Jessica Jung’s Vocal Analysis


Vocal Range

D3 ~ D6 (3 octaves)

Supported Range

G3/G#3 ~ B4/C5

Voice Type

Light Lyric Soprano


Jessica produces okay, and at times decent, notes up to C5, and occasionally up to C#5 – rarely up to D5. On rare occasions, she has also achieved resonance and/or open-throat in the Bb4-D5 range. Amongst “Girls’ Generation“, she has the most developed chest register.


Jessica is very inconsistent when it comes to lifting her soft palate, therefore, her placement and projection are less than desirable. Though her pitch is between average and above average, she sometimes goes off the center of pitch on simple lines, and in worst case scenarios – entire performances. It is not uncommon for Jessica to go flat or sharp while singing high notes. She is also very inconsistent when it comes to resonance, and quite inconsistent when it comes to overall support, at times. Jessica’s best vocal performance was “Heaven“, with Tiffany, (6-7 years ago) where she belted a supported B4.


Lower Register: at times, she is supported down to G3/G#3, but more often down to A3 and Bb3. Below G3 Jessica voice is unsupported and airy, but the when supported the sound is solid, clean and nicely produced(“Europa“).

Chest Register: Jessica has one of the most developed chest registers in K-POP; when supported, the sound is very solid, forward, and has a very smooth vibrato (at times).

Middle Register: she is supported up to B4/C5, the majority of the time she sings, and up to C#5 at times. However, she is still inconsistent in the Bb4-C5 range. At times, she is able to support herself up to D5, albeit, rarely. When Jessica’s voice is supported in the middle register, it possesses a bright and slightly more womanly quality to it.

Head Voice: Mainly uses falsetto; does all right up until F#5.


Generally slow, but has produced fast runs in the studio versions of songs. Runs are in general, sloppy, not pitch accurate, and lack flow.

Overall Technique

Support and Control

Jessica’s support is average and inconsistent, even within her comfort zone she still has very frequent inconsistencies, which places her lower than others around her level. Above C5, and at times below C5, tension, shrillness, and flatness arises, preventing her from being able to move up in the KPOP vocal ladder. She also, at times, produces unhealthy and forced vibratos; that being said, she has shown to be capable of producing  ok and/or decent notes within the A4-C5 range – and sometimes up to D5.

Notes in the 4th octave (A4-B4) can be accompanied with nice support, decent placement and a clean vibrato. The majority of her open-throat and resonant notes lie within the A4-C5 range. At times, she can also produce ok to decent notes in the C5-D5 range, but more often they are produced in the C5/C#5 area. In the C5-D5 range, Jessica has produced opened C5s,C#5s, one D5, and a resonant C#5.

Sustained notes in the chest voice are normally supported nicely and have a very solid vibrato sometimes.

In her upper extension, Jessica fails to support her voice properly resulting in her producing a falsetto instead of a head voice. Her range goes all the way up to D6, but her falsetto is only acceptable up to an F#5 – above that her voice becomes airy and tight.

Her pitch could also use some fine-tuning as she has the tendency to go off pitch,  in live performances (even on  simple vocal lines) although her sense of pitch has improved.

Tone Production

Jessica’s voice is naturally soft and delicate, with and without a risen soft palate, but with a lowered soft palate the sound is more nasal and lighter. It’s more mature sounding, and fuller, when she vocalizes with a raised palate. Unfortunately, Jessica tends to sing with a lower palate, therefore we barely hear her fuller, and more mature, sounding voice. Besides, when she does decides to lift her palate, it’s on belted notes, and on rare occasions.

Her mixing is more on the brighter side, therefore her belts are very bright, light and girly sounding – even with a raised soft palate, although, at times, her mix is too heady and bright, causing the sound to be weak, frail and lacking in proper projection.

In the lower register, when supported, her voice is creamy and a little bit more rich compared to when she is belting  – which mainly just sounds bright and girly.

The tone of her falsetto is light and delicate, mainly because it’s falsetto is generally weaker than an head voice.


Jessica has improved, slightly, in the B4/C5 area. Her larynx has also become more stable as she produces more acceptable notes, whilst vocalizing in that range, more frequently.


She has shown some musicianship in a few of her solo performances (“Almost“, “Someday“). At times she changes up her lines in live performances.


