We’re moving! E-mail followers, please follow new blog!

Hello guys! We from K-pop Vocal Analysis have found great joy in what we do and receive massive support from you guys continuously. So in order to further improve what we do and make this an even better project for us, we are going to purchase a new domain under the KpopVocalAnalysis name and then make sure to redirect every single post from here to there. I am not sure yet how that’s going to work, but we’re slowly figuring it out. We’ve already imported everything into the new blog, every single one of our posts and everything else is already there! So I’d like to ask our e-mail followers to go follow our new blog address instead, that domain will soon be purchased and will drop the .wordpress.com portion of its name. I’ll leave a link for the new website! ^ ^ Thank you and have a good day guys! New analyses will be posted on the website! ^ ^




7 thoughts on “We’re moving! E-mail followers, please follow new blog!

  1. Congratulations for the new domain! I don’t know if it’s just me, when I opened the new template, there’s this big patch of red for archives below the title and the banner, since it’s constantly there, when I want to go to other posts, I thought the page didn’t work and I’m still at the same page lol but then actually everything is under the archives tab… I also noticed that it requires to follow the blog again, does that means I’ll need to subscribe EVERY post again? D: Is there a function where I can receive notifications for comments within every post…? :3


    1. I also noticed that you can see the tags under the title of every post… where it shows the ranking of the vocalists before I’ve read it lol… XD no more surprises


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