BTS’ Vocal Analysis: Jungkook

Vocal Range

G2 ~ Bb5 (3 Octaves, 1 note and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

Eb3/E3 ~ Eb4/E4

Voice Type



  • Second strongest vocalist in BTS
  • The most relaxed singing technique out of all tenors in BTS
  • Pitch is relatively good when not doing vocal runs
  • Tends to favor falsetto over mixed voice, minimizing vocal strain
  • Shallow support is present to an extent in his singing
  • His lower range maintains sufficient connection down to Eb3
  • His middle voice maintains a relaxed approach up to Eb4/E4
  • Falsetto can be relaxed at times
  • Transitions into falsetto are relatively well done


  • Tends to favor style over technique, completely limiting the development of his voice
  • Tends to sing with a lot of breathiness in tone, not allowing his vocal cords to be connected completely
  • Lower range is often very soft and whispered, lacking developing
  • Mixed voice is very underdeveloped, often has to falsetto when unable to mix properly
  • His larynx raises early on after his first passaggio, around F4
  • Tends to place his voice in his nose and sound very whiny
  • Unable to support with consistency, breathing is almost completely neglected
  • Falsetto can sometimes be flat due to too much airiness
  • Vocal runs are often messy and pitchy
  • Unable to use a head voice with support


  • Lower register: Most of his lower range is underdeveloped as he doesn’t generally tend to sing too low or too high. His chest voice maintains projection below Eb3, but support is only present down to Eb3. Below that, his voice lacks clarity in tone and becomes quieter.
  • Mixed register: His mixed voice is mostly on the head-dominant side, as he sings with a soft approach most of the time. Very early on in range he starts to sing with a tight throat and a high larynx, even as low as F4.
  • Upper register: In a way, his most developed register. His falsetto is where he seems most comfortable, as he tends to switch to falsetto very early on in his range. Nonetheless, this register still lacks proper support and development overall.


Jungkook shows that most of his influences come from singing R&B music and that’s where he seems to be most comfortable in terms of genre. As such, he takes a liking to adding his own musical ideas to songs and they’re usually in the form of vocal runs. He has the tendency to add them in many occasions, as he seems to have confidence in this area of his voice. However, due to his young age and to an extent lack of patience, there is a lack of clarity and development of his agility. When it comes to the flexibility of his voice, Jungkook actually possesses the correct muscle memory and rhythmic bounce to clearly sing through different notes in simple trills, as long as they’re short and simple, as heard in “I Need a Girl.” Unfortunately, he tends to add overly complicated runs to many of his vocal performances, which lack precision and accuracy overall. His vocal runs often sound rushed, as he’s unable to sing the notes as quickly as he needs to. Thus instead of taking the time to practice vocal runs slowly first and then speeding them up to the correct speed, his runs often sound like they’re mostly improvised and thus not carefully thought-through. The result is usually sloppy runs that lack a clear idea of key center, as he adds too many notes that don’t necessarily fit in terms of pitch. This can be heard in many occasions, such as in “Sofa“, “Paper Hearts“, “뻔한 멜로디“, “Boyfriend“, “눈, 코, 입“, “Love is not Over“, “You’re My“, “Miss Right” and “If You.”

Overall analysis

Jungkook debuted in 2013 as the main vocalist of Bangtan Boys, more commonly known by international fans as BTS. He is one of the four members of the main vocal line, three tenors and one baritone. The group debuted as mostly a hip-hop based group where most of the focus of their music is on rapping as opposed to singing. As such, a lot of their songs are mostly rapped verses with hook choruses sung by the four members of the vocal line. Jungkook’s voice stands out with a very smooth and mellow timbre. His voice is light and bright, as well as very soft in quality which is often enhanced by many of his stylistic choices. Although not often singing very high, his voice lies in a generally higher range and he would most likely be classified as a light lyric tenor.

