Ali’s Vocal Analysis


Vocal Range

D3 ~ B5 (2 octaves, 4 notes and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

F#3/G3 ~ C5/C#5

F#3/G3 ~ G5 (with head voice)

Voice Type

Lyric Mezzo-Soprano


  • Shown huge improvement in technique over the years
  • Good placement is almost always kept within her supported range
  • At times able to produce medium tempo simple runs well
  • Resonance is generally very well amplified
  • Support is consistent up to C5 and C#5, occasionally D5
  • Lower range maintains tone even below her supported range
  • Her lower range remains supported down to F#3/G3
  • Head voice is produced with resonance and support up to G5
  • Great musicality and arrangement skills


  • Tends to push her mix with her throat often
  • Support within her supported range can be dropped due to throat tension
  • Vocal runs lack flow and smoothness
  • Becomes very constricted and as soon as she goes above her supported range
  • At times lowers her larynx in her lower range, muffling her voice
  • Head voice becomes pushed and shrill as she ascends above G5
  • Often sacrifices too much technique for style


  • Lower register: The lower part of her range may be slightly underdeveloped considering her voice type, but as a whole it maintains good placement and connection even down to her lowest known note. Support seems to only be present down to F#3/G3.
  • Mixed register: Shown huge improvement in her mixed voice, especially with maintaining support and easing up on throat tension. The change has helped her maintain a lot more proper vocalization, project better and produce resonance up to C#5.
  • Upper register: Used to only use an improperly connected and pushed falsetto. Has improved to use a lot more connected and supported head voice with good placement up to G5.


Ali generally comes off as a vocalist who draws influences from general pop, pop-rock and ballad genres. For the most part she doesn’t often sing complicated melodic lines with vocal melismas. She has the minimal amount of vocal cord connection and control to manage singing through simple runs, so she’s able to sing simple patterns of notes such as in “고추잠자리“, with decent accuracy and flow. She does tend to lack smoothness and her pitch becomes less precise the more complex runs become, such as in “안녕“, “외면.” This happens because Ali uses too much compression in her singing and due to having too tight of a grasp between her vocal cords with throat tension, she lacks the freedom to sing smoothly through vocal runs as they get quicker and more complex.

Overall analysis

Debuting in 2009 as a solo artist, Ali has overcome great obstacles in her life as a woman and as an artist. All of her hardships helped her grow as a vocalist, being able to carefully work on her craft and make a name for herself, especially for her appearances on shows like King of Mask Singer and Immortal Song 2. To date Ali holds the records for having the most wins on Immortal Song 2, as well as the highest score. The quality of her voice is thick, rich and very dark. She differs herself from most other females in the field for the tone of her voice and for having a range that’s placed slightly lower. She would most likely be classified as a lyric mezzo-soprano, which makes her stand out amongst all other sopranos in pop music.

Ali’s lower range has been the one to show the least improvement throughout her career but still maintains decency in support and development. She is able to vocalize with a neutral larynx, proper vocal cord connection and support down to G3 with quite enough consistency, as heard by the G3’s in “10월의 어느 멋진 날에“, “사랑했지만“, and G#3’s in “I Dreamed A Dream.” More recently she has also shown that she can produce well supported and connected notes even down to F#3, as heard in “그대는 어디에.” There have been inconsistencies with maintaining proper support below G3, as heard with the F#3’s in “어쩌다 마주친 그대“, “I Dreamed A Dream.” She also tends to push her larynx down below F#3 and not rely on proper vocal cord stretch, as heard by the F3’s in “외면“, “옛사랑“, “넌 친구 난 연인“, “울어라 열풍아“, E3’s in “누가 이사람을 모르시나요“, “Epilogue“, “사람이 꽃보다 아름다워“, “비 내리는 고모령“, and D3’s in “님은 먼 곳에“, “거위의 꿈.”

