Block B’s Vocal Analysis: Taeil

Vocal Range

C#3 ~ C6 (2 octaves, 5 notes and 1 semitone)
(Might be wider)

Supported Range

E3 ~ G4

Voice Type



  • Extensive mixed range
  • Very healthy and steady vibrato
  • Control of light mix and balance mix is present
  • Voice is very controlled even above his supported range
  • Support is present in his lower range down to E3
  • Able to support notes as high as G4 consistently
  • Falsetto is usually relaxed and controlled up to C#5
  • Improvement in pitch and stability
  • Able to eliminate nasality at times
  • Has been able to show connection with head voice

Points for Improvement

  • Swallowing muscles, throat and tongue show tension quite often
  • Underdeveloped lower range, often airy and quiet
  • Mixed voice lacks the development of chest resonance
  • Nasality is often present in his singing
  • Falsetto could be more developed and is overly airy at times
  • High larynx above G#4
  • Vocal runs is not very accurate nor agile
  • Often sings in a range above his supported range, abusing the extension of his range with improper technique
  • Voice can at times be small and sound pushed when trying to create more volume


  • Lower register: Generally quiet and airy, this register seems to be the part of his voice least used and where he least shows any kind of care for development. The range is also quite limited, only having reportedly shown the ability to hit C#3, his low range is generally quiet and airy, although tone is almost always present.
  • Mixed register: This register is where he tries to sing the most, he abuses the extension he possesses and the fact he can go as high as F5 in his mix. Notes above G4, however, are generally strained, whiny, nasal and pushed with a lot of air and tension. He is able to control notes below G4 with support and dynamics, however.
  • Upper register: His falsetto is generally controlled and shows few problems with transitions and pitch. The tone is generally relaxed up until C5 and above that, it may become whiny and tight. Although a connected head voice has been produced, he lacks control and consistency in producing head voice.


In terms of agility, his voice is able to do simple short vocal trills, bouncing up and down through notes such as in “Family Man”. However, his voice is not quite flexible enough to handle more complicated melisma-heavy R&B songs, such as his cover of “Because Of You“, where his runs would often lack precision and he would slide through runs too quickly, without giving each and every single note the necessary clarity, pitch accuracy and time. Therefore, his voice can come out pitchy and lacks the necessary agility to handle more extensive and complicated runs and ornamentations.

Overall analysis

Block B’s main vocalist, Taeil, is recognized for being the main vocalist of a group that’s heavily associated with Rap and Hip Hop music, and as such he takes most of the challenging high notes to bring in the effect and impact from their repertoire. With a very light, bright and highly placed voice, Taeil’s voice would most likely be associated with that of a Light Lyric Tenor, in classical music standards. He has a very extensive vocal range when it comes to his mixed voice and is able to control his voice well regardless of how high he takes it.

His lower range is the one where he lacks the most in terms of projection, development and support. His voice generally stays connected with a very soft dynamic and airiness coming through, although tone is still present. It is still unknown whether or not he can go lower than C#3, but from the performances used for this analysis, he tends to stay in a range that’s on E3/F3 and above, where his voice shows the most comfort, control and projects best, such as in “넌 어디에” and “친구“. However, when taken below E3, his voice starts to become slightly cloudy and the clarity of the notes is lost due to the airy quality present in his voice, such as in “이제 난 알아요“.

His mixed and mid-low to mid-high range are where his voice shows the most control in terms of pitch, vibrato, dynamics and support. He is able to control his mixed voice to hit notes very lightly even as high as G4, with little to no tension, support and still stay in his mixed register, such as in an acapella version of “넌 어디에” and “마법의 성“. His voice generally becomes more opened below G4 and he’s been able to show the ability to lift his soft palate and allow for more opened notes such as his F4’s in “잠시만 안녕“. His voice is usually quite stable, controlled and even supported up until G4, as well as even higher than G4, his control isn’t lost. Taeil’s mixed voice is heavily head-voice dominant, which helps his mixed voice endure high notes and passages for an extended period of time without as much damage to his vocal cords. Even though his control and pitch are quite stable and accurate above G4, he has the tendency to let his larynx raise, to place his voice in his nose and to let the swallowing muscles and tongue tense up in the back of his throat and around his larynx, causing a whiny, pushed and tense sound to come out of his voice whenever he hits notes on G#4 and above. Examples would include his numerous C5’s in “Very Good” and his C5’s, D5’s and E5 in “빛이되어줘“. The main issue with this, however, is that due to how light and bright his voice, Taeil is able to strain his voice much higher than usual with a very consistent push of air pressure, causing his notes to be loud and tense, but at the same time not causing a lot of fatigue right away. However, in the long run, his voice will start to lose power and to become damaged by the improper position of the larynx and the tension existent in his throat, since he is usually given very high passages in most of Block B’s songs.

