Boyfriend’s Vocal Analysis: Hyunseong

Vocal Range

G#2 ~ G5 (2 octaves, 5 notes and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

Eb3/E3 ~ F#4/G4

Voice Type



  • Strongest vocalist in Boyfriend
  • Sense of pitch is mostly quite controlled
  • Shown good improvement since debut
  • Support is present consistently up to F#4, occasionally G4
  • Resonance can be produced
  • Support is present down to Eb3/E3
  • Falsetto can be relaxed up to C#5
  • Natural vibrato is produced
  • Placement has improved considerably
  • Transitions into falsetto are clean and accurate

Points for Improvement

  • Tends to sound uneven in his mix
  • Larynx raises above G4
  • Tends to get whiny and tight in his falsetto above C#5
  • Runs are mostly sloppy
  • Posture issues can happen keeping him from proper breath support
  • Still tends to have some issues with nasality
  • Tends to push with his throat when attempting to be chestier
  • Tension can happen within his supported range with the “Aye (애)” vowel


  • Lower register: Generally able to maintain tone and support with good vocal cord connection down to F3 and support is kept even as low as Eb3. Below Eb3, tends to lack connection and his voice becomes quieter and less supported.
  • Mixed register: Mixed voice is mostly relaxed up to F#4 and support is kept with consistency, with moments of support up to G4. Resonance can be produced but above G4 he tends to mostly strain with an uneven mix and a high larynx.
  • Upper register: Falsetto is used most of the time, although he’s been able to show a relaxed and controlled approach when singing softly. As he adds more volume, he tends to sound tense and become whiny.


For the most part in his vocal performances, Hyunseong shows little influence by R&B artists. Most of his vocal performances tend to be more standard in sound and cleaner in approach, so there are very few moments in which he attempts to sing any songs that are challenging in terms of agility. The few times he’s attempted singing vocal runs, however, it is possible to hear a tendency to slide through his runs and much like other idols, not sing every note separately and individually. Instead of taking the time to learn the correct pattern of notes in a vocal run, he chooses to rush through them instead. In slower melismas, he’s able to keep the correct muscle memory to rhythmically separate each individual pitch, such as in “Talking to the Moon“, but as soon as these runs require more speed, it results in a sloppy and somewhat pitchy execution instead, as heard in “Some” and “Want to Want Me.”

Overall analysis

Hyunseong debuted as the main vocalist of Boyfriend in 2011. He has since released one solo single for a drama OST and participated in the musical Joint Security Area. Unfortunately, Boyfriend haven’t received much exposure vocally which does not allow Hyunseong to showcase his vocal ability on TV much. His voice is light, boyish and soft in tone, lacking much harshness and being quite generally bright. His voice would most likely fall into the light lyric tenor fach.

His lower range is a less explored portion of his voice when looking at his repertoire as a member of Boyfriend. In most of their songs, he tends to sing the higher lead parts and the more challenging lines, keeping him from exploring his chest voice much. As a result, when he gets the chance to showcase the lower extent of his chest voice, it often sounds airy and underdeveloped. Support is present with the proper balance of the connection of his vocal cords and a relaxed approach to his singing, but as he descends in range he tends to whisper his lower notes. Often stylistically, he adds breathiness to his tone when singing lower, but he has shown that he can keep tone down to C3 and C#3, as heard in “오직 너만을.” Support has only been shown with enough consistency down to F3, as heard in “My Way“, E3, as heard in “이게 사랑일까“, “걱정말아요 그대” and Eb3, such as in “오직 너만을“, “가수가 된 이유” and “황금별.” Below that, his voice becomes more air than tone and the proper connection of his vocal cords is lost, as heard when he descends down to B2 in “이게 사랑일까“, A2’s in “걱정말아요 그대” or G#2 in “그 남자.”

