Davichi’s Vocal Analysis: Minkyung

Vocal Range

D3 ~ A5 (2 octaves, 3 notes and 1 semitone)

[could possibly go higher]

Supported Range

A3/Bb3 ~ C5/C#5

Vocal Type



MinKyung produces Decent/OK notes up to C5/C#5 with some open-throat notes and some resonant notes. She rarely strains due to that she rarely goes out of her tessitura.

Points for Improvement

MinKyung can have some intonation problems in a performance, though not many. She also doesn’t always sing with a risen palate, which causes her to not always have the best of placement. She also has throat tension at times. She also at times can be inconsistent within her supported range. Also because HaeRi does all the difficult parts in Davichi songs, MinKyung is never truly under pressure to do better outside of tessitura/improve because HaeRi does it for her. MinKyung can also sometimes have an unstable vibrato.

Overall analysis

Lower register: She takes the lower parts in Davichi songs, but isn’t really supported below Bb3, she isn’t complete air, but not really supported either.

Middle Register: Does all right up to C5/C#5 producing OK/Decent notes up there at times. Has some okay notes above C#5 and a resonant E5.

Head Voice: She has shown head voice before, but mainly uses falsetto.


She hasn’t shown agility; however, due to her specific voice type she has the potential to improve her agility.

Overall Analysis

Breath support and control: Minkyung has okay support, and uses a healthy technique within her comfort zone (normally always supported, though at times can not be). However, once she is out of her comfort zone, Minkyung’s voice can become tense, shrill and throaty, but at times MinKyung gets it right and  produces okay/decent or even resonant notes  outside of supported range with an acceptable vibrato, at times. Overall, the control of her voice is above average, and her voice doe not really shake, but has the tendency to wobble when she uses vibrato. Minkyung does not seem to have good control over her falsetto as it can be weak and excessively airy.  All in all, she has pretty much healthy support down to Bb3 and up to C5, but not much below or above.

Resonance: On rare occasions.

Mixing: Has a more balanced mix than some KPOP idols, but is still brighter.

Tone Productions: Sings with a risen soft palate at times, so nasality isn’t very common with her. Her tone is very creamy,girly, and bright like majority of Light Lyric Sopranos.

Label (Type of Vocalist)

MB Vocalists: Mid-Range Belters

Vocal Range Video(s)

Video by: Angelic Ihn

Video by: Viet Tien

Analyzed by:pandayeu


61 thoughts on “Davichi’s Vocal Analysis: Minkyung

  1. I agree she doesn’t really need to go beyond her comfort zone as Haeri handles hard parts for her, but her timbre (?) is really pleasant and emotions she puts make Davichi’s songs even more special haha
    hope she’ll grows technically as I notice Minkie straining her voice sometimes…

    as a fan of Davichi want to thank you for analyzing both of them 🙂


  2. A Jessica tem mais suporte que a Minkyung (Suporta G3, e a Minkyung só Bb3), mas a Minkyung é melhor que ela. Por quê? :3


    1. É por que na verdade a Minkyung tem mais consistência fora da área de suporte dela, onde ela consegue que as notas mais agudas sejam mais controladas. Na verdade a autora dessa analise acredite que ela tenha que atualiza-la. Oh e também Minkyung tem mais controle de intonação e de respiração.


      1. Ah, entendi! A Jessica não consegue ter um controle melhor das notas mais graves fora do suporte? Ela tem uma voz de peito ok, pode conseguir? Aliás, o que é mais fácil dela fazer para que consiga ser uma vocalista “Above average”? Outra dúvida!!! A voz dela é ultra fina, será que ela não suporta completamente C5? E ocasionalmente C#5?


      2. A Jessica tem suporte nas notas graves até F#3 eu já vi mas não é consistente, mas ela consegue pegar uns G3’s e G#3’s mais frequentemente. A Jessica estava muito próxima de ser above average, se ela pudesse cantar C#5’s com suporte e ter resonance mais frequentemente em B4’s e C5’s, ela seria Above Average na minha opinião, por tanto reduzindo a nasalidade. Ocasionalmente C#5 e C5, mas não é consistente.


      3. Ah, que pena… Bom, como eu vi que quase todos os analistas daqui são Jessica biased, imagino que já tenham feito de tudo pra tentar colocá-la no above average, quem sou eu pra ficar tentando aqui? OIDSHDIOSAHIDAS Entre SeoTi, quem pode ser mais próxima de above average?


  3. I know it hasn’t even been a year since this analysis came out, but has Minkyung improved at all based off of some of their recent comeback performances?


  4. I noticed Haeri’s analysis is nowhere to be seen, did u decide to update her? will u update Minkyung too? i’ll look forward it 🙂


    1. I’m not sure but I’d say Jaejoong > Narsha > Minkyung > Jea. I have not made myself familiar enough with Ariana to be sure.


