Ben’s Vocal Analysis


Vocal Range

E3 ~ G5 (2 octaves, 1 note and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

A3 ~ C5/C#5

Voice Type

Light Lyric Soprano


  • Support is present throughout the voice
  • Able to support her mixed voice up to C#5
  • Lower range shows support down to A3, occasionally G#3
  • Transitions into falsetto are smooth
  • Intonation is mostly accurate
  • Runs are produced with relative smoothness and flow
  • Resonance is produced with consistency up to C5/C#5


  • Diction is too speech-like, vowel shapes aren’t as opened as they could be
  • Most closed vowel tends to be Ah (아)
  • Support below A3 is almost inexistent, voice becomes very soft and airy
  • Mixed voice above C#5 generally lacks power and becomes tight
  • Larynx raises above C#5
  • Unable to sing in a head voice
  • Runs can become sloppy when too complicated and not carefully thought through


  • Lower register: Support is consistent down to A3 and occasionally some support can be carried down to G#3. Generally sings with a very soft and airy chest voice below A3.
  • Mixed register: Able to produce resonance with varying degrees of openness due to closed vowel shapes. Above C#5 tends to sound throaty or very tight with a high larynx.
  • Upper register: Not ever shown the ability to sing with a head voice, but does generally well with falsetto transitions. Tends to sing only with an airy falsetto and the limit of her falsetto range is still unknown.


Although mostly promoting as a ballad singer, Ben’s agility is not completely overlooked nor underdeveloped. She has shown more than a few times that she has the right amount of muscle coordination in her vocal cords to allow runs to flow with relative smoothness, as heard in “눈, 코, 입” and “천일동안.” However, her voice still lacks full control and flexibility when doing runs, as she often becomes somewhat pitchy and loses the rhythmic flow as runs get faster and more complex, as heard in “다시 사랑할 수 있을까“, “You Are My Everything” and “키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만.”

Overall analysis

Originally Ben debuted in 2010 as the main vocalist of the female vocal trio Bebe Mignon, dubbed to be the female version of 4Men. With a relatively successful debut, the group’s career was short lived and after the departure of member Gaeul, they disbanded. Her mentor, Vibe’s Yoon Minsu, did not let her talent go to waste and Ben soon debuted as a solo vocalist. As a soloist, she’s been recognized as a powerful vocalist despite her height, about 147.5 cm tall or 4’10”, she is always able to impress those around her as a tiny girl with a big voice. She’s been a guest on TV shows such as Yesterday and Immortal Song 2 where she has made a name for herself as a powerhouse vocalist.

The lower portion of her range is by far the most neglected and under explored part of her voice. Her chest voice generally carries tone down to G3, but support is only truly present down to A3, as heard in “사랑으로” and “천일동안.” There have been occasions where some support was carried down to G#3, but most of the time her voice becomes fairly airy and soft the lower she sings. This is due to her vocal cords not coming completely together as she descends in range, causing her chest voice to be unable to project or be produced with much tone as she sings lower. This can be heard in the G#3’s in “만약에“, “사랑으로“, G3’s in “사랑합니다“, “한숨, F#3’s in “인연“, “갈색 추억“, F3’s in “Let It Go“, “늦은 후회“, and E3’s in 거위의 꿈.”

Her mixed voice is the area of her voice where Ben is able to showcase the most control and power. Consistently being able to place her voice correctly in her mask, while also supporting properly with a good balance of chest and head voice muscle development in her mixed, she’s able to sing through her mix by producing resonance. This can be heard whenever she sings within a comfortable part of her supported range, where resonance is produced with fulness and power up to C#5, as heard by the Bb4’s in “My Love“, B4’s in “J에게“, C5’s in “그대는“, “알고 싶어요“, and C#5’s in “잠시만 안녕“, “내 인생은 나의 것” and “파도.” When she also holds back on the volume output, she is able to carry support up to C#5 as well with more ease, as heard by the C#5’s in “인연.”

Ben’s main issues in her mix voice usually have more to do with her vowel shapes than issues with support. While support is carried up to C#5, she has the tendency to enunciate overly clearly with a more speech-like versions of vowels, as opposed to creating easier versions of vowels to sing. In singing, it’s common to alter the sounds of vowels in order to allow for them to be in the most opened spot in the throat, allowing for a shape that’s more opened and relaxed. Ben tends to close her throat a lot even when carrying support and resonance, which causes her to sound tight even within her supported range, as heard by the C#5’s in “갈색 추억“, “거위의 꿈” and C5’s in “Fight Song.” This mostly happens on the Oh (오) and Ah (아) vowels. Above C#5, her larynx raises and she’s unable to carry support, even though she has produced resonance up to D5 as heard in “J에게“, she mostly strains in that range. This can be heard with the D5’s in “그대는“, Eb5’s in “Let it Go“, “갈색 추억“, E5’s in “오늘은 가지마“, “지나간다“, “우리들의 이야기“, F5’s in “잘해준 것 밖에 없는데“, “바람기억“, “사랑은 언제나 목마르다“, F#5’s in “사랑으로“, “두근구든“, “내 인생은 나의 것” and G5’s in “Tears.”

Her upper register is produced as a falsetto. Ben has yet to show the ability to sing with a connected head voice, instead opting for an airy and soft disconnected falsetto. With the ability to produce a head voice, she has yet to develop her head voice muscles properly. As a result, her muscles are used to her simply singing with a half closed approach where a lot of air still tends to pass through her vocal cords in her upper register. Nonetheless, her transitions into her falsetto are generally quite accurate in pitch and she tends to sound mostly relaxed up to F#5, as heard in “눈, 코, 입“, “이별 10분 전“, “꿈처럼“, “만약에“, “그 남자, 그 여자” and “천일동안.” The true limit of her falsetto register is still unknown, as she might be able to sing much higher than F#5.

