15&’s Vocal Analysis: Park Jimin

Vocal Range

Eb3 ~ C#6 (2 octaves and 5 notes)

Possibly could go higher

Supported Range

F#3/G3 ~ C#5

F#3/G3 ~ A5 (with head voice)

Voice Type



  • Very Forward Vocal Projection
  • Smart Vocalist, the higher she goes the headier her mix gets
  • Proper Placement is present all throughout her mix
  • Proper head voice is used and up to A5 consistently
  • Actual tone is actually carried down to her lowest note
  • Very apparent musicianship
  • Switches into head voice are done well
  • Ignores the Half Air/Half Sound technique
  • Overall has very nicely developed registers

Points for Improvement

  • Below F#3 lower notes lack proper projection and a lack in support
  • Above C#5 larynx goes up, though proper placement is still maintained
  • At times pitch can be off
  • Lacks vocal stamina, voice can sound tired while phrasing
  • She can be shaky at times
  • Occasionally a slightly whiny and nasal tone production can be produced.


  • Lower register: Nicely supports down to F#3/G3 below that her lower notes lack proper projection. Unlike most idols that lose their sound almost completely below their lowest supported note, JiMin is capable of carrying down audible tone down to her lowest, Eb3; however,  she is virtually unsupported.  She is also very comfortable in lower register being able phrase low for lengths of time without any very apparent signs of a struggle. She has a tendency though to lower her larynx to create more of full sound while using the register.
  • Mixed register:  Very solid support and great resonance up to C#5. Above C#5 she tenses up, but her placement is still correct, therefore even though she is straining her voice is still projected forward. She lacks vocal stamina so after phrasing mid-notes for her a length of time her voice can sound tired and frail.  Proper tonality is present majority of the time in her the mid register; at times though she loses focus and lets her sound slip into her nose causing a slightly nasal sound, but this is not a normality for her. When vibrato is used it can be unstable and slightly quick because the control of her vibrato is not 100%, but she normally uses a straight-tone tone production. Therefore vibrato issues are normally avoided. When she does notes in the Eb5-A5 range she allows her voice to become headier, so she doesn’t sound completely in pain.
  • Upper register: She normally uses a nicely produced and relaxed head voice. Has shown head voice up to C#6, but is more than likely able to go above that given how easily she produced it. Up to A5 JiMin produces a very clean, resonant, and forward head voice. How well she does on notes between A5 and C#6 is currently unknown because there is no evidence demonstrating her skill in the Bb5-C6 range. That being said it is also currently unknown if she has improved her C#6s. Although JiMin a very nicely produced head voice she doesn’t do much stylistically with it meaning she doesn’t do many complex runs or much dynamic play with it, however, she does switch well into it from Mix voice and Chest voice.


Unlike YeRin, Jimin lacks agility. JiMin attempts to do quick runs and melismas, but they end up not coming out how she intends them to. Majority of her runs are sloppy and pitch inaccurate this is probably due to that she has not practiced improving her vocal flexibility, also it may be because that she doesn’t practice the run enough so she doesn’t know where each note is going and where the vocal line itself is going.

Overall analysis

Given her age JiMin is a very skilled vocalist with a very great understanding of music and her own voice. Unlike many artist under JYP she doesn’t have a breathy tone quality because she does not follow the “half air, half sound” technique that many of her co-workers do, therefore her tone production is very clear and resonant. Her understanding of where to place the voice is quite advanced especially for someone so young. She, 99% of the time, produces a non-nasalized and forward tone quality. She keeps her voice placed correctly even on notes as high as A5. Her intonation though not flawfree isn’t bad. She’s able to sing in-tune pretty much all the time with going flat from time to time.

She’s a smart vocalist in the sense that she doesn’t try to pull up chest voice while mixing very high. She lets her voice naturally get lighter, though she still maintains enough chest tones as a result the sound still remains sounding like a mix and not head voice. Also because her placement is so forward her resonance is amplified. Her resonance in the A4-C#5 range is very round and resounding. Though her placement in her mix is almost fantastic her vibrato isn’t quite as fantastic. Her vibrato can occasionally become wobbly and unstable, but she normally uses a straight tone on her mix notes so this is normally avoided; this problem may be fixed as her voice matures. After phrasing mix notes for a while or mixing high her voice can become tired resulting in a frail and whiny tone production, though this problem may be fixed as her voice matures and she gets older.