Average to Above Average vocalist

Best Performance

Vocal Range Video(s)

Video by Ahmin (Kitsunemale)

Video by: Pandayeu (Ohimesama1f)

Video by: Riki Kudo

Original analysis by :Zhx (Andrew)

Updated by: Pandayeu(Alyson)



478 thoughts on “Jessica Jung’s Vocal Analysis

  1. I’ve been wondering if Jessica’s chest voice is really well developed compared to other artist shouldn’t she be AA? I’m asking this because most AA vocalist seem to rarely use their upper register I’m sure there is a reason why she’s A to AA but I just don’t understand why lol


    1. Inconsistency. She’s inconsistent with support, with pitch, with placement, with her mix. She can produce resonance, she can sing clean and on pitch, she can open up her voice and not be nasal, she just does it so inconsistently that she can’t be considered AA. Her lower range is not enough to rate her as AA.


      1. Oh ok I understand now! Thank you.. also do you mind answering this question I asked on the homepage since no one answered me? “ can i get a brief analysis on this performance by A.T. please? Is the note in the end (3:20) strained??”


  2. How was Jessica’s lower range in her new song? They sound better to me, but I wouldn’t know lol. Like in the verses and the bridge at 3:10 with the lower harmony (which I’m assuming is her).


    1. Those F3’s in the beginning are really not bad, they have a lot more support and connection than I’d expect. I wouldn’t go as far as to call them supported, but they’re not far from it either. So far she only went up to Bb4 in this song throughout the choruses 1 and 2. 2:22 that C5 up to that D5, they were REALLY tight. The rest was fine, much more opened since it was Bb4 and below.


      1. could you then say that she is supported down to G3/G#3 but can maintain some support down to F3/F#3? Could it be possible improvement that she is improving her muscle control and coordination in her lower range


      2. That is possible but I always thought she had G3/G#3 and tone below that, like in Promise and Day By Day.


  3. Are you going to update jessicas vocal analyses with release of her album?

    or wont you be able to do it since she is not appearing on music shows.

    and from the album do you think she has improved at all or cant tell cause its not live


    1. If there’s anything new to add, changes shall be made but if there’s no difference and from what I’ve heard there isn’t a difference, then no need to update anything.


    1. It does sound like an unsupported somewhat connected head voice but it’s also because the vowel Oo is the best vowel for producing a well placed sound in your upper register, the last F5 sounded more like falsetto. It may just be well placed falsetto.


  4. Do you think Jessica is better than Ariana? I know they both support around the same area (with Ariana maybe lower than Jessica around F#3 ~ Bb4?) but they’re both inconsistent with their range so I’m not really sure..


  5. ok well i always considered her my self in above average category so was hoping she had improved

    but she did another performance for fly

    no questions


  6. Hello,
    You had said that Jessica’s voice is “more mature sounding, and fuller, when she vocalizes with a raised palate” however I don’t know how to distinguish between raised and lowered palates. If it’s not too much trouble, can you please give me examples of Jessica singing with a raised palate vs lowered so that I can better understand what you mean?
    Thank you!


    1. What are some examples of how Seohyun is a better vocalist than Jessica? They have very different sounding voices and i’m explaining to a friend why I believe Seohyun to be better but I’m not very good at pinpointing things she does better.


  7. What can you say about this performance, esp Taeyeon and Jessica’s parts (1:31-1:43)? I think Jessica’s voice is much fuller and better way back their debut days. Did she really improve? Or she just change her vocal technique to fit in with GG’s concept?


      1. so is she better way back then or it’s just a hit or miss for her nowadays? Her vocal seems too light and nasal esp with her new album. I hope she can sing just how she used to sing during ITNW era.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She’s always been inconsistent with openness and resonance. She can do it, she just doesn’t do it consistently.


    1. her voice is light because she has a light voice…
      peoples voices change over the years

      and her album is not nasal


  8. But if you know how to sing, you can actually control it right?Like do it if you want and not if you dont. I dont think she’s aware of it. I think she needs Kim Jo Han again lol


    1. Well if you know EXACTLY how to do it, yes. However Jessica has issues with managing her technique and she might not know how to do it voluntarily. He won’t help, he can’t do it either.


    1. 0:17 flat 0:19 nice G3, this is a semitone below the original key of the song. 0:24 Her transitions into falsetto aren’t bad. The chorus is nice, a lot of phrased Bb4’s, 1:02 1:04 those parts were more opened than her usual. Overall pretty nice. 1:26 whispered G3, but not because she can’t sing it properly. 1:35 nice change of the melody. 1:55 flat. Again nice chorus. 2:33 the melodic change was nice but 2:35 The idea of the run was nice but she didn’t execute it well, she was flat. 2:45 she was like “lol you thought I was gonna belt?” 3:06 slightly flat on the trill. This was pretty nice actually.


