BtoB’s Vocal Analysis: Sungjae

Vocal Range

E2 ~ C#6 (3 octaves, 4 notes and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

Bb2 ~ D4

Voice Type



  • Third strongest vocalist in BtoB
  • Support is consistent up to D4, occasionally able to support Eb4
  • Lower range maintains tone even below his supported range
  • Doesn’t generally have issues with nasality
  • Transitions into falsetto are generally smooth
  • Pitch is very clear and consistent


  • Runs lack separation and are often slides
  • Lacks support below Bb2
  • Above D4 generally becomes throaty and support becomes shallow
  • Often sings outside his supported range
  • Upper register lacks connection and support
  • Tends to close his throat the higher he sings and have an improper neck position


  • Lower register: His lower chest voice remains somewhat projected below his supported range, but true connection and support are only present down to Bb2. Below that tone may be present, but it becomes very muffled.
  • Mixed register: His mixed voice is extensive and he is able to consisterly sing in a higher range, but support is only present up to D4. Above that, he tends to become constricted by his throat muscles.
  • Upper register: His falsetto is generally well switched into and maintains consistency in tone but lacks support and connection, so he’s never been able to showcase a true head voice.


Sungjae has shown that as a vocalist, he doesn’t truly draw influences from a lot of western singing and has cited many ballad singers as his vocal inspirations. As such, it is rare to hear him singing very intricate vocal lines with complex runs. The few times he’s shown any time of vocal agility usually can be categorized as quick trills where he quickly bounces around two different notes and other times when he actually attempts an actual vocal run. When he does trills, usually his pitch is more accurate and his rhythm bounce is clear, but he tends to add puffs of air in between to help him find the center of each pitch, as opposed to using his vocal cords’ muscle memory to do so, as heard in “기적“, although this may not always work as heard in “사랑비.” In other cases, when he does more complex runs, he’s shown that he’s unable to sing more smoothly with a relaxed tone and his pitch becomes very wobbly without a clear idea of the key center of the song he’s in, as heard by an older performance of “나비무덤“, as well as a more recent one. His runs are generally smoother in his falsetto than the rest of his range, as heard in “그 남자, 그 여자.”

Overall analysis

Debuting in 2012 as one of the main members of BtoB’s vocal line, Sungjae has become more known for his singing over the years. Initially classifying himself as a sub vocalist of the group, he often has shown more of a lead vocalist role in the group when performing as part of their special vocal line unit, as well as having opportunities to showcase his solo singing, such as in King of Mask Singer. Sungjae is one of the two baritone vocalists in BtoB, alongside fellow member Hyunsik. Both of which have darker and heavier voices with different tone qualities and ranges, but both falling within the same voice type when listening to their passaggi and natural vocal weight.

His lower range is darker and heavier than most other male idols, considering that he has a much thicker voice than most of them. Nonetheless, he still shows issues with maintaining proper breath support and truly developing his muscles to sing in a lower range with as much tone and projection as he does in his upper range. By being part of an idol group, Sungjae often has to sing as if he were a tenor and thus, he has somewhat ignored fully developing the rest of his chest voice. Support and tone are often present with consistency all the way down to a Bb2, as heard by the C3’s in “안아줘“, “고백“, “기억의 습작“, B2’s in “오랜된 노래” and Bb2’s in “감사.” Below Bb2, he starts to lose projection and his voice becomes more cloudy and unclear, as his muscles have not been developed well enough to handle producing clearer tone in that range. This can be heard by his A2’s in “취중진담“, G2’s in “오래전 그날“, “고백“, F#2’s in “취중진담“, F2’s in “감사” and E2’s in “지친 하루.”

His mixed voice has always shown to be relaxed and supported above his first passaggio, as he’s never truly shown issues with consistency up to D4. As high as D4, he can easily sing with a light mix and maintain support while staying relaxed, as heard by many of his phrased C#4’s and D4’s in “Rising Sun“, “괜찮아요“, “그녀에게 전해주오“, “꼭 이제“, “오래전 그날.” Alongside his support, he doesn’t generally have issues with nasality in his voice. He often sounds opened and is able to project with a well placed sound within his supported range, as heard by the C4 in “기억의 습작.” He has yet to truly show consistent support above D4, but has shown that he can maintain proper breath support up to Eb4 very occasionally, also heard in “기억의 습작.”

