Nam Taehyun’s Vocal Analysis

Vocal Range

F2 ~ A5 (3 octaves and 2 notes)

Supported Range

Eb3 ~ E4/F4

Voice Type



  • Second strongest vocalist in WINNER
  • Support is present throughout an octave of his voice
  • Sense of pitch is quite consistent and clean
  • Lower range maintains support down to Eb3 consistently
  • Support is present up to F4, occasionally F#4
  • Transitions into falsetto can be smooth

Points for Improvement

  • Sense of support isn’t very strong, tends to be shallow
  • Places his voice almost entirely in his nose
  • Tends to sing with a high larynx above F4
  • Falsetto tends to be quite pushed and whiny in placement
  • Sounds generally tiny and tight in his mix
  • Unable to change dynamics in his singing drastically most of the time


  • Lower register: His lower range has shown a decent amount of development, especially for a tenor. While not able to maintain proper support down to C3, he’s able to project his lower range and chest voice as low as A2, though support only exists starting from Eb3.
  • Mixed register: His mixed voice is possibly his least developed register. Unable to truly sing above his first passaggio properly, he has developed a lot of bad habits in his approach in his mix, where only some shallow support is present up to E4/F4.
  • Upper register: His upper register mostly consists of a falsetto or at times a pushed, tight, nasally placed head voice. Most of his transitions into his falsetto tend to be quite clean due to him seeming to sing more in his falsetto than his upper mix.


Genre wise, Taehyun seems to take his influences from soft R&B and pop music, so adding runs to an extent can be part of his approach in singing. However due to his inefficient approach in his vocal cords, he tends not to use enough breath support in his singing, making him less capable of controlling his vocal cords. Thus his voice lacks flexibility and when attempting vocal runs, he tends to lack the muscle memory to sing each individual note clearly. He tends to slide through his vocal runs, which causes them to come out sloppy and pitchy. Examples of this include “공허해“, “고백하는거야“, “아름다운 나비“, “恋しくて (Begin)” and “그리워해요.”

Overall analysis

Taehyun officially debuted as the main vocalist of WINNER in 2014, despite having won the competition in 2013. He is easily recognizable as the main vocalist of the group by his naturally soft and mellow tone, with a light overall voice and slightly placed high in range. His voice type would most likely be classified as a light lyric tenor, easily contrasted by Seungyoon’s heavier baritone voice and Jinwoo’s raspier tenor voice. He has become known especially not only for his voice, but overcoming obstacles as an artist and for his songwriting.

His lower range mostly seems to remain quite well projected with proper support down to Eb3. His vocal cords maintain proper connection and are developed down to Eb3, however below that he tends to become less clear and more muffled. His voice starts to sound less projected, as he tends to use less strength from his muscles and relies more on pushing his larynx down. This causes him to strain his lower range, while trapping the sound in his throat by pushing his tongue down to lower his larynx in an unnatural manner. Although this may not happen every time he sings, it’s happened often enough to be noted around the second octave, as heard by his A2 in “Stalker” and his Bb2 in “반달친구“, as well as his C#3’s in “고백하는거야” and “눈의꽃.” Above Eb3 however, he’s able to maintain enough breath support while keeping a neutral larynx and a chest placed sound, as heard by his E3’s in “Stalker“, and F3’s in “소녀.”

His mixed voice seems to be his relatively least developed register so far. When it comes to support, Taehyun does have a minimal basic understanding and grasp of proper breath support. He tends to not rely on it too much and instead uses a very shallow for of it, which helps him as long as he’s relaxed. This works for him as high as F4, where he’s able to maintain a more relaxed approach with some breath support, while not tensing up his muscles too much. This can be heard in “Spoiler“, “그리워해요” and “恋しくて (Begin).”

In terms of extension, Taehyun is not a powerhouse belter and does not attempt to be that in anyway. However that does tend to limit him, as instances in which he’s mixing above G4 are quite rare. His overall mixing technique tends to be more on the headier and lighter side, which allows him to push his voice less. However he does have the tendency to close his throat by pushing his neck forward and creating a lot of neck tension in his singing. The result is usually a very tight sound anywhere above F4, where his larynx is raised and he does not use the correct amount of breath support. This can be heard with the F#4’s in “눈의꽃“, “Glamorous Sky“, “좋더라“, “아름다운 나비“, G4’s in “이밤“, “소녀“, G#4’s in “고백하는거야“, “Sunday Morning” and A4’s in “이밤.”

