Secret’s Vocal Analysis: Jieun

Vocal Range

E3 ~ F6 (3 Octaves and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

A3 ~ Bb4/B4

Voice Type



  • Able to support her voice properly within 1 octave of range
  • Notes on A3 and above carry support and are nicely connected
  • Notes above Bb4/B4 can at times carry some support, up until C5
  • Able to sing smoothly with good pitch most of the time
  • Voice is able to connect with a healthy head voice at times
  • Lightly mixes, so less damage is brought to her voice when she is out of her supported range
  • Vibrato can be produced with a healthy technique

Points for Improvement

  • Throat closes easily on notes outside of her supported range
  • Unable to create more dynamics and different volumes/onsets with her voice
  • Notes above B4 generally are tight and the larynx goes high
  • Her low notes below A3 lack support, connection and projection
  • Nasality is often present in her voice, she can get quite whiny at times
  • Voice lacks agility and accuracy in pitch when trying more complex vocal lines
  • B4’s and other belts can get constricted, mostly on the 오 (Oh) and 우 (Oo) vowels
  • Falsetto is tight, weak and overly airy


  • Lower register: Generally supported down to A3, with nice enough projection and enough support to connect the voice. Lower notes lack projection and sound shaky.
  • Mixed register: Higher mixed range above C5 becomes tight and overly light, with little support. Notes on B4 and below are generally relaxed and supported, able to at times create fuller supported B4’s and Bb4’s, but many times nasality is present in the voice.
  • Upper register: Falsetto is generally used the higher she goes but in a range that’s comfortable and in her supported range, she can lighten up her mix and create a pure head voice. Most other times, although able to extend her falsetto high, it stays tight and tense.


Possessing a light girly voice, Jieun lacks in the flexibility department. The voice is not only not ready to do vocal runs, she seems to, for the most part, be aware that she does not have the necessary agility to properly deliver ornamentations in songs. The few times where she was required to do more complex vocal runs in her performances include “희망고문“, where her runs were frequent during the whole of the song but lacked in terms of connection, precision and separation of pitch, sounding sloppy, inaccurate and quite slow. Another case would be her performance of “” where even with the help of consonants to ease the transitions, her adlibs and scoops or slides lacked precision and flexibility.

Overall analysis

One of Korea’s debutants on Immortal Song, Jieun was able to showcase her vocal skills first through her debut in Secret, then later through Immortal Song 2 and lastly through her solo debut. Her voice is very girly, almost angelic, with a very delicate quality and would most likely fall under the light lyric soprano fach.

On the low extreme of her range, Jieun has one good advantage that is her ability to consistently produce connected low notes with vocal tone. Almost never is her lower range solely air and she often does take down tone to the lowest of her notes, even her E3’s in “희망고문“. Even then, her voice still lacks proper connection and support below A3, where her voice finds its peak of comfort and connection. Below A3, such as in ““, where her G3’s and F3’s become quite unclear and lack connection of tone. Her voice becomes unstable and inconsistent below A3.

In her mixed voice, this is where Jieun’s voice becomes the most stable and consistent. She is generally quite consistent with pitch and does not deviate often. Her mixed range up until Bb4 is consistent with support, stability and tone. Her voice is generally clean in tone, lacks any signs of real raspiness, throatiness or pushing within her supported range. She has the tendency, however, to produce B4’s with either nice and consistent support, such as in”” or at times become rather closed. The difference lies on the vowels used, such as the “(애) Aye” and “(아) Ah” vowels, where her voice is opened, as opposed to “(오) Oh” and “(우) Oo” where her voice becomes more tight in closed, such as in her performances of “쳐다보지마“. Whenever Jieun ascends above B4, though. Her voice becomes a bit more pushed and whiny, such as her C5’s in “희망고문” and “Vintage“, her C#5’s in “Run To You” and “이젠“, and her D5’s in “Beauty and The Beast“. Her voice gets specially more constricted as she ascends into E5’s and above, such as in “희망고문” and Eb5’s in “예쁜나이25살“. Her mixed range is, however, quite heady, so the strain in minimal since there’s not that much pressure on her vocal cords caused by an excessively heavy usage of belting and chest voice, allowing her to sing in this healthier manner even if the swallowing muscles in the back of her throat tend to close and cause sound to become small, constricted and unprojected.