Above D4, Sungjae’s throat tends to start closing around his larynx and he starts to push his voice out with more tension and a high larynx by also raising his neck, as heard by the E4’s in “오래전 그날“, F4’s in “꼭 이제“, G4’s in “죽어도 못 보내“, “Rising Sun“, “제발“, “Some“, G#4’s in “사랑비“, “감사“, “기억의 습작“, A4’s in “고백“, Bb4’s in “Rising Sun” and B4’s in “인형.” In other cases, he sings with a lighter mix and instead of pushing his voice, he simply sings with shallow support and alongside some throat constriction, as heard by the Eb4’s in “Love Song“, “忘れないで“, E4’s in “안아줘“, F4’s in “애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일“, and F#4’s in “끝난건가요.” For the most part though, Sungjae is often heard singing outside his comfort range due to singing in a similar range as a tenor more often than he should. When singing songs written for a baritone voice, such as songs by Kim Dongryul who has influenced Sungjae’s singing a lot, he keeps much better tone production and is in a much more comfortable range. However when performing with BtoB, he is often heard singing around the F4 ~ G#4 range, where he’s unable to maintain support.

His falsetto is a generally less used part of his range, but he’s been able to show that when it comes to transitions, he’s able to switch back and forth from his falsetto without too much trouble and is able to maintain good pitch. This can be heard by his transitions in “기적“, “울어도 돼” and “忘れないで.” Whenever he sings in the fifth octave though, Sungjae tends to become somewhat whiny and push his voice out with more air pressure, squeezing his throat in order to hit the higher falsetto notes. This is heard by his C#5’s in “충분히 예뻐“, the Eb5’s in “뛰뛰빵빵“, the F#5’s in “그 남자, 그 여자” and his A5 and C#6 on the high note bttle with 100% and Niel. Unfortunately he’s yet to show the ability to produce a connected head voice, therefore never truly showing any signs of support in his upper register.

Musically Sungjae is a very sensitive vocalist to dynamics in a song. He’s able to travel through the story-telling part of a song with clear control of his breath and volume output, especially within his supported range. He doesn’t often have issues with improper placement and has a very consistency sense of pitch. The only issues he’s shown often have to do with neck tension and also the tendency to use a subtle laryngeal vibrato, as opposed to developing a clean natural vibrato.

Sungjae has come along way with proving that he is not an idol who was chosen for his looks. He’s worked hard to improve his singing and shown great discipline and work ethic throughout the years. He often underestimates himself and should not do so because having a lower voice than other males does not make him any less of a vocalist. He possesses just as much potential as any tenor would even if he may not be able to sing as high as them and should not look down on himself for not having a naturally higher voice. As such, it’d be good if Sungjae could be more aware of his voice type and be able to sing songs that develop his as a baritone as opposed to having him sing as if he were a tenor all the time. When singing solo he often respects his natural tessitura and should find an instructor who cherishes that and develops him in the range that’s more natural for him.


Being part of a group where each vocalist plays an almost equal vocal weight, Sungjae has been able to train himself to perform quite well as an acapella group and to hold his harmony down as part of BtoB’s acapella vocal covers, such as their “Christmas Medley” and “A Song for Mama“, but he’s also able to blend his voice well when singing duets, as heard in “사랑비” and “그남자 그여자.” Musicianship wise, there are very few rare occasions where Sungjae attempts to add his own melodic idea to songs and change a song around. Usually he sticks to a safer route and prefers to convey the meaning of a song as it was written, focusing more on the dynamic and lyrical delivery.


Average Vocalist

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)


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kitsunemale from YouTube, AhMin33 from Twitter and Ahmin from OneHallyu!

73 thoughts on “BtoB’s Vocal Analysis: Sungjae

  1. Whoa.. I was really expecting him to be A to AA.. this came as a bit of a shock 0-0 Still love his voice nevertheless 🙂 What’s holding him back from being A to AA, if you don’t mind answering?


    1. Well he doesn’t really fall under the AA category in anyway really. He can’t produce resonance, he can’t get through his second passaggio. Those are things AA vocalists have, so he can’t be in between either.


      1. I’m new here, so I don’t know a lot of terminology, but what exactly is support in a voice? How can you distinguish if there is support or not?


