not with a high larynx
  • Sings with a disconnected falsetto
  • Occasional sloppy runs
  • Lack of confidence and other mental blocks that affect his voice
  • Mix is often hindered due to tension or improper posture


  • Lower register: The register Kyungsoo is most comfortable with. Support is usually carried down to D3. Notes below this are often unsupported.
  • Mixed register: Kyungsoo’s most developed register. Resonance is very often carried to A4 and support is, at times, carried to Bb4. Notes above A4 are often strained.
  • Upper register: Kyungsoo’s least used register, a disconnected falsetto that becomes shrill around C#5/D5.


One of his most developed assets, Kyungsoo is able to do speedy runs without much, if any loss of power, speed, or precision throughout the majority of his range.This can be heard in “It’s Still A Dark Night” where he scaled down to F2 and around the upper fourth and lower fifth octave. His ability to sing runs well comes from a well developed flexibility in his vocal cords where he is able to sing right at the center of each individual note with precision and bounce between notes with ease and without losing the control of his voice. His vocal cords have developed a smooth freedom where they’re able move quickly throughout notes and each individual pitch is distinguishably heard. He was able to develop his agility over the years mostly due to stylistic influences he Ishows from R&B singers, as he is heard mostly choosing to add embellishments to most of his vocal performances. Despite being a powerful belter, he does often also add runs to many performances, sometimes even favoring runs over actual belting. Examples of his runs include his runs in “XOXO” (2:19, 2:47, 3:00), “Growl” (1:10, 2:50, 3:00), “One and Only” (3:07, 3:33) as well as “Tell Me (What is Love)” (0:16, 2:37, 3:14, 3:23, 3:28, 3:40 ~ 3:50, 3:58) and “Stronger” (1:20, 3:03).

Overall analysis

The lead vocalist of EXO K and one of the vocalists of EXO, Kyungsoo has become a favorite to many fans due to his tone and agility. Despite his voice sitting quite high in range, it can often by perceived by some that Kyungsoo has a deep voice. He doesn’t mix nearly as high as many other tenors in K-pop tend to, and due to his mixing being more chest dominant, he sounds thicker by contrast. Nonetheless his voice still possesses a youthful warm quality and sits in a high range, with a light overall timbre. He has made a name for himself by coming out of his shell over the years while not only improving his vocal technique, but also developing more confidence in himself.

Kyungsoo’s second strongest register is his lower register. He is easily able to support his voice down to D3 effortlessly as seen by the D3s in “Screamed,” “It’s Still A Dark Night,” “Hurt,” and “Lady Luck,” the Eb3 in “Nothing Better,” and the E3s in “It’s Still A Dark Night,” “Thunder,” and “Play Boy.” As he descends lower than D3, support is lost and his voice turns into air. Despite this lack of support, Kyungsoo is able to sing all the way at the bottom of his range without sacrificing the correct larynx position for the most part, as heard in his G#2 – F2 run in “It’s Still A Dark Night,” his Bb2s in “Nothing Better“, B2s in “Screamed,” and “EXO Low Note Battle,” the C3s in “Lady Luck,” and his C#3s in “What If,” and “EXODUS.” For the most part decent placement is kept throughout his lower range, but his chest voice muscles seem to lack development as early on in his range, he pulls the sound from a vocal fry muscle coordination in order to create more tone and project his voice more, as heard in the EXO Low Note Battle. This indicates that he needs to work on detaching himself from the vocal fry in order to fully develop his chest voice as he descends below D3.