His mixed voice is where most of his improvement has been heard over the years. In terms of mixing, Hyunseong has always favored a lighter mix with less chest voice. However the softness and lightness of his mix weren’t the characteristics shown when singing higher, as he would often keep his mouth somewhat closed when singing, not fully dropping his jaw to allow sound to come out. Due to that, his voice would then come out partially from his mouth and partially from his nose, causing him to sound blocked and nasal. As his career went on, he’s shown more improvement in this area, where now he’s able to use the proper jaw position to project his voice and eliminate nasality. As such, he’s been able to also allow more chestiness in his mix for more changes in dynamics, and also learned to properly lift his soft palate, being able to produce resonance in his mix, as heard by the E4’s in “To Me“, F4’s in “고백“, “오직 너만을“, “홍보병의 날“, F#4’s in “황금별“, “그 남자“, “가수가 된 이유” and G4’s in “황금별” and “오직 너만을.”

Above G4, however, his mix still tends to sound somewhat tight and bright. He’s unable to blend the right amount of chest and head voice in his mix, favoring a lighter and headier approach as he sings higher. This may minimize the vocal strain on his voice, but he still has the tendency to let his throat close and his larynx raise above G4, becoming tighter and squeezed with a high larynx, as heard in the Bb4 in “오직 너만을” and G4’s in “같은 시간 속의 너.” When adding more volume to his voice, strain becomes more apparent as he tends to then have a more shouty and pushed quality to his mix. This can happen even when support is present, such as the G4’s in “황금별“, but mostly happens when support is gone and mostly tension takes over, as heard by the G#4’s and Bb4’s in “가수가 된 이유“, G#4’s in “걱정말아요 그대“, A4’s in “Trippin’“, “JANUS“, C#5’s in “Twinkle“, D5’s in “같은 시간 속의 너” and F#5 in “What Do You Want from Me.”

His falsetto is relatively used well and he mostly transitions without problems. He’s able to sing in falsetto with a relaxed throat up to C#5, as heard in the B4’s in “Talking to the Moon” and C#5’s in “One Day“, and able to transition with a soft approach and a good sense of pitch, as heard in “忘れないで” and “You’re My.” Above C#5, he tends to use a slightly more mask placed approach, favoring a push of air as opposed to the right amount of breath support. This causes him to sound more shouty and squeezed in his falsetto, as heard with the G5 in “Want to Want Me.” He’s never shown the correct muscle memory to connect his vocal cords together with breath support to produce a more connected head voice, adopting an airier and less connected approach where breath support is not present.

Musically, Hyunseong has the right amount of dynamics and has shown good control of his instrument stylistically. He’s able to choose when to open up and use a more well placed sound in his mixed voice, such as when he sings musical theatre songs, and when to sing with a more pop-like approach in a slightly more nasal tone. He also knows when to favor more power, less power or airiness in tone. He’s able to show a good understanding of how to produce a natural vibrato as well, allowing him to maintain a relaxed jaw and larynx. Technically, he still tends to have an unbalance of chest and head voice in his mix which can cause him to sound shouty when trying to add more power to his voice, which can lead to some vocal damage. He also tends to have improper posture when singing, which makes it harder for him to breath properly into his diaphragm.

As a vocalist, Hyunseong has shown interest in his craft and good work ethic. Consistency is present not only in his technique, but also in his improvement. He’s been able to develop his breath support better throughout the years and fixed issues with placement and pitch. He’s a young vocalist with a promising future who needs more opportunities to motivate him to further improve his singing as his career goes on. For the future, he should focus on how to properly balance his mixed voice and to explore the full extent of his lower range, as well as being given the chance to appear on shows such as King of Mask Singer and Immortal Song 2, to further showcase his vocal ability.


For the most part, Hyunseong is not too risky in his vocal performances. He doesn’t often try to go out of his way to create a new melodic line within a song, instead choosing to stick to the original composition for his performances. He favors singing with accuracy and precision, as opposed to attempting to add his own ideas to performances. Harmonically, he’s able to blend his voice relatively well when singing harmonies as well, as heard in “바래다주는길.”

Label (Type of Vocalist)

M Vocalists: Mid-Range Vocalists

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)

49 thoughts on “Boyfriend’s Vocal Analysis: Hyunseong

    1. Adding to what the user replied to you with.. I just posted this analysis and you’re already asking about an update lol I’ll add details that are relevant IF it’s needed and ONLY if.