The lower part of his chest voice is often neglected and not truly showcased through BTS’ music. As their songs are focused mostly on hooks for the vocalists, the range they’re written in is usually narrow in order to keep the listener hooked in. Thus Jungkook is unable to explore a wide part of his range when singing BTS’ music. Most of the time he stays within a relatively comfortable range and doesn’t sing below D3. This has caused him to often lose projection of his voice when he does need to sing anywhere below an Eb3. As low as E3 and Eb3, he often sounds comfortable as his vocal cords are able to come together and his voice projects without much trouble, as heard in “Sofa“, “Love is not Over” and “샤방샤방.” However, as soon as he sings below Eb3, his vocal cords lack the strength to remain together and his chest voice starts to become breathier and quieter. This can be heard with the B2’s in “Paper Hearts“, “Fools” and G2’s in “나그대에게 모두 드리리.”

Due to his stylistic choices, Jungkook often employs a very unique approach to his singing. He never tries to paint himself as a powerhouse vocalist and uses the natural smoothness of his voice to his advantage. Instead of mixing and belting high, he often sings softly and with a lot of breathiness in tone throughout most of his range. Not only that, but in order to maintain the smoothness and softness in his singing style, he often chooses to sing with his falsetto as opposed to mixing and thus has yet to create the correct muscle memory and development of his mixed voice. For the most part, his mixed voice is quite light in tone and lacks power. His mixing technique relies on a more head-dominant approach and a lot less on his chest voice, which helps him maintain a smooth soft tone overall. Stylistically, it fits exactly the way he intends it to.

However due to him being unable to develop his mixed voice properly and by using too much breathiness in his singing, his larynx tends to be raised much earlier than a more developed tenor would. He actually often mixes quite low and is not known for being a very high belter. Most of the time his mix only goes up to F#4 in their repertoire, only occasionally singing up G4 and G#4. When he sings up to Eb4 and E4, he sounds mostly relaxed and is able to maintain some support, even if it may be shallow and lack depth. However anywhere above E4, his larynx raises and his throat starts to become tight, which results in a mostly whiny tone production. His voice is unable to escape the tension, causing him to sound thin and closed above E4. This can be heard when contrasting the C#4’s in “양화대교“, D4’s in “모릎“, “Fools“, Eb4’s in “See Through“, “뻔한 멜로디” and E4’s in “心中的日月“, with the F4’s in “Coffee“, “Butterfly“, “Miss Right“, F#4’s in “샤방샤방“, “Let Me Know“, “Love is Not Over” “Tomorrow“, “Lost Stars“, G4’s in “See You Again“, “눈, 코, 입“, G#4’s in “I Need U“, “잡아줘” and Bb4’s in “Bang Bang Bang“, “If You” and “Perfect Man.”

His falsetto register is, relatively speaking, his most developed register. He seems to be the most comfortable in this register and is able to transition into it much earlier in range than most tenors would. While many tenors would rather mix up to A4 at least while singing, Jungkook will opt to use falsetto even as low as F#4 while phrasing songs, as heard in “Too Much“, “모릎.” Most of the time, Jungkook choses to use a falsetto over his head voice, by maintaining his vocal cords somewhat separated and allowing air to come through, creating a breathy sound that mostly works stylistically. He is able to use a head voice as well and has done so a handful of times. However due to his inability to grasp breath support properly, even when singing in his head voice, he is unable to maintain a neutral larynx and properly supported tone production. The lack of support in his upper register usually causes him to lose control of his voice and make him sound somewhat pitchy and/or flat. His head voice is thus quite pushed and loud, lacking in control of volume, as heard with the F5’s in “Dope“, the G#5 in “Oh Happy Day!“, as well as in “See You Again” and “Lost Stars.” The highest he’s ever pushed his falsetto was the Bb5 in the high note battle amongst the BTS members.

Many of Jungkook’s issues lie solely with his lack of understanding of proper breath support and many of his stylistic choices. As addressed by Dr. Iris Stevenson, Jungkook tends to use his throat muscles a lot more than necessary and doesn’t truly allow his diaphragm to expand enough to help him support his singing. If he’d take the time to properly breathe and be more conscious of his diaphragm, he’d be able to maintain a lot more support throughout his voice and thus allowing him more freedom when singing higher. His stylistic choices often have him choose airiness, nasality and softness over powerful singing. This may work for him for the time being, but it also limits him to being able to sing in one specific genre only. Breathiness in singing is perfectly fine if it can be turned on and off at will, however for him it’s become such a habit that he has yet to develop many areas of his voice. His mixed voice, head voice and chest voice all lack proper development and often sound as though they can only be sung in one specific volume output. He tends to sing quietly and smoothly only, which works stylistically but not in every genre. Although Dr. Stevenson addressed his breathing issues, one session alone won’t fix a bad habit he’s created for years.

