EXO’s Vocal Analysis: Baekhyun

Vocal Range

F#2 – C#6 (3 octaves, 3 notes and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

C#3 – G#4/A4

Voice Type



  • Extensive range
  • Third most consistent mixed voice in EXO
  • Has shown large improvement from debut to recently in pitch, support and placement
  • Semi agile voice
  • Relaxed falsetto up to F5
  • Able to support notes as low as C#3 consistently
  • Does better in the fifth octave than Chen and D.O.
  • Able to produce a connected head voice


  • Unbalanced, throaty mix above A4
  • Notes below C#3 are more often than not, unsupported, coming out quiet or breathy
  • Occasional sloppy runs
  • Above F5, falsetto becomes airy and squeezed
  • Forces his jaw forward during belts, causing jaw tension
  • Sings with a lowered soft palate at times, causing a more nasal sound
  • Worst Intonation in the EXO vocal line
  • Head voice is inconsistent


  • Lower register: Shows support down to C#3, with one or two supported C3s. Anything below this is unsupported, where the vocal cords become disconnected and the sound becomes unstable, airy and quiet.
  • Mixed register: Bright and Resonant. Able to retain support and resonance up to G#4/A4. Anything above is strained, however. Generally a healthy and balanced full mix is used around his supported range, which then becomes very heady and pushed as he ascends above his supported range.
  • Upper register: The most developed falsetto in EXO, able to produce relaxed strain free notes up to F5 consistently, has shown lots of improvement in this area in relation to pitch and control, as well as transitions.


Second most agile voice in EXO. Decent precision and pitch, though sloppy runs do occur. He has shown a large improvement in this area, showing good precision and note separation and simpler runs and scales, as opposed to earlier in his career where pitch in general would be an issue for him and vocal runs would result in him sliding through notes without a direction or clear idea of the vocal run he’d attempt.

Overall analysis

Baekhyun possesses a bright, masculine voice that shows more in his middle range. He is often chosen as one of EXO’s lead vocalists for solo performances and duets, and is often given the highest notes in EXO songs due to the brightness and headiness of his mix, which although strained, allows for him to stay in a high range for a longer period of time with less vocal effort than Chen or Kyungsoo would need. He has shown one of biggest improvements amongst EXO vocalists in his breath support, control and range, allowing for him to better show the naturally light but masculine characteristics of his voice, which sits in a tenor range and due to the lightness and youthful qualities of his voice, would most likely be classified as a Light Lyric Tenor.

Baekhyun has shown improvement in his consistency in support in his lower range, most notably in his musical performances, where he was able to vocalize down to C#3 with a clean, supported and forward tone, as opposed to the inconsistent quiet and airy tone he had shown earlier in his career. Because of the other lower voices in EXO such as Chanyeol or even Kyungsoo, Baekhyun usually stays above C#3. When he does sing below C#3, however, it is often quiet without support. Usually, whenever he sings C3 or lower, he tends to go off pitch, usually being sharp, because of how uncomfortable his range is to his voice, like in “Old Song” and “The EXO Low Note Battle“. Baekhyun’s lowest note is a F#2, which he hit in the EXO Low Note Battle. This is possibly the lowest note in his range as he was unable to process any lower.

Baekhyun’s most comfortable and developed area of his voice is his mix. When Baekhyun first started, notes like G4/G#4 were unstable with fast, uneven vibrato, like in “What Is Love” and some live performances of “Miracles In December“, or jaw tension from pushing his jaw forward such as in “Baby, Don’t Cry“. As time passed, he was able to develop consistent resonance on G#4, and begin showing resonance on A4, for an example “아직도 어두움밤인가봐“, “The Answer Is You” and some live performances of “Baby, Don’t Cry”. Baekhyun had at one point surpassed Kyungsoo in the F4 – A4 range, becoming EXO’s second most consistent vocalist behind only Chen. However now one can say they’re still quite even in consistency within that range up to G#4, whereas Kyungsoo seems to be slightly more consistent on A4/Bb4. Like Kyungsoo, Baekhyun’s mix above A4 becomes unbalanced, However, while Kyungsoo’s mix has too much chest, Baekhyun’s mix becomes too heady and also takes on a throaty quality. Examples of this are his Bb4 and F5 in “What Is Love”, the phrased B4s in “My Lady“, his sustained D5 in With You on Immortal Song 2, his Eb5 in the “Wolf Demo“, his E5s in “Wolf“, and his F#5s in the “High Note Battle“. Because of how heady his mix is, he is able to belt and sustain higher notes in the 5th octave and endure strain better than Kyungsoo and Chen.

His upper register is the best in EXO. He is able to sing in a relaxed falsetto without strain up to F5, such as in”진정 난 몰랐네“, but once he goes above this, he begins to push too much air through his cords causing him to produce strained, unstable notes. He has once shown the ability to sing  in a connected relaxed head voice, such as the F#5s in the studio recording of “Moonlight”. However his ability to produce a connected head voice can be inconsistent. This is a large improvement as closer to debut, Baekhyun’s falsetto was shown be rather nasal, pushed, strained, and airy even in the middle 4th octave, like his performance of “Love Song“. His highest note is a C#6 on “EXO High Note Battle“.

