Jay Park’s Vocal Analysis

Vocal Range

C3 – G5 (2 octaves, 3 notes and 1 semitone)

*possibly larger

Supported Range

E3 – D4/Eb4

Voice Type



  • Semi agile voice
  • Possesses enough vocal tone to sing through songs without a throaty, flat sound
  • Able to produce decently relaxed and somewhat supported E3’s and F3’s in his lower range
  • Able to mix with a relaxed enough tone up to as high as F4 and F#4 at times
  • Able to transition into his falsetto without too many issues

Points for Improvement

  • Never sings with a raised soft palate, nasality is very present in every register
  • Throaty, squeezed placement throughout his entire range
  • Pushes his larynx down when singing in his lower register
  • Low notes are airy, quiet and unclear in tone below E3
  • Notes above F4/F#4 are often squeezed, pushed, or shouted with a closed throat and high larynx
  • Fast, uneven vibrato that is always present in singing
  • Sings in an airy, pushed, nasal falsetto that lacks true cord connection to make up for inability to mix high
  • Tries to overcompensate for his flaws by doing excessive runs
  • Improper breath support
  • Neck and Jaw tension from bad posture when singing
  • Pitch issues
  • No Improvement has been made in his singing throughout the years


  • Lower register: Unsupported, usually accompanied by a lowered larynx and a lack of stability in tone. Is able to keep enough vocal tone even as low as D3 and Eb3 at times, but without enough considerably support and clarity of tone.
  • Mixed register: Undeveloped, placed in the throaty and nasal cavities. Notes above F4/F#4 are squeezed and yelled with a high larynx, tension is mostly present in his mix as low as his first passaggio starts up until as high as he can take his mix.
  • Upper register: Possibly his most developed register. Though the lack of support carries here as well, since the full tone of his voice is still closed by the tension in this throat, the voice still lacks stability, airiness is present and the tone is whiny.


Possibly the only part of his voice that he really takes care of, Jay is able to do runs with relatively good pitch and note separation. Jay enjoys adding runs into his songs and performances. However most, if not all, of his runs are show offy and actually don’t add anything to the song. His vocal style is very reminiscent of R&B vocalists, which shows that he has been influenced by American R&B vocalists given the color and tone of voice he uses in his singing. Due to this style, he has the tendency to favor vocal runs and is able to do them relatively well considering his vocal level, but the execution is usually tight, tense and the overall creativity of the runs is limited to about the same sequence of notes repeatedly, such as in “When A Man Loves A Woman“. Instead of developing his voice to fully expand on the full potential of an R&B singer, Jay has limited his technique to only a small range of notes with over usage of vocal runs. When attempting to do vocal runs outside his comfort zone, he can often become pitchy and lose the center of the key he’s in, such as in “나를 돌아봐” and “I Believe I Can Fly“.

Overall analysis

Starting off as the Leader of 2pm, Jay “Jaebeom” Park has since left the group and become a very popular solo artist. A light lyric tenor, his voice is small and light with natural agility, sitting generally high in range. Jay’s sound has become synonymous with what his fans would call “swag” and “sexiness.” Due to the lightness of his voice, he has been able to find the correct use of his lightness, R&B-like sounds and airiness to fully create his own mark and sound in the Korean music industry as what would sound like the usual American Contemporary R&B style of today.

Starting with his lower register, Jay doesn’t truly support the lower end of his voice. While not entirely airy, it is usually accompanied with a lowered larynx, nasality, and a lack of stability causing the note itself to be rather shaky and unsure even on notes that shouldn’t be a challenge for him. His tone and color can be heard quite clearly as low as Eb3, such as in “매일 그대와“, even though the actual tone of his voice becomes shaky and unbalanced. The true issue with his lower range is when he descends below E3 and into the C3 area, where his voice becomes airy, unsupported and almost half-spoken, such as the C3’s in “잠못드는 밤 비는 내리고“. The reason for he lack of clarity in Jay’s lower range is mainly due to the fact that he mostly sings with an airy tone and with a shaky, uncontrolled wobbly vibrato, causing his vocal cords not to come together properly and for his breath support not to be entirely working as he sings and tries to place the lower part of his range.