His falsetto and head register are both existent register in his voice. By having quite a high placed voice, he is able to connect to a pure head voice more easily than lower voiced males would. Although he has shown the ability to produce a connected head voice even as high as B4, in “Because Of You“, he does not show consistency in producing this register and at times may show a lack of control when transitioning into his falsetto register. Notes above C5 generally become either shaky or also come accompanied by the tension and tight throat shape he has in his higher belts, examples being his C#5 in “눈의꽃” and his D5 in “빛이되어줘“, which contrast from his B4’s in the same chorus of the song. For the most part he’s able to transition well, but at times the transition will become unstable if the jump of the intervals between the chest/mixed range he is in and the falsetto note he is aiming for is too wide, such as in “마법의 성“. As he ascends to the peak of his range, although the brightness of his voice helps him, there’s tension and tightness present alongside a whiny quality to his falsetto, such as in his “Scat Improvisation“.

As a vocalist, he deserves a lot of merit for being able to control his voice so well and being able to have improved his support, stability and pitch in singing. He used to at times sing with a less controlled voice and sound pitchy, such as in “넌 어디에“, but with time Taeil has been able to show support within the E3 to G4 range consistently. The control still stays above his supported range and due to the brightness of his voice, the strain isn’t obvious. He is also able to emote and create music well through the use of onsets and dynamics efficiently and with consistency in his supported range, with the style of a ballad singer. He only starts to lose the ability to control the volume of his voice as he ascends into his upper mixed range where his voice becomes generally loud and pushed. His vibrato is another one of his assets, which he uses consistently with a relaxed throat and support. Another drawback, however, is the general nasality present in his voice, even within his supported range, which can help place his voice into a brighter mask resonance but still hinders the fullness and potential of the true resonance he should be able to use within his supported range.

As a vocalist and soloist, Taeil shows a lot of potential to only improved if he is given the right tools and right training. He has range, a natural ear for musicality and is able to control his voice beyond his years, but lacks the technique necessary to fully grasp the potential in his instrument. Although he has the support, his improvement would mostly be eliminating nasality as soon as possible and learning how to open up his throat to produce a relaxed, opened, supported and even resonant sound all throughout his registers.


Musically speaking, Taeil tends to try and sing songs slightly differently from the original and adding his own little melodic changes and runs. He is not the kind of vocalist to change a song drastically or to show off when singing simple songs; instead he tries to stick to the original melody and add to the melody with good taste and with good ear by staying in key and pitch. Even then, his changes and musicianship still lack in terms of difficulty and can sound overly simple. An example would be the small but effective changes added to his cover of “엄마” by Ra.D.

Label (Type of Vocalist)

M Vocalists: Mid-Range Vocalists

Vocal Range Video(s)

*The C3 is a C#3 in this video.

video by: Edgar Cárdenas

He hits C6 in this video:

Best Vocal Performance(s)

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)


70 thoughts on “Block B’s Vocal Analysis: Taeil

  1. Woah! Thank you ahmin for taeil analysis. I’m wrong this time. I thought he will be AA or AA to competent. He have kind a deep voice. I thought he is a baritone. (I’m totally amateur, sorry :() Usually i thought someone with deep voice will always got a higher rangking. But, i’m wrong 🙂


    1. Wait, you thought Taeil had a deep voice? Taeil has a really high voice though! haha he is always singing super high and his tone is super bright and light haha Having a deeper voice wouldn’t give you a higher ranking, that would be unfair, don’t you think? No problem though and thank you for reading!


      1. Ooooh i’m so a ashamed hahahaha 😀 I just listened a few cover. So i thought ” ohh.. Such a deep voice” hehe. And yeah, you’re right. That would be totally unfair. Thank you~ hahaha

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  2. Thank you for the analysis! I’ve been waiting for Taeil’s. I had though he would be in the same level of Daehyun but I guess since I barely follow BLOCK B, I don’t really know haha

    Do you think you would do an analysis on MyName Insoo or Gunwoo?


  3. Thanks for the analysis of Taeil, though now I’m worried that if he keeps going like this it will probably cause him more damage than good, I hope he trains vocally more… I wanted to ask you, when you mentioned “swallowing muscles, throat and tongue show tension quite often”… are there other reasons why this might happen? Like bad habits; drinking, smoking, diseases, etc. It’s not like I want to judge him or something, I’m a doctor so that’s why I want to know if there could be a more organic origin to this?