      2. Did you read our criteria page for some terminology? True support is the presence of true connection of proper stretch of the vocal cords while maintaining the right necessary amount of air pressure to keep the vibration of the vocal cords present in order to produce and control pitch. True support happens when you breathe into your diaphragm properly and allow it to hit the vocal cords without any sort of throat, jaw, nor tongue tension, without singing in your throat and without adding too much air pressure.


      3. Can you hear the difference between one with support, one with weak support, and one with no support? And I assume that it helps to see them physically how they breathe, stand, etc?


      4. You can tell by the quality of tone actually. The voice will have more depth, more roundness, more clarity and it will float. No support will create a more rigid, constricted and limited sound quality.


  2. Even though he’s only average it doesn’t matter I just hope he gets the chance to improve and wants to. I get so excited every time you post an analysis especially this one so thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I thought Hyunsik was second or third strongest vocalists since he’s the lead too and Sungjae isn’t. I thought he was better than Sungjae xD


  4. Thank you for Sungjae and Changsub’s analyses! I was hoping Sungjae to be at least average and I’m glad he is. So would Hyunsik be weak (or hopefully weak to average)? And from what I understand, there’s a huge gap between Eunkwang and the rest of vocal line.

    Also may I learn how Sungjae did in these covers? They’re the songs he sang in Masked Singer when he appeared for the 2nd time. If it will be too long, a rough evaluation will be enough, like if he did well or was it too hard for him (I don’t understand musical terms anyway). Thanks😀

    Replay (by Kim Dong Ryul)



    1. Unfortunately I’d probably have Hyunsik at weak, that’s why he was not analyzed. I mean there’s nothing in these videos that’s very different, within his comfort zone he did as well as before. I wish I had seen these while writing his analysis though, since I didn’t find these on Youtube.


  5. Ahmin, as expected, few melodies/ hyunsik fans start questioning as to why Hyunsik is considered weak. Hope you can visit BTOB’s OH thread and give brief explanation
    Once again thank you~~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well that’s the same explanation for him as it is for anyone else. The basic principle of singing is breath support and if a vocalist hasn’t managed to master breath support and can’t consistently sing with a relaxed tone, they’re unable to support and are therefore weaker vocalists than average. HyunSik is gorgeous and has a beautiful baritone instrument but unfortunately a beautiful instrument isn’t enough without the proper approach and technique behind it.


  6. Good analysis as usual. But if Sungjae is the strongest vocalist of BtoB, why is he Average while Changsub is Average to Above Average ?
    I just wonder if this is a mistake or if I read the analysis too fast.


  7. Thank you so much for your hard work,you really inspire me to study harder!
    I’m going to music school,so this kind of analysis really help me to know which notes are which,and i love kpop too so i get double hah 😀
    Thank you again for making this account,you and your team.Just keep this great work! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi Ahmin,

    Can you please tell me in the Mirotic cover ft. Changsub, Sungjae, Minhyuk and Hyunsik, specifically 0:40: How does Sungjae sing the “I got you… ooh” ?
    Is it healthy singing? I’m asking this question because I actually really enjoy the sound he makes, it is “boyish” and youthful sounding, even though Sungjae’s a Baritone. That said, do you think a Baritone can be boyish and tone ?


    1. Of course a baritone can be boyish, a young quality doesn’t equal tenor or soprano, it usually has more to do with you being a lyric voice. That part you are asking about unfortunately has tension.


      1. Oh great!!! Thx for replying 😆 I was wondering if that part was sung well or not. Can you show me a few examples of Baritone singers (don’t need to be Korean) who have boyish voices? Preferably those who can even make you think that they’re Tenors :3


      2. Well there’s SHINee’s Key, SS501’s Park Jungmin, B.A.P.’s Yougjae…me? lol 2PM’s Junho, we all kind of sound light compared to Kang Seungyoon, Jung Joonyoung, Hwanhee and John Park.


