Teen Top’s Vocal Analysis: Niel

Vocal Range

A2 ~ D6 (3 Octaves, 2 notes and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

E3 ~ D4/Eb4

Voice Type



  • Second strongest vocalist in Teen Top
  • Able to bring down support to E3
  • Support can be present up to Eb4
  • Able to choose when to be stylistic to an extent
  • Improvement has been heard in his overall approach throughout the years
  • Pitch is mostly accurate when singing
  • Better placement can be present in his mixed voice
  • Slower vocal runs can be smooth to an extent

Points for Improvement

  • Sings with a raised larynx throughout most of his range
  • Airiness in tone often present, causing his larynx to raise
  • Larynx raises above Eb4
  • Often tries to emulate other people in his style, not using his true voice
  • Notes below E3 often become thin, airy and don’t project at all
  • Tightness in his throat/jaw anywhere above E4 is present
  • Often pushes his voice out with his throat when singing higher
  • Falsetto is airy and transitions can be sloppy
  • Throat tension often present
  • Often sings with his voice placed in his nose


  • Lower register: His lower range is mostly airy and lacks tone, but he does have the ability to bring tone down to Bb2/B2. There’s a tendency to sing with airiness throughout his range and he’s only been able to show support consistently down to E3.
  • Mixed register: His mixed voice is one that lacks openness and fulness. He often sings with a stylistic tight throat sound but can also use better placement in his mixed when he wishes to, but still is unable to show true support anywhere above Eb4.
  • Upper register: He doesn’t often sing in his falsetto, but when he does there’s a huge gap in tone and color. Airiness becomes even more prominent in this register, stability and support become fragile.


When it comes to vocal runs, Niel’s ability to separate and sing each note with clarity isn’t completely neglected. Although drawing influences from many R&B artists in his singing style, Niel goes more for a gritty approach in his singing and focuses more on raspiness than really adding runs on every song he sings. Thus, it’s somewhat hard to determine just how developed his sense of control for melismas is, since he doesn’t often sing runs in his vocal performances. Nonetheless, in rare examples in which he has sung runs, there’s a care for pitch and separation of tone for slower tempo runs, in which he’s able to sing more or less on the center of the pitch without sliding too much into each single note or losing his control, as heard in “Don’t Wanna Try” and “내 마음의 보석상“.

Overall analysis

Debuting in 2010 as the main vocalist of Teen Top, much like its name, Niel was one of the youngest teen idols at the time of his debut. Throughout the years, he has shown good improvement in certain areas of his voice but has more or less stuck with the same style of singing he favored all these years. His natural tone is bright and light, leaning towards a light lyric tenor in fach. He generally sings with a raspy tone but the few times he’s shown his real voice, he still retains a youthful and young boyish tone to his voice.

The lower part of his chest voice is one that’s often neglected not only in development but in the overall repertoire of songs performed by Teen Top. Generally singing in a slightly higher range, Niel has proven from time to time that he isn’t very comfortable singing very low and even on a reasonably higher end of a tenor’s chest voice, he still is unable to keep complete support in his voice. Down to E3, Niel has shown that he’s able to control his voice quite well and show support, such as in “뭐라고 딱 꼬집어 얘기할 수 없어요” and “누이.” Below E3, however, he often has the tendency to let go of the full stretch of his vocal cords and allow an opening in between them, where air comes through and his voice becomes quieter and loses support, such as the Eb3’s in “아침부터 아침까지“, B2’s in “짝사랑“, Bb2’s in “Missing (쉽지 않아)” and A2’s in “A Whole New World.”

