Ladies’ Code’s Vocal Analysis: Sojung

Vocal Range

C#3 ~ Bb5 (2 Octaves, 4 notes and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

A3 ~ A4/Bb4

Voice Type



  • Strongest vocalist in Ladies’ Code
  • Able to support her voice consistently
  • Doesn’t usually have issues with nasality when belting
  • Simple vocal runs are generally well separated
  • Mixed voice approach is generally light
  • Able to maintain support down to A3
  • Mixed voice maintains support up to Bb4
  • Tends to use an opened placement
  • Transitions into falsetto are generally smooth

Points for Improvement

  • Tends to favor style over technique, lacks control of her voice
  • Often sings with improper vocal cord connection, either too tight or too airy
  • Tends to sound really shouty and screechy in her mixed voice
  • Raises her larynx above Bb4 usually
  • Tightens her throat very often the higher she sings
  • Vibrato is very uneven and wobbly
  • Uneven airflow against the vocal cords
  • Runs can sometimes lack precision
  • Unable to produce a supported head voice
  • At times may lower her larynx to force out projection in her lower range


  • Lower register: The lower portion of her chest loses tone below F#3, but is able to project above that. Support is only present above A3, as below that she becomes muffled and loses projection.
  • Mixed register: Able to mix all the way up to G5 with a bright mixed voice. Tends to sound very gritty and screechy in her mix due to too much compression in her vocal cords. Loses support above Bb4.
  • Upper register: Able to use falsetto and transition very easily into it but can also use a head voice. Head voice is thin and lacks proper support, but control and pitch are shown well.


As part of Sojung’s signature soulful style, runs come as part of the whole package. As most vocalists influenced by 90’s R&B/Soul artists, adding vocal runs to their performances is quite common and Sojung is no exception. Her vocal cords tend to be very tightly compressed or not closed enough, so many times runs can be done well when sung slowly, such as in “내가 웃는게 아니야“, “기억상실“, but the faster they get, the harder it becomes for her to maintain smoothness and accuracy. Due too much compression in her vocal cords, she lacks the freedom to be able to move quickly between pitches without sliding, causing her to sound pitchy. This can be heard in “Crazy Night“, “시계태엽” and “So Wonderful.” In other cases she doesn’t close her vocal cords enough and uses puffs of air to guide the pitch instead of relying on her vocal cords, as heard in “Kiss Kiss Kiss“, “어른아이“, “나쁜여자.”

Overall analysis

Sojung first gained attention for her singing when she auditioned for the first season of The Voice: Korea in 2012. Although the winner of that season turned out to be Son Seungyeon, Sojung was a popular constestant due to her very attractive and appealing vocal tone and style. Her popularity landed her a spot as the main vocalist of Ladies’ Code, with whom she debuted in 2013. She has since appeared on many TV shows such as Immortal Song 2, King of Mask Singer and was even casted as one of the main members of Girl Spirit. Despite the husky quality Sojung adopts in her singing, her voice is naturally very light and bright, while placed high in range she’d be most likely classified as a light lyric soprano.

The lower portion of her voice, consisting of her chest voice, is very extensive and can be used down to C#3, as heard in “어떤 그리움.” However so, it lacks development as it is. Most of the time she is able to project quite well down to A3, while keeping consistent support and a good enough amount of connection between her vocal cords. This can be heard with the A3’s in “서울의 달” and “보통여자.” Below A3 is where she starts to lose tone and projection, where her voice becomes quieter and support isn’t present anymore, as heard by her G#3’s in “행복한 나를“, F#3’s in “Crazy Night“, and the E3 in “어떤 그리움.” Below F#3 she loses tone almost completely and in order to compensate for the lack of support in her lower range, at times she pushes her larynx down with the back of her tongue, which strains her voice and forces her muscles to stretch artificially with tension instead, as heard in her G3’s in “빗속에서” and her F#3’s in “살다보면.”