      3. Thanks for the examples! Although from listening to your singing, to my ear, it sounds more “manlier” and “darker” than youthful 😛

        Either way, I’ve noticed that for every singers (male, I rarely check female singers lol), you put their voice type as Lyric and I’ve seen a comment of yours saying that you put it because you’re not sure and it’s generally correct. Does the latter mean that Lyric voices are the most frequent ? Also if I’m not mistaken you put every Tenors as Light Lyric? hahahah


      4. Do I really? A lot of people tend to tell me they think I sound high like a tenor so I just assume most people would agree with that, but I’m glad you can hear the baritone in me. lol Yes, for male voices, the most common voice is a baritone. For females, it’s a soprano. Likewise, for more specific voice typing, a lyric voice is the most common and we don’t really know of any dramatic, spinto or any other type of vocalists like that, in K-pop. We do have full lyric tenors coming up! haha


      5. Thx for the reply! What does “Light” and “Ful mean btw? And who are those “Full” Tenors coming up ? :3


      6. Light lyric and full lyric are just different fachs for different weights of voice. A lyric tenor with a lighter voice is a light lyric tenor and one with a slightly heavier voice is a full lyric. Compare our light and full lyrics for sopranos, like Eunji, Yeonji, Lina, Solji, Jea, Sohyang, Lee Younghyun, who are full lyrics, with everybody else. lol


  9. Hi Ahmin! Are you a baritone? I watched your cover and honestly i’m really impressed. Those notes that were beautifully projected and executed. That’s so nice. While watching your cover, I noticed that the lower range of yours is good so i assumed that you’re baritone. HAHA


    1. Awwww yes I am a baritone. What video did you watch? Actually to be honest a lot of people tend to attack my singing when they feel I’ve “attacked” their bias’ singing with our analyses. So in order to “defend them”, or whatever they think they’re doing that I’m pretty sure none of their biases would be happy to know they’re doing, they choose to make mean comments about my singing so sometimes I actually don’t have confidence that people will like my singing or my voice. So I am very thankful, honestly. It helps me a lot. >_<


      1. John Park’s song. I really like this blog actually because of being informative and the honesty of the analyst. Don’t worry, your labor is not in vain. 😀


  10. Hi! Ahmin3! 😊

    Have you watched the japanese album track of BtoB . The song titled L.U.V. I just want to ask if whats the range of hyunsik there especially on the bridge part. Thanks in advance 😊 . And btw thank you for making an analyses of our boys. Im sure hyunsik will be joining them in the near future 😊 .


  11. I wanted to ask about the possibility of Hyunsik learnt his singing from his dad which had him sing without proper support?

    I have been curious about this for a long time now but everytime i said i will ask you i forget 😂


  12. What performance or song that Sungjae hit C#6? I’m curious that he can hit it lol i’m not underestimate him but i’m just wow. Just like BTS’ V


    1. Your question is too vague…I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking. Hui is singing in a very tight, squeezed and pushed falsetto most of the time. He is also very focused on performing and dancing, so his singing is not being focused on. He’s constantly singing around G4 and above and he doesn’t seem to have a strong enough sense of support, so he sounds tight and thin the whole time. He lacks support on G4 and I can’t tell for below because he was singing constantly above that.

      Jino, former SM The Ballad vocalist, he sounds like a baritone when he speaks but when he sings he seems like a tenor. Hui is definitely a tenor. 7:15 He sounds really throaty and tight around G4 and above as well, he is using his throat way too much and not supporting properly at all. His E4’s in the verse don’t sound bad, but G4 and above is very tight and throaty. These aren’t very good vocal performances for either of these vocalists, these songs are too high for them and they’re not focused on singing. It feels like all they want to do is show off how high they can bring their falsetto range, instead of focusing on actually singing well. These songs are too high for them, even in the mixed voice and I’d rather not create an opinion on their singing based off of these because these aren’t very good examples of their singing.


      1. Wow Ahmin you think that Jinho’s speaking voice is Baritone-like ??? Then nearly a bunch of Tenors must sound like a Baritone when they speak then because to me his speaking voice is really light not only in terms of tone but also in weight and if he were to speak like a Baritone I’d expect a few lower pitches.


  13. I don’t know it’s a better example of their singing or not….

    Can you give brief analysis?? I’m sorry for disturb you kekeke I’m just curious with them..

    Tag: Pentagon


    1. Mhmm hello there. At first I was like “Who is this? This isn’t BtoB nor B2ST…on a Cube Entertainment related analysis..” Then I read Pentagon and I was like oh okay. Next time, let me know who you’re asking about, okay?