  9. Can you please do an analysis for this Live Performance of her songs from her recent Fan Meeting:
    Golden Sky – (1:37 is a good one right?)
    Love Me The Same – (Too nasal right?)
    Big Mini World – (my fave. What note did she hit at 2:16-2:20)
    Fly – (ALL choruses are good right?)
    Dear Diary –

    Did she improve? Or atleast somehow more stable than before because she almost sounded like her cd or am i just being too blinded or delusional? lol


    1. 1:37 was a nice vowel, it opened up but she was slightly flat and the placement wasn’t forward enough, so she got softer and didn’t project as well. There was tension on that C#5 as well. 2:16 wasn’t bad, it was just closed. “Oh” could be a more opened of a vowel than how she sang it. Overall this seems pretty nice, nothing new but she’s doing well for herself. ^ ^


  10. Would you ever think of writing an overall analysis of Jessica’s vocal like those you have done with other artists? I’m asking that because I really enjoy reading them. They are like professional journals sincerely. You show a great aptitude for literary works🙂


    1. We believe the analysis on Jessica tackles her main points and it would really be up to Pandayeu to update her to our current format, only if that’s necessary. Currently this analysis doesn’t seem to lack the main information and she’s not shown any improvement, so there are no plans to rewrite it I’m afraid.


      1. Oi, quem é a melhor vocalista do Twice? Alguns dizem que é a Jungyeon porque ela é a mais estável, você concorda? Jihyo – Jungyeon = Nayeon – Mina??? Qual o seu ranking?


      2. Amor, aqui não é o lugar de fazer pergunta assim. Future Analyses List é a página mais apropriada, porque aqui é a análise da Jessica, não JYP ou Twice. “Estável” é uma palavra inventada por fans internacionais que não quer dizer nada vocalmente, porque eles usam fora de contexto. A Jihyo é que tem melhor técnica e eu acredito que a Jungyeon é a segunda, a Nayeon a terceira e o resto é weak, então não me importei de saber que é menos weak que as outras. Próxima vez pergunta na página apropriada. ^ ^


      3. Ok, desculpa, eu realmente não sabia😦 eu sempre fui na aba “últimos comentários” para ver em qual página você comentou por ultimo e comento lá, pois tenho medo de você não ver D: Enfim, obrigado, e perdão.


    1. Well, no, because what is that one step? Jessica has a couple of factors keeping her from being a pure Above Average vocalist and just fixing one of those problems really would shoot her up.


  11. Ok, can I ask about some improvements about Jessica. These arent really big but when Jessica was in SNSD she didnt get to hit G3s as much as now and we discussed that her lower range isnt DEVELOPED due to consistency issues. But I’ve noticed them to be more supported these days. Do you agree. Also just listening to her recent performances she seems to be better at supporting but more importantly she seems to be able to produce vibratos more naturally and more evenly and more consistently. I know it wont change her rating, but if its improvement, it should be worth mentioning I guess.
    Listen to her G3s in the intro here

    And the G3s here at 0:57,1:43, 2:08 (Note shes also hitting several D3s and E3s here as well despite lacking tone)


    1. I don’t think inconsistency was ever the issue for Jessica on G3, the note. Below G3, she’s been able to sing supported F#3’s in very rare occasions and I think that’s where “inconsistency” comes in. G3 is a note I never really doubted Jessica of having down so I don’t believe there’s a reason to call this an improvement.


      1. I dont mean to bring tea against you nor am i trying to be bitchy, but Im sure you have doubted her consistency in her lower range.
        APRIL 24, 2015 AT 11:13 AM
        Sure? If she’s consistent with pitch and support in her lower range too and placement yeah. Only if.”
        In seohyun’s analysis comments “ahmin3
        MAY 27, 2015 AT 12:05 PM
        I wouldn’t say Jessica decline, she’s just always been inconsistent because I’ve heard a performance of miss Korea where she kinda supports F#3s on and off during the performance, like Seohyun. I think they’re quite similar vocally, except for pitch and perhaps placement. I think Jessica has better chest resonance but that’s about it, they’re both not too consistent below G#3″

        Like I know Alyson wrote the analysis, but it was consistent with your earlier notion since it says ” at times, she is supported down to G3/G#3, but more often down to A3 and Bb3″.
        Like now it shows otherwise that she can support G3s with enough consistency to consider it a solid G3 than what Alyson mentioned above, and even in that big mini world performance her F3s have some support if not supported. Also in that thai performance you can hear some support, if not supported in her F#3s at 0:31, 0:49 and 1:42.