His mixed voice is where his voice becomes trickier. Support wise, there’s been very good improvement in utilizing less of a stylistic approach in his voice throughout the years and more noticeably in 2013/2014 he’s shown a few moments of better vocal cord connection and better placement in his mixed voice. However, anywhere above Eb4 seems to still be an issue for him technically. The few times he’s shown better support in his mix were notes around Eb4 or lower, such as the Eb4 in “널 그리며“. As a tenor, Niel is unable to sing with proper technique above his first passaggio and has yet to figure out how to truly support his higher range. He generally opts for a throaty and raspy tone in his mix, often stylistic, but even when attempting notes with more vocal cord connection and less airiness, he still tends to use a lot of tension from his throat to push the notes out and project. Throughout his whole range, there’s a tendency for Niel to place his voice in his nose, but when belting he tends to ease up on the nasality and allow more openness, but often resulting in a whiny yelled sound sung with no support and a high larynx. Examples include the E4’s in “Date” and “몰라“, the F4’s in “내 마음의 보석상“, “니가 있어야 할 곳” and “둥지“, the F#4’s in “No No No“, the G4’s in “청바지 아가씨“, “모두 잠든 후에” and “짠짜라“, the G#4’s in “다짐” and “누이“, the A4’s in “쿨하지못해 미안해“, “Angel” and “환희“, and the Bb4 in “Honey“.

His falsetto is the least explored and used part of his voice. He often sings with airiness in his voice, but in his upper register the airiness is such that it causes him to lose the control of his voice. The airiness usually causes him to sound thinned out and the contrast of sound from his mixed voice to his upper register becomes very noticeable. There’s a drop in volume, as well as an inability to stay stable and in pitch. His transitions aren’t often inaccurate, but just lack connection. He’s unable to use a true head voice or connect his vocal cords properly in his upper register, and thus has no support in his upper register, such as in “널 그리며“, “울어 (Cry)“, “못된 여자” and “The Way You Make Me Feel“. Nevertheless, he’s able to still carry a lot of tone up when pushing more air into his vocal cords and has an extensive range in his falsetto, being able to hit a Soprano C, C6 and even D6.

The biggest issue with Niel’s technique lies in his inability to sing with his true voice. The way he sings currently is mostly driven by an influence of many artists, but the one that sticks out the most is the late Michael Jackson. Niel’s attempt at emulating his vocal style is so extreme, that he causes a lot of throat, jaw and tongue tension to be present throughout his range. He mostly sings with disconnected vocal cords and raspiness in present throughout his range, as well as a tight constricted sound in his throat, all of which result in him singing with a high larynx throughout a considerable portion of his range. All this tension is often avoided when he sings with less raspiness and allows his true tone to appear, shown rarely in occasions such as in “4 Minutes” and “뭐라고 딱 꼬집어 얘기할 수 없어요“. Even then, true support still isn’t completely present and due to the excessive bad habit of trying to sound like someone else, he never truly explores his true potential and sounds like two completely different people. The scale from the bottom to the top of his range is uneven caused by the stylistic choices he makes in his singing.

As a performer, Niel is a strong dancer and a charismatic artist. He always delivers powerful performances and uses his Michael Jackson influence very well. However due to the lack of originality in his style, Niel is unable to show his true self and has yet to discover who he is, as opposed to trying to be what someone else was. For future improvements and for a long lasting career, working on finding true breath support and working on the basics of singing would help him improve his overall singing to a greater level of technical skill. Due to his young age, it’s very common for an artist to still be finding himself musically and if he wishes to sing for the rest of his life, finding his true voice will help him avoid damaging his instrument and vocal cords to an irreversible state.


Musically, Niel has a decent ear for pitch but his performances generally are more focused on the overall showmanship more so than his vocals. He tends to favor strong dance routines as opposed to showing off his vocals or range. Therefore, it’s very rare or almost impossible to find performances in which Niel adds his own different melodic changes to sings, since most of his focus goes into the performance aspect and not as much on the singing aspect.