      Okay I don’t want to be SUPER picky but I have to be. 0:16 He didn’t know the words at all, he missed the part where he was supposed to sing up until 0:33, he didn’t know the words and kept mumbling. It’s a good thing that he didn’t stop though, so I’ll commend him for that. 0:36 That E4 wasn’t bad. Maybe he was nervous. If it wasn’t for the mumbling, he would project better. His pitch is fine and he’s supporting just fine as well. 1:13 there’s a bit of tension on the G4’s, a bit of pushing but he is supporting. He has a few issues with openness and tightening his swallowing his muscles when singing higher. 2:21 really flat B4, really tight, I’m not even sure what note he was going for. 2:23 the G4 isn’t bad, then the pushed nasal head voice again. I don’t know what it is with Pentangon’s performances where they keep trying to show off how high they can sing instead of just singing the song, which causes them to sound messy and pitchy. 2:41 really tight A5 in falsetto. This is better than the other video you showed for sure cause it really showcases more singing but he didn’t seem well prepared for this performance, mumbling lyrics, random adlibs that ended up sounding off key and out place. They’re trying too hard to show off how high they can sing that they forget to focus on delivering a good vocal performance.

      Let me take a listen to Hui now. 0:31 he could project his C#3’s better, the lets some of the low notes be swallowed. 0:47 F4’s sound alright, I hear support and he sounds just a bit nasal but he supports just fine in this range. 1:07 G#4’s pushing from the throat, he is tight and tense but could be worse, he could have a lot more tension than this. 1:54 tight G#4 again, followed by really pitchy and sloppy runs. He was just singing random notes, there was no clear musical idea at all and no true sense of purpose to where the run was going to end. 2:22 flat. From the other performance I gathered that E4 was fine for him and G4 wasn’t and from this one I hear that he can support up to F4 at least. I’m going to guess F#4 should be okay for him and not above that. I’m pleased with him not trying to show off his falsetto. 3:28 tight, he could be a lot more opened, I think some of the tension comes from his vibrato. Also his runs tend to be very pitchy. Jinho is a lot more opened when he sings, he has better support but both of them have some issues to be worked on with vocal performances, song choices and definitely adlibs.


      1. Kekeke I’m sorry because it’s still related to my previous question I think I don’t need to explain who are them…I’m sorry once again lol yes I feel that they still lack in vocal technique but it’s still their predebut…so much time to improve lol


    1. There is no 2:43 in this video. Also being loud is not being resonant, Ilhoon can’t really support his voice if he can’t support, I don’t see how he could produce resonance at all. And I think you sent the wrong video.


      1. Hi Can you write Hyunsik’s vocal analysis tho! He really improved. hope if u have time you can check this videos. 🙂


      2. Please go to our future analyses list when making requests. I don’t like to have to say no, but the answer is no and if you read our rules there, you’ll understand why.


  14. Very fascinating analysis, Before coming here i always thought he was below average but viewing his second masked singer performance makes me feel like that it was one of his biggest factors to placing in the average category. Very proficient baritone/dramatic tenor.


    1. Yes I agree that after watching him performing by himself, it’s possible to see his skill for itself. I would say he is definitely NOT a dramatic tenor though…


    1. I’ve seen this and it doesn’t help much. Classical singing is a whole different set of technique. Most pop singers think that pushing with a throaty technique and pushing their tongue down into their larynx is classical singing but that couldn’t be further away from the truth. That was an example of very improper and unhealthy “classical” singing.


  15. Hi, I’m a new reader of your blog, which is fantastic. One of Sungjae’s recent solo pieces is a ballad — would you say that this song is written for a baritone and thus he is within his comfortable range? I couldn’t find a live version of him performing the song, so unfortunately it’s a studio cut; is that good enough to be able to answer my question? Thanks!


    1. Your question isn’t to do with technique, it’s just if this song fits a baritone natural tessitura and is written more comfortably for his voice. A studio track is just fine for this. No, I wouldn’t say this was written for a baritone voice. This sounds like a tenor key, the range is C#3 ~ G#4 which is not too high for a tenor and is a comfortable mid-rangey song for them, but for a baritone it’s high. I mean D.O.’s Scream OST or some of Yoseob’s OSTs are basically in this range. I wouldn’t say this was written with a baritone voice in mind. 3:37 A4 to B4, this is definitely written for a tenor voice.


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