Although it may be true that Jungkook’s overall voice is not fully developed in terms of technique, this does not take away from the natural qualities he possesses as a vocalist. With BTS’ music, the focus is not on powerful belting and extremely well developed vocalists. Instead their focus is a lot more on smooth and soft singing within a relatively narrow range, which Jungkook delivers very effectively. He may not be the most technical vocalist out there, but the way he sings works perfectly for the type of music he currently sings. When comparing him to the other two tenors of BTS, Jin and Jimin, Jungkook is the most relaxed out of the three. Jimin’s singing tends to be very tight due to issues similar to Jungkook’s, but also a lot of tongue tension. On the other hand, Jin sings with a lot of throat tension even with a relatively low range for a tenor.

Thus it is actually quite clear why Jungkook would be their main vocalist. He is the tenor with the most control of his voice and who’s most relaxed when singing and even though V may be able to grasp breath support slightly better than Jungkook, BTS’ music is not written for a baritone voice. Their music generally stays within the F3 ~ G4 range, which is a relatively comfortable range for a tenor but actually quite challenging for a baritone to constantly be singing in. Thus it makes sense that Jungkook is their main vocalist, as he’s the one who’s most comfortable within the range their music is written in. For the future of his career as a vocalist, Jungkook would need to undergo training for basic singing technique in order to improve his singing. However that would be necessary if he were to take a different road musically and change his singing genre and style drastically. As it is right now, his singing style may be limited but it is sufficient for his chosen repertoire as he stays generally within a comfortable range and doesn’t often abuse his voice by singing outside of his supported range.


Jungkook’s main idea of musicianship usually derives from his idea of the R&B genre, where he tries to add his own musical ideas to songs in the form of vocal runs. As previously addressed, his vocal cords lack the full muscle memory and control to execute his musical ideas as accurately as he intends them to, which usually results in a sloppy pitchy delivery overall, such as the runs in “If You.” However when it comes to other aspects of his style, he has a good sense of knowing when to soften his voice and when to blend his voice with others. Since he usually sings with a softer and mellower tone, he allows his voice to blend more easily with others in harmonies, as heard in “Some” as well as in “You’re My.”


Weak Vocalist

Vocal Range Video(s)

Video by: Riki Kudo

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)


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  1. Jungkook is the tenor with the most control of his voice and who’s most relaxed when singing and BTS’ music is not written for a baritone voice. Hence why Jungkook is the main vocalist of the group, right?

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    1. Well not necessarily for the control and relaxed technique. Take Leo for instance, he is not more relaxed than N, the Lead Vocalist of VIXX or even Hyuk yet due to his range and TIMBRE (important aspect) he gets to be the main vocalist alongside Ken.

      Pretty sure the “professionals” at BigHit know little about vocal technique and opt for style rather than technique


  2. I should laugh because you’re the only one delusional enough to insult a complete stranger who has more than 50 analyses under his belt and a degree to boot and he does this out of love and fun and likes literally all the vocalists he’s analyzed and is familiarized with korean culture and speaks korean. BTW I’m not him. Instead of hating, do something productive with your time.


    1. Oh my god, no no. This person was talking to somebody else and I deleted their comments so it looks they’re talking to me but they’re not!


  3. Hey, I just wanted to know if you could post videos of artists from other groups in the comments of the analyses of other vocalists or if that would be disrespectful? I want to ask you about a very, very new vocalist’s video who just debuted this year but I don’t want to do it on a page where it may not be warranted. Anywhere I can?


  4. Out of curiosity, which company has better vocals, YG or BigHit (two companies that generally don’t seem to focus much on vocal technique and yet their artists are still…well-liked, I guess, for their voices)? Like I know YG has a few A to AAs and Lee Hi and is a bigger company than BigHit, but then BigHit also (kinda?) has Jokwon and Changmin and Lee Hyun of Homme who are AA or P. Then again, I guess Jokwon and Homme’s technique doesn’t have much to do with BigHit since they’re all from different companies, but it was just a thought I had.