        This isnt the only LIVE big mini world where she has been able to eliminate airiness below G3 and carry support/tone down to F3 and F#3. Rather the analysis could say she is solidly down to G3 and carries support and tone down to F3.

        There’s also an improvement in her vibrato too. Im not trying to make a bias as another issue is that Jessica has a bad habit of putting too much air on her falsetto.

        Well she’s the author, and I have no issues if she doesnt change it since it doesnt really change much or really make a difference and it could be seen as just hair splitting. I respect her decision as the author of this analysis


      2. I stand by her not having consistency below G3. However it’s true she has good G3s, Pandayeu prefers to leave it as G3/G#3 because everyone is human and there’s always inconsistencies with your voice. I don’t believe she showed support anywhere below G3, her G3s still lacked projection and were often muffled, even more so when singing down to F3. Otherwise, I see your point and I appreciate it. It’s true, but she’s human. Inconsistencies happen and G3 or G3/G#3, there’d be little to no difference.


  12. Its inconsistent, but I think it could be one of her best performances from her consistency in placement in those B4s
    I feel like Jessica here sounds more opened than her usual
    Are the B4s at 0:56, 1:10, 1:38-1:43, 2:15 2:27 non nasal?
    at 1:57 The C#5, the quality is like the C5 at the acoustic version, like it was okay right?
    at 1:58 the note doesnt sound like her usual falsetto, is it head voice?


    1. I’d say many, if not all of those B4’s were not nasal. The C#5 is shallow in support, but lightly mixed so the tension is minimal. The 1:58 part sounds like falsetto.


      1. Was Sooyoung using head voice there? lol And what is the note she’s hitting right after Jessica’s D6?


  13. This acoustic cover of ‘Fly’ shows off Jessica’s musicianship very well. Her voice is so lovely, and they way she changes up her lines so smooth~


  14. Do you think she became more consistent with her supported range this year? Her mini album seemed to stay within a comfort range of her… with going down to F#3 at time and that highnote in Fly


    1. She is using a whistle to scream but that’s screaming, not singing and it wouldn’t count as part of her vocal range simply cause it isn’t sung.


  15. Oooh i see you updated her best performances
    what were the high lights for those two new performances? They seemed like a usual performance


      1. Its good to see that two of her best performances are from this year but really, isnt consistent support something that is expected from an average vocalist not an average-above average vocalist?
        disappointing that the best she can do is rather average


      2. I was just surprised you chose those two over that FLY performance where pretty much all her B4s were non-nasal. You said to us in the thread to stop posting performances that keep highlighting Jessica as an A-AA vocalist but her most brag worthy vocal performance rather highlights her as average.

        It doesnt make sense that Jessica’s best performance is just as good as tiffany’s best performance when she is A-AA and tiffany is A. I understand why heaven is her best, but even heaven is much better than those two, that almost resonant A4 and non nasal B4s + consistent support.

        Or did you post those two because non of her notes had any above her supported range and thus consistent support? If so I would understand why you chose those two.


  16. What note was she able to hit on her best performance video “Gravity” ?

    @3:00 – 3:03.

    Were those B4s??? Thank you.😀


  17. umm. i find something disturbing here. it seems there is better videos to put for her best performances…. but you don’t put them… it seems there is a very slight bias that some of the authors don’t like Jessica here and i can see it.

    And based of everything that has come out from her in 2016 and some of her performances..jessica should be in AA… but i don’t see anyone here putting her there cause they dont like her.


    1. Yknow what’s funny? If you actually went out to look at the team page, you’d see Pandayeu lists Jessica as one of her favorite singers in K-pop. We strive to be objective and unbiased, so hearing that we are biased because you don’t like what you see.. When you don’t know us, it’s getting old. It’s upsetting and it’s immature. You can’t see that some of the authors don’t like Jessica, yknow why not? Because it isn’t true. We all like every artist here and I can assure you we like Jessica. Jessica has not improved, she’s not an AA vocalist. Please read the criteria again and tell me exactly what makes Jessica AA, instead of A to AA. Also please provide these videos you claim that are better than her current best performance videos and we will evaluate wether or not they’re her best.


      1. I’m sorry that you even have comments like this. We know you work hard and anyone can see that Jessica has not improved one bit.