His upper register mostly consists of a falsetto, which usually can be smoothly transitioned into when singing a line, but tends to become less easily accessible to higher he sings. When singing lower, he tends to switch fairly early and tends to favor a nasal falsetto around the G4 range and above, this can be heard in performances like “Je T’aime“, “Baby Baby“, “좋더라“, “하루하루” and “눈의꽃.” In the fifth octave however he tends to sound very tight and pushed due to him squeezing his throat muscles together while pushing a lot of air into his vocal cords to make the notes come out. This can be heard in multiple performances of “공허해”, especially on the G5‘s and the A5‘s, in different performances of the same song.

The main issue with his mixed voice and his singing overall tends to be his bad habit of pushing his sound into his nose. He tends to sound as if the direction of air coming from his vocal cords is almost entirely focused into his nose, making him sound quite small and blocked. The excessive nasality in his singing also causes him to be unable to project very well and limits his dynamics in singing, being unable to really add more power and volume to his overall approach. His sense of pitch is actually quite consistent and he doesn’t have too many issues with pitch most of the time, which comes in handy when songwriting.

Overall as a vocalist, Taehyun has proved that he can overcome many issues when singing. Although he may be deaf in one ear, his sense of pitch is actually quite consistent. For someone who’s deaf, being unable to hear the sound of your own voice can cause many issues with controlling the pitch that comes out when you sing. As a songwriter, the way Taehyun writes music fits his voice and his singing style perfectly and allows him to work well with the brand they’ve created as WINNER. However if he’s to look into being more eclectic in the future, he’d need to go into more vocal training in order to expand his singing technique. Right now due to improper technique and issues with placement, lack of development of his registers and improper breath support, Taehyun’s singing is limited in terms of genre and dynamics. Learning from the basics and building up from there could help him in the future as a vocalist and artist.


As an overall musician and songwriter, Taehyun has a great understanding of how to make what sounds good come together in a song. He’s a born natural artist and knows that his strengths lie on his songwriting over his singing technique. Despite having issues with being deaf in one ear, he’s able to overcome them quite well. For the most part when covering songs, he tends to sing more true to the original melody of a song although at times attempting melodic changes as heard in “Lost Stars” and “그리워해요.” However when writing his own music, he’s able to create melodies from scratch. Harmonically speaking, he’s able to blend his voice well with others and does so many times in covers with the rest of the members of WINNER, such as “그리워해요.”

Label (Type of Vocalist)

C Vocalists: Commercial Vocalists

S vocalists: Stylistic Vocalists

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)


60 thoughts on “Nam Taehyun’s Vocal Analysis

    1. He can and he loves art and writing music, this is one of the reasons why he’s precious because although he has a disability he covers it with his hard work and talent in creating music. ^^

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  1. By the way, Ahmin, I have a question, isn’t he more of a lead vocalist in his group than Seungyoon? The Baritone singer seems to possess a lot more lines and ad-libs in WINNER’s songs so far. Also, what do you think about Jinwoo’s singing ? Any strong possibility for an analysis ? His boyish voice is heaven to my ears *_*

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    1. It’s what’s written in their official profiles. Jinwoo’s rating would be lower than Taehyun’s considering Taehyun’s their second strongest vocalist. Our rules are very specific, we only analyze half of the vocalists in a group, so we won’t analyze Jinwoo.


      1. hello Ahmin! first of all, thank you for Seungyoon’s + Taehyun’s analysis.. your effort is very much appreciated *thumbs up*
        on the other hand, i’d like to apologize on behalf of some loyalist who misunderstood your previous comment about Jinwoo and again, thank you for re-wording it to prevent further misinterpretation.

        to my fellows who visit this page/blog, please don’t take ratings on this site as an offense/personal attack to a certain individual/company, or a way to merely praise someone’s favourite and ridicule others because it’s not. ratings are just ratings; the main point is the whole elaboration on the singer’s trait/habit of singing. no matter what their classification is, they still can be an amazing artists according to our own taste & level of enjoyment.. but when we talk about vocal, there are several set criteria which we need to look through in order to judge a vocalist. in the end, it’s for their sake.. that if our dear songster/songstress managed to fix their weaknesses, it’ll only be beneficial for them in the long run. last but not least, i suggest you to drop by these sections:

        it’ll dfinitely help you to understand better albeit not entirely able to digest every single terminology.. haha ^^;

        one final request, if you don’t mind, could you tell us about Jinwoo’s voice potential? pardon me in case it’s too much to ask ;_;