    1. Well Big Hit was a subsidiary from JYP or at least a sister company. I suppose Big Hit but not necessarily for their training system.


  5. I tried to write a little summary about Jin:
    Jin seems to whisper below a certain point in his chest voice (E3??), as you can hear in [Awake|] (0:09). Throughout his mixed voice, Jin is very tense, but he truly starts to strain above Eb4 (that is low for a tenor). Unfortunately he is forced to go above Eb4 almost every song he sings. The higher he goes, the more closed his throat becomes, like the F#4s in [Let Me Know|] (3:32), F4s in [Awake|] (1:29), and the G4, Bb4, C5 run in [Awake|]. He also has a very bad habit of pushing notes out with his throat. In his upper range, Jin mostly uses his falsetto, like the G#4 in [Butterfly|] (0:10). He is also capable of producing a connected head voice, even though he never supports it.

    You said that Jin is very nasal, right?-66

    One more thing, is it alright if I use some of the stuff you said over here and credit you? I’m trying to write a blog on BTS Amino and I want to get your permission before I post it.

    Thank you very much!


  6. You wrote that Jungkook sings with style. Does this mean he is singing badly to achieve a specific sound? Could he sing with proper technique and still produce the sound he wants?

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  7. Could you tell me when Jimin starts straining in his mixed voice? (I’m guessing E4/Eb4)
    Does Jimin still sing with tongue tension even in his comfortable/relaxed range?
    Jin is very nasal throughout his voice, right?
    Thanks a lot~

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    1. Yeah there’s no full on strain, but I hear no true support where they’ve started his mixed voice. His tongue tension and nasality aren’t always that extreme nor that present, some of the E3’s weren’t that blocked or that nasal.

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      1. Unsupported does not automatically mean the sound is strained. Unsupported just means shallow, underdeveloped technically but even with tension, it’s not necessarily full on vocal strain. Jimin has tongue tension and nasality throughout his range.

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      2. So Jimin has “no true strain” in his mixed voice? I am kinda lost, sorry. I knew he didn’t support, but he didn’t necessarily strain but is it safe to say he starts straining in the Eb4~F4 range……. I get what you’re saying, tension ≠ strain and you can still support with tension……………………,.


      3. No, he doesn’t have any true strain in the Eb4/E4 range that you asked about. That’s what I’m saying, that he does not start straining around Eb4/E4 but there’s no support either. So Eb4/E4 range isn’t supported but it’s not full on strain yet. The video barely had live clips and a lot of the notes were phrased. I would say more of a strained quality happens around F4/F#4.

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  8. So who would be the weakest vocalist in BTS now, then? I keep seeing a lot of people say that Jin has improved a lot (which I can’t speak for), so I’m curious to see how they’d rank nowadays 😮


    1. I think that this person is a fan with some limited knowledge of singing who can recognize registers and placement but not support or slightly more advanced aspects of singing. Jin does not support, he sings entirely through his throat and often has tension even as low as C4, which for a tenor could hardly make him a better vocalist than the maknae line, as she said. He does have a beautiful tone but that’s not the point.


  9. Hi, what you said about BTS vocal line and the opportunities they get to use their voice worried me a little. But I’m not as worried anymore because if you watch their shows and stuff you see that they want to get get better at singing and are not just satisfied with what they accomplished.
    Jimin especially always mentions it as his goal lately.(ex: Bon Voyage S3E3) That makes me believe he really does get special training and the company isn’t just using him as is.

    I just wanted to point that out just in case anyone else got a bad feeling about it like I did.

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  10. Umm… you still reply to comments here? 😕 If yes then have you seen this video? 😊 There isn’t anything staggeringly different in this video, but does Jungkook’s voice sound a bit clear ( I don’t know how to say this….maybe lesser breathy….idk) than how it usually sounds. But again it might be because there isn’t any music in the background 😂. I don’t think and I don’t know if he has improved since that’s how I’ve always heard his voice but somehow it just sounds a bit more clear here. Anyways, is it a good vocal performance?