Kyungsoo’s strongest register is his mix. Although this wasn’t showcased around debut due to him constantly being forced to sing outside of his supported range, which limited him severely as a vocalist. However in 2013 and the years following, he started singing in a more comfortable range for him and began to show improvement, being able to produce resonance up to A4 as seen in his F4s in “Baby,” “Overdose,” “XOXO,” and “My Answer,” his F#4s in “Thunder,” “Wolf,” and “Screamed,” his G4s in “XOXO,” “My Answer,” and “Lady Luck,” his G#4s in “Tell Me What Is Love,” “Missing You,” “Black Pearl,” “What If,” “Play Boy,” “Sing For You,” and “Monster,” his A4s in “Thunder,” “Wolf,” “XOXO,” My Answer,” “El Doraldo,” on both his and occasionally Lay’s A4s in “Love Me Right,” and especially in “It’s Still A Dark Night.” Since 2013, he has also been able to show support on Bb4 as seen in “Baby Don’t Cry” both studio as well as several live performances, “Black Pearl,” and “Peter Pan” both in studio and in this live performance.

Despite this improvement, Kyungsoo still struggles to consistently support Bb4 and strains above with a high larynx. Also, Kyungsoo’s resonance can be inhibited due jaw tension caused by him pushing his jaw forward as seen in his G4 from his MAMA performance of “Drop That.” He also has a habit of creating farther tension when belting due to him lifting his head up as if looking into the sky as seen in live performances of both “Love Me Right” and “Call Me Baby.” Most of the issues with freedom with his mixed voice come from him using a mixing technique that’s overly chest-dominant, which greatly limits the full extent of his mix and makes him unable to sing much higher.

Finally, Kyungsoo’s upper register is a disconnected falsetto. He is capable of singing relaxed notes up to around C#5/D5, but above that tends to be more shrill and barely explored. There has been some improvement, as he is able to switch into his falsetto much easier than in his earlier years. Although his transitions can be much smoother, such as the C#5’s in “Call Me Baby,” he seems to still neglect the development of this register. The only time he explored his range above D5 was notably when singing up to F5 in “Missing You,” which had good enough placement in the head and decent connection with the vocal cords. However due to barely exploring the ease of the “oo” vowel to further develop his upper register, he still remains unable to use a head voice and seems to leave this register aside in terms of practice.

Kyungsoo’s biggest, and most crippling issue is his mind. Often times, Kyungsoo struggles with a lack of confidence, bad stage fright, and several other mental blocks. While this may not seem like a problem to some, singing can be hindered when the mind is not at ease. Often times when he is not mentally relaxed, his pitch is affected, his voice tends to crack, he worries too much about belting and creates far more tension in his mix causing him to struggle even in the A4/Bb4 – C5 range. However, when he is at rest, he is capable of performing at his best and even maintain good placement up to C5 and mix up to F#5 in a playful situation. However this has been an area of major of improvement for him. Although he’s shown that he prefers to stick to what he knows, gaining confidence in himself has allowed him to know what he sings the best and where he feels most comfortable. Perhaps with more time, he’ll be able to further develop his technique by truly allowing himself to expand his horizons and trying as many new things as possible with his instrument.


Kyungsoo tends to keep performances as calm as possible and tends to keep his covers close to the original, only making slight changes such as adding in runs. He also tends to avoid the use of falsetto when possible as seen in “Boyfriend” and when he chose to mix the D5s in “El Dorado” as opposed to his EXO M counterparts who would sing them in falsetto.


Proficient Vocalist

Vocal Range Video(s)

Videos by: Edgar Cárdenas

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Haruko


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  1. wow I didnt expect this. Is his mix better than Jongdae’s now that he can support Bb4 or do his bad habits and inconsistency with Bb4 hold him back significantly? Also, will baekhyun’s analysis be rewritten too?

    Happy Holidays btw, thank you for keeping up the good work!

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    1. There’s no need for a rewrite for Baekhyun’s analysis. Happy holidays! Also yeah his mix is somewhat better in terms of development and support with the larynx position.


      1. I see! So exo’s ranking so far is Jongdae > Kyungsoo > Baekhyun?

        I find it interesting that they all individually ended up sort of “specializing” in different registers, so they kind of compliment each other. (Jongdae and his lower register, Kyungsoo and his mix, and if I remember correctly Baekhyun has the best upper register among them.) Kind of reminds me of Shinee too. I wonder if that has something to do with how SM trains them.