A light lyric voice, Baekhyun’s agility is the second best in the group. He is easily capable of performing scales on both extremes of his voice with precision such as in the A2 from “Love, Love, Love” and the F#5s from “Moonlight”, and can also perform runs in his mixed voice, like in “아직도 어두움밤인가봐“, “Open Arms“, “Miracles In December” and “What Is Love”. Despite this, Baekhyun still produces sloppy runs such as when attempting Kyungsoo’s “Black Pearl” run on live performances. Earlier in his career, he would consistently produce sloppy, imprecise runs as most, if not all, of the runs on his “Love Song” performance with Chanyeol. Baekhyun used to have rather bad problems with pitch, to the point of being nearly unable to remain in key while singing “Acapella“, also shown in this “Compilation“. While Baekhyun’s pitch has improved, he still has tendency to go off pitch more frequently than ChenSoo. Earlier on, Baekhyun also didn’t sing with a risen soft palate, causing a more nasal placement when singing. This has been corrected though, as nasality appears far less than before.

The most popular member of EXO’s vocal line, Baekhyun’s voice is distinct and easy to recognize in their songs. Due to his extensive mixed range, he is often compared to label mate, TVXQ!’s Changmin. With Baekhyun’s growth rate, it’s quite possible that he might be able to fix his issues with time, most importantly correcting his pitch issues and evening out his mixed voice.


Baekhyun has some knowledge of musicianship, having a decent ear of when to add in runs. Baekhyun prefers to avoid straying too fair from the original, not adding many runs or changes to avoid messing up. Despite this, Baekhyun has the ability to add dynamics in order to emphasize the feeling in the song, such as in his duet with Chen on Immortal Song 2 where he sings the beginning softer and more airy to show sorrow over the person he loves leaving as compared to later in the performance where he sings in a more powerful dynamic to show anger at the bitter betrayal of his trust.


Above Average to Proficient Vocalist

Vocal Range Video(s)

Video by: gangertae (Pedro_0508)

Videos by: Edgar Cárdenas

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Haruko & Ahmin


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503 thoughts on “EXO’s Vocal Analysis: Baekhyun

    1. He sounds fine, there’s nothing new to report. The range was fairly easy and he was mostly singing in a nice slightly airy head voice, up to about B4 throughout the choruses. He wasn’t really going very low or very high in chest voice nor his mixed voice. He sounds nice, his pitch was pretty clean throughout as well.


      1. The analysis say that Baek can do F5 falsetto without strain and I thought that head voice is different with that but still, can I say that Baek can support head voice up to F5 or no? (Sorry for my bad English and thank you for answering my question. I’m new to this so I have lot of things to know.)


      2. At one point I think he also used a connected head voice up to F5, but to say it was supported I’m not sure. I think he has hit supported F#5’s in head voice in studio.


  1. I know this isbaekhyun’s analysis but D.O.’s analysis is still rewritten so ill ask here.
    Is D.O. resonance consistent on his supported range?


    1. He doesn’t “suck” lol. It’s just this song is in an odd range for a tenor it’s only B2-C#4, that’s more like a baritone range so there’s nothing much to mention he’s supporting fine the B2’s are airy but that’s nothing new.


    2. I already answered this but the user had not posted it on the Baekhyun analysis God knows why:

      “1:09 tone on the B2 1:12 tone is sort of there, but he lacks support and his voice becomes very ghostly. 1:21 he’s also lowering his larynx here and there on the B2’s, which causes his voice to lose tone. 1:23 flat, 1:27 flat, 1:30 flat, 1:32 flat 1:41 flat 1:43 flat 1:46 flat. Okay so this duet illustrates the difference between a vocalist who supports and one who doesn’t. I’m going to stop mentioning every single time Suzy goes considerably flat because it’s going to be too many of them. Suzy has no support, she sings without connecting her vocal cords completely so a lot of air escapes through and her vocal cords aren’t connecting quickly enough to find the pitch and center around it. So lack of support, with perhaps not being able to hear herself well, with her not being able to control her voice due to lack of support and improper technique, it causes her to sound really REALLY airy, shallow and very pitchy. This is low for Baekhyun, this is a baritone song so for Baekhyun it sits in a range where his voice doesn’t shine since he’s a tenor. 3:23 flat, nasal, airy. Baekhyun’s voice is so much clearer because his vocal cords are fully coming together and he’s actually using the right amount of support necessary to project without letting too much air through. This range is not a challenging range on the high end at all for Baekhyun at all, it doesn’t go high AT all, it’s even narrow and low-ish of a range for a baritone. So Baekhyun did okay, the key is just not right for him and Suzy didn’t support at all, which isn’t news or unusual.”