Unfortunately, Jay brings his lack of support into his middle voice as well. Nasality and throatiness is extremely present even as low as C4 and as such there is no true resonance in his voice. Although arguably speaking, he has some support in his voice and is able to hit Eb4’s with stability, such as in “매일 그대와“, or E4’s, such as in “Love” and “Girlfriend“, there’s a general tension accompanied by his lack of ability to truly relax when singing and allowing for a fuller and more controlled tone in his voice. This tension is usually caused by a bad habit of trying to always lock the jaw and his neck when trying to sound R&B-like and add in vocal runs to his singing. Adding to his already extensive list of issues, Jay struggles with throat and tongue tension which causes him to struggle as low as F4 such as in “When A Man Loves A Woman“, F#4’s “사랑이란 두글자” and G4’s  in “Nothing On You” and G#4’s in  “나를 돌아봐“. The strain is caused by his lack of development of his voice above his first passaggio. As a tenor, E4 would mark the area of his voice where the bridging from chest voice to mix happen, which is a part of his voice he didn’t properly develop and is accompanied by tension and tightness all the way through. Despite this, Jay isn’t a vocalist who tries to belt high and damage his voice and generally only mixes as high as G#4 consistently.

Jay’s most developed register is his falsetto, which is still relatively weak, airy, nasal, and throaty. Because of his near nonexistent mix voice, Jay has learned to transition into falsetto as low as F#4 to avoid having to strain or belt. Sadly, because of his placement and lack of technique, Jay’s pitch naturally suffers causing him to go off far too often as a vocalist. His transitions into falsetto are usually sloppy and cause him to sound shaky, out of breath and tight, such as his Eb5’s in “When A Man Loves A Woman” and his transitions into falsetto during “그대여 변치마오” which are caused by the usage of a heavy falsetto register muscle coordination and no true development of a fully connected head voice.

The weakest part of Jay Park’s technique isn’t just the lack of development of his voice as a whole, but also how he carries issues in his singing all the way throughout his range. His voice is often shaky, uncontrolled, tight and his neck and jaw are always locked. He lacks in terms of breath support and his overall placement is always nasal. His tone is always shaky due to the bad habit of creating a fake, uncontrolled wobbly vibrato that he has yet to learn how to manage. Most of all, musically speaking and in terms of interpretation, his voice always has the same kind of tone, sound and volume throughout his singing. His singing lacks in terms of dynamics and is often just the same throughout, shaky, pitchy and lacking in support, such as in  “널 사랑하겠어” and “약속해“.

Despite his flaws, Jay has shown to have a serious love of music and refuses to give up on it for any reason. He is less of a vocalist and more of a full entertainer, being always able to showcase multiple skills, with performances full of dancing and rapping as well. He is a vocalist who uses his voice stylistically to get the best out of his sexy image and is able to fully use his artistry to cover up for his lack of vocal technique, using powerful performances as a way to fully express himself as an artist. If he were to ever improve his vocals, he’d have to relearn singing altogether from the basics which may or may not interfere with the stylistic choices he likes to make as a vocalist.


Jay’s musicianship seems to be focused completely around performing rather than telling a story through song. Most of his performances (even covers of ballads) are turned into uptempo songs with rapping and dance breaks. Even his runs are randomly done without any thought to the song itself, showing that his ear is yet to be fully developed to understand music as a whole, and instead his understanding of musicianship is on the overall performance than the vocal delivery and arrangement of songs.

Label (Type of Vocalist)

C Vocalists: Commercial Vocalists

S vocalists: Stylistic Vocalists

Vocal Range Video(s)

video by: Vocal Range K-POP

Analyzed by Haruko and Ahmin3 (Kitsunemale)


88 thoughts on “Jay Park’s Vocal Analysis

  1. OMG! another weak vocalist O_O
    jay park? how come? but yeah, you right.. he is more to performer than vocalist, sadly T_T
    This is just my opinion… I think he has a style similar to bom or taeyang or some of YG vocalist? i mean, he prefers to singing with style than tehnique, somewhat similar to some of YG vocalist.
    So guyz! Thank you for your hard work again! Good job!


      1. It’s full of nasality, pitchy tight runs, straining and limited range with weak support. His voice has no dynamics, it stays the same volume throughout.


      1. Actually no, Henry would be the weakest vocalist out of K-pop main, leads or soloists. (Not counting people like Jiyeon of T-Ara or Goo Hara.) His vocal performances are all about the same.


    1. i think more like YG fails to train them with good techniques. Probably they have bad vocal coaches? Because to me I think they try to create each artists as both performers and vocalists depend on what genre they sing.

