Red Velvet’s Vocal Analysis: Wendy


Vocal Range

Eb3 ~ Eb7 (4 octaves)

Supported Range

F#3/G3 -C#5/D5 (without head voice)

F#3/G3-C#5/D5-A5/Bb5(with head voice)

Voice Type

Light Lyric Soprano


  • Supported head voice up to A5/Bb5
  • Can easily vocalize in the C6 and above range
  • Head voice up to G#6
  • Supported lower register down to F#3/G3
  • Strong connection to support
  • Supported mix voice up to C#5/D5
  • Occasional resonance up to C5/C#5
  • Strong sense of pitch
  • Capable of doing complex runs with good flow and pitch accuracy


  • Inconsistent with resonance
  • Above Bb5 head voice becomes shrill
  • Above C#5/D5 mix becomes very strained
  • Runs can sometimes be sloppy
  • Head voices seems to have decline since debut
  • Slight nasality


  • Lower register: Wendy’s lower register is fairly well trained and connected to the rest of her voice. Wendy is capable of supporting her voice as low as F#3 and is able to maintain a considerate amount of tone down to Eb3/E3.
  • Mixed register: Her mixed register has a very well supported sound up to C#5/D5. Despite the very solid support in her mixed register, Wendy however does not resonate often.  Wendy’s mixed register above D5 becomes very strained a tense due to a more chesty style of mixing.
  • Upper register: Wendy’s head voice has proven to be her most developed register. Wendy is capable of supporting her head voice up to A5/Bb5 with resonance and is capable of bringing her head voice up to G#6/A6. Wendy has also shown she is able to carry a whistle register up to Eb7.


Wendy has a style of singing that is heavily based in the R&B/Soul genre which is very much known for its complex and extravagant melismas, therefore, naturally, Wendy developed her ability to do runs. Wendy has shown she is capable of doing complex runs for example her runs in “Halo” by Beyonce as well as the Red Velvet song ”Red Dress” from The Red album. Despite being able to pull off fairly consistently she does have some off moments for example her runs in “Shake That Brass.”

Overall analysis

Before becoming a trainee under SM Entertainment, Wendy was a finalist at Koreaboo X Cube Entertainment Global Auditions in 2010. Prior to her debut in 2014 with Red Velvet, Wendy was very active vocally showcasing her vocal talent on youtube by uploading covers of songs as well as being apart of what seemed to be her school’s vocal ensemble. Now, as the main vocalist of Red Velvet Wendy is known for her rich, soulful voice and R&B style.

In her chest voice Wendy has a very strong connection to her support system this allows her legato to be very smooth and connected throughout phrases. She also has a very solid and full sound in the chest voice with very minimal airiness. Because of the fullness and solidity her chest voice has she can freely switch to a more airy sound without it being too airy and therefore lacking tone providing freedom with stylistic choices.

The full extent of Wendy’s lower register reaches Eb3 and the extent of her ability to support is F#3/G3 which fairly decent develop in the lower register for a Soprano. Because Wendy is able to support her voice moderately low she is fairly comfortable with phrasing in her lower register and is still able to maintain tonality most notably in “Be Natural.” Wendy easily phrases her way  down to an Eb3 without any major lack of tonality just a slight fry quality for style.  Wendy also shows off her ease in her lower register with Red Velvet’s performance “Wish Tree.” During this performance Wendy phrases many notes in the middle to higher part of her lower register with good support and tonality with ease. Wendy’s lower register is definitely a great assest to her and uses it =efficiently and with style.

Wendy’s mix extends to a high extreme of G5, however she only supports and resonates in the C5/C#5 range and occasionally up to D5. Although Wendy has very strong support and great connection to her support,  she doesn’t resonate often and is normally just supported with an open throat. This is most likely due to that she is not always completely opening the back of her throat consistently when singing in her mix for example in her performance of “Happy Me” with Huh Gak she transitions from a mixed B4 to a C5. The C5 is significantly more open and resonant than the B4 despite it being higher. Another example of Wendy’s inconsistency with her resonance within her supported range would be her C5 in her performance of “Dear Mom” with Tiffany. Although her C5 is considerably more open and supported than Tiffany’s it is still lacking in resonance due to the placement not being optimal. Wendy has also shown she is able to support herself up to D5 for instance in her performance “The Only Thing I Can Do” on Duet Song Festival. Wendy mix leans more on the chestier side of the spectrum and because of this when she goes outside of her supported range she ends up carrying too much weight. This is very apparent when she performs “Happiness” because after intense dancing she has to mix many Eb5s and because of the weight she is pulling up with they come out very squeezed and pushed.