Her falsetto range is generally quite airy and does not show much connection to her mixed voice. It becomes overly airy and does not project as well as desirable. In songs, such as ““, her falsetto almost disappears into the microphone, although at other times she’s able to produce a healthier and more connected head voice, generally on notes as low as B4 and C5, or at times it can extend up to Eb5, but with a bit of tension and a whiny quality, like in “희망고문“. Even then, her voice lacks the control and support to stay in a high range without losing such power.

Musically speaking, Jieun has got one of the weakest voices amongst main vocalists in K-pop. Not only does she strain in a relatively low range for a Soprano, but her voice simply has almost no difference in dynamics. Due to the balance in her mix being overly heady, she tends to not be able to put any power into her singing, often sounding small, light and overly fragile all the time. Although not a power house, when sustained belts are needed, her voice still lacks resonance and a clean healthy vibrato, which don’t come due to the lack of support and nasality present in her voice. Her soft palate generally stays low and her voice sounds like it has only one color, not ever changing dynamics or showing control for onsets. Examples include her performance of “친구라는 건” and “회상III“, where her support exists, but whenever she tries to add more power, her voice sounds small and constricted, as if being pushed over the edge without the proper muscle strength to handle stronger passages.

As the main vocalist of K-pop girl group, Secret, Jieun sadly falls short when it comes to vocal technique development over the years. Throughout the years, little to no difference was seen in Jieun’s vocal ability and improvement. Her vocals still lack power, control and resonance. For the future, working on her support, lifting her soft palate and creating a better balance between chest and head voice to properly develop the CT and TA muscles would be the way for her to further develop her voice, to create more dynamics and to further develop her mixed voice.


Jieun is a very safe vocalist, who’s very aware of her voice and where it stands. She doesn’t try to often sing out of her comfort zone, when given the choice. She generally has very limited musicianship but uses it to her advantage when in need of change for a song, so that she can make songs easier for herself. A song that would be slightly challenging, like Unfaithful, which descends down to F3, becomes easier when she limits the line and goes down only as low as Bb3 instead, staying in key but also keeping her voice projected. For the most part, the voice is quite limited and lacks any skill to actually be able to change songs for reasons beyond her limited technique, therefore she lacks the ability to actually change music for the music, as opposed to making things easier on herself.

Label (Type of Vocalist)

M Vocalists: Mid-Range Vocalists

Vocal Range Video(s)

Video by: Viet Tien

*Here she displays her range from F#3 ~ F6

Analyzed by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)

54 thoughts on “Secret’s Vocal Analysis: Jieun

  1. Yay~ Jieun XD seriously when you said she has one of the weakest voices amongst main vocalists and barely any difference with her members, i was like Oh no… and then she is an average vocalist like Minzy, it somehow made me relieved lol XD at least she isn’t TOO bad 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s just haha Jieun sings with almost the same volume all the time >_< she's so pretty though haha but yeah no Minzy is a stronger vocalist than her


      1. Her voice doesn’t change much… yeah she’s pretty XD i mean she is in the same category with Minzy though…


  2. Yeah! I love her so much, she’s my favorite in Secret. At first I thought she was above average than I heard her lower register and higher belts…I kind of think it’s sad that people say they’re so good. I think it’s good to have support but some might be to nice or too much. Idols probably think that they are really good when they are average. It’s not their fault because entertainment says that and stuff.
    I just thought of something…what if idols go on this website, read the analysis on them and suddenly improve! That would be so cool! I think that would shock them.
    Bom would be like this to YG: “Oppa, this vocal analysis seems very accurate but it says I’m weak. I thought I was the best! You told me I was one of the best singers in kpop.”
    YG: “What the fuck? What is this, what are those words. This doesn’t make sense, well I’m a crappy music teacher anyway.”
    Bom: “But oppa, I thought my belts were good! How do I fix them?”
    YG: “See you later.” (runs away)
    I can really imagine that anyway great analysis, you’re always on point and truthful in a classy way. That’s what I like about you and your analysis’s.


