Girls’ Generation 4th Mini-Album “Mr. Mr.” – Vocal Range Video

Long time no post!
This video showcases the lows and highs (literally) of the Mr. Mr. album. In here, the girls go as low as F#3 and as high as F5. Enjoy!

Video credit goes to gangertae.

0 thoughts on “Girls’ Generation 4th Mini-Album “Mr. Mr.” – Vocal Range Video

  1. I am interested in this site. It seems to have some interesting content. But it is kind of broken. Your search function appears not to work, and some of the links are broken. It is a pity because I don’t know of any other blogs that provide such an analysis of Kpop idols.


      1. From the List of Idols page the links to Seohyun and Jessica return a page not found message. However, their pages can be accessed from the idol list on the right. Last night when I was looking at this site a few more links did not work but I think it was just my web browser going wonky on me. But I have checked the above two links today and in another browser and they are definitely broken.

        As for the search function, I checked it again and it works for me now. Sorry for the hysterical post.

        Since I have your attention, can I suggest a project on Sojung from Ladies Code.


      2. Can you do a ranking for the weak singers in all the famous kpop groups??

        You always do something for the best singers. I’m just curious about the ranks you have for the weak singers.


  2. Quando eu canto esses graves de Goodbye, eu me sinto mais confortável cantando os F#3 de todas elas, mas quando chega no F#3 da Taeyeon parece que é uma nota mais grave. Não é um F3?


    1. Poderia ser E3, por que ainda sim estaria no tom da música, mas ainda sim …você quer dizer cantando na oitava abaixo né? Por isso é menos confortável? Eu chequei um vídeo com algumas pessoas tocando ela e nessa parte todo mundo ouvi F# e nada mais grave que isso.

      1:54-ish lol


      1. Sim, cantando como F#2… Acho que já entendi, talvez seja porque ela tenha que sustentar a nota por mais tempo, e torna-a difícil… No F#2 quando canto das outras é facinho pra mim, então acho que não suporto F#2. LOL Eu sou barítono, isso é muito ruim para um? x_x


      2. É sim! Se de verdade você conseguir ter suporte nessa area, com resonance e estabilidade, sim é bom sim~


  3. Haha, it’s been over a year since this came out and here I am over a year later haha. (Btw, my post is just gonna be about their low register, since I don’t really get to talk much about it (especially) in female Kpop groups.)

    Wow, I was surprised that most of them hit an F#3 in “Goodbye”, and they were at least decent. I quite liked Seohyun’s and Hyoyeon’s F#3. And for having such a light voice, I was surprised at how comfortable Seohyun was at that note.

    Btw, I was surprised even more because they even did better live; Seohyun and Hyoyeon were great as usual, the rest of the members did either okay or below average but still managed to hit it, but Sooyoung’s F#3 was much better live:

    Before I go on ranking them in terms of their low registers, is Hyoyeon a mezzo-soprano? She’s got such a deep and husky voice and it seems like she’s the most comfortable out of all members with hitting low notes (as seen in recent songs such as “Goodbye” and “Catch Me If You Can”). But also she’s reached high notes (even going up to an E5) and it’s proven and also a suprise that she can produce a decent C#5 live (see her performance in “Immortal Songs 2”). I think she’s the only mezzo-soprano out of the group while everyone else is light-lyric soprano(?).

    So…from seeing/hearing vocal range videos of all, if not, most of the members, I think the low register ranking in Girls’ Generation is like this:

    Hyoyeon > Seohyun > Jessica > Tiffany > Yuri >/= Sooyoung > Yoona > Taeyeon > Sunny

    I don’t know it’s accurate but that’s what I think. Besides the first and last two members, I really couldn’t decide which order I should put the rest of the members in. Jessica seems to have a better low register than Tiffany and the remaining members, but since Tiffany possesses a husky voice, she’s better than the next remaining members. I think that Yuri and Sooyoung are around the same level (I think Yuri is sliiightly better since she seems more comfortable and her voice is less lighter than Sooyoung). Yoona would be around Yuri and Sooyoung’s level if she didn’t lack power, but it’s a surprise that she’s better than Taeyeon.

    Sorry for the long post haha, and keep up the great work! 🙂


    1. Yknow Hyoyeon being a mezzo might not be true but it’s not a crazy idea either. I wouldn’t personally call her C#5’s decent in the least but they’re not too bad, I don’t know for sure but yeah her low notes aren’t bad. I’m happy for your long post! You seem very passionate.


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