      1. This is a very general question, I would appreciate it if you could be more specific. Soft B2’s in the verse for Chen. 0:25 Baekhyun’s B2’s aren’t too bad. 0:34 Xiumin is nasal and thin, without proper support and vocal cord connection. He got thinner and shallower as he sang higher. 1:03 just shouty for Xiumin. The A4’s throughout for Chen are nicely placed, 1:16 aye vowel isn’t relaxed though. 2:40 strained B4’s for Chen after this. The rest follows the pattern of nicely supported comfortable range for Baekhyun, shallowness for Xiumin and Chen’s general patterns.


  2. hi again!

    so i have a few specific questions about some of baekhyun’s singing in one particular video, and then some more general questions about things in general.

    so with this video, starting at 4:00, if the timestamp isn’t working, baekhyun and heechul are sort of joke singing all i want for christmas, and even if it’s joke singing, i’m still a little curious about some stuff here. it gets quite loud occasionally, just as a warning.

    1. at 4:08, when baekhyun sings “there”, it’s pretty shouty and strained, right? also, what note is it?

    2. at 4:30 and on for a while, is baekhyun using head voice? also, although he is only joke singing, how is his little run?

    3. can heechul support at all when he sings? i’m guessing probably not.

    they get startled by fake snow at about 4:54, just for laughs. 😛

    so here, starting about about 2:40, i know that the audio quality isn’t the greatest, but i’m curious about a few parts as well.

    1. at 3:09 , is he using head voice?

    2. if it’s not too much trouble, since it’s only about a 24 second long clip, would it be possible for you to sort of go through and, to the best of your ability, just give a general overview of how he did, what he supported and didn’t support and all of that?

    okay, so now a few questions about baekhyun and head voice in general.

    1. in the analysis, it states that baekhyun is able to produce a connected and relaxed head voice. does this imply support? because i know that being able to produce a head voice doesn’t necessarily mean the capability to support it, but if it’s relaxed, then i sorta assumed that it was supported, i guess.

    2. to what consistency does someone have to reach in order to have head voice counted into their supported range? because i know that some people still use falsetto when they could use a head voice, so how do you know when a falsetto is stylistic or a result of not being able to produce a head voice?

    3. i’m not entirely sure how to phrase this question so that it makes sense, but how much of a factor does consistency play into someone’s ranking? if someone, for example, can occasionally support a head voice but doesn’t always use it and sometimes uses a falsetto, then would that factor into making them better than someone with the exact same other supported range but can never use a head voice? or is it a sort of all or nothing deal.

    welp, this got long again, but thank you in advance! i’m really looking forward to jung dongha and park hyoshin’s analyses~~


    1. Hi! You know how I LOVE specific questions!! lol

      1. 4:08 There was an A4, but it was pushed and flat. It’s not that shouty, it could’ve been much worse.
      2. 4:30 It sounds like head voice, but it’s kind of tight. The run wasn’t bad tbh.
      3. I have not heard Heechul supporting before.

      1. 3:09 If you notice, Baekhyun is one of those vocalists who usually finds it easier to find their head voice when singing with the oo vowel. It sounds like head voice yes.
      2. There’s not much to say. His pitch was good, the run descending was nice. A bit too much pushing on the F4’s but the audio quality may have me fooled. Otherwise very comfortable range for him.

      1. I believe yes that support is implied.

      2. Well it’s not a number, but it’s a matter of how often it comes out, if it comes out the same way in every song. We usually count head voice as part of a consistent supported range when it’s used more often than falsetto, for non stylistic purposes. If they’re singing a song that is really airy and soft, if they use falsetto it’s understandable, but on other occasions where head voice could be expected and they still fail to produce one, then we see that as inconsistency. It requires material to be sure quite honestly.

      3. Well consistency is very important. Consistency is what makes a vocalist with the same exact supported range as another be better overall. Consistency is what determines one’s supported range as well. Yes someone with occasional head voice is better than someone who can’t produce one at all, it factors in when you’re comparing people directly but not necessarily when you’re thinking of a rating since then we look at an overall. But of course like Luna has supported E5’s from Pinocchio, but never again did she support E5’s in any other song, so it’s too inconsistent to count in her favor.

      I am looking forward to them as well. I hope I am able to finish them soon. >_<


      1. ah, okay, that makes a lot of sense (particularly in reference to my very last question). so going off of that, i have a few more questions. 😛

        1. just a hypothetical, but if baekhyun consistently supported his head voice all the way up to his max currently, would he possibly move up to proficient?

        2. also, how much of a factor does how high you can support your head voice play into someone’s ranking? i noticed with the criteria that while the lower range and the mixed section had a particular note (even if that could be swayed slightly based on other things), head voice only had requirements such as being able to produce it or being able to resonate within it.

        3. going off of question number 2, is there any particular reason why head voice doesn’t have a specific note to reach, while the lower range and the mixed range do?

