Red Velvet’s Vocal Analysis: Wendy

Vocal Range

Eb3 ~ Eb7 (4 octaves)

Supported Range

F#3/G3 -C#5/D5 (without head voice)

F#3/G3-C#5/D5-A5/Bb5(with head voice)

Voice Type



  • Supported head voice up to A5/Bb5
  • Can easily vocalize in the C6 and above range
  • Head voice up to G#6
  • Supported lower register down to F#3/G3
  • Strong connection to support
  • Supported mix voice up to C#5/D5
  • Occasional resonance up to C5/C#5
  • Strong sense of pitch
  • Capable of doing complex runs with good flow and pitch accuracy

Points for Improvement

  • Inconsistent with resonance
  • Above Bb5 head voice becomes shrill
  • Above C#5/D5 mix becomes very strained
  • Runs can sometimes be sloppy
  • Head voices seems to have decline since debut
  • Slight nasality


  • Lower register: Wendy’s lower register is fairly well trained and connected to the rest of her voice. Wendy is capable of supporting her voice as low as F#3 and is able to maintain a considerate amount of tone down to Eb3/E3.
  • Mixed register: Her mixed register has a very well supported sound up to C#5/D5. Despite the very solid support in her mixed register, Wendy however does not resonate often.  Wendy’s mixed register above D5 becomes very strained a tense due to a more chesty style of mixing.
  • Upper register: Wendy’s head voice has proven to be her most developed register. Wendy is capable of supporting her head voice up to A5/Bb5 with resonance and is capable of bringing her head voice up to G#6/A6. Wendy has also shown she is able to carry a whistle register up to Eb7.


Wendy has a style of singing that is heavily based in the R&B/Soul genre which is very much known for its complex and extravagant melismas, therefore, naturally, Wendy developed her ability to do runs. Wendy has shown she is capable of doing complex runs for example her runs in “Halo” by Beyonce as well as the Red Velvet song ”Red Dress” from The Red album. Despite being able to pull off fairly consistently she does have some off moments for example her runs in “Shake That Brass.”

Overall analysis

Before becoming a trainee under SM Entertainment, Wendy was a finalist at Koreaboo X Cube Entertainment Global Auditions in 2010. Prior to her debut in 2014 with Red Velvet, Wendy was very active vocally showcasing her vocal talent on youtube by uploading covers of songs as well as being apart of what seemed to be her school’s vocal ensemble. Now, as the main vocalist of Red Velvet Wendy is known for her rich, soulful voice and R&B style.

In her chest voice Wendy has a very strong connection to her support system this allows her legato to be very smooth and connected throughout phrases. She also has a very solid and full sound in the chest voice with very minimal airiness. Because of the fullness and solidity her chest voice has she can freely switch to a more airy sound without it being too airy and therefore lacking tone providing freedom with stylistic choices.

The full extent of Wendy’s lower register reaches Eb3 and the extent of her ability to support is F#3/G3 which fairly decent develop in the lower register for a Soprano. Because Wendy is able to support her voice moderately low she is fairly comfortable with phrasing in her lower register and is still able to maintain tonality most notably in “Be Natural.” Wendy easily phrases her way  down to an Eb3 without any major lack of tonality just a slight fry quality for style.  Wendy also shows off her ease in her lower register with Red Velvet’s performance “Wish Tree.” During this performance Wendy phrases many notes in the middle to higher part of her lower register with good support and tonality with ease. Wendy’s lower register is definitely a great assest to her and uses it =efficiently and with style.

Wendy’s mix extends to a high extreme of G5, however she only supports and resonates in the C5/C#5 range and occasionally up to D5. Although Wendy has very strong support and great connection to her support,  she doesn’t resonate often and is normally just supported with an open throat. This is most likely due to that she is not always completely opening the back of her throat consistently when singing in her mix for example in her performance of “Happy Me” with Huh Gak she transitions from a mixed B4 to a C5. The C5 is significantly more open and resonant than the B4 despite it being higher. Another example of Wendy’s inconsistency with her resonance within her supported range would be her C5 in her performance of “Dear Mom” with Tiffany. Although her C5 is considerably more open and supported than Tiffany’s it is still lacking in resonance due to the placement not being optimal. Wendy has also shown she is able to support herself up to Eb5 for instance in her performance “The Only Thing I Can Do” on Duet Song Festival. Wendy mix leans more on the chestier side of the spectrum and because of this when she goes outside of her supported range she ends up carrying too much weight. This is very apparent when she performs “Happiness” because after intense dancing she has to mix many Eb5s and because of the weight she is pulling up with they come out very squeezed and pushed.

