Akdong Musician’s Vocal Analysis: Suhyun


Vocal Range

E3 ~ A5 (2 octaves, 2 notes and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

Bb3 ~ Bb4/B4

Bb3 ~ Eb5 (with head voice)

Voice Type

Light Lyric Soprano


  • Strongest vocalist in Akdong Musician
  • Support is present and well employed in her mid range
  • She’s able to maintain a stable larynx and relaxed throat up to B4, occasionally C5
  • Transitions into head voice are very clean and smooth
  • Head voice remains connected and supported up to Eb5 consistently
  • Lower range possesses support down Bb3
  • Below Bb3 tone can still be present in her lower range
  • Does not usually show issues with nasality
  • Improved in terms of agility and support throughout the years
  • Runs can be smooth and well separated
  • Vocal strain is minimized by her preference of using her head voice over straining in her mix
  • Very good understanding of her instrument


  • Tends to sound uneven in her mix
  • Her larynx is raised when sings in the fifth octave
  • Above Eb5, her head voice becomes a thinned out falsetto
  • Still has issues with producing clean accurate runs if they’re complex
  • Has never been able to produce resonance
  • Has not developed her mixed voice much, tends to be too head-dominant
  • Lower range is often quiet, airy and can be pushed with a low larynx
  • Her throat becomes tighter the higher she sings in her mix
  • Tends to stick to one style of singing which really limits her vocal growth


  • Lower register: Her lower range can produce tone all throughout down to E3, however below Bb3 breath supports tends to not be present and her voice becomes much softer and quieter. At times she pushes her larynx down in order to force her voice to project her lower notes.
  • Mixed register: Her mixed voice is generally quite relaxed and opened throughout the 4th octave. She’s able to maintain a stable larynx all the way up to B4 and support is consistent. Above B4 she tends to sound tight, uneven and her larynx raises.
  • Upper register: Her head voice hasn’t been showcased to its full potential, but the lower portion of it is utilized quite often. She tends to favor using her head voice in the fifth octave as opposed to trying to strain in her mix. Above Eb5, she becomes thinner and airier and opts for falsetto over head voice.


Throughout the years agility was an area in which Suhyun would show a lot of work left to be done. She wouldn’t often attempt vocal runs, but the very few times she did it was possible to hear little to no understanding of how the vocal cords are supposed to move in order to produce proper vocal runs. Her usual approach to runs was simply to slide from the first note to the last note, as opposed to hitting each individual note slowly, separately, clearly and rhythmically. This can be heard in “매력있어“, “Officially Missing You” and “One of a Kind.” However this has improved quite a bit as she’s started singing songs that required her to be able to sing runs more often and more accurately. Although relatively moderate in speed, her runs have become a lot more defined, every note is hit with precision and clearly separated, even if the runs may still be somewhat simple, her rhythmic bounce and muscle memory in her vocal cords now allows her to sing through runs a lot more smoothly. This can be heard even comparing two performances of “나는달라” in 2016, one from January, where she’d slide through every note in the descending run, compared to one in May, where the notes could still be better separated, but the overall accuracy is a lot better. The most improvement in her agility can be best heard with the multiple runs in their new song “Re-Bye.”

Overall analysis

Suhyun debuted officially as the female vocalist of co-ed sibling duo Akdong Musician under YG Entertainment in 2014. Initially the duo rose to fame by auditioning for KpopStar in 2012, and gained fame for their original songs. Suhyun’s singing quickly stood out as she sounded quite well controlled and skilled, considering her young age. Her voice is naturally quite light, soft and bright in tone. Possessing a very young quality, with almost no weight, it is safe to say she’s a light lyric soprano. Her voice is very smooth, mellow and velvety in tone, further enhanced by her singing style that really focuses on bringing out the mellow smoothness of her voice.