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  2. I was waiting for this update and now it’s finally here! Thank you very much! It was interesting & nice to read your analysis. I couldn’t be more proud of Kyungsoo~

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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      1. wow kyungsoo. he’s upgraded. I’m happy for some reason /squealing/ btw can you explain to me in a very simple way, what DO has over Baekhyun? my english comprehension is suck these days OTL


      2. D.O. has better consistency in his mixed voice and in his pitch, which are quite important. Baekhyun has potentially shown a better head voice and a slightly better chest voice, with better placement. However he tends to be quite inconsistent with both placement and support and can strain more often within his supported range than D.O. does.


      1. I just wondered, if Kyungsoo didn’t have those mental issues and lack of confidence, how much better do you think he’d be? And what’s his potential?


    1. Thank you, Haruko/Frostprincess!!!! He is one of my faves. I am so happy because of this Christmas present.First of all, great job spotting another vocalist’s interesting issues. Last time you made a connection with Leo’s speaking habits and his larynx positions. This time you deconstructed Kyungsoo’s mental block and what happens when he belts. First I want to share my quick thought on it and if it’s okay with you, ask you a few questions.

      I notice with Kyungsoo that he doesn’t feel 100% confident with his mix because Chen and Baek were always favored over him for fifth octave notes. I imagine the company thinking that and allotting certain parts in songs that didn’t highlight his voice because he couldn’t mix too high affected him. I’ve never even heard him mix an E5 live. That’s my 2 cents. BTW, P.S.

      1. ”First to support A4”, really I thought it was Chen since he debuted with good A4s. Was it D.O or Chen?

      2. I always thought his resonance sounded small. Would I be correct in saying that it is due to the chestiness of his mix, the jaw tension, and the posture problems? Would I also be correct in thinking that,if his mix was more even, his resonance could be better?

      3. ”Mixed F#5” when? This guy always dodged E5s in wolf, even in the dubbed versions.

      4. What do you think he has over Baek, besides the mix?

      5. I wondered about this since I didnt see it in his analysis. What about his vibrato?

      6. Merry Christmas to the team and the readers.


      1. 7. I forgot one, sorry. How were you able to spot or detect D.O’s mental block thing and the effect it has on his mix? I agree with it wholeheartedly, but I just want to know how to perceive it.


      2. 1. Chen debuted with good A4’s? I was not aware.

        2. I would say it’s mostly because of his jaw tension that can cause his resonance to be smaller. His resonance would be better if his mix was more even yes.

        3. I think it might have been… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-If78-2B-yM&t=1m22s

        4. Agility, pitch, consistency.

        5. We haven’t really noticed it but it is true that it can be absent from his upper mixed notes.

        6. Merry Christmas to you too!

        7. Well besides him being shoved to the side, looking very nervous whenever he was put on the spot to sing..there’s also him talking about not thinking he is good at singing at all many times and avoiding chances to sing.



    OMG, Proficient? I wasn’t waiting for that, I’m very pleased to read that ❤

    I have some questions, if you don't mind answering ^^

    1) So, he's the only Proficient tenor, along with Myungjin, who has A4/Bb4.. is he one of the strongest Proficient male vocalists (or, at least, one of the strongest tenors)? or he's not consistent enough to be considered top Proficient?

    2) What happened? LOOOL I mean, if I'm not wrong, his supported ranged would go only up to G#4/A4 before his analysis was taken down to be rewritten and he wasn't really consistent even in that range (hope I'm not talking nonsense :B)..

    3) And WHEN did this happen? before his analysis was taken down he was tied with Baek/Onew and they weren't even the strongest males in the AA to P category.. and that was at the beginning of the year!! he really improved that fast or you were already seeing signs of improvement since then?

    Hope I'm not asking too much, lol

    And thank you, Haruko, for such an amazing Christmas gift ❤

    Happy holidays, team! ^^

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    1. 1. I’m afraid you’ll find out the answer to this question only when our chart comes out. ^ ^

      2. Better research was made as well as new material being looked into, with some improvement as well.

      3. Again it was both partially a misrating and partially showing improvement overall in his technique. Actually AA to P was never a rating that had top people, most of them were dead on even.