    1. Of course I do, I reply to the comments and questions that we get! He sounds quite breathy here throughout actually and it sounds pretty, it’s his style, but it’s nothing different. This isn’t very high so when he is not singing in falsetto, he peaked at like D4 and E4, where he was mostly pretty relaxed. 0:38 the harmony wasn’t bad, the only problem was that it didn’t blend too well cause the tone quality with him and rap monster was too different but other ones afterwards were more well blended.
      Is Jungkook technically the girl in this song? lol Lyrically it’s kind of a duet between a girl and a guy and Jungkook is singing the girl part? That’s kinda nice. lol


      1. I didn’t expect such a fast reply 😮. Jungkook isn’t technically the girl in the song 😂. The song is kinda addressed to both fanboys and fangirls and hence the lyrics are like that 😂. Anyways, thankyou for the reply 😊.


    1. Hello, I think I can help with Ahmin with this one. V is the strongest, then Jungkook, and the reasons are within the analyses. Jimin has a lot of tongue tension that can close his throat and cause his notes to be unsupported often. Jin has a lot of throat tension and more overall tension and strain in a range earlier than Jimin. So that’s the gist of it.


  11. I’ve been wondering about something and I was hoping to hear your thoughts about it, however I’m sorry if I’m not very clear on what I’m asking.
    So sometimes when Jungkook sings live he has a vibrato in his voice, and it’s often a spontaneous live like during a variety show or just singing for fun so he hasn’t warmed up his throat or putting much effort into it.

    However for most of their songs, he doesn’t show off his vibrato. So I’m wondering if he purposely has to eliminate it for BTS songs, or if BTS songs just doesn’t allow him for him to show it. Do you think it’s more natural for him to have a natural vibrato in his voice?

    Also what do you think of his cover for this? Personally I thought his voice sounded very clear in the beginning; does it still retain most of the weaknesses you’ve listed?


    1. Well vibrato doesn’t necessarily mean good nor bad technique, you may have an unnatural vibrato so it really means nothing. Vibrato can be stylistic yes and oftentimes for pop music, it’s better to hide it for the sake of flow of the melody. A natural vibrato can be controlled as well and there’s nothing wrong with controlling it here and there, but I can’t tell you for sure if he is told to hide it or not.

      Yes, this song is kind of what he always does. Generally decent pitch, very light mixing, pretty bright, slightly whiny, a high larynx and a lot of breathiness, as well as using falsetto a lot. He even avoided the G4’s for no reason cause then the 1:19 he hit Bb4 in his mix…so I don’t understand why he avoided the G4’s. He was mixing throughout, with a high larynx, for those high parts but he often relied a lot on his falsetto so although it is aesthetically pleasing because he has a pretty voice and sings in a pretty way, this isn’t any different than what’s stated in his analysis.


      1. Wow thanks for the fast reply! I was just surprised when sometimes he has vibrato since I don’t hear it at all in their own songs. I also didn’t know that vibrato could be controlled in a way that it could be eliminated altogether. Thanks again!

        I think he was eating while singing this which is why he avoided some parts, though not sure why those parts specifically!

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    1. A bit? This is a fan thread, with a lot of fangirling and she does have very basic knowledge. She knows register names and breath marks, she knows names of parts of the inside of the throat. She seems like a nice girl with shallow knowledge of singing, very choir member like. A lot of this is just giving him compliments, it’s just fangirling.


  12. Hi Ahmin! I was wondering what your thoughts were on Jungkook’s high note in Illegal from 2:26 to 2:34. I’ve never heard him sing with that tone before and was wondering if it was proper technique or not. Thank you!


    1. It was not. It was just connected, it was a connected really bright mixed voice but really tight in his throat. He is just squeezing his way through that C5, down to a Bb4 down to a G#4. All outside of his supported range for a reason. Many tenors sing thin and tight like this in that range, so what he’s doing is quite common.


      1. A bright mixed voice is how I mix actually or how Eunji mixes. It’s generally balanced but the placement is not as much in the chest so the sound lacks some of the bass-overtones and ends up sounding lighter and brighter, often sounding higher than it actually is. Some other vocalists mix kind of brightly, like Yeonji or Luna. Wendy to an extent.