Label (Type of Vocalist)

C Vocalists: Commercial Vocalists

S vocalists: Stylistic Vocalists

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)


72 thoughts on “Teen Top’s Vocal Analysis: Niel

      1. lol no Niels voice is pretty high. he can’t hit low notes..or i’ve never heard him hit them well at least
        he’s the lead vocalist in teen top..usually sings the chorus so they’re the higher parts:)


  1. Uhuhu, thanks for the next analysis. He’s second (?) so who is the best in Teen Top then? And why has their company pushed him to be the main vocalist from the start… I knew Teen Top are not marvellous singers, but really, now… i’m usually pissed at YG for making weak vocalists be the mains but it turns out it’s not the only company who does not give a …. . Sorry… :/


    1. Well I thought he was the strongest too until I listened to all of them. Surely, Ricky and Changjo aren’t better or too different from Niel, Chunji is the one with the strongest technique.


    2. Niel never even wanted to be a singer in the first place. So he didn’t know how to sing and dance at all. When he was 15 his mom took him to park and secretly signed for audition where he sang – it is publicly known fact. He was taken because of his interesting voice. After half a year he had he debuted at 16. Whatever training he had for half a year certainly was not enough.
      So even if I am not happy with the classification I am still not surpised with it.


  2. Gosh… seriously i was shocked when I saw his supported range… which is kinda similar to Sungmin’s. I expected him to be kinda better than weak so i continued reading with hope that something might boost him up lol… I think it’s funny when u questioned if he’s the 2nd strongest in Teen Top XD and one more thing, u forgot an example for a D4 at the mixed voice section.


    1. Oh thanks for noticing, I forgot about that and yeah it was also a typo, I questioned it while writing the analysis but after I was finished, I knew the answer lol


  3. So Chunji The Power Voice who is a lead vocal is stronger than Niel The Emotional Vocal who is a main vocal? Cool, that’s interesting~ Hmmm i’m imagining Ricky and Changjo tho but never mind

    Liked by 1 person

  4. hahaha i would never imagine you place him in weak vocalist. i was like well he is not that great, maybe around weak. but you ever told me before about the possibility of him being above average, based on his perf in immortal song. so yeah, for his sake, weak vocalist might be the best.

    i hear his singing again and again, and it is like he sing with bleh bleh bleh technique, if you know what i mean. so, chunji is still better ya? there are not so much lead vocalist who have better skill than main vocalist.

    just my personal taste, i like changjo voice a lot. although his skill also weak haha

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      1. so you have found who changjo is. he has that manly scent and maturity in his voice. i like it. if only he has vocal skill as junghwan, it will be good enough.

        as a whole, 100% is better than teentop ya? they have 3 vocalist and teentop only has 2. aww i cant wait for their analysis. are you going to analyze them all? niel chunji rockhyun hyukjin jonghwan


  5. Thanks for another interesting analysis! I suspected his technique wasn’t the healthiest, with the whiny and strained aspects. This analysis delves deeply into what is going on. What you said about him trying to emulate others makes a lot of sense. I hope he can go back to the basics and find his own style before he causes damage to his voice.

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  6. Lol, I knew Niel wasn’t above A to AA, but I certainly wasn’t expecting him to be weak. *sighs* So, who’s the vocalist that is better than him? Is it Chunji?

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  7. Ahmin, I know you don’t like questions about non Kpop vocalists. And I won’t post the video until you give the okay….

    There is this song cover where this vocalist is clearly straining. Emphasis on the clear. Even the commenters noticed and almost all agreed he sounded dreadful. I’ve heard other vocalists strain similar notes but hardly any sounded as dreadful as he did. I wanted to know why it is so obvious and so unnatractive to the ears when this particular vocalist does it, but when some people like Exos Chen, Baekhyun, D.O, Shinee’s Jonghyun, Onew and Taemin and Kyuhyun and so on strain live, they don’t sound nearly as obvious or as unnapealing as this particular vocalist. In fact most fans can’t even see the loss of tonality in Kpop vocalists. I just wish I knew what is he doing differently in comparison to the Kpop vocalists I mentioned.