    1. No that’s mostly muscle memory and bad singing habits. Smoking or drinking won’t affect the muscle tension exactly. It’s just bad habits and things that you’ve taught yourself to do that you’d have to relearn, like yknow bad dancing with tense muscles lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ah, I understand, I think due to their past agency the vocal training he got or the lack of it might have caused him to develop an inadequate technique. I hope he does improve despite not being in a group that stands out for their vocals… thank you for your help 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      1. She is also part of the future projects, you should go check that page to make sure you don’t suggest anybody we already have lol


  4. So glad you did an analysis of Taeil! And a really good one, at that. I’ve followed Block B since their debut, and, it’s sad to say, but Taeil’s vocals have gotten worse as the years have progressed. In the year their first mini-album came out, his voice sounded really good, but now, his live performances aren’t very good at all. I still love his voice, though, and I can only hope he receives better training and gets rid of those bad habits because he has a lot of potential.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the compliment! ^ ^ Yeah see? Bad vocal habits can lead to decline in vocal ability, that’s why vocal technique is important.


  5. Just wondering, what does Taeil have to do to become an Above Average Vocalist? I’m looking at the criteria and:

    Above Average

    One somewhat developed register with the others being average or weak
    Range wise, supported range without head voice for sopranos falls somewhere within A3 and C5/C#5
    Range wise, supported range without head voice for mezzo-sopranos falls somewhere within G3 and B4/C5
    Range wise, supported range without head voice for tenors falls somewhere within D3 and G4/G#4
    Range wise, supported range without head voice for baritones falls somewhere within Bb2/B2 and Eb4/E4
    Inconsistent with resonance
    Even in their supported range strain and tension can be present
    Nasality can be present within the voice at times
    Intonation issues can be frequent

    I’m confused as to exactly what from this list he fails to meet? I mean he meets the supported range, and has at least one developed register. He definitely seems closer to being Above Average than Average, so that’s probably why you put him in the 2.5 area, but exactly what’s missing that stops him from becoming a 3? How close is he to becoming an Above Average vocalist?


    1. The reasons why Taeil falls in between average and above average is because he has a pretty consistent support in a very narrow range, he has a mixed range and a nice bright consistent mix with support to G4. He lacks however, the properly supported range, his voice isn’t as developed in the lower range AND in the upper range. However, the biggest reason is resonance. That’s the biggest reason, if he were able to consistently support his mixed range AND show resonance, he’d be higher. At this point, due to the lack of development in his overall range and his lack of proper use of dynamics due to how underdeveloped the chest muscles are in his mixed voice and the fact he lacks resonance, that keeps him from being higher.


    1. Oh is this his first time on Immortal Song? I’m happy for him! His voice is so high when he speaks lol 2:20 and 2:22 F4 and F#4, the placement wasn’t bad and the support was nice! The 2:31 Bb4 was pretty tight and strained. 1:46 the Eb3 wasn’t bad, just a bit airy. He looks so tiny and adorable too LOL He is so cute… it’s hard to take him seriously… but anyway. 3:46 another Bb4 with tightness. 3:51 the F#4 could’ve been more stable and more well seated, like he is supporting but the voice isn’t falling into one place in terms of placement. 3:57 this one was the most throaty of them all, strained and unstable. 4:20 projection was lost but he was more stable because he allowed his mix to get headier instead of being as chesty as he was trying to be before. 4:43 those Bb4’s, why did he try another one. Too many of them and they were all pretty unstable, it felt like he was doing a similar performance to a recent performance I watched of Kim Tae Woo with Bb4’s, except Kim Tae Woo was really strong and resonant on them. Taeil has to work on his stability and mixing.


      1. I don’t know if it’s his 1st time, allkpop told me he went XD I agree his voice is very high, especially he’s standing beside P.O XD Oh i forgot ya 3.57 was kinda painful to listen to… i also questioned why he sang so much Bb4s…


  6. How did Taeil do in Mask King?

    How is the other guy, Hong Suk Chun too? btw, the ending is hilarious XD


      1. Sorry I forgot. He sounded nice, his projection wasn’t bad. I was surprised with Hong Suk Chun, he’s not bad! Taeil has a very attractive voice actually. The highest note seems to be G4, so Taeil is fine.


    1. No no, it’s like C#3 ~ C#5, 2 octaves, C#5 to D#5/Eb5 1 notes, Eb5 to F5, 2, F5 to G5, 3, G5 to A5, 4, A5 to B5, 5 and then B5 to C6 is one semitone so 2 octaves, 5 notes and 1 semitone. ^ ^ It could also be called 2 octaves and a minor seventh.


    1. Yes I was reviewing the list of males we have against the criteria and leaving him as just average was unfair so I brought him back up to his original rating since we will soon have quite a few average males coming up, the criteria is clearer in my head for those.


      1. I’m very curious as to who those “average males” are. I did notice that overall the males on this site are average higher than the females.


    1. I couldn’t think of it but I can include his performance from IS2 as his best vocal performance and the one from 끝까지 간다.