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      1. I remember YG said in an interview that he didn’t want to give Bom and Taeyang professional vocal training out of fear that they would lose their unique voice color. And GD said several times that during their trainee days that most of their “training” was self-taught and they had to watch their sunbaes and try to learn from what they saw. Very inefficient if you ask me lol…it’s great that they turned out as good as they are with their live perfs despite their weaknesses.


      2. well, of those kind of teaching or self teaching in YG, Daesung had problems with voice chords and people talk that now it going worst…


  2. I knew it! Finally I’m right about him xD people think he’s good but his voice has always been weak to me. Even my mom said he was weak and I didn’t know til she said that lol

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  3. I didn’t really expect Jay to be higher than average but this was still a surprise. His perfs on IS2 had made it obvious he wasn’t really a good vocalist but he did put up good stages.

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  4. lmao getting all those weak ones out of the way hahaha

    jokes jokes but i agree, i always thought he had a taeyang-ish type of overrated r&b voice. he’s a great rapper, should probably stick to that lol

    loving all the updates btw! are you on a break at work or something or how come you guys are updating more frequently?

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    1. More like… I want to post more regularly so I’m trying to get better with my work ethic since I’m kind of done with vocal range videos and I don’t need excuses lol


  5. Hi Ahmin. First off, thank you for the analysis. It was detailed and very well written (like always ^-^) Now that there are 4 weak vocalists, would Jay be the strongest out of them? Who would be the weakest? Also, who’s analysis are you going to publish next or soon?

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    1. I shall tell Haruko lol Next I plan to do Tiffany, Solji..Younha, G.O., Changmin of 2AM and Jokwon too.. as well as John Park and Hwanhee. I do plan to do Shannon and Yesung, but I want to give Shannon some more time for more material and Yesung I want to wait for the KRY comeback. Also who’s the weakest? I think Jay Park is just as weak as the rest, I don’t think he’s better at all.


  6. great read good job. But I definitely think he has improved greatly since he started. Perhaps you were unable to find some of early singing?


    1. Well we did listen to him back when he sang Love with Jun.K and stuff, Jun.K has made a much more significant improvement than him from what we observed


      1. Hello again, Mr. Ahmin. Thank you for your previous advice. I am trying to control my larynx as I ascend with mix voice. When I do it, it feels healthier and less strained. So endless thanks for that. In addition, great review by you and the crew. I was always thought Jay was nasal and weird with his vibrato and more an entertainer in his performances. It was perfectly detailed as always.

        I also have another question. When I sing, I feel a little air coming through my nose. Is this the accursed nasality issue? As I go higher, the air increases a little. However, the increase is negligible, even in mix voice. Although, I’m scared of pulling a Taeyang like in ”You’re my”. I love the dude, but that was the most nasal falsetto….to the point it butchered my ears. Is any air supposed to be coming from the nose.

        Another question is my cheekbones. Weird, right? When I am in mix voice, I feel the sound reverberating more in my cheekbones. Is this the mask? I never quite understood the meaning of the term.

        Also which singers would you recommend for melismatic training and imitation? I would consider myself a beginner (and enamored with runs, D.O’s fault). Although, I have reached an EXO Chen level of agility and some frequent but slower reproductions of EXO D.O’s runs in ”XOXO” and ”Black Pearl” and ”Growl”. But I still think I have A LOT to improve. I once heard the singer mentioned in this blog. Naul, I think. He terrorized me with his speed (screw it, velocity) I couldn’t even tell how many notes were hit in that thing. I felt like I was hit with a punch and never even saw it coming. I didn’t think it was human. As for the topic at hand, If I am a super beginner, starting from EXO CHEN’s level of agility. Which singer or singers would be good for learning in these categories? You can shuffle the names if you like. I am here to be humbly educated.

        Super Beginner – I placed Chen here.
        Novice – I placed Baekhyun here.
        Apprentice – I placed D.O here.
        Adept –
        Expert –

        Epic apologies for the length of these questions. As always, thank you for your time.


