Kim SoHyang Vocal Analysis


Vocal Range

Eb3 ~ A6 (3 octaves and 3 notes)

Lower register may extended down to D3.

Supported Range

G#3/A3-F6 (Including head voice)

G#3/A3-C6 (Not including head voice)



Vocal Type

Full Lyric Soprano


Due to her extremely well trained middle register and vocal endurance she is able to consistently belt with resonance and power in the upper 5th octave (E5-B5), this skill has been very much well showcased all throughout her career. She also has a very connected voice she is able to flawlessly transition between chest to head voice and head voice to chest with no noticeable breaks or cracks. She has the ability to do complex vocal lines without losing tonality and without losing speed. Because of superior breath control she is able to do complex vocal lines in one breath and sustain notes for very long lengths of time. Sohyang also can maintain a consistent column of sound and can sing with an even scale with no drops of support in the A3-F6 range, she is also one of the very few Sopranos who can stay within the Soprano range without vocal effort truly one of the best vocalist in Asia.


Compared to the rest her voice, her lower register is underdeveloped and lower notes can be unsupported.


Lower Register: Not well supported/quiet  below G#3/A3 lower notes can sometimes be lost due to the airiness of them.

Middle Register: Extremely consistent and amazing ease. 99.99% of the time supported. The Ring is almost always achieved in the A4-B5 range and resonance up to C6. Able to hold out notes in the upper fifth octave for long lengths of time and able to due to vocal runs in the upper fifth octave without losing resonance/tonality. Able to maintain dynamics in this register up to F#5/G5. Generally uses a balanced mix.

Head Voice: Well developed head voice that is connected with the rest of the voice. Very bright,full and vibrant able to maintain head resonance to F6.  Able to maintain/do dynamics in this register.

Overall Technique

Breath Control & Support: Amazing breath control and support. She is able to do vocal feats like Crescendo and Decrescendo with ease and complete resonance, able to stay in the upper fifth octave with ease and resonance no strain no pain. Dynamics are not a problem for her even in her upper extremes.Amazing transitions between head voice and chest. Superior control and support is sadly not carried down to her lower register as notes below G#/A3 can be not supported and just airy.

Resonance:  Very consistent resonance from all throughout the mixed register, having the best ring in the Eb5-G#5/A5 range.

Mixing: When she started Sohyang used a headier mix in the E5-B5 range, but throughout the years she has adjusted to use a balance mix all throughout her mid range. She can willingly change the amount of chest she uses in her mix to make weightier sounds, but normally just uses a balanced mix.

Tone Production: She sings with a risen palate 99.99% of the time, so no true nasality. Her voice is very creamy and womanly though maintains the brightness of a Soprano. Has excellent control of how she uses her voice adding more or less chest to her mix depending on what she wants to convey/on the song. Her head voice has an extremely bright, vibrant soprano like feel to it, she is able to change the intensity of her head voice( from solid to floaty) at will.

Intonation: Fairly consistent intonation really only have pitch issues when doing very intricate and complex runs, other than that extremely reliable.


Sohyang has amazing musicianship and control of how she uses her voice to fit the style(from a more rock like sound in My World, to a more family friendly sound in Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas). Her musicianship though, which mainly includes very high belts, high vocal runs, transitions from head to chest is not meant for everyone though. Common complaints about her musicianship is that it is too overbearing or just “too much” and that her belting can take away from the music at times and emotion can be lost. Though there are times when her musicianship is less offensive to people and they can genuinely enjoy her singing.


Excellent vocalist

Vocal Range Video(s)

Videos by: WestVoice

Video by: bxiaiao

Analysis done by: pandayeu


1,166 thoughts on “Kim SoHyang Vocal Analysis

    1. I am completely aware because this is an old analysis format and will be rewritten altogether. The header is also from the old style we had. But thank you for pointing it out, I appreciate it.


      1. Welcome. ^_^. I thought you guys just forgot for some reason. lol. So I guess that means that the rewritten analysis is close to being done, right(?)


  1. Of all the songs Sohyang has performed live, which do you believe is technically the most challenging to execute? My own guess would be a toss-up between “Everyone” and “Arirang Alone”.


    1. In my personal opinion, I think that would be Mona Lisa. Two sustained Bb5’s, a run with a B5, a A5 belt, forte mode throughout. Of course Dream is probably the highest song she sings ‘regularly’ with a D6 and a Bb5 mixed.


      1. Actually for SoHyang, belting high notes is easy. In singing, for a good vocalist to go very high during a performance, it means the singer has a lot of control with it, they won’t try to hit a note, they will just do it.