  13. I’m curious about whether Jin could rectify the stuff related to support and tension. If he did, would his vocal range expand? I’m curious because you note that he starts straining very early in his range.

    Also, I have a question that is probably a bit unfair to ask. However, I’m curious about who you think has the most natural talent among the BTS vocalists. That is, I’d everyone received optimal training, whose end product would be the beat technically speaking?


    1. Possibly it would expand or at least be more consistent. I don’t think I can answer this question but I do think that if they all received optimal training and they were all opened to change and listened well without wanting to stick to only their stylistic choices, Jungkook would most likely learn it the fastest or V.


  14. Hi ahmin , I ‘m back with another note by Jungkook .What note did he hit at 0.24?
    I think the note is between B5 and C6 but I am using an app so I am not sure . Does it count? Btw sorry , if I am annoying but I’m too curious.


  15. jungkook always cover justin bieber songs and i find that i usually enjoyed the cover more than the original song. i was actually a bieber fan but i stumbled upon jungkook covering justin’s song and immediately i was enamored by his voice. jungkook actually sound sweeter and more angelic than bieber to me. is this now my biased mind talking? i would love to hear your opinion on jungkook’s english songs cover

    can you also make a short comparison between jungkook’s and justin bieber voice?


    1. Well some of these have already been taken into consideration for his analysis. He usually sings softly, breathily and with a lot of falsetto. That’s Jungkook’s style which may be what you describe as angelic and sweet. Is this any different than let’s say Fools or Paper Hearts?

      The thing about Justin Bieber is he’s not a technical vocalist at all but I do think there’s a chance he’s a baritone singing light and slightly too high to match an average tenor singing range which might be why Jungkook sounds more natural in that range. What kind of comparison did you want? I don’t necessarily listen to him so I can’t really talk in depth about his technique, all I’ve gathered is that I don’t hear support when he sings. (JB, that is.)


    1. Two things are clear: 1. You did not read the analysis. 2. You do not know anything about us nor the purpose of this blog to call us “BTS anti.” Not everything that’s not necessarily a “they’re the best ever” is a product of an anti-fan. Constructive criticism is a form of appreciation as well, if you actually took the time to read through. Please give it a read before posting a comment disregarding the analysis. I mean let’s be real, you think if we were BTS anti-fans, we would take the time to analyze more than 120 K-pop vocalists just so we could give BTS a bad ranking? Or is every vocalist on a low ranking a vocalist we are “anti-fans” of and the ones on higher rankings are all artists we are fans of? Like how old do you think we are? lol Cause that’s the only logic that could explain everything on this blog according to this comment, from the 120+ analyses, to all the rankings. No but seriously, read the analysis before complaining. We didn’t take the time to write the analyses because we are anti-fans, we did it to help educate the fandoms. If you’re unable to understand that, I’m very sorry. Our purpose isn’t to bash anybody, but it takes maturity to handle constructive criticism.

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    2. He literally lists Jimin as one of his biases…
      Though you probably didn’t see that since it’s clear the only words on this entire website that you’ve read are “BTS vocal analysis: Jungkook” and “1. Weak Vocalists”.
      And how have y’all still not gotten the memo that this type of fan behavior is what’s hurting BTS the most?

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  16. My friend just sent me this and wtf? I can’t get over how wrong it is. Jungkook is considered by so many to be soo good yet here you are claiming otherwise. Do you happen to be an EXO-L or something?

    And better than Taehyung? Seriously?


    1. Did you read the analysis or did you only look at the rating? We are open minded and open for constructive discussions, so if you have anything in mind within the context of the analysis that you believe is false, you’re welcome to point it out and we can explain it to you. This isn’t a fan blog made by fangirls/boys to try and “put your faves down” so I hope you keep an open mind and keep in mind that this is about vocal technique. It’s not a “you should hate Jungkook cause he sucks” analysis, it’s a constructive analysis on how he uses his voice and his overall vocal technique. We support every artist and hope for all of them to improve and work further on their technique.