    Think you can take a look? or is it a no no?

    P.S. it’s not the whole song just one line of the chorus will do. Since the chorus practically makes up the entire song.


    1. Mhmm interesting, if it’s a quick look and you give me time stamps for a specific portion that you feel is specially unappealing, I’ll give it a listen.


      1. Thanks Ahmin, but it’s every part of the chorus that’s unnapealing. I’ll post it here. I think the notes are either Bb4s and A4s. I’ll repost the question here. ”There is this song cover where this vocalist is clearly straining. Emphasis on the clear. Even the commenters noticed and almost all agreed he sounded dreadful. I’ve heard other vocalists strain similar notes but hardly any sounded as dreadful as he did. I wanted to know why it is so obvious and so unnatractive to the ears when this particular vocalist does it, but when some people like Exos Chen, Baekhyun, D.O, Shinee’s Jonghyun, Onew and Taemin and Kyuhyun and so on strain live, they don’t sound nearly as obvious or as unnapealing as this particular vocalist. In fact most fans can’t even see the loss of tonality in Kpop vocalists. I just wish I knew what is he doing differently in comparison to the Kpop vocalists I mentioned.” Thanks Ahmin.
        Time Stamps: 1:09 – 1:20, 2:52-3:05, 3:17- 3:22 (only three stamps because this is rough on the ears)


      2. His mix is really weak and he lacks in terms of placement, he sounds really tight and whiny. I don’t hear much of a difference between what he does and what Leo, Henry, Jimin, Jungkook, Changmin or even someone on Taeil’s level does. His vowels are very closed, especially on 1:09 ~ 1:20 but around 2:52 ~ 3:05 he sounds a lot like vocalists in K-pop. He just sounds really closed, a lot to do with with his vowels being tight, wide, closed in his throat and his placement being very nasal. It’s hard to compare it to Chen, Baekhyun, D.O., Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin or Kyuhyun because all these vocalists can carry support AT LEAST up to G#4 whereas this guy is already closed on E4.


    1. This isn’t an analysis about his “voice” or its “uniqueness”, it’s an analysis on his vocal technique and vocal skill. Make sure to read the analysis carefully and the criteria before misunderstanding the intentions and content of the analysis. Nobody is saying not to like his voice, if he’s your favorite singer, all the more power to you. Just be aware of how he’s treating his voice and how the way he sings is damaging to his vocal health.


      1. Oh, I noticed that it always sounds like she’s like pushing her voice through and it’s forced, so is it like a result of her not keeping her throat open enough? Thanks!


  8. Were you able to catch Niel’s performances on King of Masked Singer recently? I never thought Niel was a very good singer, even though I enjoy listening to him. He made it to round two of the semi finals, and I had no idea it was him and was like this guy is good.
    http://kshowonline.com/kshow/4497-%5Bengsub%5D-king-of-mask-singer-ep.46 starting at 2;32. He sings JYP’s “I Have a Girlfriend”. I think your analysis is still spot on, but imo this performance beats the example above. Again that’s just me. I hope you’ll give it a listen and maybe just a brief note on what you think. I won’t cry if you disagree. 🙂


    1. Hello, I saw your facebook post. Your comment was posted on the blog here, it just was left up for approval since it was probably your first comment ever on the blog. ^ ^
      He sounds pretty tight throughout, it’s not specially better than any of his other performances vocally, not to the point where I’d say it’s one of his best. I’m listening to the Youtube link instead but I couldn’t find a link of the actual performance, only this audio. It’s not a bad vocal performance for him, but it’s still pretty tight sounding. The chorus sounds pretty tight and gritty, even though it’s still pretty low in range. His falsetto was somewhat shaky and nasal, but fuller than any other time. His lower notes lacked support but they had tone. It lacked support throughout so Idk.. It could be one of his better performances, if we get a link of the actual performance. I think they could both be used as his best. Would that be okay?