        4. i know that you didn’t write this analysis, but to your knowledge, do you know what baekhyun’s highest supported head voice note is? in the analysis, it mentioned that he could sing (support?) in a head voice up to f#5 in studio, but is that his peak?

        and lastly, 5. when would you say that baekhyun “peaked” or basically reached his highest point vocally? like, a year or a general era or time or something like that.

        also, this is a little bit of a suggestion more than anything else, because i tend to find that i’m curious about this, but maybe you could include something in the analysis about when they’ve reached their highest point, vocally speaking? like some vocalists improve and then stop improving (taemin, maybe, is an example) while others have continuously shown constant improvement, even as of recently (taeyeon, with her head voice which is pretty recent, i think). i don’t know if it would be too difficult to do, but i definitely think that it would be really cool to see. ^-^

        thank you again, for your speedy response to all of my questions. i know that i have a lot. 😛


      2. 1. Actually I think theoretically yes.

        2. The thing is head voice is such an inconsistent thing in pop music, it’s hard to put a specific note to it. You can only do it by comparison and by looking at other vocalists. A soprano supporting E5 in head voice is nice, but not impressive. G5 is pretty nice, but Bb5 that’s becoming more and more impressive. The closer you are to the sixth octave, the more developed your head voice is. For a tenor, F5 is actually pretty nice for head voice. F5 ~ G5 is a pretty good range, but we don’t put it in relevance to a rating because the existence of head voice varies so much from a vocalist to the next. The only time where having a head voice influences someone’s rating 100% is above good. Vocalists who are great or higher all have head voices, including males. But the extent to which it is supported is still left open.

        3. I believe I answered that question in number 2.

        4. I believe F5/F#5 in studio was his peak.

        5. I don’t keep up with any vocalists to that extent to be able to tell where their vocal peak is exactly, since many factors come to play in someone’s vocal career. So I don’t know, I’m sorry.

        We actually have included the highest peak rating for vocalists whose technique has declined over the years. That includes Yesung, Hyorin and possibly Park Bom. I don’t believe a specific time was added to it though. We haven’t really considered adding lowest rating or anything like that to indicate improvement, as improvement is usually addressed within the analyses. ^ ^


      3. oh that makes a lot of sense. ^-^ i really hope that baekhyun becomes more consistent in his head voice (fingers crossed!), and thank you again for answering all of my many questions!

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  3. Since kyungsoo’s is updated and so is chen’s , is there a probability of baekhyun’s being updated too? I want to know if he improves or stays the same. Love your analysis thanks for doing them


    1. There’s absolutely no need for an update on Baekhyun’s analysis, it may not be a 2016 analysis but it’s still accurate and up to date. We usually add content to our analyses as we go, Chen’s and D.O.’s analyses were essentially rewritten as opposed to simply updated.


      1. Oh okay. Since both baekhyun and kyungsoo are light lyric tenor, in your opinion why do Baekhyun gets the higher notes to sing (like eldorado) instead of kyungsoo?


      2. This is hinted at within the analyses. Baekhyun has a headier mix so he can go higher with more ease even though he may not support as high as D.O., it’s quite simple. It’s a mixing range thing.


    1. It’s fine aside from the last better before the F5 at 1:00. He hit C5 while singing in unison with Seohyun which was strained and then the F5 was also strained and closed.


  4. Is his posture good here? Though I do acknowledge that sitting, singing and bending your body forward aren’t really good things to do in unison, but is his position in general too disadvantageous for him here or is it fine?

    By the way, how do you sing the chorus as a Baritone? I want to cover this whole song on piano whilst singing but the chorus kills me everytime especially the “my answer is you”s. I breath badly according to you when you listened to my NCT Limitless Karaoke cover


    1. He’s playing piano. Posture is a problem cause it cuts off the passageways for breathing but overall he’s carrying through. It could be better and it would definitely help to have proper posture but accompanying yourself already poses a few obstacles in focusing on your singing. Sing it in a lower key. Don’t try to sing a song in the key that’s not right for your voice.


  5. Hello.

    In terms of vocal techniques is Suho better than Lay or are they about the same? I see fans debating who’s better but they all seemed very biased so I wanted to come and ask >.<

    And can you comment on Yixing's performance on here?

    I'm very sorry if this was already asked.


  6. Hello.
    Firstly, I wanted you to know how grateful I am for your blog. It’s kinda stupid of me but I never had an idea that there is something like vocal technique. I thought it’s all about talent. I really love to sing but I used to think that if I can’t sing something right it’s just because I’m not talented enough or something. I don’t understand how could I thought like that. It seems so obvious now that there must be a lot of practice to be able to sing well. Anyway I’m writing that to let you know that thanks to you and your blog I started to learn how to sing properly and how to enjoy singing more (because It’s frustrating if you can’t sing and you have no idea what can you do to improve).

    So now I have a question about Bakhyun’s Stronger performences.