  5. not sure about taking lower parts because i think haeri sings the lower parts more. minkyung just harmonizes but i think she does her notes effortlessly too that sometimes haeri even looks like she;s trying harderxD

    like in 3:08

    and in turtle, haeri sings the lower parts more, of course not that supported but yeah


    1. 2:05 is Minkyung and the lowest she sang was Bb3. 3:08 you meant the higher notes? The D5 and Eb5? Those were quite tight with a bright mix, so she didn’t seem like she was trying hard but she didn’t exactly support her voice either.


    1. It was in a different key than the original, I think it wasn’t C#3 maybe E3? I don’t remember right now, I just remember it being a higher key.


    1. I decided to not update her because there was nothing truly update about her technique I was mainly just going to format it correctly. I might go through and change a few thing, but I’m not going to reform it. Sorry. Maybe when I’m done with my waiting analyses I’ll format correctly I feel this analysis is mostly correct, I wrote this forever ago so there might be some incorrect information, but I feel for the most part it’s fine.


      1. if you want to update her, please add some video examples and her best vocal perf perhaps. or you can tell us which one is her best. thank you


      1. 1:07 that C#5 could’ve been more opened. 1:24 tightness above C#5. She doesn’t sound bad throughout, most of it is below C#5. The C#5 are a bit tight but she’s got the support down. Above C#5 she gets throatier.


  6. Hello~!! Minkyung and Haeri have always possessed two of my favorite voices musically, and Davichi is perfect duet goals to me, so I appreciated this beautiful analysis. 특히 민경언니의 미성이 굉장히 아름답고 좋네요~ 보컬 실력이 더 높아지면 좋겠어요. But I suppose the improvement would be dependent on Minkyung herself rather than my wishes, wouldn’t it? 😉

    May I ask how her head voice was during her performance of ‘내 눈물 모아’ at 2:12 and 3:32?

    I saw that this video was shared before, but despite her head voice being slightly pushed, like you’d written previously, would I be correct in assuming that it had light resonance or that it had some support? I loved how smoothly she transitioned to the head voice both times, and the clean, ‘ringing’ quality convinced me (or at least led me to believe) that it was supported (if not also maybe resonant).

    Also, would her performance of ‘널 그리며’ be one of her best performances?

    You must have already seen it, as the resonant E5, which was mentioned in the analysis, is the one at 4:16. The low notes are still pretty airy, as are the falsetto moments, so I know it isn’t a perfect performance. But that resonant E5 must make this performance shine more than others, would it not? And it seems to show off her sense of dynamics very well.

    This was a lovely analysis, and I’m so grateful to the analysis team for devoting so much time and effort to this blog. I also noticed that a couple of you like to use colors as comparisons for timbre. I do the same but with fabrics and textures, like ‘silky’ and ‘velvety,’ so I thought it was pretty cute~ 수고하셨어요, 우리 작가님들! 민경언니의 보컬 분석들을 쓰셔서 정말 감사해요~!!


    1. Hello~ So I noticed that the vocal range video isn’t working anymore, so I found this video that you could use instead~

      Those notes in ‘널 그리며’ and ‘내 눈물 모아’ still get to me every time I listen to them. So pretty!! Again, thank you so much for all of the hard work that you dedicate to writing these analyses! 보컬 분석을 계속 잘 써 주세요오오옹~ 기대하고 있어요~


  7. Don’t you think Minkyung make a head voice in Beside Me in line neol mannareo ganda gwaenchanha Woo~? Doesn’t it support?


  8. in this pretty song, i feel like Minkyung has achieved resonance at 1:48 to 1:50, then supported the part ” nae yoooooooo” right?
    At 3:29, did she bring support that note? i hear a little bit tension
    could you tell me the main issue that prevents her from resonance?


    1. 1:48? Resonance? Where? What’s Nae the D5 was definitely strained, mostly cause of the vowel and the Yoo was just tight cause of the vowel but it carried support 3:29 Tight vowel again and the D5 still was strained, the Ee C5 was tight cause of the vowel. Well these are very tight vowels, so achieving resonance while keeping the throat so closed is basically impossible.


  9. where i can find her resonance E5? >< i think maybe you can updated some infomations for old 2014 articles, they were very lack of important infomations now T.T


    1. That E5 is from one of Immortal Song performances, it’s from the “You Draw” performances. Here it is https://youtu.be/GYd1LCPk6q0
      I would consider updating, but not many people read her analysis to begin with. So I don’t really see the point. Also…shes still the same. Idk maybe I’ll look it over if I have time.


  10. What do you think about Minkyung covering Lee Haeri’s solo, how did she do? It sounds like she has improved her projection.

    3:20 – 3:43


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