Wendy has a very extensive head voice being able to take the register all the way up to G6 and also is able to use a whistle register up to Eb7.  Although Wendy’s head voice extends up to a G6 she is only able to support up to Bb5 which by pop standards is very good, definitely above the average. Wendy has shown she is very confident in this register because she will sing well into the 6th octave without shying away for example “Dumb Dumb Opera ver.” as well as Red Velvet’s high note battle. In many Red Velvet songs  Wendy’s head voice is at times a very staple feature for example “Red Dress,” “Something Kind Of Crazy,” “Candy” and many more. Wendy has very good control in her head voice as she is able to phrase head voice notes in the mid 5th octave with clear diction and support for example Red Velvet’s acapella version of “Sitckwitu.”  One of the main issues with Wendy’s head voice, similar to her mix, is openness. There many times in which she could suffer to be more open to create a larger more resonant sound for example her F#5 in “Shake That Brass.” She’s producing head voice, but the projection small and a little bit shrill due to her just not opening the back of the throat so the sound can resonant properly.  Also it seems as if Wendy’s head voice has declined since debut because before her debut she seemed to be able to support up to C6, however this could have been an inconsistent thing because she has not done it since. Overall Wendy’s head voice is fairly well developed really only have issues with maintain an open sound and supporting above Bb5, however in pop music Bb5 is more than enough.

Simply put, Wendy is a very well rounded vocalist with all of her register having a considerable amount of development balancing each other out fairly evenly. Her main issues lie in her inconsistency with her resonance and not always maintaining a very forward and open sound in her mix and head voice. However, this is all balanced by the sheer overall development of her register making those issues almost minor. Her greatest strengths are that she has a very strong sense of support, ease in her lower register as well as her head register and her ability to do fairly accurate runs.


Wendy’s style is heavily set in R&B, before her debut Wendy released many covers of her covering songs with a more R&B flare. She also seems to enjoy to do runs as she tends to sing songs in which she can show off her agility such as “Who You Are” by Jessie J and “Halo” by Beyonce.

Label (Type of Vocalist)

HV Vocalists: High Head Voice Vocalists

LR Vocalists: Low Range Vocalists

MB vocalists: Mid-Range Belters

WR vocalists: Well Rounded Vocalists

Vocal Range Video(s)

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Pandayeu


431 thoughts on “Red Velvet’s Vocal Analysis: Wendy

      1. Hello,it’s me I have some specific quesition:
        1. It’s Wendy singing way more relaxed than before?You used to say she was nervous about singing,throat won’t open.
        2. 1:48 Wendy sings in a high note then back to the original key during solo and then higher key again.Does she run very fluently?Because you said her runs sometimes sloppy.
        3. 2:12 why dose Wendy always appear flat when sings high notes?It makes audience think she sings very easily but that is not necessarily true.
        4. 2:19 Has Seulgi pitched voice been above her range?Because that high notes sounds not relaxing.
        5. On the whole,did her participation makes this song more interesting?Compared to the two of them, who seems better?
        Thank you very much.We look forward to your reply.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi I love specific questions!

        1. Her lack of openness isn’t due to nerves, it’s just a vocal habit.

        2. This isn’t what a run is. She’s just going back and forth between melody and harmonies which is a nice skill but not to do with agility.

        3. I’m not sure what you mean, she was singing within her supported and in pitch. What do you mean flat?

        4. Yes she hit a strained F5.

        5. Well we already have analyses on Wendy and Seulgi. She’s certainly the most skilled vocalist of the three. I think they did this as a show off version of the song so it being more or less interesting is up to you.