The bottom of her chest voice is generally her least used range. Suhyun is a very comfortable vocalist who favors singing within a fairly narrow and easy range, as opposed to really challenging herself into singing in a wider range. As a result, she rarely showcases issues with her lower range because she rarely ever goes down into the lower part of her chest voice. The few times she’s done so, it is possible to hear that she tends to sound somewhat uncomfortable and lose the projection of her voice. Her vocal cords lack strength below Bb3, so the notes become airier and quieter, as heard by comparing her Bb3’s in “슬픔속에 그댈 지워야만해“, to her A3’s in “Goodbye Sun, Goodbye Moon“, “Love is an Open Door“, G3’s in “작을별“, “Officially Missing You“, F#3’s in “나는 당신께 사랑을 원하지 않았어요” and E3 in “다리 꼬지마.” At times however she’s able to project below Bb3, but does so by improperly pushing her larynx down in order to force sound out where support isn’t present anymore. This results in strained louder lower notes that are created with tension and manipulation of her larynx position, as heard by her G#3’s in “나는 당신께 사랑을 원하지 않았어요” and G3’s in “나는달라.”

Her mixed voice is fairly well developed and well supported throughout the fourth octave. Generally speaking Suhyun tends to limit her sung range in Akdong Musician’s music to be around C4 ~ D5, where many times any note above B4 tends to be a head voice as opposed to a mixed voice. This causes her to rarely use her mixed voice in order to truly belt, opting instead for a smooth and soft sound most of the time. From C4 to B4 she maintains quite good and consistent support, where her voice is relaxed, controlled and quite clean in approach. She tends to maintain a stable larynx and not truly bringing any tension to her mixed voice up to B4, as heard by her A4’s in “외국인의 고백“, Bb4’s in “Boys and Girls“, and B4’s in “Ring Ding Dong” and “나는 당신께 사랑을 원하지 않았어요.”

Above B4 however when she does attempt to use her mixed voice, it is possible notice a lack of development of her muscles in her mixing technique. Her vocal cords have yet to truly develop the right coordination and balance of chest voice and head voice in her mix, so most of the time she tends to sound fairly small and head-dominant in her mixed voice. Sometimes it feels as though it’s hard for her to mix above C5, as her voice seems to be almost transitioning into head voice as a habit. Although her approach phrasing C5’s can be fairly easy, as heard by her C5’s in “나는달라“, her throat tends to not remain as opened as possible and she tends to lack support above B4. This can be heard as she ascends in her range, with her throat becoming tighter and her larynx raising higher. Examples include her C5’s in “Rolling in the Deep“, C#5’s in “One of a Kind“, C#5 and D5 in “좋은 날“, E5’s in “Love is an Open Door“, “Goodbye Sun, Goodbye Moon“, F5’s in “얼음들“, and F#5’s “Bang Bang” and “라면인건가.”

Her head voice may be her most used and best executed register. Her transitions into head voice are very seamless and smooth. It’s sometimes almost hard to tell if she’s mixing very lightly, or simply placing her head voice into her mask in order to better switch into it. Her head voice is connected and supported, showing support even as high as E5 at times. She has also shown that she can choose at will when to use an airier falsetto, or when to sing with a more connected head voice. This can all be heard by her C5’s in “좋은 날“, C#5’s in “슬픔속에 그댈 지워야만해” D5’s in “Give Love“, Eb5’s in “200%“, and occasionally E5’s, such as in “Who Am I“, as well as her falsetto C#5’s in “사랑은 은하수 다방에서” and E5’s in “거짓말.” Above E5, she seems to only be able to use falsetto, where support isn’t present anymore and she’s not able to produce the same kind of connection with the same amount of support. This is heard by her F#5’s in “200%“, “붉은 노을“, “나는 당신께 사랑을 원하지 않았어요“, G5’s in “눈, 코, 입” and A5 in “Treasure.”

Overall Suhyun has a very well developed instrument within her comfort range. She’s able to control her voice at will dynamically within her supported range, which although narrow, works perfectly for her repertoire. She rarely strains her voice, choosing instead to sing in a fairly limited and comfortable range. Due to using just the necessary adequate amount of breath support and not developing her chest voice muscles as she sings higher, her mixed voice can lack power and she lacks an even ratio of chest and head voice in her mix. Due to also not truly opening her throat as much as possible with the right amount of support, Suhyun has yet to produce resonance in her mix or in her head voice. Nonetheless, she also tends to sing with a lifted soft palate and rarely has issues with nasality or lack of projection.