      2. I’m glad it helped, it’s really hard for me to give advice without actually listening to your singing voice but I’m glad somehow it made sense to you. Thank you for the compliment, we always try to make our analyses very thorough.
        Okay I’m not sure about the feeling air through your nose thing because I’ve never heard of it but what you can do to check if you have nasality issues is to pinch your nose while singing Ah or Aye vowels so that you don’t get affected by nasal consonants like M and N or even L sometimes can be a bit tricky. So try to pinch your nose and unpinch it while sustaining a note and check if 1. You feel it vibrate considerably 2. there’s a clear difference in sound when you pinch your nose and when you don’t. If there’s, try to focus the sound out of your nose, lift the soft palate and get it all out through your mouth, then you’ll get a non-nasal controlled sound. As for air, I feel warm air coming out of my mouth when I speak or sing but through my nose, I don’t really generally feel anything.
        No actually feeling anything in your cheekbones isn’t weird, it’s quite perfect actually. Mask means your nasal cavities, not your nose. They’re located on your temples, above your eyes and on your cheekbones, so they create sort of a mask around your eyes in terms of resonance and air flow. So it’s the mask that you’re feeling yup lol
        For runs you should not only listen to K-pop, but also R&B singers like Mariah and Beyonce. If you want to practice, Yerin and D.O. are two of the best vocal runners in K-pop amongst idols. Lee Hi and Hyorin also have very good agility, but not such good precision. Ailee has better precision but her runs flow less naturally.
        Actually let me try, I never tried to rank agility so I might come off completely wrong.
        Super Beginner – Taemin or other people who can kinda get it but not really too well or too fast, Sunye and others too. Like everyone who’s not good.
        Novice – Onew
        Apprentice – Jonghyun, Baekhyun, Shannon
        Adept – Hyorin, Lee Hi, Ailee
        Expert – D.O. and Yerin KIND OF. I’m not sure, they might be in between adept and expert, it depends.
        Master- Naul, Sohyang, A.T.

        I like your names btw, these could work better as rating names haha maybe not but I’ll ask the others for fun lol


      3. Many thanks, Mr. Ahmin. I did the pinching thing and I was confused because my sound was always changing. So it meant I had nasality. However, when you said soft palate. Something clicked and I looked for this video. My new questions are these : Is this what you were referring to? And if you pinch your nose or the bridge? 32 second mark. The rest of the video deals with methods but the last part deals with the soft palate.

        Thank you for your making the mask term clear. I was scared for a day because of this.

        Thank you for your singer recommendations. I stray away from Mariah and Beyoncé. Many people I know blasts their music, always a loop of the same ten songs, and therefore I run away from these people. I also feel Mariah perpetuates a show off syndrome with all of her music just like Aguilera. I also run away from many Male R&B artists because they are too pig headed and chauvinistic with their lyrics. In kpop, since those people are always in groups, the show off syndrome is limited and they can’t be too raunchy because they risk some level of alienation towards their fans. So Kpop wins in those regards, haha. However, I cannot risk such foolishness for the sake of pride. I think I’ll suck it up and just listen to their songs and look for those vocal runs. Time to brace myself………………(makes face of the someone who lost a ten year war)

        Thanks for the KPOP singer classifications. I’ll try to work my way up from Exo Chen and go to a little Onew, then head straight for Jonghyun and Baekhyun and the rest of those people.

        Sorry to bother you once more. Would it be ok if I made a Soundcloud or music sharing account and linked you to some of my attempts at vocal runs so you could evaluate me?

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      4. Haha Thank you for being so formal and calling me mr. Ahmin, but just call me Ahmin, it’s fine. ^ ^ 0:32 is not what I mean but it also works, that way you feel the vibrato more but it’s not as accurate I think. It’s easier to pinch your nose because the vibrato is more evident on your nostrils actually and the change in sound is very obvious that way.
        Oh haha I understand why you would but like why don’t you watch these videos?

        These can teach you both how to break down riffs and make them easy, but also how to separate your voice properly and find new runs to do so that you can add them to your line of skills! ^ ^ Yes Mariah does show off quite a bit but at least she does it right as opposed to Christina’s pitchy strained singing. I do not listen to many male R&B singers. Just give some of this a try haha
        Yes you’re completely welcome to ask me and show me your singing and I actually apologize, I checked with another author of the blog and she also believe Hyorin could be higher because she can do more elaborate/complicated runs than Kyungsoo, for an example, but instead her pitch just isn’t as accurate. I don’t know how complicated Kyungsoo’s runs can be… but I just was valuing execution more so than difficulty level of runs. So it depends on how you look at it since I never really bothered to rank melisma levels amongst idols haha


      5. Many thanks, Ahmin, haha. I wound up calling you ”Mr. Ahmin” because of the unparalleled professionalism of your particular writing style. Your style informs and entices the reader to identify with the factors highlighted in the reading. The first vocal analysis by you that I read was on Changmin from TVXQ!. It was perfect and thorough and when I finished, I said outloud ” Mr. Ahmin knows his ish!!!!” haha.