  4. This is so strange, I thought that he’s going to be worse considering for the past few months I’ve been watching his live performances and found that he was more inconsistent with his pitch than Baekhyun


      1. I’ll be sure to look for them 😀 I remember that during some Monster performances, his pitch wasn’t very precise in the higher register. I’ll check the more recent performances because the ones I mentioned in the original comment were months ago.


      2. But seeing how they are idols who are performance based, dont you think that consistency in vocals during performance are important?


      3. Consistency in vocals during performances is always important, but consistency in vocals while dancing is not realistic because being able to sing decently in pitch while dancing has to do with stamina, not proper vocal technique. Proper vocal technique shows when you’re still, not while you’re moving around.


      4. Ah I kinda get your point. Seeing how the commenter before thought kyungsoo is going to be worse because of his recent perf, does it have to do with his lack of stamina that affect his singing as compare to his techniques? Baekhyun are often seen as better than kyungsoo since he has a more consistent live singing but its just because he has a better stamina? In the end baek technique isn’t as great as ksoo but he has better stamina while ksoo’s technique is better but he has less stamina. Is it like that 😅


      5. Well if said performances where he was off key during high notes happen to be performances where he is dancing while singing, then that factor has to be taken into consideration. It isn’t true that Baekhyun’s live singing is more consistent since Baekhyun has had multiple instances of pitchiness while he was standing or sitting still, which are not due to lack of stamina. We avoid watching choreography heavy performances, so I don’t know how Baekhyun is more consistent than D.O. in anyway.


    1. If I can’t be patient, then I probably shouldn’t be an instructor, right? ^ ^ Patience is something we all need, but most definitely we instructors need it.


  5. I’m glad the Proficient category is ever-growing lately, and I’m especially happy that Kyungsoo is its most recent addition. Yas. Now, if only he realized how talented he is. 😦
    Could you say he has the best agility out of male idols analyzed thus far?

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work, admins! Happy holidays!


    1. That is explained in our criteria:

      “Vocal agility is an embellishment and it means, being able to sing many notes accurately and quickly, by separating each individual note while still being able to connect them within one sung vowel. Those are usually called melismas or vocal runs.”


      1. Ahmin, what would you say he compares to the female idol singers out there? so just overall kpop idols with his agility?


  6. The second most consistent mix in EXO but his mix is A4/Bb4. Doesn’t it mean he’s the best mix in EXO? Or his Bb4 just not as good as his A4, and his A4 not the best in EXO in consistency?


  7. I’m so proud of him. He’s been sidelined so much in terms of singing opportunities this year for whatever reason. I’m glad to see him improving inspire of it all.

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  8. Thank you so much for the analysis! I always knew he’s good in signing but I didn’t know how or why. your analysis helped me understand now hehe
    I have a question tho, you mentioned in the post that he has improved recently. He participated in a movie ost called don’t worry for his recent movie, was this song considered in the analysis? I apologize if this question is dumb ><


    1. We usually avoid mentioning songs that are studio tracks without a live counterpart. I just listened to it and aside from the really nice D3’s in the beginning, some muffled Bb2’s, I don’t really hear anything that makes a difference for the analysis. 3:01 Nice G4/G#4 adlib, nothing else different. Nice falsetto Bb4 3:08.

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      1. He is an actor, it isn’t fair to discuss his singing because he is clearly untrained, after listening. From listening, I can hear he has no training for singing.


      2. I’m actually kind of surprised because I watched this clip of him singing and I thought he sounded pretty good for an actor and Im not really that familiar with him so I thought he might have some experience.