Her mixed voice is where most improvement can be heard. Technically speaking, Ali does have a slightly lower passaggio than sopranos, therefore most of the songs written for Sopranos could become slightly more challenging for her than it would be for an actual soprano. With that in mind, Ali does actually a very skilled job at staying in a fairly high range for her, although not completely singing above E5 often at all. She tends to respect her voice type quite a lot. Her improvements started happening sometime around 2013, where Ali started showing a much stronger sense of breath support in her mixed and being able to vocalize with less tension in her throat and less stress to her vocal cords. Whereas back then she’d lose her support around Bb4, she’s grown to produce much better notes even as high as C#5 and on very few occasions, D5.

The change in her technique can be heard quite clearly when contrasting notes around the fourth octave, such as the Bb4’s and B4’s in “세상 모르고 살았노라“, with the Bb4’s and B4’s in “환희” and “365일.” The main change has been that she’s learned to use a lot less pressure in her throat and opened up her muscles while keeping them relaxing so as to create less constriction around her larynx. This has made it possible for her to produce very large resonance and keep a very clean approach in her mixed voice with clear support and resonance even up to C#5, as heard by the F4’s in “I Dreamed A Dream“, G4’s in “지우게“, G#4’s in “비 내리는 고모령“, A4’s in “사랑했지만“, “사람이 꽃보다 아름다워“, Bb4’s in “걱정말아요 그대“, “옛사랑“, B4’s in “누가 이사람을 모르시나요“, “먼지가 되어“, “J에게“, C5’s in “그대는 어디에“, “먼지가 되어“, and C#5’s in “어쩌다 마주친 그대“, “내 생에 단 한번만“, “J에게.” The one issue with Ali is that she still uses too much throat pressure to sing higher and even within the C5/C#5 range she tends to have inconsistencies, especially when sustaining notes with more power. Even though support and good placement are present, sometimes tension overcomes support causing her to strain her voice within her supported range on times of inconsistencies. As such, it is reasonable to understand why above C#5 the tension catches up to her, as she’s unable to overcome the tension and becomes very shouty and throaty, such as in the C#5’s in “비와 당신의 이야기“, “그런 사람 또 없습니다“, D5’s in “봄비“, “The American National Anthem“, “아버지“, “옛사랑“, Eb5’s in “아침이슬“, “펑펑“, E5’s in “걱정말아요 그대“, F5’s in “세상 모르고 살았노라“, “I Need A Boy” and G5’s in “환희” and “그대는 어디에“, even when good placement is kept as heard in the D5 in “무인도“, and “그리운 금강산.”

Another part of her voice where very clear improvement has been heard is her upper register. Earlier in her career, Ali would solely use a falsetto and if needed be, she’d use more air pressure to make her falsetto louder, causing her to sound thin, airy and pushed, as heard by the G5’s in “고추잠자리“, G#5’s in “난 여자가 있는데“, and Bb5’s in “안녕.” As time passed by, with her learning to better use and control her airflow and breath support, she’s also learned to connect her vocal cords more properly in order to produce a head voice, which has also been produced with just the right amount of air pressure more than a couple of times. Accompanied by her good placement that allows her to produce resonance in her mixed voice, she’s able to maintain an opened throat and support her voice even as high as G5, as heard by the E5’s in “사람이 꽃보다 아름다워“, “Epilogue” and G5’s in “Epilogue.” Above G5 she tends to become thinner and shrill, as she’s unable to coordinate the proper amount of air pressure versus a good stretch of her vocal cords, as heard by the A5’s in “외면“, and B5’s in “비나리” and “먼지가 되어.”

Musically speaking, Ali has shown more than enough times that she’s able to choose very well between when to be stylistic and when to be more technical. She may have issues with her technique, but within her supported range she exhibits very good control of dynamics, of breath management and is able to sing like a chameleon in a number of different genres, ranging from traditional Korean pieces, to rock, to ballad and even more R&B centered songs. She doesn’t usually have trouble with nasality and is able to sing with very good placement throughout her range, as well as being able to control her voice well in terms of where to add tension in order to create more or less of a stylistic sound, as she can sometimes opt for certain tongue tension to create more of a muffled sound on purpose.