      3. Those were mostly C#5’s and D5’s which are part of Wendy’s supported range. It’s hard not to hear strain because Yeri is kind of shouting and straining throughout with her, but anything above D5 was definitely strained for both. Like G#5 and F#5?


    1. I’m replying to Arliees, I feel that… perhaps you can be more polite when asking? Instead of saying ‘just answer it’ and ‘please answer’, it would be nice if you can respect that admins of this blog have their own life and are answering tons of questions without any charges. Asking questions and demanding answer in an almost order-like manner isn’t very nice. Also I think raising specific questions can help them to answer faster if you really want a quick reply, because only with that the admins know what they’re being asked and what to answer.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. This was a recent cover uploaded by Wendy on Instagram a few weeks back singing Childish Gambino’s Redbone. The acoustics and the quality of the recording isn’t the best as there seems to be a lot of echo in the room.

    I’m not very musically proficient but I’m curious if her more ‘heavier’ and ‘richer’ sound is stylistically produced like when she sings R&B songs or is it natural due to her voice maturing because it’s not apparent in the majority of her singing in Red Velvet songs.

    Also regarding her singing in the video, how was her run(?) when she sang ‘pride’ in 0:18? Was her ‘mine’ in 0:37 resonant, or am I mistaken? I know her resonance is inconsistent and rare but did she produce resonance at any point in the video?
    If you have the time, could you also please point out some of the strengths and weaknesses in her singing and if there has been an overall improvement in her technique?

    Btw, I wanted to say thank you so much for always answering our questions and I hope you guys know how much we appreciate all your hard work and efforts.


    1. I don’t necessarily hear a heavier sound when she sings R&B. She’s more belty, but that’s because the songs require more belting overall. 0:18 that was more of a trill, it was pretty clean and easy for her. 0:37 No, resonance is not that. There was a crescendo, a change of volume from soft to louder, and there was a vibrato but no resonance. Her sound was too small, she wasn’t opened enough for resonance to cut through. This song is too simple and within a very comfortable range for her, so I don’t hear anything new personally. No problem, thank you for your love, support and understanding too! ^ ^


    1. If you’re going to ask about specific notes, please provide specific time stamps. I also don’t think this is live and you know we don’t really like watching weekend show performances full of choreography, oftentimes lip synched and whatnot, for vocal technique.


    1. She literally had a slight crack perhaps because she’s tired or not warmed up. Calm down, you guys overreact too much with assuming everyone who’s tired is declining, they’re not.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. With all these variety shows celebrities attend, they are often asked to sing on the spot without having time to properly warm up. I agree with Ahmin- slight cracks or occasional down performances do not usually indicate regression


  2. Hey guys, what notes is she singing in this video at 1:34 and on… Specially the note she hits at 1:40. Do any of them carry support? Sorry for being the record, I checked their live performance and she didn’t sing this part.


  3. Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could tell me what notes were those “last” at 0:54 and 1:06 on and whether they were resonant or not. Also, this may sound silly but I notice that Wendy often holds the mic really up close to her mouth (closer than I normally see people do) and I was wondering if that’s just a habit thing or does she have some issue with projecting? Thank you very much


    1. 0:54 No they’re not resonant, but they’re supported. 1:06 Same, the sound is placed in the mask, but the vowel is barely opened in the back of her throat and so the sound lacks roundness. I’m not sure why she holds the mic so close. The notes are B4’s btw.


  4. Hi! If she is consistent on her resonance , could she easily be proficient to good ? , considering her evenly developed registers and her supported range . Also , if Wendy learns to lighten her mix , will she able to expand her supported range ?

    Finally , I notice that not many SM vocalists and vocalists have access to head voice . Is there difficulty to access to head voice

    Anyway , Thank you for making thia great page .


      1. And what do you think about that performance? All of her high note is supported right? I just worried cuz comment on red velvet mr removed they said wendy have vocal problem and said wendy cant sing like before ootn era


      2. You should’t listen to random people’s comments so easily. She sounds slightly tired. 2:42 Aye vowel, very closed throat shape for that vowel which is very common amongst many vocalists. It was E5 to C#5, 3:02 E5 here too, again above her supported range and on a very closed vowel.