  9. @ahmin3

    Merry christmas and happy holiday guys.. i/we wish this website can improve better for next, and you still be nice and polite to respont our comments, good job and keep working, GBU ^ ^


  10. Hi :>
    Can you tell me how Lay’s mixing is here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG7ZxD_37hY
    F#4: 0:35
    1:08 onwards there are some F4’s and it goes up to G4 (which I can tell is not good), but I think the F4’s sound a little more relaxed than usual, maybe. Or that could be mic reverb fooling me. Does he basically squeeze and tense his throat the higher he goes?
    Also, big thank you to everyone for the analyses and the ranking chart! I can’t believe you guys finished such a big task. It was a nice holiday surprise, thank you 🙂

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    1. From the beginning of the video, he wasn’t supporting well at all. The thing is he uses very little strength from the stretch of his vocal cords and instead relies on singing with a very heady vocal cord coordination mostly emphasized on air pressure, so in the end it’s shallow and weak stretching of the vocal cords. This also causes him to often sound flat. 0:35 Yes F#4 is correct, but there’s no support up there. 1:08 Actually the Eb4’s aren’t too tight, but the F4’s sound tight already, the G4 was a bit flat and closed. 1:38 closed as well. The thing is ..it’s not that he usually sounds tight or not or not relaxed or squeezed around E4/F4, it’s just shallow and not supported. Now in this yes he was tight, but in general my problem isn’t the tightness, it’s the way he is basically not supporting. The G4’s though, those were were just closed in his throat. The headiness just masks away the tension a bit.
      I’m glad you liked it all! ^ ^

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    1. You mean the note in “My Love,” right? The note was E4 then F4, they were supported and well placed, though the vibrato was a bit shallow.


  11. I hope you are familiar with Justin Bieber’s voice. Is D.O more agile than him ?
    And now with D.O upgraded to a proficient vocalist, would you say that EXO vocal lines is the second best after K.R.Y ?
    Thank you and happy holiday !


    1. Justin Bieber’s runs are almost always very messy. Like no pitch precision, and he just slides through all the notes without trying to even hit each individual one properly so Kyungsoo’s runs are much better.


  12. i just found this blog and am so *_*
    most thorough analysis i’ve seen of him tbh. He is so underrated as a vocalist that his vocals are almost taken for granted. I see some fans shit talk his singing and its like oh ok, one day i’d like to see chen not there (not that i want anything like that to happen, just hypothetically) and i’d like to see you watch your faves try to cover his parts & almost cry trying to reach the notes sm gives me, maybe then he’ll be appreciated more.
    anyway thanks for this, i’ll consider it my xmas present. Keep up the good work!

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  13. Wow I didn’t expect exo’s vocal line to better than SNSD’s. All three are around or better than Taeyeon’s level unlike any of the other vocalists in SNSD. Very interesting… I always assumed D.O. and Baekhyun were just overly praised. I mean proficient isn’t amazing but still better than expected lol.


  14. I have absolutely no experience in terms of vocals/technique/training etc, I just find it interesting to read these.. but I am both a bit surprised (and glad!) to hear he is actually the second strongest vocalist in EXO. That’s such a shame he lacks confidence though, considering that among their main vocal line and even in general he has a pretty good ranking – better than most who have been analyzed – yet he doesn’t feel like he can sing! That’s sad to hear.. he has a beautiful voice and clearly is more than capable as a vocalist. I wonder if he was “pushed to the side” less in songs he would start to gain more confidence, or if giving him more exposure would exacerbate the issue… I hope that improves in the future. I have a feeling with more confidence he could go pretty dang far. Also, in EXO-K, wasn’t it only Suho that was lead vocalist and both D.O and Baek were shared mains? At least that’s what I always saw from their debut stuff, but I suppose I could be wrong 😮 Either way I suppose it doesn’t really matter though, considering as you’ve stated their ranking in the group doesn’t necessarily reflect their ability/who is the best.


