100%’s Vocal Analysis: Hyukjin

Vocal Range

Bb2 ~ Bb5 (3 octaves)

Supported Range

E3 ~ G4/G#4

Voice Type



  • Second strongest vocalist in 100%
  • Able to produce resonance up to G#4 with consistency
  • Above his supported range good placement is kept
  • Able to transition into his falsetto without too much trouble
  • Lower range remains supported with good tone production down to E3
  • Intonation is mostly consistent throughout his range

Points for Improvement

  • Tends to use only a falsetto and has not developed a head voice
  • Mixed voice becomes yelled above G#4 due to a high larynx
  • Lower range tends to become very airy below Eb3
  • Runs seem to lack connection and precision
  • Falsetto is often pushed and squeezed
  • Tends to be inconsistent with openness and resonance
  • Some tongue tension may be present at times


  • Lower register: Mostly not as explored and used as his other registers, but the times in which he ventures into the lower portion of his chest voice there’s quite a considerably drop in volume in tone, where airiness takes over below E3.
  • Mixed register: Mixed voice is consistently supported up to G4, with some support being carried up to G#4. He tends to lack openness as he ascends in range, although good placement can be present even above G#4.
  • Upper register: His upper register consistents almost exclusively of a falsetto, where his tone tends to be airy and he lacks projection. Much like his lower range, there’s a clear gap of volume when singing in this register.


Unlike Rokhyun, there are a lot less occasions in which Hyukjin attempts to add runs into his vocal performances. His style seems to be more of a straight forward ballad as opposed to R&B. The few times he’s shown some sort of agility usually were met with good results, where he’d maintain the right amount of note separation from note to note in slower and simpler vocal runs, as heard in “Treasure“, but as the speed and complexity of the runs would go beyond the given melody of a song, he’d start to become pitchier and to slide through the notes without the clear idea of the notes within the runs, as heard in “요즘 바쁜가봐“, “I’ll Be Back.

Overall analysis

Hyukjin debuted in 2012 as the lead vocalist of the male idol group 100%. Every since then, he’s shown that he’s the go-to vocalist for the higher belted notes when needing to add a big climax to their songs. His voice is very light and boyish, lacking much darkness and volume. Overall falling under the fach of a light lyric tenor with a young voice. He’s been able to showcase his vocal ability multiple times with many videos of 100%’s youtube channel, as well as Immortal Song 2, which earned him respect from his fans as the group’s second most skilled vocalist.

The lower portion of his chest voice is often not the range in which he’d choose to sing in. Perhaps while being aware that he doesn’t possess the most well developed lower chest voice, he doesn’t often sing that low. The times when he’s done so, he’s able to produce very good and well placed chest notes down to E3, as heard by the E3’s in “낭만 고양이” and Eb3’s “야생화.” However as he descends below Eb3, his voice quickly becomes very airy and quiet, where he’s unable to maintain proper placement and support. His vocal cords then lack the proper connection and his voice becomes almost inaudible at times. This can be heard by the D3’s in “아름다운 우리 나라“, B2’s in “낭만 고양이” and Bb2’s in “Love in the Ice.”

His mixed voice has always been a part of his range where he’s had ease and range even prior to debuting. He’s always been able to maintain a lifted soft palate and doesn’t often have problems with nasality. He has shown multiple times that support up to G4 is quite consistent, and resonance is often produced up there. This can be heard by the F4’s in “I’ll Be Back“, F#4’s in “넌 내꺼중에 최고“,  and G4’s in “서쪽하늘“, “언제나“, “이 노래“, “못해“, “HUG.” Up to G#4 resonance may still be present, but constriction starts to come as his throat starts to become tighter and he starts to push his voice more with a high larynx. Support is still present up to G#4 with inconsistencies, as heard in “니가 예쁘다“, “너와 나” and “퇴근길“, but above G#4 he tends to sound shouty and tense.

As he ascends above G#4, he is the member who belts in the fifth octave the most often out of all members of 100%. As such, he’s the one who showcases most strain and is most likely to damage his voice if constantly singing in such a high range. As he sings above G#4, good placement is kept which givens an impression of resonance but that is taken away by his throat closing with his high larynx. This becomes more obvious the higher he sings, as heard by the A4’s in “전화“, “단발머리“, Bb4’s in “널 그리며“, “서쪽하늘“, B4’s in “보여줄게“, C#5’s in “Want U Back” and “Mirotic.”

His upper range is not a part of his range where he seems uncomfortable. There are many times in which he’s able to transition with relative ease and smoothness. However, he’s never been able to showcase a well connected head voice and favors singing with a light airy falsetto. As such he’s never been able to show proper support in his upper register and his placement often is lost, as he becomes slightly tight and thin as he ascends in range. This can be heard by his falsetto in “거리의 크리스마스“, “메리크리“, “널 그리며“, “요즘 바쁜가봐” and his Bb5’s in “나같은 놈.”

Hyukjin’s main issues often comes from his throat not being completely opened. As he’s able to produce resonance, the size of his resonance is usually small and he’s unable to project over someone who’s able to place their voices more forward in their masks with a more opened throat. In addition, he may at times show issues with his tongue being somewhat tense when singing. His overall singing is often very controlled in terms of dynamics and he’s able to show a sensitive ear to the message of a song when singing within a more comfortable portion of his range.