      3. Oh… Poor Wendy , she sound so tired here .
        From what I have heard , Wendy has vocal nodules prior to debut . I think Wendy haven’t regressed in anyway. I think the note is not above D5??? so she can support it ? .


      4. As I told the other commenter: ” 2:42 Aye vowel, very closed throat shape for that vowel which is very common amongst many vocalists. It was E5 to C#5, 3:02 E5 here too, again above her supported range and on a very closed vowel.” I don’t know what note above or not above D5 you’re referring to since you’re not providing a time stamp at all.


    1. I actually disagree with your point about SM vocalists not having access to head voice. Kyuhyun, Ryewook, Luna, Lina, Boa, Taeyeon, Sunny, Jonghyun, Onew, Junsu, and Wendy use head voice head voice. Tbere are of course a few (i.e. EXO’s three main vocalists) who don’t, but the higher proportion of SM idols/singers do


      1. the three main vocals of exo can access their headvoice but they just use it rarely(and baek’s support is inconsistent)


      2. Chenbaekhsoo can connect their cords in the upper range, so they all have access to head voice they just didn’t develop the right muscles to support it yet … and you forgot Jaejoong


    1. Truth be told, we don’t really have that much material of Wendy singing before debut just a few things. So I can’t really tell you what she improved on greatly even though I am sure she improved.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I would say her biggest improvement would be that now she supports up to D5, but I wouldn’t say there has been any kind of major improvement. She’s just been pretty steady. However, I would say she mixes slightly better her upper notes like above D5 aren’t as strained as they were when they promoted happiness.


    1. It means she doesn’t engage her diaphragm muscles enough when she sings, so she ends up singing with a slightly unsupported sound making her voice come off not as full as in should be because the support is weak. To fix this she needs to work on really understanding what support is and what it feels like by properly engaging her diaphragm and also by not tending up other muscles such as her tongue and throat muscles


    1. Hello! May I ask what made you ask if she is at risk of declining? Sorry, I don’t keep up with RV aside from initial promotions, is there something wrong with her singing currently compared to before?


    1. It is not that difficult, especially if she’s using head voice mostly throughout the chorus. Wendy did well, yes. If by good, you mean our rating good, I shall not answer that. If you mean sufficiently skilled, I suppose so.


      1. Lina’s runs fantastic? Her trills and slow runs can be nice, but her fast runs are often sloppy and she isn’t a smooth vocalist when it comes to run, she is generally very stiff.


    1. The notes Eb5’s and F5’s, if this is them singing Happiness, she has never supported those notes. Please provide time stamps when asking specific questions.


  5. I’d like you to analyze the higher notes in PRISTIN’s Sungyeon’s performance of “Just A Feeling” by S.E.S. They start at 2:03 and end at 2:20. Do you think they are supported or not, and should that be what a healthy head voice sounds like? Thank you!


    1. Sungyeon is very good at mixing and placing her sound in her mask, so it really hides away strain when she sings but the way she sings is simply done by pushing with a high larynx in a bright mix. She is not open, the sound isn’t round, so as she gets higher, it becomes thinner and thinner. 2:03 ~ 2:20 She is using her jaw too much to sing these runs, and she used the runs from Mariah Carey’s Emotions as kind of “musicianship” but I’m not sure I’d say this is very good musicianship. The quality is very thin and pushy, her head voice is often very falsetto-like actually. I wouldn’t call it supported, no.


    1. Why are you sad? She sounds fine… Her voice sounds healthy just a bit tired and that could be because of many reasons. Why is everyone saying she’s losing her voice? What are they basing this off of? Wendy hasn’t had a solo performance in a while, and she’s doing a lot of dancing in the Red Velvet songs so like I get why she wouldn’t sound 100% there. Also RV has been extremely busy these days her voice is allowed to be tired. Does she probably need some rest and some vocal time off.. probably, but is she on the track of losing her voice and not being able to sing at all absolutely not.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. So I keep seeing comments about Wendy’s voice declining or that she’s getting worse and I know it’s in studio but what do you think about the D5 at 2:30 and the A5 head voice at 3:00? Just want to make sure she’s still able to do well because if she can do it in studio that should mean she hasn’t declined.