        I agree with the correction on the nose pinch. Thank you for that. I also feel it is more accurate. And I learned two very important things, nasality is ever present but not in such a large degree when a person sings many syllables in one line or particular syllables with ”n” and ”sh” sounds. The nasality that is worrisome lies in the execution of notes that perfectly allow for a soft palate, yet the singer fails to accommodate his or her mouth properly and then the sound becomes nasal. As one of your crew once said, the problem is not necessarily the nasality, since it can be a stylistic choice, but the lack of control in being able to switch the nasality on and off. P.S. I lost count of the times I pinched my nose today.

        Thank you for going through the trouble of responding and on top of that finding me an excellent video. I wasn’t in the right place to practice it, but nevertheless I saw the whole thing and will apply her methods. She makes it so simple. Precision first, speed later. I love it. Runs sound more beautiful with precision, which is why I fell in love with EXO D.O’s Black pearl Adlib…and I will not stop until I conquer it, my current mount everest. Also, don’t worry about the Hyorin thing. I didn’t know who she was until you mentioned her and I looked her up. I value execution more also. Running through your notes ”Taeyang” style is never going to get anyone anywhere. I love the dude…but the truth is the truth.

        Other than that, thank you for always answering questions and I feel quite grateful. I also feel like a nuisance when I ask more questions….such as these. I’ve tried to imitate baekhyun’s runs in Love, love, love; and the transition from one end of the scale to the bottom is tricky for me. The speed isn’t the problem. Just moving my voice to the lower notes. It gets stiffer the lower I go. I worry because I don’t want a Jay Park complex : agility in just a chunk of one particular octave, as opposed to Naul, agility parade all day all night from the top to the bottom. How would I fix this problem?

        The other questions are just pure curiosity and for the fun of knowing. I once read certain voice types have more agility than others. A tenor is more agile than a baritone, who is more agile than a bass. If this is true, how is your agility? Do your baritone textures affect your agility? iWould you rate it semi agile like D.O?

        The other question is, since I read the profiles of the crew (lies, only you and two other people): Since you are a baritone with such a large range, what is the limit of your Mix voice or your belting register? My mixing would start from G4 to F5 sharp since I am a tenor. My chesty colors die out after F5 and it’s practically all head voice from there onwards. If I had to guess, an average baritone would mix from F4 to E5 sharp. Since you are a baritone with a larger range, would your mix voice be wider?


      6. Haha From what you’re writing, you sound even more professional and formal than I do when I reply to comments! lol Yes you understand the concept of nasality perfectly! ^ ^ That’s exactly how it works, so good job! I must disagree on the part where you said “n” and “sh”.. not “sh”, just “m” haha I also agree yes runs with great precision and agility are more interesting than random runs without flow nor pitch. I was linked a video of Hyorin today and she was doing some pretty clean and well executed runs around 3:20

        Love love Love? Did you mean EXO’s Love Me Right? I tried to listen to the song but I’m not exactly sure what runs you’re talking about, could you show me?
        Actually it’s more so that lyric voices are more easily able to do vocal runs than a higher voice type per se, but you could say a baritone is less agile than a tenor but I feel it’s got to do with being a lyric more. Also no I am not nearly as agile as D.O., I’m more towards Baekhyun or Onew, I’m not even sure haha
        Oh no honey, many tenors have unnecessarily large and extensive mixed ranges but us baritones generally don’t mix as high. Actually if you’re a tenor, your mixed range starts somewhere around Eb4 or E4, so you have about an octave of mixed range from E4 ~ F5/F#5? Average baritone? No not at all, I’d say the highest I’ve ever heard a baritone mix was C5, at least in K-pop and amongst baritones I know. Key of SHINee can mix C5 and so can Hwanhee of Fly To The Sky, every other baritone I know can mix B4 at most or Bb4. For us lyrics, our mix starts around B3 and for me personally, I can mix up to A4 consistently and Bb4/B4 inconsistently. I lose most of my chest resonance around G4 though so I can’t really sing G4 consistently. So I, like you, have around an octave of mix but no, we baritones don’t mix into the 5th octave like you guys do. I honestly find that a tenor mixing above C5 is completely unnecessary acoustically but many like to and in K-pop it’s REALLY a thing so.. I guess it can’t be helped haha My range is only large because my lower range is slightly extensive for a lyric baritone, it’s not too much though haha


      7. Hello again, Ahmin. Thanks for responding and linking the Hyorin video, gorgeous lady haha. I’m glad I finally understand nasality. Thanks for the clarification with the ”sh” and ”m” sounds. I somewhat forgot the ”m” along the way.