Wendy has a very extensive head voice being able to take the register all the way up to G6 and also is able to use a whistle register up to Eb7.  Although Wendy’s head voice extends up to a G6 she is only able to support up to Bb5 which by pop standards is very good, definitely above the average. Wendy has shown she is very confident in this register because she will sing well into the 6th octave without shying away for example “Dumb Dumb Opera ver.” as well as Red Velvet’s high note battle. In many Red Velvet songs  Wendy’s head voice is at times a very staple feature for example “Red Dress,” “Something Kind Of Crazy,” “Candy” and many more. Wendy has very good control in her head voice as she is able to phrase head voice notes in the mid 5th octave with clear diction and support for example Red Velvet’s acapella version of “Sitckwitu.”  One of the main issues with Wendy’s head voice, similar to her mix, is openness. There many times in which she could suffer to be more open to create a larger more resonant sound for example her F#5 in “Shake That Brass.” She’s producing head voice, but the projection small and a little bit shrill due to her just not opening the back of the throat so the sound can resonant properly.  Also it seems as if Wendy’s head voice has declined since debut because before her debut she seemed to be able to support up to C6, however this could have been an inconsistent thing because she has not done it since. Overall Wendy’s head voice is fairly well developed really only have issues with maintain an open sound and supporting above Bb5, however in pop music Bb5 is more than enough.

Simply put, Wendy is a very well rounded vocalist with all of her register having a considerable amount of development balancing each other out fairly evenly. Her main issues lie in her inconsistency with her resonance and not always maintaining a very forward and open sound in her mix and head voice. However, this is all balanced by the sheer overall development of her register making those issues almost minor. Her greatest strengths are that she has a very strong sense of support, ease in her lower register as well as her head register and her ability to do fairly accurate runs.


Wendy’s style is heavily set in R&B, before her debut Wendy released many covers of her covering songs with a more R&B flare. She also seems to enjoy to do runs as she tends to sing songs in which she can show off her agility such as “Who You Are” by Jessie J and “Halo” by Beyonce.


Proficient Vocalist

Vocal Range Video(s)

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Pandayeu


219 thoughts on “Red Velvet’s Vocal Analysis: Wendy

  1. This video is from one of SM’s vocal trainers, and apparently Wendy had a vocal cord nodule before debut. He said his advice was that she should train her head voice instead, so maybe that’s why she has such a good head voice? Also, would the nodule be what’s causing her to be less open or is that just how she sings.


  2. Hi guys! I have been a silent reader of this blog for a long time and I really appreciate all your works even the way you guys respond to questions and trolls haha.

    I’m not sure if any asked of this video but 0:58 is that head voice? And 1:46 is that run or trill? I do not know what is that called but I noticed Jessie likes doing it and Wendy imitates her style

    I am bad at english but I tried hard to express myself. Thank you for all your hard work!!


    1. I really appreciate that your question was posted on Wendy’s analysis. haha Thank you for that! ❤ 0:58? Did you mean RIGHT before 0:58? Cause then yes, it was head voice. 1:46 yes it's a run, it could've been cleaner and more precise. She didn't divide the notes as well as she could have. Wendy does imitate Jessie's style, you're right. Oh no honey, your English is more than fine!!


  3. Hi! What do you think of Wendy’s performance in singderella. I think she did great and the song suits her voice. Thank you in advance!


    1. We don’t answer questions usually that aren’t about K-pop vocalists so please refrain from asking them in the future but since you gave time stamps, I’ll look at those. 2:33 high larynx falsetto B5. 2:44 strained Eb5, followed by strained unbalanced mixed G5’s.


      1. Oh, im sorryyyy, that was rude of me. I asked because for me this website has the most accurate vocal analysis hehe. Anyway, thankyou very much for answering mine, and im sorry again!


  4. Hello friends a quick question in the support video that ahmin posted it said you have to let go all the tension to support right but how Wendy can have strong sense of support if she sing with a lot of tension sorry if the question sounds stupid


    1. Within her supported range Wendy doesn’t sing with a lot of tension, she just isn’t open enough. Not being open and singing with tension are different. Openness has more to do with throat shape and the actual space one gives themself to sing, whereas tension has to do with squeezing and pushing.

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  5. I just love wendy’s voice and how she encourages Yeri to improve her vocal skills on V-live app😁. I hope she gets better


  6. I´m really impressed and shocked that Wendy debuted with a vocal cord nodule (according to what the vocal coach said on Sister´s Slam Dunk)


      1. I’m curious just about the bridge and Wendy’s “oh boooooy” belt right after it. Did she go flat there? Is Seulgi using falsetto or head voice?