Her head voice is very bright, nicely head placed, and controlled. Her head register as well as her mix register are her most developed registers. Her head voice is very connected to the rest of her voice as she easily switches into it when needed. She’s very relaxed and comfortable in her head voice being able to do A5s in head voice fairly easily. While promoting ‘Sugar’ JiMin showed off her vocal smarts and her ease in head voice by doing many of the A5s in head voice instead of forcing herself to mix them constantly. In head voice she’s actually able to do very nice runs, not really complex runs, but controlled and stable runs.

Her lower register is fairly well developed and very nicely placed in the chest. Below F#3/G3 her voice does not project very well, but she is still able to keep tone down to Eb3 in the lower register, unlike other Sopranos. Her placement in the lower register isn’t too bad she is pretty chest placed, she just lacks projection and over stability of the tone, as well as having the tendency to sing with an airier tone for stylistic purposes at times. In the lower register she doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable she accesses the bottom notes pretty easily without much sign of a struggle.


Her musically is best described as high belts, changes of melody, and addition of harmonies. She’s very musical. She tends to experiment with different ways of phrasing and harmony. She even does harmonies within 15& performances changing the way she sings phrases live than how she did in the studio. She isn’t really one for runs and tends to stay away from and lets YeRin do that most of the time.

Label (Type of Vocalist)

MH Vocalists: Mid-Range Head Voice Vocalists

MB Vocalists: Mid-Range Belters

LR Vocalists: Low Range Vocalists

WR vocalists: Well Rounded Vocalists

Vocal Range Video(s)

Videos by: Cxxlmanproductions

Analyzed by JiYul

95 thoughts on “15&’s Vocal Analysis: Park Jimin

  1. Hi. Thank you for analyzing Jimin.
    By the way, I wanna ask, from 15& performance of Problem, Bang bang, and Let it go, do you think Jimin (or 15&) were good in those performances?

    Thank you 🙂


    1. I’ve actually watched all three of these performances many times. Both of them did pretty well, in terms of support/resonance and pitch. Only thing is YeRin really doesn’t have an hold on F#5 and above she gets so strainy, her mixing really isn’t good above there she just pulls up so much chest lol.


  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH for analyzing her! ❤ ❤
    i constantly see comments on 15& videos immaturely comparing yerin and jimin like, "jimin should have debuted solo, i don't like this yerin girl" or, "yerin has such a strong voice, jimin is only average", and i never knew how to respond to such rude comments without evidence that they need each other.
    now that you've analyzed both girls i can see that they actually balance each other out and what one of them doesn't have, the other does. 🙂

    also, you said both girls lack the most in lower notes. now that i think about it, i don't see many jyp artists using lower notes (ha:tfelt aside). would you say that jyp doesn't train the lower register well? is that a result of training the half air technique?


    1. 15& is a very well balanced vocally. Honestly, YeRin would be a Competent if she had more vocal cord connection in the falsetto and lower register so she would have a more solid and connected sound. Really though..YeRin and JiMin are really balanced.

      Well, I was wrong in saying that JiMin isn’t supported below Bb3 she actually does well done to F#3 which is pretty low for a Soprano, so her lower register is actually pretty good. I could possibly be attributed to the Half Air/Half Sound technique because that does mess with vocal cord connection which is really crucial in the Lower and Head register. It can also be because most people aren’t really good in the lower register, especially Sopranos so it may be the mindset of “Well, they aren’t really good going low..but they can go high..so we’ll teach them how to sing high instead of low” The problem with that mindset is that you can train someone to be more supported and connected in the lower register if they aren’t good at it..it might just take longer.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. In that really all you have to comment about? Anyway, I wrote this in less than an hour so I really wasn’t concerning myself with grammar just making sure I got all of the facts out. I swear to you my research papers look nothing like this. Honestly though it’s difficult writing a Vocal Analysis because you are dealing with things that have happened in the past, things that have happened in the present, things that are still happening now, providing your ow3n conjectures. It’s difficult to keep your thoughts focused. So sorry my grammar isn’t why you expected it to be, but in all honestly I really don’t care.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Your sentence lacks a predicate and is therefore a fragment. Clearly, you’re liable to using poor grammar as well.