        Forgive my lack of specification. I forgot to link the video and to say the title of the song correctly. The song is EXO’s Love Love Love.

        I’ll rewrite the question so you don’t have to shuffle back between posts.

        ” I’ve tried to imitate baekhyun’s runs in Love, love, love; and the transition from one end of the scale to the bottom is tricky for me. The speed isn’t the problem. Just moving my voice to the lower notes. It gets stiffer the lower I go. I worry because I don’t want a Jay Park complex : agility in just a chunk of one particular octave, as opposed to Naul, agility parade all day all night from the top to the bottom. How would I fix this problem? ”

        Time is 2: 20 and the run occurs three seconds later.

        Thanks for the clarification on the whole agility business for the vocal types. I found what you told me fascinating, especially about the mix for baritones. Now I understand the article about baritones in uncyclopedia, haha, and the gripe with tenors haha.

        In Kpop singing high is a thing, haha. However, I enjoy it because the male singers take their voices more seriously than the male US singers, some with 15 years in the game and zero improvement and still average at best if we go by the ratings established in the blog. From my experience as a tenor, mixing above C5 is really for the fun of the challenge and sometimes for the ability of challenging and besting certain women on their own songs. Baritones and Basses don’t have to challenge women. The guys are the low and the girls are the high, yin and yang. For tenors, they try to fight yin with some more yin, haha. There is always that girl in your class that hits those extra two notes above you. Then a tenor feels that he is almost there but not quite yet. Thus mix voice was born from necessity for tenors. Although, They refuse to challenge baritones and basses because of the gap in sex appeal, haha.

        As for the BTS Jungkook thing, I’ll post the materials as soon as I take into account their most recent ep and performances. It’s a bit tedious and long but it’s the least I can do for you considering all that you do for us. You really are amazing. Information beats ignorance.

        As always; thank you Ahmin.


      8. Haha yes she’s gorgeous and good job understanding everything! ^ ^ Oh you’ve seen that uncyclopedia article too? Yeah it’s really funny to me because it’s so true haha I do need to improve my mixing and add more chest so I can mix up to A4 more consistently ㅠㅜ Yes I can see how your yin and yang logic would work out, it does make sense ^ ^ I’ll wait for the Jungkook videos~ No rush at all haha
        2:20? Did you mean 2:30? I don’t hear any runs around 2:20 but I do at 2:33, as you described. I think I hear the run but it’s a bit unclear to me what notes he is hitting tbh so I can’t say much about the run except that I think the bottom note is A2? Is that a note you have issues with? Because that could explain it. It’s a somewhat fast run but I think the biggest issue is moving down and still projecting your voice that low… it’s quite a bit low..I listened to the EXO-M version and I only hear C#3 for Chen.. I think Baekhyun hits A2 but it’s kind of muddy in terms of the sound, there are too many sounds at the same time. I hear A2 in the acoustic version too, so you should use consonants like da da da to get that low so you can get the separation and also maybe ni ni ni for a brighter more in the mask kind of sound so you don’t lose the projection even in your lower range ^ ^


      9. Thank you, Ahmin. Exactly, the note I was having trouble was the A2. Bringing my projection that low along with my agility is a bit tricky. It was the projection really. I am positive this might be a ”with practice” type of run. However I noticed, if my ear does not deceive me, his run’s lowest notes were truly unsupported because they had a severe drop in vocal color and became airy.

        I have an important question. I read your Taemin analysis when I heard Shinee for the first time yesterday. How does one avoid the Taemin Syndrome, having immensely underdeveloped registers? How do I develop all my registers so they can all be strong with a good column of sound? I think this may be another ”with practice” question. My priorities are my low and falsetto register. As for my lows, I want to support lower than C3 and I want to avoid strain in falsetto.