Her mixed voice is naturally extensive in range, as she is able to push her mixed voice at least as high as G5, as heard in “You Just” and “No, No, No.” Despite being able to bring her mixed voice high, she lacks development and utilizes generally very damaging habits when singing higher in range. Overall speaking, Sojung favors a husky approach to her singing. This husky approach is achieved by keeping the vocal cords from completely coming together, which causes air to come through and a breathy quality to be created. Although she is able to stray away from the airy quality when wanting to sing with more volume, she tends to do so by compressing her vocal cords very tightly together. This is a very improper way of approaching correct support in her voice, as instead of relying on a relaxed throat with just the right amount of air to project, she pushes a lot of air into her vocal cords while keeping them very tight together, causing her to sound very throaty and shouty when singing higher.

Her lack of proper development in support does affect her somewhat in her mid-range, but she is able to maintain just enough support to keep her voice from being damaged when singing below B4. Up to Bb4, she is able to keep the right amount of support even if constriction might already be happening, as heard by her A4’s in “아름다운 오해“, “오랜 이별 뒤에“, and Bb4’s in “2 Different Tears“, “내버려둬“, “그대 안의 블루“, “그대 돌아오면” and “아니.” Above Bb4 she already starts to let her larynx raise as her throat muscles get tight and pull it higher, causing her throat to become full of tension and for her to push her voice beyond her limit. This results in belted notes that, although loud, carry a lot of tension and can potentially be very damaging to her voice. This can be heard with the B4’s in “On My Own“, “2 Different Tears“, “You Just“, C5’s in “1, 2, 3, 4“, “널 사랑하지 않아“, “”, C#5’s in “희야“, “빗속에서“, D5’s in “시계태엽“, “그것만이 내 세상“, “아름다운 고해“, Eb5’s in “그남자 그여자“, “Bye Bye Bye“, E5’s in “나쁜여자“, F5’s in “Bae Bae“, “예뻐예뻐“, “So Wonderful“, as well as her previously mentioned G5’s.

Her upper register mostly consists of a falsetto or an unsupported head voice. Although it is true that she can connect her vocal cords together, the amount of compression caused by tightness in her cords while not using the right amount of breath support generally cause her head voice to sound tight and a bit pushed. The general tone of her falsetto is airy, while her head voice sounds thin. The contrast can be heard when comparing her falsetto with her F5 in “행복한 나를“, her F#5 in “어른아이“, her G5 in “전활 받지 않은 너에게” and her A5 in “예뻐예뻐“, to her head voice G#5 in “희야” and Bb5 in “I Love You.” Nonetheless her pitch in her upper register is very good, as most of her transitions tend to be quite smooth and she seems rather comfortable to control her voice in that register, while not being afraid to go higher.

She is known most for her style and charismatic voice. Her voice is reminiscent of many soulful artists who tend to favor airiness and some throat compression in their singing. Although support is present in her voice, there is a very improper misconception in the way she approaches her singing. She tends to favor compression over airflow, which causes her vocal cords to become almost numb and lack control, while she pushes through with air instead of stretching her vocal cords. This is primarily the reason her vibrato tends to sound so shaky and wobbly, since she is unable to keep her vocal cords relaxed, her vibrato comes out unstable and uneven most of the time.

Sojung has come a long way as a vocalist and entertainer over the years. One of the biggest obstacles she’s overcome mostly has to do with her appreciating her own instrument and gaining confidence in herself. Nevertheless it is also important for her to worry about the health of her instrument, as her voice could be damaged if she were to keep singing this way for the rest of her career. In order to prevent vocal damage, it’d be recommended for her to strip herself off of her style during vocal practice and focus on developing healthier vocal habits on the proper stretch and connection of her vocal cords, as well as the right amount of airflow and support.