      2. No no, it’s totally fine but I really appreciate your comment, it’s very thoughtful. As for Jinwoo, he is not a very highlighted vocalist so there are very few times when he shows anything noteworthy in his singing. He usually seems to sing in a rather narrow range and he uses a lot of airiness, he doesn’t properly support voice nor does he connect his vocal cords together most of the time. He has issues with diction as well, so he doesn’t enunciate clearly, he doesn’t drop his jaw much, he doesn’t open up as one would usually do when singing. All these things really just limit his vocal growth, if he only sings this way, nothing would change. I know for a fact that he’s a tenor, but he doesn’t mix very high, he doesn’t really sing very low so he doesn’t usually explore his voice in their repertoire so there’s not much I can say besides the basics of vocal technique that I could tell without hearing a solo of his. I wish I could tell you more, I apologize for that.


      3. ah.. true, his part in WINNER’s song is very specific.. plus, he doesn’t have many chances to show us his real capability. i think the most ‘singing’ he’s done recently is the ‘Reply 1988’ OST cover as well as his ‘Crooked’ solo stage at the domestic tour.

        it’s okay ahmin, i understand and really appreciate your input!
        hopefully he’ll surprised us in the future.


    2. Minh Duc Le, I love Jinwoo, but he has really week vocal and what is more disaster he not really self confidence when he singing and special without back vocals… In various song he sing in various stiles, but i still can’t catch which one is better for him :/ i was quite surprised when i heard Sentimental first time when he was raping and i was little happy about it, but still lacking of self confidence 😦


  2. Do you think that he’s doing pretty well for someone deaf in one ear? He was showcased as a strong singer during the Win days. But YG never really has a lot of good vocalists anyway


    1. I do think so because I can’t honestly say that I can imagine singing without being able to hear myself, so he’s gotten over a huge milestone.


      1. No, him being almost deaf in one ear may affect his singing learning process but it doesn’t change the outcome. The way he sings is the way it is and him being deaf doesn’t affect the development of his vocal cords and so deafness is completely irrelevant to his vocal ability and final rating.


  3. That supported range though… XD at first i thought he might be weak since his breath support is shallow but then he manage to be weak to average 😀


  4. I like his voice so much, he reminds me of Chen. Too bad he’s under average (like most of my favorites are), but hopefully he’ll improve. I do feel like since he’s deaf on one ear, he’s spent a lot of time working on his pitch, so maybe he’ll start working on his other weaknesses more (Ik, I’m being delusional XD). Again, thanks so much for making this, and congrats on the new site!


  5. Thank you so much for making this analysis ^^ . And i want to ask you Taehyun and Taeyang who has better vocal cause are both Light-Lyric Tenor and Weak to Average Vocalist ?


  6. Hi Ahmin,

    I don’t know if you’re a songwriter too or not but can you check this song of mine and tell me please if there’s anything wrong vocally (musicianship (melodies) and technique wise, but for technique I’ve improved hips in support since July) ?

    Taking a peek at the lyrics is sooooo appreciable though, even though I recorded this song without proper equipments.


    1. Honestly songwriting is not my forte and I admire anyone who is capable of doing that well, so I am not sure I can give you much help on this. I hear a lot of airiness, a lot of throat. Technically, it’s hard to be sure cause this song is a bit high for you and the microphone quality isn’t very good. Careful when doing runs, but did you really write this all my yourself? Your lyrics are pretty cool, I like them. I’m not sure I hear much improvement but I do hear your voice more do love your harmonies, right? Careful with how you blend your voice. Of course it’s hard without high tech equipment. But you really wrote this all by yourself? This song has so much potential, from a subjective point of view. How’d you get the instrumental?