        Also, I left you a list of Jungkook materials in the future projects page. It is my way of saying thanks. Now you don’t have to look for the songs or the time stamps, but maybe one or two lives. They all have links and have descriptions as to the vocals. I got you links for agility, lower registers, specific performances of Jungkook, etc. It should be complete as I took into account their most recent ep. I designed it in a way like this: Click video, click time stamp, listen , move on to the next. Most stamps are 10 to 20 seconds long. Others are 40. 2 or 3 songs are 3 minute songs.


      10. Yes yes his notes were very unsupported, good job noticing that. ^ ^ Yes practice makes perfect. Again yeah there’s much else I can say, to not end up like Taemin you just got to give equal effort and attention to all your registers when singing instead of focusing solely on one register alone. C3 support is hard, it only takes one step at a time, note by note. Singing is hard work and it’s harder than it looks, but the methods are much simpler than people think. Just good repetition, it’s all it takes. Awww thank you so much again for all those videos, I still believe he’s very young and at his current vocal level, it’s safe to assume he’d improve with time so I’ll give him more time for now. Thank you regardless, you’re a dear! ^ ^


      11. By the way, can you please tell me where was Shinee Key’s C5 you had mentioned. I was curious about it. I started getting into Key’s voice ever since I heard ”View” and ”Get Your Number”


      12. I’ve seen some of your other videos on youtube where you sing or are giving tips and sometimes I see these mean comments. Don’t let them get to you. These ten or twelve year olds have hormonal imbalances and turn their idols into spirit animals or something. It’s better to look at them as larvae that are struggling to get out of their phase and should not be taken seriously until they are sane. Treat them like I do: I see crazy , me no listen. Remember, you got more fans that support you, me included, than loony people that dislike you.


      13. Yknow the sad part is that many of these are people who are actually older than me, that’s what scares me. LOL Like being so overly defensive and paranoid about criticism, like have you no life at all? You’re an amazing dear and I am very thankful for you taking the time to talk to me like this, it’s really encouraging and heartwarming! Thank you so much!


  7. Ha ha his supported range is so small. Lol I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL SOLJI! I’m literallly jumping up and down right now because it’s coming~ Oh good job but I don’t really see him as a vocalist more of a performer


  8. he have somewhat supported one octave range. he also has some agility so, i think is good to drag him into weak to average vocalist (thought he will be at the bottom of this tier


    1. His supported range is too weak and it’s too low for a tenor, not to mention he is always tight and his runs can be really pitchy.. I think weak is accurate


  9. This surprised me a bit, but listening to his singing again, I realized he really isn’t that great and could use improvement. I guess he doesn’t work too much mostly because he’s a composer and rapper first, singer second :c
    Is there any way you could do an analysis on Vixx’s Leo and Ken and also soloist Bi Rain? Thanks and I love reading these!


    1. I’m happy you enjoyed this! Yes both members of VIXX and N will be analyzed, as well as Rain. They’re all in the future projects, I’m not sure how soon they’ll be out but they shall not take too long. ^ ^


      1. Woah woah woah Ahmin… You’ll analyse Hakyeon? OMG I hope you’ll analyse him considering I just take him as another Xiumin, Suho, Sungmin.

        Is (or was) N really that analysis worthy to you guys? He seems to be at best 1.5, never heard him belt high nor sing low. He seems to just stay in a very comfy low tenor range most of the time


      2. He’s not, he’s the same as Leo except a bit more relaxed. This is a comment from 2015, the vocalists who will be analyzed are in our list, no less no more.


  10. hello! i didnt know where to submit a request but could you analyse Jessi Ho, EXO Chen, 2NE1 CL, BTS Jungkook? haha yes i mentioned a lot of singers but those were just suggestions 🙂


    1. That’s in the future projects page. Jungkook is already there, Chen has been analyzed already, CL is not a vocalist, she’s mainly a rapper. Jessi maybe why not?


  11. I stayed away from internet a lill and when I`m back there is a lot for me to read !! xD
    Love ur vocal analysis btw, as said before.

    Jay Park is a weak vocalist, and this is something that even he knows. If Im not wrong he did said something about it in a interview before.
    I keep a track of his career since his debut with 2PM remember that he actually got in just because of his dance skills, even rap, he learned after he joined JYPE.

    He is a performer, a good one. But I think that the fact that he too think about himself like this keep him on this level. This is what I think, but I kind get the feeling that he himself feels satisfied with what he have right now, and because of that, do not look for improvement on his singing ability.

    Still, cant deny the fact that he truly is someone who enjoy music XD


    1. We don’t analyze voices, we analyze vocal technique used in someone’s singing. Just so you know but yeah sure, make sure you check the future analyses page before making requests since we already have both of them in the list.