  2. Hi Pandayeu,
    I hope you are rewriting this anaylsis soon lol and have one question about Sohyang’s very recent vocal. Is she using headier mix when she belts these days? I have seen her lives from this october but I don’t know why I feel difference from the same songs like Lean on me at Immortal song’s and recent performances’. I guess she uses headier belts for some reason… could you please check it..?
    Thank you.!


    1. I will be rewritting her analysis don’t worry. Yes, she is using a slightly headier mix on her more extreme notes, however it’s definitely not what would be considered “unbalance” or even a technical fault. I wouldn’t worry or think too deeply about it, she’s just adjusting her technique with her age. SoHyang is nearing 40 and she’s been singing for something like 20 years, and her voice is still in pretty much in excellent condition and is still able to sing in pretty much the same way she did when she was younger. You shouldn’t worry about her “declining” or anything like that because she’s not…She’s just getting older really. Also these days, I hear she’s been sick and is in the state of recovery, so that also could be why there is a change. But really don’t think much into it her A5-C6 range is still very resonant and supported and really for her to still support those notes is quite her amazing. Her voice is seriously in great condition there really aren’t many vocalists, that I know of, whose voices are in such clean condition after 20 years or singing professionally.

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  3. Sohyang had read this vocal analysis lol, her sister-in-law accidentally saw this article and asked her to read it. Sohyang was like “Haha, what they said is true, I still have a lot of flaws” (cute!!!). No wonder in King of Masked Singer, her low notes become more projected, her mid notes are fuller; she has worked on her voice since she read this article

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  4. Hi, been lurking around here long enough and I want take this time to thank you guys for such a wonderful and thank you for all the hard work you guys have put in.

    I have came across this video which I am not too sure whether it will be too useful so I am putting the link here.

    Again, thanks for such a wonderful blog ^^


  5. Hello 🙂

    I have a question to the admins. What was your first reaction when you first listened to Sohyang and realized how amazing she is?


  6. Do you guys will put her C#6s as her highest supported note without head voice in the next update? Eventho it’s not that many & most of them are short-sustained, there are like 4-5 moments where she supported C#6 & I thought that’s good enough to put it to her analysis? & pls include agility section. I want to know how good her agility is as overall.

    Thank you!


      1. Hi. I believe her supported range in the next update based on what I heard from Sohyang recently would be G3/G#3 – C6/C#6 ~E6 (with head voice) A slight improvement in her lower range and mixed with slight decline on her upper register.


      2. Her supported will essentially be the same with some minor adjustments. What do you mean by slight decline in her upper register? It’s the same as it has always been. Had it declined, performances like Mona Lisa, Hug Me, My Love really would not exist. So please explain what you mean by “slight decline.”


      1. Seems like 50% of her E6 are well executed and the others arent. The ones in the IS2 green room are better I think and in that one studio song too


    1. There’s nothing wrong with the “old Sohyang”? She’s not “so bad” either? I don’t understand why you’re exaggerating so much. She just overshot the note and went sharp, she might not have had enough time to practice or get familiar with this key for the song. She still heard herself going sharp when sliding and went back down to fix her pitch. You act like she’s straining C5’s and pushing them with her throat while going flat…


    2. If you check her latest performances of Song of the Wind, Power of Love, (from yesterday and today), she sounds fine. She just needed to rest.


  7. Her new supported range for 2017 should be G#3-C6/C#6-Eb6/E6 right?
    Cant wait for her updated analysis. 🙂
    I was waiting for it last year already
    I hope you have a good day


  8. I think her supported low note range can be at least G3/G#3 since she has shown good moments that low and quite a few F#3 as well when she is on a good condition!


    1. I actually think so too but I think it should be atleast G#3 and not G#3/A3 since imo that doesnt really do her justice because she really supported like 97% of her G#3s in 2017. So I think thats enough consistency.


    1. The uploader actually pitched the video higher than it should be, so there isn’t any real C6. But to answer your question, she does hit a B5, but she slides into a note that isn’t quite right but she fixes it.


      1. btw its nice to see you more frequently here on the blog pandayeu 🙂
        I hope you had a nice christmas.
        Hopefully Sohyangs new analysis will come out this year. Feel free to message me when you need any help regarding some specific performance researches or anything else.

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    1. The thing is Sohyang sings with such a clean stretch and effort of her vocal cords, she always manages air without pushing. She is a vocalist who I’ve never heard pushing to be honest, unless it’s her upper head voice a bit. I don’t hear pushing.


  9. Hi ahmin, I read somewhere that Sohyang very rarely or does not wear ear monitors during her live performances. How beneficial is wearing ear monitors for a singer when performing live? Or is it optional if you’re a highly skilled vocalist like she is and who knows her voice well? Thanks.