As a vocalist, Hyukjin has shown that he possesses enough potential with his natural range as well as his overall showcase technical level. He’s a young vocalist and has a lot of room to grow. For the future, learning to balance out his mix as well as opening his throat more, while keeping his larynx neutral could help him fix many issues within his mix. Further exploring his upper register and lower range could help him manage his overall instrument a lot better. Perhaps being given the chance to appear in TV shows like King of Mask Singer could help motivate him and give him a reason to explore his technique further.


As an overall acapella unit, Hyukjin is a smart vocalist who’s able to blend and lend his vocals well to accomplish well rehearsed harmonies in their vocal performances. Even in duets, every vocalist of 100% is able to control their voices in order to enhance and embellish melodies of songs. Harmonically, the times in which Hyukjin has added his own musical ideas to his vocal performances often are met with good results in terms of pitch although he does show a tendency to add very high notes outside of his supported range as his idea of musicianship, which results in strained melodic changes, as heard in “Treasure.

Label (Type of Vocalist)

MB Vocalists: Mid-Range Belters

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)


22 thoughts on “100%’s Vocal Analysis: Hyukjin

  1. Nice analysis but on the first link for the G#4 you mentioned in the mixed voice section doesn’t have any singing.


    1. And also don’t judge me if I’m wrong (I am probably) but the g#4 you linked for Rokhyuns analysis this one doesn’t sound right to me it sounds kind of throaty


      1. He’s just tired sounding, the resonance is still there. It’s the fatigue. Fixed the other link.


      2. Okay I get it. How do you hear that throatiness without the scratchy throated sound like would you call it glottal tension instead of throatiness if it doesn’t sound “raspy”. Like the example you linked for the throatiness even in his supported range it doesn’t have that harsh sound it’s just confusing for me. Thank you for the analysis I didn’t know about this group but i like his voice and he’s skilled in top of that.


      3. It sounds just very squealed, if that makes sense. You can hear the struggle for…are we talking about Rokhyun? Cause that’s who I’m talking about. lol It’s not like harsh throatiness, it’s just squeezed throatiness.


      4. Yes I’m talking about Rokhyun lol. Yeah I hear that squeezed sound in Henry’s baby cover but I just thought it was high larynx/strain and thank you so much for tolerating my questions because I need to improve my hearing.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. E. Do you think that vocalists like Hyukjin can’t develop support above G#4 because they have taught themselves that psychologically their larynxes must rise in order to hit the note? For example, hypothetically speaking, Hyukjin is singing a song full of B4s and Bb4s with a high larynx. So although A4s are lower, he still sings them the same way like he does the B4s and Bb4s.

    P.S. Ahmin, you have to…….Accept that a manly jaw can belong to a tenor voice. Accept that a tenor can have a manly jaw. Accept that Hyukjin is a tenor belonging to manly jaw , and that manly jaw is belonging to a high voice of tenor who is known as hyukjin. ACCEPT IT!!!! hahaha. May his jaw and resonance slay you ever more, good sir.


    1. E. Well it’s simply a bad habit. When you have a habit and you’re unaware that it’s wrong, it’s hard to fix it. He might not exactly realize that he’s doing something wrong when he sings like that. So yes it’s psychological. Also it’s not just his jaw omg LOL I honestly would look at his face and think that he was a baritone, then he started singing and I was like..what. Jonghwan has like a baby face and then that baritone voice comes out and I’m like..wait.. lol


  3. Thank you so much for doing this analysis! I’m so glad both of them are around AA. Top Media hasn’t really done a lot lately to promote them, but I too hope either of them will at least get the chance to perform at King of Mask Singer.


  4. I wonder if Hyukjin and Rokhyun will have improved much if they have a comeback. Hopefully, although obviously they’re already very talented singers. Thank you for this analysis!

    What would Hyukjin actually have to change/fix to be placed as above average to competent?


    1. He would have to work on his head voice and lower range…and openness… he’s actually at the bottom of Above Average for now, it was kind of hard for me to be sure where to place him.


  5. Oh gosh I hope he will adjust his approach to belting so that he won’t damage his voice. He’s still so young and I feel as though he has a lot of potential continue to grow as a vocalist.


  6. Oh wow I never thought he’ll be good enough to be above average! Too bad they haven’t comeback for like 2 years lol…


    1. He did fine, the range for the first song was within D3 ~ G4 for his supported range, he was a bit too airy at the bottom and tight on the Bb4’s and A4’s. As for the other song, a lot of tight A4’s. Nothing new but glad to know he’s singing. He takes a lot of loud breaths here and there.


      1. Sorry, one more
        Would you be able to just analyse this too? (Hyukjin, and Rokhyun if you don’t mind…)

        Have a nice day!


      2. There’s nothing really new. Rokhyun was really nasal throughout, some throatiness and Hyukjin was mixing in a very high range with a lot of tension.


  7. it’s been a long time to comment on this page. I’ve read rokhyun, hyukjin, junho, baekho, those who were mentioned about nasality. the ability to eliminate nasality, is it considered a good point? of course it is. baekho and hyukjin has no problem with lifting soft palate, but junho and rokhyun have. i was wondering since baekho is an average and hyukjin low above average, they can eliminate nasality. rokhyun who is an AA to P vocalist have nasality problem. even some of those who rated higher also have nasality problem. is it their technique to eliminate nasal? or it just their natural voice dont have nasality? you know some people speak nasal and some dont


    1. Nasality is a matter of placement and it can be fixed a lot more easily than learning to support or developing certain vocal cord muscles.


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