      1. Hahahah OMG thank you so much for the reply. Yes, I used to be very airy, since I didn’t know how to support correctly, and that causes my runs to get sloppy too. Harmonies… there weren’t much here, my Growl cover had a lot more, since that song’s easier for me to make harmonies, for this once, I’m not sure of the register. One thing that’s weird is that this song seems to be F# Minor, but I can’t find any C# in my vocals lol. The beat, meh, the bass riff is repeated throughout so not so proud.

        Everything including cover art, mixing (lol) done by me 🙂

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    1. Oh I’ve never seen this! That’s pretty cool, I like this song. Honestly though I don’t hear too much of a difference, aside from confidence. 1:09 that note was closed and flat, which is something he kind of fixed. 1:17 that too, it’s closed and flat. Now he tends to still close his throat but his pitch is better. The only difference I can truly hear is confidence and pitch, but he still shows many similar habits that carried on till today like the nasality, the closed throat habit and the tightness with lack of support.


  7. Tbh, I don’t really know him but was just really interested in the write-up. I know it’s to be expected but no offense, the sugarcoating on the last one was too much for me. Thumbs up for a more objective writing this time. ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See the thing is with the BTS analyses, I had some fans express concerns they had for their analyses prior to me writing them, so I had a lot in mind that I wanted to address. A lot of issues and misconceptions about them, whereas for WINNER and honestly I guess almost every other analysis I’ve written I didn’t really know what fans were concerned about as clearly, so I wrote with less in mind to address. Thank you though and it’s okay, even with the sugarcoating objectivity people still can get mad.


    1. In the past I said that I thought that Niel would be rated as an above average vocalist, so I said he was that before I analyzed him…and they put him in that category. A lot of what they put matched stuff we said prior to writing full analyses, this is why I wouldn’t making a chart without analyzing all the vocalists in the chart because if we don’t write an individual analysis for each and every vocalist in the chart, it is very likely going to be wrong. This chart is the most accurate out there right now, but it has quite a few mistakes and people who are either rated too high or too low, like Hyunmin being a C vocalist which is too low, Suhyun being the last C vocalist is way too low, or Baek Jiyoung being a B vocalist, which is too high.

      Also personally, I think it’s cool they added so many people but it got way out of hand and they added too many people completely irrelevant to this chart. You should focus on lead and main vocalists, not everyone who sings a few lines in songs. At least 30 of those vocalists didn’t need to be in the chart. Rappers and sub-vocalists shouldn’t have been included so L, Jimin, Doojoon, Fei, Suzy, CL, Joy, Suho, Yoochun, Kangin, Seungho, Seungri (who btw should not be above Taeyang), Amber, Luhan, Dongwoo, Lay, Wooyoung, CNU, Xiumin, Kangjun, Karam, Key, Yunho (23 ppl) shouldn’t be included because they’re either sub-vocalists or rappers, they don’t have enough material for one to be able to guess who’s slightly better than who. Also some other vocalists like Hyeyeon or Hyerin shouldn’t be included due to lack of proper material to come up with an accurate analysis/chart and some of these are too young and debuted only last year, like Seunghee, Seungkwan, Yuju and such, so they also lack material. I think they tried too hard to add also a lot of random non idols like Jung Joonyoung, Baek Jiyoung, Roy Kim, Gummy, Zion.T, Wheesung, etc. but they seemed kind of out of place. So our chart will include many of these vocalists, a few they didn’t include as well like Ben and Hyunseong, but we will not include sub-vocalists, rappers nor many non-idols. Our only non idols will be either former idols like Younha, Hwanhee, Kim Yeonji, Lina and Dana, or young vocalists like Son Seungyeon.


      1. So basically the chart will only include Idols and some non-idols? And are you guys going to make it look like they did or try a different design? just wondering


  8. Hey thx for replying!
    Wow, I never thought that Seungri’d be under Taeyang, I thought he’s technically better, he seems to support more than Taeyang ? A lot of people say that TY is the worst singer in BB.

    As for Xiumin, Lay, Suho, didn’t ylu say that they are weak to average? Is the probability for them to be analyzed high? Also don’t forget Chanyeol either. Didn’t you analyze Sungjae because he’s at least average?

    Actually I never even knew that Sungmin is a Lead, his parts aren’t very well highlighted.