    1. Kim Johan’s technique is actually quite questionable, so his opinion on technique was just that Jun.K is talented, not the best vocalist, the title was misleading. Regardless, 2PM analyses are coming very soon but please keep in mind that his opinion is very generalized and the result might not be nearly as high, so don’t have high expectations so as not to get disappointed.


      1. King Of Masked Singer doesn’t judge vocal technique at all. With the exception of V from BTS, not of those people are higher than Weak To Average


    1. I personally don’t know Jungkook well, but from what I have heard I don’t believe he is Average. But I am not sure that he is weak either. What happened is a lack of knowledge when originally asked, but Jungkook will be analyzed eventually as well as V so hopefully then we will be able to give you an accurate answer ^^


      1. Oh, thanks for the answer!

        I know… some videos can’t say with 100% the voice capacity of vocalists, it’s that I was really confused by, in a performance he proved Average and Weak in other. So he could possibly be Weak to Average? What do you think, Ahmin?

        I’m sorry to be pushy, I’m areally big fan of BTS and I know they are not priority in the analysis. 😦


  12. Jay Park is mainly a rapper, so of course his singing skills are not the strongest! He doesn’t really focus on singing much because of all the rapping he does, which he is amazing at by the way. I honestly don’t even know why he is on this website.


    1. Jay Park was first and foremost a vocalist before he made rapping his main thing. He was analyzed when he was still considered to be more of a vocalist than a rapper. He debuted as a lead vocalist of 2PM, he started a solo career mostly singing, not rapping. He went on Immortal Song 2 many times as a vocalist, not rapper. He’s now changed his focus to rapping but that’s more recent than how he promoted himself for a good amount of his career. I appreciate the point you made about him being a rapper and not a vocalist because that is essentially why we don’t analyze rappers like Amber, CL or even Tasha..they’re rappers, not vocalists. Their main focus is not singing and their singing skill isn’t strong so it isn’t fair to analyze them for their singing, Jay Park has become that now but that’s not what he was then when he was analyzed.


      1. Even when he was in 2pm he mostly rapped and was the lead dancer. What he was best at before he started singing and rapping was dancing and was a part of a dance group in his hometown called AOM. Singing and rapping were secondary for him until he began to start rapping on his own.


      2. He still would be amongst the most highlighted vocalists of 2PM, which included Junho, Jun.K, Jay Park and at times Nichkhun. The rest were considered sub-vocalists or rappers. He also debuted as a vocalist and was on Immortal Song 2 many times, where he sang a lot more than he rapped. At the time of his analysis, his main focus between rapping and singing was singing. Would you like us to delete this analysis?


  13. Someone asked if Jay Park was the worst vocalist in kpop and you said Henry was the worst out of main and lead vocalists. What about Leo? Isn’t he the weakest vocalist? Well, out of the male vocalists at least?


  14. Oh yeah! I forgot that this was in 2015 before Leo was analyzed. I’m sorry about that…I need to pay more attention.
    Also when Rynavoc was asking about agility you listed Naul, Sohyang and A.T for master class…May I know who A.T is please?

    Oh! by the way I know you said you don’t really rate agility, but I think it would be delightful if you did. I LOVE melisma, runs,riffs,trills and embellishments of all kinds. I also think the other readers would enjoy it too. It’s just interesting to know some people might have flow and rhythmic bounce but not enough precision and vice versa.

    Also kudos to Rynavoc for the cool rankings! it would be nice if you used their idea… Keep up the good work!


    1. I don’t rate agility because at one point it’s hard to be sure of who’s better than who when they can be so similar.


      1. Thank you! You introduced me to a new singer😃. She sounded resonant when she mixed. Would you ever consider analyzing her?


  15. Jay is not a great singer by any means but putting him below BTS vocal line seems a bit much. Or maybe it’s just that Jay knows his singing limit/capabilities well & doesn’t try do something he can’t. Would be nice to see an update to this analysis but nonetheless, thank you for working hard with these 🙂


    1. Well although I do appreciate the comment, we base this off of technique and Jay does not use proper support nearly as well as Jungkook nor V. That is not to say they support well either, but they have a better understanding of openness and being relaxed, whereas Jay is generally very tight when he sings. We also don’t generally update analyses unless there’s something new to update and if the vocalist hasn’t changed their technique, there’s no need for an update.

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