  1. Thank you for your analysis. Not forgettable his other strong point is his emotion. I hope his company, Starship will promote him (and Boyfriend) as a singer more by participate in singing shows. Practice makes perfect. Thanks again. 🙂


    1. Emotions don’t count as strengths when it comes to vocal technique, so it would not be mentioned in the analysis. No problem. ^ ^


  2. Thanks for the analysis. Admittedly I hadn’t really thought of Boyfriend as a particularly vocal-oriented group, but I’m very glad to get a better understanding of how Hyunseong sings.

    As none of the other members of the group appear to be in the Future Analyses list, would that mean they’re all likely weak vocalists?


    1. Yes that is the reason I did not think of analyzing anybody else. There are a couple of groups I have no intentions of analyzing their lead vocalists due to lack of material or skill, namely B1A4, BESTie, Secret, Miss A, Boyfriend, T-Ara, MYNAME, EXID, Block B, AOA and MBLAQ. The only exceptions would be EXID and T-Ara but EXID lacks material and T-Ara I just honestly don’t have the time for their weaker vocalists.


      1. Wait, MYNAME? Really? Is Insoo that much weaker than Gunwoo or does he just have no material?


      2. I listened to him because I was going to analyze him in case he was average, but he seemed to lean more towards weak and I wasn’t about to watch numerous j-promotion fancams of them singing as a group to find his parts when he wasn’t even requested by anybody on his own without including Gunwoo.


  3. What’s bad about singing with a heady mix. What if you want to do it for style or preference? Does it do anything negative to the vocal cords?


    1. It was explained that it’s not bad, but it’s incorrect to ONLY be able to mix with a heady mix above a certain note. A tenor with a heady mix above B4/C5? That’s understandable, but there should be a better balance of head and chest below that. Also take into consideration that yes stylistically he can choose a headier mix, but can he also choose to sing in a chestier/more balanced mix at will and stay relaxed and supported? That’s why it’s important to develop versatility and a good balance. It’s not negative, it just keeps you from fully developing your instrument.


      1. Okay i get it but i wasn’t talking about him specifically if that’s what you thought. Anyway who’s next for your analysis i’m hoping it’s Youngjae or Jungkook.


      2. I’m not skipping 2012, so neither of those are happening yet. Oh no Ik I was using him as an example.


  4. Hyunseong is kpop most unknown main vocal. This analysis will help people realize Hyunseong (and Boyfriend) have potential to be a better singer and should be promoted in a right manner 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’ll find out once they’re all analyzed but we believe K.Will should have better technique and Kihyun definitely does not have as good of a technique as Hyunseong.


  5. I’m amazed and confused that Hyunseong vocal have improve day after day, plus he’s now between Hyorin and Soyou but Starship still keep him in their ‘cave’. What else does Hyunseong lacking???

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  6. I just found out about your analysis. What do you think about Boyfriend “The Voice” project? Does it really showcase their vocal? Does Hyunseong singing got better after he joined musical?


    1. I think through musicals he was able to showcase more with his voice because he had more chances to vocalize differently but I’m not sure I’d call it exactly improvement. The voice project? I’m not I know what that is. Could you explain?


    1. We actually would rather not analyze vocals based off of videos that were recorded in studio, like these. The only thing that affects their singing is the fact that studio effects, reverb and having many takes to get the singing part right can mask some issues they may have when singing live. The videos with Hyunseong were actually mentioned in the analysis, the second and fourth videos you posted I mean. I wasn’t going to watch these because 5 videos is a bit excessive, but since 2 are mentioned in the analysis and these videos are also fairly short, I’ll give them a listen but I won’t be too detailed with time stamps and such.

      Jeongmin sounds very soft and he has very shallow support, he sounds like he’s unable to connect proper breathing to his singing, so his tone lacks fulness and roundness. He sounds slightly tight and nasal throughout, although he range is fairly narrow and comfortable for him. 0:10 In the Donghyun video, those were too many notes in too many runs that he didn’t even seem to know where the idea was going. The runs sounded like guessing random notes, it was very sloppy. He sounds similarly nasal and shallow to Jeongmin, except he is trying to sing with more power and so he sounds throatier and his pitch is less precise because he is attempting to add far too many runs to this song.

      The last video, I’m hearing the same things as before. Donghyun sounds like he might be a baritone, the twins also seem like they might be baritones. I am hearing very underdeveloped support with every single member aside from Hyunseong, which is something I already had noticed when analyzing Hyunseong.