      1. That’s entirely up to you, but I think it might be a nice addition as a performance video, and I thank you for considering it. I think I found it especially refreshing that he was just trying to be the kind of singer he wants to be without the added pressure of having to hop and bounce around the stage and do body rolls with pursed lips. The fact that this performance was more for himself than anyone else is probably what made me enjoy it that much more. The clip will probably be on Youtube in the next couple of weeks as it only recently aired. Thank you for your prompt reply, and as always I love your site and all the work you put into it. A belated thanks as well for your lovely Christmas gift to your subscribers. As I’m not longer a child coming to the site that day was like having a full grown up style stocking. In layman’s terms…It was awesome!


      2. I agree about that too, it was more focused on the singing and not the performance of it all. Please when it comes out, you’re welcome to post the video here and I’ll add it to the list. ^ ^ I’m glad you had a great time haha


  9. Also, what do you think of this note(s) at 1:29? I don’t know about technically, but I thought the fact that she did it at all was quite amazing considering she’s actually a rapper and had to fill in at the last moment. Thanks in advance!


    1. It sounds thin, whiny and completely unsupported. I guess considering she’s a rapper, it’s okay. It’s only like B4 ~ C#5.


  10. Hey Ahmin! This is my first time commenting, and I just wanted to say how much I respect your site and it has helped me learn a lot about vocal technique (as a listener.) I’ve been using it as a way to judge my progress, and I feel that, if I were a baritone, I would likely be at least average, but as a tenor I would surely be much lower. So…. I was wondering if you could help me get a rough idea of my voice type from my sound cloud https://soundcloud.com/john-daniel-113948468/like-bleck-swan (there are lots of recordings, not just that one) and maybe give me some specific tips to work on? My full vocal range is like Eb2-Ab6, but most of that is strained and unusable. I am currently taking vocal lessons, but I still don’t know how to fix my mix T_T. I’d like to be able to extend my range, and since anything below D3 feels somewhat bad and so does anything above an F4 I’m really lost on what my range could be.

    P.S.-The first vocalist I ever idolized was Park Bom so I think I picked up lots of bad habits as I listened to her right after my voice finished its (big) puberty change LOL. Thanks again!


    1. Hello there John! First of all, the blog is not just mine, it’s a team of 3 analysts and we work together all the time. ^ ^ Second of all….you’re taking vocal lessons right now you said, right? Could you explain more to me what you’ve been doing in your vocal lessons…because if you don’t know how to fix your mix, I’m not sure what to tell you if your vocal instructor is not addressing this. Did you ask them about it? Tell me more about what you do in your lessons. Now let me go listen to your singing.

      I like how you spelled it as “Bleck” LOL It made me laugh lol 0:27 I hear glottal tension and nasality in your mask placed head voice. There’s one thing you need to get rid of, your vibrato. It’s really fast, uneven and it comes out at random times when you’re phrasing songs. It shouldn’t come out so often. I like it when you don’t have vibrato, like in the dynamics audio. You need help to add more chest to your mix, it’s too whiny and too thin, too heady. You sound like a tenor to me, like…..from the first note lol You have a nice voice, but there’s a bit of tongue tension I hear occasionally and your vibrato is unstable due to the lack of proper support. Your breathing has to do with your lack of true diaphragmatic breathing. Your belly should remain expanded when you sing out. Also work on your stability. Your pitch is not bad. Your Korean pronunciation is not bad btw. Either way …I would not count anything above B5 as part of your singable range. I’ve hit F#7 before, I would never count it as part of my range. lol Only if you can sing it in a song and consistently, any day …even if strained. Your “whistle” like register is not nearly developed enough.

      Addressing your mix is harder for me, I’d need to sit down with you and have a real lesson, I couldn’t just do it without an actual lesson.