As a vocalist and artist, Ali has grown immensely throughout the years. She’s made a name for herself, she’s come out of her shell and grown as a woman with confidence, which shows in the growing quality of her performances as she ages and becomes more self aware. Nonetheless she still faces quite a few issues and even though she does possess good technique within a reasonable range, the number of times she tends to let it falter and sing with damaging technique can hurt her voice and can be very fatiguing. It is advised that if chooses to keep using many different stylistic approaches in her singing, that she finds the right amount of pressure without necessarily hurting her voice which could very well happen from too much throat tension as she sings higher.


When it comes to her singing ability, Ali excels the most in her natural abilities as an artist. She is not only skilled vocally, but she also shows a lot of skills in her artistry. Her main attributes are thanks to her songwriting and arrangement skills. In most of her Immortal Song 2 performances Ali is credited for partially or fully arranging songs with very clear skill. As such she’s free to change every song as she pleases vocally and musically, so as to create her own original versions of every cover she sings. On top of this, she’s also able to vocalize well and blend her voice well in order to keep a clear harmony throughout, such as in “사랑보다 깊은 상처.”


Proficient Vocalist

Vocal Range Video(s)

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)


About ahmin3

kitsunemale from YouTube, AhMin33 from Twitter and Ahmin from OneHallyu!

80 thoughts on “Ali’s Vocal Analysis

  1. Another overated singer -.-
    Koreans always said ali is the best female vocalist after sohyang.
    I thought she was at least good vocalist. So her ranking below son seungyeon?
    Anyway thanks for the analisys. I’m waiting
    for jung dongha ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry but all what sohyang knows how to do is “scream” no emotions while listening to her..

      And what do you mean by overrated ? Damn it, ALi is one of the most underated singers i’ve ever seen..


      1. Singing high is not the same as singing well, and singing high is also not the same as screaming. In Sohyang’s case, she might sing very high, but she does it with almost impeccable technique, therefore it’s not screaming. You’re welcome to call it screaming when it comes to a vocalist who actually has damaging technique but please refrain from miss-using terms without knowing what they mean. Sohyang wasn’t even mentioned by the commenter Hana bee, this is Ali’s analysis and so there’s absolutely no reason for you to put down another vocalist. We don’t appreciate that in this blog.


      2. Then you should check on korean site. How people praised her as she is THE BEST female singer and i see on king of masked singer the panelist always said she is perfect singer. And the reality she is not that perfect and THE BEST female singer. Sorry i’m not purposed to take down Ali because i like her too. I also shocked her rated not “Good” vocalist.
        But of course i’m still like her. Ali and Jung Dongha is forever be my favourite immortal song singer. They are such an amazing performer ^^


    2. Well, somewhere on this site I found a really helpful distinction between the words “singer” and “vocalist”. She might be an overrated vocalist, but for all we know she could be the best singer in the world – since that term is subjective. I really love her voice colour/arrangements/emotiveness; there are many qualities about her as a singer that I like besides her skill as a vocalist.


    3. technique wise, ali may not be the best.
      while technique in singing is important, i also believe that touching people’s heart when you sing is just equally important. and that’s how ali is when she sings..
      her voice easily captures your heart that you can easily forgo her singing technique… 🙂


  2. thank a looot admin for this precise analysis ,bit disspointed with her ranking ,in king of masked singer they said she is a perfect vocalist ,seems korean overrated aali a bit bc of her creativity


  3. with a mixed voice match an above average soprano, and head voice up to G5, she does have good skill for mezzo. is that not enough to give her competent to good or good rating?