Most of Sojung’s overall singing is compromised of style. As such, she is very much in control of her sound and can turn every single song into her own. Although this may limit her when it comes to performing different genres, she is able to change every song into her own signature genre if given the right arrangement. Melodically she is confident with her adlibs and even if strain may be present, her pitch is usually quite accurate. Harmonically speaking she is also able to hold down her harmonies well when singing with her duet partners, as heard in “그 여자, 그 남자” and “그대 안의 블루.”

Label (Type of Vocalist)

M Vocalists: Mid-Range Vocalists

S Vocalists: Stylistic Vocalists

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)

69 thoughts on “Ladies’ Code’s Vocal Analysis: Sojung

  1. wow you have finally manage to analyze her. i thought she would fall in weak category because your previous reasons not to analyze her. being in average vocalist list is actually quite good, a lot of my favorite idol falls below average *sigh*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks they have very similar sounding voices. When she sang 1, 2, 3, 4 she sounded almost exactly the same as Lee Hi.


      1. Any chance for a revisit on BoHyung of SPICA? I initially thought her control over her lower register was one of her weaker traits but she really proved me wrong on Girl’s Spirit (she won by the way). She basically made use of her lower register the most all the way towards the semi-finals and still wowed everyone!


      2. Well that’s already addressed in her analysis. Her lower range was never weak and I remember that being one of her strengths. There’s nothing different that we didn’t address.


  2. I always heard ppl say she sounds like Lee Hi, hence the name “Soprano version of Lee Hi” since Lee Hi is a mezzo, but then recently I saw discussion about Lee Hi probably a soprano… I guess it somehow makes sense lol


  3. Hi again Ahmin! It’s been a long time since I’ve come here looking for your help! (Sorry everyone else for the unrelated comment by the way.)

    Last time, you told me I was a tenor and have an overly heady mix. Since then, I’ve gotten a new teacher that I really respect, and have focused on my chestiness and extension. (I managed to mix a high C a few weeks ago!!)

    Anyway, I think I’ve definitely improved in many ways at least, and would like your approval on this clip in terms of support:
    My teacher also recently classified me as a baritone, which I found interesting as well. But, regardless, I can feel my technique improving, and since I’m only around 18, my throat is still developing. I’m still shooting for the coveted average category, and I’m hoping that I’m a bit closer this time around! Please offer me any advice you can, btw


    1. I looked up through comments to remember who you were so I could remember what you sounded like before and you’re one of the few tenors here haha You sang Black Swan before, right? Omg your teacher is a doing a good job on balancing out your mix and fixing your placement! You sound much rounder, fuller and balanced but I still think you guys should focus on your breathing a bit more because there’s a bit of tension and you are not managing your air well enough, which is why you have such a wobbly vibrato so make sure to work on that! Other than that, great improvement! I’m not sure if I agree about you being a baritone, unless you’re so heady that you are even fooling me as a baritone and I am usually very good at identifying baritones. I think you just need to work on air management, don’t push too much air, okay? You have made great progress, so keep it up! You almost sound like a whole new person!


      1. Thank you so much! I can understand the confusion in voice type. It’s definitely not made easier by the fact my lower range extends pretty deeply lol

        Would you mind listening to this clip of my lower range?

        I know you don’t rate subscribers, but I’m just dying here lol. Could you give me at least a general idea? Am I above weak? Thanks!


      2. I would really rather not rate you, at least not for now. Work more and then I’ll feel more comfortable doing it. This is also not enough material for me to make up my mind about it. You weren’t singing low here, the lowest note you sang was C#3. That was very comfortable and you sounded nice but that’s not that low for even a tenor so it doesn’t really make me less confused about your voice type at all. You sound really nice and pretty there, relaxed and well controlled. I’m not sure I’d consider C#3 deep for even a tenor.