    1. Yes, he has always been a main vocalists, whether in Exo or Exo-k. He used to dominate Exo-k songs and he did it beautifully. I’m yet to come across an exok song I didn’t like and most of that is because of kyungsoo.
      Somewhere between 2015 and 2016 when all nine members began to sing all their songs, that changed. The fact the he also took up acting quite seriously probably also contributed to him being pushed to the background as compared to the other two main vocalists, Chen and baek.
      Whatever the reason, it probably didn’t help his confidence issue with his singing. If you can’t use your instrument often, how do you gain confidence in it. I hope something is done to fix this. It’d be a damn shame for him to loose interest in singing because he doubts himself.


      1. he has the most lines on 3 of the 4 songs he sings on the new winter album (and is 2nd on Falling for You) so it looks like they’re giving him lots of lines again hopefully


  15. Hi! I really appreciate your vocal analyses and I’m always amazed at how comprehensive and accurate your descriptions are! As always, you’ve managed to capture everything about D.O as a singer – not just technical aspects like his vocal agility and range but also personal aspects like his nervousness. I really admire that you were able to hear that during some of his live performances and that you incorporated it into your analysis (because some people listen to his performances when he’s extremely nervous and just label him off as ‘unstable’ or ‘bad’ when in reality, his studio versions are amazing and prove that he’s not) But anyway, I just wanted to thank you and also to ask if you have seen this video?

    I have no extensive knowledge about professional vocal training like you but I did think this was one of his best performances. (Even if the quality is bad and the fangirls drown out some of the parts)


    1. I’m glad you liked the analysis! Yeah even back then his technique wasn’t bad at all. It really annoys me when people who don’t know singing think that cracking means you’re a terrible vocalist.. as if they know why people crack. Singing is so much deeper than that. This performance does look and sound lip synced but no biggie.


  16. from what i’ve read, there’re some vocalists who are good at agility such as Naul, Ailee, John Park, Hyorin, Taeyeon, D.O, Sohyang,Wendy
    Could i rank them as Naul >>> Sohyang > Ailee/John Park > Hyorin > D.O > Wendy/Taeyeon.
    thank u so much, by the way, happy new year!!!!


  17. I don’t think Sohyang would be that high in term of agility, she did have a lot of complicated runs though. My guess would be Naul > D.O. > Ailee/Sohyang > Hyorin > Taeyeon > Wendy. Actually, I would not take Taeyeon or Wendy when it comes to agility, like 15&’s Yerin is much better than both of them.


      1. It’s been said before on this blog that 15&s Yerin and D.O. may be the most agile idol vocalists. Others include Naul, Hyorin , Ailee. Taeyeon and Wendy are agile but their agility isn’t on the level of Yerin or Hyorin.


    1. Well I mean he’s kind of screaming, it’s not musically usable, like Jessica’s G6, and these are crack vines lol i’m not sure if that’s even him they replace it with other sounds to make it funny.


  18. Do you think D.O. should focus on improving his singing by challenging himself or should he stay where he is at singing wise right now? I’m sorry if the question is confusing 😅


  19. Is exo’s vocal line (chen, baek, d.o, suho, lay, and xiumin) better than the old dbsk’s (junsu, jaejoong, changmin) and shinee’s (onew, jonghyun, taemin) vocal lines?


  20. Thanks for the analysis! D.O might not technically be the best vocalist in exo but his tone is my favourite. His voice really suits r&b, and I kinda hope that he’d continue exploring himself as a singer more, because I lovelovelove his voice.


  21. hi, I know chanyeol is on the list of artists you’re not analyzing, but I was just wondering what his rating roughly be if you were to do an analysis? Chanyeol is technically the rapper of exo, but I always thought his singing voice was quite nice. Also who do you think has the best singing technique in exo besides chen, baekhyun and do? Most people say its Suho, but I’m wondering if Chanyeol might be better. Thank you and have a great day 🙂


    1. Every vocalist on the list of vocalists who are not going to be analyzed would end up being rated as weak or at most weak to average. He does have a nice singing voice, but he was never taught how to use it with the right technique so even though the instrument has a beautiful sound, the person playing it doesn’t know how to use it just yet. Honestly I don’t know, the gap between BaekChenSoo and the rest is very big so I honestly don’t know who is slightly less or more weak than whom. Suho just happens to be a tenor so he gets more singing lines than Chanyeol, it’s reasonable. Thank you and you have a great day too!