      1. pleas can you give a quick analysis on my voice it’s a very short one I send this since a month I know I am kinda weak but I would love to know to improve sorry for my tone (very bad) and thanks to you and all athours in this site and this is the link


      2. This isn’t the first time I’ve listened to this. You’ve linked this on another page before and I already replied with:
        “I think this is too short and too narrow of a range for me to say anything positive for you. You stayed in the key you chose but honestly speaking you chose a key that’s WAY too high for you to sing comfortably and I’m not exactly sure why you did that. You should’ve picked a key that was more comfortable for you instead of this. I mean you were singing D5’s, with a very closed throat, very tight diction and very small mouth opening. You need to drop your jaw more, open your mouth more and honestly sing in a much lower and more comfortable range. There’s not much I can say, but you should also pick an easier song.”


  4. Finally it’s out ❤ I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Ali is my favourite artist of all time, her arrangement on Immortal Songs is beyond amazing and full of emotions even though her vocals aren’t that great.
    Anyway, I know it’s irrelevant, but can you assess the quality of this woman’s headvoice? And what notes did she hit?


  5. when she go higher she get strained, shouty and sometime she was just yelling but i never get bored listening to Ali, the passion, emotion and feeling are awesome


  6. I was so curious to see where she’d end up, especially with all of the respect people have for her. I’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt. LOL Competent is still a skilled rating, though. Go Ali.
    How does she fare against the other Competent girls?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I thought she would be competent to good! Surprised me! I love her tho. Who’s the next analysis? (Please be Park Hyo Shin I love him so much omg)


      1. Like I thought you were able to tell wher their passagio is because of where it sounds like they start “belting” I’m just confused. Last question can you tell me if this C#5 was resonant

        It’s at 0:49,0:58,1:01, the ones at 1:05, and 1:09 sound strained


      2. I can hear that she’s belting on F4 ~ A4, whereas a soprano would start belting around A4 and above, but I’m not sure where the passaggio starts exactly.


      3. 0:49 I hear tension and pushing on the C#5, 0:58 is closed. 1:01 closed C#5 as well. 1:05 and 1:09 are REALLY closed but some of the C5’s and C#5’s pre-debut were better than now.


  8. I find it kinda funny that you use her King of Masked Singer performances here even though technically no one knows it’s her. Even if everyone does haha. I’ve always thought she kinda strains with her higher mix, I hope she can improve still because she has a really nice voice IMO.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Oh, it’s so nice to see this one! Yay! I love her and her voice. Love her “Carry On”, and her rendition of “Seven daffodils” gives me chills. So beautiful…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear a bit too much air being pushed and it really sounds like your vocal cords aren’t doing enough work in your vocal stretch. You need to learn to let go of air and strengthen your vocal cords.


  10. ALi is one of the most underated singers, i dont get it when haters refer to her as overrated, like you’ll hardly find a video of hers that have over 1 million views on YouTube, so how the hell..

    ALi is my best Korean female singer, and her rasping to me is very natural, this the only part i consider to be a weakness in her voice..

    I’m a fan of sohyang but i think all what she knows how to do is scream, yunno like i don’t feel anything while listening to her.. i think the reason why some people think ali is better is because ali knows the meaning of music unlike sohyang who seems to enjoy screaming..

    P:s ALi’s voice is not that thick..


    1. I don’t understand why you’re mentioning Sohyang again, this isn’t Sohyang’s analysis and Sohyang wasn’t compared to Ali within the analysis either. The emotion you feel about Sohyang’s singing and Ali’s singing is entirely subjective and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t call proper singing “screaming.” Ali’s voice is thick compared to the ocean of light lyric sopranos around her, so by contrast she has a much thicker and lower sound which comes with being a mezzo-soprano.


  11. Ah i’m kinda of disappointed with her rating though since i was expecting to see good to great vocalist..
    @admin can you please tell me what type of sounds she was making in her performance of “my lover is far away”? I wondered if other competent vocalists could do that..
    anyway nice job admin..


    1. Next time you ask a question like this, please provide a video and a time stamp. I looked up the video.

      Do you mean the sounds around 0:39? And 5:08? There’s nothing particularly odd or difficult about what she’s doing there. The sounds are fairly easy to imitate and if anything, they’re slightly awkward/sloppy. Arrangement wise, it creates a very good effect in the song but vocally, it’s not something that’s hard to do at all.