    2. It’s not wrong at all, this analysis was made by someone who has very advanced knowledge of singing. Seeing how you can’t accept the flaws in Jungook’s singing depicts that you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Also EXO-L? Really? It’s called constructive criticism. If you want to neglect the fact that Jungook has flaws (just like everyone else), then this isn’t the best place for you.

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  17. Would Jin be on the same level as Henry since both of them are nasally, sing with their throat, and don’t support (minus musicianship, i’m assuming Henry’s is better)? Also is Jimin at the same level as any of the other weak vocalists analyzed, or would he be at the bottom of the “weak but can still kind of support” vocalists?
    (also thank you for these analysis, don’t let the immature fans make you think they aren’t appreciated)
    Also would you say Jin and Jimin have musicianship? Jimin often changes up his lines live, I don’t know about Jin.

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    1. I mean since I haven’t analyzed them in depth to give them a specific place on the chart is a bit difficult. I think Jimin has shown potential musicianship singing wise but he tries to emulate others more than anything.


  18. I’m sorry if my questions sound stupid but I’ve been wondering..
    – How would you describe the term “vocalist”? I guess I’m confused because in kpop, a lot of idols that don’t have any specific musical role in the group would fall under “sub-vocalist” or something like that, even though I noticed some of them can’t even hold a note (Sistar’s Dasom, SNSD’s Yoona, EXO’s Kai, etc). So in your opinion what criterias make someone a “vocalist”?
    – I read how you describe Justin Bieber as “not a technical vocalist”, so can someone still be a vocalist without knowing proper techniques at all?
    – What is the difference between a singer and a vocalist?
    – As I have mentioned before, there are a lot of “sub-vocalists” in kpop who can’t really sing at all imo, that’s why I initially thought Jungkook would be at least an average vocalist, and people like Exo’s Kai/SNSD Hyoyeon for example would fall under weak vocalist. So now that I know Jungkook is a weak vocalist, I’m curious would these idols fall under weak vocalists too? Or would you not consider them vocalists at all?

    By the way, I did not intent to bash any idols in my comment. Those that I mentioned, I know they have talents in other aspects/areas. I’m just purely curious as to what ahmin thinks about it. Thankyou!


    1. 1. Well this is answered in the front by someone who is able to sing and use their voices well as an instrument, like an instrumentalist. They’re skilled at using their voices with proper technique and skill, NOW. There is such a thing as a good and a not so good vocalist. The thing is sub-vocalist is not the same as vocalist. Vocalist is basically someone who sings as a general term, a sub-vocalist is different from a lead or main vocalist. A lead or main vocalist are expected to be able to use at least the basic sense of breath support, pitch and rhythm any professional vocalist should have. NOW a sub-vocalist is a position in K-pop attributed to those who are simply not..main nor lead vocalists, not quite rappers either. You’re right, most of them, about 99%, cannot use the basics of breath support, pitch or rhythm many times, some almost not at all. But they’re not main nor lead vocalists for a reason, which is why a group should not be judged by the members who were not trained to sing well. The issue is when the main/lead vocalists show the same issues as many sub-vocalists would.

      2. Yes, like I said. You can be a vocalist with not very good technique. Justin Bieber limits his singing a lot, he’s a lot more of an artist, a songwriter, not so much of a technical vocalist. His songs aren’t rangey nor vocally challenging, he sings well enough to sing his songs but he’s not a flexible and eclectic vocalist with years of experience and a well developed voice and that’s fine because you don’t need to be one to be a successful artist.

      3. We generally don’t have a rating below weak, but of course there’s no way Jungkook could be compared to have the same exact level of vocal technique as sub-vocalists, but there’s no drastic difference either. If we take into consideration basic breath support, the difference is really small actually. Since we do not analyze sub-vocalists, the ones who literally cannot support AND have no sense of pitch or rhythm whatsoever, let’s say like Girl’s Day’s Hyeri or KARA’s Goo Hara, we don’t have a specific rating for that but if we did, I do believe it would be below weak. That’s why it’s important to look at the criteria versus the rating while reading the analysis to understand the whole idea of it all. Our standards are based on kind of an average of vocal skill we’ve noticed over the years, which is why most of the vocalists analyzed here fall under the average rating, because they fall under the pattern that most people on average seem to fall on. Unfortunately Jungkook, for the reasons mentioned within the analysis, against other average tenors, would fall below that average of vocal skill. Our standards are on a professional level of vocal technique only, which is why it can be confusing if you’re thinking very loosely of what sounding good means to you and it can be a bit of a shock at first. (Since this is a blog about vocal technique, the ratings help give a general idea about everything and put a name to things but we will eventually get rid of them as the content of the analyses should be the most important part.)