      2. 2:36 These notes are I believe E5’s which are outside her supported range, she is not supporting that high. 2:49 slightly flat in her head voice, 2:55 E5 again strained outside of her supported range. 3:16 Seulgi sounds like she’s using falsetto.


      3. Thank you for the answer.
        Just one more question, what note(s) does Wendy sing at 1:54? It’s outside her supported range as well, right?


      4. Thank you.
        Also, thank all of you guys for the blog. I think it’s so wonderful that there are still people willing to spread information for free.


  7. Hey guys, Black Pink had took their debut for 8 months and I’m a BIGGGG~ fan of them 😆
    I waiting for their debut a long time and I’m so happy to see them get the first sucess 💜
    I love Jennie so much and I can’t wait for her analysis. Though Rose as known as the strongest vocal of Black Pink, I think Jennie is better than her. I think Jennie is the strongest vocal of Black Pink. I don’t want to admid Jisoo is weak vocal, and Lisa is the only rapper. Both of them can’t support. Obviously, that’s only my opinions. What do you think about it?
    People always compare Red Vevlet’s vocal with Black Pink’s & Twice’s vocal. I think Wendy>>>>>>>>All. I known Rose recieved alot complitments for her voices. Though I’m so proud of her, but I think she is overrated. Is that’s right?
    And Twice’s vocal is terrible like people think? Who’s the best of them?


    1. You’re correct about Jisoo and Lisa. Jennie and Rose don’t have strong senses of support either and to say that Jennie has better technique than Rose, I don’t think there’s enough evidence of Jennie’s singing to say that because her technique is very rough and throaty too. That is correct, Rosé is complimented for her voice and not her technique. Twice’s sub-vocalists are just as underdeveloped as every sub-vocalist of every idol group, whereas their main vocalists are sufficiently skilled. Jihyo has a very clean sense of breath support, she is their main vocalist after all.

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      1. I agree with you. I love Jennie but I don’t think she is a good vocal. Her technique is only average. Honestly, I want to see her like a rapper than a vocal. After all of this time, YG still don’t know what should they do with their vocal 😞
        Oh, Jihyo is pretty good! She is underrated so much.


  8. Hello! I’m a lurker here, but I just wanted to pop in and say thank you very much for keeping up the quality of analyses on this site! The posts have improved my hearing so much and I’m trying to increase my breath support through ahmin’s videos. 🙂

    I was wondering when Seulgi’s vocal analysis would pop up– I had the impression that it would be available around January. Truthfully I just want to see what the admins think is her best performance!


  9. Hello,
    I wanted you to give me an opinion about the vocal twice, since at the moment there are many comments that say they are heavy and want to know how true this is.

    Excuse this question here, but I want to know, because it is often compared twice with the red velvet, the boyfriend and the black and it is said that the worst of all is twice. Is this true? But is it so? Is there anyone better or worse?

    I hope my question does not bother anyone and if it does I’m sorry.
    Thank you for your work and anticipated for your response.


    1. The boyfriend? What’s the boyfriend?
      It isn’t true, but the problem with people comparing the vocalists of twice in other groups, they seem to single out main and lead vocalists for every group but use every single member of twice for this comparison. The sub vocalists of twice are all incapable of singing with basic vocal technique, that is true, but that’s also the case with every single idol group out there. 99.9% of sub vocalists are weak vocalists. Now as for main and lead vocalists, Jihyo has established a strong sense of breath support. The difference between her, Jungyeon and Seulgi isn’t big. Wendy is far more advanced in vocal technique, while no member of blackpink has grasped a basic sense of breath support and technique. So no Twice is not the worst vocal group out there at all. Does my answer my sense?

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      1. LOL. I meant Gfriend xd

        And thanks for your answer, according to what I understood, then it would be something like this;

        Wendy> Jihyo or Jeongyeon> Rose or Jennie


    1. It’s nice, they’re both supporting nicely and consistently throughout. A lot of head voice and falsetto, so there’s very little room to strain. Seulgi’s runs are a bit pitchy but otherwise they did well. Wendy’s runs were nice.


      1. Wow. I hope wendy and seulgi will improve more!!! I really really love their voices especially wendy’s😘😘😘 Im so happy that they’re always doing well. Kamsahamnida ahmin3❤❤❤


  10. So is it *purely* genetics that gives her a range of 4 octaves rather than the average 2.3-2.5? And if so, what kind of physiological differences can be seen in vocal chords with greater range vs average vs smaller range?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually the average range a vocalist has is about 3 octaves, including their head voice. It’s not really to do with genetics, but actually the fact that she can use her whistle register. If it wasn’t for her whistle, her head voice would only go up to G6. That’s just a little over 3 octaves, but because she can access her whistle she was able to show a full 4 octaves of range.