Her overall ability and technique are quite adequate. Ben may show issues with tension, but within her supported range she tends to sound very strong and full. Her control of dynamics are quite well shown when performing ballads, as she’s able to sing with the right approaches to fully convey the message of songs. For future improvement, working on proper vowel shaping to open up her mix could benefit her and give her a lot more freedom in her mixed voice. Also working on her head voice and chest voice could allow her to sing a much wider repertoire of songs.


Mostly working as a soloist throughout her career, Ben has very few chances to showcase her ability to harmonize. Nonetheless, she’s shown that when it comes down to it, she’s able to blend her voice well and handle her parts when singing duets and harmonies. When it comes to musical changes in songs, she tends to add very subtle and minimal changes that are often well executed within her supported range in terms of pitch, but outside of her supported they still carry a lot of tension, as heard by her run in “천일동안” as well as her musical changes in “거위의 꿈.


Above Average Vocalist

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)

About ahmin3

kitsunemale from YouTube, AhMin33 from Twitter and Ahmin from OneHallyu!

21 thoughts on “Ben’s Vocal Analysis

    1. It’s explained within the analysis if you read further, actually.

      “Ben’s main issues in her mix voice usually have more to do with her vowel shapes than issues with support. While support is carried up to C#5, she has the tendency to enunciate overly clearly with a more speech-like versions of vowels, as opposed to creating easier versions of vowels to sing. In singing, it’s common to alter the sounds of vowels in order to allow for them to be in the most opened spot in the throat, allowing for a shape that’s more opened and relaxed. Ben tends to close her throat a lot even when carrying support and resonance, which causes her to sound tight even within her supported range.”


  1. I usually see her name on Immortal Song and radio performances so I figured u might have tons of material lol… she kinda sounds like Lena Park to me😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Ben’s voice, and I’m surprised that the analysis did not mention the unique color of her voice, which has a child-like timbre (a bit similar to Heyne’s voice, but not as overtly infantilized). It’s very obvious when she sings more upbeat/cute songs, such as “Palpitations” from the Producer OST:

    It seems that if every singer were to sing with impeccable techniques that this site prizes so much, they’d all sound very similar and that would be really boring. So much of what the analyses lists as the singers’ weaknesses are exactly what makes them sound different from each other, giving each of their voices their unique colors. This is why operatic singing all sound the same and is actually quite boring to listen to in terms of expressiveness and personality. I’ll take a good pop singer with flaws but has an enticing style and able to convey the feelings of being coquettish, melancholic, sultry, adorable, nasty, soothing, pathetic, angry, timid, proud, etc. over operatic singing with impeccable technique but everything simply sounds sonorous and not much else, due to the need to always project loud enough for the entire audience to hear. It doesn’t sound natural at all, because human beings don’t constantly talk with a sonorous and full voice to be heard by an entire theater, and that is why pop singers sound much more natural and expressive since they sound much closer to how human beings actually express themselves.


    1. Uniqueness in tone could’ve been mentioned but I forgot to. I don’t believe impeccable technique would make them sound similar nor boring. There’s nothing similar about Aretha Franklin, Natalie Weiss, Sohyang, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston. None of them sound similar, nor do they sound boring. Having good technique does not take away uniqueness, we praise stylistic choices that sacrifice technique as long as they’re choices and not bad habits that can’t be turned on and off at will. Vocal health is very important. We don’t even talk about operatic singers on this blog, so the comparison didn’t quite make sense in the context of this blog. If you’re talking bout preference, we all have preference but this isn’t a blog about preference nor what we like to listen to, this is about praising those who have worked hard for their craft and bringing attention to those who may hurt themselves in the future. Being a good technical vocalist does not mean incapable of emoting since all of the excellent vocalists I mentioned are capable of doing exactly all that you said.


  3. I have no idea who she is but she sounds pretty and is above average so I’ll listen. Is that closed throat diction that you explained or is it something different


      1. Well was she fun to analyze she’s like a textbook above average lol with all of her strengths and flaws. Is she stronger than Wheein seems like it from the analysis but I can never tell because Haruko analyzed her and he’s harsher.


  4. Hi Ahmin! You are not a human (about remember Yuju flat F#4 on anthem)!
    I am little surprised about Ben, because she doesn’t have head voice and she is still above average..


    1. Most Above Average vocalists don’t have a head voice actually. Solji, Wheein, Solar, Bohyung, Jea, Lee Hi…actually only 4 of them have head voices. Ben follows the pattern of most other AA females, she’s actually better than a few of them.


      1. Wow, i am very surprised right now.. Wheein, Solar and Solji don’t have head voice.. How about Hwasa? It’s her birthday today🙂
        I think she shows somewhat head voice one of performances on Immortal Songs 2, but i really don’t know for sure..


      2. Didn’t I say Hwasa? Yeah she doesn’t either. I don’t see why you’re surprised, it says so in their analyses. lol She only shows a high falsetto.


  5. Hahah “Ben” what a name😄 ! Other than that, what a cute looking person ! ^^ Thanks for this analysis Ahmin ! Never knew this girl until now ! Was really anticipated reading the “female version of 4Men” line. I generally dislike female voices but I really like this one though.


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