      1. Hey sorry you asked if all the members of EXO would be weak aside from the ones we analyzed and your comment was in the spam folder, so I accidentally deleted it. I’m sorry about that, let me know if you get this message. The answer is more or less yes.


    1. What I mean is how do he sang the notes (and what note they are)? If he will be show hints that says/prove him be an average singer, would you try to analyze him? Sorry for me asking many questions but I’m only curious.


    2. I don’t think a studio song is an appropriate song to talk about his technique. It’d be better to talk about live performances such as his duet song festival performances.

      Suho’s link:

      “0:18 F#4’s, he has tension, issues with support. He sounds shallow, small. 0:40 he aspirates too much air when he sings, he lets too much air through. 0:53 too much neck and jaw tension and that’s just an E4. He has very little ability to properly support his voice. 1:07 tightness and throatiness on that F#4. He sounds powerless and soft throughout, as if he was trying to create more volume but nothing would come out because he’s unable to place his voice in his mask for projection and he’s unable to support…and because his vocal cords aren’t developed enough to allow for him to have more dynamic and volume changes in his singing.” He has no support, he sings with shallowness throughout, nothing that hasn’t been addressed before about Suho. Tension on E4 does not indicate him being anything more than weak.


      1. So Suho is weak 😦
        I guess that Xiumin would be the best of the bunch. (Lay/Suho/Chanyeol/Xiumin) right? And would Luhan actually be better than Suho or any of the 4?


      2. From what I’ve heard from Minseok, I think that he does occasionally support his voice, but mostly when he sings mid-high notes (e.c. I think his chorus in For Life is kind of alright). Still, he does not have resonance there, just tone.
        When he tries to belt, he kinds of pushes ad strains (As I Live).
        When he sings lower, it’s like the mid-high notes, little support but no resonace and frequently muffled tone and some airiness (Sing For You).
        Sometimes, he tries to compliment his lack of support of a developed mix with airiness and falsetto (For You). Has tendency to go nasal (nearly every song in which he sings)
        No real head voice, just scream till C#6. Although I’m unsure if his infamous B5/Bb5 in As I Live should be called a heady mix or a heady falsetto


      3. Can I ask something about NCT Taeil’s vocals. I read somewhere saying that he is a baritone, is that correct? In their song Without You, he sang the climax note, can you please tell me what note is that cause I also read somewhere that it is a Bb4 and when I’m listening to it, I can hear resonance, so that does mean NCT Taeil’s a good vocalist (not talking about his ranking) since he was able to hit the note with resonance. And can you please give me a quick review of his vocals and which rank would you put him if you guess.. Thank you for the answer if you can and also sorry for my wrong grammar.


      4. Taeil is not able to support his voice above F#4/G4 and he is not a baritone. Jaehyun is a baritone. Taeil and Doyoung are both light lyric tenors. That note that is either A4 or Bb4, I don’t remember right now, is not resonant. I shall not rate a vocalist without a full analysis, I hope you understand.


      5. Well thank you for answering my questions and hope to learn more!! And also, I want to ask you on how can I strengthen my mixed register. I think I’m a baritone cause I can mix easily to C4 but I don’t know if its resonant. I always have trouble when hitting D4 above because its too airy. I once hit C6 simultaneously when I’m mixing with a high larynx but sometimes, I can belt with much more relax high larynx than a close one (if that was even possible). So I thought maybe it was the vowel that I sing.


      6. Well have you watched our vocal tips videos? They go in detail about a lot of these things. I wouldn’t worry about producing resonance if you’re even unsure of your voice type. I’d worry about having proper support first. You mixed a C6? That’s very unusual. If you don’t mind it, could you show me where you saw Taeil being called a baritone?


  22. May I ask if the run at the end was well-executed? Thank you in advance. 🙂
    (it’s such a shame he’s so reluctant about singing on his own when the attention is on him ://)


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