  12. Thanks..
    Also what do you think about this performance? I love every of the notes to pieces lol..
    But i think she raises her voice way too high in 5:00 but i definitely like that part though..
    But it kinda of sound rough right?


    1. The note is D5, for the 5:00 mark you mentioned and for the last video. The last one was already really nice, really rare for Ali quite honestly. It goes to show her inconsistencies in her mix in the fifth octave.


      1. To Ali? People refer to Ali as the Korean Adele? The only thing they have in common is that they’re mezzo-sopranos. Ali has far better technique, much more intricate arrangements, songs, performances, she’s a lot more versatile as well.


    1. That wasn’t bad! Nice key changes, good placement, in the climax the D5 didn’t start bad at all. She seemed to be in good condition but still lots of throatiness throughout.


      1. I think she’s really improving The performance was good i enjoyed it, i think she’s really good with D5 note, and she didn’t raises her voice too much this time..
        I don’t know why she like switching from kind voice to strong voice though..
        Like in this video

        Do you think she like doing it on purpose? Or it might also be to the fact that her voice is not the same when she’s smiling? Lol
        E.g this video.

        She was smiling throughout..

        Also if her throatiness is reduce, do u think she will be a better vocalist?


      2. She’s not improving because of one D5, because she’s been able to hit well placed D5’s before, this isn’t new. This is just another sign of her inconsistencies with her condition, her placement and the forcefulness in her throat. Of course if her throatiness was reduced, she’d be a much better vocalist.


    1. They’re two completely different notes. It’s hard for me to explain something so abstract, but if we talk scientifically they’re on two completely different frequencies, B being at a higher frequency than a D. The scale order is D Eb E F F# G G# A Bb B, so there are quite a few notes in between a D5 and a B5.


  13. Hey why do you change “Competent vocalist” into “Proficient vocalist”, they both have the same meaning. Actually, I prefer the word “Competent” to the word “Proficient”


    1. It’s not particularly worse than any of her other performances. She had a lot of really throaty E5’s, but most people like her throatiness so I think the reason could just be song choices, this might have just not been the song most people would like to hear from her.


  14. Hi, i like this new song from ALi, i have questions 1: what do you think about the song’s flow?
    2: the note in 3:28-3:31, do you think she would have strained it if any higher??
    3:what do you think about her low note and her breath controls?

    It’s my new jam, lol..


    1. I don’t know what you mean by the song’s flow. 3:28 had already strain, it was D5 and E5, the E5 was strained but the D5 actually was well placed, a bit too pushed though. As for your third question, she isn’t singing that low but she did hit D3’s and I don’t think anything different than what I already thought of her singing.


      1. I mean the lowest note like D#2 G#2, B#2 E#2 F#2 C#2 which one is the lowest?
        Lol or maybe there is nothing like that, but I’ve seen some people who criticize singers that they can not hit very low keys, so i was just wondering what’s the lowest key for them to say that…


      2. When did they say that? Mhmm the lowest note I’ve ever heard from a singer is like F0 or something like that? I’m not sure. lol it’s in the Guinness world records.


  15. I mean the lowest note like D#2 G#2, B#2 E#2 F#2 C#2 which one is the lowest?
    Lol or maybe there is nothing like that, but I’ve seen some people who criticize singers that they can not hit very low keys, so i was just wondering what’s the lowest key for them to say that…


  16. Have you ever heard Ali’s Wildflower?

    The E5 in 3:29 is completely out of this world. Is it supported? I think it is, at least the beginning of the note.


    1. No, the D5 wasn’t and neither was the E5. They were both throaty. It’s funny cause I thought this was mentioned in the analysis but I guess it wasn’t. I’m sure someone asked about it before though in the comments.


      1. My mistake, i think that was one of her old performances in immortal songs 2, someone posted it on YouTube in mp3 so i can’t tell..
        Here is the one she performed 2 weeks ago..
        How did she do here..

        The last note 5:40-5:52, wasn’t strained right? I really like the overall performance…


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