    1. Nobody has really posted any videos of him and I don’t usually go by weekend performances for analyses, so I don’t know as of now. So if there have been any performances this year where Taeil has sung within the C3 ~ A4 range and you’ve been able to notice improvement with support, placement or overall development of his voice, feel free to post them. If the songs have him singing into the fifth octave as usual and he’s singing just like he did back in the King of Mask Singer phase, then there would have been no improvement.


  7. Hi! I don’t know if anyone’s already asked you this and sorry if yes, but could you analyze his performance on King of Masked Singer? I don’t know a lot about vocal technique but thought this song in particular sounded really… pretty, so I was just curious how he actually did compared to what I think lol. I really like this website and it’s teaching me a lot about both vocals and kpop, so thank you for all your work! 🙂


    1. It has not been asked about before actually. His E3’s throughout the verse could’ve been much better, he whispered a lot of them like at 1:08. It’s a beautiful song yes, it’s one of my favorite songs. 1:27 his G#4’s in this aren’t bad. 1:37 kind of closed in this section, G#4’s and F#4’s. 1:50 F#4 that was a lot more closed than it needed to be, mostly due to his diction. His vowels tend to be a lot more closed than they could be. He could open up on them a lot more. The range of this song is quite narrow, E3 ~ G#4. 2:49 not that bad on the G#4’s. 3:00 could be a lot more opened, that’s why he’s unable to produce resonance. 3:40 a quick A4, tight. He sounds kind of tight throughout but with support. It’s just the glottal tension closing his throat, he needs to work on his diction.


      1. Thanks again for the quick reply! Side note, is D.O’s analysis being updated because I remember reading it before and can’t find it now?


    1. OH THIS SONG IS THE ONE THEY SANG? I like this song. lol 0:29 never noticed there were F3’s in this song, unless this is a different key. 1:00 those F3’s were better. It’s a lower key yeah. He sounds alright 2:02 support up there to those F4’s, he is only phrasing that high so far. Again same issues as before, his diction isn’t the best so his vowel shapes aren’t the most opened out there. He could be more opened. 2:47 the transition was nice, but he sounds tight in his head voice. 3:34 tight head voice F5 ~ D5 ~ C5 ~ D5, the pitch wasn’t bad. 3:58 tight Bb4’s up to D5’s, he didn’t transition into his head vice this time.. 4:01 her D5’s are nice. This is nothing new for Taeil nor Luna.


  8. Não fazia ideia que vc falava portugues hehe

    Eu adorei a analise, apesar de não entender nada disso, eu tenho alguns timbres de voz favoritos, Taeil e Hongki tem as vozes que mais me atraem. Eu não costumo ser muito fã de vozes femininas salvo raras excessões como Ailee e Kim SoHyang, as vozes delas transcendem preferencias pq são muito lindas. Tem uma outra que não vi aqui que tem uma cor musical fantastica tbm, a Ali, adoraria ver uma analise dela tbm! 🙂

    Mas falando de Taeil, vi que tem alguns videos que vc não tem aqui e que talvez pudesse interessar, até pq um dos linkados não funciona mas. O 친구. Vou linkar alguns se vc não se incomodar, quem sabe tem algo que nunca tinha ouvido! 🙂 essa é bem antiga (a versão dele de It was Love que a Luna tbm canta) ( Taeil single) (música nova do block b)

    Desculpe linkar tantos, é que conhecia videos que talvez possam interessar.

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      1. I’m guessing this is because they don’t have any support when singing? Just out of curiosity why is someone who doesn’t have support but has a wider range and is in tune more often worse than someone with support but less range etc. (This question is coming from a place of total ignorance and desire to lean not doubt btw)


      2. Well see for singing the most important with singing. If you can’t breathe properly and support your voice, then you don’t know how to sing. Range is very unimportant actually, having a wide range is irrelevant because honestly most vocalists have actually 3 octave ranges, they just don’t show it but being able to scream a bit higher than someone else doesn’t mean they’re better vocalists. Range is the same as potential, not skill.


  9. Hi Ahmin,I really enjoyed your post and I love your analysis! So I have a Block B fansite in Chinese and the sole purpose is dedicated to promoting and popularize Block B in China. They are yet well recognized in China. If possible, can I take the liberty to translate some of your Block B related blog posts into Chinese? (There’s a thing called the great firewall in China which basically forbids you to visit sites like FB,YT, GOOGLE,etc.) I’ll definitely label the source and the original author. Thank you in advance!
    Hope to hear back from you soon,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly I haven’t really paid attention to his singing enough in a long time, I don’t really know what he sounds like anymore.


  10. I know you haven’t analyzed NCT Taeil and it would be unfair to him, but if you were to compare NCT Taeil and Block B’s Taeil, who would be the better vocalist. Personally I would say Taeil wins. ;D Thanks!


    1. Very general question, the first one should have been mentioned within the analysis. He hasn’t shown improvement, so the quality of the performances is nice but his technical issues still stand.


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