Suhyun is a very young vocalist and is actually quite skilled for her age. Even at the young age of 13, she had a lot of confidence in her instrument and knew exactly what she could and could not sing. Over the years, her instrument has matured and allowed her to sound a lot more grounded. Nonetheless by generally singing almost exactly in the same way, she tends to limit her vocal growth a lot. Only recently has she shown signs of improvement with her agility and it seems as though she hasn’t truly been working to balance out her mix much. For now, the way she sings is very healthy and works perfectly with the repertoire of songs her brother writes for her. However for the future if she’s to become a more versatile vocalist, exploring the full potential of developing her instrument from top to bottom would help her become a lot more flexible in terms of genres and style. She has a lot of potential as a vocalist and is one of the healthiest young sopranos in K-pop, as she knows not to push her voice when she can’t and tends to choose to sing in a range where she doesn’t have to hurt herself.


This may be one of her strongest areas overall ever since she was fairly young. Even at such a young age, Suhyun has a really good understanding of what style she sings in and does her best to sing every song as it’d be most comfortable with her voice. Not only has she shown very good harmonization skills as being part of the duo with her brother, but also she has shown that every cover song and original song they sing, she’s able to sing with a very smooth clean technique. She always makes songs her own and doesn’t try to oversing outside of her comfort zone. She never attempts to emulate anyone else’s voice nor style and seems very confident in her own melodic changes, rhythmic approaches and overall interpretation. Her pitch is also very consistent, all of which are great assets for such a young vocalist. This can be heard in many of her performances, such as “Officially Missing You“, “Cinderella” and “나는 당신께 사랑을 원하지 않았어요.”


Average Vocalist

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)

About ahmin3

kitsunemale from YouTube, AhMin33 from Twitter and Ahmin from OneHallyu! https://www.youtube.com/user/KitsuneMale

69 thoughts on “Akdong Musician’s Vocal Analysis: Suhyun

  1. Good analysis 😀 , Sunny or SuHyun? Since it seems like she’s more of a well-rounded vocalist and has musicianship is it safe to say that she’s better? thanks!


      1. É eu sei, mas infelizmente isso é parte do tema que a gente tá usando e não da para a gente mudar. Eu queria muito poder mudar, mas me alivia saber que tanta gente realmente lê as análises antes de ver o resultado! Ah meu deus eu não sabia que você traduzia a página assim! Que engraçado ver haha


  2. I expected her to be a bit higher but she’s still young, hopefully both her and YG put in the effort to help her improve because she has a lot of potential.


  3. Would you say Suhyun is better then Tiffany? Her Mix and Upper register seems better, but I don’t think she’s better then Sunny because Sunny is overall the same but with a better headvoice right?


    1. from the Analysis, she is better in mixed voice but Tiffany is better in lower range as well as head voice and Tiffany also better in Agility, if i am not mistaken, Fany is still a bit better or even. This is quite similar with Onew and Teamin case


      1. Tiffany doesn’t really have a supported head voice so I don’t think she’s better in head voice. If sunny is the strongest average vocalist then I think Suhyun isn’t far behind since she seems similar to sunny to me just that Sunny has a better head voice so I think she might be better than Tiffany


      2. She does have but not very high around E5 and she used head voice quite consistent recently, and Suhyun used falsetto more where as Fany favor true head voice, Sunny doesnt much better than Fany actually


      3. They’re in the same category so they’re not much better or worse than one another but Tiffany’s analysis has head voice blank in supported range which means she has one its just not supported unless she improved I don’t follow Tiffany so I wouldn’t know. Suhyun seems to have a slightly better mix than her and a better head voice so that only leaves a lower register for Tiffany to edge her out on, as well as agility but that’s it. According to the analyses Suhyun has more accurate musicianship and better pitch so I think Suhyun is slightly better but they’re all in the same category so we should just wait for Ahmin and the chart


      1. What does stability mean I don’t know if your stability is different than what most Kpop fans say (I honestly never understand what they mean by stable


      2. Wouldn’t that be because of lack of support or muscle coordination? Also idk if you’ve seen this already but https://youtu.be/PQzSQZ8niTE lol. It kind of made me want to do a Leo vs Kyuhyun battle but I’ll not be immature. (Btw) that baritone vs tenor video is coming when other computer the one I need to do it starts working)


  4. “For now, the way she sings is very healthy and works perfectly with the repertoire of songs her brother writers for her.”

    I think it’s a typo, ” songs her brother writes for her.”