      1. Thanks so much for the response! I’m sure you get this all the time, but it’s amazing how much time and help you give this community! ^^

        Wow, so I’m a tenor. For a while I was in denial, telling myself that my weak mix was out of my control since my voice just “wasn’t high,” but, now that you say that, I can hear that my voice is pretty heady sounding throughout the range. So I’m definitely weak then, ahhhh~ Since my support stops at like Eb4 lol

        The vibrato thing is definitely gonna be hard; I’ll have to think about avoiding it since it’s become such a bad habit, but I think you’re definitely right about it. Sometimes it feels like it’s “easier” to sing (higher) if I use vibrato and “shake” my voice higher lol I don’t really know what I’m trying to say.

        So I do have a head voice? That’s something else I was unsure about, because whenever I try to use falsetto it comes out like that instead of something airy, and I don’t really know anyone else in my choir who can do that. My choir section is another one of my struggles. Since I’m actually one of the better higher male voices we have, it’s really abysmal .. Sometimes I am forced to strain when I wouldn’t otherwise in an effort to blend. It’s rough.

        Anyway, on to my voice teacher…. He seems like a fairly skilled singer himself (He’s probably at least good), but he uses completely different terminology. Anything in the head/falsetto register he calls falsetto, and he refers to the upper male mix as head voice, so, even if I told him that I want to improve my mixed voice, it wouldn’t really mean much to him.

        I take a half hour lesson every week and have been since last summer. I’ve improved a bit and developed a more forward placement since I’ve had lessons with him, but it feels soooo slow. Each lesson we do warm-up’s/exercises for around 15-20 minutes, then work on repertoire. None of the repertoire has really gone above an E4, so I think he’s trying to strengthen my chest voice first. His main advice to me, which I’m pretty skeptical of, is to sing on the floor, with my stomach on the ground and head flat on one side. He says that it will “stretch the swallowing muscles” if I do it, but I just feel like I’m yelling and straining really hard when I do it. If I did this exercise more religiously, do you think it would help? He also says to “pull the belly button to the spine.” Is this good advice for breath support? He has also told me to lighten my voice as I get higher, which may be why my mix sounds so whiny.

        Thanks again! Sorry that this is so long.


      2. Oh that’s because he’s more of a classical instructor so he sticks to very classical terminology. In classical terms, a male’s upper register is always a falsetto and a male’s mix is always a “head voice”. There’s only chest, head and falsetto for males, for females it’s usually chest and head voice I believe, falsetto can be produced too but it’s mostly head and chest. It’s just different names for the same thing. Well he seems like a patient instructor, I’d do it exactly like him, 15 to 20 minutes of exercises and then working on a song. Oh a lot of classical instructors do the lying on the floor thing, it’s pretty usual. It can work well, but it feels like it’s either a hit or a miss so if it works for you, then go for it! I think you should do it but just try to stay relaxed, ask him further questions on how to stay relaxed. Sometimes we are aiming for something when we instruct and we are aware of the strain, but it’s the only way we can get some sounds out of you, for the time being. Push the belly button to the spine? So inward? I’d say the opposite, I’d say expand your belly like a balloon into every single direction and keep it expanded as you sing. Lightening up as you get higher is correct advice for sure.


    1. They’re all strained, they’re D5’s and E5’s which are quite high for the averagely skilled soprano. However Yuna is unable to show support anywhere above G#4/A4.


  11. Hey, I have a question about this performance that Seventeen’s DK and Seungkwan and I was wondering if you could answer it:

    Does Seungkwan have bad posture? I mean, I thought he sounded nice, but he looked kinda… hunchback-ish (that’s probably a word :P)


    1. His posture isn’t exactly too bad, it’s not hindering him too much. It’s just he’s leaning forward a lot but within the range he’s singing in, it’s not necessarily affecting his breathing too much for now, in this case. He isn’t as much hunchback as he’s just leaning forward, to me at least.