      3. Sorry, my post was not well-worded. That clip was just part of my range I felt might be supported. Trying just now, I hit a breathy D2. Sorry for putting pressure on you to help rate me, and thank you for all the help until now!! I will continue working and practicing every day.. 😖


  4. Thanks for analysing her Ahmin 😀

    Just wondering. Would you say that she’s made significant improvement in her vocal technique since her pre-debut Voice Korea days? Or would you say she’s just been consistent throughout her career?



    1. I think she’s made a certain amount of considerable improvement from her days at the voice Korea to her debut days with Ladies’ Code, but after that she pretty much stayed the same.


      1. Ok então, só mais uma pergunta: os gráficos vocais… hmm.. vão demorar?! E nesses gráficos, você poderia dar pelo menos um spoiler? Lmao, tipo como eles vão ser, se vão falar quem são os mais fortes ou mais fracos de cada categoria ou vão apenas fazer um ranking (tipo o do profile kpop), obrigado ^^


      2. Vai ser mais específico do que profilekpop, vai ser bem específico na verdade. Eu queria postar eles já logi porque eu só preciso de mais uma análise. Mas a Haruko e Pandayeu ainda tem 3 análises faltando, então vai depender deles acaberem as análises deles. Eu gostaria de postar eles o quanto antes mas acho que não vai dar.


      3. Estou tão ansioso ^^, mas vocês vão falar o vocal mais forte e o vocal mais fraco de cada categoria? Thank u


      1. I know you aren’t going to analyse any other members but I’d like to know if Zuny or Ashley have any support and possibly their ratings? And Ashley has the high note in their new song “The Rain”, how is it? It starts at 2:43 I know they’re dancing and it’s probably not live either but I was wondering if you could still give feedback, it’s alright if you can’t. Thanks


      2. You meant the falsetto or the airy mixed voice with no support? Either way if Sojung is their strongest vocalist and she can’t support above Bb4, there’s no way any of the other members would support higher notes than that. As for their ratings I apologize but I really don’t know. My guess is either weak or weak to average from what I’ve heard.


  5. Hi! I know you don’t rate followers, but I was wondering if you can check this out:

    and give me feedback? I never really had any professional training, and I was wondering on what I can improve. The tracks in my soundcloud are not edited, and most of them are the first takes and there are cracks in my voice i think. I consider myself a weak vocalist, if I can be considered a vocalist at all, and I know I have a very unstable voice and my range is very limited, and i think my head voice is weak. My pitch precision is lacking and it shows when I don’t practise before singing (like in my soundcloud). What do you think I can improve on to make myself more than weak? How would you rate me as a vocalist?

    p.s im sorry if i turned out to be leaving multiple comments, idk if my comment got posted or not. soz


    1. Your comment did get posted! So I’m a bit confused cause you sold yourself short. Yes some of the things you said are true, you lack support and yes pitchiness here and there and yes you cracked but those things come from nerves and lack of practice, not by some inherited inability to sing. Your pitch was actually really good in One Breath but you went off key a few times in LOVE. I think you have a beautiful tone, it’s dark in a way and it isn’t too light nor too girly. It’s nice, really. The problem that I hear the most is lack of connection between proper breath support and stretch of the vocal cords. There’s too much air happening, going through your vocal cords and they just seem underdeveloped. You need to work on your nerves, breathing into your diaphragm and eliminating airiness. Otherwise you are much better than you made yourself out to be.. although I shall not rate you. I hope you understand.


      1. ahahah its fine not to rate me, i really dont think i can be considered a vocalist tbh, there are still so many shortcomings. thanks for the reply! sorry i seem so self depreciating lol i just dont really have confidence in my voice tbh? and compared to other ppl im just so meh? i guess. omg sorz for burdening u by asking to rate and asses etc lmao


      2. Honestly I enjoyed listening to you and hope you keep working on your singing. I’ve heard people with a lot more problems so it was a pleasant surprise.