    “She has a lot of potential as a vocalist and is one the healthiest young female sopranos in K-pop”

    is it “She has a lot of potential as a vocalist and is one of the healthiest young female sopranos in K-pop”


  5. Subjectively speaking, I’ve always thought she had a lovely voice and that she used it well. I’m glad to see that I’m not alone there lol.
    Thank you for the consistent new material, admins! We readers all appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m guessing there won’t be an analysis for Chanhyuk? Do you have an opinion of his singing at all? Thank you for your hard work with these analysis btw, they’re fun and interesting to read ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not fair to analyze Chanhyuk for his singing since he’s not a vocalist, he’s a songwriter. He has a lot of tongue and glottal tension when he sings, speaks or raps. He’s a baritone, but again it would go against our rules to analyze him. I can say that he doesn’t support at all, that I noticed.


  7. I don’t really know her but I’m getting better with hearing strain and support because of these analyses it’s getting kind of obvious now which I think is good but does this guy support at all you’ve seen the video already because it’s in the analyses but did you notice it https://youtu.be/IXIu2DLL4T4


  8. Hello! I have a question, from the songs that I’ve heard from her, I almost never heard she singing with vibrato. Does she choose to sing like that stylistically or she seems unable to produce it naturally and doesn’t try another method to learn it?
    Thank you 🙂


    1. I’m sorry, but we don’t answer video questions about vocalists we don’t know if they’re not going to be analyzed. Since this is not a K-pop vocalist, we won’t analyze her so I can’t answer the question. We’re just too busy.


    2. ooh, i know Perfume! though i only saw them here & there, plus their voices are not my cup of tea, i enjoyed watching their MVs.. i thought at least most of them are superb. also, some of the group’s stage production/stage effects are fabulous! ^u^


    1. They don’t have a voice type because this is a vocaloid, not a real person singing. We don’t answer questions regarding vocalists we won’t analyze and I’m afraid that falls under that category.


  9. Thank you for this analysis. I’m a fan of AKMU from the KPOPStar 2. And I am curious did she improve from that point? Not long ago in Scretchbook they did a cover of IUs “Good day” and Suhyun said she couldn’t sing as high as IU does, can she develop her voice to sing higher? And I’m sorry I cannot find a link.


    1. Well yes as stated in the analysis, she did improve since then. The three high notes were mentioned in the analysis as well, even though she did it in a lower key. Suhyuns range that showed in her mix goes up to F#5, IUs is up to G5. I’m sure Suhyun can mix G5, and the three high notes are E5, F5 and F#5, Suhyun can already hit all those notes. She could develop her voice if she used more chest voice in her mix but she already has better technique than IU.


      1. thanks a bunch for analyzing this bright damsel~
        i don’t know you favour her type of voice! personally, i describe her tone as ‘lemonade’ because it sounds sweet, tangy, and fresh to my ears. 😀

        regarding Suhyun’s limitation in singing style, i think it’s more or less due to her being a duo with her own brother, who’s also the main composer of the group. i say Chanhyuk is a brilliant songwriter.. and as a good sibling, he knows the young one’s capability like the back of his hand, thus he creates a tune which will complement her well. i assume ‘I’m Different’ (the duet song with Lee Hayi) is considered a new challenge for her? since it strayed from their usual folk-ish genre.

        (pardon me if this comment confuse you, since i have zero expertise in music-related department >,<)

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      1. btw you won’t have to worry about analysing all of those NCT members since four of their units won’t even be K-pop and idk if you have a rule about analysing kids but some of their main/lead vocals are even 14 and 16 so yeah in case you wondering what you were going to do about them

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I can analyze females because children and females have passaggi that are an octave apart, so the drop of a child to a female adult voice isn’t as drastic as a child with passaggi that are an octave apart to a male adult voice with a much lower, heavier voice with much closer together passaggi.