    At the 1:13 here

    and 9:41

    it’s the same moment in the song but the way he sang this is different. Is the first one falsetto and the second one head voice or both are falsetto and one is just lighter than other one? I’m really confused when it comes to falsetto. Is it just not supported head voice? I can clearly hear it when it’s light but I’m not so sure when it’s not. I’m sorry if question is stupid but I’m curious. 😀


    1. Hi there! It’s okay, we all learn new things everyday! When I was learning to sing I had no idea we were singing notes like the piano so haha yknow and as for your question, you’re right! The first one is falsetto, the sound was swallowed back in his throat, airy and thin, while the second was placed better, much more connected and better projected with actual support. ^ ^


    1. I wouldn’t say any of them sang it better than the others. Sure Chen is the most opened but overall it’s within a very comfortable range where all of them support and are opened, so there’s no need to say one was better or worse.


  7. Hello! I find this website incredibly fascinating and very helpful when it comes to learning about vocal skills, so thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Speaking of questions…

    One, I know non-K-pop related questions are thrown out the window, but I’m very curious on Brendon Urie’s (Panic! At the Disco) standing as a vocalist. I consider him to be quite good, but then again, I felt some K-pop singers were excellent and they turned out to be average. Haha. If you aren’t familiar with him, ignore this question.

    Two, I’m not great at picking out notes, so I have no idea what Baekhyun did here at 2:16. It was on a whim so…

    Also, a bit off topic, but do you have any recommendations of strong male K-pop vocal performances? Like your favorites? (Or anyone for that matter.)


    1. What Baekhyun did was slide from the third octave up to E5, in chest voice up to mixed voice. The E5 was really tight and strained. Well Sandeul’s and Kyuhyun’s performances are good examples. Oh thank you for your comment and support btw! As for Brendon Urie, all I know of him is Death of a Bachelor and I Write Sins Not Tragedies, and he is shouty around G4, so that doesn’t sound like he’s anything higher than average from that, as a tenor.

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      1. Sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much for the answer! I had a feeling you were going to a say average for Brendon..dang.

        Also, another question, if you have the time. This isn’t necessarily about Baekhyun, but I’m not sure where to post it so…

        There’s an argument that determines vocal skill by vocal runs versus holding a note. For instance, many people I know believe doing vocal runs is the lazy way of singing while if a singer were to hold onto a note without change, it made him/her a better vocalist.. So, do you consider staying on a note for a period of time requires more skill than nailing a vocal run?


      2. Runs and sustaining power are both two different sets of skills but also two sets of vocal cords. Like some people have stronger vocal cords so they’re better at sustaining, some people have more flexible vocal cords. Both skills can be learned but like they’re both difficult and are equally impressive if done well.

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  8. Hey Ahmin,

    Since you speak Spanish and has analyzed Baekhyun, you might be familiar to EXO-K’s “Sabor A Mi” cover.

    Is it just me or is Baekhyun’s resonance REALLY BIG? Maybe it’s due to his round tone too but wow I’m impressed at his resonance especially in that particular performance. Also, I’ve never actually paid attention to his vibrato and in this song he seems to sing it very clearly at the end of his “sabor a mi”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. When you said that Baekhyun usually sings with considerable weight in his supported range,does that mean he’s chesty in his supported range or is he balanced?


  9. Hello! How about in Take You Home > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBI0QipEUW4 and Ka Ching (LIVE) > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn8WrcIl2sY

    And some people keep mentioning that baek is now doing some (breathing technique? idk) like soyou in take you home song? What do you think? Did BBH really do some technique like soyou in that song or other songs? and can you elaborate what techniques that baekhyun is using in the past until now? Thankyou~


    1. I am not sure I understand your question. Technique like Soyou? I am not sure what you mean…elaborate on his technique from the past till now? That’s in the analysis, it’s all in the analysis. For this song, Take You Home, he is singing with airiness and breathiness like how Soyou usually sings, if that’s what people mean. The only difference is that he supports a lot more consistently than Soyou, even when he’s airy he doesn’t let as much air through his vocal cords and he is able to eliminate the airiness at will within his supported range more consistently. So no, he is not singing exactly like her at all.


  10. hi, i am one of those who have no clue at all about vocal technique stuffs and thus i dont know how to express it in technical terms. but i have some live videos of exo while dancing. my amateur hearing says that those lives are sadly very depending on baekhyun, kyungsoo, and chen. and i found that chen’s performance while dancing is quite unstable (i dont know correct terms : pitchy, etc), and sometimes seemed breathy/run out of breath. when it comes to live performance while dancing, which one do you think can handle it best ? how do you analyse these ? thank youuuuu

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTuOaROlsO8
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_yhxvTrdCQ
    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w09ZCW9PmqU


  11. Hi there! Here I am again questioning you guys ^.^

    I believe Baek is the most(?) well-rounded vocalist in EXO’s vocal line cause he can support down to C#3, has a good mix and can also support his head voice(though its inconsistent).

    One of his weakness is an occasional sloppy runs. What do you mean by that? And who does have a better agility between Baek, Kyuhyun and Jonghyun?