      3. you’re so kind lol thx. i really have a big problem with breathing seeing that i never do cardio, so im out of breath most times. not to mention i was laying down while singing so it intensified my problem i think lol

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ahmin, one question, do you take online students? I live in Perth and idk how to find a good vocal coach so idk how to improve tbh. I tried online tutorials but idk if I’m doing it right or not lol. I havent been actively singing in almost 1.5 years (i used to be a praise and worship leader before) and I think my voice is getting suckier and I need to improve. hehe sorry for the hassle


  6. Hi again Ahmin. I’m super sick right now, but decided to make some more recordings out of curiosity, since these F#4’s seemed pretty comfortable and potentially supported.

    I recorded both my “normal” singing which was supposed to be lightly mixed ( ), and one with a more deliberately balanced, resonant sound to see if there would be any difference in the classification ( ). The first one is the longer cover, and it also shows a bit of my lower range down to Ab2. The cover is of AIlee’s song Home, by the way:

    So I guess this is just more potential material for advice and analysis. I feel like I should be compensating you somehow lol. I’m not even taking lessons from you, but you’ve probably been the source of at least 50% of my improvement from both direct responses and studying this blog.

    SO… Weak to Average? XD It’s sad how desperate I am for a fairly low rating, but it’s a sign of my effort for improvement. Either way, I will keep trying to improve, as that’s what I believe a singer should do…


    1. I am not going to rate you dear, I still hear a very shaky and wobbly vibrato throughout your mixed range but within the chest voice you do sound fairly relaxed, even though you lose weight and placement below about Eb3? Though tone is present, it just becomes less present. You’re using slightly more volume, more pushing, slightly more opened approach but it’s a bit too wide of a shape in your throat and it’s not a comfortable place for you yet, also the airflow is not being managed well and there’s too much air being pushed out. Again work on evening the airflow and controlling your vibrato. I really wanna hear you mixing higher than F#4, I wanna hear your phrasing around G#4 to Bb4. Have I heard that before from you? Like I’m just very puzzled as to why anybody would call you a baritone from what I’ve heard.


      1. Hi again,
        out of curiosity, why can’t you rate me at all? If it’s for the sake of creating a precedent, I completely understand, since it would be a lot of work to rate anyone that asks. On the other hand, if you think that I will be upset or hurt by hearing that I’m weak or less than weak, you’re wrong. I sing every day in choir and lessons and have been told by plenty that I’m not good. I’m used to it! I’m just looking for any concrete sense of improvement to show that my efforts aren’t a complete waste. For example, even though I may still be weak, thanks for at least letting me know that I’ve improved since the first time I posted here. It’s difficult, y’know? Since this is the only place I know that actually uses a concrete system.

        Anyway, to answer your question, my upper mix is very weak, and I haven’t shared it because I know it is just strain so figured it wouldn’t matter. But why not; I recorded this just now:

        It’s way too high for me… And I can’t mix very high (C5 like twice, and I can’t hit it today) and generally cap out at around A#4, unless I’m in a REALLY good condition which may be why I’m classified as a bari by some?

        By the way, is instability characteristic of no support? I figured that, in those clips, despite my air support not being well controlled, it was present. At least I know my wobbly vibrato is from unstable air now. I can see my diaphram trembling with the vibrato and not my larynx so much.


      2. Personally speaking, it’s what you said but it’s also me not feeling comfortable giving someone a rating when they’re not professional vocalists or barely even trained. It isn’t useful for you to use the rating systems to check for improvements because you could stay within the same rating even if you may improve your technique, so don’t worry too much about that! See being only able to mix Bb4 doesn’t make you a baritone because lol untrained baritones can barely touch F4 most of the time so for you to be able to get up to Bb4 with very little training only strengthens my belief that you are leaning more towards a tenor than a baritone. Instability is a characteristic of improper airflow and lack of support, yes. I think you have some support but it lacks depth. Your diaphragm is not supposed to tremble/move much at all, if at all. It can go in slightly as you start releasing air, but it isn’t supposed to tremble.