      3. Okay I was meaning because of skill like you could analyse teenagers who have good technique but idk if you would want to personally with a less skilled one. I try not to be annoying so last question I promise but would you say notes from Bb2/B2-D4 his Eb4 and E4’s sound kind of pushed or throaty but strain and high larynx sound obvious from F4 and higher I think. Anything lower than Bb2 sounds either airy or low larynx.(Also I know you said Key sings higher than most baritones should be trying to sing but I didn’t know they had him trying to phrase F#4’s constantly in their songs especially view)


      4. I wouldn’t give Key D4. Honestly I wouldn’t say Key can support properly enough to give him a consistent supported range and this video doesn’t show within his supported mixed voice range, so maybe he can support B3 ~ C#4, but it’s not in the video or highlighted, so I can’t say if he can do it or not. Oh Key sings like a tenor CONSTANTLY. Like he phrases A4’s, Bb4’s, even C5’s sometimes.


      5. Thank you so support is the reason he’s weak to average I mean it’s the reason most of the time but yeah. I guess he doesn’t have to be good for a sub-vocal but he does musicals too so I hope he doesn’t damage his voice and now that I know that not being able to support makes someone automatically weak I can guess Minho is weak too.


      6. Well don’t put words in my mouth, I never said Key was weak to average. I don’t know what Key is, average at best but nothing higher than that. Key usually sings like a baritone in musicals, he only goes up to G4 from what I’ve heard so less that’s strain on his vocal cords. Minho would definitely be rated as a weak vocalist due to absence of proper breath support, yes.


      7. OMG, NCT. ❤ LOL. But seriously, only Taeil shows true capability to be a vocalist since he handles the high notes. But Jaehyun is my favorite, though. His voice is really nice.


    1. I wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth sorry. I just assumed since he couldn’t get far from his first passagio and his support is underdeveloped he would be weak to average.


  10. YG new girlgroup- Black Pink was debut their debut on last Agust 8. Have you listen their debut song? The main vocalist Rose’, I expect that she will do well as a vocalist. But I was a bit disappointed. But maybe she’s pretty good if compared with Park Bom. What do you think about the vocals of Black Pink? Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé


    1. They’ve been asked bout and there’s nothing that can be said about Rosé based off of their debut songs because those songs don’t focus on singing. All you hear is her singing G#4 and below or straining D5’s, the rest is rapping, speaking and dancing breaks. So honestly all I can hear is Jisoo can’t support, but I have no real opinion on Rosé yet.


  11. So I was watching them appearing in a variety show and at 3:39 the MCs point out that Suhyun has perfect pitch which is really rare. Actually does having perfect pitch help with pitch issues? like you’ll instantly know that you’re off and adjusts to it immediately. It might be the reason she has good pitch.


    1. Heechul said she had perfect pitch very loosely, and she didn’t confirm it. All she did was tune herself to the tuning of the guitar, which does not indicate she has perfect pitch at all. I have 3 friends with perfect pitch, a vocalist and two keyboardists. The keyboardists don’t always have perfect intonation when singing, one of them has issues staying in key when singing but can play anything you give him on the piano by hearing it, can tell any note names and whatnot. But he can’t tell notes if they’re sung with words. The vocalist isn’t always precise with pitch herself but she can always hear when someone is off or when she is off. The adjusting may not always happen right away, having a relative sense of pitch is enough to be able to adjust yourself, but Suhyun doesn’t have perfect pitch necessarily. The only idol I know who has perfect pitch almost surely is Ryeowook, the other ones I haven’t noticed show the same ability.


      1. Actually I also thought that she was only tuning to the guitar, but then I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the explanation! 🙂


  12. Hi,

    Did Suhyun do well from the bridge at 3:10? In particular, the 3:28 head voice or falsetto, was it done well? I think it was very close to the top of her listed range here.
    And I assume she does better than Rose in this song?


    1. Very nice, too easy and all below B4 but very nice. She switched to head voice on B4 and went all the way up to G#5, in head voice but got a bit tight on the way up there and lost support. It was close indeed. Yeah not bad at all, I mean it’s a clean clear supported sound that she’s going for so it is technically “better.”


      1. Why are you looking at the amount of support as if one octave meant anything? It’s not about the octave but where the octave is. They’re both sopranos but Gain can support C5s and has supported C#5s. She also can produce resonance and Suhyun can’t. Suhyun does not have a better lower register than Gain, I don’t know where you read that but perhaps her voice could be more agile than Gain, and her head voice is better yes. But she’s unable to produce resonance or to support in the fifth octave, which are two major factors and signs above average vocalists show. So that’s why Gain is in between and Suhyun is not.


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