      2. Oh no don’t apologize! It isn’t your fault, at least Jessica has stayed the same which is a good thing.


      3. this should be listed as best performance as well it is better than the newly updated ones she is allot less nasal here and shows more consistency and in b4`s

        sorry about my other comment as a jessica fan get attacked allot and sometimes take fustration out on the wrong place and people.

        I do wish though.. you would update jessica`s article to the new format like you updated others. im sure there is more information and analyses to add .


      4. Mhmm unfortunately that’s not up to me, it’s up to Pandayeu since Pandayeu is in charge of Jessica’s analysis. I can bring this analysis up and ask if it could/should be included.


  18. yes if you could cause i believe it should be added into her best performances.. not that the others need to be removed but this should be there as it is in som cases better than the ones already listed as her best


      1. when jessica released a new album if there is any improvement then would you guys redo/update her analyses then



      damn her 3/4 of her best performances are from this year.
      I guess she is getting more consistent with her support but thats already listed in improvements


      1. But i still dont know why fly acoustic version is as good as heaven?
        heaven has consistent support, less nasality, non nasal B4 and almost OT A4.


      2. im kinda puzzled why gravity and the acoustic fly perf are some of her best performances because i remember you saying in the thread that those performances displayed her usual technique.

        I am also puzzled why they’re all the same. They all have consistent support right and pitch right? But the acoustic fly performance she doesn’t go above Bb4, a few non nasal Bb4s and has nice G3s. I feel like Tiffany is capable of doing this with her current level of technique. Gravity has nice G#3s and a nasal supported B4. But the full fly performance has nice G3s, several non nasal B4s and an ok C5.



  19. Hi! What’s the ranking of female vocalist from A TO AA Category? I really want to know.😦

    Is it like this? BoA>YeEun>Jessica/Seohyun>Hyunyoung>Minzy/Gain

    *Since Minzy can support down to G3 – Bb4/B4 while Gain can support A3 – C5


  20. so when you guys say that certain performances are her best because of consistency of support, are you saying performances where she doesnt stuff up notes A4-C5 in the performance?


  21. i’m a fan of Jessica but surely she should be put down into just the “average” category when her resonance & support are so inconsistent? I checked the criteria for above average and they need at least one developed register, which for Jessica is supposedly her chest register. This seems strange to me as for example Tiffany’s chest register is just as well developed and she has even supported as low as Jessica, but is rated lower than her? It’s also strange as she has shown very little improvement throughout her time as a singer (i.e ~10 years and no head voice? still has a very nasal placement with inconsistent projection?) and other artists seem to have been moved down categories (i.e Uji) for what I understand was not improving? Also overall, the analysis as a whole seems “unfinished” ? There aren’t any linked examples for points made, i.e) her resonant C#5?


    1. Well see that’s the reason why she’s in between. With that logic, every average to above average vocalist would be put down as average. The reason they’re not average is because differently from average vocalists who show no signs of support closer to the their second passaggio or almost never, Average to Above Average vocalists show characteristics of Above Average vocalists, but inconsistently which is why they’re in between. If Jessica was consistent, she’d just be an Above Average vocalist. Tiffany’s mixed voice is a lot less developed, a lot more constricted and the difference in support is very evident. The criteria also mentions resonance and support up to their second passaggio, which Tiffany has never truly shown but Jessica has more than a number of times. Jessica is not rated as high as she is because of her lower range alone. U.Ji was not moved down for not improving, U.Ji was moved down because she was misrated. U.Ji should’ve been rated as a Competent vocalist before anyway, due to lack of openness in her mix and constriction. The links are in the best vocal performances and vocal range sections, where examples of her resonance are included in those videos. This is just an older style analysis and it doesn’t follow our current standard but the main points of the analysis are still tackled all the same. I hope you can understand why there’s a difference.


    1. I’m not Ahmin but the visual chart he mentioned is going to rank idols that they have analyzed on a chart so that you can see how high or low a certain idol’s vocal technique is in comparison to others, even within the same ranking. It’s not going to be all the vocalists analyzed on the site, just the idols. It will come out after all the idols that will be on it have been analyzed, which if I remember correctly there’s only a few more. But I don’t quite remember who, sorry


  22. Jessica has a new album soon, what are the chances after her new album that her analyses will needed to be updated.. and in the terms ofimprovement..what would she need to improve on to be in the AA category in terms of her new album.


    1. If she has improvement, then we will make adequate changes to the analysis. She’d need to match the criteria so she’d need to more consistent support, be able to produce resonance more consistently, be more opened, eliminate nasality more.


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