    1. Chen has better low range and better mix and more consistent resonance, Baekh can struggle with tension in his mix , for head voice he showed consistency only below C5 so it still chen > D.O > BAekhyun

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  12. Hi! I’m back with another very stupid question if you have the time. (Sorry.) But I was watching this fan-cam and a vibration is physically noticeable in his throat when he is singing. I’m guessing this is normal, but is this a sign of vibrato being used? If it is, is it forced? Sorry, I don’t know the technicalities behind it.

    Also, you can start the video at 1:55 to get a quicker and better look.

    It freaked me out at first so I was just wondering…


    1. Oh no…that is a sign of a laryngeal vibrato being used, as opposed to a natural vibrato. It’s actually kind of dangerous. It’s not a dumb question at all, it freaked me out too the first time I saw someone’s larynx move up and down.


  13. Hello there!…I have a question …recently in your video ,ahmin, you stated that people thought baekhyun is a baritone due to the chesty mix that he use…but in this analysis it says that he has a balanced mix.?…


      1. No, I mean what I said. Above A4 he is more balanced, when he starts thinning out and straining more he gets balance and then heady but below he’s chestier.


  14. thank you very much for the post and the information you wrote. It was very helpful to me and this blog help me lern lot about vocal and improve mine too. I wanted to ask whether because sme has good vocal if the rest of exo are good vocalists or not? Kai is my bais so could you please rate singing in the video?

    I think him is a very nasal voice is this bad for your voice?


    1. We do not rate vocalists without full analyses and we also won’t analyze sub-vocalists. The bottom line is unfortunately that none of them have the basics of vocal technique. Kai is not a main vocalist nor a lead vocalist, he is a dancer. He wasn’t trained to be a great vocalist, so it’s not fair for us to judge him harshly on his singing. Nasality is not damaging to the voice, aesthetically it’s limiting to the voice but it’s to do with placement more so than anything else.


    1. It’s really hard to hear them clearly. The fans are really loud. For some reason Baekhyun was singing most of the lower harmonies. For the choruses, but in the bridge he took the higher part and strained this Bb4 really hard at 3:33. I don’t hear improvement from him.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Hello 🙂 In EXO’s new song ‘What You Do’ from their new album ‘The War’, theres a falsetto/Head Voice note at 3:03. I think its Baekhyun. Can you please confirm if its a Head Voice note and what note it is?


    1. hi! sorry i’m not the admin but that’s chen, not baekhyun, and the note is G#5 i think in head voice?
      sorry can someone confirm, i’m just here to say it’s chen ahahaha


  16. This might be a weird question, but which do you think has better vocal technique overall, exo’s lead vocalists (suho, xiumin, lay) or bts’s vocal line? I understand if this is a difficult question to answer since they sing in different genres and all, but I was just curious^^


  17. Baekhyun’s profile hasn’t been updated in two years. I can’t believe you don’t see any improvements in him? Not even the slightest?


    1. Time doesn’t always mean there will be change to someone’s technique, positive or negative. And the last time this analysis was altered in content was actually in December last year, to update a few things. The published date won’t tell you how often the content within the analysis is updated, but even slight improvements wouldn’t make a difference. We only alter analyses if there’s significant consistent change in the vocalist’s technique.


      1. I do feel though that you might have misrated baekhyun a little bit. He improved his intonation, so that should make some difference in his rating too. Also, the fact that he is the only one of exo’s vocal line who kinda uses his head voice should be considered a plus. And his range is really good too. I don’t know. I think he should be in the proficient category like kyungsoo. On his best day I feel like he is better than kyungsoo. Maybe, I was influenced by chen when he said that baekhyun is the best singer in cbx. I don’t remember where I saw that but I can’t stop feeling like a person with chen’s technique would know if baekhyun was good or not. I know baekhyun is not better than chen for sure but for chen to say that, I think that they should at least be close. 😛


      2. I understand what you’re saying but unfortunately better intonation and an inconsistent head voice aren’t enough to change his rating. I mean have you taken a look at the criteria for proficient? Baekhyun simply doesn’t match that criteria, consistently. On his best day perhaps he could be considered better than Kyungsoo, but 2/10 days for him while Kyungsoo is better 8/10 due to consistency isn’t enough. Chen saying Baekhyun is better than him already kind of speaks for itself with the assumption that having good technique means having a good for technique, don’t you think?


  18. I have read the criteria for proficient and that’s why I think he belongs there. For me when someone rates someone else’s vocal technique, I think their voice should be in its best condition and that’s definitely not true when it comes to kpop idols. now I know that all the idols overwork their voices so they are rated on equal ground but maybe the days that baekhyun is at his best are the days when his voice is rested. About the criteria, it says on your page that in order to be proficient “Intonation is not perfect, off-key moments happen at times” and “Good tonality isn’t always kept, strain and tension are apparent at times”. Also, it says “One well developed or two/three somewhat developed register well balanced” which is true for baekhyun. “Resonates at times, but optimal resonance is not a regular occurrence”, I think that this is true for baekhyun too cause he has shown resonance in his range. Also, his supported range is considered proficient in your criteria. I don’t know if it makes sense but that’s what I think. I mean based on other singers I’ve seen rated proficient, I think baekhyun is on par with them.