    1. Seungri can’t support at all, so he couldn’t have better technique than Taeyang at all. I never knew for sure until I heard him singing like one of these days and I was slightly surprised but it confirmed it for me. As for Xiumin, Lay, Suho and Chanyeol..they may be weak or weak to average, I don’t know for sure and I can’t tell you without full analyses. So never take any rating I give you as 100% truth because it’s an estimate. Without an analysis, I can’t know for sure. Either way they’re absolutely not going to be analyzed, at least not by me. I analyzed Sungjae because he’s a lead vocalist, more of a lead than any of those EXO members and he’s one of the highest, if not the highest rated average male vocalist currently. With a group with more than 10 members, it’s hard to tell who has more or less lines.


      1. Oh ! Very interesting! People have always said that Seungri had better technique! Is he the weakest in BB then ? (Not counting GD)

        Thx for the EXO comments! I’m very curious if those sub-vocalist are analyse worthy considering Chanyeol and Lay’s musicianship, Xiumin’s large range and also your comment on his “Saldaga” performance w/ Bae and Chen as “one of their best” and Suho’s long period of training


      2. Well not counting the rappers, yes. Well we don’t analyze sub vocalists because I’ve yet to encounter a sub vocalist who’d be rated as anything but weak, in some way. So that’s why it’d be meaningless to analyze them.


      1. Mhmm okay. Well it does follow the pattern of the analysis. He sounds relaxed throughout the verse, with a bit too much air coming through his vocal cords causing his lower notes to become very whispered which arguably would be a stylistic choice, but not in his case since it’s a constant issue for him. He doesn’t really drop his jaw enough and he tends to become slightly nasal as he keeps going higher in range. 1:34 G4’s 1:43 Bb4’s, 2:05 Bb4’s, those are the notes that are completely outside of his supported range where he is unable to use proper breath support, so the sound is just stuck in his throat and he’s just pushing with a lot of throat tension and a tight closed throat. 2:52 G4’s, tight and then the airy pitchy runs afterwards weren’t very good. He just has a lot of tight throat tension. So his pitch throughout is quite good, his mixing isn’t bad and this is actually pretty high since he doesn’t usually sing this high but overall, it doesn’t show anything that’s any different from what’s been stated within the analysis.

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  9. Hi Ahmin, idk if you’re familiar with these singers but what do you think of Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake, where would you put them? Who seems to have more ease in the higher register? Also, people usually say that Justin sings a lot in falsetto but from what I’ve heard it seems he’s primarily singing in a very heady mix and head voice


    1. I don’t listen to them enough to give you details, all I know of them is through their songs and I know they’re not anything higher than average vocally.


      1. Wow! I’m very surprised! Especially regarding Timberlake! His songs seem to require good breath control and he doesn’t have the tendency to be off key and his runs seem to be done well. I listen more to Chris and the only thing I can say is that he’s quite tight and throaty, runs seem fine but too fast –> bad intonation. Who’s better for you?


      2. I don’t know who’s better, I don’t know them like that at all. Justin sings in a nasal unsupported head voice most of the time. All I know is they can’t support G4.


  10. Taehyun is terminating his contract with YG and has withdrew from WINNER, and 2NE1 has officially disbanded. Just letting y’all know, because I know you change titles when people leave groups or when they disband. #shook


      1. Omg that’s horrible news.. Taehyun, Minzy, Rainbow, 4Minute, Kara and now even 2NE1. Groups that were leading top idol groups, I am shocked. I’ll address it later.


      2. Heard. This has been such a bad year. I think B2ST are still in some contract limbo with Cube, too. I hope this is the last bad news we get this year, but I mean, the second I say that. Lol

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    1. 0:16 shouty G4’s, which isn’t anything new. The quality of the audio isn’t good, it’s pretty muffled. 0:39 G4’s strained. Is there anything particular that stood out as different? Cause to me he seems to be the same.


  11. Como ele pôde perder a voz de tal maneira a ponto de se tornar isso que vemos aqui embaixo? Juro… estou assustado, ele tinha uma voz maravilhosa e única, e parece que perdeu tudo isso… o que aconteceu com ele? Eu estou em choque, e não, ele não estava bêbado.