  7. What do you think of Red Velvet and GFriend when in terms of vocals. Also how would you think they could improve and rank the members? Thanks 🙂


    1. I mean the answer for how they’d improve could be very general or very specific. I could simply say they could all work on bettering their breath support and managing airflow, while working to develop a proper connection and stretch of their vocal cords. I could also go in detail about each individual member, but I’m not familiar with them enough to be specific with such individual bad habits. You’ll find out the ratings for Yuju, Seulgi and Wendy once their analyses are written by Pandayeu. As for the rest of the members of both groups, they’d all fall under the weak or weak to average rating.


      1. Yeri from Red Velvet, I’ve noticed that she has a very low and bass type of voice so wondering if that’s why they added her to the the group. Do you think that her deep voice is something that helps out the group or not?


      2. I’m not sure why she was added, vocally speaking, but she’s an underdeveloped soprano and her voice is not low at all actually.


      3. How is Seulgi in comparison to the rest of her group? I know she has a lot of issues but is she much higher than Joy etc?


      4. Yeri and Irene have absolutely no sense of vocal technique. Joy has a very wobbly vibrato, and very weak support, but she can support to an extent. Seulgi’s support is stronger, less shaky, but her vibrato is still kind of wobbly, she lacks openness, and mostly sounds quite nasal. She is better than Joy but it’s not a huge difference. You’ll find out Seulgi’s and Wendy’s ratings once they’re analyzed.


  8. Hi, I’m not entirely sure if this is the correct place for this lol but how do you think the members of Ladies Code did in this performance? Zuny is the one with blonde hair and Ashley the long brown. I feel like it was nice but I feel like Sojungs falsettos are still really airy, and I feel like Ashley was kind of whiny sounding if that makes sense? I’m more curious about Ashley though to be honest, can she support at all or no? Thanks!


    1. This isn’t much different from what I’m already used to hearing from them. Ashley doesn’t sound like she can’t support. I’ve heard Ashley singing before and she’s always sounded like she could support, to an extent. It just wasn’t very consistent. 1:13 her mixing technique isn’t bad, it’s strained but it’s not raspy which is always a good thing. This is a pretty song! 2:16 she pushes from her throat more than she needs to though when belting, she’s trying to be powerful but she’s pushing from the wrong place. 3:01 It’s A5, hey nice. 3:07 this has nice placement too! This is a nice performance.


      1. Thanks so much! Would you say Zuny can support at all to any extent? I agree that this was a nice performance too, the ot5 pictures of them made it kinda sad but pretty in a way lol. I hope people stop pitying them when they seem them soon enough.


  9. I was looking for Polaris Entertainment in companies and I was so confused when I couldn’t find it, then I looked for Sojung and I found her here lol I almost got a heart attack when I didn’t find her. So I just want to tell you, her company is actually Polaris, not CJ E&M.
    And, by the way, I’m literally since morning reading this blog and it’s amazing, you’re doing a good job with it. Merry Christmas to all of you by the way❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. People have asked about this performance before. No, I do not think Ashley and Sojung are almost equally good vocalists. Ashley’s support is really shaky and underdeveloped. She has a very wobbly vibrato and it comes out without her meaning to let it out. It’s a lack of proper stretch of her vocal cords and she doesn’t engage enough support even in the lower parts of her range. She reminds me of Seulgi in a way actually.


    1. Hi, this is my first time here!
      I really love your post and are very interesting, so basically my question is have you seen Loona yet? If so, is there any members that interest you in terms of vocal technique.
      Also, not trying to pressure you or anything but if possible you don’t have too can you do a vocal ranking of the vocal line? (Heejin, Haseul, Jinsoul, KimLip, Yves, Chuu)
      Thanks a-lot have a nice day, looking forward for a maybe response.


      1. Im sorry dear but the answer is no, none of them have caught my ear per se and we don’t really do rankings.


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