    1. Condition is not the primary reason he’s inconsistent. He has issues with throatiness and lack of openness that are pretty prominent in his singing, something neither Chen nor D.O. have. But if you compare Baekhyun to every other proficient tenor, he doesn’t quite fit in. He has issues with throatiness even around G4 sometimes, he sings in his throat and lacks freedom more often as well which is more of an issue for tonality/tone production where he doesn’t match the criteria. He also has less consistent clean and relaxed resonance compared to the rest and I wouldn’t say a head voice that’s rarely ever supported should help as a deciding factor. His supported range is too inconsistent. All Proficient tenors are considerably more consistent with support and even openness and resonance around G#4/A4 than him. He has many more issues with tension despite support being present. I don’t think he’s on par with Lee Hongki, Lee Hyun, Junsu nor others when it comes to his development.


      1. It’s funny because I was also going to compare him with Hongki because it seems that some of their issues are similar. It may be stylistic but I feel like Hongki sings with more throatiness than baekhyun. I’ve been listening to his performances on radio lately because I really like his vocal colour but I feel like he always sings with throatiness even in times that he doesn’t need to use it stylistically. I think it’s more of a habit than a stylistic choice. I know baekhyun sings with throatiness sometimes but he can sing the same notes without throatiness too so that might be inconsistency but sometimes it’s stylistic for him too (I know you are talking about times that he doesn’t do it on purpose though). I still think baekhyun and d.o are the same for me when it comes to technique if you weigh their pros and cons of their vocal technique. And I don’t really agree with the fact that onew and baekhyun have the same spot on the ranking but maybe that’s just because I prefer baekhyun’s voice more so I might be biased. I just think that onew has problems with placement and openess and his voice sometimes sounds unsupported and not as “full” as I’d want it to be but that’s just what I hear and I’m not really vocally trained so I guess it’s just an opinion 😛 As I said that’s just my opinion because I’m definitely not qualified to rate them based on technique lol. I’m just stating my opinion based on what I’ve learned from here and on my own.


      2. The thing with Onew and Baekhyun is that Baekhyun places his voice a lot more in his chest and sings more heavily below G#4. Onew almost always mixes much more lightly. This may give you the illusion that Baekhyun is more opened because he’s using a bassier quality to his sound. The thing with Hongki is I honestly do question how stylistic some of his tension is but he’s one of the three vocalists I have to relook into when I have time to make sure there hasn’t been a minor decline in technique. So I shall look into him and Baekhyun too when I have time if he has more recent solo material in good quality live.


  19. Thanks so much for the discussion 😛 I hope Hongki’s technique hasn’t declined and I do hope that baekhyun has more opportunities to sing live. I want him to sing in masked singer. I think he has hinted about releasing an ost but I’m not sure. Lastly, I wanted to ask do you think that Baekhyun’s inconcistency is more prominent because they always make him sing these impossible high notes that are outside of his supported range? Kyungsoo is rarely singing as high as baekhyun or chen so maybe that’s why it seems that he is more consistent. If he were too always sing as high as baekhyun does there could be more examples of inconsistency for him too.


    1. I would love to hear him on King of Mask Singer too! Honestly any other member of SNSD too or on IS2, yknow? It is possible that the excessive singing outside a comfortable range is part of the reason.


      1. 1/could you tell me the 3 vocalists you want to listen again to them
        2/for lack of openness ,DO in the proficient and i think(i mean it looks to me
        ) he lacks too in this compared to baek and recently they don’t sing that high


      2. 1. What do you mean listen again?
        2. D.O. doesn’t have issues with openness around G#4 or lower as far as I’m aware. He has issues with consistency on Bb4.


  20. In “take you home” i noticed his bridging was pretty good, but i can’t tell if he’s using a breathy head voice for style or a pretty good falsetto, which is it?


      1. That’s fine, but if you want a question answered, it would just be nice of you if you could still provide a link in the future please.

        I really would rather hear him singing this live as opposed to a studio track, but I can kind of understand what you mean. Although to me he sounds like he is relying on air too much to get to his transitions throughout. A lot of the head voice parts are far too breathy and lack proper support simply because he singing in head voice a bit too low for him, he doesn’t need head voice that low sometimes. It’s perfectly possible for him to mix lightly instead around F#4. His transitions also show a very clear drop in placement and in volume. He goes from a 1:53 projected sound and then 1:57 suddenly really breathy, really soft. He loses the projection and the sound isn’t placed anymore. So I would say he’s transitioning well but this is a studio track, we don’t know how many takes he had to get things right but I wouldn’t say this is a good example of him using a well developed head voice nor of him relying on his vocal cords to transition into head voice or keeping an even column of sound. He is almost relying on air throughout, the whole time.