    1. They both fine. I honestly don’t understand why people are overreacting and claiming she’s “declining” because it just isn’t the case. Red Velvet is busy and being busy can lead to fatigue which is natural and normal and is easily fixed by some rest. I also don’t really understand what they are basing this off of because Wendy hasn’t sung solo in a while and during majority of her performances she’s been dancing, and as well all know isn’t the most optimal way to sing.


      1. True, good to know thanks, just wanted to make sure because I wasn’t sure where she was technique-wise and all these comments made me a bit skeptical… its good to hear that she’s still fine


  7. Hi, I have a question. Even if her runs are sometimes sloppy, shouldn´t Wendy be a MA vocalist or I am wrong? Please explain me. Thanks so much XO


  8. I’ve noticed that vocalists who have inconsistent resonance but still meet the standards of support are given the “mid-range vocalist” tag. Why does Wendy keep the “belter” tag if she doesn’t resonate consistently?

    Also I wanted to say how much I admire the amount of work you guys put into the new system. At first I was afraid that it meant you’d be changing how you guys write your analysis, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Thanks~


    1. She supports higher than the mid range vocalists and produces resonance while keeping consistent support more often than the mid-range vocalists.


    1. Singing lighter is a stylistic choice, but on shows like Duet Song Festival, she still has fulness in her tone. You can’t rely on promotional pop singles to talk about their vocal technique all the time.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you for asking this question because I was about to ask about the same thing. Also Very much thanks to ‘Ahmin’ and ‘Pandayeu for replying all our queries/doubts/fears for Wendy. I feel that Wendy needs to get a solo EP to showcase her vocals to use her full voice(or at least a solo song in the RV album itself), as her range and tone is too high for RV as a whole and SM may feel it won’t fit with the group?


    1. “How far” is all dependent on her and how she develops herself as a vocalist. Whether she is included in the MA vocalist category is no big deal at all, so try not to worry about it. Her agility is fine, but both Ahmin and I agreed that should be reserved for vocalist that have shown highly developed agility.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi! I just wanted to say I really appreciate how much time and effort you put into this website. Thank you for your insightful comments!

    I was wondering how well executed Wendy’s run was in this performance? I’m sorry its not a studio version :(. Wendy’s part begins at 2:30 and she starts her run at 2:43.

    Thank you!


    1. Why are you apologizing about it not being a studio version? Our analyses are written with live performances, it wouldn’t make sense to rely on studio versions of songs. Even though the video in itself isn’t linked, it was mentioned in the analysis itself that Shake That Brass was one of the occasions in which Wendy performed runs with a lack of precision and wasn’t very accurate. I shall quote what Pandayeu said:

      “Despite being able to pull off fairly consistently she does have some off moments for example her runs in “Shake That Brass.””
      The reason being that she slowed down the run, she was slightly flat and she was sliding for quite a bit of it.


  10. I will write it when I have time. You really shouldn’t care about what these people say especially if you know they are wrong. We also don’t write these analyses for people to go around and say “see they are better than so and so” they are meant to be a learning tool and something to consider. Theyre not some sort of weapon to be used in fanward or whatever

    Liked by 3 people

  11. hi, can i ask about wendy’s e5 at 2:24 here: ? i know it’s strained because it’s an e5, but before i checked the pitch, i assumed it was a d5 because it sounded supported to me. i’m guessing that might be because it had good placement (but high larynx bc strain), but i wasn’t sure, so i wanted to ask you guys


  12. Ok so if I understood correctly, Wendy can maintain ease all the way down to an F#3 (which is actually pretty exceptionally low for her right?), and yet the analysis says that her lower register is “fairly decent”. Out of curiosity, what would exactly would she have to do to make her lower register better? Or is this just a mild wording thing?
    Cuz I was reading Chen’s analysis and it says he’s arguably got one of the most developed lower registers for tenors in Kpop for similar reasons. So what exactly would put Wendy on that level too? Sorry if this is actually just a wording thing, I know thats possible since the two analyses were written by different people it seems. Thanks in advance and the analyses are a joy to read btw 🙂


    1. Ok I have a few small follow up questions lol. I was rereading the post which specifies the requirement for each tag a vocalist can be classified under. It says to be a Mid-range belter they must be able to produce resonance in their mixed register. But it says here that Wendy is inconsistent with resonance, so even inconsistent resonance is enough to be put under Mid-range belter?