    1. It’s hard to say there is one way only. You must keep the vocal cords connected while moving smoothly with your voice while keeping the placement forward and keeping the soft palate moving with a dropped jaw. It’s something that can be addressed with vocal exercises or even slides.


      1. In singing, we have cavities. The cavities are where the air passageways are located and where we place our sound. This helps us resonate, thus they’re called resonators. The resonators are the chest, the head and the mask, like your cheekbones. Oftentimes the head voice is placed in the head, but it can also be somewhat placed in the chest as well as in the mask. That’s the case here.

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  19. Hey, I just stumbled upon ur guyses website, and I gotta say this is a highly niche thing you guys are doing, and it really impresses me how much work and thought you’ve put into these articles!
    Ahmin’s comment earlier about how the average of vocalists is what regular people (me) consider beautiful/godlike, and Iv’e been a tiny bit salty about saying JK is a weakish vocalist, but I have to agree, your analysis was accurate and unbiased. uwu

    again, I’m mindblown by the detail and the work going into finding examples.

    plz continue this series and maybe update if you notice changes in half a decade or something.

    Do you have a favorite singer who u wanna recommend who might be underrated?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi there! Thank you, we really appreciate your comment and how you took the time not only to read the analysis but understand that what we do is done with care, detail, research and the intention to educate and help, not to demean nor defame others. Of course Jungkook’s rating is only in terms of technique, not his voice or him.

      We always update analyses when we find a significant change to a vocalist’s technique, be it improvement or regression.

      Underrated vocalists? For females I’d say Dia, Younha, Shannon, and for males Hyunmin, Gunwoo and Rokhyun.


  20. Hey Ahmin!! I’ve watched many of your videos on yt, they’re really helpful, thank you so much for the time you put in to make them!! And thank you for these analyses as well, you’ve obviously put in a great amount of effort in each one, I really appreciate that. Also, I just wanted to ask, do you think that these vocalists, specifically BTS in this case are more capable then what is seen or shown, or could be if further properly trained? As in, based on what we can hear, these rankings are made right, and for most idols in general, again, specifically BTS, they care more bout style and performance so if they were to showcase their singing abilities solely, would you say that the ranking wouldn’t change? Would they be considered better vocalists if they were able to showcase more? Hope you understood what I meant haha I’m so sorry..anyways, thank you again for everything, I’m trying to improve myself as well and you have helped a lot 🙂


    1. Hi there dear! Of course I do think so yes. All of these vocalists are full of amazing potential and I believe that everybody can learn to sing but these vocalists obviously have innate musicality and the ability to learn well more quickly than others, so long as they keep good work ethic and have the right instructor helping them in a healthy and productive manner. They would be considered better vocalists if they were to show better technique, but better technique isn’t something anybody can turn on and off. We do consider vocalists who favor style but still have technique, Ailee, Son Seungyeon, Lena Park, Beyoncé, Kyuhyun, they can all sing with breathiness, with more roughness, with throatiness, with nasality, but they can all turn it on and off at will which shows skills. The vocalists with low ratings are the ones who haven’t developed proper technique and only use the stylistic devices that limit their vocal growth, supported range and development. They could always choose to sing with those stylistic devices in their music if they were able to show that they can do it at will and then it’d be fine, but none of them have and that’s because they mostly can’t. Their technique is limited to bad vocal habits, but if they were to learn to neutralize certain points of tension and muscles and relax their throat and develop better support without the need to use their throat muscles to raise their larynxes, they could all be very good vocalists.


      1. I understand, thank you Ahmin!! Hope that in the future, they can develop their vocal skills as well. But thanks so much for your help, love you guys!!

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