    1. 2:32 was a resonant A4 to me. 2:48 D5 well placed head voice but then it got tight above on E5 and G5. This was a good day for him


  21. 1/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi2j_qPolJI
    how did he do there according to support ,resonance and pitch (start from 0:09)
    2/ how the 3 main vocalist did there

    3/ i know you don’t listen to lead but could you say kai is less throaty than chanyeol as both are weak baritones but does kai have better connection to his chords (song above is an example)


    1. 1. 0:10 0:12 the G4’s could be more opened, the vowels aren’t very opened. 0:19 G4 F4 Eb4 F4 G4, the melody generally has this pattern throughout, as he’s phrasing up there he’s supporting but his throat isn’t opened enough, his jaw isn’t free. The C5 is strained, the top note is the strained throaty C5. Nothing new here.

      2. 0:20 nice drop of the jaw for Baekhyun, 0:29 Chen is not dropping his jaw as much as he could. The G4 was still supported well though. 0:34 very smooth G4’s for D.O., phrased throughout. 0:38 a bit too much pushing for this G4 for Baekhyun. 0:44 just tightness for Suho, no support there. 0:47 just strain and throat for Xiumin. 0:49 Phrased A4’s, very nice for Chen. Relaxed, supported. 1:07 throaty A4 for Baekhyun.

      Second half: 0:16 D.O. could relax and loosen up his jaw more. 0:20 so shallow and tight for Suho, again. 0:27 Xiumin is a bit less tight. 0:30 pushed throaty Bb4 for Baekhyun. 1:11 pushing more than he needs to. 1:12 same for Baekhyun, although he was throatier, D.O. is more gritty/growly. This is a nice song. 1:43 you can even see how much tension there is on Baekhyun’s neck from his veins popping out when he goes up to A4’s.

      3. We do listen to lead vocalists, we also analyze lead vocalists. Chanyeol and Kai are not lead vocalists though, they’re sub-vocalists. That is what we don’t listen to. No, I don’t think Kai has better connection. He sounds a lot flatter, but Chanyeol sounds tighter cause he’s pulling more chest than Kai which limits him and then his jaw is really tight in the chorus.


      1. please could you listen to this too this is the last one(start from 0:13) how did the main vocalists do ??

        and did baek use supportedhead voice or not for DO 0:37 for his veins so does this mean something


      2. It means that D.O. could be a bit more relaxed but his neck wasn’t being squeezed, they were slightly popping out but the way Baekhyun’s neck was squeezed was much more intense. And they did fine, nothing new. Baekhyun did not sing with a supported head voice.


  22. Hello! Do you by any chance remember Exo’s members rates before the ones they have this days? And about what year you rated them before? It would be greate to see how fast they’re improving. I have the feeling that some of vocal line (actually all of them excluding Chen) are not focused on singing that much anymore and are putting more attention to improve other skills. Especially Baekhyun, I think now he’s more into hosting and dancing than singing. It’s totally fine but I can’t help but feel a little bit of pity. Isn’t it like this? That he and D.O made a fast improvement at the beginning but now they are not improving much if any? It might be that I just feel like this because It’s easier to make big difference in singing skills at the beggining then later or they are at too good level now for me to hear the difference, anyway it would be amazing to know if your analysis confirm my theory. 🙂


    1. I believe Chen was believed to be proficient while D.O. was above average to proficient and Baekhyun above average as far as I know. I’m not sure bout when they first debuted though. I apologize.


    1. 3:43 is not singing, it’s an exclamation with the head register. It’s not mixed. 3:28 I hear tension in the throat, slightly. It’s a G4, it’s not that high for him.


    1. The runs are more like sliding. 1:58 you mean the C#4? I’m not sure what you’re asking me, I can’t know what he was trying to do, only what he did. Yeah it was relatively soft. 2:37 4:01 they sound too breathy to be a connected head voice to me.


  23. Hi Ahmin! I talked to my vocal instructor about Baekhyun and showed her some clips of him singing, and she believes that he’s a baritone who’s trying too hard to be a tenor. She mentioned that baritones often have that rich lower register with an amazing falsetto, like Baekhyun. What do you think about this observation?


    1. I respectfully disagree. I’m not sure what your instructor’s background is, but it is easier for female classical instructors to confuse tenors with baritones in pop music if they’re used to heavy sounding singing and thus think that a chestier tenor is a baritone. Not only are his passaggi not low enough for him to be a baritone, his voice lacks character in the natural range a baritone would comfortably sing or even speak in. You should show her his true lower range because C#3 is hardly a rich lower register for a baritone who should have a lot more presence in their voices well into the second octave. I also don’t think talking about head voice/register is a very accurate way of thinking of voice types. I don’t know what clips you showed her, so I can’t say why she’d think he’s a baritone specifically other than this.


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