      Thanks so much for the analysis! I really enjoy reading these analyses, and I appreciate the time taken to post them. They’re totally understandable, whether or not they use perfect grammar; ignore the haters.


  3. Very nice job. I was waiting for her! You know how my mix is to chesty (I know that’s not a word lol) How do I fix that? Hers is a good one.


  4. Will you guys do analysis for K.Will, Spica’s Boa and EXID’s Solji? They were voice coaches so I’m really curious if they really good or just good. Are these girls better tha ex. Hyorin and K.Will better than ex. Kyuhyun?


  5. Does her musicianship is what makes her a Competent vocalist? Bcos everything else she’s quite similar to Raina. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question I’m just curious >< I'm not familiar enough with both of them so I just trust what I read here


    1. She is similar, but she has better consistency and resonance overall, her C#5’s are better, her head voice is purer, more controlled, her lower range is a bit better too. Her musicianship is, yes, another reason too ^ ^ Thank you for trusting what you read here, btw!!

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  6. Hey!
    Jimin sang a C#6 at one of her audition songs called I Love You:

    This song really showcase most of her vocal range, from F#3 at around 1:12 and up to that C#6 at 2:37, to bad the quality of the mic is not amazing so you can hear some sort of feedback.
    I would have ranked Jimin higher, but not much maybe Competent to good vocalist, but very nice analyze.


    1. Wow, I really have NO idea how I missed that…seriously…I’ve seen that performance like 50 times and it never dawned on me to check that note. Though it wasn’t very good, she did it extremely easily. Like she was confident in going that high and she just glided into the note. It was still head voice just strained head voice. I wish she there was more material of her in the B5-C#6 or even higher range. I really want to know her consistent. I personally believe that JiMin could possible go up to Eb6 or higher. This C#6 is really old too..I want to know if she has gotten better. This almost inspires me to make a vocal range video, but I feel she has enough..none of them have this C#6 only A5s but LOL. She really can’t be Competent to Good because she has pretty much no consistency above C#5 just nice placement. If she had more consistency on D5s and Eb5s I would easily call her Competent to Good. Right now she’s a very strong Competent. Very reliable.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks for the post! I was waiting for it for so long and this post is really complete. I was going to write about that “I Love You” performance but someone has already said about it on the comments above. Everytime I watch it I get goose bumps. Can you say something about her doing rap? Like on “Problem” and “Sugar”? I believe if she gets focused on training her vocals, she’ll be even better in her 20s. And I also hope that she keeps avoiding that “half air, half sound” technique. Another random question, does anyone know any site about j-pop vocal analysis? I’ve always wanted to know more about ALI PROJECT’s Takarano Arika’s vocal range but I’ve never found a j-pop vocal analysis website lol.


  8. Thank you for analyzing Jimin! I love her voice. It’s so unique and her mix is goals for me, honestly. Was wondering if she’s improved any since debuting solo? The song’s pretty hard to sing but I think she did a good job of delivering it emotionally, if not vocally.


    1. Well, Hopeless love had a lot of D5s..and for me to say she has improved I would need to hear improvement above C#5. None of her D5s in hopeless love really caught my attention, so I wouldn’t say she has improved. She has plenty of time though.


  9. Good thing I read this review first before asking another question. LOL. It is about the forward projection. Before, I thought once your voice strained, you cannot project it correctly. Not until, I have a friend who belted D5/D#5 /E5 (I’m not sure which but I’m sure it’s higher than C#5). He strained his voice and his larynx is really high but it still sounds really forward, hence, making his voice well projected. LOL.

    I actually envy him because I’ve been practicing it for like a year already and yet I cannot do it consistently above F4. Meanwhile, he has no intention of pursuing singing career and that he simply loves singing. XD


    1. 0:54 G3’s really nice 1:12 great transition into head voice. 1:29 not bad runs 1:33 kind of tight E5’s but not bad, the approach isn’t that bad. 1:43 not bad.