    1. I honestly have never worn an in ear monitor myself, but from what I know of monitors, you sing with them on stage so that you can hear yourself. An in ear monitor just means that you’ll hear your voice coming through a plug in your ear instead of the amps on stage that we usually have for live performances. It helps a lot because then you can hear yourself over the instruments, but considering how loud she can get it could also get in the way of her singing in a way.


    2. if i hear my own voice through that thing, and sing at the same time. I’ll stop singing and think what the f is this sound? do my voice sound this horrible the whole time? LOL
      is it common for us human to hear our own voice weird like? is sohyang also have this kind of problema?


    3. It’s optional for highly skilled, average skilled and underskilled vocalists. Please note that not using ear monitors DOES NOT MEAN that someone is better/ more professional.

      If they don’t use ear monitors and can stay in pitch and catch the tempo, that only means that they might have memorised the rhythm/ tempo/ muscle memory for pitch better, and they wanna hear audience cheering for them clearer lol.

      Apart from hearing yourself over the instruments, ear monitors also help vocalists/ performers to catch the right tempo and rhythm. In a big area/ area that echoes more easily, the sound from amps can delay severely, which may confuse performers. The most possible scenario is that they sing/ play slower than they should be, but they are not slowing down, they’re just ‘later’.


  10. What a great 2017 it has been for Sohyang! 6 wins in KOMS and 2 newly released singles, one of which was one of the most popular OSTs of the year. I’m not certain she has improved vocally in 2017 compared to her peak years from 2012-2014, but her epic performances in Hug Me and Mona Lisa should shut down her detractors who claim she’s regressed. Anyway wish her good health and I look forward to more great live performances in 2018 (hopefully she makes a return to Immortal Songs;))

    And much thanks to Ahmin and Pandeyeu for indulging questions related to Sohyang, your timely and educational responses are well-appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you <3.
      I am really proud that Sohyang is the female singer with the highest number of wins at KoMS and the second highest of males and females. She definitely deserved that. She surely could have kept winning if she wouldn't have rapped lmao.
      Additionally I am convinced that she improved in her lower register a tiny bit since she got really consistent on G#3 and has shown more moments of support on G3 and even F#3.
      I hope her analysis will be updated soon so we can see what the admins think about that 🙂


      1. She did a slide at the beginning of the note which is kind of understandable since F4 to F5 is a big gap, a whole octave jump. So a little slide to help you get started can be excused, but no throatiness or real issues.


  11. Hi, is this vocal exercise (0.11-0,32 ) helpful for beginners, or only for those with a reasonable supported vocal range? And what note did Sohyang hit at the peak of the final octave (0.30), and is it considered supported and well-resonated? Thanks!


    1. I wouldn’t recommend for beginners to sing exercises that span for more than an octave since it’s too much for the vocal cords if support has yet to be established in the voice, this exercise is like an octave and a fifth. That note was C#6, it was a bit pushed but supported in head voice.


    1. Simply because she’s developed it. Also she uses a lot less chest voice in her mix than other sopranos, so she’s able to make her tessitura appear higher or at least maintain it higher.


      1. I think so, to the extent of which their natural voice types may allow. Since C6 is still technically within a soprano’s tessitura.


    1. As long as none of the admins have responded, I’ll just make a guess and see in how far I am correct.
      My guess would be:
      1. Sohyang
      2. Lee Younghyun
      3. Son Seungyeon
      4. Lee Haeri
      5. Ailee or Shannon
      Ailee can support higher but Shannon has more consistent resonance on Eb5 and less pushing on the notes before that so I guess they will kind of tie?


  12. Oh… Seeing some … vs SoHyang vocal battle (you know who she is) can cause me to be scared actually . They are basically tell SoHyang to die of cancer .
    That’s too extreme …. I don’t know what causes them to hate her that much . She just want to sing .People can be very mean when loving someone.


    1. It’s sad to us because Sohyang is not the kind of person who has a diva attitude, she is kind and humble so to see this kind of negative attention brought to her because of her vocal ability is really upsetting.


      1. Yes I agree with you. But we should remind ourselves that there are only a few extreme haters on Youtube but ton of people who love her.
        Sohyang really is such a lovely and humble person. I hope she will he able to accomplish all her dreams and doesnt care about haters because every single human being has them.
        I hope I can meet her someday ❤


    2. When I was watching the video’s comments , I had a thought like they can hapen to be not like her performance but when they hear someone has better technique than their faves , they simply storm them with negative comments . They can have their faves but they don’t right to judge other like this . I don’t understand why they even judge and curse at SoHyang . They don’t even know her in person and Sohyang hasn’t done a thing that offend people .


  13. Hi, I recall reading somewhere in the blog about the comparison between optimal resonance and larger resonance. Would 6.51-6.55 be considered a case of “larger resonance”, or is it Sohyang just putting more weight into her voice? Thanks!


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