  12. I’m having a hard time accepting Chunji is better than Niel..It’s been a while since I watched their live performances but I used to fallow them closely until Miss Right and Chunji sucked at lives he had no control(as much as I could tell) u couldn’t even hear him properly. I always wondered why he was one of the mains..Was I wrong or did he improve drastically?
    Also are you gonna do Rokhyun and Hyukjin from 100%? I think 100%’s vocal line is better than Teen Top but they never really got good songs and the difference between members abilities is huge, the company never promoted them properly..They are very unfortunate..


    1. I am not sure exactly because I watched them from 2010 ~ 2015 for the analysis, so watching videos within that range, I was able to notice that at least in 2013 ~ 2015, Chunji displayed a very noticeably better and healthier approach to his singing. They’re not very far apart, but there’s a difference that’s noticeable. It will be clear once his analysis comes out, so just be on the look out for that instead cause I don’t blame. Without his own personal analysis, accepting Chunji as the strongest isn’t necessarily a must yet.

      Yes we’re definitely going to analyze both Rokhyun and Hyukjin. ^ ^ I look forward to analyzing them because the few performances I’ve heard of them set the bar really high for them and I’m excited to see how good they truly are.


      1. Ah I see, that thought crossed my mind, but I didn’t realize it was that much of a problem, but I could see how it could be one. Thanks anyways


      2. I do apologize, I just don’t think it’s fair to analyze those whose voices are so young and immature.


    1. I’m no ahmin but I can give a fairly decent analysis of singers (of course no where near as in depth nor possessing the same level of knowledge as ahmin and the others) but I do love hearing singing performances from kids simply due to the difference in tone and quality, especially boys since you know, puberty, haha.

      Anyways, I’ll go in order starting with the girl.

      She has a very sweet tone and from what I can tell, stayed on pitch the whole time but to me, it sounds more like she’s “talking” in tune rather than actually singing since there was no vibrato.

      Next the boy singing “Colors of the Wind”

      I really liked his singing, I noticed his vibrato isn’t that stable, especially with the lower notes, but he remained consistent the whole time and everything sounded very much within his range, meaning I didn’t detect any strain. It did sound like he was using a more “heady” mix but I’m just kind of guessing right now, haha. There were moments that sounded a bit throaty, mainly with the lower notes.

      Finally the last one, wow such a difference compared to the other 2, although he also did the same “throaty low notes” that the other boy did, I do believe he was more resonant and supported than the other 2, definitely has a bright future ahead of him with singing.

      Hope that helped!


      1. Ahmin, I understand 🙂
        Alden, thank you! I knew the first two had their mistakes, but I didn’t know what they did wrong technically, so that’s what I wanted to know. The older boy obviously stood out I heard he was fluent in English, obviously Korean, and French and takes voice lessons. I think he’s 10-12 and since he seems to have a decent amount of talent, and so much self motivation, so like you said, I believe he has a bright future ahead of him as well. Thanks again!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. She actually sounds lower overall in “Hold Your Hand”, it’s interesting. The “hold your HAND”, Bb4’s, they’re closed due to the vowel but the come back or come on, whichever it was she was singing, those were much better. 3:05 she hit F5 in falsetto. Love this song, let me listen to the other one.
      0:29 she hit D3 very airy, but the G3’s were really nice in the verse. 1:15 Eb3 again airy. Maybe the other one was Eb3 as well..1:28 C5’s, a bit tight on the approach but her mix is much lighter and brighter in this area of her voice. It’s funny, her voice is maturing in differing ways throughout her range and due to her musical approach. It’s not a bad approach, it’s slightly too airy sometimes and it lacks support but it’s not really pushed so it’s not that bad of a direction. I hear some differences in her overall vocal approach but nothing I’d call drastic improvement just yet, since her mix has always been brighter than the rest of her range, it’s just kind of more relaxed now which is a good sign. ^ ^ I’m relieved for her. Oh hey Jonghyun wrote this song! lol

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