TOP 10 VOH!CALS (Q3 OF 2015)

Top 10 VOH!cals

For every quarter in each year, our VOH!cals team consist of Rinne, AhMin, VT Evil Queen, and Haruko will go through amazing vocal performances in currently active quarter. There are lots of them, but we can’t list them all out so we decided to rank the best 10 among the best. So as part of the OneHallyu Vocals Thread and OH!Press, we have come up with the Top 10 vocalists of Quarter 3 of 2015. Make sure to check out the article!

Top 10 VOH!cals (Q3 of 2015)


19 thoughts on “TOP 10 VOH!CALS (Q3 OF 2015)

  1. You said here that K.R.Y is the strongest male vocal line right? How about Chen, Baekhyun and D.O?
    Would you mind if you rank 10 strongest male vocal line please! 🙂 and the female also. 🙂
    THANKS !!!


    1. We don’t have a top 10 vocal line, lol. But for SM, the vocal line ranking goes: KRY > SHINee/EXO > TVXQ! with JYJ


    1. Are you asking if they should be in the top 10 vocalists of the third Quarter of 2015? None of them had performances of the caliber of the other vocalists in the top 10.


      1. No. I mean, how would you rate the male vocal lines? According to their vocals. Like whose the best to worst vocal line. 🙂 Also in the female side . Please Ahmin! Thanks ! 🙂


      1. busy!!! I still follow kpop on and off though! (Usually when biases are having a comeback lol)
        I saw that some old analyses were deleted and updated too. Wow I am surprised at how a lot have improved and declined.
        Like G.O is above average only now? (never follow him so I was never sure), And raina is actually rated better than i thought?! Anyway, good work! I am skimming through the analyses and wow they are so detailed and professionally written now ❤

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      2. Many didn’t even decline, most of us were misinformed by less trust worthy people hence when we got to these analyses we were like uh…? Lol haha yeah we came and changed this whole thing up!


  2. Hi Ahmin, you said that kyuhyun arguably the strongest male vocalist, but why put sandeul higher than him. Just curious. Thank U


    1. This is a top 10 vocals of 2015 Quarter 3, not a top 10 vocalists. The top 10 was based on the performances, not individual vocalists. Also KRY as a whole was put below Sandeul, not Kyuhyun.


  3. Thumbs up! That was an enjoyable article. Will this be a regular quarterly thing now? If no, I hope you guys reconsider and make it a permanent schedule 🙂


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