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      1. Physiologically speaking (take Kyuhyun as an example) if you had a wider vocal range than me, say we had the same voice type but ur top note was a D5 and my top note was a C5, would you have an easier time hitting like a B4 than I would.


      2. Not always because it might that I have a more extensive mixed voice but I have less developed technique and strain much earlier than you do. Most K-pop baritones can mix much higher than me because they’re trained to mix high, not support. SHINee’s Key can mix even C#5, I can barely get A4 out in a song. I can mix C5 but only in exercises. Even then he can’t support even D4, so it’s all relative.


  11. If Wendy’s head voice C6 would still supported and that wasn’t just an inconsistent thing(probably), her rating would be a bit higher and in terms of head voice, she would be just below Shannon right?


      1. Oh, thanks! Sorry for asking such a dumb question lol😂 (I’ll do my best and try to ask better questions hehe)


  12. Hello! Wendy is my ultimate bias and I love her and the group Red Velvet. You’ve said on threads that Sub vocalists usually are underdeveloped singers. My question is, how are Irene’s, Yeri’s, and Joy’s singing technique? Are they good as fans think they are or do they need a lot of improvement.


  13. Hello!! I’ve been following this blog for a while now, but this is my first comment. I want to thank you guys for putting a lot of time and effort into this blog though, us readers really appreciate it!!

    This is a really old perf (2015), and I tried looking to see if you guys had seen this video before but couldn’t find anything. I was wondering how Wendy/Seulgi (and maybe Joy although I know that she doesn’t have good technique) did in this performance? Thanks in advance!


    1. Someone asked about this back when it came out on the about and our criteria page but with a different link:

      “0:15 Wendy’s first note sounds like it’s either a light mixed voice, or a head voice. She has a really nice head voice overall, even though that wasn’t showcased in this short note. Nice harmony between Seulgi and Wendy. 0:31 the first note Wendy sings is an A3, not very low as a note but considering many Sopranos struggle to support around A3, she shows really good placement in that area of her voice. Very subtle melismas, nothing too fancy but they were all accurate. 1:02 then Seulgi comes in, her tone is nice and bright, but it’s brighter and less chesty than Wendy’s, she places her voice a lot more heavily in her nose as well. 1:20 Joy is not doing so bad, her jaw could be dropped lower and she could use better support, her voice is slightly unstable with a wobbly vibrato and a tiny heady tone produced by a shallow breath support. 1:44 Seulgi comes back again too nasal, she really projects her voice through her nose a bit too much. Their harmonies are nice. 2:10 Wendy is back and you can hear how her tone project much better than the other two, with a much more opened and true sound to her mix. 2:25 Joy is back, she has again a small mouth shape, not allowing for her voice to truly project and her tone is shaky. 2:48 maybe some tension on Wendy’s D5 but good harmonies as a trio.

      3:05 key change good support for Wendy, she’s hitting C#5’s really well, very nice support throughout. 3:16 and 3:21 she has a weaker support with a very thin light mix, her voice could be much fuller and bigger in sound. 3:37 Eb5’s and she peaked at F#5, Wendy’s vibrato seems to get wobbly when she sustains notes above her supported range, since she shows tension even though due to how well balanced her mix, she has ease with staying in this high range without much issue. (Compared to their competition Mamamoo, who is a group with 3 well leveled vocalists with much chestier mixed voices.) 4:24 Bb4 into a Db5 for Seulgi, the Bb4 was nice but the Db5 had issues with a constricted throat and tension. 4:31 High larynx on the Eb5, tension and strain but minimized by some support with placement that’s not bad.

      As a group, Red Velvet is a 5 membered group with 5 sopranos, Wendy is by far the strongest vocalist of the 5. The highlight of her technique isn’t her mixed voice as much as it is how well developed her lower range is, how developed her head voice is, her sense of pitch and her runs. Wendy lacks in terms of resonance and her voice is very consistently supported, but she has yet to show true resonance in her mixed voice. Seulgi has adequate support in her mix but she projects through her nose and can strain easily if she tries to add more power to her mix. Joy has weak support, but a good sense of pitch, even though her vibrato is wobbly, her voice head-dominant and light. Yeri and Irene are irrelevant as vocalists since they’re both quite weak and aren’t focused on the vocal aspect of the group. They’re not a bad vocal unit but the gap amongst the members is quite noticeable. Wendy is definitely one of the strongest rookies to debut in the past year.”


  14. Is wendy better than yuju?? I think you said yuju is better 2 years ago but i want to know if your opinion has changed. Cause actually i think technically wendy is better and a lot of people also said so.


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