    1. She really didn’t do so well in Immortal Song 2 when she was there, though. She was like always at the bottom, even her vocal instructor/arranger was like “Nah you ain’t giving me enough, I need more.” So like, I think that’s why she’s not that popular of a vocalist, people at least know she’s not so strong. She’s SO gorgeous though.
      I actually really wish they would read the analyses and improve, sometimes it’s kind of what I’m aiming for haha but it’d be far-fetched lol @ YG LOL poor guy. lol Thank you very much ❤


  3. Oh ok, when I hear her in secret songs she sounds really good in my opinon. But I never thought she was good level. You know Taeyeon has a youtube channel! When you update the analysis I’ll send it to her someway…


      1. Anyway talking about Taeyeon, how did you think she did in this cover? Way better than Justin Bieber and it’s on her channel

        If you want to hear her more here’s a video that had he guys vocals out

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      1. sr but can u explain to me about baritone? Why’s it special? I really want to know more…
        N I’ve watched some PJM’s perf and i think his high note isn’t good. Is that true?


      2. His high notes aren’t good, yeah. He also can’t sing that high either. Being a baritone is special IN pop music because generally for pop singers, tenors and sopranos are preferred voice types because they can hit the high notes naturally with less training. Baritones, although the most common male voice type in terms of population in the world, happens to be a less popular voice type in pop music because it’s lower in range and tone. Bass is the lowest male voice type and also one of the least commons in the world and in pop music. There are more contraltos and mezzo sopranos, the lower voice types for females, in Pop music, than basses or baritones. Baritones in K-pop are often rappers, like Key and Minho of SHINee, T.O.P. from Big Bang, Chanyeol from EXO, and so on. Park Jung Min is a light lyric baritone with a very creamy and light voice, but he has a lower placement of tone than any of the other members in SS501, I think.


    1. They’re basically the muscles within the larynx that help produce the chest and head voice. CT is more active when producing the head voice and TA are more active when producing the chest voice.


      1. chest voice and head voice are included of placement,aren’t they? and I ever read that placement is ‘imaginational’ so how our placement can influence these muscles? sorry for my so many question >_<


      2. No no chest resonance and head resonance, yes but chest voice and head voice are in registers. I’m not sure I understand your other question.


  4. I dont know, i just… when i saw Seohyun Tiffany and Jessica’s place in Average to AA, i thought she’ll be there too. even i think she’s better than Tiff, Seo, and Sica. am i right?


      1. Tiffany places her voice better, Tiffany has a better head voice, a little bit more agility, her voice has more dynamics and her lower notes are better. Jieun only has better high notes than Tiffany up until B4/C5 but that’s about it. It’s not a huge difference but Tiffany has a slightly better technique in those aspects.


    1. Hana is not a vocalist though? ._. To me she was a rapper, if she sings as well as Sunhwa, Hyosung or even Jieun, I think she shouldn’t have an analysis…at least not yet. I won’t do Taeyeon toooo soon because I have many new analyses I wanna write but I will redo the SNSD vocalists analyses soon after that though, I promise it won’t take that long! ^ ^


      1. She’s just really talented so I was suprised how well she was singing. I will wait for SNSD, can’t wait for your next analyses~


      1. Who do you think is the best amongst those vocalists? Also, how do you rank Youngji? Is she better than KARA’s Seungyeon?


      2. I don’t know yet, I haven’t heard enough from either of them to be sure. I think Soyeon might be the best, but they’re all average really.


      1. oh, jun.k? really? 😮
        can u tell me some more? I want to have a better sense of ratings ^—^


      2. yeah he’s not that good as a vocalist, nasality is always presented and he strains quite a lot, based on what I’ve heard from his appearances on IS2


  5. I know there isn’t that much difference in vocal ability between the members, but I kind of wonder how the members of secret compare with each other. Would it be too much to ask for a brief summary analysis? because if so, then what would be the vocal ranking?


    1. I have heard only the one I consider to be a vocalist other than Jieun. Hyosung generally sounds very airy, nasal and has a very underdeveloped voice. She’s a weak to average vocalist I believe.


    1. She’s doing better with dynamics here, the technique level is still pretty similar to what it was before but her overall dynamic approach isn’t bad. It’s been a long time since she’s sung like this, it’s good to see her back.


  6. This performance was before Secret even debuted but I feel like her voice has changed a lot and tbh I liked her singing better back then. What are your thoughts on her old approach?


    1. She had a lot more volume output, she wasn’t as limited dynamically. Technically her supported range wouldn’t be much different, but she had more volume. Her runs were still pitchy and her fifth octave still strained, counting slow motion as well.


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