      1. Tbh, I dont know anything about vocal and technique. I was attracted to Hyunseong cover. I thought the video title “The Voice” is to showcase their vocal but something feels awkward especially Donghyun, he sounds funny to me. After your quick analysis, I guess their video is just a present to their fans. Thank you for your clarification.

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      2. Wow I understand that Donghyun sings in a narrow Baritone range with a heady mix very early, and the sharpness of his tone is actually due to throat singing and a nasal and whiny placement, but he really sounds like a Tenor to me O.O Did you ever think he were a Tenor? If he were to look like… Baekho, I’d still say he was a Tenor lol And to think Wonho is a Tenor to you, hahahha (recently he’s gotten softer in his mix, less pushy, I can see why he seems like Tenor to you now)


      3. He definitely sounds like a baritone to me, somewhat heady around D4 ~ F4, tight throughout that range and pretty much in his throat but a tenor wouldn’t be needing to mix so early. He sounds like he needs to mix around D4, that’s much too early for a tenor to be in his full mixed voice.


      4. Is there any song in which I can listen clearly to Donghyun’s transition from chest to mix then ? 😄 Any good parts from the songs linked to here?


      5. Oh never mind that, I checked his cover of Beauty And A Beat and I can see how early he already mix since C4-D4 ish 🙂 Quite airy though for the lowest parts of his mixed voice, his chest is a little like that in here too


      6. I’m really surprised that you’d say that Jeongmin is “less weak” than Donghyun though. Jeongmin is very airy and throaty and he barely connects his vocal cords, I can’t listen to his tone at all through the amount of air he uses. Donghyun on the other hand does connect his cords, though with strain and tightness. It’s like a Jimin/Jin situation for me hahah. I’d say that Jeongmin’s approach is less tense but I’m not sure if I’d say it’s better


    1. Donghyun was singing in a much lower key than Bruno Mars actually. He sounds like a baritone to me. I believe they’re both baritones.


      1. For Me he sound like myname gunwoo. If he sound like one to you.he is one for sure.

        I thought he was a tenor because of how youngmin has a more Heavy dark sound. His is more high with weight on it.


      2. He is not singing high at all actually, at least not for a tenor. He is phrasing mostly Db4’s, then there’s the Eb4 before the chorus started 1:13, then the chorus is him singing around a lot of Gb4’s and F4’s. He sounds thin and nasal because his throat is closed and he is singing with a very constricting technique, so he lacks fulness in tone but this isn’t in a tenor range. He is singing in a baritone range. This is high for a baritone, I’d be working hard to handle phrasing the Gb4’s and F4’s constantly, but this isn’t “high.” If he was like..phrasing A4’s like a tenor, I’d think he is a tenor but he is handling Eb4’s like and Db4’s like they’re part of his mixed voice and only a baritone would be mixing down on Db4. A tenor would start mixing around Eb4, if this was a tenor key, he’d be singing Bb4’s and A4’s in the chorus or so instead. Actually now I’m more sure that he’s a baritone.

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  7. Hello, thanks for your amazing analysis. To be honest, I really do not understand about vocal, vibra or anything. But I really like to read your analysis about K.will, soyou, and hyunseong .. I’m a little sad why just now knowing your blog .. 😦


  8. Thank you so much for this post ♥ I’m Hyunseong’s fan for years and I have never read anything related to his vocals since he’s not so popular, so I’m really glad for this analysis. It’s amazing and precise ♥


  9. Aww, I really can’t wait for Kihyun’s analysis now! I saw that some time last year you mentioned that Kihyun definitely doesn’t have better technique than Hyunseong, so that would mean he’d probably be average at best so that’s a little disappointing.. I always thought he sounded a lot better than that, but shows what I know! xD Besides, he could or could have not improved since then, so it’ll be interesting to see what that turns out to be, whatever the case is 🙂

    I appreciate the work you do and I’m happy you did this analysis as I find Boyfriend to be more forgotten unfortunately ;; It’s a shame Hyunseong doesn’t really get the chance to show what he’s capable of; I feel like if he did, it would potentially bring more spotlight to the group.

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