      And also, I see a lot on the blog about resonant mixed registers and head registers but not chest registers. It is possible to produce resonance in the chest register right?


      1. The reason why we are considering Wendy a Mid Range Belter is because her support, and consistency in that area, except for resonance, is the same as everyone that we consider a Mid-Range Belter. I understand why some people would question why is she there because she is inconsistent with resonance, but her support in the area is better than those that we don’t consider to be a mid range belter. Therefore, it does not seem right for us to consider her not to be one. In addition, it’s not that Wendy doesn’t ever resonate because she does it’s just not as consistent. I hope you can understand.

        Oh yeah one can definitely have resonance in chest voice it’s very possible. We’ve mentioned it in some analysis namely Jessica’s and I believe some others.


    1. They both sang pretty much as expected. Seulgi was tense pretty much all throughout, this song is actually pretty high so they were both tense when it comes to the phrasing of the highnotes, but Seulgi was more tense than Wendy. There really isn’t much to say this wasn’t a very serious a performance so I won’t analyze it as such y’know?


      1. yeah i know she is not very strong vocalist,but can you analyze that note,why that D5 is not good,cuz what i hear that was strong and stable.

        thankyou,sorry my english is bad


      2. Well, first, her support isn’t bring engaged well, so her larynx is going up and she’s pushing which means she’s straining and strained note is not a good not. Also what you’re calling “strong” is just loud..Shes just being loud nothing else. Also the notes bot what I would consider stable considering her voice is shaking and it’s not vibrato.


      1. Why admins are demanded to answer the question?I would have let you get away if you ask properly but your tone is very impolite as if you are faulting them for not answering the question. They are not obliged to serve anyone here and they CAN’T answer everything considering the amount questions they receive everyday. They have their own personal life yet they are trying so hard to keep this blog running. They have once said they simply run this blog simply out of enthusiasm and interest. They manage get this far by holding on such frail belief and have gone through so much because of this blog. They can simply abandon this whole site to live a happy life. Please be considerate and stop demanding them to do whatever for your own good. I don’t know how would they react to your comment, but I personally feel that I was commanded and pushed to the extent that I don’t enjoy a slightest to do so. Please at least make them feel comfortable to your question. They try to respond to every comment politely as much as they could and I remember ahmin saying: “I don’t think it’s nice to ignore comments.” He takes every comment seriously and clarify things the best he can. Don’t let him feel bad because of your comment. “hey ahmin why you not answer this question?” Let me answer this for him. “He can’t answer everything simply because he doesn’t have time. Or even he doesn’t want to answer and that’s totally fine.” Sorry if I overreact and being aggressive.


      2. To answer your question in a less confrontational manner, there are many posts on this blog and only 2/3(?) admins, if I’m not mistaken. One might see a post and mean to respond, but forget because they’re preoccupied (which is likely, given that they have lives outside of this blog and don’t get paid for this) – or just not see it at all. They’re usually receptive to questions and even encourage them for educational purposes, so I doubt they intentionally left this person hanging.

        In the future, maybe try something like “If it’s not too much trouble, could someone please respond to this when they get the chance?” I don’t know if you meant it to sound demanding, but it did come across that way.


      3. Hi, not the admin, here to try to help. What everybody said before me is true about their busy lifestyles. However, I don’t think you meant in a mean way. A lot of stuff can get lost in meaning because there’s no face behind that question or message. But the others were right, wording is super important, more so to avoid misinterpretation.

        C#5-B4-A4, then an F#5 peak-B4-C#5, then other notes in her supported range.
        Like what she’s usually shown, consistent clean support to C#5 but never open enough to achieve resonance, brief tight F#5 on the second line and the rest was relaxed.


    1. Not an admin, but I think I can help out. I personally hear nothing new- she was in her comfortable supported range (for the most part), but lacking full openness and resonance.


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