    1. Uma performance não é o suficiente para falar dele como se ele de repente tivesse perdido a voz. Isso é só uma performance, é bem provável que isso foi uma performance de noite, depois de um dia longo, com ele cansado, a voz cansada. O fato de ele estar cansado só acentua os problemas vocais dele que ele já tinha, o problema com o controle da voz mista dele, a nasalidade, os problemas de precisão de tom e tudo mas. A voz dele também tá meio grossa quando ele fala porque ele parece estar cansado, por isso as cordas vocais dele pareciam estar enxadas. Não é nada para se preocupar, todos os vocalistas tem momentos assim, isso foi só uma noite. Se isso persistir aí sim pode se dizer que ele perdeu a voz dele.


  12. sorry if this is a vague question but do you think since Taehyun started singing rock music as opposed to pop-ish indie stuff with Winner, his technique has got worse? Like he started doing more unhealthy things? Obviously I don’t know much but I noticed on South Club’s (his new band) first album he’s screaming a lot more to emulate that kind of Nirvana raspy-yelling thing? Isn’t that bad for his voice, maybe? I found live video of him n the band:
    sorry if the link doesn’t work!


    1. Did he get a tattoo on his chest? Damn. lol Lowkey he might already have had it and I just didn’t know. Oh don’t worry, the video works just fine and your question is specific enough. I think generally his technique is the same, but he IS belting more than he used to. That is definitely something different because he simply didn’t sing that high as often before and it’s a very forceful way of singing. It’s not that he couldn’t or didn’t before, it just wasn’t as prominent in his music. So it’s not much of a change of technique, but a change of repertoire.


      1. I think the chest one is new haha, he’s been getting a few new ones lately. Ohh so he’s belting the exact same way he used to, it’s just that he used to not do it very often and now he’s doing it a lot more? Is it likely that if he keeps going like this he could damage his voice? (Side note, he smokes a lot, is that also likely to hurt his voice later on?)


  13. From the beginning I know Taehyun around Dec 2014, then search forany things about Winner. I found it that I heard that he almost produce a weird voice, especially at the high notes. Then I read ur analysis completely now I know the term of nasality. Yeah I think that’s the weird sound that always I heard from him.

    I like Winner’s type of song bc I can listen to their song for over and over just with my old cd compact. U know, i’m old enough to make a “compare” song on this Z genes than X-Y (pretty old). I’m not the big fans of Taehyun but I really like his low voice than his high note. His high note somehow sounds like “irritating” for me. Sorry, if too offensive but the fact is I’ll be gonna go switch his part when that happened.
    His voice is very very very sweet and yeah absolutely agree with u about the way he sing is more a lot of pop r&b style. No wonder at W’s debut album which Taehyun as a lead vocal draw W’s style more as r&b group, different from usual kpop idol right now with their hip hep hep style. Somehow too much r&b and i found it Taehyun is the one who make it sometimes sounds boring to me. Yeah, he’s like almost stagnant and just like sing for a small area even loke just for himself. Technically, just like u said, he’s not dynamic. Even when he sing the song with really good, I don’t know somehow I feel like that’s enough I won’t to listent it anymore. Maybe next yeah I would. It’s kind of like that. If Taehyun is a candy, so he’s the most sweetest candy that I can’t handle it to eat it too much. If I did, it’ll be…. hmmm,,,,,,,,,, like want to “vomit” ? Hmmmm, can u explain why sometimes I feel like that with the way he sing??

    And for now he likes more sing as a vocalist of indie band. From what I heard, I becomes doesn’t like his style of singing right now. Not for all but almost yeah, he like too much push his voice like a rock style. I found it more irritating than his high notes when singing as W. Yeah he still a good natural artist just like u said but I don’t know why he becomes like that now??!
    At first, I think that bc their company push him to sing like that before as W but now I think it’s just he is like didn’t know or maybe the worst thing is if he won’t to know his true capability. From what I know bc myself at the past play bass during high school as a band, sometimes what I love to listen isn’t mean that’s what our capacity to play or produce just like what I want. Maybe now he’s more into the alternative or indie but actually the problem for me is he’s mot the rock style of singer.
    Aah, I remember that last year I read many old article and interview of W said that Taehyun actually is like look at the way Seungyoon singing even the way Seungyoon produce the music and lyric. And Taehyun makes me believe that somehow people can change other people without words. But for Taehyun, Seungyoon as his someone who he look at it before is quite nice but I wish he never change himself just bc I think that’s cooler.


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