Brown Eyed Girls’ Vocal Analysis: Gain

Vocal Range

B2 ~ F#6 (3 octaves, 3 notes and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

A3 ~ B4/C5

Voice Type



  • Sings within her mean for the most part.
  • Sings multiple styles of music.
  • Good ear for harmony.

Points for Improvement

  • Small voice not fully supported (sometimes her voice can disappear during a phrase).
  • Her lowest notes are inaudible.
  • Intonation issues.
  • She can produce a whiny tone.


  • Lower Register: Non-existent and muffled. Gain sounds nice down to maybe F3, every so often, but she does not use the proper resonating functions to create a fuller sound. Very airy and quiet.
  • Mid voice: This is where she sings the most and majority of the time she resonates here. Other times she raises her larynx and produces a thin whiney sound
  • Upper Register: She only goes up here in falsetto. Very forced if too high but she has a nice sound up to G5 when placed forward. Other times it’s just air.


Gain has a slow and non-agile voice. She does not attempt, nor has the musical ear, to perform anything too intricate.

Overall Vocal Analysis

Gain is one of those singers who lacks the range and technique, but one knows it’s her when one listens to her. She uses a breathy vocal styling – common with Brown Eyed Girls‘ overall singing style. If Gain reminds me of anyone, she reminds me of a very light voiced Judy Garland, who was a Mezzo-soprano. She sings within a small range, whilst content with her vocal color, and taking care of her work. However, unlike Judy Garland, Gain’s lower register is practically non-existent; this is a problem because she is the Alto of Brown Eyed Girls. She should have trained her lower register more extensively.

Gain’s greatest treasure, is that she knows she cannot sing outside of her comfort zone, whilst some singers are wailing and shrieking due to weak technique and singing outside of her comfort zone, she is sitting comfortably, in her small range, without a care in the world.

Gain has a slight raspy tone in her middle probably due to her airy singing irritating her cords at times (“For you not to know“), However when she sings without an airy tone, her rasp disappears for a clear, crisper tone (“A Tempo“). She is also capable of holding some really nice B4’s. A lot of people believe she has a whistle register, but it’s just a forced falsetto and during the majority of the “Sixth Sense” performances, she went flat on the F6.

Basically if you are looking for a high end belter with 50 million octaves, Gain is not for you. If you are looking for a lounge singer who sometimes sounds like she had a light smoke before crooning, and an unique vocal styling, Gain is the singer for you.


Gain has her vocal style -which is as far as she goes for musicianship, and she understands how to sing different genres using her small voice. Coloring a song is no problem for her, either as Gain can switch to a softer airy sound, when it is required, and produce a stronger sound, when she has a point to make in the song. Gain also has a great sense of phrasing ,when trying to give a specific feeling, depending on the song. For example in “Disclosure” she added a little rasp at the end of the words she sang in order to give it a feeling of cheekiness. As far as her improving on this, I believe she is comfortable at the musical level she is in. Remember she is the face of Brown Eyed girls – her job is to look good. However, unlike majority of faces she can at least hold a tune and harmonize.

Label (Type of Vocalist)

M Vocalists: Mid-Range Vocalists

Vocal Range Video(s)

Video by Josias (eternalsilverlight)

Analyzed by Josias (eternalsilverlight)

(Reviewed by Ahmin)


42 thoughts on “Brown Eyed Girls’ Vocal Analysis: Gain

  1. So her supported range is up to C#5 while Jessica’s, Tiffany’s and SeoHyun’s only go up to C5? Is she better than Jessica?


    1. It’s higher cuz it’s happened but even within her comfort zone she’s not as consistent as Jessica, so nope~ plus Jessica’s singing isn’t small and as breathy and unsupported overall either


      1. That wouldn’t make any sense, unless she has better middle registers. Like I don’t get it why would Gain be more comfortable than JeTiHyun in the C#5 area? Is she better than both Tiffany and SeoHyun?


      2. Actually sorry I discussed this and we came to a conclusion that she has a worse lower register than pretty much all three of them but a better head voice and her mix is about the same, so these 4 girls are all on a similar chunk level


      3. Then her middle register is more stbale compare to the other 3 up to C#5? has she been resonant higher than C5? And better head voice? Can you give me some example?


      4. It’s on twitter basically she’s more consistently supported but less consistently resonant. Jessica has better D5s and C#5s but at times Gain is more consistent but it’s a difference of support that evens them out, not really consistent resonance tho .. As for head voice, Gain has a good head note in a duet song I can’t rmbr which sorry. Imma update the analysis with her vr videos


  2. did you do narsha yet? in sixth sense, she and gain share a really really (really) high note during the bridge and I was wondering what your thoughts were on that?


    1. No but Josias will also write this one for her. The notes were F6, both hit them. They were whistle in studio and mostly falsetto live, with obvious tension. The note itself, being a whistle or not, does not demonstrate an advanced level of skill since it’s done with a weak sound. Narsha’s strengths lie elsewhere in her range and her own dynamic approaches to songs.


  3. Is Gain better than Narsha? She once ranked BEG vocally in a show (this year) as Jea > herself > Narsha > Miryo . Is that correct?


  4. I didn’t listen to BEG that much so I’m not sure but to me, Narsha seems better than Gain vocally. I could be wrong though


    1. Small voice means her sound is very small, as in her voice isn’t loud or powerful or strong. That doesn’t mean she can’t have a wide vocal range, but that’s only because she used a high falsetto and a whistle up to F6 and extended her low range very low.


      1. I didn’t mean vocal range, i mean supported vocal range. She can support her voice till C5/C#5. So she she can support that high but they are still weak?


      2. Yeah she can support those and at times with resonance but her voice loses the power and is not a very big resonant voice, it’s kind of like IU in a sense. Both have resonance but the voice is a bit too heady so the resonance is a bit small.


  5. Yo I found a F#6 from her!

    She went sharp and made it a F#6! Lol know Jokwon and her don’t have the same range ^_^


  6. hey, just a really trivial, minor correction unrelated to the actual analysis itself but you might wanna change the Nega Ent tag to Mystic89 Ent since all of Brown Eyed Girls joined Ga-In there?


  7. is BEG this days still have above average vocal skill level? if so, then mamamoo is slightly better since the three of them are above average.

    stronger girl group team would be Davichi > 15& > mamamoo > BEG > others


    1. I believe so but Jea is borderline Above Average, out of all Above Average vocalists Jea is at the bottom. SNSD-TTS is even with BEG in many ways TBH.


    1. It was claimed so, I’m not sure how I feel about those D5’s. As for Gain’s D5’s, they sound like they’re sung with a high larynx.


  8. Hi. Ahmin .
    Is her not fully support note less extreme than that of Krystal’s ? I am kind of curious about it because in both analysis of the two and they say both has these problems .
    Also , Is there an occasion that Gain is able to produce resonace ?


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