  10. What would be needed for her to get to the C-to-G rank? Would improving her agility be enough? I’ve heard her do some alright runs (such as in “Are You Dazed”) so I think it’s possible for her to improve in that area…


    1. No improving her agility would not really be enough to bump her up unless it became really good like YeRin’s. The easiest way for her to move up is to either improve her mix, lower register, or head register.


    1. We have kept up with her new releases and we noticed no improvement in her technique, so we didn’t see a need to change the analysis in anyway.


  11. Hi ahmin its me again.
    Last time I post an audio for my singing none of the notes are supported at all. Right now I think I can fill my diaphragm instead of lungs with air. Does it means I can support some of my notes now ? Or there is a possibility that all of one’s notes are still throathy even when using diaphragm ?
    Could you please send links to understandable videos about support for nugus like me ? I really want to atleast know how to support my breath :/


    1. It doesn’t automatically mean you’re supporting. It has to do with tone quality and without someone to guide you, I don’t know if you can tell by yourself.


    1. A headier mix is healthier than an overly chesty mix, but if the mix is too heady then it can lack in projection and roundness of tone.


    1. Half air half sound isn’t an original technique. JYP is not a technical vocalist nor does he know a lot about technique either. Half-air half-sound simply means a breathy quality added to the vocal cords where the vocal cords don’t fully come together, so air passes through and creates a whisper-like tone quality to your voice. It is a very world-famous stylistic device that’s been used for decades. It wasn’t created by JYP. It is fine to be used as a stylistic choice for parts of songs but to sing ONLY like this is VERY limiting. The vocal cords can only produce a fully supported sound if they are fully connected. If they’re not connected, they can’t stretch properly to develop your muscles, so breathiness usually limits vocal growth. So in other words, singing with only half-air, half-sound usually results in a very underdeveloped voice lacking greatly in the most basic part of technique, support. It can be used as a stylistic choice but should NOT be the only way for a vocalist to sing. On top of that, airiness tends to cause the vocal cords to dry up and become irritated, which is unhealthy. If you’re sick, don’t whisper as it only irritates the vocal cords more.


  12. Kinda glad Jimin didn’t use the half air half sound technique because she sounds so great! By the way, do you think Jimin’s vocal cord nodules would affect her badly? And one last, can you please listen to this and analyze? http://www.smule.com/p/739652766_95567060 that is me singing. I am not confident with my voice and I don’t know if it sounds great. My mother is kind of a good singer and my siblings sing well too. I just don’t feel confident about my voice. Sorry for the mistakes I did in the song though >< I also want to know what register I am in because I am curious about that. Thank you!


    1. Jimin has nodules? If she rests and takes care of her voice, they can go away on their own so she should be fine. I’m sorry but your link isn’t working.


  13. Ooo I found a JYP artist who ignores half air half sound! Lol. Does Jihyo use half air half sound evrytime? Because she sometimes does sound airy, maybe for style; but I haven’t heard her being airy all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Phew! All we can do now is hope for Jihyo to be consistent and not airy throughout her career in JYP. Thanks!


      1. I’m so so happy to hear that her voice sounds more rich (at least to me) now! Though it could be that she’s changing the way she sounds to let people not recognise her at the first place… Her C#5 sounds so full!
        May I ask if her F5 at 3:17 is strained? And some of her notes are more breathier,, although I have strong faith in her that it’s a stylistic choice, I’m also really afraid of any possible bad influence from JYP 😐 Let’s hope for the best for Jimin!
        And thank you for writing this analysis, I have re-read this for so so many times but never commented nor said thank you for it 🙂


      2. It’s a strained note but it’s bright, it’s a less damaging form of strain and one that is easier to fix. Thank Pandayeu, not me!


  14. It’s been a few months since Jimin had surgery but she’s slowly revealing she still got the vocals!

    [and Kehlani liked & commented on her cover]


  15. Also – if JYPE isn’t a big of a snake as they are already than we should expect Jimin to comeback in 01/2018. I hope it isn’t just a single. It would be cruel to have JYPE best vocalist only release 2 singles & a mini in +3 years


  16. Hi Admins!

    There haven’t been many comments here since Jamie hasn’t had a cb, even though she’s performed a lot live, ex. KPOPSTAR & FRIENDS concert,
    Something Sweet concert with Bernard:

    (just incase you haven’t heard the new material yet)

    but there are some things I would like to ask you guys.

    So firstly. She’s releasing a new digital album on September 4th and she has put out an album spoiler beforehand:

    Now, my impression overall is that she is going out of her comfort zone and is going for belts in the C5-Eb5 range a lot? Idk if it’s just me, but the C#5s (I think?) sounded really tense to me, so I’m not really sure if they are supported. I know that you are not that comfortable with studio versions, but right now, this is all I have 😅 Maybe it’s the vowel, 우 is not the best vowel to belt, but I kinda have the impression she’s going out of her comfort zone too much. I’ve heard numerous belts in this video that sounded like a high larynx. Fortunately, she’s going to perform on Music Bank next week, so we can see if there’s any improvement or regression live.

    Also she has put out a collab with Primeboi, and although she hasn’t performed this live either, there are some runs that sounded really clean to me? Like at 0:51, 1:37…

    Do they indicate improvement in her agility (only indicate ofc, she has to do them live to be sure) or are they as sloppy as before?


  17. so jimin FINALLY came back with a minialbum after 2 years… how is her technique in the album? i know you don’t like studio versions but ill link the mv anyway:


  18. Admins, Jimin was on Vocal Play! I made a vocal showcase for it so you don’t have to watch the whole performance/look up the notes:

    Has her approach on the mixed Eb5s/HV B5 improved in any way?
    Also, thank you so much for your work! I know you are busy with your own schedules and I really wish you the best! I hope you’ll be back this year with new analyses~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow thank you so much for making this video! It really makes this so much easier for us 🙂 Her Eb5 isn’t bad, but definitely not what I consider to be free or truly supported. It’s interesting. She really went off with the belting during this performance singing so many G#5s and A5. I really appreciate the amount of stamina she has to sing up there for so long. Altogether they were strained, but just to something I feel should could have been a lot lighter and brighter to her approach. Because I don’t know, in my opinion, there were times when I just felt like she *yelling* and just hoping for the notes to hook on, which they did because they were placed pretty OK. But I feel like she really wasn’t paying attention to technique and was just trying to sound powerful and big, which is understandable given the atmosphere…but I feel like she could have relied a little more on technique even if these notes are well out of her supported range. Omg..her B5 was beautiful it was so clear and resonant, very pretty. Thanks for the question and the video.


      1. OMG the B5 was resonant?! wow
        but yeah the arrangement of the performance really seemed to be focused more on impact xdd Later on the show she said she wasn’t nervous at all for the performance and just enjoyed it, which… probably explains the weight on her higher belts I guess? lol
        Thank YOU for answering! I really appreciate it ❤


      2. No, I’m afraid Pandayeu meant resonant as in with a sense of support and openness, while being relatively well placed though there was tension. It wasn’t a fully free and resonant note. I personally heard more tension than support.


  19. Jimin strongly marked herself as a vocal godsend with strong vocals with the most recent stage performance of This is Me. She obliterated any doubt. She an elite vocalist.


    1. This performance really showcased her control and stamina, especially higher in her mixed range, but unfortunately, as mentioned above, she still doesn’t show support belting above D5, so everything in the E5-A5 range carried strain.


      1. Just a reminder she still doesn’t show support belting above C#5, she never supported D5, that performance just showcased her extensive mix range


  20. I don’t know if you saw this and I haven’t even looked at what notes these are but I really want to know if this video would make you have to update how high she can belt/mix


    1. Oh no, actually this is lower than she’s gone before as far as I recall. She’s been singing G#5’s since Problem, so this isn’t new.


  21. Hey Admins, this is a very minor thing, but currently, Jimin’s analysis states “It is unknown how well she does above A5 currently”. however, she has recent notes above A5 in “Why The Sky” (Bb5) and “This Is Me” (B5). Wouldn’t that be sufficient to say that she still tenses up above A5?


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